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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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April 26, 2024 7:26 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 26, 2024 7:26 pm

Quarterbacks are all the craze early in the first round l Randy McMichael, former NFL tight end l Calls on the first round of the NFL Draft

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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That's, code SMOOTH. Enjoy! It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. I'm being joined by super producer and host Ryan Hickey.

He's in New York City. And I don't know where you're at, but happy Friday to you. I hope you're good.

I hope you're well. We're going to be rolling here for the next four hours. This is when the show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. It has been a busy 24 hours.

You can pretty much say that Detroit has been the centerpiece of it, especially with round one of the NFL Draft in the books. We've had a lot of introductory press conferences today. Michael Penix Jr., yep, he was here in Atlanta. Spoke to the media. Drake May, yep, he was up in New England, up at Foxborough.

Spoke to everybody up there. Was quick to say, I'm not Tom Brady. Don't look for Tom Brady.

That ain't me. We've had a variety of other players and QBs. Kind of talk because this is what the draft was all about, right? Offense. Didn't have a defensive player taken until number 15, Mr. Latu to the Indianapolis Colts.

And so we got a stacked and packed show for you over the next four hours. Second round of the draft is going to be underway next hour. And so we'll have an opportunity to see if the Buffalo Bills actually make a smart decision or whether they want to keep on trading down and down and down and down some more. Maybe they want to, you know, send the Kansas City Chiefs a cake, a wide receiver, a free vacation. I don't know. Maybe the Buffalo Bills are self-sabotaging themselves, you know, for the playoffs next year.

I have no idea. But Buffalo Bills are still on the clock as of right now to start off the second round of the draft. Obviously, we'll keep you up to date with some of the larger moves. We had a great show last night, myself and Bart Winkler, as we broke down the draft and share the picks here with you live on the Infinity Sports Network. So we got a lot to talk about. We have a lot to do.

And dare I say, we're not going to spend a lot of time on it. But there's this playoff basketball, like Joel Embiid is pulling people out of the air. Dirty guy he is. And he has Bell's Palsy? Like, wow. Man hasn't been able to blink in a couple of weeks and it's just like, what?

He had 50 points last night. Los Angeles Lakers in an 0-3 hole. And these are the shocking things. You focus in so much on football, right?

I turn into the studio. Hickey, do you see the Indiana Pacers and the Bucks playing right now? I do.

This is a nice little treat, if you will, an Indiana playing wall to start. What the hell time did this game start? Like, what, 30 minutes ago? 5.30? Well, I mean, 5.30 was the scheduled tip-off time, but it's on the four-letter network.

So you could imagine. They lied. It did not start at 5.30. Yeah, I didn't think. I knew this game was today.

I never looked at the time. What the hell is going on in Indiana? They got it. Well, there's four games tonight, right?

I think. I believe ESPN is a triple header. Triple header. So they're going to try to fit three games in at one time. So that is why Indiana, if you, I guess you can say, got the short end of the stick with the early tip time. Man, I can't remember the last time. I feel, I feel weird, right? Like, why the hell is there a basketball game on right now?

But you take it where you can get it. We'll keep you updated on everything. Thank you to everybody listening on the free Odyssey app. We got folks tuned in and locked in on their local Infinity Sports Network affiliates. Thank you Coast to Coast all over North America. You can listen on Sirius XM Channel 158.

And if you got a smart speaker, all you got to do is ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. We know the big stories from last night, right? I would say the largest story from last night was obviously Michael Pennix Jr. getting taken at number eight and not going later to like the Raiders, but to the Falcons. A team that just gave Kirk Cousins a new four year contract.

I said, this is like it's like just getting married. And like two weeks later, identifying someone who you want to be a mistress like this is what the Atlanta Falcons did. They married Kirk Cousins. And then they found somebody on the side to potentially take his place.

I know one hell of a sports analogy, but this is this is basically what they did. And so we'll get more into this throughout the course of the show. A matter of fact, my main man, Randy Mack, Randy McMichael from the Midday Show here in Atlanta, 92-9 the game.

He's going to come through in about 15 minutes and share with us his perspective. And then also speaking of the Raiders, they ended up with Brock Bowers from right here in Georgia, and they already got a tight end. And so from one tight end, Randy Mack, who also happened to be a Georgia player, I want to ask Randy his thoughts on what the hell the Raiders are going to do. They're going to run out of two tight ends set. Talk to Randy Mack about that in about 15 minutes. And of course, we're going to talk about all the offense taken in the draft and the Chiefs getting their their next Tyreek Hill because the Buffalo Bills wanted to do business with them. Why?

