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Trump Thinks We are Moving Towards Civil War?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 23, 2022 3:56 pm

Trump Thinks We are Moving Towards Civil War?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 23, 2022 3:56 pm

President Trump caught fire over the weekend for liking a social media post  referencing civil war. Do you think that’s where the nation is headed?

Matt Towery, Gary Black, and Kandiss Taylor join the conversation.

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New galaxies he flip for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I just set my phone down and put it in flax mode and capture hands-free pics from multiple angles or capture training sessions for his followers.

I simply wave my hand to start recording video.

The last visit he flip floor is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket good debater. Did you don't easy flip for universities. Do you still see no current radio program. We are we are fully welcome every body and we've got a great show for you a lot going on some weird job as monkeypox which now by the way, apparently, of the word monkeypox is homophobic and racist a word it will explain why. I'm not sure they'd come up with another term to describe monkeypox but when they do, we will be certain to assure that information with you to hear all of the program. Also a lot happening in the world of politics. This is a crazy, crazy primary week and of course our paying very close attention to what's happening in the state of Georgia.

As a matter-of-fact order to be talking with Matt Talley who is one of the top political analyst and in all of America, top holster and the mats going to drop by this hour of the program to talk about what's happening here in Georgia Pres., by the way, Stacy Abrams, who is running for four for governor on the Democrat side.

She hates you. People in Georgia. It's the worst country in the nation to live the worst state of Georgia. That's what Stacy Abrams had to say and I certainly hope that whoever gets the win on the GOP side will play that audio every single day.

It's just like Michelle Obama and of the whole debacle over. This is the first time she was ever proud of her country, but I want to start today with this. This item that's blowing up on the social medias president Tromp is very active now on true social and the president over the weekend put out a put out a tweet he really like to tweet regarding Civil War and a lot of people been talking about that, do we do. We have a civil war brewing in this country are we on the verge of a civil war so the president re-shared a post on true social that predicted a Civil War in America of this is for business insider. Tromp reposted a suggestion from Maggart King Thanatos who comment what a great name, but not just Maggart King but ultra magic event house who commented on a screenshot of a tweet from El Salvador's president. Now that tweet said the most powerful country in the world is falling so fast that it makes you rethink what are the real reasons something so big and powerful can't be destroyed so quickly unless the enemy comes from within. Now it's a great point. I me when you I want you to step back for just a moment and and what's yes we we all understand and agree that the President of the United States has the mental capacity of cottage cheese. We have talked about that, through no fault of his own. The man is old and decrepit. We also understand that Coppola Harris is dumber than a block of bricks.

I mean, Lord love her. Bless her heart, but she's got no brain up there, leading many people wonder how the world did she move up the political food chain so fast and there are many theories abounding out there so we get fat. But is it possible for a country to turn this big into a dumpster fire in this short amount of time. Is it possible for that to happen naturally or or has this been intentional and I contend that there may be something and there may be some truth here in this tweet that that there are forces within our own government that are working to topple this great country and I say that because of a brief item that that Joe Biden talked about just a few days ago when he was talking he was talking about the price of gasoline and he talked about how we are in a transition that at the end that is the word a transition. The gas prices upwards of what 67 dollars a gallon in some parts of America on well on its way to $10 a gallon and Biden when he was asked about this he said none of this is part of a transition of the transition is going to be difficult.

So what is that transition is talking about was very clear. He's talking about the transition from gas gas fueled cars to electric cars. That's what that's all about.

And they want to make this as painful as possible for you. The average American citizen. They want you to feel the pain. So this is part of some sort of a of a plan and it may not be Biden's plan. It may be Barack Hussein Obama's plan or Susan Rice's plan or George Soros's plan, but somebody's plan to squeeze the American people. So the question here is, this will will there be a Civil War in America. Now I will say this I will go out on that limb and answer that question.

It really depends on the outcome of the midterm elections now. I think every person on this planet agrees that the Democrats are going down in flames and the midterms and it's going to be apocalyptic for the Democrats if the Republicans let's just say the Republicans don't screw this up. The Republicans embrace America first agenda and the Republicans they they don't abandon Tromp, but they embrace the agenda the Republicans if they do that when in massive landslides.

I mean, you could see that the Democrat party completely decimated.

That's what will happen if the Republicans stick to the game point. But if the Republicans do stick to this game plan and then all of a sudden the Democrats pull out the big win on election day that I think were to have problems in this country because there's no way humanly possible.

There's no way politically possible for the Democrats to maintain control of the House of the seventh. This is not so.

That would tell me that once again the election was stolen and at that point, all bets are off, that you may think this is hyperbole on my part, but I'm telling you if if the Democrats maintain control of the house of the Senate that tells me that the the election was rigged and stolen again and I got a problem with that and I thought I suspect most Americans will have a problem with an end when you look so when you look at things through that lens. It's a it's a very good question and ends one we should be having a conversation about let me give you a great example we still do not know who one the Senate race in the GOP primary in Pennsylvania. They had plenty of time to get all the sorted out. How is it that in the United States of America. You can't figure out who won the election.

How is that humanly possible.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 were to be taken your cause of that. Do you believe, as president, Tromp read shared on true social do you believe that the United States is being destroyed from within, and quite frankly we could be looking at another Civil War.

Todd start start time is our website and folks we got some great stories up from over the weekend and you just as so if you have it. If you haven't been paying that much attention what's been going on over the weekend.

Don't worry, we been all over it and you can follow those stories over at Todd's so here's the deal. Working to take a break when we come back going to the phone lines 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start show welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM radio show today. Let's go to the phone. Jerry Lewis on JW AM are flying to Ari Jerry I what you think about this notion that America could be headed to a Civil War.

I think MacCallum would: I real carefully Civil War now. I think this building. I once saw 2000 mules with all the ballots all the mail and stuff. I think that half the country would want to go ahead with mailing development effort country doesn't and I think ripping the case of the November election. The matter what happens a lot. A lot.

Millions and millions people going to be unhappy when not trusting things, especially if you soon it will be 2000 mules and I think were lucky, it is much as we have a canary in the coal mine tomorrow. The Alaska primary primary is doing well and Lisa Murkowski is running against Kelly Toshiba learning something like that and even the Republicans in Alaska agreed to have all-male and relevant even if you want to vote in person, you can't have to vote by mail.

This is a scam.

Susan and I think were going to find tomorrow Murkowski when Kelly calls about. We may have a chance. November I think that's when it starts very there's no reason, no reason why the American people cannot get up go and stand in line and cast a ballot. They stand in the line and by the way, you got some of these activist groups out there saying well it's racist. It is discriminatory. Jerry these are the same people that will stand on the line for three days to get the newest kind of tennis shoe coming out or some sort of an Apple product if you can stand in line for a tennis shoe or smart phone you can stand in line for what 45 minutes to an hour to go and cast your ballot while you're standing in line for your new phone you got a show.

I do start service yes you do you or your absolutely right about that. So yeah, I'm you and again I don't think this is would be a shooting Civil War, but there clearly you were going to have states and they've already started having these tics discussions and taxes about pulling out of the union and and I would not be surprised, Jerry. If we please continue to see voter fraud on a massive scale, you're going to have more these conversations happening across the country to write more but you know what they're not shooting over at window now. It Almost Looks Innocent Global Ct. in Texas, Italy, the TV time but he's done a great job. You know or do you know whoever gets it. It's still going to be very, very red. Well Jerry the problem and let me tell you what you think. You think Alaska is a big deal. Not so much Georgia in the primary, but that vote on election day. Come November that's going to be massive, massive, and if if Stacy Abrams, who by the way just came out announced that she she hates the state of Georgia.

