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Tulsi Leaves the Democrat Plantation

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 11, 2022 3:15 pm

Tulsi Leaves the Democrat Plantation

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 11, 2022 3:15 pm

Tulsi Gabbard is the latest Democrat to flee the Communist Democrat Party. Are you ready for a red tsunami, America?

Sean Spicer, Rylee Niesent, Ed Vitagliano, and Liz Harrington join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative, so I can no longer remain party under the complete control of an elitist ball or monitors were driven by cowardly focus, divide us, rationalizing every issue and stoking antiwhite racism who actively worked to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution who are hostile to people of faith and spirituality to demonize the police to protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans who believe in open borders who weapon denies the national security state to go after their political opponents.

And above all were dragging us ever closer to nuclear war. Now, I believe in a government that's of the people by the people and for the people. Unfortunately today's Democratic Party does not. Instead, it stands for a government that is of, by, and for the powerful elite. I'm calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party if you can no longer stomach the direction that the so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country and I invite you to join me. And ladies and gentlemen, that is the breaking news of the day told see Gabbard announcing that she is leaving the Democratic Party, a former presidential candidate or leased nominee on the Democrat side back of the 2020 Democratic primaries told C.

Gabbard, just the first of what I suspect will be many, many Democrats across the nation to leave the Democrat party. Welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program. So good to have you with us today.

Today, 27, 27 days until the midterm election and we have got a lot going on today.

A lot going on were to be taking your calls as well. Throughout the day as we analyze not only what happened is mental.

See Gabbard, but also the debates last night in Ohio between Tim Ryan and JD Vance.

It's pretty explosive stuff your folks, but the reality is this the average American citizen and I'm taught when I talking about the average American citizen. There are a lot of Democrats out there and we know this because of the polling data that most Democrats, including in places like Memphis, Tennessee which is a majority minority city here in Memphis the black community is very conservative, socially, they do not want this critical race theory being taught in the classrooms.

They don't want this radical sex and trans gender agenda being shoved down the throats of their kids and so what's happening here but a lot of people are waking up and even a lot of Democrats, people who voted Democrat their entire lives, their grandmas or grandpa's or moms or dads. Everybody in their family. They voted for the Democrats. But now they've come to the realization that the Democrat party has left them behind. The Democrat party that you are looking at right now is not the Democrat party of your grandparents or your great-grandparents. This is a radicalized political party.

This is a Communist Party ladies and gentlemen. A lot of people in this country they're coming to the conclusion that you know what we want to be able to go to get gasoline and not have to worry about being carjacked.

We want to be able to take our kids down to the local park and not have to worry about that wearing Kevlar vest. We want to be able to send our kids to school and come home knowing their pronouns the same pronouns they had when they left for school after the bowl of Froot Loops. We want to be able to live in a country where you can still go to church and your preacher does not worry about getting thrown in jail or being sued for saying something up against the alphabet people. This is the reality of American a lot of people are saying you know it were done, ladies and gentlemen, I am telling you I am seeing the data coming in, and I truly believe that we are going to see a massive victory, not just for Republicans but for America and I know that the Republican Party they got their warts. They got their blemishes but you know what it's a heck of a lot better than communism.

I'll tell you that much right now so you better get out there. You better go and vote registered to vote, get involved in the political process. Now I'm curious to know from you, we heard Tulsa Gabbard announcing today that she is leaving the Democrat party are you hearing from people in your communities people you go to church with people you work with have you heard from Democrats that have said you know what were done yet were not. You know what when I find it all of this. This is a lot like the party of the JFK and it's not it's not. I know my dad was a southern Democrat back in the day and the last time he voted for Democrat was Jimmy Carter and Jimmy Carter's administration convinced my father that something was really wrong with the Democrats. We know what Jimmy Carter's administration.

It looks like Donald Trump's compared to what we got right now. That's that is how radicalized the Democrats have become so let Newt Gingrich a speaker.

Newt was on Fox earlier today talking about this cut number six okay I think Jos� is a somebody who was always spoken online. She's always been sort of an independent maverick and I think when she ran for president, she realized how really isolated she was from the great majority of Democratic Party, which is now frankly well pretty weird party.

We say the same thing happen in a Slightly Different Way in Philadelphia last week was a former deputy Mary Democrats endorse the Dr. Oz U.S. Senate and said that Fatima just so crazy on crime and so pro-criminal he couldn't reform so I think you're seeing this draft was certainly seen among Latinos.

A huge drift towards the Republican Party is there driven away by the the weirder policies. The Democratic Party and speaker newness is not wrong your folks we've been looking at data coming out of Oregon coming out of Rhode Island right now.

Rhode Island has two congressmen both of them are Democrats and at least one of those seats could very well switch to the Republican hands the sitting Congressman had been there over 20 years and Republican Alan Fong who was an Asian American is now up eight points over his Democrat opponent that's Rhode Island second congressional district and that's according to the Boston Globe and Suffolk University poll. If the November 8 election were held today, 45% said they would vote for Mr. Fong ever try to get him on the show again between now and election day were to be working to be hitting as many races as possible just to give you a flavor of what's going on out there in in the country but folks, I'm I am feeling very good.

We have to campaign like were 20 points behind but I'm telling you, if if everybody gets out and you vote on election day, the Republicans are to win and they're going to win in big numbers are bringing it to some of that data as well were going to take a quick break your will become back your calls are. Are you fired up. Are you feeling good about this this moment this crucial moment in American history. We have an opportunity to stop, not just a radical agenda but a deadly agenda. This is a ministration that is on the verge of getting us involved in a nuclear war with Russia and Tulsa Gabbard can see it, you have to imagine that the rest of the seed as well 844-747-8868 that is a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

Also we are raising a lot of money this month for our friends and allies defending freedom. If your website Todd help us fight for religious liberty in the courts.

Your donations are to make a world of difference. You can donate by going to our website.

Todd just click on the alliance defending freedom banner at the top of the page will be right back America illegal drug trafficking has turned our southern border into a war zone.

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Not far from my yeah I'm not too sure that's it so I don't watch I get a take that's out, that's a hard over me. I walked back to the Todd Stearns radio program 27 days until we stop the radical by didn't agenda dead in its tracks 844-747-8868 that is her toll-free telephone number. Our good friend Dick Morris over at Newsmax is feeling especially good about the Republican effort to sweep the Senate now for a long time people thought that the Democrats are to be able to hang on to the Senate Dick Morris and others now suspect that the Republicans will not only win the Senate but they will win big the. The issue here and again I want to read this from the Newsmax story. The Senate currently in control, with each party holding 50 seats, Harris has the tie-breaking vote, but there are three Republican candidates that are the keys to turning the time and these are huge one of them being Blake Masters and Arizona Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania and Herschel Walker in Georgia. Dick Morris says that Republican turnout is vital. He said that initially abortion was providing some enthusiasm for Democrats. But that is that's fading in and again one of the reasons why is that when you look at the minorities who are in the Democratic Party and were talking about Blacks and Hispanics and Asian Americans, but predominantly Blacks and Hispanics were talking about groups of people. Demographics that are social conservatives so these are not to be that is not to be a big issue driving people to get out and vote on election day, the Democrats made a tactical error by making this all about abortion Dr. Oz Masters and Walker are all being outspent but there catching up.

He says that the Senate is likely to remain 50-50.

If Oz loses his race to John Fetterman who was the stroke survivor quote.

If Dr. Oz wins and we pick up at least one of the other two seats like Masters. I think we can and will win 52 or 53 seat so that's the number that I been here not only from from different Dick Morris, but many others as well and I'm curious especially you folks in Georgia I'm I'm curious to know how Herschel Walker has weathered this that that scandal that blew up last week and it seems to me that it's fading away in one of the reasons it's fading away is because was not a real scandal 844-747-8868.

If nothing else about a fire Republican voters up to get out in Georgia and send a very clear message to these Democrats and the mainstream media that were not were not buying what they're selling anymore. It's just it's just not gonna happen.

Not anymore. By the way last night JD Vance, I mean, blew out Tim Ryan and and it was amazing this this this soundbite is one minute five seconds 65 seconds. This is this right here is the reason why JD Vance will win the Senate race in the state of Iowa as an exception, but have always believed in reasonable exceptions. This is a misrepresentation in my view, but let let let's hear from me snuck from Congressman Ryan. I absolutely think the 10-year-old girl the case that we've course heard a lot about an incredibly tragic situation. Having but I got a nine-year-old baby girl with whom I cannot imagine what's that what that's like for the girl for her family doctor, but something that like that would happen. I've said repeatedly on the record, I think that that girl should be able to get an abortion if she and her family so choose to do so, let's talk about that case is why was 18-year-old girl raped in our community rate in our state.

