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Republicans Better Wake Up

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August 3, 2022 3:12 pm

Republicans Better Wake Up

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 3, 2022 3:12 pm

There is a clear and present danger facing Republicans in the midterm elections. I’ll explain why that is.

Cary Vaughn, Amy Weirich, Eric Bolling, Kelli Ward, and Sen. Bill Hagerty join the conversation!

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Glad to have you with today.

Wow, what a crazy night. What a crazy time in Arizona still do not have an official winter yet in the gubernatorial race.

It absolutely insane Albert and I were to give you some great analysis are good friends, Liz, Pete, Jeffrey Lord are going to be back with us this later on in the program today to provide you with both their analysis of what went down last night in the race, especially that group gubernatorial race between Karen Robeson and Carrie Lake now work. I don't want to get into the heat.

The she said she said over and over. The race there's going to be enough of that moving forward. But one thing I do want to focus on right out of the gate is what the heck is going on with the voters and the deal lecturers in charge of voting in Arizona. It's a complete debacle. Last night we got word from the Arizona Republican Party Marina by the liver to have Dr. Kelly Ward on the show a little bit later. We understand that upwards of 60, 62,000 ballots were mailed to the wrong voters. They literally ran out of balance input all County, Arizona, which is a massive Republican hotbed and they were expecting a big turnout at the election of they didn't have enough ballots. It was a complete debacle and somebody's got a answer for that.

Somebody's got somebody's got to get control of the voting situation there in Arizona. It's an absolute mess. It's a debacle and it was my understanding, and maybe correct me if I'm wrong here, but we all agreed there was there were voter shenanigans or voter issues. Some people will be so bold as to say the elections were stolen. In some places and I'm one of those people, by and large even people who did not support Pres. Trop as much as they should have within the Republican Party acknowledged that there were voter issues.

Why have those issues not been resolved, especially in states that are controlled by Republicans. Now I understand that the person in charge of elections are in Arizona the Secretary of State as a Democrat I get that but the governors.doc to see where is Doug Ducey and all of us. It simply an outrage, but I would have a word for them if if it's okay I would like to have a word with all you Republican candidates out there because it was like watching tennis last night. One side pull ahead the other side said voter fraud, voter fraud, the other side pulls ahead and then the other side says voter fraud, voter fraud, okay we get it.

Just because you lose an election or primary does not necessarily mean it's automatically voter fraud and the problem is when you start screaming voter fraud in everything. The actual legitimate voter fraud gets overlooked. You gotta stop crying wolf all the time. Folks gotta stop doing it, then there's a situation not in Kansas and working to get to that little bit later on.

What a mess that was and that was a debacle that could have been prevented. It was an issue that could have been stopped, but there are some in the pro-life movement. They they are stubborn and they will not listen to the political world they will not listen to the guidance that is given to them now. Tell you what happened right away with the with the Kansas abortion vote. First of all, they did not need to have that vote yesterday. That was a vote that could have and should have been on the November ballot, and I don't think it would've been a problem, but the reason why it was pretty much a standalone vote is because the pro-life movement in Kansas demanded as a matter of fact they threatened Republican lawmakers because you had conservative pro-life Republicans that were going to the pro-life leaders in the activists and saying hey look we know what you want to do here but this is not the time. If you do this now. The left will mobilize around this one issue and they will they will get out the vote and folks, I'm telling you when you look at the numbers that came out of Kansas last night while it was more people voted on that one issue than they did in the Democrat and Republican gubernatorial primaries combined. So in other words, people are motivated. The other side. The left the probate be killing crowd was motivated to get out and vote last night in Kansas and the, the Republicans trying to tell that this was not the time.

This was not the place for that kind of a vote, especially so close to Roe V Wade being overturned and they actually and the Republicans kept pushing back and and folks my sources on the ground tell me that the pro-life movement in Kansas told those Republicans. If if you don't do what we tell you to do were going to oppose you in November so the Republicans back office and okay we tried to warn you, but your to be stubborn in your to be pigheaded and this is what's gonna happen to lose your get your head handed to you. And that's exactly what happened last night. Now the good news here is that the rest of the Democrat party they're looking in the White House, the president issued a statement last night the White House came out and there celebrating what happened in Kansas and they're saying this is going to have to happen. There's going to be an uprising across the nation. I don't think that's gonna happen. I think they are misreading the moment in Kansas as well. Not only that, that was the most poorly worded legislation that I've ever seen. My first reading of the legislation that people are voting on yesterday. It almost lead me to believe that that people voting for it were actually in favor of abortion. That's how weirdly worded. This legislation was so wide I would not read anything and what happening Kansas yesterday will on that on that abortion vote, not at all. Meanwhile, I I want to go to the.

The patriot bubble newsmaker line. Now you know that we here in Memphis Tennessee have a major election coming up tomorrow and the district attorney. We've got George Soros involved in, the mother of all of elections pertaining to the district attorney. Also, another top of the ticket here in Memphis is the county mayor. Well, it's gotten ugly folks and we just got word a few moments ago that overnight the Republican Party headquarters of both of the top candidates were ransacked. I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line ever honored to have with us Carrie Vaughn.

He is chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party, the largest Republican Party in the state of Tennessee. Terry I want you to explain to our listeners what happened last night.

Thank you so much.

What what happened last night is a great affirmation and confirmation of what will happen when you receive money from New York and other states coming into the state of Tennessee coming into Shelby County to support the wrong candidates. This type of lifestyle will become the norm. It will become a daily routine. If we don't go to the polls tomorrow and vote Amy Wyrick, district attorney and Morris Morgan County Mayor. This will be a way of life Memphis Shelby County, that's not what we signed up.

So what happened last night tells what happened at the after people working at headquarters at Amy Wyrick's office also work Morgan at the we have a headquarters also over pretty common area at everybody at work. Make phone calls sent letters and locked. They went in there like groups from Mulroy in those teams when there ransacked the place vandalized Terry Libby jump again this is a national audience of their names are Steve Mulroy is the Democrat who is a Soros style Democrat who wants to be district attorney Sears so so let's go ahead and back up now and give us a blow-by-blow of what happens, what it looks like people of their team came in and took over, ransacked, destroyed some signs and destroyed the building and slipped it in disarray and you know here's my concern thought you not the same time we were over at the headquarters of the Republican Party in the Germantown area. What if it happened we had volunteers last night making calls. We had ladies walking out the car know what if somebody had hit one of the ladies in the header stolen the car. Somebody really had gotten hurt something severe had happened.

Do we want this far County.

We want this for the city of Memphis will be signed up know is Encourage our people tomorrow. You have one last shot to hear your voice. That's tomorrow from 7 to 7 at the Polo.

That's how we move the needle. That's how we make a difference. So the damage you guys call the police and that they have any leads any video footage may be of what might've happened everything to scratch this morning were right in the process of all that they're trying to figure out what's been stolen. What is gone, they are making a report. They are looking at the cameras will be more details become well it's it's hard ball and I think we've certainly seen this so yesterday in Michigan, Lansing, Michigan. They canceled the Republican watch party because they were deluged with death threats and bomb threats, and they had to call the police and it is a very dangerous time to be a Republican in America. Carrie Vaughn well in our people willing to destroy the city to Windy City a minute if an oxymoron. And so we use the phrase many times it doesn't matter who governs the limit.

Let me say comes down to effective leadership. It comes down to safety when you call people across this county. Their number one number one concern is safety for their families.

Amy Wyrick will provide that. All right Carrie this is very disturbing. Have you guys taken any measures to protect your volunteers or staffers. The election tomorrow. There can be a lot of people coming in and out of those offices of the next 48 hours exactly right, or meeting right now, headquarters having those conversations were wrapping up security they were trying to put in safeguards so that not only do we win elections, but it meant about people get hurt not yet know your you're right Carrie. All right, we appreciate you letting us know about this Amy Wyrick is going to be on the program table at get her to weigh in as well. A very disturbing thing Carrie Vaughn you guys be safe out there. Ptolemy decided that we wrap your weight. We don't need we don't need money from other states. We don't need personalities and celebrities about the states coming into Shelby County and trying to help us Ron what is ours.

Let's take back what is ours. Let's make the right boat tomorrow.

All right, Carrie Vaughn, who is chairman of the Shelby County Republican Party in Memphis Tennessee. Carrie, thank you folks, that's very disturbing, especially when you look at what happened in Lansing Michigan yesterday. Now my recommendation.

We have many listeners in the Memphis area. K WAN is our flagship station. I know many of you are law-abiding gun owners and you might consider reaching out to the Republican Party headquarters and offering to volunteer to help guard the Republican campaign offices. There are many Republican campaign offices and quite frankly those of your other cities might consider doing the same thing again. Republicans are conservative, law-abiding, peaceful people, but were not going to allow ourselves to be put in harm's way when I cannot allow people to come in and burn down our campaign offices burglarize her campaign offices and beat up volunteers when I can let that happen.