I have no idea. That certainly didn't come from the Bill Belichick school of drafting. And then speaking of Belichick, Belichick was on ESPN during the draft with Pat McAfee.

And yeah, we were on air, Hickey. But Bill Belichick was pretty cool. He wasn't in coach mode. He was he was like a regular human being. The clips I saw, J.R., I really hope he doesn't get another head coaching job. He was great.

I think we would really enjoy him as a broadcaster. I think so. I enjoyed I was like, oh, man, give me more. Everything that he said was fun. It was enjoyable. It was clear. Comes from one of the greatest coaching minds that the league has ever seen.

I'm like, hey, sign me up for this. I guess when it comes to coaching, he's just a jerk and other elements. He seems like a normal guy.

I was like, wow, listen to Bill Belichick string some sentences together. And Damian Lillard, I guess, whatever. Anyway, Indiana is leading twenty nine sixteen in the first quarter.

Damian Lillard is hopping on one leg towards the bench. Exciting. Not not if you're a Bucks fan.

Not not at all. Anyway, let's talk about some teams that actually got themselves some new talent. Let's hear from some players who have popped up in some new places. First of all, congratulations to Drake May out of North Carolina. This man is expected to be at some point the franchise quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Drake May. He spoke to the media. He spoke to the public.

Let me tell you what he said. I'm trying to be me, not the guy here a couple of years before me. Tom Brady's the GOAT.

Now, it's easy to say that he's the best that ever played this game. I'm not going to be Tom Brady. So I'm just gonna try to be Drake May. And from there, I'm just trying to learn from him. Hopefully get to know him a little bit. And other than that, just try to soak it up and be a sponge and try to learn all I can from him. And he's the man in that town.

Yeah. Well, what else is he supposed to do? Everybody knows he's not going to be Tom Brady. And speaking of quipsicky, Bill Belichick had an interesting one. Bill Belichick, when Drake May, around the time before he was selected, Bill Belichick was like, hey, this guy Drake May keeps comparing himself to Josh Allen. And I guess in the most Bill Belichick way possible, Bill Belichick is just like, we'll see about that. I'm like, well, damn, he's Bill Belichick got the darts out for some of these prospects, too.

I like it. He was not shy to criticize. You could tell he did his homework.

I give him a lot of credit. I mean, he was interviewing for jobs, what, two months ago. Didn't get one and just seems like dove right into the draft prep. And now he's breaking down Drake May film. And if you're a Patriots fan, actually, I don't know. How do you feel if you're a Patriots fan, JR?

He's not done a great job. That is Bill in the draft. So if he criticizes Drake May, does that mean that also now Drake May is going to be Tom Brady 2.0? Tom Brady?

Explain that. What is a Tom Brady 2.0? It's more of a joke because Bill swung and missed on a lot of quarterbacks and we're just a lot of offensive players in recent years. So it's like if he's criticizing, saying this player is not good, does that mean he's going to be the best thing since sliced bread?

Yeah, I don't. If you're a Patriots fan, realistically, can can anybody can you be upset at him? Like, yeah, you can be upset after, you know, the past couple of years and draft status. But when you look at the full body of work, if you're if you're like, let's say you're a 30 year old New England Patriots fan, 30 years and up. What are you complaining about with this?

You know, there's nothing to complain about. You you probably have seen the best stretch in franchise history that you will see in your entire life. You know, am I supposed to think in the rest of my lifetime? I don't know how long that's going to be.

I could be here another, you know, I don't know, 50, 60, 70 years, maybe, maybe not 70 years. But I don't expect to see the New England Patriots. I don't expect to see any team going on a run where they're like, hey, we got this on lot.

We can compete for a Super Bowl for 20 years. I don't expect that with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs right now. And so, yeah, Bill Belichick being critical, all the Patriots fans like they need to be kissing his ass.

That's what they need to be doing. Well, definitely, if you're a Patriots fan, obviously no reason to have ill will towards Bill. I will say there is a part of me that appreciates like the the lack of complacency. I've just like because you're right, like you know, fan base will ever go through what the Patriots fan base just experienced the last two decades, most likely. And so it's like I kind of in a way respect the fact of like, yeah, that was a great run. But what about tomorrow?