In the first place. The thing the media and Congress and Riley talk about this all the time. The thing they never mentioned is that poor girl was raped by an illegal alien somebody that should never been in this state.

In the first place you voted simply times against portable funding so many times for amnesty Tim if you have done your job she would never been raped in the first place or security don't lecture me about opinions I don't actually have. There was no way for for Tim Ryan to respond. I mean just completely destroyed Tim Ryan's campaign) 65 seconds on national television. Good for you JD Vance and this ladies and gentlemen is what being a trump Republican looks like someone who is not afraid to stand up and call out right and wrong and I say good for you, sir. Good for you JD Vance for having the courage to do that, you know, if we had more Republicans and I'll take Carey Lake is one of those if we had more Republicans like that willing to stand up and push back against the mainstream media push back against the slanted questions at the debates push back against the bias out there, we'd be winning in landslides. Every election and he does put it out there, and JD Vance is right.

The American people are tired of the lawlessness and we got an opportunity to fix that. We got an opportunity to restore law and justice law and order election day.

We've got an opportunity to to close our borders. This open border crisis folks its unbelievable story that is gotten very little attention a few days ago you heard it was breaking news, border to border, coast to coast across a pretty plain that a guy had gone out of the Vegas trip and was stabbing people. Six people survived two people were killed. They say was some sort of a random act of violence.

But what they're not telling were the reason why it's stopping national news is because the person responsible is an illegal alien and illegal alien who had already been arrested in California had already been charged with a crime and he was never deported. He was allowed to live here to stay here because California is a sanctuary state with a sanctuary for illegals but it's a predatory ground for the rest of us because were all being hunted down by these people and the average American. The average Americans looking at all of this and say hey we didn't vote for this we didn't sign up for this.

Joe Biden went out there and promised us unity that we are to be joining hands and sing in Kumbaya together as a country. There is no red state. There is no blue states of the United States.

But now the United States is black and blue. David Beaton is all over the heads the American people signal retire to this. This is a very simple thing here, ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you the mainstream media they're getting this long. They don't see what's about to happen in this country. People are angry with those moms and dads in Wyoming have to go to the store and they're eating Ramen noodles for supper because I don't have enough money to pay their bills will have anybody to feed their kids.

You better believe that's going to motivate them to get out and vote on election day, so I am feeling very good. As we as we head into the march to the midterm elections and I think it's going to be a great day for America.

I believe her to be sending a message that were not going to be tolerating any of this were not a socialist country were not a communist country that's never gonna be that way 844-747-8868 after toll-free telephone number again that's 844-747-8868 website by the way, so check it out thoughts sir� Will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold.

It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM time drawing and fire door going over all the things I really get fearful by the way, what thoughts are happy to have you with us today so look a lot you folks way to get all the tolls he Gabbard Ricky says total see but maybe leaving the Democrat party but her policies haven't changed. She's not a conservative.

Michelle says total sees a world economic forum along the same with Grimshaw beware there is screwing.

Michelle says we have enough Democrat plants of the Republican Party. We don't need anymore. Sandra says now the rhinos that's it's not our HR ladies and gentlemen it's our I know Republicans in name only.

Now with the rhinos in the local Republican Party would go away.

Man Sandra to that now. May I just say something did I say that salsa Gabbard was joining the Republican Party that I say that she was a conservative know like I did not. But listen here folks. If if we've got somebody on the other side, and they're willing to fight for us that I say let's fight you say, but when on Dr. Oz. Well, you know what, I'm not convinced about Dr. Oz. I hope that he is now pro-life.

I hope he is now pro se commitment. I hope he is now anti-transgender and I hope he is anti-CRT. He stands just about diametrically opposed to everything the conservative standpoint, but tolls he Gabbard is a hey look, there are some things we can agree on and I will. I can fight alongside somebody like that I can fight alongside somebody like Tulsa Gabbard. I'm not saying she's a conservative I'm not saying she's a Republican but I am saying she's an American patriot. By the way, someone who fought for our country. You can respect that are let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868.

All I'm trying to say here is that when it comes to fighting were to have to stand together. If not, the Democrats are to win, let's go to Greg in Georgia WT UNR great radio station there. Greg what's on your lines to let you know that all listening of the learning got my vote that Walker next month is that mobility as well. All this they come out. Lastly, both valid and that it is just Holly Bishop of but even if it were true he would be a changed man now and much better choice than Rafael Warnock would be when it comes to the policies on abortion see about article Greg. I don't want to pry here, but I take it your Christian man, when you see this is why the mainstream media doesn't get you guys because the media thought they were in a comment and dump all of the scandals on you guys, and you are immediately going to rebuke Herschel Walker and stay home. That was the whole point. They don't they know you're not there vote for for Rafael Warnock.

They wanted you to stay home. They wanted to demoralize you but here's what that encounter great is that by and large, and I don't mean to paint with a broad brush her but by and large of the mainstream media, the national press corps. There bunch of godless. He the unit he that atheist and they they can. They don't know what we know they have an experience that that conversion they have it experience that they haven't seen that. So they didn't understand that one Herschel's up there saying hey look, I'm a changed man. And here's what happened. Everyone in Georgia that goes to church, knew exactly what Herschel was talking about in the national media they can get some time. I suspect there are a lot of other people like you you you win by a good margin. All right, Greg. Good to know, and I want to hear from you other folks over there in Georgia and the Carolinas. We have so many races to cover 844-747-8868 Charles is a North Carolina WS I see our great station there. Charles what's going on and got a guy I hear your enthusiasm about midterm. Like you I think this is going to be a massive weight and I think it's going to be even bigger than what a lot of people are predicting. I think it is. Americans come to the realization that they're getting or underage robot are getting less safe.

That the future is looking bleak, or on the wrong track, I think you're going to Europe for a bigger turn out that what what's predicted.

I never adjusted talking to people thought I'd never seen the enthusiasm right now among registered Republican independence that I'll talk to and even Democrat and I want to go so far to say that I think were going to end up with with 55 really 55 seats yeah okay well I think at that but that older North Carolina yoga garage. The I think that is going to hold Pennsylvania army guy.

I can imagine losing better than I meetagain. I believe that Katie that hold and in Ohio, pick up, I think that Dr. Walker's been a poet at. Georgia that's good be one pick up and tied Adam Blackstock in Nevada is holding a league right now over the income but the Report as Mastro and then another pick up that's not really being talked about is in you after Diebold acute within the margin of error right now. Get Maggie out. So if we were to hold those and pick those repeat the and potentially maybe I stayed in Colorado and get rid of Lisa Murkowski at me� Hold it like to be placed with the Kelly debacle, a drop Republican. I think a good a position as well and as long as we execute a final in 2020 orders to be more Democrats up for reelection and hopefully it would have dropped the top of the ticket and with a 60 seat majority. That would be a glorious thing Charles. If that were to happen, and I look on you to be happy with 52, 53 but if we get 55. While that's I mean and I'm especially excited to see what's what's happening in the House of Representatives where the Democrats are going to be crushed of the concern I have. There is Kevin McCarthy and you know there's some new leaked telephone conversations and messages, and the guy just can't be trusted, and I I I'd like to think that he's he's going to be able to lead the Republicans but I don't think so, and I suspect with McCarthy were probably going to get Paul Ryan or another John painter so I do think we need to be thinking strategically about leadership. We need somebody who's going to be of a fighter.

Someone we need a Republican version of Tip O'Neill in the in the in the. The speaker seat yeah absolutely and what I wish you would take it yet and already for Kevin McCarthy to come on your show and you do an interview with him and get put him on the spot to get him to commit to upholding the America first agenda, Charles we've invited you will not come on this program and you know where fair you know your long timeless. We don't we don't we don't do the other gotchas to fear, but he refuses to call this program. We have had everyone in leadership on this program except for Kevin McCarthy while and that makes me wonder what's going on NATO but not to be a good day we get that the turnout invoked.

You know, don't get completely continue to focus on the youth that are when inflation immigration crime� Do it right there and energy independence. It's very very simple.

All right Charles appreciate the great call in the inside. Charles says I working up to take the Senate with 55 seats. Once the utilities of development is are you sensing that enthusiasm 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way are our good friend Nicole Malia tacos Nicole is today is running for Congress in Staten Island, New York. She is leaving her Democrat challenger Max Rose and she's got a six percentage point edge over Max Rose.

