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Dr. Chuck Betters and MARKINC Ministries Tackle the Toughest of Issues ...To Point Others To Safety.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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May 3, 2020 10:45 am

Dr. Chuck Betters and MARKINC Ministries Tackle the Toughest of Issues ...To Point Others To Safety.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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May 3, 2020 10:45 am

When Chuck and Sharon Betters learned of the son's tragic death twenty-five years ago, they had no idea how God will minister to them in such a brutal heartache  ...and then lead them into ministering to countless others.  They've assembled resources for hurting individuals, families, churches, and communities.  Just a few of the topics they address include:

  • Post Abortion Guilt
  • Infidelity
  • Death
  • Incest
  • Abuse

Now, they've created an video-counseling service.  Safe, secure, and affordable, this Biblically-based counseling service can help those struggling with heartbreaking challenges who don't have access to counselors in their area ...or have lost their independence due to caregiving responsibilities. 

For more information visit: or

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And there is a family caregiver. Those of you knowingly and willingly voluntarily put yourself between the vulnerable of one of the worst disaster are you holding up are you 880-589-8840 we been dealing with the Corona peer group.

She's completely clear of it clear that that I would certain to have it because I was her caregiver through it and so they tested me and now I do not have the Corona don't have the antibodies I don't have anything, but I did get a haircut yesterday. We live in Montana.

They opened up some of the state here and I was able to get a haircut or not a waiver sign ordinances monitoring knowledge. But I did get Eric.

It felt good start.

Little mountain man appear. I got a very special guest on my show today do something little different but I had a chance to spend some time with them this week. I have worked with this organization for a couple years now and they've got a a new aspect to their ministry that I felt like would be very very helpful to you today to know about and I so want to bring them unstuck. Chuck better's Dr. Chuck betters of Mark, Inc. ministries up in Delaware. They have an extraordinary thrust of what they do to help delve into the difficult things that families deal with and so I am I'm really happy to have him here so want to just jump right into that Dr. betters are you feeling this morning all well are you all right, well, you know, I'm a little groggy this morning's been a long week.

This is been a long couple of decades, but we are a weird rock 'n' roll and that you are a you and your wife Sharon are healthy and we are doing well here in Florida now and then but like the last week, healthy we are. We are moving fast on this thing and I said to have you had a haircut recently.

She gave me so I'm on the airfreight that I wasn't to let Gracie take a stab at mine because otherwise I get the mow Howard and you get the bagel bowl out and tell me tell me a little bit of the history of marketing and then let's talk about why you're on today for this thing so so just jump right into it Walmart. The word marking work making abundant riches mounted in the name of Christ started 25 years ago, just after we locked our youngest of four children, Mark A. Car accident. He and his friend were both killed in the car accident and we really need help needed people who were in the race. Help us to look back and to help us understand what just happened, how to handle the grief and the short story of marking ministry that we decided that we would do the same thing for other people in a variety of hurtful oblate weekly address topics that just you don't hear about in church. They are there difficult topic to deal with but they're all resources are designed to take people who have walked the walk and have never looked back to help those who are coming behind them and so marking ministries was birth that way.

25 years ago.

We have I think over hundred and 30 different resource right now. In addition to the books that we write in the broadcast, etc. and I have the privilege of conducting a twice a week broadcast where I answer a question that people from all over the world have gone to the best of my ability and I try to address whatever their need might be in light of Scripture and I called after Dr. betters and combat are our need for the counseling center was established will give me a example of some of the topics that you get that these are things that people can go to your website they can click on it. It's free. You get an entire library of things from up from all these walks of life to give an example of what I can just go and in they can access somebody else is been there they've done it. They walked through it. They've gotten stronger as result of this, they have encountered God through this process so give examples of the topics you guys cover while we argue that all of our resources are pretty and dumb we really try to help people to understand difficult topic. For example, we have dealt with in fact, and I'll rate and postabortion same sex attraction sex trafficking, the adultery both in the situations where there was reconciliation and are there situations where there wasn't linking the subject.

