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The Best NFL Draft Fits (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 17, 2024 12:23 pm

The Best NFL Draft Fits (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 17, 2024 12:23 pm

How many QB’s will be first rounders? I Realistic NFL Draft Fits I Bucks Pressure 

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It is the Zach Gelb show. We are in draft mode this time of the year. We're gearing up for next week. We're next Thursday, 32 picks. Can't wait for it in the first round where all the months and months and months of speculation goes right into the trash can and we figure out what the reality of the situation is. Now, I want to do a segment here where it's based off the quarterbacks Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, JJ McCarthy, Drake May and Michael Penix Jr.

But before we do this and talk about what's the best and most realistic fit when you have a Venn diagram, you put the best and then you put realistic and you get the middle part of the Venn diagram. And that's going to spit out the answer for us because I could sit here and say, oh, for Caleb Williams, let's look deep down the board. The best fit could be the Buffalo Bills or the Detroit Lions. I mean, the Lions aren't a trading up. We know the Bills aren't trading up to get a quarterback because they're not going to get rid of Jared Goff or Josh Allen and nor should they get rid of Josh Allen. For Caleb Williams, I would get rid of Jared Goff, but not Josh Allen.

So we'll do that in just a second. But my most fascinating takeaway from the Field-Yates conversation. Santa, like I ask you, how many quarterbacks are going to go in the first round?

You would agree, right? The number is five. You think five quarterbacks are going to go in the first round? I think that's pretty easy peasy with the way this has been talked about with a chance at six.

See, that's the part I've never even contemplated when he talked. When I asked him, hey, Michael Pennix Junior, because we know one, two and three, it's going to be quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. The Patriots could trade out. I think they'll end up taking Drake May. And I have something to say about Drake May coming up later in the show that I think is going to surprise people. But Caleb Williams one, Jayden Daniels two, Drake May at three.

That's what it feels like. I know there's been a lot of talk about McCarthy. McCarthy usurping May.

I'll believe it when I see it. So those quarterbacks going one, two and three. And maybe the Patriots trade the pick and a team like Minnesota comes up. Do they prefer McCarthy over May? The rate of McCarthy?

Who knows? There's going to be three quarterbacks going in the first three picks of the draft. And then you know that there will be a fourth that goes at the absolute latest by six.

And that's the part of this that's going to be fascinating to watch. It's really the spots at four and five because the Cardinals could trade back. The Chargers could trade back. And one of those teams elect to trade back.

Then the Giants go. We're not taking a QB. And we're going to go and take a player at six. Whoever the best player is available at the time. Probably Malik neighbors. Because I got to think Marvin Harrison Jr. goes either four or five. A team makes a trade up for a quarterback. Then boom. You take the next best player from most people's draft and that's going to be Malik neighbors.

Even though I personally prefer Roma Dunze over Malik neighbors. But I'll take my personal preference out of it and just tell you how I think this is going to go. But let's say the Cardinals go. I'm not passing up on Marvin Harrison Jr. And Jim Harbaugh goes I'm not passing up on Joe Alt or maybe I'll take Malik neighbors or Roma Dunze whoever. Then the Giants will take a quarterback at six. As long as one of the four quarterbacks are available at six. The Giants will take a quarterback. So if you have four quarterbacks potentially going in the first five picks or four going in the first six.

Then the name Michael Pennix Jr. is the one to watch. And you have that kind of pile up of teams at eleven twelve and thirteen with the Vikings the Broncos and the Raiders. Only one of those teams will probably end up being successful.

If there is a trade up into four or five. Only one of those teams will probably move up. So let's just say the Vikings are the one to move up.

Then the Broncos and the Raiders have a decision. Do you take Michael Pennix Jr. I think of Michael Pennix Jr. goes to the Broncos.

He will not be a good pro quarterback. I know he has Sean Payton, but they don't really have much in Denver right now. And I think that is a big part of it because you look at the receivers that Michael Pennix Jr. had at Washington.