And so maybe, just maybe, and will open up the phone lines but you do. We need some guidance here are some ideas on how Republicans nationwide can guard and protect themselves and their offices and what is going to be a very dangerous election cycle 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show my fellow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my fellow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners. The parochial bed sheet set is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code order now because when they're gone they're gone. The percale sheets are breathable, have a cool crisp feel these come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply, so be sure to order now.

Call 1-800-839-8506 and use the promo code Starnes or go to my Click on the radio Leicester Square and use the promo code starts. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes or go to and click on the radio listener square Mario the latest were heading from Baldwin County, Arizona, and by the way, Kelly Ward, who will be with us later on, says that there were issues all over the state yesterday with the balloting of the vote. But the big headline is coming from.

Put all County were 63,000 mail-in ballots went to the wrong voters and the locals are say well we want, anticipating a large number of in person ballads that there was a big demand and we weren't ready for that of the RNC is stepping and now their demanding that the local officials step down. But again, how did anything like this happen and were just talking about a state primary here.

I can only imagine what's going to happen in the general election, but you got the Arizona Republicans and the RNC now calling for the locals to be removed from their office.

Charlie, Kurt, meanwhile, is now suggesting that there were of voter shenanigans cut number four plays I had primal rage today when my family called me and said that they had to rerun their ballot for multiple times because of the sharpie bled through the ballot. You can spend what's going on. I do locations year and said sharpies again this is sharpie gate 2.0. Rather, now she situated about they said that they're using thicker paper and it's ironic that that you said that there printing them themselves. She said I don't trust the sharpie sharpie yard sharpie led by valid literally strike.

We utilized themselves cost you serious, yes, yes, because you decided about a lot of attention to them and they actually had obviously so what I find interesting about all of this so all of these allegations were coming out when Carrie Lake was running 20 points behind but now Carrie Lake is ahead. And all of a sudden everybody's gone silent so was there a sharpie gate or was there not a chirpy date I remake folks stop playing game stop doing what the left does. That's what I'm trying to get it all by the way, here's Carrie Lake because she was asked about this.

You know they're saying she's out there hollering voter fraud.

I I haven't heard that from her.

Here's Vaughn Hilliard from NBC news cut number eight is a regularity. There is writing everything I say I am underlining in our elections and crap sandwich that is Jesus alone.

So look at what gets me is Vaughn Hilliard supposed to be a fair and balanced news guy) is the same.

That's what you get. All right, folks, we gotta take a break here again paying very close attention to the results coming out of Arizona still do not have a winner right now. Carrie Lake up by about 12,000 votes, 844-747-8868 you think you have a fair election in the fall.

Ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 this is the there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

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He is a leftist, and we are honored to have with us Amy Wyrick are district attorney in the studio any good to have you with us today. You know that that that voice you just heard the mother of Lorenz and write a basketball player, Memphis grizzlies, a horrible story and you went to bat for this family, because for you. It really is about getting justice for these families. We got about thousands of families every year and it still have heard Miss Mary and had many many times now and it's still hard to hear it now to hear the pain in her voice and have met thousands of families like Ms. Marion, whose lives have been destroyed because of violent crime and that something I'm very proud of and I will never apologize for fighting hard for the victims of crime. I think it's hard for people to understand what's really at stake, not just in the election here in Memphis Tennessee but really all over America. We've seen cities like San Francisco, New York City, with the bail reform laws that have really turned the I guess turn the page and really given the criminals and upperhand right so perform has to mean more than release and a lot of times when you hear particularly my opponent talk. Everything is directed toward what can we do better for the offender.

How can we make sure we get more offenders out of custody faster.

That's not the job of the district attorney deck job the district attorney and the job that I've done for 10 years is to fight for victims of crime. Your opponent has made a point of saying well. You've been you've been sending. Many young people, juveniles to the adult court, and I'm just an ass. This is as straightforward as I can the people, the young people that that have been tried in adult court of those people who have stolen a bicycle or maybe they put chewing gum on the side of the of the sidewalk or something of that nature. Absolutely not. The 40 juveniles that were transferred last year by the juvenile court system. At the request of our office committed murder in the 1st murder and second-degree rape, carjacking, aggravated robbery, criminal attempt murder. These are the majority of them are 17 years old and if we didn't seek transfer at the age of 19.

The jurisdiction of the juvenile court runs out and they would be released from custody with absolutely no supervision, no control, no regulations on their conduct. If we didn't seek that remedy. I wish we didn't have to. I wish we didn't have so many juveniles committing the violent crime that we're seeing in this community, but the answer is not just releasing them and you know I've said I've seen the debates and and I've yet to hear a reporter asked Prof. Mulroy. The question okay out of the 40 people, those for you which ones would you have charged as a juvenile. Which family doesn't get justice right and that's you know something I said over and over again.

I don't think this community because I go everywhere in this community from North Memphis to Westwood to Cordova to Chelsea to smoky city to Southwind. It doesn't matter. Everywhere I go in Shelby County. The citizens want the same thing they want. District attorney is going to fight hard when the violent crime occurs doesn't mean that we don't also do a lot to help rehabilitate and allot to help intervene, but if the violence continues, and in a juvenile or an adult offender continues to victimize, they leave us no choice as prosecutors.

A very recent example you had a 15-year-old who was wearing one of those ankle monitors accused now of killing carjacking and killing blood Methodist minister here in town and there is a raging debate going on right now about whether or not that young man should face charges as an adult right and it's a debate going on in the community and I have great respect for those who have a different opinion than I do and I think it would be a wonderful legacy and memory in honor of Pastor Williams to do all we can to build up and to enhance the resources available for our young people, but right now what I'm faced with this district attorney are two juveniles accused of a very serious and the most serious violent crime that we have and I have a responsibility not simply to that family, but to the entire community that I serve to do the right thing and to make that tough decision to seek transfer. It's been fascinating for me to see so many out-of-state people coming to the defense of your opponent endorsing him. John legend of the musical artist. I almost.

I would love this person would asked Prof. Mulroy what is your favorite John legend song. I suspect he may not be able to answer that question, but but it but to the point.

Your donations are not coming from out of state. Most of his dollars are coming from out of state. Where are your donations coming from my donations and my support comes right here from Shelby County and it's the citizens of Shelby County that I serve, and I'm very proud of that. As I've said many times my favorite donations of those $25 checks that have gotten from a Shelby County resident because that says thank you for the work that you're doing and supports you and this is what I can give you, and it means a lot to me. You know, and that the out-of-state donations should be a red flag for people.

The out-of-state support should be a red flag for people be bias at his platform is identical to the platform of DAs in other parts of the country platforms that have proved to be dangerous. Eliminating cash bail, not transferring violent juvenile offenders not supporting tougher laws for victims of violent crime.

Those three things right there have been tried in San Francisco and many other cities and proven to not work and I think the voters in the public need to be very aware of that when they go to vote tomorrow and I think people were very surprised when a congressman Lee Selden running for governor in New York State was at a campaign event he was attacked by a guy who was preparing to stab him. It was all captured on video. The guy was was arrested and then he was immediately let go without bail because that's what the law of three quarks and that could be come in here then that's even enough proving to be a disaster in New York and are looking to what can we do to walk this backwater this down change it any thing is we have good loss in the state of Tennessee. We have good bail laws that instruct a judge or judicial commission or what to look to in setting bail. We have good now we have very good sentencing laws with truth in sentencing that I fought for for 10 years to get past not because Amy thinks it's a good idea, but because the thousands of victims that I have met in the course of my career have demanded it in our legislature passed it.

Finally, this year mean I might my pundit Lester criticize me because he says these out-of-town organizations are critical of my work.

I really don't care.

It's the citizens of Shelby County that I serve, and it's the citizens of Shelby County that I meet with and listen to and respond to you.

You and I are about the same age and I don't know about you but when people try to throw around the race card. There's something inside of me that just sets me off and it angers me because by and large, I think you know we have a strong community and there are people out there trying to divide us in your opponent has all but accused you of being a racist.

How do you deal with that. Well, I tend to ignore it. It's infuriating because what it says to me, not only accusing me of that. But accusing the hard-working men and women of the District Attorney's Office to go to work every day, fighting for justice.

The police department is not out making arrests based upon anybody, skin color, the police department reacts when a crime occurs, a victim of that crime, or a witness of that crime reports it pass on information what they see what they hear what it they notice they pass that on the law enforcement and law enforcement does their job investigating that case and hopefully making an arrest in bringing a someone to prosecute, but to say that we're doing anything based upon race is nothing more than inflammatory and insightful look, I've seen you out there you're a tough lady and terrific district attorney. They come after you and I remember when I I just moved back home to Memphis. I lived in Brooklyn for 15 years and I someone said I cannot believe this, but there they're going after the district or attorneys home and they actually the activist went after your home and fired fireworks incendiary devices at your home.

I did how you deal with stuff like that. Well, fortunately none of my children were home. Fortunately I was there alone and for my husband was out of town and I'm very thankful for that. The Police Department responded very quickly, and fortunately nobody was hurt and there was no serious property damage. They burned had the was 4 July and I headlined my yard with some flags and I decided to burn all those, but you know again it's if that's how you have to act to try to get a point across.

That's unfortunate because I am incredibly access accessible by phone binding if you want to stop by and visit and talk to me about things that you're concerned about in the community but shown up at some is private home in setting their personal property on fire doesn't seem to be a very productive way of getting anything done in this community. It's unacceptable is what it is election. Early voting numbers not very good for Republicans. There's been some concern, I want you because election day tomorrow and people need to understand what is at stake. What is Memphis Tennessee look like if Steve Mulroy gets elected district attorney, Memphis, Tennessee.

Looks like San Francisco, Memphis, Tennessee. Looks like many other cities that are grappling with and struggling with an increase in crime, not simply because they selected the DA says here's the long list of things I'm not in a day, but the impact that that has on your law enforcement law enforcement is already struggling enough in this community because of coven because of understaffing but you've got to have a district attorney that is willing and able to stand up and fight for the victims of crime and to enforce the law.

It doesn't mean I believe that everybody should go to prison have created more alternatives to incarceration and alternatives to traditional prosecution, then it many many DAs across the country combined but what you have to have is that district attorney understands that the answer to our crime problem is not simply releasing people from prison well. Best of luck to you Amy and again full disclosure, I'm one of your donors and supporters and I'm very proud to say that and we wish you the very best folks.

You gotta get out. You gotta go vote tomorrow thinking, all right, folks, we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 we will open up the phone lines. That's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show will know someone who does not work and no chill.

Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for the late Bernie Barrett was on you talking about how George Soros again targeting the district attorney's.

This is so genius it's evil but it's genius thing that Soros is going after the DAs office to destroys your city. Take a listen. This is a guy that personally I think you should be under investigation by the DOJ to see that underbody structure is intentionally doing everything physically in his power to destroy major cities in this country from New York City, Utah.

He funded the VA in Manhattan is funded. Prosecutors in Minneapolis, Atlanta, St. Louis, and the number is San Francisco LA every one of these cities have the most substantial increases in violent crime shootings of murder in the last 20 to 30 years. Unbelievable folks, listen up, you better get your butt to the polls. If you live in Memphis Tennessee. Get your butt and go and vote tomorrow. You got a you've got a responsibility to the rest of America because we don't want to be farming out when ordering farming out our criminals to your cities. Nobody wants let's go to the volunteer North Carolina Charles W.

As I see our great affiliate Charles what's on your mind. Talk about the election primary revolt left guided and moving forward. But what is going on in there like what state I manage. It blows my mind that in this technological day and age. Is 18 hours that the last folder closed. We know where you still got 18% of the vote out there and are not being counted and in Washington state got almost 60%. I mean it's stuff like this to give the plants the belt in people's minds about the election integrity and make people question the outcome of elections, which I think that I'd like to. I think we need to go back to Spain day voting in person voting with paper ballots just like France nation of 67 million people can do that and have a letter by the end of the night. Why can't we do that, I think that's a pretty smart way to go about it.

Charles I. I really do because you're right. There's no reason why we should not already know the outcomes of these elections and it cast doubts once again on the integrity of the ballot box.

My concern of this goes back to Georgia where you had so many people in those Georgia Senate races who'd just did not go and vote because they said what's the point we can't we cannot put ourselves in that position again in the midterm elections, and Charles, I was taking a look at the at the Democrats going out in voting and I'm pretty concerned about the enthusiasm level there among Democrats.

I mean, they're pretty fired up and that shocking considering that their president has turned this nation into a dumpster fire will yeah I agree what I think will be the winning formula for Republicans this fall.

I firmly believe the 1932, like mom where the Republican Party at the chance to completely exploit politically at the polls.

The Democratic Party is a viable political future. But in order to accomplish that. I think you're going to have to lifted Newt Gingrich to outthink one of most political analyst. Gotta have your contract with America that tells people and felt that exactly what Republicans were to do. But secondly, if you are Republican running for Congress or the Senate. You got to run ad showing a picture of Joe Biden 01 your opponent only other side and attach your opponent to Joe Biden on the economy on crime own energy policy own illegal immigration.

Every excuse that's important to the American people buckled. That's what happened with Reagan in 1980. That's what happened with Reagan in 1984 when people run and they attacked himself to Walter Mondale Jim Leininger Walter Mondale your North Carolina 1984. Going back to 1972 when Nixon was popular, and Republicans against the that's been a winning strategy ever.

I don't have a jump in here because were about to run out of time for this hour. What I think that's a good strategy. We do need a unified message and if you can unify around the. The issue of crime, the economy, gas prices, inflation.

If you can do that. The border, if you can do that you are going to win, but there has to be a unified message and what I am seeing right now is a divided Republican Party that that's what I'm saying and we gotta figure this out. We've gotta get it together and we cannot cannot be afraid of being Republican. All right, we can't do that but gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 Eric Boling from Newsmax coming up galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for universities.

Do you see all well hello America, Stern radio program. So great to have you with us today man. It was a long night. Those selections and mountain time and West Coast time they get worried time I get into all the duties, elections, by the way, we still do not have an official winner just yet carry Lake right now 46.2% of the vote Karen Taylor Robeson, 44.4%. So there you go. Still counting ballots and the election. Yesterday was a debacle were to be talking to Kelly Ward a little bit later on this hour. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of former great colleague Joe Biden at the Fox News corner of the world now at Newsmax host of the balance.

The great Eric Boling. Eric hope you're doing good it's it's been a while you know the last time I saw you this is weird.

I don't know why I remember this but it was at the lobby there of the beautiful Trump International Hotel in DC which was a great a great gathering ground for conservatives back in the day number will show the time of calculi Tuesday and Wednesday in the market.

The whole all you stand you, among like-minded people expect lobby of the lobby backbone will great great great.guess what I'll do it again on finding a little tell you yes yes indeed Eric before we we jump into the primary battle there in Arizona. Some of the races yesterday. I've been reading with great interest. Some of your comments about our former employer, Fox News, and certainly no surprise to this audience because I've been pretty open about it.

Fox News no longer fair and balanced. What watching Fox compositional package. A pack to do something that's pretty good cameraman and make gather all of the content on cam on tape and I don't really talk. I well acted after talking about when you concerned the voters on the street, would you vote with evenly matched, because that's pretty much where the rate you all dollars function as a legal there are some people like to check that group of a similar group of conservative voters in the two minutes you vote for the primary trump put on that screen and the backpack shot will anomaly that that the probability that the Libya was and without someone and they have to sign off on all of the level to make. As you know, moving away? What will been a week or so, the Wall Street Journal and then shocking leave your quote should include trump in 2016 and 2020 that about. It is kind of come and gone January 6 assumption while all the light and ultimately relating to 2016 to 2020 years and then called last Friday about on this is questioning Incarnate, she jumped straight through his little brother Jeff.

Wall Street Journal published topic? 1500 generous allowed me that Murdoch empire Murdoch world box.

All population clocks that I would say I directed him to yeah that's it was pretty clear to me and I was back back at Fox during the election cycles and I saw it myself.

Eric and again a lot of people may not realize that by and large, the overwhelming number of staffers that work there come out of the New York area that tri-state area and in most of them for for better or for worse art, probably to the left of the actual network and that was always in check.

When Roger Ailes was alive when Bill Schein was there and John Moody.

I once those guys were gone.

It be and became a free-for-all and and now I think they've they've lost her footing and that unified. I suspect it's going to be a slow, if not steady move to the left, both of Murdoch Sunday wives had worked with Democrats and they one of them were really really pillory collectively like you want to be fun to watch you lose again why you have been involved in making donations to shopping you going on. Learn what they publish and hosted George Soros, George Sholes was doubling down on his willingness to spend money on little cost to run the country now on the Wall Street Journal and the Wall Street Journal it is that's applying for paper so that's that's an important thing for us to pay attention to Eric Boling from Newsmax and Eric, I have to say that that the great thing is that Chris Ruddy of the great team over there. I've seen so many I was in the New York headquarters a couple weeks back and saw so many former Fox colleague. So it's almost become a refugee center about a very good one because it's exciting to see Newsmax embracing that fair and balanced ideal real news were real people and show people want to do it. We called the balance because Fox and again we separated, and they might beloved son, no one ever called me or call John watch and we should use geographical is naturally that the mainstream media CHH scale, just that there are blindfold to scale up of all the ones I'm balancing out the mainstream media with content side leave so they'll love it. Show talent well it's it's a great show and the whole network.