Some of the topics that we convert adequate there all very very difficult because the people who are serving and the ministering angels make happy to rip open some of the that were there. I apologize for my boy early here to apologize to my face but yeah I went by Mark Inc. not board MAR K-9 where you can find these resources and we also have caregiving resources you and I Gracie were gracious enough to be two of our interviewee and dumb. We have about interviews with those who have special needs and on and on. The list goes like I have that I think we have over hundred 30. Our goal is to have at least 200 resources available to people on a whole variety of different topics and some of them are really moving all of them are very moving on keeping the gallery and canteen are stuck in their binge watching on you know Netflix and everything else but what you guys have provided is you could you could go through if you could pick any topic that there.

I don't think there's any topic you've left uncovered some future stuff it at I don't think that you guys if a lift up anything we do think that you have developed a a whole series of these video interviews with people who have walk through these things and I from what I can see there's nothing so whatever. I'm told the audience what it whatever you are struggling with whatever you know someone else is struggling with. They've covered it at Mark, Inc. and what I am asking you to do is instead of spending so much time watching what Hollywood is putting out.

Why don't you take a few moments to go. It's free. You don't have to do anything other than just click and you can start participating in the, the, the ministry in healing that is been going on in people who dealt with what you're struggling with name it. He's got it there and you can, you don't have to be that isolation and that's what I think. What are some of the west of the of the most moving testimonials of people who live who have encountered this ministry. What are some of those things that have really touched your heart that you've heard back from people that were you doing isolation dealing with whatever and then also they found you guys and it it was life-changing for them or or something happened that was it was that last little moment they had to take him into the next level of of walking into the country of these things. What are some of those things you've heard while her grandmother handed out her grandson on drug grandpa with a drug that brought him to the Lord and I remember the interview well and not limit the pain. I just think we got to go to quick break don't don't lose that thought is only hear the story Misty Rosenberg. This is hopefully caregiving talk Dr. Chuck better since who's on the phone with us, of marking ministries. We got more to go a little back to hopefully caregiving your American family radio. I am Peter Rosenberger. This is the nation's number one chauffeur you as a family caregiver 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 I'm talking to my friend Dr. Chuck betters. He is the founder and head of Mark, Inc. ministries.

This is an unusual ministry that is providing a resource. That's why I'm here today to tell what this review is a caregiver. One of the struggles we have as caregivers were isolated okay and we think that whatever were going through were doing it by ourselves that it was so cut off from folks guess what this ministry. Mark Inc. ministries has something uniquely designed for those people who are struggling with the things you don't know where to turn. Topics that are not be discussed regularly in Sunday school things you don't feel very comfortable raising your hand in church or Sunday school about which is really sad.

It's a sad commentary.

I get it I'm not here to try to fix that particular issue. I just want to tell you.

Here is a path for you to be able to access a community of believers who have worked through and what those kinds of things to Dr. betters. You tell me one of the stories that meant so much to you about this grandmother with the sun grandson out of the addiction issue.

I'm sorry had to cut you off of that were going finish that place a powerful story. Joey I young man with drugs and grandmother, took the bull by the horns led to Christ and I remember Joey. The question do you feel as though you are clear of drug or are you fearful of a relapse and he readily admitted he was fearful in a relapse.