That was a really good environment and a really good situation with a really good coach in Kalin to board. But if Michael Pennix Jr. winds up with Stu's team, the Raiders, and you have Davante Adams. That's a pretty damn good one to punch in the first year, especially with how you could throw the deep ball to Davante Adams.

Because when I watch Michael Pennix Jr., that's my big concern about him. And Michigan kind of exposed this. They dared him to make the underneath throws. And he wasn't able to in that national championship game. And you go back to the semifinal game against Texas, the pinpoint deep ball accuracy was crazy.

And how many different quarterbacks have joined us in the last few weeks? And they've said from a pure passer of the football down the field, they think Michael Pennix Jr. is the best pure passing quarterback from the pocket in this draft. A lot of that, I think, though, is with the deep ball accuracy. I think the middle and the short throws are what potentially concerns me with Michael Pennix Jr. But you put him in the right environment with the right wide receivers.

I think he could be a good quarterback in this league. But it seemed like this, Santer, when it came to Phil Yates. And he even said it with the date, right? I don't know if he thought that was going to get aggregated and pumped out there.

But he said it with the date like today, closing in on 5 p.m. Eastern time. When he said a few moments ago on April 16th, I have Michael Pennix Jr. over Bo Nix. I have not heard a peep about Bo Nix in this draft process.

And I'll reveal this, and this is not anything that's crazy. I've been trying to get Bo Nix on this show for the last month. I have a connection to the Bo Nix camp. And everyone's busy this time of the year.

Because you're going on all these visits, especially when you're a quarterback. So me saying that Bo Nix has been busy and Bo Nix has been on a lot of meetings isn't this great revelation. But maybe the Bo Nix market is a little bit more active than what we thought. I would still be surprised if he goes in the first round. But what Phil Yates just said makes me wonder if at the back end of the first round, if a team tries to move up from the second round and get a head start. Or early on in the second round, let's see the first seven picks of the second round. Carolina's not taking a quarterback. Let's see the Patriots passing a quarterback at three. Could Bo Nix be in play at 34?

I guess. Arizona won't. The commanders can take a quarterback, so they won't. The Chargers won't. Tennessee at 38 won't.

And then you have Carolina at 39, they won't. So Bo Nix may be at the end of the first round, but the first three picks, Carolina, New England, Arizona, maybe even four, Washington. I think those first four picks of the second round is Bo Nix territory, just maybe not with any of those four teams that we do talk about. But I was surprised that when I said five quarterbacks go in the first round and is Penix next guy off the board how early, and he's like, don't sleep on Bo Nix. It seems like you haven't heard Bo Nix's name at all during this draft process. No, but if we're talking about four quarterbacks potentially going in the top six, then you've got 26 other picks to get these other two quarterbacks in.

It's not unfeasible. There's a lot of teams that need a quarterback, and getting that extra year, having a first-round quarterback, getting that fifth year, it makes a big deal with these quarterback salaries. So this is why Lamar Jackson went 32, why the Ravens traded up to get him there.

It should have been earlier. But the reason why the Ravens traded up, they were like, we'd rather have him in the first round get that extra year in case he does pan out than take him in the second or third round or whatever he could have fallen down to. So there's an extreme value in taking the guy in the first round. So if a team like the Broncos or the Vikings or whoever it is or the Raiders can't get one of those top five guys or maybe they have Nix above Penix, it makes sense. I'd rather take Penix or Nix or whatever in the first round, even at 13, 14, even if it's a huge reach, if you think that he could be your quarterback, then wait until the second, third, fourth round. Because look at the Titans, for example.

With Levis. But also, just real quickly, in that draft, if you recall, three quarterbacks didn't go early. A young one, you had Shroud 2, Richardson 4, and then everyone thought Levis was going to be a first-round pick. Maybe in the top five, he didn't go until the second round. And same thing with Malik Willis for the Titans the year before that.

Went to the third round. With Levis, if he ends up panning out, the Titans have to, you know, they have less time to evaluate him. It's a good problem to have, though.

But I get what you're saying. So part of it is they have to know for sure if he's the guy. But now you have less time to make the decision on whether or not... You'll know that after this year, though. You will know this year if he's capable of being the guy. Because what they did was they said this offseason, okay, we already have DeAndre Hopkins. We're going to go get you. We'll overpay. We'll get you Calvin Ridley. We'll bring in Tony Pollard, who's not great, but he's solid.

And then they'll go get a good play on the defense side of the ball. And Jerry Esteet, they did enough this offseason where... I'm not saying anyone's believing Tennessee should go be a big contender or a big player.

But it's enough to evaluate Will Levis. And that's a problem with a lot of these teams that draft a quarterback. This is what scares me the most because I just saw it play out with my team. Yeah, you make the playoffs here at one with Mac Jones. But after that, you didn't have an offensive coordinator. That was actually an offensive coordinator.

You had no number one weapon, so the fit is so big. And I think Bo Nix would be a bad fit in Denver. The Raiders, all right, you got Devonta Adams.

So you got something there. But I don't think they're going to take him with the 13th overall pick with the Raiders. I'm trying to think where Bo Nix can go.

And Vikings make sense. Bo Nix is 24 years old. If you're the Vikings, you want a guy who can come in right away and be successful.

You don't panic. Bo Nix makes sense. You don't want a young guy that's kicked two or three years to develop. But you got to remember, the Vikings are at 11. They're projected to move up. So if they move up, let's just talk about this realistically. If they move up into the three to five spot of this draft, they're either taking Drake May or J.J. McCarthy. Jayden Daniels is going to. So they would either take Drake May or J.J. McCarthy. They don't move up at 11.

They can't move up. I got to think it's Michael Penix Jr. as the guy. I feel better about Michael Penix Jr. than I do with Bo Nix. I think the spot Bo Nix goes to is where there's already an established quarterback. And they say, OK, if this quarterback doesn't pan out or we don't get a deal done with this quarterback, then that could be the quarterback of the future. And you know, the two teams are. It's the Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys. And before everyone says, Zach, what the heck are you talking about?

Like, well, what drugs are you on? Neither of those teams have got a deal done yet with Dak Prescott. Or to a tongue of Iloa, both of them are in the final year of their contract, no long term extension. So is it crazy to see a team set up a potential plan if you can't get a deal done?

I get it. You could slap the franchise tag on Tua. And Dak Prescott, you can't. But that could be kind of an insurance move. I don't know, like what the Eagles did with Jalen Hurts. And they already paid Carson once at the time.

So it's not crazy. But I feel as if Bo Nix is going to land probably in a spot where, like, if Denver gets him, they'll find the way. And I know they don't have a lot of capital, but to trade up somewhere in the second round and get into the second round to get him. But if he's going to go in the first round or the early second round, you know, you've got to think maybe back end to the first round. Like, I don't know if Dallas takes him in the first. I don't think the Dolphins would take him in the first. But that second round, you go move up and go get a guy to see falling just to be there in case you don't get a deal done with Dak or Tua. And both those guys are good quarterbacks. But that's like that's where I think Bo Nix is going.

I never really thought of Bo Nix being a first round pick until Phil Yates said it. So anyway, let's take a time out here when we come on back on the Infinity Sports Network. Jayden Daniels, J.J. McCarthy, Caleb Williams, Michael Pennix and Drake May. When you combine the best and the most realistic fit, who's the team that we will spit out to you?

8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. Zach Gilb showing the Infinity Sports Network. It is the Infinity Sports Network.

You could stream us slash at Infinity Sports Net. So Chef Michael Michael in California gave an interesting suggestion. And I don't think this has been a team that we've talked about yet about potentially drafting a quarterback. But I don't hate it. And they have an early ish pick in the draft. They're like in the middle part of the draft. And that's the New Orleans Saints. They don't have a quarterback of the future.