This is according to the New York Post, others a brand-new spectrum new Siena College poll was Malia tacos in Congress now but that is. This is a district that is gone both way. So it's exciting to see that the even in even in New York in Staten Island is a conservative part of New York City. That's where most just to give you some perspective.

It's where most of the firefighters and most of the police officers live so if you watch bluebloods at its edge, bluebloods on CB is one of my favorite TV shows. By the way, the of Frank Frank Ragan be a police commissioner lives in the Bay Ridge area in Bay Ridge again very conservative. It's that tip of Brooklyn before you cross over the bridge into Staten Island. All conservative.

That's where most of the NRA members in the Brooklyn area live so good if folks aren't I just feel good and I feel encouraged and we have been through a dark winter spring summer fall and we've done it all over again.

And I think people are tired of the darkness and people have decided you know this is not the kind of a country I would leave my kids. This is the county country. I wanted III want to leave to the grandkids. You just don't want it, you don't want to go down that path and I think a lot of people are finally saying okay, we've got to do something here. The Republicans perfect. No, not at all, but it's a heck of a lot better than being a communist.

I'll tell you that much right now. But understand this conservative moderate Democrats or stenosis thing anymore, the progressives, the radical AOC proceeded to leave Ayana Presley Bill Hahn: they are the ones that are controlling the Democrats they hate Christians, they hate Jews. They hate Tromp and they hate you and they do it all in the name of diversity and tolerance are we gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that is her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now. I do want to commend you yesterday. So many of you rose up and said you know what I meant to support allies defending freedom by making a donation today. All this month we are hosting a radio fund for our friends and allies defending freedom. They are fighting, fighting for our freedom every single day in the courts, they never charge their clients. A single penny someone somebody from our audience and you Jack Phillips out in Colorado. The Baker he's a member of our listening audience when he came under fire allies. Defending freedom stood up and defended him all the way to the Supreme Court, where they won a victory.

So we need your help and we need your help so they can keep fighting these cases and we want you to donate today allies defending freedoms.Kristin Wagoner she's the Chief Executive Officer and she's actually argued a number of times before the Supreme Court says these are not just isolated attacks on our freedom will have numerous cases where the government is single tenant test crystal ball for their religious police about marriage and coerce them to all men simply because they won't create unique expression that violates their religious convictions about American solo.

Here's what I'm asking you today. Every dollar you give is going to be matched. So if you give a buck you. It's good to be a two dollar donation, but I know your audience is very generous and we're trying to raise $20,000 for four allies defending freedom for the month of October.

It's very simple.

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The harvest they can call the following because the church I would say, isn't that a Christian thing. He doesn't like Kristin. But I am just like Italo a will that the trunk or treat address your you know I'm talking about at side of the same blanket. Something is still dressed up in a costume. You still go and get candy. This is from a car which is creepy when you think it is sort of like the river back in the 90s. This is huge in the 90s, the Christian T-shirt where they would take like a regular like a Budweiser can honor like a beer can, but it's actually said P. Weiser, yeah, it made it a cool Christian. Oh yeah, I know exactly what your dog is already light where Khaleda Holick is a boy. It's fine if you don't dissipate but it's how you were and were doing a big shindig yesterday Iris will tell people more about that, but this could be a lot of fun. Are you dressing up. What are you getting gussied up for Holly. Oh yeah, so do you know super Mario brothers the lease know that I only we talk. It's like there's this disconnected him like he doesn't know if that is all I know Roger, I'm giving you do know that I played that just for the record, I'm to be Princess Daisy because Princess Daisy is light brown hair, so I don't have to buy wig and then my husband's gonna be Luigi and Marleau, the Dalmatian's gonna be Yoshi working to stick a shell on her back. Somehow, very nice. I have no I do what you're talking right now it just Google it.I will Google I will serve people in the audience. You know not what I'm sure there aren't any way they do an annual parade a hollowing parade for the children at the lower Merion school District in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and so all the children get dressed up sort and their little costumes and they been doing this for more than 50 years, so this is some sort of adjustment thing. They just started through together 50 years.

That's impressive and of the moms and dads come out and it really is like all the little baby goat as you know, the whatnots of the Bayesian Weiser and Taylor you all very popular welder not doing it this year it's been canceled forever.

The school district now says this is a matter of safety and inclusivity and they say and they don't name any names and they say that it might offend certain religions now of laying on of late. It's been the, the Muslims have been very upset about this, but I haven't actually heard of any like massive Islamic protest because somebody's dressing up like Casper the friendly ghost now. I've never heard of that.

So anyway, parents are really upset about this, they said one of the Bob says it it's I feel like were stripping the joy from elementary school and it's kind of sad pleasure center of doing it now.

You know she wants her to get to know if they do no more than 50 years. Grandma and grandpa were dressing up exactness.

You know the of the characters as well. Maybe dad would and Blondie, Google and Google at Google okay. The school district says security was a big concern. Just the thought of having an entire school population of young people in the field surrounded by adults that we couldn't possibly screen was worrisome okay together called parents there called moms � November Todd, their parents are unlike the FBI watchlist terrorist.

She's they went on to say that our district prides itself on providing a sense of belonging to Everest okay you know what I get. Maybe if there's a kid who's like I guess the Jehovah's Witnesses than ever to celebrate anything right. They stick them in the library so that'll do birthday know that was the Mormons, they can drink sodas that it ever survive know you wouldn't.

That's why couldn't be like look drinking though Celsius yes and I look I am of I'm very fond of you smoked pork butt so that's why I'm a Gentile true.

But all that to say I mean come on down to get it together.

This is really I think this is just nuts.

Love you like or dislike the wrong kind of battles like this is what were arguing about something.

It's been going on. He said for 50 years. More than 50 years, and you're going to cancel it because you're afraid of offending some folks come on man away somebody else's that are you know what I'm talking about hot hey folks. Are you feeling good.

I I'm feeling good. I can use it to write how to take a break 844-747-8868 case on back University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative coming theory from time to start Stearns radio program until the election. The moment that we can take back America and stop the radical provided agenda quote good to have you with us.

We've got a great program. By the way coming up a little bit later. Our good friend Liz Harrington, a Pres. Trump spoke person. She's going to be her Ed Battaglia from the American family Association and Riley Neeson was one of our college conservatives is going to be weighing in on the midterms as well as this big news about Tulsi Gabbard, but right now I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line all rockstar and conservative television circles. Our good buddy the host of Newsmax TB Spicer and company Sean Spicer Sean, hope you're doing good. I am taco Sean midterm elections. I'm feeling great upholding dad is looking very good. Still got to get out there campaigning like your 20 points behind but I'm curious, what are you hearing from your vantage point over Newsmax allotment ulcer on my night and I think all of that winter pointing in the right direction for Republicans.

The Democrats keep to early on this abortion thing that only Nikki Chorley but they they went to extreme. They started talking about abortion on demand until conduction.

I think that push a lot of folks might agree that the court went too far away from the Democrats and then with inflation and foreign policy being amassed so much else happening that that I think Republicans capitalizing at the right time and and so I would suggest that I think Republicans are really very very strong condition right now and will will see but I think in the final 30 day, you know, considering that Republicans are being undercounted in all of the old which I think is probably a field goal and three point kill you after Gen. Bolduc is down 2 to 3 in the literature vulnerable. I would bet you that you know Republicans have a much better night and then the mainstream media are that the liberal media giving them credit for another try to figure out why they got so long again so I'm with you on this and again about the debt.

The polling that is all over the place and it is looking at some of the polls are starting to come together, like those when the hurricanes about to hit and you got all the spaghetti models it. It's looking like it's going in the right direction for for conservatives, but I think I am large there are a lot of people out there just like Tulsi Gabbard were Democrats who were sick and tired of these criminals. These predators are on the streets they're tired of the open borders and they're tired of what's happening in these public school classrooms absolutely kick at a certain point you will like to come to your school to your neighborhood, your community, whether the crime of the school you just referenced and and a people. I think I've had it up and down so yeah, I agree with you and and there's there's just merely somewhat crippled and taken. I think between the crime and the inflation and everything else is going on is driving people to realize that there's a choice to be made in getting Democrats full control of government, which is what they have is too much. What is, and of course the fact that we can all be nuclear and glowing green or something in the next couple months. It's just that it's beyond crazy and and Sean you been in this business a long time have you ever seen covering politics have you seen a time in America were we had so many dumpster fires burning. No, I don't really make hardware, overlaying another conversation that I had with somebody on electing and liking okay anything positive, but by and I turned it back on and tell me I can dictate what you say something just wanted only one thing that going well and I'll agree with whatever you say there like all that's stopping you know whatever I did Beat you to Erika and I cannot tell you Peck you tell me something that's going well. I'll let you answer the question, and they were like well I could see the thing is you want to blame me, but you Biden person can answer the question and they can't because only one thing is going well.