It's the worst state to live and if she somehow manages to to be you know whoever the nominee is going to be again. I think it's another warning sign. All right, Jerry.

Appreciate the call. Let's go to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mike listing to us on new got radio are great affiliate there all right Mike, what's the user. Thank you. Todd did not know Monday night, but a great topic. I ponder this question years and I also bring the person looking in the mirror we meet.

We need to rally together but here is what concerns me. If there is violence, I would ask you even shoot shoot the cop on the street that could be a family member that young boy to just 20 military men who we going after which you wind you you need noncompliance refused to comply.

I refuse to recognize your authority everyone They understand the nation for noncompliance.

It wasn't a matter of who I vote for Dick Bostock. That's what it's about.

Clay Franklin said, we've given you a republic, if you can keep it. So we have to be involved with to be interactive and by just saying no is almost 11 and enter take it back 100 million people have to show up January 6 two years from now at the state legislatures will be taken back locally. Remember, work 50 country, not one were 50 going after Washington. It's a bureaucracy cannot reach something Patrick Henry just could very quickly go very quickly.

Mike off quickly cut me off okay but let's go prior to the revolution. He said that there is no longer any hope before you preserved in violet light which we are so long contented we must fight, repeat. So we must like appeal to arm think God is all that is left.

March 23, 1775, wrote that because they deny efficient drug addictions redress degree carnations like the federal government.

We have no hope have we gotten here that's the question, have we got there in 2022 and and we will soon find I'm telling you that the election of 2022.

Will the midterms will decide the future of this country and in more ways than one, and end. But this concerns me Mike when you look at what's happening in Pennsylvania right now they still have no idea who the GOP nominee is going to be for the U.S. Senate race well water election where everyone know what back then look at Chicago now because the media coming like this is getting away with it hundred years. Does your absolutely right, Mike got a run. Appreciate the call and we love our great affiliate in Chattanooga. We love all of our new got listeners in Chattanooga, TN 84474 788 68. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now of folks coming up were to be chatting with Matt Talley who is one of the top pollsters across the nation. Specifically looking at the Georgia race and I how things are looming between between O'Brien And David Perdue. Now I know we have a lot of listeners across the state of Georgia has your opinion changed.

Who are you voting for who is your person in that race of Pres. Trump.

The reporting is that Pres. Trump has is no longer supporting Purdue Pres. Trump came out and said no that's not true at all. You still supporting David Perdue in spite of the polling data which suggest temp is going to win in a landslide sorting to get into that with him and will be taking your calls also on the Herschel Walker who is who is running for the U.S. Senate and looks like a shoe and in in that particular race.

Candace Taylor, we told you last week we really get Candace Taylor on the show. She is going to be here. She's catching a lot of fire because some of her campaign bus which says God, guns, or was it Jesus guns babies.

That's her campaign slogan and quite frankly I think it's a it's a brilliant campaign slogan because that's what it's really all about protecting the Second Amendment, restoring our traditional American values. One nation under God and protecting the unborn, and that particular right goes right back to the states. If Roe V Wade is in fact overturned by the way, the Supreme Court putting out some rulings today. Roe V Wade was not one of them. So were still to have to wait for that ruling. Also the coach Kennedy prayer on the football field were still waiting for the court to weigh in on that decision as well. Are we going to take a break your 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show. Well, I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates.

The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children.

Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a Mac the Association of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at Amax are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy team.

So join today that .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this counsel travel cell phones and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America as a causes that conservatives care about $16 a year you could join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I'm a proud member of a Mac and you can be what Amax .us/Starnes and delete or renew today everybody this is Todd Stern's radio show big doings in Georgia tonight Pres. Rob is holding a hello rally tonight for Sen. David Perdue, former VP Mike Pentz is going to hold a rally in Cobb County, Georgia for Gov. Brian Help us figure out what the heck is going on I were to be checking with our good friend Matt Talley and just a matter of moments, but the polling shows that Brian Kemp is above 50% could be facing a runoff will see how that goes. Your check in with our good buddy Joe from Ellijay, who I know is a big David Perdue fan Joe. Welcome to the program, my friends, I think, no just released a new goal that showed the FoxPro showed up with 60% in the Matt Howard folder just came out the drop down to 52% and David were doing the FoxPro was 28% in the new Matt Talarico is 38%. So I think the momentum is really moving big for David Perdue and I predict that baby will get in the real world can't give up, and then he will defeat Stacy Abrams as though I'm I'm really fired up. I'm calling about knowing that some five years old them the vote for David so I think we got the big moat Bobby Eyman listening to what had probably the will win this thing all and urge everybody to go vote whether your manager for 11 Georgia, be sure to cast a vote Joe, that is, that is great advice and I do want to go right now to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and our good friend from insider advantage. We've got our friend Matt Talley with this is one of the top pollsters top political analyst in America.

Matt good to have you back with us. Thank God this is gotta be like Christmas day for you. I mean this is a pretty fun, yet it has been contentious race but you got a lot happening there in Georgia tomorrow. What we did last few weeks between Pennsylvania and the other.

Races with them polling for the Fox affiliate would been pretty busy. Georgia has been very confusing because you getting a lot of polling that shows that the blowout my poll shows that it's not quite a blow out that it's a little closer race. We don't know who's right. Turnout models are little bit different hard to get people to tell you whether or not there boarding and incumbent Gov. are not properly endorsed. So at the very confusing race I was in Florida now and I can everyone I use the back door the legislature which very few people know that I call my friend across the Georgia now to change the time to say welcome to the state of chaos because it seems like our election are nothing but chaos.

Now yeah it's now now in Georgia are Democrats allowed to vote in the Republican primaries are yeah there's no there's no registration by party and so you basically can't vote, whichever primary you choose to being yourself appropriate estate in so how how big of an impact you think that's going to have to mark those I Democrats wanting to what was it Rush Limbaugh called back to the operation chaos yeah exactly get back to my comment about that, you know, I don't think that play a big role will either get the one of two things. The dog were either going to see that in reality the massive amount of money that Brian Run and by the way, he had a very successful legislative session. Five. If I were putting together a package to run on PDA. I would basically done what Brian did waiting to see whether that in the money that yet. Finding versus the Trop endorsement and in the forces that are trying to preserve the mag about an end in the present Georgia see which one actually went out here. I don't expect I do think there is a chance, however, going to run off and I know I'm probably the loan all throughout this thing that but I called the lottery board and I've learned comes to something that Donald Trump Bartlett, you have to go the extra mile to get the voters to tell you exactly what they really do man I was. I was asked by the president to speak at the Georgia rally up in commerce and a couple of things I was surprised by the smaller turnout.

It wasn't a huge, huge crowd and a lot of that maybe had to do with the weather.

It was bad weather.

But what what what really struck me is when Sen. perdue was introduced to the crowd, he was given polite applause, compared to Herschel Walker which you know he got the thunderous applause should we read anything in the you know I don't know honey I don't think they had become the darling of Republican Georgia ever personality to be overly effusive. The like. That having been said, this is really a battle.

It will not battle between Mike Pentz and Donald Trump Pentz organization and I think it had a pretty financial and and a lot of things going on in this race. I think they feel like they can make a statement. The Trump no longer a matter that I don't think that'll be a fair statement back.