Now, this is a tricky part. You don't just take a quarterback to take a quarterback. But they're sitting there at 14.

Michael Pennix Jr. still there at 14. Do you pass on him? Now, let's say Bo Nix falls into the second round. Do you pass on him at 45 when you have your second round pick? That's another team that you got to look at.

Now, here's the problem, though, with those two guys in particular. If this was a conversation about Drake May slam dunk because he's younger. Bo Nix is already 24. He turns 25 in February. Michael Pennix Jr. is 23. He turns 24 next month. Can you sit Michael Pennix Jr. or Bo Nix for a year?

Probably not. But here's the other part, too. Derek Carr just ain't that good. So if you think Michael Pennix Jr. or Bo Nix is that dude for your team, whether it's in the first or the second round. I'm not caring about the feelings of Derek Carr. But this is something that Stu knows and I know Derek Carr is not going to be a good soldier. And Dennis Allen does love Derek Carr. So I'd be surprised if the Saints end up taking Michael Pennix Jr. because they do believe he'll be a first round pick. But in the second round, I don't think it's crazy that Bo Nix starts to fall.

You go get him now. Dead cap. I know it's not as we once explained.

You can move it around with the post cuts and things like that. And the dead cap, though, for next year with Derek Carr, 50 million dollars. Twenty twenty six, twenty eight million dollars. And he's a free agent in twenty twenty seven. You know, good on Derek Carr.

Not one of my favorites, if you listen to this show. But he went from being released from the Raiders into getting a four year one hundred and fifty million dollar contract from the Saints. So what's your honest analysis of Derek Carr?

Because. I don't want to say I hate Derek Carr because I hate just too strong of a word. But he's just like obnoxious to me. He's just a dude that it's always the woe is me kind of feel with Derek Carr. There was a lot of situations, don't get me wrong, where he got screwed over with the Raiders. But I kind of feel as if his leadership style is a little phony at times. And I understand you got to carry yourself in high class and high regard and you should think that you're the best. But anyone actually thinks that this dude and if he actually thinks he's a top ten quarterback in the NFL.

What are we doing here? Yeah, he's definitely not. He was probably my favorite player for like five, six, seven years. Which isn't saying a lot. Who are you going to pick?

Robert Gallery? I mean, I really I love Derek Carr at one point. It just got to a point like the last two or three years where I was ready to move on.

I have had enough with him. I was happy when they decided to part ways with him. And now it's just like I'm kind of happy, even though my team doesn't have a quarterback right now.

I was kind of happy to not have that problem anymore. Do you want your team to take a quarterback in the first round? Yeah, I do. If it's the right one, like I would not mind Pennix. I think he would be good. OK, so trade up category. Just give me yes or no. Would you be interested in trading up for Jayden Daniels? Yes. Would you be interested in trading up for Drake May? No. Would you be interested in trading up for J.J. McCarthy? No. Would you be interested in trading up for Michael Pennix Jr.? Yes. OK. How about Bo Nix?

No. Obviously you're not going to trade up for 13. Now how about you take a player at 13. And then you trade up with your second round selection into the back end of the first round. And I don't know, maybe give up a future second round pick or something to go get Bo Nix. I guess. I mean, if it's the second round and a future pick, I guess if they're really convinced that Nix is that good.

But I'm not convinced he is. OK, let's get to this. I'll give you the five quarterbacks right now where I'll give you the six. Williams, Daniels, McCarthy, May, Pennix and the Nix.

When you combine best fit and most realistic fit, what is the answer? For Caleb Williams, it's the Bears. The Bears are not a bad fit.

I get it. That's where quarterbacks pretty much go to have their careers ruined. And the Bears, the organization, though, is in a different spot right now. I'm not going to tell you Ryan Polls is the greatest GM in the world.

I'm not going to tell you Matt Eberfluss is the greatest head coach in the world. But you have enough just drafting on the offensive line. You have D.J.