Inflation. Foreign policymakers are going to count to two hours ago studies rejected the LED US overtures to not cut back on on oil production. We've lost our foreign policies are domestic policies amassed crime is going rented inflation through the roof and and yeah it's it's it's Republicans fall. I'm sorry like what we control nothing in this in this country and yet did the ministration was to blame Republicans for the fact two years. The controller Sean Spicer host of Spicer and company on Newsmax TV and and so on. Your network is growing by leaps and bounds, and I'm curious if you guys have just had an opportunity or slammed over there but just to sit back and go wow this is pretty amazing, why is it that people are coming to Newsmax. Why are people migrating over to what you guys are doing. You know it's an interesting question and sorry that I'm doing tonight at 5 o'clock that exemplifies why your question just made me think about God because yesterday the president of the LA city Council stepped out. I'm sure you talked about this right and because there's a leaked tape of this, the president of the LAP counsel making these racist comments about the black son of a white councilmember and I started noticing anything last night as a package I they don't mention that this woman is a Democrat political story, they don't mention he's a Democrat.

The New York Times of the story don't mention to the Democrat. She had a story they don't mention it because what were you what's really going on with you and explain to you the bias in the media have degassed on their again explained think that you're not think but if you the average viewer just sat back and read that story they would say okay. You might even think that the person was a Republican for goodness sake, but the Democrat in the media right now and in the last control everything and they don't want you to know what's really going on � the difference is that Newsmax is going to tell you what happening would have an honest conversation with you will bring on death that other people want. We cover stock and here's the other thing for me at least, I can't speak for really show. I've been in the arena 24 years in the military, 10, 15 years on Capitol Hill, countless campaign I know what it's like to be in the arena. I don't have to get I don't have to wonder what it's like in certain situations. I can't tell you so I know what what gets to have honor how to address the situation. These guys don't and into all the journalists that love to have these hypothetical conversation for me it's just it. Actually I can combat continue. This is what actually happening when that scenario is going down and that's a very unique perspective for anybody in the media because none of these reports have ever been. I Don't know what they're talking about and so I can actually tell of you every night at 5 o'clock on the show. Here's what's going on that week in the room and I think that's important because there's a lot you want to.

Some of these big decisions that have to get me that reporters just because they're lazy and there's a lot of there's a lot more to each other going to have to the thing they just don't get it so they don't and I will tell you as someone who works at Fox news channel for 15 years, grew up in the deep South. I'm I'm one of those gun toting Bible cleaning evangelicals when I saw the coverage of Herschel Walker and it was very clear to me. The media didn't understand the story they didn't understand when Herschel Walker said he had he had been redeemed. They didn't understand what that meant and I think they misread the story they thought that the entire electorate is going to abandon Herschel when in fact they knew exactly what he was saying and and and the media did not and that's why I think that Bascom turn out to be a nonissue for Herschel Walker moving forward. And those are the kinds of stores that you guys are covered Newsmax because you guys understand that people of faith are important demographic within, not just the Republican Party but in America at large.

Right now, so they don't understand gliding the point you're making late fees under exigent people around what fiber you know they're there when they go IPTV, tofu beginning, gluten-free, and so they don't get an answer to them like going to do that. They think that were all here to be petted and don't get any that's good to get an enterprise it. It's and you know you like wheat week. We actually cover things in a very unique way. In a classic from a network standpoint and my check on every night at five that we can have a conversation with folks explain things in a much more I think and I don't mean what you thought was dictated but I think that too many of the folks in media talk down to viewers and are still act like they're stupid. I think we have a very adult conversation.

I I would completely agree with that. I know exactly what you're saying and and and we appreciate that and and I think that's why people are migrating over and you guys are getting so many new viewers over Newsmax going to be a great show tonight. 5 o'clock folks. Spicer and company on Newsmax Sean appreciate the great insight today and thanks for all your support you. The great show yourself, but I always appreciate your support for my show and enter Newsmax you you just been such a great champion of everything on the right and I think you and I share this philosophy that I'm in all of the above guy when it comes to energy, but also when it comes to the conservative ecosystem.

I want more. So you know I get great at what we do and talk radio, but I think we need Newsmax in the daily caller Breitbart. It's not you know II think we live in a country of 320 million people until we got every one of them watching and listening.

The more the merrier select let's let's help each other grow it and expose the left and what's going on in the in the Chris I know Chris really loves that that idea again. Everybody wants use and I agree with me that he paid my bill but I have to get II think that we need to continue to grow the conservative ecosystem as well. Anyway, think Lawrence on our job less Sean Spicer everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and it's a great show. If you ever taught that once Newsmax you really soon.

Real quick. I would go to the phones. I am very excited about our next caller Richard from Georgia. Listening to some WTO and Richard you don't know how long I've been waiting to hear from someone like you.

So first of all, welcome to the show I'm calling in all you do get literally about 20 minute break I received a call from Public policy polling says they were reaching out to Georgia residence for a short survey on important issues and we really appreciate your input. I looked through it. 15.

Question and you know obviously what happening here in Georgia or knocking Herschel Walker can state the Ebro and I wanted really. I'm calling for help. I wanted your perspective on how you think I should response tonight. Should I respond with, you know my heart my honesty what I really feel.

Should I throw my curveball get on. I'm just curious on how you do it and I also mentioned to great. One of the questions which is pretty interesting what your gender and there's only two options on their male or female.

That's and so this is public policy polling yes or okay so this is this is a polling company that's actually affiliated with the Democratic Party and that they do. They do legitimate poles, but they also do these kind of crank poles so I'm not quite sure you know who called you so but but the question you have in this is an interesting dilemma. RG are you honest with the pole with the poster or do you do you have a little bit of fun and do some hijinks political hijinks and and Richard, I think I want to open this question up to our audience because I do have a I do have a few thoughts on this. So we will you keep listening Richard and working to see what the audience has to say. Should Richard who is been contacted never to have to imagine your conservative, I lean that way you are a very good so Richard from Georgia who leaned strongly conservative has been reached out to buy a polling company. How should he response her to be honest or should he tell him something else 844-747-8868 so Richard you be listening and working to see if we can help you out with this dilemma here 844-747-8868 what should Richard do this is Rush Limbaugh did this years ago with operation chaos.

You guys remember that and it was very effective. So maybe, just maybe, and Sean Spicer brought this up earlier in our conversation that that you can't really trust the polls because a lot of people who are Republican who are conservative are not being honest and forthcoming with the with with the pollsters.

I will find out right Richard were to find out will help you make that decision.

844-747-8860, it will be right back. Anisa top to first see the mile and the capability to take you anywhere. This time the pole on the Todd Sergio twitter page, find what you can find me on twitter very easy Todd Starnes, the blue checkmark there a Todd Stargell caller that would be Richard from Georgia asked how he should respond to DNC polling firm should he AB honest or be operation chaos and we've already got people waited 75% say operation chaos.

What say you, ladies and Zalman 844-747-8868 let's go to New Orleans. Our good friend Miss Janice Miss Janice by the way I thought about you yesterday and I have to tell you why there's a lovely Cajun restaurant here called the second line and that they actually fly the bread up for the Po boys some to Memphis Tennessee and was a very good Po boy and I thought about you. Are you a status enough of the food talk. What would you do on the pollsters tell him I'm sorry that I cannot take in Cold Stone told to not hang out and that's the end of plain and simple now and play games or anything else to get Kellan. I do not get to take I take a phone call. Thank you and I get to hang the phone. I give a good day, the first time and immediately got mingling with the phone number is think again he noticed them to experience a God on phone that's a good there's another when you can get that's good advice all right. Miss Janice, thank you. Let's go to Eileen Georgia Eileen. What say you are going to tell you that in 20 I wanted only to hold and they asked me in my voting for Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, and when I stand I was voting for Donald Trump a write up on me right that is absolutely 112 tell the truth in his regular talk to them. The should call you back at mention of that a dad I Eileen I know Richard is listening so we were getting good advice giving him wise counsel here so I thanks for the call and the folks I what say you, you can vote on our twitter and look for Todd Starnes you give us a call 844-747-8868 yup it was back in 2008 Wim L Rush blow out suggested that Republicans vote for Hillary in the Democratic primaries to keep her in the race if it had worked out great.