I keep on going. I hate the Patriots. I hate their fans, to be honest. But I do respect the fact that they're not fat cats right now.

Send back saying, yeah, who cares? Six rings this, you know, dynasty there. We want to still compete. I like that. Yeah, that is good. You have this. It's one thing to appreciate what has taken place. And it's another thing to just be obnoxious. I think most of the fan base understands, hey, you know, that that was great. That was good.

Now let's keep on moving. But part of that isn't, you know, beaten down on Bill Belichick and and what he's doing or what he's saying. Just leave that man alone. He's royalty. They're going to be honoring him.

And yes, so at least they'll be kissing his ass. But look, when you're a team and you go through big stretches, long stretches of success, like that's that's the expectations of the fan base. I mean, we still hear this from the Dallas Cowboys. And realistically, as nutty as it sounds, we're moving on 30 years. Can you believe that we're moving on 30 years since they last won a championship?

It doesn't even sound correct to me, but it's true. And the Cowboys fans still have ridiculous expectations. The New York Yankees, 2009, this is 2024.

It's one thing to have expectations and want the next one is sometimes you just got to realize, hey, it ain't it ain't for everybody. And so hopefully that's Drake May. He's going to have to sit down for, I think, a year or maybe two or maybe a year at most, maybe less than that. Before I think he gets the reins.

This is Gerard Mayo. This is this is the beginning for him. I don't think he wants to go out there, you know, tethered to a rookie QB who is is not ready to play. But speaking of the Patriots, they hopefully have their future franchise quarterback and they've had plenty of success over the past 30 years. Here's a team that's been around much longer than them. They don't have no damn championship. Talking about the Minnesota Vikings, if you can go out there and find me there, Vince Lombardi, NFL Super Bowl championship.

Help me. They want a championship pre merger. They are still looking to get their hands on a Lombardi trophy. And they traded up one spot with the New York Jets to hopefully have their QB of the future. And he actually has experience winning a championship, at least at the college level.

His name is J.J. McCarthy. He spoke to the media and he said, yeah, if I had one option, it'd be where I ended up. First, obviously, just the organization's outstanding. And then you had the players and the pieces that are around it and the coaches and just everything about, you know, being in the Midwest is something that I always gravitate towards. And, you know, it's just the perfect fit for me. And, you know, I talk with a lot of the quarterbacks throughout this process and it was the perfect fit for them, too.

So, you know, just extremely blessed to be here. Obviously, it's a huge honor and I hope to just, you know, prove them right. OK. Don't hope. Just do it. You're the man who has some say so in the thing. Just don't hope.

Do it. You know, Caleb Williams went one and Jayden Daniels went to Drake May. We had to wait a little while and we got to Michael Pennix.

We'll talk about that in a few minutes. Got J.J. McCarthy and then the next quarterback, the sixth one, was Bo Nix to Denver. Sean Payton just brought in Zach Wilson. He has did him. Ben DiNucci is probably going to get the boot sooner than later. But, man, why the hell you bringing in Bo Nix? You think he's going to throw another 45 touchdowns like he did at Oregon?

Probably not. Sean Payton spoke to Pat McAfee and he talked about why he loves this man so much. He's super intelligent. We have his center from a year ago.

Alex Forsythe is very smart. And the thing the thing that we kept finding with him first on third down, first with few sacks. They are the most accurate passer in college football history. First at the end of the half, two minute first at the end of the game in two minutes. Second in red zone. Fewest sacks. First in time to get. So, number one, he's extremely smart and he handles the protections and he's a tough sack. His arm strength was extremely impressive.

All right. Hickey, how long before he moves his locker room into the, I don't know, the garage? Right? He's going to make this man cry. He's going to make this grown man cry.

At least you don't have to worry about that. Having his locker room in the office upstairs with the coaches. Oh, none of that Russell Wilson stuff, huh? No, I don't think Bo Nix will be going into the office day one and saying, all right, I'm up here, right, in the C-suite? Yeah, not at all.

Not at all. Look, I'm just waiting for the moment that Sean Payton is just cursing somebody out on the sidelines. He's still trying to find success since some guy named Drew Brees decided to walk off into the sunset. Good luck to Bo Nix. Maybe Bo Nix and Zach Wilson can share horror stories in the locker room because dealing with Sean Payton, as the losses probably likely start to pile up, it ain't it ain't going to be fun.

