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Larry The Cable Guy Calls To Help Lighten Our Hearts

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 29, 2020 8:57 am

Larry The Cable Guy Calls To Help Lighten Our Hearts

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 29, 2020 8:57 am

Comedy Superstar Larry The Cable Guy calls to share his humor, heart, and his thoughts on a whole bunch of things!  Gracie and I first met Larry nearly 20 years ago ...and wait until you hear that story!  

If "Laughter Is The Best Medicine", then Larry The Cable Guy is one of the best healthcare providers in the world! 

For more information on Larry The Cable, including his wonderful foundation, "Git-R-Done" Foundation, visit  His new comedy special, REMAIN SEATED, released through Comedy Dynamics on April 7.  

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Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Exam 131 talk show. I am Peter Rosenberg. This is the nation's number one show as a family caregiver, how you doing what's going on. Space how's your heart is not there were not interested in your love one just interested in you. 877-655-6755 877-655-6755 20 years ago or close to it. Jeff Foxworthy invited my wife Gracie to come over and saying at children's Hospital over North Carolina. He has worked with them for years and with all the kids are going out through tough times over there and he thought Gracie be a great person come and sing and speak and so we went over there and it was great time and were down there an address from a Jeff comes in. He said I look I want to give you heads up on something. I started this new thing called the blue collar comedy tour and I got a friend of mine is doing it with me. He's here tonight Larry the cable Guy and he's got this joke that he does and is set about a man with no legs selling boots. He said Blair want to make sure you're okay with this Gracie because Gracie is a double amputee herself and she was like oh heavens yes we had a good laugh about it in the dressing room there. Gracie was okay I was okay. Jeff was okay, Larry was okay. Gracie goes out does her set and just crushes it to me. She is just she's an amazing singer and then Larry comes out and does his bit afterwards and launches into that joke about his sister Mullally Spacek at the flea market with no legs selling boots and you could just hear the gasp in the audience because Gracie just did out there with her visible prosthetic legs, and I just thought that was one of the funniest things I've laughed about it for 17 years and now here it Larry the cable guys on my show.

So how's that for a intro. Larry or you are I will never forget that night all three were to grow a you know what it would rework the laws for me. I would not eat yet I could do it Yeah I'll never forget that night only little vocabulary where on. Thank you. One boat had real dramatic ending about somebody dying in her arm like you hear people cry and enter a grown man got a grant for other people, but like Bob Fonda and the music in here and it was like boy, how do you follow that that not Kathy Lee also asked. She looked at me.

She said well I guess you're not a leg man to try to be cute. It went backstage and she said you got a lick man and I said sure I am sponsored so it is all very nice is not yourself well big boy.

I'm going to be seen in quite a lot of respond but we learn to make with a lot of the heartache in our life and in your Gracie had a pretty rough journey and now she's dealing with coronavirus and everything else on top of her 80 surgeries but you know what she got a great sense of humor and Jeff and I talked about this many times about his philosophy of company which I know that you share which is you not there to cure cancer, you just there to help people forget about it for a while and lift their hearts right now. We need that in this country don't you are exactly right, and eight why we got God created want to give you. I made that audit or get it very humor right through the bathmat and it and and and laugh and really get you a lot of thing you know some people deal with certain things bear way and a lot of times you'll like somebody laughed about it.

Nothing happened.

Somebody laugh at that way. Then when you hear the whole story. Then you understand your knowledge so thank God that he gave that little like dad said that little relief valve called Gilbert take the pressure of the day off of the body. I mean it is a good thing. I'm so glad that you got this new special coming-out remained seated, which I think is just the title alone is just hilarious. Tell us about this and it's been a while since you've done one hasn't yeah you know why why why why hello yeah my last one was. I thanked I did want about 10 years ago, eight years ago and I did one with Bill and Then I did Not get it. One call we've been thinking you know what I got another project why that 20 minute air 15 minutes there have been our here 40 minutes. There, but I haven't given up old solo by ending my last morning Constitution. That was it. You know I'm I going to do about 25 to 38 year comfortable what you know rate yet that I want to make them grown-up comedy dynamic that if I want to do another album well I got the material I mean I've been on the road doing so. I didn't have the material would benefit.

I had the material and ended Bonnie and so I decided to go ahead and do it. I called it remain seated as long as I can remember I I would come out on Tuesday going to court. The crowd, they applaud that they stop applauding in there and wait for me to cite my opening line is always okay remain. I think Forever.

You know, they all right remain seated.

Please don't run yet and my favorite things you've ever said was somebody yelled out in the middle of what your sets just some lady screamed out yelled out what you told her that I told you to wait in the truck, I hear that bit. I just fall over laughing and I just love that I just delete you when you go out there, Robin. I know you've worked at your craft to me, correct me if I'm wrong with is just my opinion. Everything you do your your comedy is not your gift that your skill and you work at it really hard. Your gift is the fact that you really want to lift people's spirits up and use comedy to do that and that to me that's a different approach. A lot of people want to go out there and use comedy as a weapon or some type of thing to work out their ranks. But you and Jeff, particularly Bill, you guys go out there and really truly work to lift people's hearts up and it's a joy to watch you do it well you know what you know. Like I said earlier got to give everybody get one of your belly laugh.