I gotta take a break here folks coming up a little bit later, Liz Harrington president from spokesperson was short Allstate Todd

Check that out. Talk about this during the commercial break on Friday.

Can't trying to prepare so that we can bring the best most important and up-to-date news to our great listeners and you guys over there. I will what's going on Mark in the villages. I saw his name pop up.

Yeah, America's friendliest hometown and he hangs up. What was that all of me didn't have time to go on air today but he said we said throughout the listeners. We should ask him what should you be for Halloween. Maybe somebody from super Mario brothers but we won't do that to you like and he suggested maybe should be a Chick-fil-A sandwich rattling a Chick-fil-A sandwich at the 30s, a Chick-fil-A and I said that that's not a bad idea. He became our baby that's what I think we could do better, though perhaps it had to be a spicy AAA sound like gas I'm to say you're doing Mario what is Kyle doing. I don't think I'll produce on on the audio engineer Kyle I think about it. Will get back to that you you gotta come up with a cost of world dressing up. You got a come on the screen that day on Facebook live, and you've got to have gossip.

I jotted I know what I'm to do you know where I'll get some light Mexican man shoes and that they'll have like some sort of drink for those green sludge beverages you watch I'll think about where you could it be hippie. Is that what you're saying I could be a heck ability of the city.

Scary thing gluten-free. Let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Speaking of gluten-free know he's out do we know if Riley's gluten-free what Riley makes no difference. We don't judge contrite friend.

Our college correspondent from the from the heart. Like Riley is not too late.

I hang up the phone. Riley good to have you with us today and the exciting news I saw that you are posting about to about Kelsey Gabbard I would get your reaction to her big announcement today. I mean I I'm thrilled I Gabbard I I don't agree with her hundred percent that I think really good thing I love you and that the Democratic Party yeah I know a lot of people were waiting on the social media platforms alike. Well, she's a Rino she's not a conservative will. She's not saying she is a conservative she so sick and tired of the Democrat party and she says that you they got it they gotta make some changes here at that mean she's going to stand with the with the Republicans. I say you're welcome aboard Ray, I totally agree. You know I think it's important to make it clear that you don't have to agree with every Republican policy. You don't vote Republican. Yeah, and I'm curious to know because I you been very active in politics for a while. Are you are you among your constituents, your people are are you guys what are the big issues that you guys are talking about, you know, I would say the biggest issue is inflation. I mean that's affecting everything the person in this country every day, I mean II go to the grocery store one week in the next week. The prices are higher and not the problem. Problem in my opinion, and so I think that that is definitely the number one issue and I think you know, of course, being in the Mountain states of you guys are somewhat isolated from the massive crime wave that's been sweeping across the country and of course I think your home state governor Christine Alm is just on amazing job of really standing up to a lot of these radical agendas she had and you not to say that even here in Montana where I'm currently living on that current crime is increasing even on Bozeman. I think people across the country are really starting to feel that is not right, even in Montana. Yeah, I mean since I've moved here, you would not believe the influx of homeless people and you know what that bring the crime wave actually pretty crazy. Where would they be coming from a that's it.

You have to, want to get to Montana starlight to stop across the border us, Ray Ray and the weather is not exactly favorable people in the winter by both that's that's strange, but, but, again, to the point.

Maybe that's why so many people are deciding you know what we've given you people in the Democrat party a chance to get this right. Things are looking terrible down the board of your talk about crime open borders all the CRT indoctrination stuff in the classroom in an Riley have to imagine that even at the collegiate level.

It must be getting to be a bit much. Alright so Riley midterm elections are our people college-age are you guys getting out the vote what he thinks going to happen, you know, I gotta say that I'm Montana that year we had you on how it available for the first time in a very long time and I have very little campaigning. It's fascinating. I don't know I just used to the grassroot campaigning and talk that I don't see it here and I feel like there's this is a big deal here in Montana because I think there's a chance that he could go to the Democrat so so you're telling me that the Republicans need to be doing a better job a boots on the ground there.

I think they'll interesting just because I know in South Dakota. The Republican Party is pretty well organized, a pretty well oiled machine you're part of that for many many years and they are they doing phenomenal job, door-to-door campaigning, grassroot stuff and that's what is going to take surround.

You gotta get motivated you to just take over the parties that you know what guys I got this on the conference, South Dakota. I know I know how to do this. I said all right with you if you need a reference on that resume. Let me know. Well, I will send race up there to to ballots for your credentials well. There are, by the way, being a Montana you like a big Yellowstone fan.

I asked is all I even asked governor know this question, but I need to have you seen the TV show you that because I don't know anyone that would that I know for Montana. That's what I've never really this is fantastic grace. Turn your microphone that we had a situation like that here in Memphis right we had one of those TV shows that came in and they actually none of the actors actually were from the South Bluff city law love city law. They all spoke with zodiac's yeah I wasn't and I didn't want to look at.

See that's the problem Riley I mean if you're going to do something you need to be hiring local folks to at least get people watch right totally that it based on all I've seen all the episodes I kind of hooked on this show. You people need to get back to church over there some freaky stuff going down in Montana.

Just go to cite many will be to disrespect your states. All right Riley decent waiting on the midterms. Riley I keep us updated on what's going on up there and� Hope the Republicans are listening and over to get out there light a fire under them. Yeah, all right.

Riley decent ladies and salamander on the patriot mobile newsmaker line 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number.

That's 844-747-8868 you notice a few moments ago. We were taught with our good buddy Sean Spicer over at Newsmax.

What is Max is doing some pretty incredible stuff is matter fact they got some great books coming out both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump say you need to read Dick Morris's new book is called the return it's already topping bestseller list. I get this former president Trump says it's a great book says you get yourself a copy of the sink.

Mike Huckabee said every American needs to read the return in this book Dick explains white Trump not to see if this has to be the candidate in 2024 even reveals Hillary Clinton's plans to prepare to run against Trump and the return reveals Trump secret plan to win elections are coming up soon folks, 27 days. Find out why everyone is getting the return already in Amazon number one bestseller Dick Morris the return and bookstores everywhere, check this out free offer from Newsmax your to save $28.

All you have to do is call 800 Newsmax that's 800 Newsmax or go to the return to get your copy today said when you look at her most recent NBC poll here and ask. What is the single most important issue that's going to drive your vote in this year's midterm elections. A combined 34% cite either jobs and the economy or installation and you combine those two. That's the biggest single number you're going to get on that question the Republicans had a nearly 30 point advantage over the Democrats. It's 8% in our most recent polls say abortion is the number one issue in their midterm vote, Democrats have a comparable advantage within that 8% over Democrats, but 34 versus eight.

That's economy and inflation.

Do you really believe that, ladies and gentlemen, by the way, that's an MSNBC poll there talking about and the voters across the board. Republicans 30 points 30 points say that Republicans will handle issues like the economy better than the Democrats walk back to the John Stern's radio show were to break this down even further with her friend Liz Harrington coming up the next hour. Liz is the president Trump spokesperson Rossi to be talking about the president's impact I just say I I appreciate the president out there holding these big American first rallies, but I think this midterm election is bigger than Trump.

I think the people are just they're just there just fed up there sick and tired of the violence there tired of not being able to go to the grocery store and buy groceries there tired of not being able to buy gasoline they're having to walk where they need to go ride a bicycle, take the bus. People are sick of it. They were promised a lot of things by Joe Biden and it turned out.

None of it came true. By the way. One thing that Biden did promise he promised an open border and here's an illegal alien, literally thinking president Biden for opening up the border says good morning and I'm just trying to process what I just heard from the vice president. If you see a problem. Well, let me show you a problem. We just had 200+ migrants across here in Eagle Pass area were Maverick County there from all over the world. In fact, I just met a few of these microcircuits. User away from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka hello been traveling for 45 days 45 to educate from Sri Lanka.

Did you come by boat out as you comes go to the jungle.

Yeah, everything bowed jungle move into everything, and our vice president harasses the border is closed but but do you think of the borders open.

Oh you don't think it didn't just miss you sir, are you here.

We want to leave you. We love you, like the US US and you have any message for president Biden we tank him so accepting us for living here. Thank you very much. I don't want to interrupt pink will be the tinkle tinkle club folks are.