Not by a long shot. It's the J.R. sport re-show here on the Infinity Sports Network. We're just getting started. We got more to do, more to discuss. Yes, there's some basketball that will sprinkle in as these Pacers are here. And Damian Lillard had a nasty, disgusting ankle sprain. We'll talk about the loser Lakers. We'll break down some of the draft picks as they happen. The Buffalo Bills are on the clock. That second round pick should come in about 45 minutes from now. But on the other side of this break, we're going to have a conversation with my main man, Randy McMichael, former NFL tight end, former Georgia Bulldog and current host on 92-9 the game here in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Atlanta Falcons just had one of the most mind boggling draft selections in recent memory, drafting Michael Pennix Jr. after signing Kirk Cousins. We're going to hear from Randy Mac on the other side. It's the J.R. sport re-show.

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Hyundai. There's joy in every journey. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief. We're about 40 minutes away from the start of the second round of the NFL draft.

Yesterday, everything pretty much went to plan, right? And so the Falcons said, hey, we'll take another quarterback. Michael Pennix Junior.

The whole country had to go, oh, what the hell was that about? Well, Michael Pennix Junior was introduced to the media here in Atlanta. Terry Fontenot has spoken. People in Atlanta have spoken in the country is like, what the hell are they doing in the A? To talk about it right now, we're being joined by an 11 year NFL vet, former Georgia Bulldog.

He's now a host on 90 to nine the game mid days here in Atlanta, Georgia. Andy, Randy, Andy Bunker, my main man, Randy Mack, Randy McMichael, how you doing, man? What up, Jay?

What's going on, baby? I mean, I think the thing is because you you you in Atlanta right now. So you know how Atlanta is doing right now.

So the first question should not be how's Atlanta doing? You know how we do it up there, man. But yeah, as always, brother, it's a pleasure. I appreciate you having me on there. Of course.

I know things. They made the selection and everybody had to go, what? What are they doing? Look, I don't think anybody has a problem with Michael Pennix Junior as the quarterback.

But it's the it's the idea of almost like trying to prioritize now and the future. Didn't you bring in cousins to win now? Can't you worry about the quarterback like, I don't know, a year or two from now?

I don't know. I think they are the biggest thing is exactly what you said is the win now. And for later, because you look at this team, you go get a Kirk. You don't get a Kirk cousin because you're trying to rebuild. You get a Kirk cousin and give him the contract that he got because you're trying to win right now. And that's the thing that they're trying to do. Right. OK. So then you look at it from the standpoint you have a top 10 pick to be able to go and get an immediately impactful player right there.

And then you go get a guy that might not play for three years. And so when you look at those two things, you get up in arms about it. I'm not as up in arms. They are because I love Michael Pennix. I love this pick.

But I go back to what you just said previously. I'm confused because why did you go get Kirk because they give him all that money? What was the timeline? Did you know you were going to get Michael Pennix? Did you know you wanted to get a younger quarterback at eight?

There's so many. Those are the things that I have questions about is the timeline of how this happened. Yeah. And Randy, this is going to be genius if Kirk Cousins goes down at some point in the season and Pennix saves them or I don't I don't know that there's a possibility that this works out sooner than later. I mean, what are what are the realistic odds that Pennix is sitting around for the next, I don't know, three years? Highly unlikely, right? They better hope he does. They better hope they better hope that the Falcons and Falcons fans and everybody in the league don't see all the time you get to see Michael Pennix.

Is it a blowout or in preseason? No, no, no. You invested too much money in Kirk Cousins for him not to be the starter for the next two years, at least, because if that's the case, then Ra and Terry won't get to see their first round quarterback pick played because they're going to lose their job.

Me and Andy here in Atlanta, me and Andy Bunker, we have a saying that stands with the chest. If you listen to the whole thing, the whole pressure last night, Raheem said this. He said we picked them because we don't intend being here anymore.

All right. Basically, what they're saying is, is that with the team that we have now, we don't need a first round defensive end. We don't need a first round quarterback. We are where we are. We can add a corner, an edge rush and other things after the first round because this is how good we are.

And you know what? This is how good of coaches that we are that we're going to get the best out of this team. So, yeah, Michael Pennix needs to play in preseason and in the blowout, maybe take a knee at the end of a game or something. But him playing? Oh, that might be disastrous for them if it doesn't go well with Kirk Cousins.

