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"A Path Towards Healing." My interview with Todd Herman on the Rush Limbaugh Show

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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July 23, 2020 4:19 pm

"A Path Towards Healing." My interview with Todd Herman on the Rush Limbaugh Show

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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July 23, 2020 4:19 pm

I recently wrote a commentary for the Christian Post about the vandalizing of my home church's cemetery in South Carolina.  But, the heartbreaking story set up an amazing twist that demonstrates what's best in America. 


Bo Snerdly, the famous call-screener for talk radio icon, Rush Limbaugh, read the story and had me on the show to be interviewed by guest host, Todd Herman, during Rush's absence for cancer treatment. 

You can read the story.


Peter Rosenberger is the host of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER.  The nation's #1 broadcast and podcast show for family caregivers, Peter draws upon his 34+ year journey as a caregiver for his wife, Gracie, through a medical nightmare that includes 80+ surgeries, multiple amputations, and treatment by 100+ physicians. 

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So the piece starts like this. It's in the Christian Post in Rush has it as well.

Finding the path towards healing in America over the weekend in Anderson, South Carolina Vandals tore into an historic cemetery. The belongs to Midway Presbyterian Church standing in this picturesque town since 1833 cemetery connects families to multiple generations of history and legacy scrolling black lives matter over the headstones and spray paint and vandalizing more than 20 graves. These foolish anarchists represent the worst of this country. That's how it starts boasts nearly found this this morning and said hey let's see if we can get the author on and we have Peter Rosenberger joins us now in the Rush Limbaugh program. Welcome to the show is taught Herman filling all God's goodness did.

The Lord is made. I'm feeling very good post in the world's largest radio show. How are you very good finish this story for us, Peter.

It's an extraordinary story well cared for years.

He grew up in this church I grew up with Mr. pastor this church. The pictures of this thing.

It just me. I was so disgusted by everything else and heartbroken with the cemetery mud that buried a lot of people in that cemetery and I played for a lot of for the few that church we would walk across the street to the grace that was so distraught all day long and think about it and then that night I got a call from one of their check on her parents headstones to make sure they were okay and they said that there was a man there was pressure washing and cleaning the grapes and his name was Rima Rucker and but for now it was talked of calling. She just showed up to do it. He felt bad about it. He got outraged. He felt embarrassed about it and then he started cleaning pressure washing business and it was real emotional thing he helped Allen my friend Alan and Bonnie put up some of the tombstones in and fix the place up little bit we can get everything off, but you showed up and have been wanting money, and he's an African-American to give me his number I called them up and we had the long really long conversation I go to probably get emotional about this place is very special to live across the street from there in the parsonage by the house by the church in and told how much of what he did and he started shares a life you said you know I gotta do what's right and anything I got a lot of broken things in my life and I stop among us and you know what we serve a God who takes broken things and leaves incredible stuff. That's what he does. He is the ultimate Redeemer of these things.

We have a Savior that does this and thought about this a lot You know everything I've read in Scripture doesn't talk about black lives better. Talk broken lives matter were all broken and when I see a man like this, who has taken some painful shots and likely share with me privately. Some of those things. And yet here he is doing something extraordinary that shows the path to healing that shows the path of how we can pull together that it gives us hope and inspiration when we see that all the organizations are so screwed up.

But the organism of the body of Christ is alive and well. It was one of those moments will just tear it up on the phone and then I wrote this article evidently just resonated with a lot of people, including you guys and I'm very grateful for that share to give a big shout out to Mr. Rucker who is modeling what's best about America walk across town to go just in this hand with your precious labors. The teacher family pays your bills and to do that because it's the right thing and this is what I read an article she said look right is right and I do the right thing this note, I think.

I think Peter did what gets lost sometimes and all this chaos and in communism and division is you are talking about the story of America there's there's strife there's disagreements, but you are also talking about the shoulder to shoulder reality of what others want to tear down. They do not want that moment to exist and what I really admire about Mr. Rucker is not just the work, but he refused to have a right become wrong if he stood with his fellow human beings. That's remarkable thing just takes the courage of one individual that will ignite a flame and hope to listen to your show today and appreciate all that you brought to the table today and it just gives me hope across America.

We are not what is being defined on the news every night while back in the medical stuff is what my wife's my wife had the cultivars looking people do to be healthier in this country left it turn off the cable's defined what's on the news at night and I'm saying to you know that I believe that what Mr. Rucker demonstrated is how were being defined.

In reality, that there are more individuals who are quietly going about their business doing what is right. Do it right is right and and I hope that will be a source of encouragement to all the listeners available on this network that that I love to listen to and right is right is Christian Post is reconciling this easy way to find it is in Rush I hope the Christian Post is ready for a whole bunch of clicks from Rush because that's what happens Peter go with God's good grace. Thanks for joining us in Russia.

Thank you very much Todd Robillard work will not solicit the hard work happens in a lot of places it happens. Team EIB put the show together.

It happens with the folks at K2 NT in Spokane Washington at 590 a.m. it happens that my radial home KTTH7 70 in Seattle I see one thing about Peter spoke about this. You spoke about broken lives matter heard someone in a sermon say that God had said that he wants all of us. And so that would mean all the pieces that would mean just the shiny pieces. The pieces that were proud to show.

I think it would be that God wants all pieces so we can put the puzzle together. America is not just a landmass it's people pieces of pulse and maybe prayer to God to take all these pieces and put them back together. Maybe that's something else we need is talk Herman into Rush Limbaugh on the EIB network

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