Moore. You got Keenan Allen. You got more than enough for a young quarterback to be able to swim rather than sink when entering a franchise. I will then go for Jayden Daniels.

It's the commanders. You have Terry McLaurin. That is an underrated wide receiver in the NFL. I think he is a top 10 wide receiver in the league. I know that you have a new coaching staff in there with the commanders. But Jayden Daniels is just I think there's only two quarterbacks that have the potential being a lead in this draft.

I really do. It's Williams and it's Daniels. I think Drake May has potential to be very, very, very good. But what concerns me with Drake May, and I've said this from all along, is that the difference between how people view the floor to the ceiling with him.

Where the floor seems like wensie in bed. And then the ceiling is, oh, he could be a combination of Justin Herbert and Josh Allen. And I hear that.

I'm like, all right, that seems pretty, pretty, pretty good to me, if you don't say so myself. But then there's like the wens part about it where you could look like an MVP one year, and then you're never able to capture that back up and you end up just making dumb decision after dumb decision. So Williams and Daniels are the two best quarterbacks in this draft class. Bears and commanders is what they're going to go. And I think that's both the best and most realistic fit for those guys when you get what's in the middle of that question. Now, for McCarthy, May, Michael Pennock Jr. and Bo Nix.

I'll go Bo Nix first, just because I already kind of spoiled it. It's the Cowboys. This is what the Cowboys do. It would be the perfect drama scenario where I don't believe that the Cowboys are going to take a quarterback in the first round, but they're sitting there at 24.

So let's say they bypass at 24. And then in the second round, they have a pick at 56. They can move up from 56 to go get a quarterback. And it's something that Jerry Jones would love to do. Oh, yeah, Dak Prescott is your guy. You believe in Dak Prescott, but then you add a little drama into it. And Trey Lance is still in that roster, too.

I would actually. Now, it's not going to be in Dallas. Can we see Trey Lance actually get his butt on the field?

Can we see someone give Trey Lance an actual opportunity? That was another guy. The floor is really low.

The ceiling is really high. Everyone's telling me potential, potential, potential, potential. I remember because Trey Lance. Yeah, that was the Lawrence draft class.

Yeah, it was a Trevor Lawrence draft class. I remember getting into a screaming debate on the show when Hickey referred Ryan Hickey. It is a great job for J.R. Produce used to be my producer and host Hickey at night on the Infinity Sports Network.

Give you a plug. You know, Pop Hicks. They're my guy. Sundays from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern Time.

Many of these same great Infinity Sports Network affiliate Sirius XM Channel 158 and the Free Odyssey app. And Hickey said to me, oh, well, Trey Lance is the highest ceiling out of any quarterback in the show. I'm like, based off what? Like, Trevor Lawrence was the ceiling for that draft class. And now you're telling me after three years of everyone slobbering on Trevor Lawrence, something that could be better than Trevor Lawrence?

So I usually hate that word, highest ceiling, and it concerns me and it makes the hair on my neck just stand up. But that's like one of those scenarios where Trey Lance, highest ceiling guy, highest ceiling guy, what the heck happened from that? Where you go to San Francisco, year one, it's Jimmy G, then year two, you're supposed to be the guy you get hurt. And now no one in the NFL wants to put you on the field as a starting quarterback. That's wild to me.

It's absolutely wild and stunning to me. Where this guy really didn't even get a chance. Was it that bad behind the scenes? And I interviewed Trey Lance once, was blown away by Trey Lance. I interviewed Trey Lance a year before he got drafted. A full year before he got drafted, more than a year. Polished, sharp, just sounded like a quarterback.

And now this dude can't even see the field. So Bo Nix would be my fit for the Cowboys. We're being the second round somewhere. Jerry Jones would serve up a lot of drama. And there's always that thought, OK, Dak wants to walk at the end of the year.