Randy McMichael is here with us, the JR Sport Reshow on the Infinity Sports Network. Was this selection almost like market correction? Were the Falcons so bruised over the past several years? Moving on from Matt Ryan chasing Watson, having a look at at Ritter and Heinecke. Is this like a I don't want to say desperation, but is this like, hey, we're a wounded animal.

Now we got a strike. Well, I think the thing with it, Jay, is that you got I think the one thing that you look at when you look at this whole process, go back to a certain amount of things that the owner, Arthur Blank, was saying. He said that Super Bowl needed a succession plan, long term answer quarterback, because you think about it, Jay. For 13 to 14 years, he had consistent quarterback play. He knew that for the most part, they were not going to lose because they had back quarterback play. In the last three years, Mr. Blank looked at it like, damn, the quarterback play is raggedy and we got to get back.

I don't ever want to be back at this situation again. I'm not saying that Arthur Smith drove this. Now, I do believe Arthur Smith drove, I'm sorry, Arthur Blank drove the pursuit of Deshaun Watson.

I don't think that was paid. But I do think that it was a collaborative effort that they want to get better for him. Because they look at it from a standpoint like like Ross saying like, we're never going to be here again. We're never going to have an opportunity at a player like this again at the most important position in football. So let's take him.

Because you know what? We got a good quarterback right now. We got a good enough football team to compete.

This is add to more parts. And there's also the point where, you know, by the time Kurt's done and all the young stars like Bijan and Drake and all those guys, they'll be coming up for new deals. And then Michael Pence is going to work a contract.

I know that sounds funny, but hey, Jack, I'm trying to spin it any way I can. I understand that 11 year NFL vet Randy McMichael is here with us outside of the Falcons. Any other moves that took place last night that kind of caught your attention, whether for a good or bad reason? I think, you know, the first defensive player going at 14. You know, I mean, I think it was it was a big thing to go out there and get all these offensive players. I mean, the tackles went off. Obviously, the quarterbacks went off. I thought that that that Denver reach for Bo Nix.

But I hope I'm wrong because I want everybody to succeed. I think they were just desperate right there at 12. You know, I had them in my own box grabbing him at 12. I think that the Vegas Raiders, I love Brock Bowers and I think that's a great pick. But I think they got to a point where you're like, all the quarterbacks are gone.

What are we going to do now? Let's take the best player available because I know for a fact they were calling Atlanta, trying to get up to at least get Michael Pennix there. I had it in my mind as they traded with with Atlanta from from 13 to eight to get Michael Pennix.

But obviously that didn't happen. But I think that was my biggest thing outside of, you know, maybe, you know, where the tackles went. I think Joe is going to be a C.J. Latham don't know a lot about him. Is he going to play right? Is he going to left? Are they going to play in the guard?

But I just thought overall, the biggest thing was the Michael Pennix thing. Randy, man, you talk about the Raiders and tight end. You played tight end in the league. That was your position. Just like just like, you know, our guy Brock, you went to Georgia.

How is is he in a good situation? They already got a tight end and Meyer. How is that going to work out? They're going to run two tight end sets out there. Yeah, well, they are. You can never have enough tight ends on the field, my dog.

I mean, I mean, that's how I was thinking about it. I think one of the things about about Brock is he's bursting a lot. Meyer, I loved him coming out of college. And I think that he is a big time player. He's a wide tight end that can do some things. And what I mean by wide tight end, a guy who can be attached to the tackle for the most part and run routes and blocking almost everything. Brock Bowers, you could put him anywhere on the field. He's going to be busy, you know, a lot like how and I know he is, you know, he is what he is. You know, in the old school and all that.

But he did make a great point. I thought about thinking about tight end in Meyer, Dallas Clark. Dallas Clark was so prolific at what he did. Dallas can't run with the ball like Brock can. But as far as lining him up in that slot and let me do his thing, I can see Brock Bowers do a lot of those things that Dallas did. Randy McMichael is here with us.

The JR Sport Reef show on the Infinity Sports Network. You know, we're going to move through this the second round. We're then going to get into camps. And there's so many expectations around the quarterback, six of them of that were taken. What quarterback do you think is going to end up with the highest ceiling?