When Joey did relapse and the loss of life. As a result of it, but his grandmother took that interview and pass them on to other people, drug centers, drug rehab centers, etc. and some people got a hold of that interview and they came to know Christ. I want one lady in particular talk about how she was really coming to the end of her life and she she made her way to our site. I and she started hearing the stories of other people who are suffering greatly and she was able to the same to us that she feels as though for the first time in her life she was seeing light and at least going to get passed on and on and on other people and we won't know the full results of what we do until we enter into glory in Christ is able to retrace on the effectiveness of our ministry, but people from all over the world. I mean literally from all over the world, many from South America, and the mentally some of the countries in the Middle East that are at close borders. They write to us and then they tell us what these resources mean to them being the one we did that also is extremely memorable and the one on the woman who actually survived abortion and to hear her story. I guess they hear that the powerful testimony behind her story. She would be here. She would be here if they had succeeded in and aborting her and they hear the power behind Dori Mabel take that resource and handed off to somebody who may be of considering having an abortion. One of the most memorable. Peter was, I had three men, all of whom have same-sex attraction to men are are married to women and that interview brought me to tears I die just listening to the man and the struggles they were having and one of them asked the question. I said that your wife is your wife aware of the struggles that you have any that you will be at this unit that will her and he shared that with with man I'm thinking they're trying to hold back the tears from the struggle that the men who are Christian men who really wanted to have victory over the temptation and the hear their story and desire of their heart to the victory in the pain that they work. If heart wrenching and and I wished I would so moved by that and who knows where that got his wife was good here for the first time with the interview that the man is struggling and use our form to make that known because he was he was so concerned about how his life would respond.

He wanted her to hear the whole story, and to hear and in the context of two other men were also struggling with the very same thing the kinds of things that we talk about a pediatrician that we interviewed talks about a lifelong battle with her father sexually abused her ponder off to other other men to have their turn, so to speak on doing it for money and to hear her tell her story, he where she is, her life, and an end to know that that resource is now out there to help other people might be struggling with the same thing on your interview and rankings interview on talking about the real struggle of caregiving and and how you and and great fear teamed up started speak to accept this challenge that God is given to you. I am assured help many many people that some of the story, then, and we could go I could. I have been ours but you thought about that well and it's okay elitist bits of this my hegemony because I want to hear these things because I think one of the issues that struggle at one of the issues accustom to caregivers to struggle amid my audience here is that they just feel so alone they feel so lonely in the field so guilty about things that that there caring in their own lives and hear you guys are provided a library that shows whatever they're dealing with somebody else's dealing with it and here's what they learned about God through this process. Here's what they learned about victory and hope and healing and ministry through this in. That's why wanted you on the show this morning because the people need to have these things available dated you will suffer in isolation and and here we are now with this quarantine and everybody's I sleep even further and and instead of just clicking on things that are going to just rot your soul hear something this going to reach into you and give you a path to walk you through some healing in your life no matter what the issue you guys really have literally covered every issue that I know that it's there heavy topics, but that's what people live with you know and and at night I again asked before we get into this new venture that you guys have taken again asked you what does this do for you and Sharon knowing that all of this was birthed out of your great sorrow in your great sadness of losing your son.

None of this would've happened were not for that.

It doesn't make it better doesn't it doesn't offset it. But what is it do for you when you see the live the just the countless lives and and and hear the stories of people who have encountered healing true healing and interest in these issues that it all came from such grievous injury to you in spirit and your family well.

We got perfect for our lives on the cursor and I we of course will we would prefer to have our son back. But that is not God and so we had to step into the gap and minister to people who are hurting ingredient differently, and may not want the child or experienced the death of some sort but Greek agree and to know that people are grieving, and then as you said earlier, living in isolation, maybe not even knowing how to articulate or verbalize exactly how deep their pain is that is what keeps us going. That is what moves the head and Andrew marking ministries we have incredible stories of pain and sorrow. I know early on in the ministry. We were trying to help everybody personally. We were getting letters from all over the country people wanting to know if I would be willing Sharon would be willing to talk to someone. I just lost a child and every time we did that and ripped the and when when people remark caregivers talk about caregiving or people like us and ministry are trying to apply balm to wounds that are wide open.

Oftentimes our wounds are ripped off and we started bleeding again because were really, really just to wounded soldiers trying to drag each other off the battlefield and the satisfaction we get is knowing that that's why Jesus came in the first place became to heal the brokenhearted thinking can minister to the lonely became to show that not not even though you may feel in the URL I have, to never leave you would never forsake you, and we went that going to be repeated again and again and again in the lives of those who have felt the same way, those who felt deserted, isolated, lonely, those who are in the throes of great grief to be able to get up and tell their story on the stand up and say this is how God is retained or is regaining my pain in my sorrow, and how you want to do the same in your life that the gospel that that's exactly why will we do this because it is the call of the gospel for Christ administered to the brokenhearted, I can minister to those who are in need of vision. And I do know that were part of that God is called marking ministries.