Maybe the Republicans just went 60 seats of the you got the Biden administration say we got the border under control. There's nothing to see down here. People admit meanwhile you got the entire nation of Sri Lanka showed up there. You can't make this up, I Grace Baker you're the entertainment group for the times Earth's radio program and we talk about someone named Alyssa. Oh again yeah I guess so. So Liz is back in the headlines. She's big girl back in headlines a big and better than that. Yes, absolutely. That's not a bad thing that we don't when I'm walking Liz was asked about her crossover success.

You know, I guess she's a lot of people of the Caucasian persuasion big Liz oh fans apparently I do like a couple of her songs. Well, you got a problem. You got a big problem on their heads.

Grace Baker according to the New York Post, Liz oh is not making music for all you hockey people. That's what we called art for crackers know it's a cracker. Either way, you can't say cracker if you're not if if you're if you're not white you can use these words.

I just want to go in, but that out okay I following the I'm just following the guidelines that have been set for the forest anyway. Liz oh says that she's not making music for all you white people. The thing is quote when a black artist reaches a certain level of popularity.

It's going to be a predominately white audience is the I would disagree with that. Now I don't believe that going back to the early days of of hip-hop. It was predominantly black and I didn't know that I've never remotely. I've never even thought Liz oh says I'm not making music for white people. I am a black woman I am making music from my black experience for me to heal myself from the experience we call life. Are you allowed to have fun at her concerts reduce have to sit there and watch her healer so well now all the lizards.

Music is rooted in R&B, hip-hop, and even gospel. She scored puppets with the life-affirming anthems such as shoes, as I like are you sure rapper. I believe I don't as I live just reading this are what is hell is that a life-affirming that's one of her song titles and about damn time you really that's the one. Clearly, those are not the gospel saw sound on. But while she may have amassed legions of white fan since her Grammy-winning breakthrough.

And that would be 2019's because you is that the product correct pronunciation.

I think that not a good time is not because I know because I you what's up with the deep, for I don't know just trying to read it like it's I'm trying to do it phonetically here. You gotta work with me there a lot of words graces for and I know I'm not culture I'm not culturally with that I didn't have a wife and didn't even know half the Mario pretty flies were white but anyway I digress.

Liz oh says that she speaking the black women first and foremost, what we need self-love and said hello what about the white women in public concert.

My gosh Tom.

I know he's talking about bubble baths. Yeah, I hope she's not taking no math or doing yoga I be afraid of a full moon, much less the have my I say in we need self-love and self getting together this article we need self-love and self-love anthems more than anybody I I'm just wondering did that Hank call Sweet Lord.

The photograph became attached to the sexiest blue duct tape strapped all over probably does and need some to come off need some more. So I am making music for that girl right there who looks like me who grew up in a city where she was underappreciated and picked on and made to feel unclear. This is very attractive person, not just think of all the makeup. As I know I am not a big makeup. I think she's a very fine looking person got a great smile. She says it blows my mind. When people say I'm not making music from a black perspective.

How could I not do that as a black artist I'm not understanding this, yet I don't get to me. If you're an artist, I don't if you're black or white. I mean that Hank Junior go out there and said I'm going to make music for white guys live in trailer parks and drive pickup trucks. Our core studies were made good music. Yet just share forever, but that spoke so that you cut does should costs into the school have a good time. Listen right so just just as Johnny keep and by the way, why did she care why don't know where if all that money comes from white fans or black fans were Asian American fans, 1 White Way by which he care money is not all man others yellow duct tape. She really is a big fan of the I gotta stop. I just had to close the laptop done this. She said I folks gotta take a break here and by the way, gotta vote on the twitter pole we got this up now at Todd Starnes. That's our twitter handle and rescue boats.

What should we be honest with the pollsters or so because Lowell operation 65%. You say universities to viewing movies to see hello Americans, I am to have you as our three of the go days until the midterm election. The moment that we the people.

The radical biotin agenda great to have you with us for this hour of the show 8447 or 788 68 that it is our toll-free telephone number. Our website is Todd and I will say that about an hour. Our newsletter, our daily newsletter will be coming out. We would love for you to subscribe well over 300,000 people now subscribe to our daily newsletter, and is just a great resource as as you read and prepare to fight for freedom and liberty in this country one of I would say probably not just one of the most powerful organization in America that is standing up for traditional American values standing up for the American family based in Mississippi. The American family Association. They do incredible work every single day and they have been very effective at what they do. The other day I got a press release and I was stunned stunned by the story out of New York, where a judge there a civil court judge citing the Oberg Feld ruling on gay marriage has now open the door for polygamy in New York State. I want to go in out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line, a good friend of this program from the American family Association is the Executive Vice President Ed Battaglia Otto Ed good to have you back with his friend. It's great to be with you.thank you for all that you do and I love your intro Bible Bible token gunslinger will report that was done so on the Bible, clinging, usually we say son of a Baptist, but that makes the methods a little bit nervous so I'm trying not to try to back off of that great to be with you and I we have a lot of ground to cover here and just really I wish I could say I was surprised but I I'm not surprised because you guys before the ruling ever came out you were warning of what would happen if the Supreme Court redefine marriage and the court. We weren't the only one.

Anyone who is paying attention to rip it in the courts towards an embrace of the homosexual argument regarding relationships was warning about this, but we said, I've been writing on this issue for 26 years and the did you know debated the homosexual activists on radio and on television. And every time we issued the warning that legalizing homosexual marriage would lead in a direct line to polygamy. We were called alarmist and fear mongers and the argument was discounted but now here we are. Because the New York civil court judge Karen may back in has made that argument that the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Oberg felt the Hodges ruling in 2015, open the door, not just for the opportunity but she was basically arguing the necessity of legalizing polygamist relationships. Here's here's my concern dad hi, I think the polygamist have a leg to stand on here.

I mean if you're going to come out there.

That was the original argument Oberg Feld they come out and say Wolf who are you to limit marriage and so the Supreme Court change the law will who is the Supreme Court now to limit marriage just to two people yeah and that that was I don't I don't know how they kinda got away with not answering this question.

I'm sure they were at plenty of times, but the media was on board, so you never really get up fair hearing unless you're listening to a program like yours. You don't really get the full story so the argument was on the be part of homosexual activist and sympathizers was that marriage is between two people and it is arbitrary to say it must be a man and a woman they can be two men can be two women argument was always well what limited to people. The only right retort we ever got was well. Traditionally marriages between two people. So we said, well, traditionally it's been between man and the woman that is not that's not really a response and I think they sidestep that knowing that as you said the polygamist have a legal leg to stand on because if you're going to limit marriage if you're going to break the model. If you going to toss it out the garbage. One man one woman, if that's the model for marriage and that's the way it's been in Western civilization. That's certainly the way it is in Christianity and Judaism. If you're going to throw that model out, then there's no stopping point. There's no stopping place.

You cannot limited to one man one woman. One minute or two men or two women, so your point is exactly right Todd, I am afraid that the straight-line, same-sex marriage, the polygamist marriage being legalized is not too far away and I remember back in those days when you guys were sending me alarms and and I remember this all of your radio shows were warning people. Hey you don't want to go down this path because it just it can't, it can't be based just on you male and female or two people it's going to open up a Pandora's box and I remember the LGBT crowd.

They accuse you guys of hyperbole of fear mongering and now here we are. You and you know what strangers we actually got a lot of distance from the Republican Party early on that this talk about in the area of roughly 2003, 2004 where Massachusetts wanted to legalize same-sex marriage and that's when we were and again others other groups as well were sounding the alarm. We tried to get the Republican Party to push for a constitutional amendment and I remember Republicans high-profile Republicans like John McCain but also the administration of George W. Bush was hesitant to push for something like that and we were always told. This is a state issue.

The federal government will never get involved and we were warning the Republican Party that know this will get thrown into the courts, and after some of the previous rulings of the Supreme Court had made like Lawrence B Texas, we felt the Supreme Court would eventually make this a federal issue and what you know a lot of people don't know this but the Republican Party was formed obviously to stop the spread of slavery, but a lot of people don't know it was also formed to stop the spread of polygamy.

If you look at their basically their charter when they were started.

There were concerns about Utah and some of the Mormon influence and the spread of polygamy, the Republican Party had as one of its plank, so to speak. Stop the spread of polygamy and it's sad to say that the hesitancy of some in the Republican Party. Not all summer champions of the natural marriage. But the irony of the sadness, whatever you want to say is that that hesitancy to stop same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment has has actually led to a situation where one of the original founding principles of the Republican Party may actually come to pass, the legalization of polygamy and the timely auto is on our patriot mobile newsmaker line today. Dad of the year.