He gave some other people the ability to help make people laugh and I think that one of the things that yet and I share what we've always we get loud.

I mean there is nothing better than crap and go and tell the joke and making people laugh.

I mean even if you're not a comedian. I mean you "don't go. Please gather all the time but that feeling you get when you're with the guy with a group of people and you have a funny joke.

Can you tell the joke and everybody last night. Good writer, but he left no doubt you all something and were very blessed to be able to do that. I've always I've always enjoyed people I've always been outgoing. I've always annoyed that up with flow and so and to me there's nothing better in all the world, then making people laugh.

Bandit that's uplifting for me to be able to do it.

My audience deals with tough circumstances where caregivers were taking care of people who are dealing with all kinds of challenges and and sometimes people are afraid to know what to say to us and to our loved ones because they're afraid the defendant and I love the fact that you and Jeff and so many other comedians that I really admire and I watch you guys a study does a lot of I'm a frustrated comedian I'll never be what you guys are but I sure do enjoy watching you and learn from you in on and have borrowed a little bit of your courage to walk into tough situations and just be real and and I remember what I was I was escorting Gracie out of Vanderbilt Hospital.

About two years ago she had her 80th surgery that on her arm and they were working on her arm in a wheeler into the elevator and she got her arm in a sling. She's wearing two prosthetic legs or stick it out, but these are the him out of her skirt. She looks great, but she just had her 80th surgery so that you don't make her laugh is a real challenge for me and I liked it. I like the challenge and everybody was staring at her and the elders a huge elevator and finally I just blurted out worst hysterectomy ever, and they didn't know what to do.

They'll start looking at the shoes, but that she got a looked up at me and then as I pulled out the shot out over my shoulder.

She put up a fight God lover and she laughed all the way to the car and I saw it would be okay. I got that in that's what you do for people who were dealing with tough city and you are no stranger to the site you fat you and your family had some tough things you've watched the gurney go off to surgery. You know what that's like. But but it's so important that we keep our hearts light. I've been doing a lot of interviews about the same with the coronavirus.

Now that she has it.

It's serious were dealing with, but at the same time. Our message to others is just calm down, just brief and it's hard to do that sometimes for people and somehow you guys bring in the sense of normalcy.

Like you said that pressure valve. The Jeff talks about we just blow that out of our lungs and okay now let's regroup in this rethinking how you how you write material when you see such heartache around that's got to be tough for you to do that could to sit down and do it but have what is that like for you while you care what you know I have a buddy my love. I do a lot of the I make a lot of older unity. That he and my I've a friend of mine Alec paralyzed in a wheelchair dear Brandon, you know he comes all the Nebraska football game and the one thing I realized. That people with disabilities and men had think That they more than anything. They just want to be treated as a normal person. They don't want people look at them like oh I got it you have different because he's very quiet way, it gets kinda like Alec, I sometimes I don't even other than him being in a wheelchair paralyzed. Our relationship is never really change. We still rib each other. We still make jokes about each other with nothing really came other than the fact that it's like a Alec, run to get you need anything you know you're obviously what you help me get you help them get around better bars the way we talk to each other is completely normal and saying and so when you're writing joke.

I just remember that everybody likes to laugh and everybody they just wanted think they wanted they want to be like a normal human because they are they have disabilities are going through. But they don't want to be treated like there. Monster over in the corner. You know they want to be like a regular person I when I write a joke. I think of myself, what would Alec think this is funny if you think is a long joke to deal with anything. I always keep an eye like joke. I think it might be a little you know I keep them in mind and I think will think anything of that though you know I get right joke.

Everybody wants to be everybody I don't treat anybody any different. You know I mean everybody wants to be marked to be a regular human and so I try to treat everybody like a regular human you know you Gracie same way, she's like, don't somehow treat me damning I'm I'm who I am my legs or lack of don't define me and write you know and she she doesn't like that if she was to get out there and and do it on her own terms and so talk with Larry the cable Guy. We need a little bit of lightheartedness right now. Yes I know that there are serious things going on this country but you know as a caregiver you know what Sears things look like for a long time. I'm in my fourth decade of looking at serious things and my wife has the coronavirus but were still going to keep pressing on and living life every day to the fullest of the best we can, were not to panic on this thing.

I think the country needs to calm down and maybe even turn off cable news for a while and things I wanted what this show is bringing in people that can just speak to that. Who do this for a living in the going to tough situation tops and like the entire room just by walking in one of those people was Larry the cable Guy to Larry. Thank you for being with us here today you got into a little bit of a dustup recently when you push back on this whole imagine video and so forth and I was applauding doing it because that kind of stuff just really frost by grommet and I know I'm way you know it.