A ministry that has again and again and again.

Seeing God work miracle after miracle to bring them the message of hope. The brokenhearted people. That's what keeps us going. That's why we do what were doing because we know how much we needed it at that time. I wish we had market ministry when we were struggling but we have one one in California who was willing to enter the Quiktrip surgical gown on and enter into the operating room with us where there was a bloodied map, and to minister to us because she had lost as though she was reaching back and and saying I am here to show you that a lot of what you're going to his normal lot of what you're going through I hear how you're going to come out on the other side.

We need to hear that we hope and if people don't have hope that that's why we do what we do that by market ministry basic claim is that we offer help and hope I will believe the diversity Scriptures as they overcame testimony this what you doing you guys are starting a whole new project and able to talk about the next segment so stay with us. This is hope for the caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberger 888-589-8840 hope Chuck. I got us into this medium sort of know that I will see that CD of Gracie's new new record and I think that the you and Sharon will find it very meaningful and I will give that away to call her today if he wants 888-589-8840. The city is called resilient. You can see more about I just love listen to her sing because you know she's she's lived to sing about and your whole ministry is about equipping people to live to talk about it to live to share it with other people that were going to get through these things were not to get through unscathed were going to have scars were to have all these things, but but were going to do it because this is it is all part of this sanctification process is God is working us through any revealing himself to us in ways in the midst of this, and that's the whole point before I let you go on what you tell me quickly about your new venture that you're doing because one of things I push on the show a lot is the need for caregivers to be able to have good quality professional counseling and you get that as well that this is your whole thrust of what you're doing is to to go, elbows deep into people suffering and hearty just like somebody did for you. You've created a way that people could do that because a lot of people are so remote physically and now because of all the court thinks that they can get out. Tell us about this new venture that you have with marking ministries.

What we feature on our site called out Dr. Becker's and not I'm actually global questions on the spot. I don't I don't know the question that I wanted to gather the first reaction from these questions and people can then I went back Dr. Becker's anyone I reviewed? Can I have my first reaction. I'm thinking president Donald and looking at their situation. I have to wonder whether or not they do have any hope, and that gave birth to the idea that some of the people from all over the world. Many of them they need more than a few minutes on the phone for a few minutes and a few minutes watching a video. Amy hands on Claire and so anchored hope biblical counseling. The vision for that a few years ago started coming to fruition and we are pleased to announce that we are in our soft launch right now we just opened it and say online biblical counseling ministry where folks can in the convenience and privately in confidentiality were applicable have a compliant right in the comfort of their own home and meet face-to-face with a counselor qualified biblically trained counselor to bring Scriptures together into the context of your life that help you navigate the spiritual journey that is your pain and that is a we have we have researched our people.

We have hired our first crop of counselor from California to Washington DC and they are here there waiting online there one click away as we like to say with folks to look through our bios and our video and then to select the counselor who with flexible scheduling throughout the day will be able to coming to your home in the comfort of your home without you ever leaving your living room chair and offering your help and hope and biblically trained counselors showing you how to marry your problem to what the Scriptures have to say about your problem and so they bear there ready to go and our website is up for this is called biblical counseling. One word biblical is important biblical they will be able to select a person to help them. We have a couple of of our counselors who are bilingual, especially with them as we went. I wanted to speak Matt Mandarin and Chinese.

They are there available to help you if you have a bilingual problem or issue and and so were excited about that.

We we have been the making of this counseling center for I don't know for five years and have been a lot of work to get going but were ready, where there were available biblical the name of the ministry part of marking ministry of the called anchored hope biblical counseling and were therefore you were just like that one click away from offering you help and hope directly and personally with a counselor that you select. You decide you look at our list that you decide who your preferred counselor is going to be like that it can mean it's private and confidential available for people. Maybe you are isolated right now are unable physically unable to go to a brick-and-mortar place and done with quality and world or just so excited about getting the opportunity to minister in a more practical way to you personally tailor a program just for you to look at the Scriptures.