The reality is that I I don't think the folks in the LGBT crowd are going to be raising too much of a concern because I don't care. I think the whole issue was to destroy biblical marriage and redefine it based on man's terminologies and man's ideas. So what can you do only what is it that what is it that we can do about this. Well I tell you it I were very thankful for the fact that whatever whatever your listeners think about Pres. Donald Trump for the four years he was in office. He kept his promise to appoint three constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, and I don't think that will see the legalization of polygamy via the Supreme Court anytime soon unless the radicals on the left get their way to pack the Supreme Court. I just think we need to keep the feet of politicians to the fire to make sure that judges are appointed to respect the Constitution and the founding principles. And if we can do that we can probably hold hold the line on polygamy but are concerned is that this ideology will now start the spreadable seat.

More decisions coming down like the New York civil court judge while fascinating Ed, we really appreciate the great work you and your team put into this and and all of your information is so well thought out. It is argued, and you've got the court court rulings right in front of you. So we really appreciate the great work you guys do American family Association.

Thanks for all you do.

Todd get a great program and a and a loud and convincing voice going out into the airwaves. We appreciate you and your listeners. I would say was loud and proud, but sorry to say that it is all right Ed, hang in there in the I had to tell you I and I know you guys are big football fans of Mississippi and of course on the Tennessee volunteers to work on having a good a good go of this year you are and that people shot down here.

I do love football. But first and foremost a hockey fan and it's lonely down here Todd you need to come over to the one of the light side, yeah, I got to yet you know they do I think they still have a top hockey team.

Here I am asking the team across the these to have one years ago. That's really good yet handsome dancer predators, yet they do a good job in Memphis used to have a team here years ago back in the day anyway I digress. Ed good hearing from you, but Ed Battaglia Otto from American family Association is going to drive me nuts. Now what was the name of the Memphis hockey team back in the day. I know it'll still come to the Mississippi River King since the rivers, it won't used to be the Memphis River again. Then it changed because too dangerous for downtown, so they moved across the state line. Happy at rounds going south. What can you say she's librarian or sports aren't a final note here Greystone to tell you about something.

This is a crazy story. All I can say is that when day I remember this when they ruled on our marriage.

I thought to myself, oh, because there were no caveats. Note they didn't sit so if it for peopling of the problems are a thing now were three people to get married. Nothing. Who are we to judge now what this point we ended there was a guy and you can Google this.

I'm not making this up.

There was a guy that wanted to get married to his laptop computer and he felt like he had a constitutional right because overfunded. I was serious and he's a moron in a nut job and loony tune, but he really wanted to get married to his laptop computer. I had concerns about possible viruses on the hard drive, but what do I know the other thing here is in grace.

I mean, again, the you don't want to go down this path here, but you're now normalizing what they call it minor attract full maps.

Yes, you could very well have a situation where minors are getting there.

It know to go down that path. But that's what that ruling did. It opened everything will end a lot of people said at the time that this is a slippery slope and people like crazy. This is all he wanted to just gay marriage. Nothing else like he said there were no caveats in there. I mean, there was no way to prevent other things and it's like, who's to say what marriage really is an ethical problem with God for bid somebody wants to get married to a barnyard chicken.

You know it's I'd say there to Cuba, whom I to judge little blue all right thank you Grace Baker. So here's the story working to talk about this. I this is a crazy story, a Los Angeles man just found out that the Texas Pete hot sauce is not made in Texas. It's made in North Carolina and this guy is hotter than a pepper sprout over this grace so the guy has filed a class action lawsuit against Texas Pete hot sauce and he says if you know the hot sauce was made in North Carolina.

He would not have paid three dollars of the hot sauce and some serious business modalities demanding all these damages and he went to his tastebuds and he wants the court to force Texas Pete to change its name. Wow, that is something I don't know that guy must not have much else to do except this so the the original so the guy who came up with Texas Texas Pete X and I'm stunned. I'm just as stunned as everybody because I thought it was a beta text I would've assumed a guy by the name of Sam Garner created Texas Pete on the barbecue joint back in 1929 the sons wanted to call it Mexican Joe that would've flown today when I went in the last that it went and renamed the Texas that would've been the answer Maibach this hot sauce world. So anyway they call it Mexican Joe because Mr. Garner insisted on American so sons nickname was Pete and they came up with Texas. Please tell me he was from Texas so is your life, anyway.

You know if the problem though is there for their singer faking it. So that's the case I'm in. The guys probably will end up suing Taco Bell and Doritos is true, it's not really south of the border you know it's not by the way, everybody knows that real hot sauce comes from Louisiana not Texas got to take a break here 844-747-8860, does this guy have legal standing to sue Texas Pete hot sauce 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sancho back to the SunStar radio program today I tell you about our friends at patriot mobile. We just love these guys. They sponsor our newsmaker line everybody comes in crystal clear will usually I think some of our guests are not using patriot mobile that's why the littlest company but patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They have been with us for a very long time now and they are fighting for freedom there fighting for moms and dads to take back their schools and that's one of the reasons I love using patriot mobile again America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier you can switch to patriot mobile right now use the promo code.

Todd and your to get free activation and a free gift.

If you're a veteran. Are you a first responder there to give you a discount as well. It super simple folks patriot That's patriot and be sure to use the promo code taught in your to get free premier activation grace. Can I go, I want to go back to the side so story. This is bothering me.

By the way, my favorite hot sauce alley a lot of people. They are like really I guess persnickety when it comes to hot sauces short so some people like Tabasco.

I do and others like the I'm a Louisiana hot. So that's a good one to New Iberia, Louisiana, and the aisle of the Tabasco idol� Not a good flavor. See, I love Tabasco on my role, raw oysters on a cracker with some lemon juice can't beat it. That is specifically what I request my go to restaurants well Texas Pete I so again there there suing Texas Peter the guy is claiming that is deceptive, but it's very clear when you go to the page is not like they're trying to hide it.

Yeah so I mean they got the if you click on the about the history of Texas Pete and there you go. It's got the story yeah I don't think he has much of a lawsuit.

There just my opinion know you see I believe the judge got thrown out and hopefully they got a fun judge have bigger fish to fry a little hot sauce maybe in the tartar sauce that's the way to do it time guy heading there was a guy back in Brooklyn at the local diner and used to make hot sauce on the side and he was, like, you know I stand on the street corner selling is hot sauce. It was really good hot sauce. I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868.

I am always looking for good hot guy 70 have always believed in reasonable exceptions. This is a misrepresentation. Let's hear from me, snuffing Congressman Ryan. I absolutely think the 10-year-old girl the case that we've course heard a lot about an incredibly tragic situation. Having but I got a nine-year-old baby girl with whom I cannot imagine what's that what that's like for the girl for her family.for bid something like that would happen. I've said repeatedly on the record that I think that that girl should be able to get an abortion if she and her family so choose to do so, let's talk about that case is why was 18-year-old girl raped in our community rate in our state. In the first place. The thing the media and constant running to talk about this all the time thing they never mentioned is that poor girl was raped by an illegal alien somebody that should never been in this state. In the first place you voted simply times against portable funding so many times for amnesty Tim if you had done your job she would never been raped in the first place or security don't lecture me about opinions I don't actually have welcome back ladies the development of the Todd Stearns radio so that was JD Vance the Republican for the U.S. Senate in Ohio literally tearing Tim Ryan apart limb by limb up there on the debate stage only go to the patriot mobile newsmaker liner good friend the spokesperson for president trump Liz Harrington joins us. Liz hope you're doing well today I'm good how are you after hearing the of the debate last night. I'm feeling mighty good looking.

A lot of the data out their lives. I think were looking at a very very good midterm election well clear why Democrats don't actually want to get the Republican challenger because they cannot come up with any answers any policy and secure destruction of what their party is doing to our country still evident any thoughtless brake master taking on Mark Kelly and Eric Downey thought last night JD and I against him.

