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Hope for the Caregiver on American Family Radio

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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September 23, 2018 2:05 pm

Hope for the Caregiver on American Family Radio

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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September 23, 2018 2:05 pm

From Saturday, September 22, 2018 on American Family Radio. 

Topic:  Caregivers and Fear. 

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Christmas gift why not want.

She can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those exit the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia.

100% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family and Jesus family this Christmas, give them six explanation see chickens and camping from Nashville, Tennessee. This is hope for the caregiver. I am Peter Rosenberger bringing you three decades of experience to help stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not why we do the show 65 million reasons why 65 million Americans right now are standing between a multiple of one of the worst disaster.

That's the person were to help you help that individual pointed to a place of safety where they can catch their breath taken the start developing healthier strategies to live a calm or healthier and even more joyful life while dealing with harsh realities. Now how do I know this because I been doing it now for more than 30 years.

In fact, I was just with my wife's doctor last week we found out she's going to have 1/81 procedure. Her 81st surgery that is in cattle. The small things she's done over the years, which adds up to close to 200. She had a horrible wreck 35 years ago and over the years, her body just taken a beating with that.

She eventually had to lose her legs and that she was with relentless pain. We've had 9000 doctors treat her so hard to keep count of those seven different hospitals. No, 12 different hospitals. Seven.

Insurance companies and more than $10 million in medical bills and that numbers probably way out of date so you been doing this for a while and the family caregiver is at risk individual. This is why I'm so grateful that American family radio is doing the show because family is the middle name of American family radio and if the family caregiver goes down one of the repercussions for the rest of the unit for that individual whose impaired four for third verse only people that the family caregiver is is serving as the hub for an goes unrecognized and that's what the show was all about the family caregiver 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 if you want to be on the show in order to talk about fear today.

Fear is a big big issue for family caregivers and I have this over the years I developed this understanding that the caregivers get lost what I call the fog of caregivers that sphere obligation and guilt, fear, obligation and guilt and just like any other fog. When you get to it. It can disorient you. You have to slow down your to slow down because if you try to race through this, you can wrap itself around a tree going to ditch go off a cliff hit someone else and in the fog of caregivers is the same way any file you just limit your ability. It disorient you and fear is the first part of the fog of caregivers and we caregivers live with a lot of fear what it wanted to know if this happens, what, what about this how we do with this at all these questions come racing at us now if you're struggling with that this morning.

If fear is heavy on your mind. This is the place for you.

But don't wait to the end of the show to call because what happens is we give all stacked up with the we have to quickly get out because of the show Tom so if you if you're struggling with this. This is the time to call 888-589-8840 item in your wartime and then we gotta get on with the show here 888-589-8840 art fear obligation and guilt here. I was talked about this with some of the other day they civil what we can do at this what we do about this and I said in my martial arts training. My instructor is a self-defense class that I do and of in the process now of averting my 3rd black belt and my instructor said of fight what's closest fight what's closest and so I've ushered us with the this man in any civil I said if you got into me that's 100 yards away an enemy.

That's 5 yards away. You fight the ones closest he civil what that that one discloses what you and us and we not worry about that, within and what happens is we are so busy living in the wreckage of our future. There were not thinking straight now.

Paul addressed this to Timothy in his letter to Timothy in chapter 1, glasses on so I can't read someone do it for memory, but I think a lot of you all know this one from memory that God is not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind power, love and a sound mind.

Now I will go ahead and go out on a limb say a lot of you is caregivers. If you been doing it for any length of time understand that our sound mind can get compromised very quick because we become unreasonable. We were living with fear we become afraid and it takes us into some crazy places. Now, if you say no.

That's not what my life is like I'm not doing it welded. You probably have been caregiver long enough because I have met any caregiver doesn't get that way. What we can do, how we can do this and what were just running around like like rats in a maze.

Sometimes God's is no hint hint given you spirit fear give you power, love, and sell mind that the things we look at our very challenging to look at in the end they are they are indeed frightful, frightening, and were frightful people. So we have to constantly retrain her mind on this note.