They're doing terrific work there real quick.

I want to get you to weigh in on the other primaries last night. We still do not have a winner. I carry Lake pulled ahead in the overnight hours and she still holds a slim lead in the gubernatorial race. But Eric, it's a complete mess over there with elections very well last night. It trump endorsing the goals very strong will hold you back, around Biden before the welcome. So box the joke. I thought we got we got there, it is great hearing your voice again and you're doing a great job.

Congratulations on the new gig at Newsmax by a real true patriot. Well, you're trying to say that Eric Boling every body good man there at Newsmax TV and just a good colleague over the Fox News corner of the world. Ladies and gentlemen. A very quick question as we go to break here based on what happened in Arizona, Washington state. Do you have faith in the in the elections. Do you believe that we can have integrity at the ballot box 844-747-8868 Charles earlier said when you look at what's Francis doing that. I don't think a federalized election is the way to go, but some people do 844-747-8868 or toll-free telephone number. Have you guys heard about this of this new app called upside of this is pretty impressive. I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. So if you buy gas or groceries really like to go out to dinner. You really need to get upside and the reason why is with every single purchase you make you actually earn cash back and they've got a great deal for listeners of the Todd surge radio program if you download the free upside app and use my promo code which is my last name Starnes there to give you five dollars or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or so, let's say you make a $10 purchase that a chick like your to get five dollars back on that. It's a pretty pretty awesome deal.

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Starnes and again you can get five dollars or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or more. Again, that is the up side app. You can find it on the app store will be right back America someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full support which allows me to do more things at once.

Much better now. I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Starnes radio show America eight 447-4788.

That's how you get to talk to me let's go to the phone Georgia PJ on the line hi PJ what's going on of no-confidence in the election system at all anymore, just too much, too many people doing doing unscrupulous things and there's no punishment board anymore. Amino just won't do anything when they catch them doing it so there's no fear of doing it PJ if you are in charge. What would you do, how would you make sure that we got a fair election. Well, I think I would I would put laws out there which we have a boat they would be enforced strictly enforced. If someone got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, but if they're not done and for some it just becomes a big joke and there's no fear of doing wrong in this week saying the Democrats they just they're just flawless summing building anything it seems to be PJ that maybe we ought to start treating people who stuffed ballot boxes. People who go and help dead people vote. Maybe we ought to start treating those individuals like insurrectionist and maybe they artist maybe they ought to spend the rest of their life in prison because that's what they're doing there trying to literally steal an election. Yes sir I I'm with you and thank you for all that you're doing on your program to enlighten people of what's actually happening in the world and you have a very moralistic show to, and I appreciate your kind to say that PJ I thank you for listening and tell your friends and family how we want to keep growing our audience here, by the way, the Michigan race. So you had Congressman Meyer never can spell that guy's name spelled like major but it's it's pronounced Meyer and he went down to defeat. He was one of the three Republicans on the ballot yesterday. The other two in Washington state who were who voted to impeach Pres. trump and Meyer went down to defeat everybody's claiming this is a big mag trump victory. I'm not so sure about that. If you remember back in the day they had operation chaos, Rush Limbaugh, this is a brilliant strategy and Russia encouraged Republicans to get out there and vote end of the part wasn't for was that the Democrat primary with Hillary and Bernie, I'm proud I may be botching this but anyway what all you Republicans get out there and vote and a causal chaos. Well, this is operation chaos and reverse where you've got Democrats that are jumping into somebody's races and their actually supporting the bag a candidate in the primary and then they're gonna flip in the general election.

So will see how that plays out. But Meyer went down in defeat yesterday in the state of Michigan.

That's the third Congressional District race ever. Still trying to get returns in from Washington state. They got the same issue that that they've got in and Arizona falls summertime destination and fight your way through the heart of where characters are all like hello Peter, let me smell. Enjoy the south of the border to go right in Paul's letter for your free will, full of bugs and all hold.

Using a world of controversy on social media Cracker Barrel is announcing their they're rolling out a brand-new menu item something called impossible sausage. Have you heard about this sort sausage made with what plants like azalea bushes and ferns and whatnot and Cracker Barrel says we are wanting people to discover new meat frontiers.

I don't know about this. I mean, when people go to Cracker Barrel.

Are they really wanting the vegan biscuits with the the side of soy milk gravy. I don't think so.

I think there what like fried food and and so anyway I people people people are really angry about all of this and they say that if you say that they believe that Cracker Barrel has betrayed their base. I guess you don't have to eat it.

I be nobody's nobody's going to force you to eat the impossible meet.

Can I just tell you I've actually tried this fake meat before and it actually taste like wet cardboard that's been harvested from one of those NT for homeless It's Got a Nasty Aftertaste, Cracker Barrel It Is.

It's Only Going to Try the Sausage 844-747-8868 Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

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Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for Really Fired up over over Grantville Grace Baker. I Don't Understand Why If You Don't Want the Impossible Sausage Just Ordered the Real Sausage I Have a Feeling That'll Be a Seasonal Item on the Well I Meet Your They Started Serving Booze at Cracker Barrel and That Is That Auditors That Set off the Sunday after Church Crowd Is a Little Weird. What Is Our Day Yeah and Is Not Just Beer It, You Know, Booze and Job If You Want a Mixed Drink or Something like That Is a Little Weird Because It's Crack Cracker Barrel I Mean Is a Little Weird.

I Don't Think I've Ever Satan What Pairs Well with the Meatloaf.

Actually I Do You Really Want the Cracker Barrel Waitress Serving Maybe a Blooding Marriott on It Seems Moonshine Be More Appropriate Right I Want to Be Stereotyping on the Team. It's Comfort Food, Not Health Food Know That's Right, No, so It Just Seems to Be There Trying to Be All Things to All People Losing Milkshakes Will Do for You.

They Used That This May Be on the Menu. Now, Maybe Not. I Don't, but I like Their They're Meatloaf but I like a Good Meatloaf Sandwich You All. That's the Best I like Their Chicken and Dumplings Really Good Chicken and Some Have Said Something and I Can Normally Order When I Got to Eat. They Have a Seasonal Used To Be Seasonal, It May Be on the It It May Be on the Menu to Write like around the Year-Round of the Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake I Heard This I Never Hide It so I Was I Was on the Campaign Trail Somewhere Where Was I Somewhere in the Middle of Alabama and I Was I Pulled off As I Was Looking for Lunch, I Pulled off the Cracker Barrel of Working at Fox of the Time. They Never Seen so Many Receipts on My Road Trips. It Was Always Cracker Barrel or Waffle so I'm Pulling over the Cracker Barrel and All I Want to Buy Was Just in the Mood for the a Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake and I Got a Glass of Cold Milk. It Was Great, so I'm Sure It Was the Thing but Away They Call These Things Impossible. It's Impossible Meet Is Possible Because It's Not Even Swallow It. It's Impossible to Swallow.

Never Tried It.

I Don't Really Want. Well I Did It by Accident and and I Actually I Actually Did Good Good Came of My of My Tragedy. So I Went to the Market and I Was Getting Some Link Sausage and I Grab Submittal. I Grabbed It. I Was in a Hurry and off and Then I'm I'm Making the Food and Some Things Did Not Smell Right As I Was Cooking but I Look at the Package and Eyes. It Was His Maple Flavor Not Go Well.

So Anyway I'm I'm Sitting down, I Got That I Was Doing Dinner Breakfast for Dinner. I Love Yeah Right Now Doesn't like Your Breakfast for Dinner. So I'm Sitting down There Got My Scrambled Eggs.

I Had Some Toast and Because It's New York. No Biscuits and and Then There Is the Link Sausage and I Took a Bite of the Link Sausage and It Was a Gag Reflex. I Couldn't Even It Was Just Almost Immediately and I'm like Oh My Gosh This Is like Rancid or Something. I Thought It Was like Bad so I I I Was Getting Ready to Package It up and Send It Back to the Grocer and When I Looked and I Saw It Was Impossible Sausage.

There's Your Answer. You'd Been Tricked so He Thinks Here's How the Good Came of the World. Good Came of My Tragedy. So I Go Back and I I'm Talking to the Manager and He Says All This Is Not Real Meet and I Said Exactly Follow Me. So We Go Right Back to the Meat Section and I Said Here's the Problem You've Got the Real Meet and Then You've Got the Fake Meat and It's All Together Can't Mix the Fake Meat and with the Real Meet Dick Can't Go Back at Her like a Vegan Section. So about a Month or so Later They Actually Created a Vegan Section and They Separated so You Can't Make Sent You Got the Real Meet and Then You Got the Milk and Stuff and Then You Got All the Fake Stuff of the Plant-based Stuff You're Welcome Brooklyn Saving Brooklyn One Grocer Allentown. That's It. 844-747-8868 but Anyway the Folks over the Vegan Role Are Very Excited about All of This Other Saying That They Want to Provide a Personalized Experience with Delicious Breakfast Choices to Satisfy Every Taste Buds, but I'm Not Too Sure I Was on Social Media and People Are Really Riled up over All of This Because Again, Cracker Barrel Is about Fried Chicken and Sweet Tea, Not Necessarily Avocado, Toast and Wheatgrass, but That's Maybe Just Maybe That's Just Me. Anyway, I'm Just Going to Take My Chances with the Real Stuff by the Way, the Best Sausage in All of America. Grace Baker William Sausage Folks.