You need some replacement plan right away. Some have said that Bo Nix is a first round talent. Alrighty, now to the next three. J.J. McCarthy, the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings, if they trade up, I know a lot of people are going to speculate that it's going to be Drake May. Personally, I feel like Drake May is going to go three to my New England Patriots.

But I look at J.J. McCarthy and I said this before in the show and I'll say it again. He goes to New England. He goes to the Giants.

It's going to be a disaster. New England doesn't have a number one wide receiver. The Giants' best wide receiver is Jalen Hyatt right now.

You look around. I know that Dayball is there with the Giants, an offensive-minded head coach. But I had one good year, then one bad year. J.J. McCarthy would be a fail in the NFL, a failure in the NFL if he goes to New England or if he goes to the New York Giants. Minnesota, they got to move up to go get him. You put J.J. McCarthy in a dome with the creativity of Kevin O'Connell and you have Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. I think J.J. McCarthy could be good. I don't think J.J. McCarthy is a ceiling of a great quarterback, but I do think there is some untapped potential and I look at him and I do believe he could be good if put in the right spot. So J.J. to Minnesota.

Alrighty. For the combination of best and most realistic fit, Drake May, the New York Giants. I don't think anyone's made this point yet about Drake May. So many people compare him to like a poor man's Josh Allen.

Well, who did Josh Allen have his most success with? Brian Deball. Now, this would require the Giants to move up from six, but it's not impossible to move up from six to three or six to four or six to five.

That's not a crazy jump whatsoever. So Drake May, not only because of the Deball connection, but what does everyone say about Drake May? Probably not NFL ready. You may have to sit him for the majority of his first season. Well, you have Daniel Jones, who I know they pay him as if they believe in him, but they don't actually believe in him. And it is wandering eyes yesterday at the press conference. So this thing is over.

This thing's a disaster. You could throw Daniel Jones to the wolves and hope that Daniel Jones stays healthy, which has been a problem in his career. And if Daniel Jones does, he could weather the storm until May's ready.

And if he doesn't, then you have to throw May earlier into the situation than what you would like. And finally, Michael Pennix, Jr. It's the Raiders.

It's those Raiders. I think he'll be there right at 13. I don't know if they're going to take him, but having Devante Adams there, you need a quarterback. You have an opportunity here to capitalize off some positive energy from a year ago. You don't get a quarterback and Minshew doesn't able to to really pop off or Aiden O'Connell is not the guy, which I don't think neither of those guys a long term answer.

Then next year, you're looking at a potential trade situation where Devante Adams like, OK, I know I said I was good, but now I'm no longer good because we don't have a quarterback and I want to go play with someone that could actually throw the rock. Alrighty. Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. We will take a time out.

The future of Steph Curry and LeBron James, why they need to be on the same team next year. I'll tell you why next update time. Here he is, the act man, Rich Ackerman.

It is Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. I have an admission to make. For the last few months, I've been very no Drake May, no Drake May, no Drake May.

Now, this is new territory for me. I'm not used to having my football team suck. I'm not used to picking in the top three.

These are all foreign concepts to me. I wanted Jayden Daniels. I still want Jayden Daniels. But I have to be realistic. I can't keep on asking for the PlayStation five during the holidays.

And I don't have the resources, let's say, to get the PlayStation five. You know, you got to just be honest with yourself. So when I was upset when my football team won at the end of the year against the Broncos and the Steelers. Screw those two fan bases, by the way, Steelers couldn't beat us. You never beat us. We suck. You still can't beat us. And the Broncos. Come on. Chad Ryland was trying to. Kick the Patriots to the to the second overall pick. He was missing field goals throughout the entirety of that game, and then he made a big kick at the end.

But I still stand by the idea that Jayden Daniels will be the better quarterback than Drake May. This is why I know it stinks to tank. But towards the end of the season, people are like, oh, it's so good to win.

It's wonderful. What's the difference of like four or five wins? Oh, yeah. The second or the first overall pick to then sit in there at three when you have a draft that's going to be quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. So I'd rather have Caleb Williams. I'd rather have. Jayden Daniels, but. At three.