Who has the ability to be the best out of this group? It better be Michael. They're panicked. They are, you know, it's because, you know, of the six, you know, three of them are going to be bus. One of them is going to be a franchise. One might be. I know it's going to be a backup. We all that.

That's just the way it goes. And, you know, I think Caleb has so many special tools. He's going to a very good situation because they're really do you see a team?

They are. That's seven and nine. That's number one, a wall pick. And that goes into a situation where you've got to keep that.

Well, you've got an established number one receiver where you've got a good back, a nice off the line, good defense. All he has to do is just grow with it and not try to do too much. I love it. They did. I just do.

They are. I love everything about his game, his versatility, his ability to roll off, you know, different platforms, him running the football the way he does. So I'm going to go with probably Jayden Daniels, you know, because he was my favorite quarterback in this draft. But it better be them living here in Atlanta.

They are an average difficulty soccer fan. It better be Michael Pater Jr.. I hear that, Randy. Listen, Roger Goodell did some talking between last night and today. One of the points that he made is about expanding and we knew it was coming, expanding the regular season again.

This time to 18 games, maybe even pushing the Super Bowl back to President's Day weekend. Man, you played 11 years. You got your bumps.

You got your bruises. You played your whole life before you got to the league in college. What is an 18 game season and two preseason games going to do to the NFL? Does it even matter about the preseason?

No, it does not. First of all, the Super Bowl thing should always be on President's Day because nobody should have to work Monday after a Super Bowl. I just always believe that. But the second thing is, they don't care. These owners don't care. Now, the one thing that the owners did, you know, you had to pay pretty much full price tickets for the preseason game, that fourth game that ain't nobody going to.

And if you're a season ticket holder, you got to pay for those to get your season tickets. So as long as they're reducing the preseason. The thing with the preseason is this. I hate the preseason. I hate playing it, but I know I need to play in it, you know, because it gets you in that little rhythm. You keep reducing all of the things that make football the fundamentals themselves.

Practicing, tackle, not necessarily tackling zero, but hitting each other, putting pads on. They're taking that out of the game because they want more of the finished product. Rightfully so, because that's there. What is that probably per weekend? Two hundred million dollars?

That's maybe like two hundred million dollars for the NFL to play that extra game. So, yeah, nobody don't. The one thing I don't want to hear about and the people have said that I don't want to hear about no player safety or none of that.

The one to hear about it. I saw the day J.R. they're reading it. They're talking about having people wear them guardian caps in football games. Yeah, they allowed that. Yeah, that's why I'm like, what the hell's going on? You know, I know me.

I want to be smooth. I don't want that thing on my helmet. But that's where the NFL is going because that concussion lawsuit spooked them. And it made the point, we can't give them no more money. But yet you've got to put us in more football games. Don't want to give people benefits after they're done playing. Make it hard as hell for these players to get their workers comp benefits. But yet you want to just keep putting them out there in a situation where they're going to have to play. So, yeah, that's how I look at it. Well, listen, Randy, you played in the league. I got a lot of friends who played in the league.

I sure as hell did not. And I wish I was joking about this. With some of the rule changes that we have had, some of the rule changes that are taking place now, you know, like with the kickoff and what have you. What realistically, and it might be impossible to guess, but what is this game going to look like? And I say, I don't know, another 30 years, 35 years. Like, is it really going to be you got to shove them to the ground?

You can't grab them? Like, are you concerned about that? No, I don't.

I don't want to be concerned about it, Jay. I just think that when you view the way, because I'm an offensive player. I've always been an offensive player. And I know, you know, earlier this off-season, they banned that hip drop tackle.

I was hip drop tackled and broke my leg. And so I don't give a damn. I get rid of it. And that's how that gets me as an offensive player, how I view things like that.

But then you look at the long run of it. It's hard because people, you remember that line, J.R., in any given Sunday? Tony, people want to see touchdowns. They want to see, you know, that's what they want to see. They want to see the touchdowns. They want to see the offense and everything like that. And so they try to gear the game as much as possible to that.

And so as long as they keep doing that, people aren't going to be able to hit each other. Things change. Times change. That much we know. Hey, Randy, I appreciate you taking the time to hop on.

I'm sure we'll talk again later this year when Penix takes the job away from Mr. Cousins. Come on, man. They are. They are.

They are. It's a sense of time. It's a sense of time.