You Gotta Try It Made Right Here in the Great State of Tennessee. We Know How to Make. We Knew Barbecue and We Do Sausage and We Got a Pretty Good Football Team Go Very Excuse Me, What I Said Go All Us Knelt to Volunteer Attackers. Grace, on Parents Can Get Tense around Here Again.

My Concern Is the Stamp Revolts What Happens. What Happens If They Start Serving Salad at like Waffle House. I Don't Go to Waffle House. I Caught Awful Class or Be like Serving Caviar. Maybe That Would Be the Comparison Nurse or What Awful Sorry How Dare You Grace around Here Are Just Not Polite.

The Food Is Good. It's to Watch to See What's Going to Happen around You Know It's Shakespeare Was an Immersion Experience Day It's Kind of like Going to 1/3 World Country. What except You Get Your Hashbrowns Scattered Covered and Smothered like You Know What I'm Talking about.

It Is A Lot Of Fun.

You Say so I'll Take Your Word on That. When I Go over to the Perkins or Something 844-747-8868 That's Her Delivery Telephone over, That's 844-747-8868 and I Just Had Really Quick. My Hangout Spot in College of All Places We Went to the Perkins Every Night Because They Were Open Laced Her to Take Replay like a Bunch of Old People in This One Table Full of College Kids and We Would Just Eat and Play Board Games till 2 AM the More so Normally I Drive by the Perkins Which Is near My Home. Yeah, after the Show out and Is about 4 O'clock and at 334 Talking after the Place Is Always so One Day I Decide to Pull in and There Was like a Waiting List on like What Is Going on Here. I Can They Said Well As the Early Bird Special so They Have All the It Was I Not, You're Right. Senior Citizens Galore yet Including Late at Night There. Just Always There to Hang out with Girls to Go. I by the Way Folks Speaking of Having Some Summertime Fun. Have You Heard about Life Change to Have a Super Big Summer Sale Buy Three Get One Free Life Changed the It's Amazing. It's Natural. It's Gentle and It Will Make You Feel Healthy. I Drink It Every Day. Three Delicious Flavors Natural Peppermint and Pomegranate Life Changed. He Is Made Right Here in the Good Old US of a It's Super Easy to Brew. All You Have To Do Is Keep a Jug in Your Fridge.

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I Can't. I Can't. I Can Handle Some Priests Appreciate the Call. Gotta Take a Break or 844-747-8860, It Will Be Right Back. Someone Who Works in Note She'll Trust Me, That's Just Me but Then I Found Galaxy Full Support Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Calls My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for RA Votes.

Let's Head Right over to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Honored to Have with Us from the Great State of Arizona, the Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party Dr. Kelly Ward. Dr. Ward Always Good to Have You on the Program Yeah and Yeah Whenever Your Phone after You.

I Am with the Unmaintained Victory in Arizona Playing out on the America First Hat We Are We Are Number One in America First Dating Not Only Our State but the Whole Country, so Give Us the Latest Year We We Know That Masters Want His Race and That Was a Pretty Big Win. Blake Masters 39% There in the Primary. How Are Things Going in the Gubernatorial Primary.

Right Now Carry Away All the Way. I Tell You What It Was a Nailbiter. I Was up until 4 AM Watching the Return Being What Was Going on Couldn't Go to Sleep When Those Early Ballot. The Melee Ballot. The Maricopa County. Yet He Was down by about 10 Point and I Knew That but I Thought with My Solitaire. I Entered on the Ground That Turned around and Slowly but Surely Every Time and You Ballot Came in. He Got about 56% of Everything That Came in and by a Little after 1 AM Arizona Time. I Little Bit after 4 AM I the It Was Clear That He Had Pulled Ahead and by the Time I Went to Sleep by 10,000 Boat We Still Had Some of the Same Day Dropbox Ballot People Who Got Ballot in the Mail but Didn't Feel Comfortable Mailing Them Back and Delivered Them to a Polling Place Yesterday Though They Still Need to Check Those by That Thought Everywhere, Not Just in Arizona but All over the Nation, Including with All Her Fault. It the People Who Drop Ballot Are Going to Be Very, Very Similar to the People Who Voted on a Day and an Carry Will Stay in the Lead and You Will Be Our Nominee to Take on the Terrible Horrific Complicating Yeah and and What a Disaster. She's Been in Her Current Position That the Numbers Last Night, I What 63,000 Ballots Were Sent to the Wrong Folders and Put All County Alone. Yeah It County Third County in Arizona and Remember We Only Had an Error Maricopa Needs to Be Broken out into At Least Four Other County on Pima County Work You Thought It Very Very Blue and Now County a Girl Girl County Third Ticket in That State on Tape in a Disaster. Early Voting Start Date There Ballot Incorrectly.

They Put Municipal Breakers on Ballot along and Put Them on Other Another Ballot Be That Competent. There Is Very Very Low and Then Tomorrow It Yesterday. The Last Straw Is on They Had. They Were Doing Precinct Level Voting and There Would Be Republican, for Example, Where There 500 Republican Registered and That Everything They Only Delivered 25 Republican Ballot Right the People Republican for Showing up without an Were Unable to Because You Are No Ballot That They Were Telling Them Either Too Late to Come Back Several Hours Later and Aligned Letters Were Disenfranchised Yesterday and Now County, That's Wrong. We Have Got to Stop It before the General Election and We We Will Do Anything Including a Lawsuit on Offense, You Make Sure Not Happen in November.

So Is Who Is Who Is Ultimately Responsible for What Happens Is That the Secretary Of State Is That the Governor and the Governor Will Ultimately by Certain Election Than They Think That yet We Get Approval by County Election of Vessel Are the One You Are in Charge of What Happened in Their County. There Are Election Directors That Are Appointed People and Had A Lot Of Problems. They Generally Handled the Early Voting about a Month in Arizona. The Recorder Election Operation and the Recorders Are Our Now Unfortunately Brought There Is a Terrible Name Even Richard Who Claimed the Republican When He Was Running A Lot Of Support from Republican Because He Wanted to Take That Back from Democrat. It Was a Radical Left. It Regret That You Actually Want to Be the Next Secretary Of State and Stephen Richter Has Been a Complete and Total Disaster. He Ate His Appointment. He Is Incompetent and Very Smarmy and You've Done a Terrible Job like I Know That Last Night I Called on Election Director Now County, You Resign, but I Think Even Richard, Really Neat Look. Late at What You Doing As Well Because He Had Not Been on an App That Do the Maricopa County Elections Department and I Circle Back to the Governor's Race As It Now Seems the Numbers We Have and If You Got Updated Numbers. Please Share Those with Us. I Carry like 46.2% of the Vote Karen Taylor Robeson, 44.4%. Is There a Zero Point Where There Is an Automatic Recount in a Primary and If so What Is That Percentage Number Found That I've Heard Recently. Maricopa County Will Be Counting from Those Date Ballot Today and Getting a Report like That in P.M. Automatic Recount Would Not Occur and Let Me or Lower Than 0.2%. Only a Couple Hundred. About the Only One Recently Gone through the Day When He First Ran for Congress, and He Came out Victorious in That Primary Right and I Think It Been a Great Wrap and I Look Forward to Carry the Rod and Run for His Money. Gov. It That It's It's Going to Be Interesting.

Any Idea When We Might Be Able to Get a Formally Declared Winner of the Primary Race.

I'm Open up. I Me Ballot That Were Dropped.They Are Ballot That I Found Number on Them and Didn't Get That Done Chat to Get Your Check. At the County on and Then They Can like There There Confirmed Legal Ballot and Better Able to Be Tabulated. There Are Ballot That May Have Your EQ Is or May Not Be Fine That County Had a Five Day You You Care They Can Call Those Voters and Our Contact Is Really That Will Be a Smaller Portion. I Think the Majority Will Be Able to Calculate That a Couple County Got. I Have 20 Seconds or Kelly. I'm Very Curious about Voter Turnout, Especially among Younger Republicans. Any Idea of How That Went. I Know That like the Primary Turnout Every Minute. Arizona, Which Bodes Well for November 4. I Note That the Polling Shows That Younger Voters Are for the People Who Got Elected Carry Lake Lake Master Holiday and Mark and John in Terms of the Statewide Office and so It You.) Public All Right. Dr. Kelly Ward. I Know It's Been a Long Couple of Days for You. Thanks.