Look at your life and figure out how we gonna marry the Gannett biblical Everything done right online and it is like I could have a compliant goal not lose any confidentiality or or privacy. I think you'll enjoy counselors in deciding whether or not this is something for you. Will caregivers suffer from three as we lose our identity. We become isolated and we lose our independence and how do you receive effective counseling care with those three things and one of the things this show is all about is penetrating into that and now like you said, it takes more than just a phone call on an hour-long radio show to be able to deal us of these things and I want to be able to hand them off to people that I know that can give them some help.

This is affordable this is. This is that it is private and a lot of caregivers who are stuck at home.

Maybe they can't get out the kit leave their loved one in here they can.

They can write their and not not miss a moment of caregiving duty receive quality biblical care and that this is why hedge of the show this morning and I'm very grateful that you that you took the time of this program have you back on because this is an important part of what were doing here and in I I just love your heart. I love the work that you do.

I love what you and Sharon have done through this enormous loss that you that you experienced, and yet you trusted God in it and you're seeing over and over and over lives are being changed through this. It doesn't make it go away like gray. She said you know at what would we do our prosthetic limb outreach over in West Africa because you that was her vision.

After losing her legs. She still like to have her legs back, you know, but it's one of those things that you realize okay able to trust God with my loss and watch him work through this and that is it's an extraordinary work that you guys are doing and that I'm just grateful to be a part of it in small wake and thank you for for trusting us with this and with the message of what you guys are about to put all this out of the podcast and a website. So for the people could go in excess it and I want you to take this podcast would when you get the recording of it shared with your pastor that you took and told the audience would check you share with your pastor tube but I'm told the audience here, I would. I would really encourage you to share this with pastors of your church because this is one more resource that pastors needs the data loose on the pastor is is overpowering at times. My dad's a minister. I know I've seen the journey and we need to equip our pastors with every possible resource and tool that they can use to in the in the care of the. The people that God is brought into their congregations and their church. Instead, they have stewardship with this is an extraordinary resource and it provides yet one more opportunity for intensive ministry and all who are just in that plan just have to effect where all of their interest, let alone the analogy you gave about that this is of Dr. that that the lady lost three sons came and your lives. I'm reading a new book by Diane Lineberger and if you read any of her stuff but it's co-suffering in the heart of God. And I would have her on the show here couple weeks or so, but it's not like we go into the situations that were healed up and not dealing with these things were plunging ourselves into people's heartbreak, but we ourselves are caring heartbreak, but what Scripture says in Corinthians, the God of all comfort, who comforts us in our own troubles her own sorrows or own affliction, so that we may extend that same comfort others less question than I let you go here to do. You. This is a loaded question is a leading question, but I think it's I think I can ask you this one. Every time you talk about these things. Do you feel yourself being strengthened through that process all well you will monitor that we we are something and we receive comfort and the purpose of receiving that comfort and comfort with other people and yeah it will spark in our step when we know that God is using in whatever way is using whatever small 1 Large Way to draw people to himself using onset of the means by which he point people to Jesus that that that's put a spark in step onto know that God is using you in ways that may be yesterday needed user we are walking in the Barrett which means very simply step-by-step.

Where trusting that God is going to open doors and close doors all according to his will.

I and if I may mention, just very quickly.

Peter there is some challenges your listeners should take the podcast to their pastors. We have a mechanism in place where we can partner with local churches in this counseling ministry where folks from their congregation and making some additional benefits, they come from a partner church so maybe you can click here faster.

You can point him that biblical counseling.line I would put everybody this out. people see it. In general, to have you back on the show on thanks so much for being with this Dr. jet letters marketing ministries. This is hopefully caregiving Peter Rosenberger 888-589-8840 your help somebody walk the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out.

And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm not happy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we've been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there. You could designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You could be a part of

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