I'm going to give these Zach Gelb endorsement as a Patriot fan for this team to draft Drake May. And even though. I am scared. Leap less about the possibility and the despair and the difference and the wide range from the floor to the ceiling with this guy.

And I was not blown away from what I've seen this past year with them. If this guy could turn out to reach that ceiling. Or if he could just come close to touching the ceiling, don't even touch the ceiling, just come close. You're talking about. An athletic, big quarterback. That could chuck the ball.

That's getting comparisons to. A Josh Allen and a Justin Herbert. He asked me right now, Zach, would you want Josh Allen?

Yeah. Hell, yeah. You want Justin Herbert?

Hell, yeah. So if this guy has the potential to be that. This is my endorsement for the Patriots to draft Drake May, but with one little caveat. You don't play him in year one. You punt on year one. And I don't care how much I bitch and complain in October when this dreadful football team continues to be dreadful. I'm sitting there saying, oh, I can't watch Jacoby percent anymore. He sucks. Don't care. Santer, you have the ability to punch me in the face.

I am giving you the right. You could punch me in the face if this team drafts Drake May and Drake May only. And I'm sitting there like week five or week six or week seven. I'm saying, play him, play him, play him, play him, play him. You sit him for the entirety of the season, maybe the last three, four games of the season. You could throw him out there, but for the majority of the season, you sit him. And then this off season, Robert Kraft. You are a bad man and you will go out there and you go get this dude. Good, great NFL wide receivers, because I like KJ Osborne.

I like Kendrick Bourne, friend of the show. And I'm number one wide receivers. OK, they're not. When I have to get excited about Hunter Henry coming on back and resigning with this team, that shows you the lack of weapons that this team has. So on April 16th.

In the year of 2024. I am in on the Patriots taking Drake May. As long as they barely play him in year one. So just good news for you. I just got off the phone, Gerard Mayo and Robert Kraft just called me. And they said we're not going to draft Drake May unless we got the seal of approval from Zach Gilb. Now they've officially given the OK and the thumbs up. It looks like Drake May might be in play for the Patriots at number three.

I'm just saying that that endorsement is very, very, very important. I'm quickly scrubbing Twitter right now and seeing how many bad Drake May tweets I've had. I only think I've been anti Drake May on the show.

I can't really find anything on Twitter. I mean, I think I think the story about Drake May is everything that we've been hearing is that he has this incredible talent, this incredible upside, this incredible skill set. He has all the stuff that looks great for an NFL quarterback. And when he's on, he is elite.

The problem is he's inconsistent. And that was kind of the same thing with Josh Allen. Josh Allen, when he was on, was incredible at Wyoming.

But then when he was off, he couldn't catch a throw. Who was watching Josh Allen at Wyoming? Scouts. This was what the scouting reports were.

Not me. I watched a few games with Josh Allen because the buzz was there. And the Jets were in play to potentially get him. Yeah, that's right. Donald ended up being that pick there instead.

In a previous life or something. Yeah, I know. It's crazy. Gosh, man. Josh Allen. But I guess my point is that I don't think I've heard anything that's swayed me one way or the other.

It's always been the same thing. The guy has the tools to be elite. He's just been so inconsistent. So the question is, do you want to roll the dice and gamble? And it's like a 50-50 shot. Yeah, it's a 50-50 shot. If he's going to end up turning into Josh Allen and getting rid of those bad habits and those inconsistencies and being great consistently.

Or if he's just going to like... So you know why it concerns me? It concerns me because how many times have we seen people say that not is someone going to be like Mahomes, but they could be 50% of Mahomes or 75% of Mahomes. We've heard that a lot in the draft class with Trey Lance, with Zach Wilson. Both those guys have done nothing in the NFL.