Ryan, any day had no answers the Democratic Party because the distraction is terrific at dissecting the American people live. The policies urges taking a toll. Whether it that the gas tank, whether it's at the grocery store. Whether it's at our southern border, which is really I making its way that all these problems. Every single state in the union and you go down the left go down the line. Things are really going bad and it's clear why the Democrats don't like better election fixed throughout the country and of course one of the big ones Katie Hobbs refusing into the bank carry Lake Erie Lake actually showed up at Townhall, and they threw her out all you standing parent of the voters and get the better choice and no clear they're trying to run Joe Biden lay book and it still insulting to the American people and they should be able to get up there had got at the current and by their conviction that kind again democratically Katie are cute terrified gastric hero thinking in Pennsylvania does when debate got Monastery are now in the awning on their hiding from the voter to win your vote on something in the back rooms keep clear it clear that they think that they are still wrong because we're good to come out in full force on election day overwhelmed and were going to get anything America first candidate for president trump it indoors and 98% win rate needs primary to get the great candidate on the ballot election day at this is going to be a huge night not for Republican comment that her great country desperately need a change in course and direction, Liz. What you make of Kelsey Gabbard's announcement earlier this morning while here, he switched parties writer at least left down the crab party.

She left the Democrats in clear for some time that she disagrees with her party and I think that that's a good thing I think is happening all across the country because the Democratic Party today is not what it used to be used to have no average working class American I can hide it Democratic Party for decades and that's what the family said that Dave now clean, totally unrecognizable and really both parties. If the establishment. If the unit party mentality and list for Oracle tracheal United eight open borders at Greeley at weaponization of government against political opponents that eat something that's gone so far down the wrong and I and so unrecognizable of our great country that I think more more people are doing and because president brought them into the Republican Party. We have a new Republican party now that a still more representative of the American people the average American, and I think that's a great thing with people they we cannot have this radical Democratic Party at it just descended into Mark and Liz. We got 27 days until the election, so there still some ground to cover here but it looks as though the polling data. It's it seems to be breaking for the Republicans, which is great news overhearing reports out of.

For example, Rhode Island 02 Democrats Congressman their wanted and the Republican in one of those races is by I believe four or five points over the democrat opponent in Oregon. Your you're looking at. And quite frankly a communist state, but the Republican running for governor is leading in that race. I mean, this is really I suspect is going to be a historic night for America will absolutely and we have to make sure we can very encouraged people are signing up to the poll watcher in the election jacket and they want to make sure that the notice transparent monument screen share each night as well. Todd, I think enjoyment because the American people.

They can't, and what happening, really, can't they see what's happening here.

Let their suffering and out-of-control crime indoctrination old. I just this total radical live where our country not recognize the awning Mark and we can't have that. I think I'll keep that you just mention that would've never been on the map before there on the 2022 not forget trunk put all these areas in play for the first time we would add a free peridot, we would need an income of the state that have never gone Republican for decades, glad to hear, as I believe they would have let anywhere think people come into the fold. Any even more incredible now because look at what they've done in the country can't survive in its time and using the rounding up pro-lifer and using the checklist department at EI Strawn again in the Christian families and their children caress back discussing has no place in the United States of America. People are outraged and partner going to vote as well they should and Liz were to have to leave it there. We appreciate your great insight and appreciate the great work. The president is doing out there mobilizing voters and I think it's paying off at the end is going to pay off on election night absolutely think that much had Liz Harrington everybody president trumps spokesperson. This item just isn't this is hilarious know it's disgusting but it's somewhat funny.

Turns out Sen. Rafael Warnock, the communist baby killing preacher. He's the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. You people are in Georgia made over that is turns out that Sen. Warnock's church actually owns an apartment building, and in this apartment building they house people. It's a nonprofit and they house people that need help of people who are chronically homeless people dealing with mental issues and according to Breitbart during the pandemic. Rafael Warnock's church try to evict tenants during the pandemic. Now these people are homeless they are poor they have nowhere else to go.

So there living in this church apartment and I'm not saying that only pay rent. They got you to pay your rent, but it seems to me if you're a church there should be a little bit of I don't know what's the word grace. You would think so. Now this is fascinating because according to Breitbart pastor Warnock makes $120,000 a year.

But that's not all. He also gets a monthly housing allowance on top of the church salary and on top of his Senate summary this guys loaded so he's make a lot of money and you're telling me that this guy could not give these people some help. So the church is literally kicking these people out where this is go for help.

Now some secular government entity now. I guess that's what they want one gentlemen a black Vietnam War veteran says they treat me like a piece of blank. They're not compassionate at all. Perhaps more ironic is Warnock's rhetoric during the pandemic, in which he warned that families could be evicted. He also slanders political opponents were not going along with federal housing pandemic subsidies so he's talking one way but but back home in Georgia. He's given all these homeless military veterans that heave all your here pal know me I just ask a question and I don't mean this I don't want to stir a stick this late in the program, but I'd I've often wondered you know how we get upset Grace Baker whenever there's an NPR fundraiser at and I get upset because my radio station that I own and we have to pay our bills were funding our competition over it. NPR very fair complaint national poop radio that's what I'm calling them now, I just poop. So anyway, here's my question. So a lot of these mega-churches. Now there like their own cities. Riley can I get a copy shop. They got a potties holiday with some food.

You can sleep in the library fitness centers nomad just this is the question and I'm stirring to stink and I don't know but I'm just curious about something these churches that they don't pay taxes only the individuals pay the taxes so as you pay your tax but the businesses are operated by the church.

Don't pay any taxes.

This is true. So what is that what is that say and what do you say to the person who owns the coffee shop near the church that's having to pay their taxes or the caf� or the diner that's near the church that has to pay their taxes time you're opening up a can of worms. There, the fitness center.

Our know if I can fit it back in and let it out.

I just, I decided I'd I don't mean the stores. I'm just that got me to thinking about all of the sites again. I did the church's mission is to go out and bring people in is but it looks like they're going in there stated that were not made in the coffee shop I'm in trouble Re: AR 844-747-8868 Rafael Warnock the communist baby killing preacher evicting black Vietnam War veterans from the churches apartment building.

All I can say if this had been Donald John Trump.

This would be wall-to-wall national news coverage. This is the Todd Stern show tomorrow on merit, election coverage told Molly a tacos congresswoman from Staten Island. She's going to drop. I also heard from Pastor Robert Jeff allow you Christians you got these woke preacher and I know they look good. They got the hair in the of the stall and they dress you know and the designer clothes and their cool and hip and all that, whatnot, but that kinda garbage spewing from the pulpits of one of our churches this idea that well you know what Christian shouldn't be voting.

That is a that is a lie from the pit of hell right there and if you're in a church with that kind of nonsense is being preached. You need to do one of two things either get the deacons together and give the preacher that heave ho or go find another church because really there's no hope for that for the church.

Anyway, what is already Pastor Jeffers tomorrow on that this would be a fun show up.

Our good buddy Michael don't want to be a pencil on this info by

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That's why also use my promo code Starnes or you can call 1-800-839-8506.

That's 800-839-8506.

By the way, did you see this crazy video it was from the Las Vegas Raiders Devante Adams was. Not having a very good night. They lost the game they were playing the Kansas City Chiefs and the guys storming out of us storming off the field into the locker room and there's this there's poor photographer just standing there doing his job not I mean was out of the way but.Devante Adams what went out of his way to shove the photographer to the ground. Now, apparently, may be facing some sort of criminal charges, the photographer filed a police report alleging he was injured as a result, would your father would you if the police report.

I mean it was a shove, but it wasn't like you know upon something even got broken. There was no bleeding. What I'm saying is do we know if it's a Geyer Gottlieb 2020. It was a girl photographer.

Yeah, the guy gets what he deserves. Don't assume gender time. I'm not an LSO so I'm saying if it's a gal he should face charges of his other guy you got account. You know, man up and you slog in back you go to Cuba has silent my gosh you say an MBA surgery mongering. He sucker punched his own teammate just the other day caught on video, so I'm out with a pliant talk about Neanderthal behavior.

Oh, I don't think were led to say how I got in trouble so they got where Joey Cella pack the Fox 13 whether diabetics he called it he called it, before anybody else that this guy was a Neanderthal and they fired 3/5 that's racist. By the way a lot of people accusing that guy being racist.

You know they got all these concerts were certain words that are racist are being uttered and spewed and wrapped and so on and nobody bats an eyelash drop. This will appoint anyway. Fremont yet he is a Neanderthal.

He is not somebody I would want my team anyway. Look, the guy apologize for ballplayer heat of the moment apologized to me. Can we just why does everything have to don't want he had to call the police.

That's all.

And yeah, I mean back in the day.

I don't back when Terry Bradshaw was playing football I I don't think that would think they were file charges. They were to do something then there but clearly the guy stepped over the line. All right, folks were out of here. Big show tomorrow. Get out registered to vote early voting starting do your part America, we got a country to say

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