Please understand that I am not saying this from some mountaintop like I own this. I'm doing this myself every day I have to do this every day I'm still a caregiver I'm on this journey with you. But see this is how we get strong is that we will connect with each other will remind each other the things I have caregiver amnesia. I have gospel image. I need to be reminded of the gospel every day in my life if I need to be reminded of the great gospel every day of my life. How much more do I need to be reminded of these things of caregiver principles. See that's that's the journey I'm not going to spend the show telling people how to deal with insurance companies and so forth to me will will get into that will touch on it will will brush all that. But once you got it you got it, but this area fear all of the medieval where you out it will wear you out so we spent some time on that will start were to open up the phone lines and were to just jump right into it were to go to Rosa. I don't know where she's calling from a rose or you with this morning Rosa she's not ready to go on here will get rose in just a minute. Hang on just a second and what to spend time talking to you, but I had a situation where you you you basically were good. I was going go to hospital with my wife or she had back surgery.

She came out of surgery and she had an infection and the doctor pulled me aside and said look we were we got a protocol for what we have to do for this and she's going to have to be here for three months, she stuck to be able to lift up more than 15 and we have to go in every other day and irrigate this infection out okay and they looked at me and I had two small children at home and I kind of mumbled over looking over the wall there were outstanding. The hospital room and NSF can't do this for three months and he said get out and do for three months.

You can do it for 24 hours that summer to get through it within a break this thing down to write here and right now that's that's that's I wish I had some kind of you know wonderful formula we can follow but we don't we just deal with right here and right now and were going to trust God get it right here and right now he has given us a spirit of fear but power, love and a sound mind.

How does your minefield today are you doing 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. This is Peter Rosenberg. This is hope for the caregiver on American family radio, this is the nation's number one show for the family caregiver at your show it at your time, your phone lines are open will be right back at Bartholomew morning, right along with your new murmuring on garbage in garbage out, now like to thank you farmer nearly every I am reading on my walk with the Lord in the heart or Grammy, no more word mind. Whatever you got were grateful to hear story after story of how God is using this ministry, would you help support this life-changing effort. Join us for our three day sheriff done starting Tuesday, October 16 on listener supported American family radio on working Lynn Ingram of redeeming clean cells God called him to support the American family Association, multimillion, son of a lot of money into love clean clothes. I love business I love everything about it. This project was built takes lucidly to support a failure for no strings attached. Another thing that I would like to see come out of the us is that I would like to see business people feel calling to support ministry for ever and ever.

They do share the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to your regular AFA giving redeeming clean laundry detergent allows you to increase your supportive AFA justify continuing to wash her families clothes for clean laundry and support of the cleaner society it's redeeming clean. Learn more. Find options and get redeeming clean that's AFA family radio I'm over talking right now because I question oh well thank you very much, Jim, go ahead yesterday. Thank you. You know that's one of the one of the benefits of having the control board right in front of you know it it makes you all-powerful for a moment know that was funny that we find out that you let me handle the heavy lifting and got a you had mentioned that Gracie is about to undergo another procedure, but when you hear songs like that from her project much does that encourage you know listen that voice of hers has echoed down more hospital rooms that I can recall, and it's astonishing to hear her saying she saying yesterday for a cousin who passed away.

She was 98 years old and Gracie got up and saying balm in Gilead which is, she doesn't hear that, get that on iTunes and it's this extraordinary that's what she does to that with her voice and her voice is such a powerful one in its I remember I think the best window describe what Gracie's voice does to me is when she came out of surgery.

Following the amputation of her remaining leg. Charlie lost her left leg several years earlier of his right leg and now she lost her left leg and so she's she's coming out of surgery and she's laying on the gurney. She's half under anesthesia and her hands are lifted in the air is there, wheeling her into intensive care. I was there with her. They let me go back there with you know with all the stuff I've been through with her and she's singing the doxology praise God from whom all blessings flow praise, it was just it was one of those kind of moments when you dislike what does she know what the Chino about Jesus that I need to write and and I think that she said something once and this is in her book, you can get her book is called Gracie standing with hope when she gave up her leg. She didn't.

The first one sheet.