And that's the fear. Now, you also heard a little bit about that with Jordan Love. And not that Jordan Love is Patrick Mahomes, but Jordan Love did some impressive things his first true year as a starter. So come Thursday night, like a few weeks ago, I thought I was going to be cursing out the TV if they take Drake May. I've talked myself into Drake May now, but they can't play him year one. They play him more than three, four games a year one, they're going to ruin another quarterback.

And they can't ruin another quarterback. Alrighty, tonight in the playing tournament, go Pelicans, go Pels. I want to see them beat the Lakers.

Nothing anti-Laker here, nothing all spruce stew here. It's because I want to see on Friday night, LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers go up against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. And the winner of that would play the Oklahoma City Thunder. I look at the Warriors game tonight, too, against the Sacramento Kings. You know, we need the Warriors to win.

Alright, that's doable. How about the Kings, man? They were such a fun team last year.

People thought they were ready to make that next step. And they've been disappointed that they're in the playing tournament this year. But give me Warriors and Lakers coming up Friday evening and I'll be all in on this playing tournament. But any or either of these fan bases, Golden State or the Lakers, that think they're winning another championship again if they don't make significant changes, you're crazy. Like the Lakers know they got to make significant changes.

The Warriors, I think their fans may know it, but even with new management in, that entire organization is like, Oh, Klay, we'll bring him back on a cheaper deal. Oh, Draymond, yeah, he'll go punch about 700 other people. But Draymond's still our guy. We need Draymond Green. The Warriors need to do this this offseason. They need to find the way, beg, pray like you never prayed before, to get that someone will take Draymond. Attach picks if you need to. You want to bring Klay back on the cheap?

Fine. But Steph's got to work his magic here. LeBron has floated out that idea before about being on the same team as Steph Curry. Steph still got a few years left on that contract. LeBron James can opt out this summer. We don't know what the future of LeBron James is. I think most of us expect that he'll be back with the Lakers and they run it back.

But LeBron James should opt out. Steph Curry and LeBron should get on the same phone and they should get LeBron James to Golden State. And I don't know if it wins a championship, but it makes the Golden State Warriors fun. You know, it makes watching Steph Curry and LeBron James fun again, where you watch them right now and you both look at their teams. You're like, nope, neither of those guys are going to win a championship.

Neither of those guys are going to win another championship again. And now there's not like a super team out there. The Suns try to be a super team, but they're not. You got dynamic duos in Boston. You got Jason Tatum and you got Jalen Brown. In Denver, you got the Joker and Jamal Murray. In Dallas, you got Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. With the Bucks, as long as he stays healthy, you got Giannis Antetokounmpo and Dame Lillard. This is a league now of dynamic duos. So partner up on the back end of both of their careers, LeBron James and Steph Curry.

That's what I want to see come next NBA season. Stu, is LeBron back with your Lakers next year? I think he is. I think he's back.

I think he is too. Even though I just suggested what I just suggested. Yeah, I wouldn't hate your suggestion. I think that'd be really good for the league. It'd be great for the league.

Be phenomenal. You have these two good teams or these two teams that used to be good and you have these two great players trying to both win another championship. And you know neither of them are going to win another championship because the Lakers do nothing. And the Warriors do nothing but try to repeat the history of the past and keep on doubling down on these guys. So let's set it up with Lakers lose tonight. Warriors win tonight. We see that on Friday and maybe, just maybe, the winner of the game, that's who we determine where LeBron or Steph goes. Now in all likelihood it would have to be LeBron going to the Warriors.

Let's get that happening. Is there any chance around the room real quickly, just give me a number, out of a hundred. What's the chance LeBron retires this offseason? Five out of a hundred. Five. Five?

Samter? Very low. Five, ten percent.

Okay. I'll say fifteen. That number will drop though if Bronny goes back to college. If Bronny stays through with this draft process and gets drafted, I wonder if LeBron then hangs it up, that's why the number is that rich.

Because once again I believe LeBron wants to play on the same team as his son, but I don't know how much his son is going to welcome that idea. Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. Appreciate you stopping on by today.

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