It's a sense of time. Don't do that. I'm saying, I'm saying, where can people keep up with you? I know you're in the mid days. Andy and Randy, where can people follow you online? All that good stuff, Matt. Oh, man. I'm Randy Mac.

Anyone at all. Twitter, Instagram, everything like that, man. You get me out. I'm sorry I got my two year old here. We just pulled up to his favorite place.

So he decided to get out the car. Hey, that's that's that's how it rolls. We do a play date soon, Mac.

I'll catch you soon. OK. All right, my friend, you be good, bro. My man, Randy McMichael. Hilarious. Eleven year NFL vet.

Georgia Bulldogs played with the Dolphins, played with the Bolts. And now is the midday host. So my main man, my other main man, Andy Bunker. Andy, Randy, middays, thank you so much.

Randy, Mick, Michael. Yeah, that's that's that's the hype. People are going to be so hickey. People are going to talk about this here until Pennix is on the field.

That's just what it is. The Falcons said, screw everybody. We don't just dislike Cartman.

Eric Cartman from South Park. I don't care. I'm gonna do what I want.

I told Randy and I gave him a call to get him on the show. I said, you are set now for years in terms of content. We're talking about the show. This is going to be this is gold for radio.

Yeah, this is. Yeah, we got our I don't know what's what's radio gold. And as we got our Tom Brady, we got our Michael Jordan, we got our New York Yankees. Hey, Falcons gave everybody something new to complain about. And here in Atlanta, we are going to revel in this and the fans. Oh, they're going to tear this apart. Thank you so much to the Atlanta Falcons.

It's the J.R. sport show here on the Infinity Sports Network. When we come back from break, I want to congratulate somebody. I'm going to congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs. We'll tell you why. You just heard from Randy Mac, the NFL changing up some rules again.

We'll talk about that. All right, football fans, the NFL draft is almost here. And the free Odyssey app brings you the latest coverage from the biggest sports radio stations across the country. Which players will help your team the most? Who will make a draft day trade?

Will they be ready for week one? The local conversations about the team you love. All streaming free right here on the Odyssey app. A.U.D. A.C.U.I.

Download it today. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief. The J.R. sport brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is the number. It's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Thank you so much to Randy McMichael, radio host here in Atlanta.

Ninety two nine the game. Eleven year NFL vet for joining us in the last break to talk about the NFL draft. Everything from the Raiders and what they just did and bringing in Brock Bowers to, of course, Michael Pennicks Jr. in the same quarterback room as Kirk Cousins. We don't have to wait too much longer. In about 15 minutes, the Buffalo Bills will be on the clock for the second round of the NFL draft.

They traded back twice last night, even gifting the Kansas City Chiefs a new speedy wide receiver. We'll go ahead and talk about that in a bit. We'll definitely let you know what the Buffalo Bills decide to do at the top of the hour once they do it.

And then we'll continue on with the show. If you want to reach out to me besides the phone number, you can find me online. I am at J.R. Sport Brief. That is at J.R.

Sport Brief everywhere on the Internet. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Let's go to Tennessee and let's talk to Amos. Amos, you're on the J.R.

Sport Brief show on the Infinity Sports Network. What's up? Hey, J.R., just let you know there aren't many Falcons fans out there. And the reason why is because this organization has become such a mockery of itself within the especially within the last 20 years. Who the hell are they to say, oh, we'll never be back drafting in this position again this high. So we want to go ahead and get our successor right now. Yeah. OK. You know who that works out for?

Green Bay, New England. You know, they drafted their replacements and and their protegees, but they have a they have a history of winning. And so I'm not going to buy that comment. Two things cannot be true in this situation. They cannot, A, be planning for the future and B, be planning to win right now.

If they were planning to win right now. J.R., they have not had a defender in double digits. John Abraham. Oh, yeah. Yeah, he's a quitter. You're right. Yeah, exactly. So he he looked up and he did in 2016, but nobody else has done it since. Jared Vers from Florida State would have been a much more viable option.

Much more viable option with that pig. Do you not agree? Oh, absolutely. Well, yeah, man.

Did you get a draft show last night? You should see my social media. I killed them for what they did. It just it doesn't make sense. It really doesn't. Like, I understand if you want to get a quarterback.

I understand if you want Michael Penn X junior. But what do you what are you doing? Like there's a point in time where you got to worry. Look, teams need to worry about now and the future. And it seems like in this draft, the Atlanta Falcons had more of a knee jerk reaction to what has just taken place. Instead of worrying about the right now. So now they're thinking about the future.