This was a very scary thing. She's a young mother and she was giving up her right leg and she said I don't know what's on the other side of the hot the operating room door. But I know who is and I think that's the day and are subject today is fear were dealing with fear and she's faced about his horrific at things as you can facies live with so much pain and yet she sings when she sinks he transcends all that because it just takes her into a just a different place and and all that emotion all that stuff comes out and it's it it's her preaching to herself and I think one of my favorite scriptures.

Jim is David exec leg King David Sickler when his men were not ready to stone and he that all their possessions or their families have been carted off by the Amalekites and they were actually picking up rocks and assist David encouraged himself in the Lord. I think that's what we as caregivers do when with that fear hits, and that's what I watch Gracie when she sinks she's encouraging yourself, the more she's not singing for you or me. She singing for herself and encouraging yourself in the Lord to be strong in the midst of the slick so when you guys talk about hope for the caregiver that was in a random name or the program you got no nose that lies within to our folks. Suppose we don't pay Peter for the show on Saturday morning.

We don't pay them to get up and take an hour out of his day and share with us here at AFR and with you the listener. By the way, the phone lines are open. We have a couple calls standing by a triple late, 589-8840 888 589-8840 Peter Teller until our folks were like get a couple of the resources and I'm going to turn the show back over to our host euros standing standing with standing with and you go out there you can get Gracie's book of the music you delegate. She's got some wonderful duet she's done with John Erickson totter that you can download from iTunes or Amazon and her book is available, you can support what were doing through our prostatic limb outreach that we do to amputees in an West Africa. A few notes about who has a used prosthetic limb that the family member passed away or something little to do with it will take it we can recycle it. Standing with and the my book is out there is called hope for the caregiver get that out there. My new book, becoming out next next month October 1 seven, caregiver landmines and how you can avoid it. We were talking about one of those landmines today is fear.

But let's get right to the phone as I think we have Randy in Indiana Randy in Indiana Randy good morning you with this area I can.

Are you feeling program I my I want to learn about what I want to share my granddaughter in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital shall be six-month-old tomorrow or what I call heterotaxy. Her heart is on the wrong side. Her pulmonary artery is not going the wrong way and are well all the same size and you have a lot of trouble you. During the whole part and she actually would never left the hospital without having the surgery but he did and ironically name is greatly named her greatly for the grace of God my son in law and my daughter are fairly new Christians earn their work here at night.

All had problems in their life may come together on problem buddy they go for the Lord. I mean NATO was the eldest lady while you know how Mike left the hospital without surgery. You been home for five months of miracle child and he went into the hospital ARE and very what they call all what I could account for up in our heart and look around like she had a little back in but the doctor was in the room talking with Allen on what what how everything went under Manning, Dr. couple minutes later a nurse come back and told us they were in their APR update Greg right now your mate, your Howard.

Howard, like how her parents doing know what you tell me that when he did not know how your peers are doing like I know what I'm talking there there like guards on one plate. Gracie don't wake up without saying. One of them at any time you want to do really put you on hold number let you get all your information and send you a CD. It's called some for the caregiver and I specifically did this CD for family caregivers who are in hospitals and back and forth all the time. It it's very calmly and help some kind of tune out the whole world is got great hymns on it. Gracie singing about half of it. It'll just absolutely wash all over them and it will it will guide them through the straw. If they needed to sit in the chair and put headphones on and just be still and and catch some sleep. It helps them rest. I did it specifically for caregivers to sleep or weep, but weep in a healthy manner because we do need weep, but we don't need weep with rage and despair.

So if you just hang on. I will let you get some information I will send the CDT is that all right.

I let's go to Rebecca in Alabama and Rebecca good morning how you feeling a bit cranky yeah will think I'm the listener about what we might have to go up against the clock. Here the break, so stay with me but out will will guide you through that.

But now, tell me what's on your heart, mind, okay. My mother is an late Alzheimer's and currently she is on their here hospice care at home that I under hospice care and I guess my biggest concern problem or concern right now is how how to tell her to live, how to how to love her and let's list some basic list start with the basics.