It should when because one of the problems he had. Is that perdue didn't put any money into the race at any they were dark on television last week when the last time thought candidate running for a major office campaign didn't run yet. So that was a difficult actuation for the president because the present in court. Now they reported funded. Pack heat pretty a lot. So whether that's a knock at the last minute were going to see that the president clearly more popular than any of the candidate running about 70 to 75% approval rating in Georgia favorability now not president anymore and most of anyone any of the evening to throw out there are not now will save out Herschel interview become a major newspaper today that well you know arch Walker know that will not Herschel Walker is the closest thing we have to human deity in the state of New York, and they don't realize that they need to go to Georgia 101 all over again. Herschel does get nominal response to the crowd and I think you did a good job today is that she will be standing credible degree of attack to get from the Atlanta newspaper Democrat to get nominations and that's a great question and and again I I know from a strategy standpoint, why they didn't want him to debate in the Republican primaries. I hope that doesn't come back to bite him. If in fact there are debates you as we headed to the general. Yeah, you know, I was of the opinion that he should've debated. II at the I was a nominee for Lieut. Gov. back Jan when I had today and I had a date again and incumbent senator went on to become the governor. That's the sort of thing you have to do it the baptism by fire. But you hate to do it with you know two weeks ago but you week before early voting and certainly those those panels are always so hostile to the virtual that's that. I've been very pleased with the progress I've seen Herschel make his ability to stay on top of these issues very bright guy and he really does understand the issues called now whether or not to be able to get that across.

Because he had had that experience remain the same. Meanwhile, you got Stacy Abrams making some headline St. George is the first state to live and what's what's I hope whoever the nominee is will be using that in their campaign advertisement around-the-clock.

Well, you know, I don't really very bright woman. She II was shocked when he said that because it didn't seem like something with that yet she so careful she wasn't what get near Joe.when Biden came to talk, that elections her favorite subject in Georgia so she's usually a pretty skilled politician, there may be some method to our madness but I don't know what the method is right now that I was at that we are mistaken to be a tough race for the Republicans is to be to be a landslide well right now. The quickest way to make her favorite outdoor nomination here. The reason why George's demographic really been shifting towards the Democratic Party for the last five years and I mean at a rapid rate. The second thing you have going is you have an African-American on the gubernatorial side, nominee for Democrat and US you're going to have maximum African-American boat station.

The question will be some of that boat. Be sure to way we certainly think Pres. Biden not get anywhere near the degree of approval that other Democrats get the African-American community. When we call national politics and in Walker K. Here's an interesting test that so everyone believed that this broke the way things going energized and accredited may well think that what the leak was designed, but that having been said, Herschel Walker and his pro-life stance may actually get him both in this particular rate because we find a number of African-American voters are older like pro-life candidate, except usually end up going to the Democrat unless they have a compelling reason Herschel Walker himself is a compelling reason twice going every black church and state the last month so I think Herschel may build a breakthrough. I think it can be very difficult Or could do in Case you haven't 10% of the party will not vote for him now. Hopefully you get nomination can overcome that right now for about 10%. Just will not turn out the vote. Not not vote for him or vote for someone else. I wonder if you if there is some sort of if camp is the guy if there's some sort of a big come to Jesus meeting. All is forgiven and the truck that's out there on the campaign trail for him, or if that's it that trains already left the station while I get out here that I don't run for years. I like Brian. He truly is the first true all Republican Gov. George there and never Democratic switch yet they grew up as Republican. But that said, Brian is also in the Tories we stop and I don't know that Brian will be willing to accept Trump's assistance, even if it's offered.

And I don't know what Trump that the that the big million dollar question. The question is are they gonna have that bridge across the eye with a runner on first, which I know the whole world is off.

I'm not thinking.

After that I get a 25% chance that everyone wakes up and find Outlook got it wrong and the thing is a lot closer than anyone thought. Great stuff to be.

It will be interesting tomorrow as those of folks said to the polls.

Matt, we appreciate your great insight.

All you have to do is fix it. Take care, the great mentality and we have links to romance information on our live show blog over at Todd*.com so there you have it folks Matt Towery suggesting we could be in the works for a runoff between Brian Kemp and David perdue. What's interesting about Georgia is that the Democrats can vote in the Republican primaries. So, will there be enough Democrats that jump in who they vote for.

They going to throw their support behind perdue. They got throw their support behind Brian And the bigger question the broader question is what will happen. Post primary if it's if it is in fact Will trump step in and throw his support behind him so we can beat Stacy Abrams in the general election. A lot of factors at play moving into that big primary tomorrow in the state of Georgia and it will be a bellwether by the way, you've got the truck team now openly attacking openly attacking VP Mike pads Trump spokesperson Taylor Buddha which says that Mike pence is desperate to chase his lost relevance, so clearly pence moving into Georgia is trying to throw his political weight around and trying to make some sort of a path for the 2024 presidential race and if looking at this at face value. Pence is going to be the establishment Republicans got even though pence is not establishment Republican.

He's conservative and he's an evangelical, but it looks as though the the establishment. We is going to embrace pence. Especially if he's able to come off with the victory in Brian camp in Georgia on Tuesday, so we'll see how all this plays out. But clearly, lots of bad blood between the truck campaign and the Penn State art 844-747-8868 that's our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 big news recent study finds. Americans do not trust big media Americans like me that we found a source that we do trust it's Newsmax I watched Newsmax TV. Use the free Newsmax Apple my smart phone, Nielsen says almost 7 million cable viewers watch Newsmax but not Fox News millions really are making the switch to Newsmax so start your mornings with wake up America Rob Finnerty and you can finish the night with Rob Schmidt. He tells you the real news with no spin and all the weekends you got Mike Huckabee diamond and silk.

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I don't know. Folks, it's Monday the this is the actual headline the United Nations scolds homophobic and racist monkey Park's coverage now what they mean by that. Because I'm just I'm I'm stunned. This is the first I'm hearing that people been anti-gay and anti-black because of using the term monkeypox, which is now spreading at a pretty steady clip across the world. By the way you folks in Florida there's a report now monkeypox showing up in Florida. According to Breitbart, the United Nations AIDS agency called the UN AIDS denounced some reporting on the monkeypox virus is racist and homophobic base and according to the reporting so this is why it's homophobic the reporters the journalist are actually saying that most of the cases have been among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men and their saying that that kind of reporting is homophobic. Now it just seems to me, and again it's I don't know I'm just been I been blessed by Almighty God with a healthy dose of common sense, but let's just let's just step back for second if you've got a bunch of white people and the white people come down with the China virus all right and the reporting is that you you that a large number of white heterosexuals. Let's add white hunters are a large number of white heterosexuals have come down with the China virus, would you not want to include that in your reporting so that you could alert be aware. Does that make you somehow hetero phobic doesn't make you anti-white know why I don't think so. Did that just seems like common sense to me. You got monkeypox going on out there and most of the people coming down with it are from a certain demographic of people. That's not condemning that demographic of people just saying hey, heads up, beware and by the way, by the way, the term monkey and that's that's people are going bonkers over this monkeypox was named monkeypox because the original pox was found in a monkey back in the 1950s has nothing to do with anything else.

But you know what dear and critical race theory.

America everything is racist, including, apparently, monkeypox. I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. This is the Todd surge radios. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

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All right, so have you hanging out with today going right on her telephone number. You will need this if you want to call it the program.

This hour for 747-8838 that's 4747 88 Ext eight are coming up a little bit later on were to be chatting with Gary Black, who is, believe it or not the true mad good conservative running in the in the Senate race there in Georgia and had it not been for Herschel Walker jumping in black would've been the would've been the guy. He is a long time conservative politician and George's order to be talking with him and coming up a little bit later Candace Taylor again, this is she's running for Georgia Gov. and that we could very well see a possible run off.