Try to win with Kirk Cousins and worry about the QB later. It's it's a it's a waste if you asked me. It really is. Yeah, absolutely. And they never have because of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. They have not had draft or cap cap space in a long time. And they finally have some cap space and they finally made some moves, which, you know, I applaud them for going out and getting all those offensive weapons, those claymakers, those skilled guys at receiver and then going to get Kirk Cousins. OK, I can understand that.

A hundred million dollars guaranteed. All right. OK, I guess I get it.

I guess I get it. But then you go and get Michael Penn X. What are they doing? Yeah, they need to, quote unquote, walk the line. And I know this predates Terry Fontenot, but when you think about having Matt Ryan holding on to him a little too long. Then flirting openly with Deshaun Watson, turning off Matt Ryan to the point where he's like, OK, you don't want me. I want out losing out on Deshaun Watson because the Browns decided to throw him the bag being stuck with Ritter and then having Heineke.

This is all this is all a correction and one swoop from the past several years. And it is unfair to the team that's actually on the field right now. Play to win. OK, you bring in Kirk Cousins. Yes, we know he's coming off of an Achilles tear, but go out there and roll the dice with the talent.

If you didn't feel that damn comfortable with giving him the money, then you shouldn't have done it. And the fact is, look, if Penn X plays, that's going to mean that the Falcons have a different type of disaster on their hands. They have created unnecessary rancor for the next several years. And it's not needed. And I agree with you wholeheartedly.

And thank you, Amos, for calling from Tennessee. You know, people want to take a look at at what the Packers have done. Oh, well, they had Jordan Love and had Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl. I know the postseason record ain't all that sterling in the last couple of years where disaster, at least in from him thing, opened up his mouth outside the MVP years.

It went at the end. But that that was a winning man as a future Hall of Fame quarterback. It's not like Kirk Cousins been here and they're thinking about the future. It's like the Falcons have been winning. And now they're thinking about the future.

Have some success first, like win something right now, win something today and then have that. And don't tell me about Brett Favre, because, you know, well, he was a winner, too. The Falcons just brought this guy in the building, Kirk Cousins, and they're already moving on. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

It's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Lou is here from New York. Lou, go ahead.

Quickly. You're on the Infinity Sports Network. Yeah, J.R., I wanted to call you.

Thanks for taking the call. I don't think that the bill is gifted. Can't say anything worthy. He does have an exceptional four to one speed, but his body makeup will really test him in the NFL. I don't think he's going to succeed. Bills have better options in the second round, namely in like Jalen McMillan, Taz Walker, who would be better X receivers or true Y receivers than would Worthy.

Worthy does have the speed. Maybe Kansas City is trying to recreate what they had with the guy they traded to tie. He didn't he didn't trade. He just saw the loot. Thank you for calling from New York. You got to echo their names. Tyree kill.

He decided to take 30 million dollars per year to join the Miami Dolphins. Oh, how about this, Hickey? Do you see Caitlin Clark throwing out T-shirts at the Pacers game? I do. Genius.

Genius move is sixty seven fifty five. The Pacers lead Milwaukee right now. This series is tied at one all. Caitlin Clark is actually going to be I think this weekend. They start training camp because the WNBA season gets started in a couple of weeks.

It's time flies, folks. We just had the WNBA draft. NFL draft is going on right now. And I want to talk a little bit more about the Buffalo Bills.

He just mentioned them and our caller and the way he talked about them, Lou from New York. He made it sound like this was the Buffalo Bills intended to sabotage the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's trade the pick so they can get a wide receiver that's going to fall apart. More ha ha ha ha ha.

Like, no, man, that's not how the world works. They probably gave the Chiefs a do. Well, they did give the Chiefs a guy who was a straight burner on the field of four point two forty. What? You don't think Patrick Mahomes is going to work with that guy? Come on now. And oh, yeah, he's going to stay that small forever.

I think he will be OK. All right. It's the J.R. sport we show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Yeah. Let's talk about the Buffalo Bills when we come back on the other side of the break. They're going to be on the clock. A matter of fact, they're on the clock now. What are they going to do with the first selection in the second round?

We'll find out. It's the J.R. sport we show on the Infinity Sports Network. Just download the Thumbtack app. You can search for what you need done and find tons of highly rated pros right in your neighborhood.

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