This you know you mouth that a time yet is she warm. She's a good place for she's warm, clean fed, cared for Rebecca that we lost Rebecca so hopefully she'll call back here living the answer her question. In case she's been able to listen better phone just cut off 0888 589-8840 888-589-8840 but she wouldn't know how to show love to her mother who's in hospice with evidently the latter stages of Alzheimer's. Let's start with the basics. So if you she's warm she's clean she's fed she's cared for all of those things that's the starting point to make sure that she's properly cared for.

That she doesn't know you.

It's very difficult to build a one-sided relationship like that but your ordering the woman that she is your ordering who she is by caring for what she's become an answer as Alzheimer's, slowly it it is horrific disease and it slowly is overtaking her and as they say, is that they call it the long goodbye for recent, as it overtakes her you're honoring her and your showing her love by caring for her caring for this this this vessel that shot her housed her spirit for her life and her mind may be gone or or almost gone and a lot of times caregiver feels very guilty if they're not trying to engage in talking so he may not be possible. It is what it is you are showing love in a profound way by caring for her other things that are here working and we fear the but what is the back prescription stuck in the spirit of fear, power, love Sam and that's how we do that's how we do every day is okay.

I'm doing the things that I hear from love, caring for her fear was coming to guilty about doing this is Lauren from living life with Lauren and it's my hearts desire to be salt and light. Just as Jesus instructed his followers to help one another along the way as we face challenges of this life going through it together. Sure does make the road easier to thank you for listening downloading our podcasts and connecting with me on Facebook at living life with Lauren, this is your notation to join me Saturday evenings at eight central time for laughter and tears right here on American family rating. Why did God make teachers with public school educator Dr. Kevin Huff wrote this poem about teachers when God created teachers.

He gave a special friends to help us understand his world and truly comprehend the beauty and wonder of everything we see and become a better person with each discovery. When God created teachers. He gave a special guides the show us ways in which to grow, so we all can decide how to live and how to do what's right instead of wrong to lead us that we can lead and learn how to be strong why God created teachers in his wisdom and his grace was to help us to learn to make our world a better, wiser place with Christian educator celebrate the profession of teaching. We want to connect teachers around the country with a network of fellow Christian teachers in public school. Email me today and I send you a free associate membership to Christian educators Association international.

You can email failed by befitting his website for OIG show for care about caregivers hosted by caregiver.

This is Peter Rosenberger I am so grateful that you're with this here this is a big American family radio's commitment to the family caregiver.

If you would be on the show is very easy to do its 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and you can join us.

We lost Rebecca minute ago.

I think I is request but I'm going to go ahead and I think what will jump right into it. Rebecca, Rebecca, you still with us now that that's all right if you get disconnected but did you hear my response to your question out that I can go back later and let Willett out. I'll go real quickly. For those just joining the show it out.

You would be restricted to how to show love to your mother is who's in the latter stages of Alzheimer's disease in hospice care and and I went through the inventory of his she warm. She fed well she clean she's safe and all those things are addressed and and I think that we were able to get that far that you said those things were happening is that right yet then you're doing what you can.

She doesn't always know who you are and as Alzheimer's slowly takes her down this path where she's taken away from you. Your ordering her to the very best of your abilities to do that.

You're not to be able to have the kind of relationship that you once had with her that you have moments and I think music and Do you place a music while she's there thing there that I don't have anything set up and program that I I I music on that I have Internet at bring bring something to play some music on CD player so forth and played hymns disagree over the church. Those heels will be able to be read restarted in her brain. We did the best thing about dementia and so forth that they can assume member new things, but they have a filing cabinet with a lot of old things that are still there and I think I heard him will do that and download Matt my sons for the caregiver.

That's what I did it. It's full of hymns and some of just instrumentals about Gracie singing, but that's that's what you can do it, but do that and then read to her that she like you read to her read Scripture to read some Psalms to her just, you know, self reading and just read to her. You're going to this is to be one way with you to write me okay she's not to be able to really give back a whole lot there be moments when she'll have you know something all of you have a spark, but she's not to be able to do a whole lot but you can't and you want to know how to show love to her in this. That's how you do it you just you read to her. You sit with her to pray over you seemed to her. All those kinds of things and you're doing what you can do it with her when I struggle with it because it didn't like to get other thing that I have to leave her alone for extended. I don't mean alone in the house I just mean and another part of the house. I dictate to be away away from her and she away and not like I can't just be fair with her will you get the was a 24 seven you have that's not showing her love that's that's hurting the one person that is caring for her, which is you and in you not showing her love by hurting her caregiver so you got have to do what you gotta do to stay healthy, financially or your job whatever paid the bills and do it. All those kinds of things you got to get rest yourself you got it you got to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, fiscally spiritually.

All of those things you showing her love by caring for the one person that standing between her and even worse disaster that you so if if you if something happens to you, what happens to her right that are going to answer.

What's the plan was the plan. If something happens to you. Well I really don't have that much family around. I provide her financially that I don't have. I don't have an ongoing I am that. So the plan is for you to stay healthy. So your you want your ski started off the whole thing with how to show love to her.

This show love to her by taking care of the one person standing between her and even worse challenges and you don't need to feel guilty about because you're doing what is absolutely missing. Think about if this was somebody else it in and we caregivers are like this and I wouldn't hang around somebody who treats me the way I treat myself, how about you.

It in and we treat ourselves without mercy week we beat ourselves up all the time and we would think we should be doing this we should be doing this in a week we put all the stuff on us but really what where we going with that and and so what I'm asking you to do is take him take a step back a little bit and realize that as her caregiver is the one person in her life that is hovering over her and watching over her and ensuring that she's being provided for the best way you can love her.

At this point is to make sure you're in a healthy place.

That's the best thing you can do and and that means that means you've got to take a little bit of a break when you go do the things that you do it. She's awake while you're gone. It's okay, you have another moment like that. And if you don't it's okay because you made the best of the moments that you had your singing over her.

You're praying over her your your you're doing all these things that you should be doing that you want to be doing so that the challenges is that, can you walk away from this and be responsible for the other areas of your life without torquing yourself with all this guilt is a success.

What you're feeling is that the MI hit the mark on that will instead of guilt.

You did did you begin the show to talk about the fog of caregivers. Eric located the fog of caregivers fear obligation and guilt and we get lost in this fog.

And so what I have learned over the years is to replace that guilt with grace. I did grace so much my life that a married woman named Grace and we replace that guilt with grace to realize I would give myself some grace here what you're doing. Rebecca is extraordinary what you're doing is painful, it is hard. It is, it is consuming and I'm asking me for a leap of faith to say you know what it's okay to give Rebecca some grace in this.

Would you try that we should try that. I think will listen and was last time you were you sell your own doctor right away. Upgrade yet you get an annual physical regulator that can stuff you are you able to go to church now. Do you have a church that you are member of my mother's charge on achievement going. I I went) and I tell carts out that what the church I went Do you feel comfortable going there. Like other you think you can slip in. Maybe tomorrow for service work on that because I felt outgoing and leaving her at home, but she has hospice. She's extensively there with the right or not I'm going right now if I go out for her and Aaron. Something. There's usually I go for an on our cell and there's no one here with her during that time we vacillate longer. Tenant practical longer than an hour.

Again, will be here, but how far is the church away from the home about 15 minute I will when you get a moment when you feel right if you feel comfortable with it. Ask your pastor that you knows that.

Look, I'd like to build the church is there somebody that maybe could sit with her when I come to church just once a month once every other week or something. Do you have some kind of way to help me with something like that just just to sit with her.

They want to do anything to sit with her so I know she's safe so I can come and worship it. If your pastor is unresponsive to that in front of the church. Okay, I don't think it so that that's that's a good way for the church to help you you know you you churches. Churches can do this and this is not what I'm on a mission to do is help pastors and churches know what it looks like to help her caregiver if they can provide some kind of respite care for just an hour to sit with your mother while you go to church and corporately worship without feeling guilty without feeling all this these emotions: you could just sit there and just listen to a good sermon sing praises with a with a corporate worship. These are important things for you to do and if they could just do this once a month for you to come and be a great start towards ministry would Rebecca listen, try those things. Try those things okay and it didn't let let me know okay did this. This is your show. This is your show to you don't have to leave the house you can call it the show every Saturday morning if you want okay this is your show. You're quite welcome. Thank you for calling that that's that's a way that's a way for usually have been fighting this thing here with the crud but that's a way for churches to get involved. Look for people that are struggling in your congregation that you haven't seen in a while shed and so forth as the caregiver can we work out something to sit with them maybe once a month you can come in and you can do it more ghetto Jesus had for things he*for these pretty serious about making hungry and imprisoned for making hungry Briscoe.

I can look at the text is pretty serious about can you help me. Part of that. I think this is hope for the caregiver on American family radio, this is Peter Rosenberger will be right back. 888-589-8840 will be right in dispute. Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization.

Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out. And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm not happy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for use in prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there, you can designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you could be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of on American family radio visit Barry McGuire I'm a guard right in here to help you understand God's purpose for your life to the eyes of the layman as a Christian. The order they were better than Sherry conveyed the first time is doing in the second table when you're doing it every day. That's when the fun begins. The father knowing the Holy Spirit is guiding you and a life changing conversation. Even you don't know is knowing beyond all doubt that God is orchestrating your life to fulfill his purpose, and the truth is, both the people around you want to know more about Jesus and guess what God is expecting you to tell them and it doesn't end there. Jesus promised that as you bear fruit for his glory. You'll have more joy than you've ever experienced in your life. There's nothing like sharing your faith, not even close.

So why would you want to miss out on that.

Oh, you know your job is to ignite revival outside the walls of church by moving everyone every day closer to Jesus. You need help doing that. Go to and show it was hosted by caregiver I three decades of experience to help stay strong and healthy take care of someone who is not as my wife.

Gracie stated three fabulous Keith Green so I want to be more like Jesus. Hey listen quick get back to the fold here because time is a is creeping up to the top of the hour of you would be on the show are still time but it is 888-589-8840 and were to go to Kim and Ohio Kim good morning how you feel.

I find their well formatted by age limited abilities.

I think of doing okay and allow what I probably what you get on your heart. Monday God work in your life have I take Kim to your radio detailed hold on my side I have now and that I was married, radio all actually there you go, go ahead. That matter, that's much better. Go ahead anyway. It was I had a child it.

23. My only child and not a question married relationship with him. He had other children and I was the person and I said I don't want a note have killed and I'll help out. Take care. If because I had a mind that was married three times. A devout life and just got them wrong.

People are you now that anyway it was so funny how God works because I had my nine and he came out and he was like Warren with underdeveloped kidney is now 30 K years all and I I think God that command called me. I I am going to teach you that what the leaven of that child is because I had that with something all my life that he and batted me and Pierre mainly speaking about Alistair from the day in the line he had to transplant the 30 care if getting ready for a gallon. Try to have a fair transplant and then mom the only thing I regret is I did not take my math and when I was there. He let it probably had the second kidney and I is something that God is then put on my heart and I never knew how much a person can love another person and effectuation of thickness. I find it very comforting that I can turn to God because he is already have found any expectation and you know I sigh asking. I said if you got to this again is bringing me to my knees and now I can't because I was in the hospital, constantly working, providing and Sharon are the family and II had to retire early because I had to do. He out there and I have on him at home and it is amazing because now he have an extra night, I see that circle come full circle around-just anything lightly lime. Maybe. Maybe he can give you kidney and he said mom I will.

I won't take it from why I won't do it that way and doubt. I met M Jim Loomis slip it here just a second cousin were we've got somebody calls let blood appear just as you requested, how are you feeling about all this on my health is starting to go down and what steps are you taking on that. I recently had that gallon have legwork and pain that might that this are you following all the things that you doctors asking you to do Alaska budget cut of the lightning round here to because I will be able to squeeze it is because I can't are you doing what is necessary for you to be healthy. I had died that I will you commit to this group that listing their thousands and thousands of people listening to you right now we just committed and that your go. You've raised your son. He's got a son of his own now. Don't try to speculator live, what's going on with him. He's a grown man he could handle his own stuff, but you have a responsibility to you to take care of the one body that God gave you and we will you commit to that with us that you going to do what is this even a list of these doctors you can do what they tell you to do and you're going to start taking better care of yourself. We we how you start with that today I will. That's a great place and I want you to follow back with us on it.