Recovered All the Program and Thanks for the Update.


Are You Folks a Very Habit the Very Latest from Arizona for Five Days Might Be Today so I Will Have To Wait and See.

Will Keep You Posted. I Gotta Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 This Is Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now You Calls My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for Universities to Really See George Hour Three of the No Quick Update Waiting for Election Return Out Of Arizona Real Laser on the Republican Primary Side of Just A Few Thousand Votes Operate Herein.

Robeson and Carry Lake You Just Heard from Dr. Kelly Ward, Chairperson of the GOP in Arizona. She Says Could Take up to Five Days, but It May Possibly They May Possibly Have a Winter Declared Sometime Later Today, so Just Listen to Your Local Radio Station for Those Updates. Another Big Story We Been Following the Possibility of World Ward Pelosi Want to Go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line Good Friend of This Program, the Great Senator from Tennessee Bill Haggerty Sen. Good to Have You with Us.

God Now a Senator before You.

I Went to Congress. You Were the You're the President's Ambassador to Japan President Tromp. I'm Curious to Know Your Take on Pelosi Really Defined the Administration the Biden Administration and Going to Taiwan Well. I Dropped My Comments That I Get Nervous Anytime I Hear Joe Biden, Eric Lozier Going to Be Out Of the Country Making Statements on All of Them to Communicate Constantly.

It's Very Hard to Understand What the Front but to Step Back, I Want to Say This As Well Notion That Nancy Pelosi and the White House Need to Have This Debate in the Media about Whether or Not She Should Go Just Opened up a Window in Aperture, You Will Present She Is Worried about Domestic Politics.

Try to Get Himself Reelected to Another Term. A Couple of Months with Party Congress Meet This Gave Him the Opportunity to Beat His Chest and to Talk to You a Bunch of Activities That You Close You Are to Go to Taiwan Go to Taiwan That Any Kind of National Security Conversations You Wanted Privately with the White House. She Should Just Gone 11 Present Drop Was Present with That Senior Official. We Did That All the CCP and the Member Congress at That Get Permission.

What They Did Is They Open the Window. Your Baited Issue Here Is You Can Decide That He's Going to Be a Tough Guy Getting to Demonstrate That That Opportunities Been Provided Now so You See Happen Is What Japanese They Call Kabuki Theater, but This Is Going to Be A Lot Of Theater up There. I Think There's Been a Big Saber Rattling and Proving Himself to Be Taught, but Is Not Immune Is at Us As Much of the Gaming Accorded the Best, Make Sure He's Perceived As Strong As He Goes into His Reelection.

It Is Unfortunate That This Is the Environment That Were in Right Now I Think Would Be Quite Different If We Had Bank Strength at Every Turn Because Afghanistan Felt That You Seen China Become Much More Provocative Growth Taiwan You Seen This Happen in Other Places around the World As Well at the Corral. I Rightly Concerned about the Ministration Registered No Doubt about That.

And Then Again Be the Images Coming Out Of the Narrative Coming Out Of the White House Is Nobody Is in Charge of Anything. I Me Nancy Pelosi Basically Thumbing Your Nose at the President and and Again of the Threats Coming from China Helping Denver Credit Alicia to Back down on Me. But at That Point.

What Kind of a Message Does That Send to to Our Enemies Where We Are Not Presenting a United Front.

When It Comes to China Every Time You Start.You Are Right We Need to Be Presented a United Strength and Not Only Are Enemies. I'm Worried about It.*I like to Get Greatly Concerned about What Would Be There.

You Have Some Sort of Model Font like That You Will Be Debating in the News Media Are What We Should Do or What You Should Do. We Need to Be Strong. We Need to Be Clear and We Immigrated Anything That You Mention Afghanistan Just Real Quick, Sen., and Again It Is Amazing News and We Celebrate the Fact That We Were Able to like That to Get the Boat the Last of the Al Qaeda Leadership on on Al-Zawahiri.

My Concern Is Accountable Lost in the Coverage Here Is That Al Qaeda Is Clearly Back in Afghanistan and Kabul Right Now Likely God. One of the Architects of 9/11 Finally Being Brought to Justice. The Courts Were Supportive of That. But at the Same Time, This_All Concerned about That Is That the Biden Administration Stuck with It from Afghanistan to Surrender That They Delivered Not Only Created a Vacuum.

There, but It's Allow the Taliban to Come in and They Promised They Would Do It.

Of Course, but You Know Now They're Harboring Okay That's Because of the The Concern That We All Had We Left $80 Billion World Love That Lying on the Ground. We Departed with No Window and What That Error and We Al Qaeda Warming up and Living Boldly outside That's out There Got Guys Out Of the Real Concern. It Underscores the Fact That We Had Been Worried about That Is That As We Exited, We Created a Back That Vacuum Is Bringing More Terrorist and More More Challenges Every Dated Sooner. How Concerned Are You or Should We Be That China Would Try to Make a Play on Taiwan. Do You Think That Is a Real Possibility or Do You Think It's Just a Bunch of Bluster Right Now. Well I Think Right Now You Should Focus on Getting Himself Reelected, but after That after His Reelected. He's Made a Clear Statement That He Wants to See Taiwan Quote Unified with Mainland China and What You Think. I Wanted Not Not Not Want to See What John Is Done with Respect to Hong Kong China. China Violated International, Hong Kong System. The Clampdown on Hong Kong to Shut It down Kicking People's Human Rights Way. Taiwan Seen the Simple Harsher.

The CCP Is toward Hong Kong. The More Resistant Taiwan Come to Any Sort of Joke. I Think You Have a Real Problem. The Question of How to Deal with Easily or Do They Do It Militarily. What We Seen from China Is a Constant Buildup of the Military You Know This.Now If You Do the Numbers We Have. It Really Makes It Incumbent upon the United States to Have the Strongest Military in the World Again to Widen the Gap Would Try to Read but You Continue to Close It. That's the Pasta That We Need to Be Adopting and Breaking Here with Joe Biden's Opera Defense Budget That Not of Inflation Is a Defunding of United States Defense Department Is Not Foster We Need to Be Adopting Right Now Know, You're Right. And Again You Are a Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. So You See All This up Front in Real Time. I Me.

We Are Juggling What Could Be. It's Almost like Were on a Tight Rope across a Mine Field.

When You Look at What's Happening with Russia or Ukraine. Iran, You Got China and Taiwan and You Just You Just Hope and Pray That This Administration like Trigger Point Doesn't Slip up and Stumble Ourselves into a Brain Warrior and I'll Add a Couple More Flashpoints to Get Back at It Again in North Korea Is Readily Saber Again Was Back in Early 2017 or We We Got Things Sorted out with Them Then You Got Situation in South America and Latin America. We Got China, Russia, Cuba, All the Reactive Reasons to Be Concerned Everywhere Right Now and I Think the Biden Created an Environment to Get All Point Back to the Major Turning Point in the Psychology of Her at the Environment That Is Just Made Those Countries That We Just Mention All Bold Aridity Challenges to the Return or Not Demonstrating Strength Is Sooner That the Key to Stopping the Biden Ministration Is the Midterm Elections.

That's the Opportunity. Republicans Have What Are Your Observations on the Republicans Campaigning Nationwide. What Are You Hearing What Are the Odds That Were to Be Able to Retake the House and the Senate Give Your Two-Part Answer.1st, Just Look at All You Look at the Poll the American Public Is Fed up with the Performance of Joe Biden. The Democrats Numbers Are Rocksolid Lows Is Probably Going to Get a Bump Out Of It in Afghanistan but His Numbers Are Low in the Probably Going to Move Low Lower Because Inflation Is the Number One Concern Here Gas Prices. That's All Joe Biden Fault in Which Domestic Energy. The Minute He Came into Office. You Look at the Major Issues the Kitchen Table Issues like Our Border Completely Collapse We Had over Hundred 50 Different Nationalities Capture the Order It or Joe Biden Took off What a National Security Disaster Crime Is up in Every City You've Got You. Basically, a Country That Is Extraordinarily Concerned about the Leadership Right Now.

So When You Call the Battleground States You Can Vote Republican Democrats Overwhelmingly Republicans Have the Now the Question Becomes, When You Start Putting People's Names of Those Boxes We Got to Have Good Candidates. We Got to Properly Support What Got Me Worried the House Of Representatives Will Take, but in the Senate Democrats Ablate the Nominal Amounts of Money Warnock in Georgia, $50 Million Now Cash on Hand. That's Astronomical.

Same for Mark Kelly Arizona States We Can When We Got to Have the Firepower to Push Back the Democrats out Demonstrated an Ability to Raise an Amazing Amount of Money from Activist Donors and We Have Got Dr. Foster to Fight Back. You're Right. You're Absolutely Right, Center Organ Have To Leave It There. Good Stuff and We Appreciate It. Thank You Sen. Bill Haggerty, from the Great State of Tennessee by Sen. by the Wife and He's Not Lying about Those Those Donation Dollars. Forget about the Polling Data and You Can Have Those Arguments about Polls, but What Is Undeniable Is the Amount of Money That These Candidates Are Raising of the Democrats Are Kicking Our Butts Right Now, Folks.

So That's Why We Gotta Get out There and We've Got a Get Engaged. You've Got to Get Your Neighbors Engaged. We Have a Country to Save That's What the Midterm Elections. That's What It's All about Right There That Is Step One Step Two Is Electing Donald Trump Back to the White House That Comes a Little Bit Later. We Gotta Take a Break Your 844-747-8868 That's Our Phone Number Folks Now More Than Ever.

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That's Patriot or Give Him a Call 972 Patriot. That's 972 Patriot and Be Sure to Use My Promo Code Todd Someone Who's Not Working No Chill. Trust Me, That's Just Me but Then I Found Galaxy Full Four Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take You to to List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full 40 Alan Moore's on the Witness Stand.

You Know He Is He's Facing Some Pretty Serious Serious Issues with the Same and for Years Alex Jones Has Said That It Was All a Hoax That It Didn't Happen I Just Say As I Was a Reporter at Fox News of the Time They Set Me up There to Cover That Story. I Was a Reporter, a Journalist and I Can Tell You Flat out That It It Happened. I Never Did Understand the.

The People Who Were Saying That Sandy Hook Never Happened. So Anyway, Alex Jones, Now under Oath on the Witness Stand, Says That He Does Believe That Those Children Were Killed in the School Massacre There at Sandy Hook. What a Mess That Is What a Mess. Welcome Back to the Todd Stern's Radio Program a Couple Headlines from Breitbart News That Should Make You Feel Happy. CNN Reports That Profits Have Plunged below $1 Billion.

They Are Really Suffering over Their Ratings Have Tanked and Now They're Planning Dramatic Cuts across All of Their Media Properties That Would Be the New Parent Company Warner Bros. Discovery. There There in Hot Water. Right Now, Folks, Ratings Have Plummeted.

They the Profitability of the Network Declining to $956 Million This Year. It Is Not Looking Good and What You Expect When You Alienate a Good Chunk of the Nation. You Get What You Get What You Ask for.

So That's the Latest from CNN. This Story Also from Breitbart a Woke Scandal Is Blowing up after Warner Bros. Shelved Batgirl so That's the Latest Big $70 Million DC Comics Movie That Girl Was Supposed to a Future DC's First Trans Gender Character, but Apart. Apparently Nobody Wanted It in the Theaters and Nobody Even Wanted It on Cable, HBO, Bankston Even Wanted Now Now Is Batgirl at She's Transgender. I Thought She Was a Lesbian but It's Hard to Keep. Basically, There Are No More Straight Superhero Characters in the DC Platform except Maybe the Flash. I Don't Know. We Need Art We Need Got All Avery. We Haven't Heard from Hannibal in A While, but Maybe He Can Help Us Work through This.

But What Super Man Is Now Gay or Bisexual, and Then You Got Robin Doing More Knows What with Batman and You Got the Was of the up the Fish Guy Aquaman and He May or May Not Be Stuck Doing Something with Dolphins. I Don't Know and Who Was It There Was Somebody.

I Mean This Is the Whole List of Now, Everybody's Going. Everybody's Identifying Is Something in There Shocked They're Genuinely Shocked That Nobody Wants to Go See Those Movies Anymore. They Seem to Be Genuinely Surprised That Nobody Is Buying Their Comic Books Anymore. May I Just Say That the Sex and Gender Revolutionaries and the Walkaround They Ruin Everything. They Absolutely Positively Ruin Everything and It's Not Right.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, Gotta Appreciate That Guy. He Is the Real Deal Now Calling for Doctors That Are Doing These Gender These Mutilation Surgeries. He Says They Need to Be. They Need to Be Hauled into Court Talk about These Very Young Kids Getting Gender Affirming Care They Don't Tell You What That Is. Is There Actually Giving Very Young Girls Miss Double Vasectomies They Want to Castrate These Young Boys, That's Wrong, and so We Stood up and Said, Both from the Health and Children Well-Being Perspective. You Don't Disfigure 1012 13-year-old Kids Based on Gender Dysphoria.

80% of It Resolved Anyways by the Time They Get Older so Why Would You Be Just These Doctors Need to Get Sued for What Gov. DeSantis and I Can Legally Agree. And Quite Frankly the Moms and Dads Need to Be Visited by the Family and Children Services Department Because You Gotta Lunch Bunch of Nut Job Parents Were out There Back and All the Stuff As Well so Yesterday We Told You about This Crazy Story. There Was an 80-year-old Business Owner. He Also Will Market and Some Some Guy Comes and Tries to Hold Them up Pointed an AR 15 so the Elderly Storeowner Pulls out His Own Gun and Here's What Happened. I Just Makes Me Smile. So Anyway of the Bad Guy. He Had His Arm Blown off and That He Was. He Jumped into the Getaway Car.

They Were Able to Capture the Guy. So Now They're All in Jail of the Other Guys in Critical Condition. The Owner Had a He Had a Heart Attack and He's Doing Okay Now but He's Speaking.

I Really Feel Bad for These People, but This Guy Is a Hero in My Estimation, and a Reminder, Ladies and Gentlemen That You Need to Engage Your Second Amendment Right. You Never Know When Somebody's Going to Try to Rob Your Store or Break into Your House. You Gotta Be Able to Protect Your Family. Are You Gotta Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 That's 844-747-8860 Jeffrey Lord and Liz Being Break down the Primary System They Will Be Right Back America to Positively Think of Private Christian Education and Radio so Here's the Update from Arizona like I Had by a Couple of Points Still Counting Ballots.

Karen Taylor Robeson Is Also Still in the Mixture. Now You Heard Dr. Kelly Ward and I Was I Was Sort of Fascinated to Hear This.

Normally, the Chair of Your Party Stays Out Of the Race. So If You Got to Republicans Duking It out You Stay Out Of the Race, but Clearly That Has Not Happened Here so Dr. Ward Was a Big Supporter and Is a Big Supporter of Terry Lake. Regardless, I Think You're Going to Have a Strong Nominee If It's If It's Not Robeson Juergen Have a Strong Nominee If It's like You Can Have a Strong Nobody. Now Here's Where I Have a Problem.

I Got a Problem Because You Got People out There Saying That Karen Robeson Is a Rhino That She's Not Really a Republican and That's Just a Flat out Lie. You Can like Carry like You Can Support Terry Lake and You Can Say That Kerry Lake Is Is an America First Conservative and That's All Well and Good, but You Can't Turn around and Just Lie about Your Opponent. You Just Can't Do That and Where and When I Can Let That Happen on This Radio Program. I'll Tell You This Karen Taylor Robeson Worked in the Reagan Administration. As a Kid She Worked for the Bushes and I Know That That's Gonna Hit or Miss These Days with the Bushes, but She Also Was a Strong Supporter of Donald Trump on the Question for You. What about Kerry Lake.

Every Time You Try to Bring up the Fact That She Was a Supporter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton People Try to Shoot You down and Try to Accuse You of Smearing Her Name, but You Know What, It's the Truth. Now She Says She Has a Habit. She's Had a Conversion Experience and That She Is Now a Trump Supporter and You Know What I Believe Are. I Believe That She Is, but Then to Turn around and Saying That a Lifelong Republican, Is Is No More. It Is, Is Really Not Welcome in the Party Anymore Me That's Stupid and I Say This Because What Happened in Arizona Is a Very Good Lesson Pay Very Close Attention. You've Got a Divided Party in Arizona. We've Got to Get It Together.

We Gotta Figure out a Way to Patch Things up and There Are There Are Never to You've Got the Liz Cheney's of the World Who Are out There Saying Well If You Don't Reject Donald Trump or to Destroy the Party and Then You've Got Folks on the the America First Side to Say If You Don't Bow down and Pledge Allegiance to Donald Trump Then Were to Blow up the Party and You Know What Happens. Democrats Get Elected. That's What Happens. It's All It Is What It Is, Folks, and I'm Telling You Right Now That Arizona Is a Warning to the Rest of the Nation. Gotta Get It Together and We Gotta Get on the Same Page. The Winning Platform Is the America First Platform. It's That Simple. So If You Don't If Folks Don't Want to Get on That That Caravan Well You're in a Win in the Fall. It's It's It's That Simple Overhears Carry like Last Night, Cut Number Seven There Is to Take Teresa My Opponent and We Won This Race.

All Right, so She Was Claiming Victory Last Night and Again Votes Are Still Being Counted.

Things Could Change. She May Be the Winner.