Ms. Taylor is gaining steam and the people seem very attracted to her Pro life message out on the campaign trail that and she's not a career politician. She is in fact an educated and a lot of people are are are pretty excited about that again. Todd's turn' We have some great stories out there and were about to post is crazy if you're this crazy story that happened this morning at Newark Airport in New Jersey where an ex NFL player, a guy by the name of Brendan Langley, was arrested at the guy was charged with simple assault. He beat the holy living daylights out of eight of the gate agent, a ticket agent there in the airport so I anyway the video is insane. But what's really bizarre about the story is that the ticket agent kept coming back for more.

And it was a brutal blood he beat down there at the Newark airport. Look, I think people are just there tired their angry their frustrated two years of shutdowns and lockdowns have really done a number on the psychology of this country and by the way, you better get ready because more are coming. There are reports coming out of New York and Washington that the government may in fact implement more lockdowns if not over the China virus will be locking people down over the monkeypox that is now beginning to spread all over, all over the world and man that's a nasty looking disease right there monkeypox. I will see again. Breitbart of reporting to mind your language because of the United Nations is very upset if you point out that the people getting monkeypox are in fact members of the LGBT community, specifically gay men who are getting coming down with this, some with this horrible affliction and the UN says that it's homophobic to mention that a specific demographic is coming out with monkeypox and it's also racist because of the term monkeypox even though that's what they been calling monkeypox since the 1950s when they found the monkeypox virus and what ladies and gentlemen. Yes, a monkey God forbade any folks you just can't make this stuff up. But this is where we are in America right now.

All right I would get back to the story. There is a deep chasm now forming between Donald Trump and Mike pence. This is from the there reporting on Trump spokesman who is now telling the New York Times that Mike pence is desperate to chase his lost relevance amid rising tensions between the two former allies.

The Times article is about pence laying the groundwork for potential 2024 bit by the way, let me stop there. Who do you support four 2024.

Have you already started thinking ahead. A lot of people who are diehard Trump supporters now say Trump needs to call it a day.

He needs to step down or step aside and let Ron DeSantis have the nomination. I don't think that's going to happen.

I think Trump is going to be the guy and and honestly tomorrow whatever happens tomorrow in Georgia.

I don't think that's on Trump. I don't think this comes back to blowback on Donald Trump to win some you lose some. And that's what's happening in Georgia right now. David Purdue clearly did not have a good strategy going into whatever is going to happen tomorrow, and it may be close. It may be close but but temp has been pouring millions of dollars into advertising there in George so anyway pence Mike pence is certainly laying the groundwork he's relocated all of his efforts to South Carolina and it looks as though he is building the campaign apparatus to run for president in 2024. Again, a Trump spokesperson Taylor Buddha which said the former Indiana governor was sent to lose a governors race in 2016, before he was plucked up in his political career was salvaged. This is true this is absolutely true that Mike pence was in political trouble and a lot of people were surprised when he picked Mike pence but one of the reasons that Trump picked Mike pence is because Mike pence is an evangelical Christian and Donald Trump needed to bolster that side of his political campaign and that's why he picked Mike pence quote now desperate to chase his lost relevance. Pence is parachuting at the races, hoping someone is paying attention. Buddha which said the reality is president Trump is already 82 and three with his endorsements and there's nothing stopping him from saving America in 2022 and beyond. Pence fell out of favor with Trump after the 2020 election which the former president continues to claim was stolen. Pence who had to be ushered to a safe location by Secret Service agents during the January 6 riot at the capital was lambasted by Trump supporters were pushing to certify the election results and saying the former president was wrong to claim the election was stolen there you go.

So who do you support in 2024. The conversations are already being hand 844-747-8868 was go to Memphis, Tennessee. Faith on the line listing to us on our flagship station K WAN faith. What say you like last Friday going to be my thing and I think everything I believe in the power of prayer and anything in prayer.

My family thousand eight Emma Prout Christian black in Bogot and now I do with the Pompidou break into the mic. I don't. I like what he did to Connecticut I think. Give a copy of our plate and I don't think he really popular popular and I think the thing popular candidate met a candidate automatic candidate and it's not just a Democrat and yielding thing in me about been working hand-in-hand one little quietly when they expose the date done but Yuki was work more underhandedly quietly get time, but it gets popular but wanted one defendant had been Trump needed a lot more than a conversation.

The people think about a way everybody but they cry like a baby let you out and about. The bank bank and very grand, and no parking does not have baggage.

Right now he's becoming more popular now, but be put in place employee not now that will fail. I don't know what side of the outline with Ukraine and Russia.

What he make it the termination of any phone not but you don't have to write one kind of character. Another you can vote like Ron and president, but will it in my view.does it doesn't matter how many people you like it handed to be there but I do think that the younger voters, like my Saturday and the people's letter and handling even been to that degree to get on the candidate about Rhonda fence and I think there are primary I'm okay with me. People like that.

When a lady talked about email, letter, and I think is very crack. It will save something here for you? As a as a black conservative in the Memphis area which is a majority minority city. Are you seeing people within within your community's making the switch and and saying hey, wait a second, the, the Democrats are doing anything for us and maybe we do need to be looking at another party in my family all family they end up thinking about not love his personality, but look at it in. But outside of that, the people I know people quietly but with a anything on Facebook anything else because they they wanted. Back. When I got he felt needed. Help me to the Ku Klux Klan to their family know little people happily blacking off the morale, happy a lot of people find about it because the band the cultural implication in their personal circle and it worked out okay. Kristin happened to be conservative, but I want to movement started to tell you all went out again Democrat had me so party is not limited to: David told me that there you really like that. I'm going to have to really a meaningful question or will willingly lick have to do the hard work here, get them back and got to hear what people have inserted my finger poking free.

Get her to go to the high fee that happened to be black. The land have to get another people have to be able to park in Cain's mind, even if it happened and what is changing know why I'm with you faith. I remember years ago I was talking to this back when Romney was the nominee talking to the pastor of the largest one the largest churches in the Chicago area which happen to be Hispanic, and the pastor said you know what you get calls all the time from the Democrats but not a single person from the Romney campaign bothered to call and he said at his point was you know what yet. We probably have a lot of Democrats but we have a lot of Republicans and we've got a lot of people that are that are believers that would love to be able to hear that message from someone like you met Romney, but if the Republicans don't show up, then they're knocking to be able to win hearts and minds right Weak area that we got it wrong.

Democrat done right out of the more reason they know, those are playing now we will have to get in there and stop planning fee and something about this talk time.

Look at the long-term, but I look at the now people think about the right to say that but they don't even think typical old-school blue dog Democrat. They know love.

These are left Up a grandson hypo communism-thousand five everything they shouldn't be looking at him, to compute what might happen. People who are now the big I think partly because not all about my people being distrustful. I think people are people. We have gotten the wound with the long and we are walking and afraid to confront all pages that and I will make them pray for how people writing like that other people are equally happy black people out there if you want people being an equal income. They don't have to jump in here.

It's great stuff. I mean, this is getting a college level education here about.

We are going to have to run for break. God bless you and and she folk she faith raises excellent points here.

People are people and a lot of people in this country I would see an overwhelming majority share our value system, black, white, Hispanic got a take a break your 844-747-8868 Herbert faith had to say agree disagree.

Give us a call 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for now I was really with what they had to say. She brought a lot of table and that's what the show is really all about your fault. There are people on both sides who try to divide us by race by our economic situation and we just don't play that game here on this radio program. We just speak the blunt honest truth and if it offends somebody well so be it. You'll be able to get over. I let's go to Memphis to deceive Tony listing to us on KW AM first time caller hey Tony what's on your mind. I had to call and I I faith that they really got a touch me and it was a smile on my I like a lot of Americans, you know, we begin to lose hope and feel like were so divided more now than ever. You know the left large microphone and the American are valued under attack on time.

I was nice to hear that Americans are Americans, and that we look yet Andre and that started to look a candidate you know not based on skin color not voting in color or race. But on principles and values and that we as Americans need to come together not be divided that refused to be grouped together and I also like the fact that you talked about values and things that make America a great country and so reassuring to mankind again in hopes of time needed to feel hopeless with the what are left media conflict day in and day out, so I want to tell you and curveball. Thanks for trying to remind us all that we live in the greatest country in the world and that we used to eat there diet of garbage that will get this country back on track again, you're very welcome and and again this is why we do this so I think we have one of the most diverse audiences in all of talk radio and a big part of that is because we don't shy away from from talking about the faith issue and that's ultimately what unites us.

That's really what brings us all together and that's what sets sets our nation apart from the others that we are one nation under God. Tony got a run great call Randy in Georgia. Hang tight for to get to you without a couple of lines open here 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. A lot of folks inspired by what faith had to say this is the Todd Stern's radio show will be right for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly good to be don't easy flip for right-hand side we've done Randy and James in Memphis want to respond to what to say.

So you guys hang tight. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker lines of very black joints is running for office in the state of Georgia. Gary, as I mentioned to you earlier in the show is a rocksolid conservative Gary welcome back to the program will will. Yeah let's and let's talk about that Senate race because Gary had it not been for Herschel Walker. I think that you would be the. The undisputed front runner in in that race.

There hundred percent blame but I will have a ground game on the way back ground. We have it on the ground is very strong bill very calm about tomorrow. Very grateful for it all away from hard-working turn out the vote to our staff prayer warriors everywhere and we feel very confident about strong showing box you out there from day one you are praising Pres. Tromp and for the things that he did over the past several years and and yet Tromp went with Herschel Walker.

Of course I have a long-standing friendship going back to the old USFL days.

What is the message what are you doing to try to to convince voters in Georgia that you're the best you're the best pick for that spot on the roller available voters in Georgia.

It's not voters were elected tools are former elected officials from Florida or North Dakota or or Kentucky right your dreams are very passionate about understanding run brought the things that they spend for and and I die one night you said it a while ago a proven conservative present problems. He is a lot of good things with you every so often. All of that is just a matter Georgians are not told her to vote for and know their own been very grateful conservative commercial agriculture land articulate three general elections with a high percentage vote not just rural, rural, suburban, urban about the board of past senators on the ballot past, current and past governors on the ballot very well as a proven person in the primary.I think Georgia Republicans are waking up to tell that tomorrow. Herschel Walker will vote very Republican primary of his life up until 2020 never voted tell you about Herschel Walker. What is a tell you about Herschel here and want to go to go back to Bell Dallas. That's what happened.

So what we have to do. Everybody will fire Rafael Warnock decided to Republicans in Atlanta fire Rafael Warnock all the words of hope were crazy and running are a good night. I would drive your car.

You have to win election in order to win let you have to have somebody proven somebody with the record and also that record urban Texas police.there poised to crush him and soak not a representative of, you know I'm I'm glad the pros also but he didn't even vote for Donald Trope in 2016 your listeners anybody in Georgia yet, but the listener need to understand Herschel patrol never got paid to build TV talk about how important it was but he himself did not even exercise six years old voted twice in his life that the level of commitment. I think people expect much better out of their leaders and I think they'll prove that tomorrow with their turnout gear you soon you set up for the debates. Herschel Walker did not.

Why do you think Walker refused to debate out-of-state handlers thought all that well. All of the vendors have their strong sucking out of his campaign account. They said no you can't afford to go back and every time you get back your microphone with disaster because it is not long ago God online bill or brief interview wanted to go to $1.2 trillion infrastructure package is answer was I don't know. Her first lesson by lightly elbow. ? The real live for God.

1.2. No package this little Congress and nobody will know that the pattern that would leave all throughout this template or some personal tragedy involved in here and and you and I both know there's great redemption available to everyone, I'm Michael Laura gave me forgiveness.

You know the biomes some blood loss. Not that my problem is the tragedy beyond the personal that we nominate someone who will never leave and then the tragedy is Georgia loses this control, you and I think that it hinges upon what Georgians so you have to nominate somebody that can actually win.

Walker will never win, but I am fully prepared one day one. Second one but good things forward for Georgia very best of luck to you after your Great American and no doubt about it.

You've been a strong supporter of the president. The president was a supporter of yours and you've got a great track record there and it the one thing that seriously troubled me.

For all of this. Gary is affected Herschel Walker refused to get up on the debate stage and and I think you've laid out some some pretty valid concerns that the voters need to consider going to the polling place because it's good to be ugly. They're going to come after Herschel there to raise every single issue in your very kind and generous about some of those difficult things that have happened in Herschel's life, but those are to be front and center in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Every TV station in the in the state of Georgia. I will I will tragedy about it felt complete truth about what happened and and I get no discussion will show up.

Now what you think it ever going to show up this job. If you can't tell the truth now there's no there's a pattern there, that's not telling the truth in the future. So it's a matter of folks have to consider it all away from your talk and write domestic violence can't tell the truth about your background or your road.

All the Democrats already purchased $24 million program to start September 1, but who knows what's going to happen. Start using first virtual anomaly and I don't want to talk about me. I had a huge economic development announcement got a new Hyundai plan Georgia to look. I just got my wife and will owe for some we know you will go for you so I'm about trying to earn those vote grateful that God bless you what you do and trust. I'll never get the very best of luck to you out there in the campaign trail and will see how things go tomorrow so we will folks were going to Gary stuff on our has a website on our website on Jerry, thanks again and good luck like a dog all right again folks I'm Herschel Walker. Great guy Gary Black great guy, but that this goes back to a fundamental issue for me if you're to be running for the Senate. You need to debate your opponents. I don't care how far ahead you are the polls, that's that that's the right thing to do. And you gotta get all the baggage out during those debates.

Otherwise, the Democrats are going to hammer you with it. And as Gary Black said you know there's there's a lot of questions that are outstanding but you know what like Matt Towery said the name Herschel Walker. It second to God in the state of Georgia art look I want real quick here. I want to go to the go to the phones Randy and George W GUN wanted to weigh in on this conversation we had with the faith. A few moments ago. All right, when Randy what's on your mind. Spoke out barbecue last year engageable great a book signing event and delicious barbecue. By the way that it was well I think that's the best phone call you ever had calling to your show. I was so taken by all the things that she said and I've said for a long time. Probably the most discriminated against group of people were conservative Blacks and it's great to hear what she had to say and she has an inside into the black community, but probably not a lot of people have and it was encouraging for me to hear that we have black friends that we go to church with, and we associate with an and I think we're going to be able to add some questions that my wife and I've had and maybe finally get some answers about some things that we wondered about and not be afraid of being called a racist and so I just I just so, and I hope you will have a B a cohost, with Joe from LJ for that. This to my but I was so impressed she had. She had such good inside and I think they don't want us to know that there are people like her out there to support conservative and in faith-based youth like we do, we could never ever thought about for somebody for abortion and really neither could I that for me that's the deal breaker with Dr. eyes, for example. That was the dealbreaker. But to your point here in the Memphis area majority minority city and I'm telling you that the black community here is just as conservative as the white community is especially on the culture war issues, but the problem is there really hasn't been at an outlet to to get that viewpoint out, which is one of the reasons I bought KW AM is an opportunity for for people of all races, of all backgrounds to phone in let their voices be heard and to know there really is another side to the story that the mainstream media in Memphis and really all across America. They don't want people to know about so you know we we do what we can say really I got it I got a skedaddle here. Thanks for the call.

Let's go to real quick. James in Memphis, Tennessee, K.

W. AM. Welcome to the program. James what's on your mind at back to you pay but note that on the back but I appreciate that, Black Mike that my vote would prompt white and there was no give a good reason why because he was a veteran not even money to you, he wasn't well protected. Now you got that guy was not got enough money to protect their birthday ED when he came me out at the pay but is protected I really really appreciated that. And I never did get on the side of the boat back on the air war for whatever reason they think will, but I really didn't have another she brought up Margaret Frank. I never understood it before you go to Vietnam went back whether they get an abortion and that whatever reason they get it for them to go hand up but is late at night. Thank you ever did it for most of the pain they just haven't read his lady love them with the root of our love and you and when I want to bring my good thing up in an in a negative way like you did. I really appreciated coming from his candidacy. So I just want to say about a way I'm good but not not debating them. I agree which you can you get debating what you got. It has to come out so that the what's gonna happen with dad and I know no matter what camp we are losing down top with billowing downward. 83. When we love you UK didn't add it is the thing that I read about long ago you wrote, and he would've thought that can't be allowed people to get not for America is by getting the government act out of big rock with the Vietnam veteran not know that the intelligence community lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and the other lap, yelling out anything you can blow up at ship and blame it on somebody and have a war that I was being in three of Matt. Dad so I don't give no credence to know intelligence community Ricoh data big lie.

Great day.

Admit I'm listening for you and maybe you need to get involved politically. Great airbag members into emotional taken back to get the right but not the black pilot to even white by the design of a great day, and same so your show James Anthony I think you guys have inspired an entire nation with your comments and your insight into what we need to be doing in this country. James God bless you. Thanks roast the K-1 in Memphis Tennessee and folks what I tell you this is this is why talk radio is so important because we need that we need to have these conversations on the radio and were able to do that together we gotta take a break here. This is the Todd Stern's radio show my mom line and she's having trouble walking care of herself and remembering things are expectations. My mom feels I'm her daughter and I should be able to do for her. Sometimes the help they need is more than we can do alone. Care makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know how to help. I love my mom's now the best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or dad and radio show today I want to shout out. Remember the saying back in the database is the place with a helpful hardware folks will it's also the place for you to find some great American patriot. So Ace Hardware is announcing that they plan to honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day and mean what they're about to do is just so awesome there to be giving away 1 million American flags on Saturday 80s also plans to donate American flags to every VFW post in America and what they want to do is they want to give those flags to the VFW so you can decorate the graves of your hometown heroes.

I think this is a wonderful thing. One of the interesting things about Ace Hardware is how they got their name on this is a fascinating bit of trivia but it turns out that the company is actually named after the. The fighters in World War I known as the flying aces so that's a pretty that's a pretty awesome thing so Ace Hardware has a long-standing history of supporting our military and our service members and their God bless and I actually shop at the Germantown Ace Hardware which is a great great place and you I just look given the choice, it's nice to be able to support a hardware store that actually supports America, get out there get your American flag set Ace Hardware and by the way there free of charge so you know what you need to do.

Get yourself some hammers pictures also nail some power tools and the support Ace Hardware hey stick around folks and our three this is the time surgery is universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative coming from 344-747-8868 844-747-8860 call in all this power of the program so president by his keys, and a bit of turmoil so he he actually did the right thing and then the administration walked it back, but Pres. Biden was asked overseas.

If we were going to protect Taiwan.

If China decided to invade. Let's take a listen, didn't want to get involved in the Ukraine conflict militarily, for obvious reasons. Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that. Yes you are is a commitment we made well now. Now the administration is walking back what the president said. Keep in mind, the main concern that a lot of people in this country have had is where we will draw that line you got Mitt Romney right now advocating for nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine, United States is in a proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine at this moment and the question has been raised multiple times what happens if China makes a move on Taiwan. Do we. At that point in vain do we go in do we do we defend the the Taiwanese against the invading China China Chinese want to go to the phones your mark in the villages wants to weigh in on this topic marketed to have you with us what's going on. We've had some great callers so Mark you've got there is a high bar here, sir. So you can't let us down by Obama: Obama ministry running this country and why Obama couldn't eat any. They couldn't even help that in and or our American that they left in that country stranded Ukraine Ukrainian. Now they're going to defend Taiwan if trying to compile. That's a joke. You. You watch the US gets involved, then rushes back into the picture. In your back to what happened to Ukraine ministration Prozac moment what they are and not by breaking to choose who they want to help align their excretion about ministration based on voter who know nothing about how when they get people in the office.

They did nothing but taxpayers money administration big joke there and help people. You can even help the people that we got stranded over the American veteran Afghanistan. What could happen is Russians go to get involved and then there going to backpedal what they're saying how weekday I know one thing Obama knows what he saying while cursing us into that point. I mean, we are having to rely on European allies to provide United States with baby formula. That's how appalling things have gotten in this country.

We can't even take care of our own were asking Europeans to step in, so that American babies don't go hungry. We should be my truck with the topics we kind of situation we had things in place. He got it taken care of. Now you got the duration just destroying this country create socialistic country and my girlfriend Columbia anything you guys can do anything. There's only so much we can do it all starts with the boating box just like, "well, it all starts in the boating box destroying this country has to be And you're exactly spot on your exactly spot on Mark, good call.

As always, and got to watch it here folks, a Biden's Biden's debacles on the foreign stage and thanks for the call Mark a Biden's policies on the foreign stage art are literally shoving us down a very dangerous path. Then you've got Mitt Romney writing in the New York Times advocating for nuclear war. Romney says that NATO could engage in Ukraine, potentially obliterating Russia's military Utah senator again. I'm reading here from the New York Times, the Utah senator also suggested that the West confront China and other right Russian allied nations with an ultimatum. You are either with us or you are with Russia. You cannot be with both quote Russia's use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be re-beer redefining reorienting geopolitical event. Romney set any nation that chose to retain ties with Russia after such an outrage would itself become a global pariah. Romney warned that a cornered and delusional potent could use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine. Citing warnings from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, as well as CIA director William Burns Burns warned in April that Putin's desperation could result in the use of tactical nuclear weapons or low yield nuclear weapons. So what we do at that point I need to reengage with me. Russia's not stupid. They know they know that the United States is actually fighting this war, not the Ukrainians. Meanwhile, you got Vladimir Zelinski was going off. He was at the was of the cons film Festival. The countries the countries been invaded and and he's he's at a film festival this whole thing never really made much sense to me. It really it really doesn't and the level of corruption in Ukraine going back to the Obama years and Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden.

The whole thing stinks to high heavens, but it concerns me that you have establishment Republicans suggesting that yes nuclear war is in fact inevitable in the region. Do you really think the Russians are to stop their what's the over under that we could have nuclear bombs falling in this country. I mean, at that point everything is off the table. Everything they're playing a very dangerous game here, ladies and gentlemen a very dangerous game and that is why the Republicans have to step in. Matter fact, the majority of Republicans. There's a new survey. A majority of Republicans say that Biden must be impeached if the Republicans take control of the house of the Senate and for a whole litany of reasons 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 what you do if your Joe Biden. We've already pledged our support to Taiwan. Do we do we live up to our obligations with Taiwan and defend them from the invading Chinese or do we let them or do we find another proxy war become putting again. These proxy wars are going to come back and bite this country on the behind because sooner or later there will be American boots on the ground. If there are not already in Ukraine and there will be boots on the ground fighting this war in Taiwan when that day comes and it's going to come. It's going to happen because no one is afraid of Joe bite. Nobody in their laughing, Harris. That's where we are right now as a country are gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 look folks, I want to tell you America facing huge challenges when you look at what's happening with inflation, crime rates, the worsening crisis at our border, look, this is why I joined the Association of mature American citizens a Mac America's only conservative 50+ organization by friends of a Mac are fighting for us every single day on Capitol Hill. I want you to join a back joined me.

I got a membership your love this Amax .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/historians to start receiving amazing benefits discounts on travel cell phones, restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America and the causes that conservatives care about you say Todd how much is this just $16 a year, you get to join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I am a proud member of a Mac, you can be one to go to a Mac .us/Starnes.

That's a Mac .us/Starnes get older we start to notice our parents could use a little help, help with grocery shopping, getting to appointments and keeping up with things around the house for the times when we can't be there makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know just how to help.

And since all caregivers that are background checked, you can be confident that your mom or dad is getting support from someone you can trust. Find senior caregivers for your parents is a little bit of writing 29 or ground combat Center. There have been reports of shots fired for getting some confirmed information from the public information officers at the combat Center that they have received those reports of the entire insulation is on lockdown and all personnel are required to shelter in place so that's the latest on any information, any updates we will bring that to you but again there have been reports of shots fired at the Marine Corps air combat Center at Twentynine Palms California art. Let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Charles in North Carolina. WSI see the great affiliate there Charles what's on your mind, Joe Biden and impeaching Joe Biden if the Republicans take control of the House and Senate.

I think that needs to be up there at the very top of the agenda for a Republican along with you know trying to improve the economy could fold up the order and other things will improve the lives of American energy independence as well but I just don't think that we have it two years left for Joe Biden to stay present and, like I mean just the collateral damage that they've done to this country in two years is to talk to when it's going to get worse to me just today the days you up in the program today.

Joe Biden is the amount that you notate can be painful to transition all the fossil fuels will have to get there. I mean this man is actually party. You can cancel your country and I went to the current Gov. Mark Robertson this weekend all lined and great, but I just thought about something you know when or spiritual warfare to God in the deal. It's been said that Doug got the role of making bright. That's true when you look at what all this happen going back to 26. Roger Hoke they compete. Then it was the 2020 election. You see the other come out with 2000-year-old me I just a lot of Republican leaders and maybe some people in Congress leaders in Congress to show right now called but it never dawned on them that maybe God gave Donald Trump if he did actually win the election.

But what's to say that man cannot undo what God did, and instead they legally install somebody and they know they know what we know what they know it and by being disobedient that selfish, selfish look at what they're going to country and are straight God have a not only curb their constituents, but to the Constitution and the generations that have built this country stand up and do the right thing and impeach Joe Biden, Lera and don't worry about the fallout that they may have criticism what the meeting is going to say about him, but you know Gannett do the right thing because it's too important, we will you mentioned about a suitable work. "I mean, I think we are really getting close. I think what you paid that plays out the Democrats with pain control. I just don't think the transport well. I would not be surprised Charles to see even some Democrats joining and jumping on board the impeachment wagon, especially with with then the attention focused on the 2024 presidential race again. We still got what. 2 1/2 years of of a Biden administration ahead of us and even the Democrats, and especially the nonprogressive Democrats because again the progressive wing AOC Johan Omar proceeded to leave you and and in the Senate.

You've got Bernie Sanders. They're the ones that are pushing this radical agenda they think is a good thing. They think this is a great thing that's happening to the country right now, but there are liberal Democrats who I suspect will be voting with the Republicans to boot Joe Biden out of office because they understand their political lives are to be on the line. Come 2024 and were all white, black, young, old everybody you know that everybody's money going everybody being affected by inflation by gas prices by what get ready to happen on our southern border. You look what's going on in Europe and the possibility of a nuclear war so I mean people cannot see God is totally incompetent as well is illegitimate and something needs to be done before we can really get to the point of no return may come to that conclusion yet. I don't know what else what else they need yeah it's well we will see but but again these these conversations are being had in private on Capitol Hill from the sources I'm talking to another question is at what point where is that line in the sand where the Democrats are going to say all right, we gotta go. We gotta send the delegation if you remember back in the day it was it was Goldwater who led the delegation of senior Republicans to the Nixon White House to tell the president, Mr. Pres., you don't have the votes and you don't have mine so so who's going to be leading that delegation when that time comes that you want. That's exactly what one called Democrats lost the vote do you think that there that that you think about possible good Democrat. I mean, you think they have that much ethics left in them to do the right thing possibly. And I say, possibly because were starting to see Democrats openly criticizing the administration right now on national television. So that tells me somebody's giving them the A-OK to do that. Somebody saying it's okay to go out there and speak your mind about the president and his policies so somewhere in leadership those conversations within the Democrats are are being had. But the issue is, how powerful is that progressive wing of the Democrat party and will base there to stand alongside Biden of the question is what about everybody else you're exactly right.

And God what really worries me through this upcoming election is like the Biden in the progressive don't think it would be willing to do anything the course correct.

Right now they're doubling down which leads me to believe they have something up your sleeve like they did in 2020, or are they just totally out of touch with the American people and I just don't care what people well well he could very well be something something as simple as monkeypox or the China virus or a combo platter of the two that would force the administration to say okay everybody votes by mail and ballot if if that happens, the steel was in the fixes in Charles. I got a run were report up and up against the breaker appreciate the great call men crank calls today. Folks, give yourselves a pat on the back 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I may I direct your attention to the Todd's turn store.

We have some great Father's Day gifts, whether it's our awesome GREAT T-shirts or maybe a copy of my book, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl I we got plenty of items for you to check out there you're at 11 Todd's We gotta take a break will be right back America folks just to let you know the other breaking news item got up on the website Martin here monitoring developments out of the Marine Corps base Twentynine Palms where reports of shots fired, so that's all the information we have right now.

But do we. We are monitoring the story and you come monitoring along with those over at Todd Stern' so look again a lot of primary races ever to be jumping into a lot of them tomorrow on the program I we been focusing today in the state of Georgia. Candace Taylor is running for governor of Arkansas was on the program a couple of weeks ago and I Candace is on the patron mobile newsmaker line right now and I have to tell you your message really resonated with listeners of this program here merely emailing me or me and I went that route, let's talk about the governors race.

We had Matt Towery on early in the show.

He says that this thing could be going to a runoff. I'm curious. I know we're looking at the polling data and you got a lot of ground to make up.what are you hearing out on the campaign trail, or not holding the wire. How would I like how underground the road, I can't wait to get a graphic cannot do everything thousand volunteers and will grab my fright at a rally yesterday. I can write a book. And we have 500 people there that and get gangly hat nominal and there were eight people found that are cheaper labor camp and writer never golf. I'm not that close what were following. I'm curious what it is about you that is resonating with with the voters in the state of Georgia, because really you don't have a political background cocounsel. I make my career, now that what working-class matter and why I like and thank the rest of Georgia want to hear what I wanted to platform and are not bright yet to come out with our government and bottom government. We are late to the public. Government contract baby I will wheel and will do the work that we watch. I like the line with what our legislators not to engage the will of the people were dying again with the doorjamb of valet people lack act. From now on you know it's interesting your message which which I love Jesus guns babies man you are catching the holy you know what from the mainstream media over that slogan Out on the market had a grain about two years ago I believe everything you believe I went loud what your time and I played her and not me with anything that resonate with what the foundation of our country really radical government allow the complications that rank night for our land and three were not hiring is not a monarchy like rant and water and by the people I work with the father and favorite bank and I have to say, Candace, and when you look at the other candidates are very, very wealthy men very established and it's almost as if they look down on folks who are not within that that economic that socioeconomic group when in fact most Georgians are middle-class folks living paycheck to paycheck high gear that had not try to get girl now make them get hurt thank very conflicted in my lap, acting And I think people feel that I not found a job that laid out in our house and we left our home and found a divorce without financial strength rating out the door to get people they gave her. Thank Connie only had Bill back built that goal and Taylor and not go back. I'm not apologizing to him and apologetic and didn't like people want to bully politically correct for sky long and cannot filing a label radical people living on the left side there's allow the one that I know it will get the hole and I figured that out and not people that don't let anybody write our families and left alone. We have to get louder and were going to date and we are cutest.

Taylor is on the patriot line from she's running for governor in the state of torture Republican primary. Candace, do you think that the do you think Is going to be able to hit that 50% mark of you think there is going going to be a runoff.

Lately night he will not right now thousand eight, 100,000 divers you're thinking about that late day had everybody at about 2020 3008 there is no way that the court found that without doubt, and you look at what had Artie been early biting into work at around 500 pounds and early For the Republican ticket already in early 90 day diary increase in baggers that I grant great night and they each tomorrow night around midnight and look at Jordan on Carl with 1/4 million dollars rate $25 a night. He went into multimillionaire. While I that's a great story reminds me of what just happened in Pennsylvania were they still don't know who won the Senate race there may have right now how complicated our faith that I can write about our right right right we don't get biting in America bear and Rachel we will not have any more in-depth. power people that we think our government back down.

I'd love it. Okay Candace leave it there working folks go if they want to get more information about your campaign $30,000 now at holiday we had an alien and later stay out and Katie became aware, we are going to write to you this great having you on the program again, and best of luck to you tomorrow.

Out on the primary day okay there you go and a lot of Georgia voters Georgia listeners. Rather, it Georgia voters listening to this program.

What you guys think.

I'm curious of you folks in Georgia about about Candace Taylor. She is really a Kathy Barnett style candidate and you shot again unproven.

She is not a politician, a career politician. She actually works were living. And though she's making a go of it down there from South, GA 84474 788 68 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Our good friend Mike Lindell is added again. He loves giving blisters of our radio program some incredible deals and great discounts and bike right now is having a blowout slipper sale of the year. If you don't have these bipolar slippers. You don't know what you're missing your feet. I'm telling you, even your left feet organ. I think right because they're so conservative and so comfortable. I know that made no sense.

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Also, you get a free copy of Mike's book, but you have to use my promo code Starnes go to my Get yourself some slippers read the book it's going to change your life and your feet are going to think you trust me on this will be right back. I want to maximize testosterone of those ladies so over the weekend, the Archbishop of San Francisco announced that Nancy Pelosi would no longer be eligible for communion so she would not take communion at the Catholic Church because she believes it's okay to kill unborn babies in the Catholic Church is what you can't do that you can't take a position like that in public against your own church. So anyway, I said no communion for you, lady, and now Whoopi Goldberg is waiting. And here's what you say really is starting to blur the lines between church and state, the Archbishop of San Francisco is calling for speaker Nancy Pelosi to be denied receiving communion because of her pro-choice stance is one of the priests who also call present findings. Nice sacrament job, do you can that is not up to you to make that decision will actually will be here in his that's the whole point of being a bishop. You get to decide who gets communion and who doesn't know it is not over oversight in charge of the Catholic Catholic Church commuted no getaway for you get away for yoga choose. By the way, I will say this about the Catholics they do communion pretty good actually. You get the wafer and then you get like why you in the Baptist Church and and trust me on this when you get the grape juice and is not even the good grape juice is not the Welches grape juice. It's a watered-down cheap grape juice that basically taste like regular light and then you get the stale little pillowy crunchy pocket that always get stuck in your tooth as you're trying to choose the the body of Christ meant to say it's weak.

Here's what don't you know I'm not criticizing the Baptist. I'm just saying our denomination could do a better job of communion that's and as we call it the Lord's supper. Yes I know I'm probably creating a controversy where there is no controversy but I do say you know we can up our game. All right, State Farm is under fire.

That's the the insurance people the good neighbors there being creepy neighbors.

State Farm is launching a program that will enlist hundreds of volunteers to pass out LGBT Q IA themed books to teachers, community centers and libraries and some of these books are targeting kids as young as kindergarten. It's part of a new project called the gender cool project. State Farm says they want to help diversify classroom community center and library bookshelves with books that will bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about being transgender inclusive and non-binary whistleblower sent consumers research and email that said, and this went out to all State Farm agents in Florida quote the project's goal is to increase representation of LGBT Q IA plus books and support out communities and having challenging, important, and empowering conversations with children, ages 5+ so State Farm and it didn't we go. This goes back to something we talk about all the time with our friend Art Allie, who was founder of the Timothy plan.

If you are supporting organizations like State Farm, then your money that you're giving to State Farm is being used by these kinds of books and to support this. This kind of grooming and I got a problem with that.

I hope you have a problem with nationwide approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate a three book bundle to their local teacher community center or library of their choice. In other words, this could very well be happening in your town and your community. We don't know where the 550 State Farm agents are. I wonder what would've happened.

I wonder what would've happened if the State Farm agents somebody came up and what's your State Farm agent and you wanted to give out a Bible story book to the teachers or the community centers. How do you think State Farm would've reacted that the three book bundle is part of the gender cool collection in the book non-binary. That's the name of the book non-binary a character named Gia is introduced to young readers is a transgender girl who uses she her pronouns quote when you're born a doctor looks at you and says it's a boy or it's a girl based on your body, but gender isn't that simple. You see, when I was born. The doctor said it's a boy but that wasn't true. If you're five years old and reading this kind of crap get pretty confused and that's the whole point.

They want confusion, quote gender is how you feel in your heart and mind, but it may not match what the doctor says when you are born. The book leads.

This is what State Farm is wanting your five-year-old child to read beyond State Farm gender.

Cool has many other major American companies as partners on what you hear these and again, what you do with your money is your harder money is your business but you need to know that if you're supporting if if you're supporting these organizations are supporting this grooming and indoctrination and that's what it is.

If you're telling a four or five-year-old kid that doctors can't tell the difference between male and female.

That's indoctrination.

So the following companies are involved in this project Dell that's the computer people. Nike NBC Universal Adobe General Mills capital one HP Bank of America there Prudential, Oracle, USDA and Allstate. Unbelievable. But this is what's happening and it's pretty disgusting. The nation's oldest consumer protection agency is launching a campaign advertisement targeting State Farm for its progressive corporate activism instead of their iconic like a good neighbor, State Farm is there the video ad reads like a creepy neighbors. State Farm is there, that's true, that's a it's a fair point.

Anyway, will have info up on our website about the story and many others I don't forget the newsletter comes out here in about 90 seconds. So now you have an opportunity head over to Todd Stern' and sign up for our free newsletter and you're going to get all sorts of great information stories that we talked about on the radio program that is free of charge and by the way, one of the few conservative websites that has the mark of approval from even the far left fact check one of the why because our team works hard to get the right information to you.

Are you folks get out there been a great day were to do it all over again tomorrow. Primary day get out and vote. America, this is that's on search someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you close my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for you galaxies flip for all these new tracks it might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. Sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly galaxies he flip for

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