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Kirk Cousins' Responsibility Teaching Penix (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 2, 2024 5:02 pm

Kirk Cousins' