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Matthew McConaughey Makes Emotional Plea for Gun Reform

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 8, 2022 12:37 pm

Matthew McConaughey Makes Emotional Plea for Gun Reform

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 8, 2022 12:37 pm

[00:18:39] Rich Lowry

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive things about you being here. Everybody is the brain kill me Joe. I am on the road of beautiful Dallas, Texas, but the show will not stop. I will continue to be headquartered 40th and six in midtown Manhattan to run the country around the world and hopefully in the Ukraine big. Our company way as I get my paperwork done in such a wonderful job. Help me out here with your by Rich Lowry, Rich Lowry today and will be joined were also going to be joined by very special guest who might know more about Central and South America than anybody else writes for the Wall Street Journal, Mary Anastasia O'Grady that'll be next hour, Marie Clary, but the bottom of the hour. He actually wrote a column that I don't think Donald Trump to be happy about is Donald Trump getting boring.

I don't think so. Especially tomorrow you hear all about Donald Trump to the other networks will be in their glory because it's about January 6, which will cover on FOXBusiness. Meanwhile, for things like the primaries, and so much more. Let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three seeing high inflation and almost all developed countries around the world. With respect to energy administration is done everything that they plan to bring down energy costs really explain yourself that you present buying steam is been asked to do when it comes to inflation gas prices as they continue to sort 11 million jobs still remaining open their unacceptable elusive delusional economic tap dancing leaves me both angry and worried now, that is just good Patterson runs the RNC of the Republican Party out in California. Hope that's what I feel after the successful recall of the embarrassingly bad San Francisco DHS about Dean, the man who helped makes matching grab become a nationwide trend was ousted from his term Tuesday because he flat out refused to prosecute criminals.

Next up guest Cohen of Los Angeles and Alvin Bragg pay attention you could be after that in the New York City know what everyone is parent wanted what they asked for that.

They want their children drink to continue to accomplish something after they are gone they want to make their loss of life matter that is Matthew McConaughey Hollywood shoot his Hollywood shoes way and that you can't hey shot his way into Washington. Of course you hop on the podium. Nobody was expecting it. He came to the capital to talk about gun control safe schools and political middle ground is the greenlight author have a personal stake in this. Yes you Valley as his hometown's mom taught down the street but did he move the ball will discuss it in fact will do it right now that's McConnaughhay's book reading lights.

We talked about him.

His career came off very a lot of humility. Honest about his success and made you think that he so authentic that he one day could run for office. In fact, evidently he did think about running for governor in Texas and yesterday, so by the podium. Number one is good to someone talented there. Somebody is very comfortable in his own skin somebody who understood the issues. Even though I think he did the easy part.

Talk about. We need to secure schools.

I thought he did a good job straddling the line on both sides, because he knows his hot button issues.

There also talked about the fact is been shooting guns virtually his own life was whole life and didn't plan to stop. Then afterwards, he sat down with Brett Pierce when he would get to say about with Matt Matthew McConnaughhay said you probably have heard some of this already saw play some. But now, but for those of you want to get on board. Next, 1-866-408-7669, so we know to 18-year-old tutors in a matter of 10 days one shoots up shoots up a mall over in Buffalo one shoots up at elementary school horrifically and you Valley Texas Matthew McConaughey cut three windows on the table. We need to invest middle healthcare safer schools need to restrain sensationalized media coverage.

We need to restore our family values and restore our American values and when the responsible gun ownership responsible gun ownership. That's what I've said all along the NRA should be leading the charge in outrage and so should gun owners because they are using reach of responsible gun ownership. They know about cleaning the gun they been breaching their kids and how to lock up a gun. They always talk about at a handoff again all the safety patrol precautions, the responsible going over gun owners go through. They find that challenge because all these deranged kids races like the subway shooter. I like the Buffalo shooter who decide to take a gun kill people with it and then people want to blame the gun so the people that you be the most angry I believe are gun supporters in the big picture for the ones who don't shoot guns, the ones who don't live amongst guns.

They just think it's easy. Let's get rid of it. Most people when this happens, go out and get more guns because they're afraid someone to take them away. John Cornyn was speaking yesterday.

Since I want to be clear with art. When I talk about restricting the rights of current law-abiding gun owners or citizens. What I'm interested in is keeping guns out of the hands of those who by current law are not supposed to have them people with mental health problems. People who are career criminals center Josh Holly very conservative young upstart said at a Missouri I got a lot of earphones from constituent to say no I want. I don't want criminal I want criminals to be punished. I want the shooters to be stopped but don't come before my second amendment rights. That's the worry. That's why Matthew McConaughey says there's a middle ground.

I've been saying that to.

I do not believe the countries coming apart. I do believe for more people agree than disagree on the major issues of the day and that you met McConnaughhay. Now he hasn't got into the nitty-gritty, he's not in the Senate meetings.

He's not debating in town halls, but I think what he says is worth listening to. Cut five is over humble nonslip in the mirror and re-rebrand ourselves based on what we truly value what we truly value to real courage and honor are in moral obligations instead of our party affiliations enough of the counter punching the invalidation of other side's come to the common table that represents the American people find a middle ground place where most of us Americans live anyway, especially on this issue.

I promise you America you and me. We are not as divided as we are being told we are number one if people come up to you and sat on a background check. I think that being a rational number two people say they don't want secure schools won't pop up more money into securing schools. I think you're being irrational and illogical debts of the present set background checks are in place you want to enhance these background check. Sure, I mean what what is wrong with waiting a couple of days to get a gun AR 15 to 50 or 18 to 21-year-old I think it's the same debate solid arguments on both sides the same way. There was solid arguments on both sides when it came to 18 to 21 when it came to drinking. I thought a very good explanation that met McConnaughhay gave last night to Brett and they say no to 18 years old.

You can sign up for the military learned to carry gun.

He said that's okay. He said when you get an AR 15 you got weeks of training before they actually give you the AR 15 so number one should we be able to background check these people and give them training so they were able to use it responsibly and when you have a guy walk up in all black, was Isaac Ike is the rolling the back of his head, who they look at a background check may be tech for the local schools and you Valley which would've been possible. We would've found at this Raymo's character was a danger to everyone he came in contact with. It could be some middle ground. There Dana Perino on what she saw and listen to yesterday cut nine different messenger and all the things that are going to be set on this have been said about tuning out the president. I am in the Press Secretary Risa. She likes to get she couldn't deliver a message like that. But when you mention how genuine hands and said that authenticity comes through and he also segment his hometown so that was a Dana lesson five.

So the only I would say is for those people say he's just a famous actor. What is he know number two, number one reason book extremely bright guy number two. No one gave him anything. He had no ends. Number three continues to be relevant and you humble. Even though he obviously is born extremely talented. Got a lot going for him. He's rich, he's famous and he does a lot of benevolent acts on regular basis. A few times I met him three times I've interviewed him I been extremely impressed and you don't have a book on the bestseller list about your own life, which called green lights.

If it is not something that the average American wants, so he may be living in Los Angeles right now or making his living in Los Angeles be knee-deep in the Hollywood community but have for the most part. You cannot label him a typical Hollywood guy, but as I thought got felt said well that cite the easy part stuck the easy part is what he did yesterday.

The hard part is actually getting something that works that actually jives with the Second Amendment more. I want to give you the best news yesterday.

Chester Bodine.

This poor excuse for a for a prosecuting attorney for DA has been recalled so he is out three years ago. He ran on a platform of D incarceration San Francisco yesterday, recalled them with enough signatures and when put to a vote should he be fired. 61% said yes, compared to 39%. This is a separatist goes emblematic of a liberal city for them to look around and say this liberal left-wing prosecutor needs to be fired is significant. This is the beginning of a wave throughout our country. The pushback against the defined the police defame the police. Let's stop forming the police. Let's villain eyes vilify these police, it's all going to stop Gastonia most certainly will be next in Los Angeles and if you saw what happened to my oral race. You see that there's a big message being sent in the messages being sent is fundamentally it should not be a political issue that you want safe streets. So Los Angeles billionaire Rick Caruso spends $41 million of his own money and now is a runoff with Karen Bass, a left-wing liberal who was a finalist to be Joe Biden's running mate's thought was to be a shoo-in to become the next mayor of Los Angeles crime is so bad home was so out-of-control Rick Caruso stopping a Republican became a moderate Democrat ran got a lot of support from the Kardashians on down and actually one with more votes but there is enough to qualify for runoff. So he did extremely well. 30% of the vote, he did 30% better among black men and women and he is a white billionaire you know why because crime comes without color assaults are up 11% in what this is San Francisco but in Los Angeles, crime stats or through the roof in San Francisco just over the in 2022 or 20, 21, hit all-time records assaults are up 11%, homicides up 11%. Our rates are up 10% in the San Francisco there now go to make the changes that prosecuting criminals can you imagine London breed and I don't know a thing about her except for which he said the past.

She is now talking about law and order. She is the mayor of San Francisco talked about the need for law and order in the streets.

These are things that I thought was going to take years to fix. You watch the November elections will be about law and order, as the number one or number two issue and if you if you look at the parties. There's nobody looks at Democrats and says that's the party of law and order there, sitting there liberal cities and saying we have to still stay in the same party.

We have to change our actions and our rhetoric and nobody is going to fool the men and women in blue and think I forgot what party actually had her back over the last three years. You know exactly who had your back. It was Republicans in a networked it's Fox I'm not to get out of tickets because it's the right thing to do is without law and order.

You do not have a society so that is great news. So to hear from you if you like me to believe this is going to ripple through Los Angeles and New York City and Philadelphia. This is a shot to the solar plexus to George Soros who finance these lunatics to rip apart our society and not enforce the law. This is the brain kill me Cho don't move 1-866-408-7669 so glad you're here. And thanks to Bryan's got a lot more to say. Stay with Brian kill me from Fox News network, mind, and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is Ben Dominic's podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show.

That's real.

This is Brian kill me show management San Francisco very liberal place. They even send a strong message they want law and order my district 28.

Certainly they did not believe my opponents position on the phone the police that did not support her position on getting rid of ice or border patrol, and they certainly did agree on open borders and that was a strong message. If you look at the boats along the counties on the southern border. I want by 80+ percent of the vote because people understood that law and order, law and order is key to any function that government provides on Tony of Henry Cuellar represented the Democratic Party, this country would be in great shape and so would Harold Ford if he represented the Democrat party because yeah there to the left center left-center left. They are Democrats and are proud to be with the rational therefore law and order, and they see a train wreck about to hit their party this guy a chance about Dean Goetz recalled some of the reasons why burglars are up 45% since he took office in 2020, 45% court records obtained by The Simpsons who standards are the Bodine's office convicted, just three people for the charge of possession to intent to sell a 2021 for meth heroin and cocaine. His predecessor secured 190 drug dealer convictions in 2018.

Interpret Cisco. More people died last year from fentanyl overdoses. Then Kovic 19 and he didn't convict a single person for dealing the opioid. This explains why most of the liberal cities in America voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to recall the most livable city in America voted to recall Bodine so this guy is an absolute mess, but Dean attacked Mayor London breed a few weeks ago when she replied Moshe had deployed more officers to crackdown on drugs in the cities tenderloin district so she he was going after a liberal mayor London breed. So good luck with that Democrats sober up and if you don't, Republicans will have even a bigger day in November, but I'm scared for the country if you don't. William was NWT RC in South Bend. William always enjoy getting your call.

Are you as encouraged as I am with this recall. Very much so you know the one thing that we did the math was startling devolution but unfortunately that didn't come about. But this is absolutely very very happy with the recall.

I think that Doug set a new process that I think that it will be something going to go across the country so I'm concerned about what's going on up in Washington, filled with all the disarray there from the contractor to settle down and have their own little city.

I believe that there are not, and then again when when you look at what's taking place with with every body Matthew McConnaughhay right down the middle was great.

There's a lot of good stuff there.

I hope that it comes to pollution and people do is look at the things that really really matter when you talk about mental health care.

Again, yet security is right you right when you said that the gun owner should be out in rage because this is a bad light on now I'm responsible to know how to use guns. Yeah, this is a responsible goal go into detail about the safety precautions how to clean it how to lock it up things you do, how you travel with it.

Gun owners of the responsible debt is almost a hobby. How you maintain that firearm and these guys not only maintaining they using it for evil intentions and no responsible gun owner I know does anything want to protect their family or go hunting or shooting shooting and arrange that other people listen. I can see you because getting 10 minutes coming up next. Rich Larry had a great perspective on what's happening in this country from the national review of what he would have to say will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics from sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen. Now Fox News contests. Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News five or wherever you get your favorite time just a radio show like no other, kill me chase up against is a smart guy, I had a chance to interview meta form here in the city. He stopped by his guns. He believes that he was bringing together a new kind of approach to criminal law, but instead we got 30% more murders higher property crimes homelessness crisis experiment failed and the people San Francisco said had enough and I think you can see that in places like New York City and Los Angeles to and I think it see the country that's John.

You see, a professor at Berkeley former key attorney with the Bush administration, John Ewing, and last night on chess about Dean's epic fail, as he didn't even last one term, and in a job he never should had with policies.

He never should have been implemented but were supported by George Soros to finance his entire campaign.

Same with gas cone.

I believe that my posited by think the same thing with Alvin Bragg of New York City. Is this the beginning of the end. My fingers are claw across and I am hopeful Rich. Larry joined us from national review Rich, are you equally as optimistic that the end of this permissive criminal culture is is upon us like to point out to mean that you see everywhere and in deep blue city, PA and Philadelphia actually getting reelected by key indicator really important way to scare Democrats less likely to go down the path of the County candidate in the future and it's a great thing for San Francisco. I made this was a debacle. John you all sorts of crimes were up the public disorder was up and even in San Francisco. There's a breaking point and people were sick and tired working to take it anymore.

Dismay Rick Caruso and the supporting of the Hollywood community as well as William Bratton from LA, New York and a Boston police commissioner. He comes in with the billion-dollar talks about law and order. He's stopping a Republican and I was pretending he seems to be a Democrat and he got more votes than anybody else, and he can best be in a runoff would you assess what would you conclude from this side of the power of the crime issue even among Democrats. With all that with Eric Adams but the key thing is where Adam Eric out of this is relevant.

You know, you really have to be willing to do it and grind down on it and take the political heat and know what you're doing so far. That's a big difference between Eric Adams and Rudy Giuliani came in even worse circumstances, 1993 in New York City and obviously transformed it into an enormously important way. So what working with Caruso again at the strong wind better than the alternative, like that can get traction among Democrats, but the proof will be in the putting something else that these important Matthew McConaughey comes Capitol Hill yesterday and I think with his charisma intact, and I think it's authentic you read this book. It was a bestseller for about him for about a year. I think it might still be be on the last visit was intriguing, honest and humble. Obviously he's got a lot going form is a lot of success. How do you think this played out yesterday, here's a here's a little of Matthew McConaughey on some of the suggestions he has cut for. We need background checks. We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR 15 rifle to 21. We need a waiting period for those rivals. We need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse him is a reasonable, practical, tactical regulations to our nationstates, community schools and homes responsible gun owners that up with the Second Amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals to move the needle. I cosmic level movie star. A really effective communicator.

There's something to make note that there are some that make sense convinced that we should go to 21. You can't buy hand on until you're 21. Why do you like you buy a rifle that cannot affect affect the time you know when you're in real confident and you buy a hunting rifle that would be up on the wall. Most of the different deer season and beyond that, I think the state level at the federal government should should regulate it, but I think it makes sense. The way Florida did you get from 18 to 21 on rifle.

I'm in favor red flag laws again at the state level.

I think of the disaster for the Fed and with with appropriate due process protections but thinking background check for 2000 affect the shooting you guys. I have a committed crime that haven't been committed to the background checks, clean I'm in a go through background checks and up I need that gun shows from private dealers that get the shibboleth that that makes no sense, but I think this time there is some chance of federal legislation. I think they were appropriately relatively minor, you know, increased security funding. Funding for red flag laws at the state level but you know the horrific events and Nikki McConnaughhay spoke about them very passionately and emotionally.

So I think counsel for the New York Times today told others to be open, raising the age but looks like; and does not have that on the table.

When I think it's a joke which I think is a joke when I hear prison buying spokesperson come out and say he's not interested in discussing securing schools are you kidding me. How could you not how could you not think that your political advantage. If you want to actually get funding and you want to say I want to provide this the bottom of this enough money in the system from the pandemic. But what you say, hypothetically the coffers are empty for the small rural schools are for the working class communities to be able to get somebody in your school to protect it. I believe the American people work an extra day to avoid the next elementary school shooting.

We would provide the money to do that and the training to make it happen. And of course due to the local level provide that money but how is we sort this out. Can you rationalize not having an experienced person at school. What cop does one make more money and over time in which a retired cop does want to do something like that gun control.

The only thing the gun control measures. Nothing to do with it and everything else is evil and immoral distraction including greater security at schools so nothing is foolproof. 10 April think I think target is very minimal but just the peace of mind for parents and community matters a lot to the extent we can yet get armed guards at school. Let's refashion them can't do this at every school in Ohio have enormous campuses where this is impossible, but single entrance multiple exits and enter an armed person at the door. You know, that seems common sense, if not full proof again.

You know the arm guard might run. I might get overwhelmed.

But it's it's it's something that we should be doing everything we can to work this problem and elite at the margins try to reduce that you got it if we just have now school shooting once every three years and for once every two years or once every year or whatever that huge benefit to whatever community would've been targeted and to the nation. I mean each of the shattering events on the tatters right now. The first one out there and this is not me, this nothing to do with me on the soccer player of the soccer player and some violent shooting of the school. I do listen, don't blame soccer in the sport.

I listened dumpling the gun and IBC getting ahead of this and not instead of hiding from anonymity in initially hiding, there's certainly not front of it because what Matthew McConaughey so it's all right responsible gun owners are so tired of people killing in their name and having them having to pay the price. So let's move on. I am not only it's rare to watch Sean Hannity or Rich Lowry or other true conservatives talker and here criticism of Joe Biden. I am surprised when USA Today op-ed featuring Brett Bruen of the Obama administration is in detail and talks about cringing when Joe Biden talks cringing and here's a little of it. He said I used to cringe when the vice president took to the podium meeting Biden.

Despite all the preparation that went into an event on his remarks as a staffer in the national Security Council. You never quite knew what he would say at times his authentic comments could spice up what otherwise would be a boring presser, yet there are other times too many times when would veer into dangerous terrain. The reckless rifts have continued during his presidency, especially when discussing diplomacy.

This is an extraordinary dangerous time for the US our allies requires a strong and consistent level of diplomatic discipline. I fear that anything that could get anything less could lead towards unnecessarily into a conflict with China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, at the very least from our hemisphere in the Asia-Pacific region.

We have unnecessary undermined our standing in the responsible he handed propaganda points or adversaries something needs to be fundamentally change another's White House deals with diplomacy. Biden needs to reset his whole and national security team. They have repeatedly shown an inability to execute and to staff them effectively. We need more experienced leaders that guy I've never met him that I know what would a neutral word to have ever been written. Do you agree that writing what most Democrats are thinking. But the problem I would have the end of the day yell and and he may cannot staff right he can be staffed by you know Henry Kissinger in the late Brent Scowcroft like the most that you George Kennan, the best foreign policy thinkers and practitioners of the last hundred years and he still be Joe Biden still got there William and plug it in there's there's nothing to be done about that any noise been undisciplined with the blowhard as the author notes, but there is something worse about it now. You know it's it's obviously there's some element of decline now and I think if you're the staff you're terrified every time he steps to the point, whatever that guy felt one bite was vice president is 10 times worse now reached the reports coming out the behind-the-scenes Pines enraged. His numbers are below trumpet being compared to Carter behind the scenes his wife and sister are demanding his staff let Biden be Biden and BB himself and go out amongst the people more so Rich would you just said they couldn't disagree with more you think they're somewhat of a decline here in the wrist is certainly more at stake. They have the opposite view.

Money was right guided away from the grill for a reason. They're scared for a reason. Joe Biden I think Italy had a certain kind of blow varnish charm to him. If you're in a studio right now, everyone will love you slapping on the back and tell an old story, but I can explain away inflation of the debacle in Afghanistan or the border. They can have them go do that Memorial Day picnics or whatever they want. It's not going to help in any time you have them out in the wild, beating his mind the United States and the current state not just politically but potentially in terms of international affairs as the USA Today op-ed writers. So the idea that that you built after the staff is overly constraining him.

I don't buy silk here some examples listed in the columns on these reckless riffs is inevitability of cobbles for the Taliban and remember it's not to be like Saigon. And remember this cut 30 God says this man cannot remain well we do not have a strategy of regime change in Russia willing to get militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes United States remains committed to one China policy, we do not support Taiwan independence. If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine would not trigger a military response from NATO would trigger response time.

You have no intention of using chemical weapons. He wanted this exam. I'm not pump you know I'm quickly as national international affairs that could result in war. Stop calling for change and rush you been around politics for 40 years. You know the president on anything you read the script you journalist and commentator. We might not like it. That's boring you know politicians are more spontaneous transit periodically and 2015 2016 alternate by the script and and he can't do it.

So again that that the staff that they gotta be walking on eggshells every time they know he's giving it a speech even even if it's from a Teleprompter use. Lastly, doesn't talk about decline talks about Biden. He's worse than trump how Biden bungled this job says sometimes the present experience and overconfidence don't serve him well.

Decades doing diplomacy have led bind to developing pretty rigid perceptions of policy positions. He's often stuck in outdated notions how the world works repeatedly. We watched him sick to his guns, even as events in places like Kabul radically change that's the scariest part so this is a he saying even if he was 60, we're screwed. On my way to get my thing and imagine if you're about 80 and I think Afghanistan is a good example where he and the Obama White House.

He thought Obama was rolled by the general Obama didn't want to do a search in Afghanistan.

He got trapped by the general force to do it like I'm telling the generals know I don't care what they say. I'm ignoring him now probably my God, right, maybe they're wrong you know when they're driving about their certainly right this time around, but he was so stuck in his way.

He had this metal rod that you get it hereto and let you do that after you think so much trying to get you got it is comes a great 1-866-408-7669 we come back and go back to the phone you have a lot to say from guns to the economy to Joby and Joe something new every day, Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me believe that I think were being told that we are that the veil over the masses eyes set extremely, extremely they have the microphone. I believe we have a number that's what he believes. I do believe there's there's a lot less hate than is being percent. The perception is and is being pretrade. Hey, let's go to KT live very patient in Georgia.

Hey KT you not buying the car will McConaughey was selling yesterday. No I don't think that he was out. But here's the deal Brent you and you and I covered everything else. Don't talk about but right now you can tell who really want to solve this problem.

I don't think Democrats do they want issues what they need to do is turn inward every senator needs to talk to the governor and working on calendars locally need money they can use: but should argue with you. Without that I would seek to center Murphy and the charities in the past is always been partisan. I mean I don't agree with the probably 95% of what he's done, but so far he's been really diplomatic about this KT but good point.

Let's keep it local David WT K after North Carolina run.

I don't good where you stand. Well, I sold many gun both in person and online. And the thing about background checks that people understand that you do have to perform.

The problem is that I do a face-to-face will I have no way of doing it.

Other than going to a gun shop and haven't been okay to do if I sold them to someone online. I can go through easier for film verify that they have to fill them sent a gun to his legitimate but I just don't have easy access to it like a background check system when I told gun like someone in my home state, really I do not know that you can't get easy access to a background check to go to a gun shop, a gun dealer anywhere from $25-$50 actually charge more because the first shot.

If I buy don't like the price interesting. That's interesting you want.

I would not know unless I did what you did. Thanks so much from the Fox news Fox and friends some receptive Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here and ready is the brain to meet your 1-866-408-7669 were headquartered 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world. So glad you're here Bobby Braxton ring inside the big January 6 coverage that most network to be caring.

He's can be with us from our kick to be talking about the new philosophy at CNN if you two partisan they're going to fire you see how that goes. Because Chris licked the guy the got hired made or allowed Stephen Colbert to remove partisan late-night talk shows in the history of late-night talkshow host Donna wiseguy changes credo. Now that he has his job but is not our problem but is something analyze and standing by is Mary Anastasia O'Grady if anybody knows more about Central and South America. What it means to this country. I don't know who it is you write for the Wall Street Journal and of course we have our conference of the Americas Taking Pl. in Cairo in Los Angeles. So let's get to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three number three is seeing high inflation in almost all countries around the world.

With respect to energy administration is done everything that they can bring down energy costs right through climate change, climate change, climate change, I wish you were just slow down a little. Explain yourself that you present finds teams been asked to do is inflation gas prices soared 11 million jobs remain on open their unacceptable elusive delusional economic Dancing leaves me both angry and worried now yeah hope that's all I could say one word, that's what I feel after the successful recall of San Fran Dist. Atty. Chester Bodine, the man who help make smash and grab become a nationwide trend was ousted from his term because he flat out refused to prosecute criminals. Next up gets going in Los Angeles. Maybe Alvin Bragg in New York. You know what everyone needs.

They asked for that. They want their children drink to continue to accomplish something after they are gone they want to make their loss of life matter that's McConnaughhay wowed everyone in the press room and later with threadbare Hollywood, the Hollywood shooting is a way to Washington. Austin actually got Hollywood became one into Washington's that's McConnaughhay come to the capital to talk gun control safe schools and political middle ground is the green light author have a personal stake in this. Yes you Valdez's hometown. His mom taught chemistry remove the ball we will discuss it but not right now. First I like to discuss what's happening in these conference of Americas and the country that is not there and that is Mexico with Mary Anastasia O'Grady of the Wall Street Journal.

Mary welcome back hi Brian, good to be here. Mary, this is this is like your Super Bowl right this is your beat and it's come to your country.

Yeah the summit of the Americas started in 1994 with Bill Clinton, but it hasn't been in the US since then, so they hold about every three years and it's held in different countries around the region so by administration decided this would be hit could time to bring it back to the US but it looks like they didn't do a lot of planning before they sat decided to do that and what respect. Well, the problem was that when they announced they were having a summit they suddenly were confronted by a bunch of countries it said were not coming. A couple of them are allies of the US like Brazil and Guatemala, both of which were kind of miffed at the Biden administration, because they been badly treated their center-right government so they don't have progressive agendas and the bite administration has decided that they need to be punished and now they did manage to convince the Brazilian president to come by offering him a one-on-one with Joe Biden, but the president of Guatemala which is a small and poor country but a very strategically important country because it's one of the three countries that make up the northern triangle I he is not coming. Of course they are sending Foreign Ministry delegation but the president himself is not coming because he is basically protesting very poor treatment from the Biden menstruation so interesting Mary because you are praising Trump obviously alienated the Mexican leader of the time I send that to build a wall and I Mexico got all upset by government to make Mexico pay for. They didn't speak.

By the time Trump was done in four years overdue. It was like his best friend world leader even though he was. He comes over is a socialist by trade, you know more about the Mexican government that I will ever know, but they end up. He was the last one, I think, to recognize the Biden actually won the election and he was the one enforcing his southern border to help our northern border and allow the remaining Mexico to take root. How did how did this relationship fracture over what while I'm not sure if Lopez over door. The president Mexico was actually a friend of Donald Trump but he respected him and I think on some level feared him realized that the relationship with the US could, if it turned sour could damage him in his own political agenda in Mexico and therefore he found ways to cooperate with Donald Trump and in the case of Joe Biden. I think you know this president has signaled so much weakness around the world and so Lopez over door decided to use the issue of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua where there are dictatorships now and I mean Nicaragua shooting people.

Students in the streets as we know that Cuban prisons are filled with political prisoners and we know the story of Venezuela so rather than show up to the summit. Lopez over door decided to use the fact that those three countries are not invited to the summit because the summit has standards and he said he would not show up if I didn't invite them and to Joe Biden's credit, he didn't invite them but I don't think it's because he's ideologically concerned about those three countries as much as he's concerned about what it would do to the chance for Democrats in South Florida.

November is fast everything so for Vogue water for us to talk seriously about. I consider the number one issue with Central and South America number one. China's growing influence in the region has to be concerning number two were tapping with illegal immigration and the breakdown of our border, Harris is in charge and she's done such a wonderful job.

Here's an example cut 31, I purchased with a few basic principles one might share a belief that most people don't finally come. I now develop public servant that to address this issue. Government cannot do it alone. We must partner with the private sector and civil society to address what we now can be entranced through collaboration and coordination is a 32 mile line marching up from through Guatemala through Mexico to our border right now from people who do want to leave home and called his home yeah I mean I think there's a couple of things to unpack their first of all, you know collaboration with the private sector.

My foot. I mean, the, the, the government that the Biden menstruation is most closely allied with is the new government in Honduras and it's a very left-wing government there. There's close allies with Cuba and the Hondurans were trying to create a competitive electricity market that could actually supply you know factories and that might move from China to Central America doing what we call near shoring and this new government which came in in January just repealed all the reforms that were done in order to do that. So you know if you really are serious about economic development in the region you don't put the electricity sector back in the hands of the state where we know there's tons of corruption and it's incapable of actually producing the energy supplies that you need and you know on another subject, which is closely related to that is I do believe that a lot of the people who are coming across the border are people who want to work.

I mean the if you look just at Rye economics.

There is deficiency of labor in this country and the earning potential is a lot better than it is in these countries. So what should we do about that. We need to give them a legal path which means that the consulates and the embassies in these countries would say okay you want to work in the US you come here you file your paperwork and you get the papers you need to go to the US and you know during the pandemic. These consulates and and embassies close down.

They were not processing legal documents for people who even people who didn't want to move here, but just renewing their visas and so forth. Likely the State Department did not want to go back to work.

Even after there were protocols in place that would keep employees safe. They didn't want to reopen. So what do people do when they see that the border is not enforced and that the best way to go is not to file legal papers, but to just go en masse to the border and walk over so there's all the messaging is wrong that there there messaging that the E. Legal Way of entry is the best way and the legal way of entry. While that door is closed.

Couple things I agree to a degree, but how does that explain sending unaccompanied minors with coyotes and these other groups up to our border and just leaving them there. I've never seen anything quite like it in the numbers were experiencing and you are right you said this from day one woke up the consulates make it easier to apply for a work visa Phillips. Some of these job student and organized way. Let them earn their citizenship at a time in which America needs their labor and they could appreciate our culture and I think there will be a way to ease this, but there seems to be this thing called ignoring the problem don't even a blessed Mary must be so frustrating for you because there are there are there are answers to these questions there are. These are problems that can be solved.

Well, I think, again, you know you have to look at the experiences people in these countries look and see that other family members or friends sent children to the border.

The children got across the border. The children went to live with other family members who are already in the US and those families feel that's a better option for their children and staying where they are now. You know obviously the coyote Avenue is is terrible and you know we had asked some circumstances of you know, sex trafficking, and that sort of thing, but I can tell you, Brian, my, my, my paternal grandfather came in a ship at the age of 12, by himself, why because his mother said his only shot at a future was in the US so there's a lot of that also going on. I you know I can't yet obviously no one defends you know that the unaccompanied minors, but again when you have these two very opposing circumstances, people with without jobs without investment without legal path in these countries and you have the US border open the border patrol letting people pass giving them just a piece of paper to show up in six months.

I mean all the incentives all the signals are going to invite more of the same.

You know what we say about insanity I mean were doing the same thing over and over again.

We can expect different results, I agree.

So what exactly could take place.

We know that they, Harris is bragging that she's got visa in the gap to build a $1.2 billion private sector. I guess facility there in December and allow Harris to talk about 3.2 billion in overall investment that was her goal for the most part she is really ignored the assignment why I think that there's in terms of the economic development it's at fast it's a medium-term socket to be fixed this week. You have a large caravan coming again. Yeah, that's that that's an immediate problem that is not to be fixed by investment in Central America and analyze I mentioned before, you know, we may have to write off Honduras because this government which the Biden menstruation like so much is basically imposing kind of been a swell and policies on the country but I think that if were going to seriously deal with.

For example, this caravan we need a the cooperation of the Mexican government mean they say that a lot of these people are waiting until Petula on the other side of the Cicchetti River now and and they haven't been able to cross into Mexico, but I think that the Mexican government could be doing a better job and I think part of the problem here is that Lopez over door doesn't want to offend his left flank. So he's trying to you know basically accommodate some of this more than what he did during Pres. Trump and then of course we have to do more about our own border. I mean, the idea that when people get to the border and they say they literally hand themselves then and are given a piece of paper and told okay come back in six months. I mean, you know, what do we expect to happen, you know, it's just totally illogical to expect any other circumstances.

Many of these people are coming are good people. I can see why people in taxes and Americans are upset about their good people, but if we I think that the responsibility the US is to maintain order at the border and by doing that you you you just invite the incentives are all wrong.

I mean you're going to, but how can you possibly say we know the character of 220,000 people exact month. Now it's it's also dangerous from a security standpoint, you know there are other issues like for example if you want these people to work in the legal sector so you can collect taxes from them.

You need to have them legally registered.

That's cool no plan everything so much about against a break. You could hear the music. But there's no one better at this than you nice. There has to great thank you very much for your comps in the Wall Street Journal, we come back I'll take your call 26 84087669 then Bobby Bradley go inside the media with these conferences could be like on January 6.

They say it's good to be a show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about a your with Brian kill me back 1-866-408-7669 is the story of breakage want to share with you. Looks like a man was picked up of short distance to judge Justice Cavanaugh's house.

He was armed from California.

It was picked up on a street nearby. More details are coming up, but an all man arrested near Justice Cavanaugh's house. See the problem with when you don't enforce the laws and allow the Supreme Court justices homes.

We protested their neighborhoods should be disrupted. You would think only logic tells you. Sadly, that some nut job is going to show up like John Hinckley armed will find out details, but that's why Sen. Cornyn brought up. I think a month ago that all are Supreme Court justices need full-time security. That's the story.

Remember, this Wisconsin judge was zip tied by some other person that he put in jail and assassinated and the guy had a hit list on that story came out over the weekend so will all follow this and this is all in light of the fact that Roe V Wade could be overturned that could be announced is supposed to be announced sometime this month and when that happens, motions, wordy high when it was thought to be a done deal. Imagine what it actually is a done deal.

I'm Brian kill me on the road and you beautiful Dallas, Texas. Headquartered still at 46 in midtown Manhattan. We come back looking to be joined go inside the numbers without kicks on Brock Bobby Barack will tell us what's happening on the governor what's going to happen.

Likely January 6 David documentarian producing this as a show radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show they want to follow the way they want political narrative think the fact.

But it's just not true. Reacted appropriately general report stated in Pres. Trump had the foresight for the authorization for the national guardsmen, women those are the hard facts that a congressional investigation of the looting with the politicization of our national security apparatus former Trump staffer cash Patel talk about January 6 and talked about him.

The prison United States along with being there when the request was made. When present Trump to get about 20,000 National Guard members out there. It had to be approved by Gen. Millie, who knew about it. So even though January 6 was I think 30,000 people showed up and it will thousand strong capital to get details of it now, but to say the president wanted it. I think it is a bridge too far.

That's will try to prove it, but is going to be a show begins on Thursday night and every will the networks go to cover the initial day in there putting their biggest names in their biggest news upfront these totally inappropriate new should carry the day. You should be put together Shelby that she did by hiring the producer from good morning America driving out Bobby Barack from our kick contest because he always comments on all things media related.

Bobby what you think. Thursdays going to be like if you think it's important and you think will hear any of what the Trump side is right and higher showcase of January. Here, emblematic of where the mainstream media and the media in general is today because like you said that the entire think about looking for the truth they're working backwards pretty much so why we need to blame for that. Like you, Heather going for it way too far. I trying to say the president actually wanted people to storm the capital and are not looking for the truth or curable side they want to turn this into a television that that to dad and try to bury Trump and his supporters, and most importantly, I feel a new preview that highlighted and bring people on what the cop right there totally trying to distract yelled. Other current issues going on whether it thankfully yeah right. Poor pole like in the great war there and a lot of going on within the all of that going to get back to sleep because of the television era that is so telling about where the press is right now is no doubt about it, but you disappointed in I don't listing these concerns is no doubt about it when I thought you did in there is much as her trumpeter in a deathmatch that you point out things it would when was a bridge too far. Don't that's not true that's not true conservative. So I said to be a little bit of pushback but same with Adam Kinsinger who I know is a conservative guy like a lot of Republicans couldn't agree with everything Trump said that the end he obviously came out became the voice of dissent among Republicans. But at the same time he's not a Democrat does nothing about either one of those are Democrat you get any point during this hearing there be any pushback to the overreach on the condemnation. No problem.

We have all of the story. Howard will have got to be able to push back and put their name on defending the subject who was being targeted on their helpless example of an entire array that what I can uncover any truth all going to divide up more and higher and higher than to try to tromp into keep this story going because quite frankly, the new benefit from this story in the news because a likely aesthetic in the strap all over if they don't want to cover about by presidency will not also continue for show the session with Donald Trump and the inability to move off of hearing that I watch a clip you for not promoting this just about January they're promoting that as a label on Donald Trump president for help.

Trump walked out of Washington DC it how we got on the helicopter left the White House final mark in the country about Donald Trump not the rider not the protester, and not run again and know that about a bridge you said about mostly clear about this committee. While it is bipartisan it is bipartisan on paper only because all the members of the committee, including the two Republicans were served were appointed by the Democrats by Nancy Pelosi and she was careful to choose the public and members who could be counted on to agree with the conclusions already reached by her and he goes on, but you generally six is horrific. The prison's decision to have a rally in Seymour. Trouble was terrible to go to the capital is was beyond wrong but I think there was also some revelation came out. They think that they believe is her trumpeter.

These actually better evidently secret services, said the president insisted on going to the capital and wanted to go and the just could not find a path for me. Get in there safely. So we didn't. If trumpet been allowed to go. There's no doubt about it. They don't going to the capital of the going to show the Trump one of the lead them into the capital and that protocol bipartisan but not Democrat committee and the people that are cortical, Republican, or technically, but they're not here to bring a different side. They're here to die with the Democrats so much about that with you Brian.

I believe there are revelations that we can uncover and talk about January 6. Like you said about what trumpet.if you got there and told the protesters to leave or not know it. Now what this is about.

I don't expect any of that to come to fruition. If entire thing is going to be a waste of time and quite frankly I don't think is going to have much of an impact because I people that hate Trump employee number only going to eight more people that they will obviously generally horrific but it didn't excited or encourage protesters. They're going to continue to have that point of view. Bobby is using to keep in mind Republicans watching this Chris Christie's of the world around the Santos is the Nikki Haley, the Mike Pompeo that might want to run for Ted Cruz might want to run for president in there to assess whether they run or not by how much damage they think been done to tromp to the what he needs not to his base, knocking a bunch, but to moderates and independents and if they think that he's vulnerable and can't win a lot of people are afraid that Democrats will win again on the right and if they feel so Trump can't win and loses those moderates and those suburban housewives again that might affect to actually run for president. I'll keep my eye and that were also keeping an eye on this story. Cops have arrested a man threatening to kill Justice Cavanaugh. They found him with a gun and a knife blocks from his house from California. All we know, in his 20s armed and they know his intent was for Cavanaugh and his family.

While we will follow that that's obviously going wall-to-wall. That is why you don't allow protester to show up. That is why the security needs to be over the top of the Supreme Court justices just like there the president United States.

Think about this in this twisted mind.

They might be saying look I kill a Supreme Court justice don't have to do a nominee read.

We have a Democrat in the house the Senate for a few more months will get a Democrat on their and Roe V Wade lives in those twisted mind. You are all witnessing. Perhaps that was in his. I want to go to another article that you had to maybe got buried by think is significant for the longest time we see everybody going along with their league, says black lives matter on the side of the court.

We play the black national anthem before an NFL game side of the court basketball we have black lives matter arm bands on MLS players will during pride day in major league baseball you write for, and this happened five Tampa rays players refuse to wear the gay pride patch on the uniforms Joe jail and beaks Brooks a really Jeffrey Springs, Brian Thompson all decided they want to do it in the New York Times called them out, accusing him of condemning the gay culture.

They said it was against their religion, there nothing against anybody. They just didn't want to be part of this promotion, they opted out white white where you think I will. How significant is this moment yeah and follows up the column I wrote last week about how I think in higher branding to a corral pride month hijacked by the leader Hollywood athletes that they've made all about themselves as a means of virtue and race story will get them back on here at five players.

The Tampa Bay rays that they did not want to put the gay pride patch on their uniforms during their game last weekend because they are that it goes against their religious belief. They did not condemn their teammate who wore the patch the date that given their religion. They don't want to wear it in the media right on you had a crush on this story really radical direction of the New York Times said that not wearing that gate patched it back in the year I gay culture and ESPN commentator therapy. She went on Aaron that those five players are to get in. Their religion is quote unquote yeah and alive. Think about that bright New York Times the ESPN or tell anyone that has a religion to shut up don't practice and go along with any progressive craft meeting that goes live here quite often that I support the current day and it talks about how people are instinctively go along with any woke initiative whether it hashtag BLM or hashtag mascot for now.

Participating in pride but people aren't supporting marginalized groups are doing it to benefit themselves that like no one can call them anti-gay because they have the gay pride patch on their jerky so I will get cried. But right now it's not about the LGBT community is about people in power in public figure, wanting to make sure nobody can combat that is essentially a protective shield think we met leave me a lot going along to get a lot.

I believe the entire thing is a little and I give those five players credit for standing up and pushing back against the trend for more courageous than balling down and participating as is existing to rock about kick in hungry. The British want to play the Hungarian national team in soccer when the nationals when the national anthem played. They took a knee and the Hungarian fans the British players for taking a knee during the national anthem. Get your head around that. I guess because I don't feel like race relations were where they should be in England and they thought they chose and hungry. Nice.

Lastly, you write a column about announcement from Chris licked. Evidently the new CNN president is evaluating his partisan pundits we know who they are led by Don lemon and others on their willingness to adapt to being more news first, rather than pinion first and how they cover things more or less anti-tromp more, tell me something interesting you think this is going to fly and why do you think this got out in the media. It wasn't handled behind closed doors nine dollars public guiding John Malone who is a board member elite.holder of discovery which now controls the parent company Warner Bros. even pocket for about a year you want to put CNN back to her room at the earth that outlet not you were a far less opinionated hall came under Jeff Zucker and I find the leak so interesting and dealt with the unbounded horses before we get out somebody wanted to get. I think it's pretty clear that CNN is putting this information out to warn the partisan that we know they ought to give Acosta Don lemon Brian Stelter Rhianna Tyler ascending a warning that hate you guys don't tone down the line being the hyperbole area. We are going to move off you in the field report yesterday which is outlet that the leaker went to what I think came from PNF they could write a headline that what you saying that people don't pin it to a journalistic side of their fire and will be effective And I doubt that Chris Glick is going to be able to execute this pivot because you know Brian that start firing the part of the right New York Times and the media matter. I hate this guy trying to hold me back for speaking out against the rate effective and I don't know if you going to be able to act, but I do think that he is got all made up from the boxes ahead of him at discovery to say we don't lock CNN to the MSNBC lighting we want to bring it back to its roots where the leak over that outlet that can report the facts so you think is there looking at especially name five yeah give Acosta Don lemon Rhianna Tyler all Laura Cole Brian Stelter Oliver Darcy to me are the group that they would look at and say these are the part of things that are ballooning our CNN credit. They actually have some of the best reporter close to war is world-class. The nominal, but people like a laminated don't dry, they drown out all that credibility with your absurdities.

I think that the group that there looking at particularly high, think he said on the absolutely while I can imagine anyone that cares about the truth of the fan of the fact I believe he's hot. The first normal yeah okay Bobby, thanks so much to me. She is tromp runs again if they can hold their fire and treat him, treat him with respect to because they have not informed 1/2 years body brought great job out kick appreciated right right now we come back we'll wrap up with some phone calls. 1-866-408-7669 Brian Kilby chose so glad you're here your knowledge base. Brian kill me show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show Joe Biden's office in January, 20, 21, with 80 mile an hour fastball down the middle of the plate that's called the US economy is why the economy is improving greatly. People forgot that they were all in all I know the election was crazy. I don't January 6 was nuts.

But the trouble economy was pretty damn strong, particularly as he left office on top of that he delivered a vaccine which was effective against those first two, very deadly variance less effective on omicron but it did matter. Okay it was basically we were coming out of the pandemic. The economy was going to improve. And this is what they did they turn around and they spent trillions of dollars on nothing and they expected no inflation and eventually guess Brito was reported by trade and you know that he was critical. You know for sure he was critical of Donald Trump and you know when he came out there and said I'm friends with Donald but and he would come out and say things about the economy.

But whatever you say would Trump he was leaving he left an underhand under underhand lay underhand toss to home plate that Joe Biden could hit out of the park.

Leave the policies in place at the border you just got 800 billion. I believe in December, folders, pandemic spending, you could look so responsible, with a vaccine and done a better job.

Maybe the Trump organizing the rollout of the weary had a shot in a million arms and then mentioned by listening to the air quotes.

Scientists that variance could come but as things progress. My goal is to get people back in school and have a normal summer straightahead. Instead you told everybody a vaccine you're done you finish you through in July when he came back income all these crazy regulations. You had no vaccine. You had no therapeutic you had no plan. Little did I know this is a precursor to the biggest disaster did our foreign policy and a reputation which was Joe Biden's brainchild of an exit from Afghanistan.

Thanks much.

With everyone for this hour, the Brian kill me, Joe. Don't forget one nation air Saturday at 8 o'clock. Repeated 11 Eastern time a show like no other, which will include Greg Norman talk about brand-new golf league and so much more. Why New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me on the road beautiful Dallas, Texas. The studios of K LIF W BAP thanks so much for putting me up today. I was on the road doing something I have been put off for three years because of the pandemic at this great speech about them using the Elmo of interest is one of organization had a chance to talk about that talk about winning the war in history.

And it finally came up after three years.

It was supposed to be in the weekend. We had to reschedule the rest. Everything in our lives. For today and thanks great people here at the station I was able to do the radio show, so I appreciate that we have a lot to discuss. Meanwhile, the breaking news before I get to the big three of the breaking news is that you're just a scavenger hunt his life threatened. He did not know of it. We don't understand, but that there's been an arrest and get this theirs with a guy was picked up in his 20s.

We know this.

He's from California.

We know that he was picked up with a gun or knife and made his intent clear, they was looking to kill just as capital and or his family. So for those of you to say this, I just nothing wrong with peacefully protesting at somebody's house we could possibly go wrong. This could go wrong and we know about the judge was tied up in Wisconsin and killed by somebody that he put in jail that is a problem when you have to worry on our justice system that you will be killed as if it is Saddam Hussein's Iraq if you give a verdict that you don't like we have a problem. This error can be joined by Lee's elder standing by.

So let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three.

High inflation almost countries around the world. With respect to energy administration was done everything that they can bring down energy costs right Jenny Yellen. What a disgrace explain yourself that you present buying scheme is been asked to do as inflation gas prices soar an 11 million jobs remain open their unacceptable elusive delusional economic tap dancing which we both angry and worried now California graphic yes hope that's how I feel after successful Ricoh San Francisco DHS ability know what everyone these parents wanted, but they asked that they want their children to continue to accomplish something after they are gone they want to make their loss of life matter. Hollywood hotshot Matthew McConnaughhay takes his star power to Washington and he comes there is a gun owner who wants to see kids survive elementary school will tell you what he said and if any progress was made with me right now is Lee's elder knees Congressman from Long Island. He is also a Republican candidate to get the first want to get the nomination that he wants to become the next governor of New York Congressman Sheldon welcome back so we want to discuss is story in the New York Times.

Athol was right up your alley when you talk about. First off your reaction to the fact that Justice Cavanaugh has his life threatened by a gunman that was in his neighborhood pointing out on error that when there's a spin job about how this is some peaceful protest and from the White House press briefing room you have the official spokesperson for the president, encouraging it, refusing to condemn the targeted outing of the addresses of where to find the families of United States Supreme Court justices, and then actually showing up on and the ways that it can escalate because of leaders inside of the Democratic Party like a Maxine Waters who encourages confrontation you don't know to what extent somebody's willing to go and I remember five years ago when somebody who is a Bernie Sanders supporter who showed up at the baseball field where the Republicans were practicing for the congressional baseball game and shot Steve Gleason would have told a lot of others if not for the heroic capital police officers who were there to take out the shooter. I don't blame Bernie Sanders for his supporter did that day. Unfortunately, with this reality of you asking about was going on outside of Justice Cavanaugh's house on what you see right now is an encouragement of confrontation where people are being asked to show up at these locations to harass family justices and their families. It's wrong and it can get worse so we met, he comes to Capitol Hill and start speaking as a gun owner coming forward, you can appreciate sincerely number one is great. If somebody can communicate in Washington here's a little of what he said cut five sober, humble and honest look in the mirror and re-rebrand ourselves based on what we truly value what we truly value. It's real courage and honor are in moral obligations instead of our party affiliations enough of the counter punching the invalidation other side's come to the common table that represents the American people find a Miller middleground, the place where most of us Americans live anyway, especially on this issue around you. America, you and me.

We are not as divided as we are being told we are. So what you think.

Do you think when you go around your campaigning now beyond Long Island all up and down New York State you go to Washington least half the year you think of America's less divided. Do you think he's right. Is more divided. Seated on cutting across many different aspects of life in the debate. It's only got worse over the last couple of years and I feel that. New York State has a strict gun control laws in the entire country. But as you talk about this debate. I don't federal level. I remember 2017. Republicans and Democrats come together for the six mix bill which was an improvement on the background check system and you had liberals, moderate conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, trying to find common ground to address an issue that needed to get fixed in the right after that. Remember when Portland took place. School violence act made its way through the process is introduced by a Republican member of the house in a bipartisan coalition got it through to harden our schools. I believe that every school should have a trained arm school resource officer that we should be looking at single point of entry into schools and how to secure these locations. What is not acceptable is that there are some people who are part of this process who look at Justin Trudeau seeking to ban all firearms altogether and they said there cheering on saying that something we need to do here if you want to actually infringe upon the Second Amendment, which is something that you know it were, don't we would have quite a debate in the battle on and I would certainly be on the opposite side of that debate that that has to happen if your position is that you should be restricting, a classification of firearms commonly used by law-abiding citizens as deceivers. Heller said in analyzing the Second Amendment so there is some concern some caution, because the people were actually in power right now from Pres. Biden to Sen. Schumer, Senate Democrats are Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. If it doesn't seem like they are trying to find common ground and then and be okay with that. They're looking to go way too far to the point that would infringe upon the Second Amendment. I don't want to see is pretty clear.

Sen. Murphy's going out of his way to stay out of it. I think you consented not to get what I want, but we are making progress on very curious time someone who is very partisan does not partisan.

I think something actually could get done.

This is happening when, as I just mentioned to her audience. This is breaking news that there was a gunman picked up in his 20s from Los Angeles with a gun and a knife with an intent to go after endured God. Justice Cavanaugh and his family. Sen. Coons was just informed in this and Capitol Hill and he says he is co-author of a bill to provide protection for the Supreme Court justices and families. He says he hadn't heard about the arrest, but close out the house to quickly to act quickly, would you support this money nor the private security for Supreme Court justices, absolutely. And I'll tell you that you know all too well were average everyday people are fearing for their safety and they don't get extra perk protection as a matter fact they're not even getting basic protection in many parts of our country. I do believe that when you have, especially now, where you have this added threat to the Supreme Court justices you have to do whatever you need to to protect them and their families. That's are without a doubt, something would be supportive of.

I would also encourage any of these members of Congress. You mentioned Sen. Coons any of these people who want to do something about it or bothered by this new story how did you speak out against the White House encouraging it.

People in your own party who are encouraging it because you're just proposing this bill doesn't let you off the hook of the leadership that's demand right now cleaning up the elements in your own party people to have to leave New York. That's what I believe you the best hope Republicans it had since George Pataki to actually get the governor's mansion back and here's why is this not that I think the state is suddenly going to go blue. A red but because what I so adjustable Dean happened he got recalled 2 1/2 years into his day because San Francisco still run by liberals that contains nothing but liberals can't live a normal life to be there.

The founders of the smash and grab people are being killed on a daily basis assaulted.

Nobody's going to jail and a mayor and the people of Simpson scope acted. They also put a former Republican who want Democrat in name only.

In my opinion who's talking about being tough on crime, he won a right now is in a runoff election be the next mayor of Los Angeles and I think they're about to actually overturn this DA gas cone and have him ousted to. Do you think Alvin Bragg will be next because he doesn't want to prosecute criminals, either. What would you do about it.

I want you to hear what mayor Eric Adam said yesterday cut 12 unit was interesting to her profile picture. This emerging after the shooting. After the arrests after being let go. You know they do another show. People no longer believes that you can't do a shooting in the city. No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. These bad guys no longer take dumpsters they believe criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country. We have to get serious about this because innocent people are dying that Democrat number one.

He hasn't really done anything. The number seven barge, but at least he speaking out about it with you. Stanley Selden required one fire right now.

I write, he was elected New York governor has the constitutional authority to fiery Dist. Atty. refuses to enforce the law. It was one of the things that they got right in creating the New York State Constitution and I I would say that if that was in there for any particular reason Alvin Bragg nominated himself as the poster child of why the governor would have an authority like that if it DA Alvin Bragg's mind stands for defense attorney, not district attorney, then he should get fired. The local says we should cut them some slack you just got there you doing his job. He's refusing to enforce the law. He's not honoring his oath.

If you want to change the law, go to the state capital and advocate for changing of the law but in the meantime you have to do your darn job so day one I get sworn in on the first day that I'm in office. I will fire [Leslie Suffolk County as an example of how the red flag law can work you represent the Suffolk County district and they write today's New York Times colleagues examining of the Suffolk County cases on the red flag orders led to the removal of 160 guns, more than the five were military style.

The youngest subject 14. The oldest 88 the heavier use of red flag orders in Suffolk County does not appear to have produced significant changes in gun death rates compared with the rest of the state, but heart the former police commissioner said the county had been had seen several positive effects including parents having to confront their children children psychological problems. What should the audience know about Suffolk County and the red flag laws do they in fact work so we have to understand that you know well Suffolk County law enforcement and the judges are different. New York State's red flag law does have some flaws that need to get addressed. One is that if you you should not have your firearms taken away without having the notice of hearing to be allowed to be there to be represented to be able to state your case as to why you believe that your firearm shouldn't be taken away. That's one and I need to change. The second is if they do take away her firearms. The burden is now on you, the gun owner to appeal and you have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that you deserve to get your firearms back in and three is that your next-door neighbor makes a will also call law enforcement because you haven't some frightening out you know your neighbor has firearms you can make a claim illustrates a fake accusation in New York law there is no repercussions for making that fit charge you have to make some changes when you look at Suffolk County. This great law enforcement. You have great people you have, you have some really solid judges. It's not all perfect on all three of those.

But Suffolk is a place that it's where I grew up. It's where I live now it's were raising my family loves topic when you look at the red flag laws. It's really important that you are ensuring that you're not infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens while making sure that something like the Buffalo shooter doesn't have access to any fire on the typewritten or shoot a preschool. That's a felony that when you have those levels of indicators out there.

They are nominating themselves to not have any weapon whatsoever to carry out any type of an offense.

Lastly, I would say there should be some weight, put on asking mental health professionals your judge, your attorney you get into that position but you're not a mental health expert.

There's nothing wrong with getting an expert on board making that key decisions because you are taking away someone's firearms primary resulting result thank you show this to you until the side of purity and never compromise always politically get over that world.

The world is messy, their ambiguities, people who do really good stuff have flaws. Those were the good old days.

Remember you people do really good stuff that flaws not playing the perfect game the whole cancel culture woke thing. I believe that this horrific trial that was a train wreck to give us all a break from reality. When we watch these two starts to each other.

Amber heard and Johnny Depp.

Whoever hurts his got his abusers is unable to prove it.

Clearly she did not look authentic in the Jordan believer and it turns out that to me is the beginning of the end of woke in the beginning of believe her regardless and I hate it because a lot of people need to be believed, but when people like Amber heard, step up.

I think it hurts everybody and I think another person deserve great credit for that morning, but else. Practice: so will will talk about that coming up at the bottom of the arrow will continue take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 and the C if you did want to know more.

We are following this story about would be gunmen who also had a knife was in the neighborhood of Justice Cavanaugh with an attempt to get him an orc's family. Following this story by another breaking stories on the brain to meet you so busy he'll make you background check.

We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR 15 rifle 221. We need a waiting period for those rivals.

We need red flag laws and consequences for those who abuse him is a reasonable, practical, tactical regulations to our nationstates, community schools and homes responsible gun owners that up with the Second Amendment being abuse and hijacked by some deranged individuals.

That's one of the best minds Matthew McConaughey hat because he is responsible gun owner. He does have credibility. He actually knows you filed grew up there and then he has his mom taught down the street and he showed up there at the event because he came to Washington he knows the issues he smart guy.

He resonates with people beyond Hollywood like his movies so I do think that I know people listening right now to the show want to marginalize people that come from Hollywood because they're so sanctimonious a lead to. They have lives therebetween, totally divorced from reality and they are unfailingly like the late-night hosts all way left but I don't think Matthew McConaughey lives in that world. Also, just want to also mention special thank you to him now in Texas were with Matthew McConaughey lives in lived at KL.

I have been W BAP the open up their studios for me today. I do speech last night and I did not want to miss the radio show and they were nice enough to open up their doors and I appreciate that. So Matthew Kelly came out but now as people are brought up now it's the nitty-gritty when it comes to red flag laws. How do you implement one thing he brought up that Lee's Eldon just told us on this in this hour, the congressman from with the red flag law that they say is working in Suffolk County, New York.

There's gotta be consequences for wrongly accusing someone of acting in a way in which they don't are not worthy of a firearm.

Whether it's deranged Withers drinking with her to abuse, whether it's schizophrenia untreated. Whatever acting illogically, irrationally, violently, if you accuse some of that if you don't like them as a neighbor or as a spouse anymore then you have to pay the price.

So there's gotta be some consequences. Wrongly accused, but I think we all agree that's gotta be some way to to Dragon somebody's background.

If you are a nut job at 17 and you need medical help, psychological, tending to view really juvenile delinquent center because of your violent behavior. You turn 18 with a clean record walking to a gun store then you walk up with your racist beliefs into a Buffalo ball and start shooting people because they're black that's preventable if we find a way to address the juvenile problem and I do think the better it's better done locally in the state level. I think a red state of Florida is who handles things by by handling the age which by an AR 15 knocking up to 21.

I don't know if you heard Rick Scott, but he's not anything. If he sees nothing. He's not conservative. He was governor of the state. When that happened it wasn't strong-armed by a liberal legislature was after Parkland we understand so that's what Matthew McConaughey said. But the pushback was from Dan by Gino and Ann Ike I could play in a between the bread interview did a fantastic job. As expected, and his press conference which was good to see someone so talented to communicate behind that podium.

Thereby, Gino said this cut seven guidance and after I spent 10 years plus in my life more than that you are studying this issue was a police officer on the street. A federal agent got a little bit of experience here in the things he said some of the things he Saturday are just kind of hyperbolic and back where you have background checks is, is he not know that the White House podium. I'm sorry but you have a business to be accurate in your red flag laws. Again, I'm not very hot red flag was, you know what they're called. Parents really want a red flag in my kid is in trouble, but don't let your kid go buy a gun. You think the law is going to save you from an 18-year-old want to go and murder children. I can't wait for parents to do their job. I mean, what are the numbers are stunningly below 50% amendment people and from nuclear homes nuclear family homes with two parents oftentimes means one parent is working and I could paint all the scenarios I think depending on parents is not something we can do right now. I like to be that 20 year plan short, but I'm talking about it today. I'm told about it today.

Plan so damn budgie is a genius. There's nobody who has more practical solutions, but in this respect, waiting on parents. I think were all going to be waiting 20 years with a program in place for parents to learn to be responsible to raising their kids, many of which want no part of them.

I want to segue into the other big area and that is what's happening yesterday which has about Dean.

We found the DA didn't want to do his job prosecute crime. We watch the city fall apart and then recall this DA put in place by George Soros for the longest time I felt helpless as though the streets were handed over the criminals and gangs as they start infiltrating into the higher class communities. I know people saying that's a gang problem. That's an inner-city problem now became your problem with you like it or not, that's the truth.

And what a liberal city steps up and tells the DA to hit the streets.

I think America is at a turning point. I'm hopeful Jessica Malan Patterson was on Fox News at night which Shannon last night. She's a chairperson of a dot of something that's way too small and that's the California GOP cut 10. Grassroots movement of all political persuasions where California graphic policy and change in what you say that George gets cone you are next Alvin Bragg.

They're coming for you. Speaking of you accuse John you talk about what is it like he teaches at Berkeley is a conservative and he feels helpless as he watched Democrats destroy this state and get ready for California to give something else to us and that is rolling blackouts. No joke cut 14. Who were these people who are your overwhelming pushing about her conservative right wing conspirators he's being rejected by a liberal city. There still of progressive mayor a progressive city Council there no Republicans in any citywide office that's actually much like the whole state of California so you would see that same set of circumstances. Were there no Republicans in office. But you're seeing places like New York City, Los Angeles, or people who are moderates who just want to have safe homes and safe neighborhoods and can send their kids back to school are sick and tired of these progressive experiments yeah and that's were witnessing and he's there might be able to save California governor news Moses California is always first relieve the way the rest of the world will follow the rest of the country will follow. Let's hope just about Dean.

You hit the road. He says it was because the right wing finance. The recall movement. Nice try. The guy that financed it is liberal as the day is long. He was on with Fox and friends today. In fact Eric do we have his cut. The cut from the man who started the recall movement was on Fox and friends first. Today the tourism industry here in San Francisco is a major tax base. How how the government can function by the hotel tax and the spending by tourists, businesses, and so it's been decimated and it still hasn't come back. There's years away is whether projecting before he could potentially come back and now with the voting out. I like should even call them DA boating anymore right with voting out. We look forward to the mayor appointing an actual prosecutor is going to hold criminals accountable and lastly, I believe we living in a cub Matthew McConaughey if he is correct in America mostly in the center. One example of that is Harold for the other one is Henry Cuellar he's surviving. I think even of his recall his primary and what is turning into a Republican area on the order of in Texas. Henry Cuellar is a moderate cares about our country before party and they are trying to destroy him on the Democratic side, here's what he said about what happened in San Francisco and San Francisco very little place. They even send a strong message they want law and order in my district 28.

Certainly they did not believe my opponent's position on the phone the police, they did not support her procession on getting rid of ice or border patrol, and they certainly did agree on open borders and that was a strong message. If you look at the boats along the counties on the southern border. I want by 80+ percent of the vote because people understood that law and order, law and order is key to any of unction that government provides. I can't believe it really that sound but if you told me five years ago. I get is Henry Cuellar soundbite and it's about law and order they go. Yeah, let's not put it in the shop. Everybody knows we need law and order, but we don't. We watch our streets being run over. I see the New York City. As I mentioned before people know this. I take the train of the way home when I'm in a rush to hop on the subway and it doesn't look the same. It doesn't feel the same and people are just choosing not to ride and you know that because when you hop in the car now has been his New York traffic is if I hop in the car I 48 and six in Manhattan and want to drive to Long Island without traffic. It's 40 minutes. How do I know because at 3 o'clock in the morning when I'm coming to work. That's how long it takes on the way home three hours part of the reason is there's nobody takes mass transportation will because it's not safe. And the reason why Eric Adams when a Democratic primary is because he had a police background and promises law and order stuff that we used to take for granted. We should talk about taxes and energy and quality of life of the quality of life is everything to do with law and order.

Lastly, just to complete the big three would talk about the economy wherever you go. People talk about inflation working class, especially people talk about gas prices were getting close to $10 gas when Jenny Ellen came to Capitol Hill. She was confronted by Steve Daines and Steve Daines wanted to know some answers.

Why are you acting so surprised that the price of gas is so high and inflation is so high, here's a little that confrontation cut 19 equipment purchase secretary. Do you agree with the San Francisco for the nearly $2 trillion in March spending package was a significant causal factor in the high increasingly broad basics are inflation, we observe this past year, Sen. We're seeing high inflation in almost all developed countries around the world and they have very different fiscal policies so it can't be the case that the bulk of the inflation that we are experiencing reflects the impact of the ERP game if you if Joe Biden had his way with the get go back better, which would've been another 1.5 trillion on top of the 1.4 or 1.9 trillion I forgot exactly. It's all becoming a blur that he passed when in the winter of 2021, and now when Larry Summers came and said whoa you can't be spending like this much is too much money in the system. Already Steve Daines said the same thing Janet Yellen said don't worry about it. She later apologized for saying that she thought inflation was transitory Saturday just trying to say if you thought about it. If you listen to some dissenting views you wouldn't have had to apologize for.

Is she taking the hit for Joe Biden forced it down her throat right is three hours and radio everybody. Welcome back. Thanks to everyone here is sexist for the time and the energy and all the great accommodations as I don't want to miss the show. But I had a speaking speaking assignment that was three years delayed was on Sam used in the Alamo Avengers in Texas. I did not want with this organization down supposed to be in a weekend were finally able to work it out. Three years later.

So I talked about Sam used in the Alamo Avengers and be able to talk about all the other history books from George Larson secret six and Thomas Jefferson, the triply part Andrew Jackson Merkel of New Orleans and the president freedom fighter and with that I did not want to miss the radio show and and here in Dallas are able to open up their doors. So let's find out when this time a very serious stuff and strife, with January 6.

The hearings looming. If there's more to know no target will slash the prices of unwanted items have ahead of the clearance rack as he tries to get rid of 15.1 billion in piled up inventory shares have slid 4% on this note some of things to try to get rid of imagine. I don't want but essentially the amounts are as much is 50% more than just a year ago after they have left in terms inventory Blockbuster seal seal of the store site including 4P's outdoor furniture set usually price of 409-2267 marked of nearly 35% and a 40 inch HD television for 200 bucks marked down from 250. Good luck with that. Go shopping.

Next, not a surprise is perceived so the way Tiger played last time out he is pulled out of next week's U.S. Open because his body needs more time to rest today.

I was optimistic after the Masters, not after the PGA which enter the competition, a Masters in April 14 after losing it almost losing his right leg in a crash finished 47th works talk about that.

He tweeted something out. Meanwhile, Paramount was hit with a copyright lawsuit by the family of the family of the author behind the original use the original story of Top Gun.

The lawsuit filed by Shasha and Lavoie. You know I on Monday in California, according to the wrap by the heirs to the noisy of estate and the author 93 article that Top Gun is the storyline Top Gun was based on that article by evidently they were not paid. Talk a maverick premier on March 27 after serving two years of delays to the coronavirus.

It's made $160 million in four days and Top Gun has stayed atop the second straight week and bringing 86 million. The case arises out of Paramount's conscious failure to reacquire the requisite film and ancillary rights.

What see if they'll get paid next Massapequa zone Jerry Seinfeld has sold a pair of lawsuits stemming from $1.54 million sale of one of his classic porches. We've all had this problem.

The 1958 Porsche Speedster was one of 17 cars.

The comedian auctioned off in Florida for a total of $22 million, three years after the sale in 2019, the buyer, the Porsche file. The lawsuit alleges the vehicle was an authentic factory built that, been converted to resemble the model that was advertised, I can relate to the story.

Seinfeld also filed his own third-party compile complaint against the dealer. He purchased the vehicle from both lawsuits have not been settled. So I guess the guy was right and I guess I felt was right against the dealer was wrong. Next, this is unbelievable. I can't secure a small cancer immunotherapy drug trial in patients with rectal cancer has 100% result hundred percent of the patients who took this experimental drug when the complete remission quote. I believe this is the first time this is happened in the history of cancer. According to the paper co-author Luis Diaz Junior of Memorial Sloan-Kettering pretty great news.

Next NASA to launch the priority mission exploring mysterious domes on the moon surface.

Why haven't I been told about this, the space agency announced the rover will visit the group to group, toy syndromes, geological feature that has baffled scientists. I did not know we had baffled scientists with anything on the moon. The domes is suspected to have been formed by a sticky magma rich silica similar to the composition in granite for more on this here's Eric. Eric you know everything space related that I pronounce one of those words right.

I don't think you did but I couldn't have either you have any baffling questions about the moon know what there was nothing but a really shiny part on some point can explain some people find out what that was right.

Go for the shiny part one must give you listening find out with the shiny stuff is about Brian Kelly, thanks so much for listening over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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