It shows how out of blue, not every thought, but people in the Hollywood community are the rest of America and I you know that thing is I went. When I make that combat I have no I don't begrudge people obviously I've make good money like so yeah those of the point of my talking about that song what was that I was mad at them because their well they picked the song by John Lennon even admit it about the communist man up the one world utopian dream like that. I have been in the hell without border country or money and be people who have everything in line are wrong about what you imagine how great the world would be the people who are working their job. I don't know whether it was very critical and so I pointed that out that that very critical and critical Hollywood a lot of pot. A majority of what the rest of the country is going and they think that then little all is going to make a golf know back and and it ridiculous.

You know, and so I just figured I'd point that out, but there's I think some people misconstrue that when I saw the comment. They were all coming back to the wealthy are going to really find out, but that's not what it's about, you know very there's a lot of people in the country that have well that anonymously give Honda money people less fortunate. And there's people that don't and their pride When they do, and there's people that go product And there's nothing wrong with having money, but there is something wrong with having money and singing a song about how great it would not have any money to people that don't have.

While you have not, I could not agree more, and I was as I watch this thing unfold out I was you know your big enough to take all that the blowback from that which I don't think there's a blowback toward you because I think people you echoed with a lot of people are thinking.

I've long maintained that my dad's minister and and I want him engage with people over the over his entire agreement mentioned almost 60 years and he was also chaplain in the Navy and I watched him roll up his sleeves and just dig into the to the heartache of people's lives and help them get to safety and I've long since maintained that the further you distance yourself from the suffering of people.

The, the less effective you become it just about anything ministry comedy anything else.

There's something about touching the afflicted and their hurts and being willing to do it with whatever gifting since skill sets that you have to make your life better than the changes you and I think where I live that isolation bubble of success in beauty and everything else and one of things of always loved about you Jeff and so many others that are in your circles is that you punch outside of the bubble of success and grab people by the hand as they come be a part of what were doing and let's let's write a little bit of joy back to you. And that's that's one of the things we try to strive for this show is to let people know you know what you are not alone and were going to grab you a cystitis we can pinpoint you to safety and get you a better place, not about feeling better. It's about being better well. Not only that, you know you have a bunch of people in Hollywood that don't believe in their very you noted that there are always 13 happy and they have no hope because it completely. God, anything any kind of a cricket thing. They shot but I have no other always searching for happy and they're trying to tell everybody else how to be happy. Yet how to have hope when they felt don't know how to do you know and that's why when I get that thing out that people look towards government to give them hope. What were going, but government not going to give you the hope the only thing that's going to give you hope you and give you a heart change and when you get hearts again. You have hope and how they learned that that was going to give them hope and heart gang. They're never going to be happy.

I think that's another big problem over that date don't believe they have no hope there living for the day and then want It so you know they figured they don't get it Gracie. When she lost her like she wanted to reach out to Philip UT so she started ministry in West Africa. We put legs on if you teach for long time. She goes over there was when she can't. I was watching in a room in a dusty clinic in West Africa, a room full of amputees who were impoverished. There was no hope whatsoever for them on the streets of Accra where they were in Ghana and they came to our clinic and are sitting there waiting to be treated all day long.

We had we try to have some food in the form because London have food in their in their singing it as well with my soul room is singing that and I thought what did they know about God that I need to know and there and that is one of those moments. Larry just just one of those moments we realize all you know this is this this is different. This is something expiry date.

Like when Paul wasn't really what I need do you want to conflate you know that man that Noel and this is amazing.

You have inspired me and millions more. I'm a friend I freely admit it, and that sometimes when you come on. I have to turn to God's grace that was of that part.

You know about white yesterday on you know as you get older you have an eye on my Wi-Fi. I would let Mike that the other night on my earlier, and I go. My wife is amazing what a wife and kids of the will, it is you been very gracious to call in and thank you so very much and company dynamics April 7 is what is released pretty much everywhere in streams. My job yeah I texted him and asked him just how bored are you all gave it back to my good believe it. I thought it best to make them look like Mont Young just as though the gusset of how bored out but what I told you of the course. When we got the Corolla is the only had one since to me to how how did this happen in Montana and the life you think you might be the only one in the whole week we are serving only what Gracie is the only one in our county out here that hasn't your back and out.

Will she went to a larger city to do see a specialist and that's only way we talking about the she got it, but not distant, negative, and I live with and it's not you know when she gets mad at me. She starts kissing me show you later she's she is a tough gal mean anybody knows who Josie is a tough junk which you met her and she is she is no stranger difficult. She's will get through this thing but but then I can't get her to and she will end at I'll tell her that we do have emergency room yesterday and she was weird and Facebook live video. Jesus want to thank you but for all the prayers and in their hearts and and then she just lopped lapsed into singing in Christ alone and it was just it was one of those kind of moments where she just you know this is real for her to.

Her faith is real is strong and she's going to get this when I get there together and working to pull together as a country get to this. My hope is it will get through this stronger. I'm looking forward to your your company.

Special April 7. Company dynamics releases everywhere.

Streaming services are just about and Larry, you have you brought a lot of great was there something about being in a room full of people daily, laughing that makes you feel like I can get through the next day and that's what you deny me and millions of others, and I'm very grateful that you came on adjusted here on the show was darn right I pray. Anytime a thank you very much.

Q got this to Rosemary's hope for the caregiver will be right back where I live your

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