Here's My Question. If Robeson Is the Winter Will Be America First Crowd Get behind Robeson. I Suspect That Robeson's People Will Get behind Kerry Lake.

If She's the Nominee We Got to Play the Smart People and If We Don't, We're Going to See Big Problems Come the Midterms Big Problems Now Vaughn Hilliard from NBC Was Stalking Kerry Lake Last Night. Here's Here's How That Encounter Went Cut Number Eight. There Is Writing Everything I Say Underlining Our Elections in.

You Know I Feel Bad for Terry Lake. She's Going to Do with All That Nonsense Pretty Disgusting. Let's Go to the Phone Here 844-747-8868 Indiana Robin on the Line I Robin What's on Your Mind Very Angry with You and My Point There Are A Lot Of Good People Back in His First Crime and My Evening Voted for Him Now. First, America First Year Very Tired of the Wind out Here and I Don't Think He Worked for the There You Go. That's a Big Right There so Robin Will Hold on, Hold on I Know What You Have Your Say, but I Want to Jump in Here for a Moment. Karen Robeson Raised Millions of Dollars for Donald Trump Got a Problem with That and like When She Turned against Donald Trump. Robin Okay Where Is She Coming about the Lack Can't Find It Kind of like There Maybe Not Mainstream Media like Put It out There Might Supporter Might I Work for Them. When You Indiana Great Guy Right to Turn Back to Robin Real Well so so He's a Trader. Did You Did You Want Mike Pence Hanged like the People That Galanis Capital Unit 20 Paint Know He's a Very Very Fine Family. But What If You Went along with Better Listening to People like Listening to Last Voted Work for If He Had Done the Right Things. So Who Is More Liberal Rhino.

Would It Be Karen Robeson Who Was Raising Money for Trump or Donald Trump Who Put Mike Pence on His Ticket and A Lot Of Places and People That Work for Including Lack Problem. I Can Put My Cancer Vice President Because Might Find You Just Said He Was a Trader. That's Is All I Can Find Me Trait When He Did Not Current Boat Back to the Electorate That Was That Each Individual Key Authority to Deal It Started to Get What You Being at a Nylon Now That I Can VP Bob Robin I Want to Go Back and I Hear You Say I Go Back to Arizona Because You Said That That Karen Robeson Hasn't Done Anything about Voter Trouble.

She Can't Do Anything except Talk about It Because She's Not in Office, but a Couple Weeks Ago on My Program. I Asked Her about That and She Acknowledged She Said There Was Voter Fraud and That Is an Issue and It Has To Be Addressed. I Heard Her on Your Hell I Don't Know How Much Money Have A Lot Of Money with Her.

Not Going to Establishment Arizona Why Aren't You Addressing Me about How Bad the People of Arizona Are Completing the First Choice How to Get What They Wished for Making the Keenness of McLean Family and I People People and Their People and They Are Not for but Again I Want to Go but I Hear What You're Saying and Robin I Know You Mentioned That She Has A Lot Of Money and You're Right.

She Has A Lot Of Money Very Wealthy, Very Successful. The Reality Is She Also Raised Millions of Dollars for Donald Trump Doubt You Have a Problem with That. Did She Make a Mistake by Raising Money and Campaigning for Donald Trump. Yes, You Voted for. Yes, She Raised Money for for Donald Trump.

Like Kerry Lake Erie and the Right Thing and We Can Give Her Everything and Come out What He Would Do for or Illegal Immigrant. Lake with Her Mouth. That's What We Believe We Have Been One of the Few Conservative Talk Radio Shows That Have Had Both Candidates 122 and We've Had Kerry Lake on This Program. A Number of Times and I Know You the Original Part of the Call Was You're Very Upset about Me in Your You Said I Said Things about Kerry like That Were Not True.

What Did I Say That Was Not True about Care about Kerry Lake What You're Doing Now Your Supporting Camera and You Keep on Bringing out Obama. She Did so You're Telling Me That Kerry Lake Who Not Only Voted for Barack Obama. She Went Door-To-Door Canvassing for Barack Obama You're Saying That She Is More of a Republican Than Karen Robeson Is and I'm Saying That My Argument Robin and My Argument Is I Believe There Both Republicans.

But If You're Coming to Me As a Newborn Republican and You're Saying I Have Just Converted to the Republican Party. I Need to See Some Fruit.

I Need to See Some Evidence That You Really Are a True Conservative and You're Just Not Taking Advantage of the Political Climate Is Going to Do Because We What She Said I Don't Care about Anybody.

What You Going to Do Because Believe That the Electorate in 2020 and Majority Voted Are Including Cleaning Company Will Go in There and the Great Bear Election Widely Waiting for the Three in the Morning Watching in Maricopa Look at That's That's a Great Point. And Again, That's a Different Issue but They've Got a Big Problem with the Electorate down There and No Doubt about That, Robin.

I Don't Look I Hate That You Feel like I'm Bashing Kerry Lake, I'm Not. I'm I Have. I Have Seen This. I'm Sorry. What Sent like You Are Because Every Bring up Anything about Kerry Lake and Every Time You Bring up Thinking about How Rob Think Ali Don't Ever Think Positive about Kerry on My Soap More Than Karen Robson.

What You're Doing and I Don't Know If You Are Aware of That Every Time You Bring Your Ear like All I Kerry Lake Kerry LinkedIn That and Everything, but I Listen to Her Speech Is Talking about Blowing up Talking about Law Rhetoric Blowing up the Things She Staying so When We Get There We Will General Election Were Already a Republican Being There Are yet, but the Republican Party and It Sounds like You Know What Robin I If I Was Going to Bash Kerry Lake. I Would Bash Her but Instead I Prefer to Look at the Record That's and That's What You Have To Do When You're Looking at These Candidates You Got a Look and See. Okay, Here's a Person Who in 2008 Did Not Just Vote for Barack Obama but Registered As a Democrat.

How Does That Person Go from a Registered Democrat Barack Obama Supporter to a Bona Fide Rocksolid Firebreathing Conservative Who Supports Donald Trump That Is a Fascinating Story and One That Is to Be Told. But It Is It Would Be Unfair of Me and You Know What She's Got in and It Is on Her to Do That Because She's Got a A Lot Of Motor Who Were Due by Barack Obama and Many Friends and I Would Democrat so Voted for Barack Obama, His First Time Talking, They Realized It Any Supporting Track Republican.

Considering the Republican but We Can't Have a Populace in This Country. Democrat the Land. Robin Agree to Disagree. I'm I'm Not Bashing Kerry Lake and Pointing out That Part Pointing out Her past Just like You Pointed out Robeson's past Is Just These Are the Facts.

We Got a Run, Thanks for the Call Robin, You Give Us a Call Back. I like the Debate Got a Segment Will Be Back Galaxies.

He Slept for All These New Taxes Might Not like Selfies of Insects Not Capture Hands-Free Tax from Multiple Angles. For Sure Training Sessions for His Followers Simply Wave My Hand to Start Recording Video Clip for Contract and Fit Perfectly in My Pocket Galaxies. He Flip for Georgia, Daniel W Do You at Our Great Affiliate Hey Dana What's up Thank You Sir Robin. I Feel like People Get What Folks around the Candidate, Rather Than What What the Campus around the Candidate They Hike That Goes around. I Never Trust Around the Candidate Too Much Because There's so Many People That Get Involved in Things to Keep Us Start up at Each Other. So What to It at the Wrong People Were Battling against Each Other Were so Worried about Arguing against Each Other and Forget That Both Robin and You and Both Candidate and That in That Election Were All Fighting the Good Fight. Let Me Look.

I Again I Live in Arizona. I Don't Have a Dog but Somebody Tells Me There Rocksolid Bona Fide Conservative There More Conservative Than I Asked for Some Evidence of That. I Believe What What Ronald Reagan Said I Got a Little Apply Good on My Desk in the News Bunker Trust but Verify. And with Kerry Lake.

Again I You Know She's the One Who It's I Didn't Tell Her to Vote for Barack Obama. I Didn't Even Tell Her to Vote for John Kerry, but She Did Gave Money to Both of Those Guys Back in 2017. She She Attacked Donald Trump in 2017, Just Five Years Ago, Blasting Him over His Response to Charlottesville. I Didn't Do That. She Did It, and for All Of A Sudden Now for Somebody to Bring That up and Say Can You Explain the Conversion Experience Here, and That Makes Me a Bad Person. Yeah, I Bet That Doesn't Wash with Me.

Shirley Weight When It's a Great Point to Remind Ourselves That If We Get so Caught up in That Daniel Got a Run, We Ali with Her but I Know We Are Coming from and We like Robin Will Agree to Disagree. That's the Whole Point We Can Have a Conversation on the Radio I Both Have A Lot A Lot Of Stuff Thought of the Day All over Again Tomorrow.

This Is Someone Whose Work and No Chill. Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxies Evil, for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

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