Okay, sure. My uncle at home. He wants me Bartlett and Dr. Laver for any said that that that doctors would say that they were gallon operating room and they would be doing surgery on somebody and they would not now elected Dale and that it their hands just took over and started doing the work that with the work of God, and they had happened to him many times Violet. I couldn't believe that was coming from the doctors now myself, but the training kicks in and they just they just do what they gotta do, but right now what you do with. You've got to do and how is you. You need to live to see your grandchildren okay and then enjoy them. I got a gotta run now. Kim and I want to move all over but I will, but thank you for sharing it with us really appreciate your call and thank you for listening on and I let's go to Donna and Virginia.are you with us this morning and thank you for that. Well I'm fine thank you and how are you feeling I'm doing great. I am no longer a caregiver. I would want briefly and on woman within 1/2 programming in my home and I have to present it here in Richmond.

They will come in for an hour to get you can't go and do you think, rather than just leave that person without anyone paying out in case everything need to make sure they don't get up and live the highest total won't get into anything well and that there plenty of services like that in a lot of metro areas that in rule areas is not so much. But the best thing I can recommend for folks.

I thank you for bringing it up is to first I'll talk with the doctor and asked the doctor to connect you with the social worker or somebody that would have access to those types of programs. Social workers are a I undervalued resource.

Sadly, because they are had, they have their fingers on the pulse of what's going on in that community. So the best way to get in touch with. One is, is to start with your physician.

A lot of physicians are Valley A lot of physicians here in Nashville that have social workers on staff in their office particular deal with Alzheimer's and things like that or they'll have social workers there and that's a great resource to have because that don't don't don't know what's going on of these programs.

A lot of people like he said on they don't know that these things are available and and so that's a good idea because it's never a good idea to leave somebody alone. That's an at risk person you know I can help out Gracie can certainly managed by herself here for several hours, but I need to be here or something needs to be here over overnight in things such as that with her that that she can't she can't be alone for that chemist officious to just to be at risk issues with and so it and I've run out of medicine people that I use for that matter not right really need to have somebody bear all the complications never know what they might gain and not in control of them on will and Gracie said the same thing about me when my mind is not right just getting it.

I think I think we can make a case for that by another call will done. I want you to know how much it means to the window where you listening and in Virginia with state equipment. What what state you're in Richmond. Okay what what station you listen to far 88.1 American family radio 88.1 in Richmond Virginia with thank you for listening and a big shout out to all the folks there in Richmond and I appreciate you call it in the air. Thank you to the suburban stay with this whole theme of fear here before we leave here.

I just want you to know that it did fear will paralyze people. It will, it will torque you it will, it will it will rob you of tomorrow.

I'm a Robbie of today and tomorrow and sometimes of yesterday. I wanted things a fundamentalist don't live in the wreckage of your future that we will we caregivers tend to be a little bit pessimistic. We always think it gets dark just before he gets darkest and what I'm what I'm asking you to do. If this is where you struggling this is where your living what I'm asking for you to do is to take a leap of faith that you could be joyful. Call in the midst of this right now that here's how I know this go back and look at the story in acts were Paul and Silas were stripped and beaten. And then there their feet were put in stocks and are put in the jail and a guard was assigned to them in and basically said just below steadily schedule watch it midnight that night and they been being stripped and beaten and put in stocks and they were in jail it midnight. They were singing hymns that what they know about Christ that we need to know we can sing hymns around midnight. A lot of us are up at midnight doing a lot of work and we can sing hymns that's that's available to us that same peace that same joy that same conviction of God's presence is available to you right now. Would you take a leap of faith. Put your scared hand into his guarding this Peter Rosenberger this is hope for the caregiver. We are so grateful that you listen to us. They will see you next week. The views and opinions expressed in this broadcast may not necessarily reflect those of the American family cessation or American family radio 90.5 KT XG Greenville Dallas.

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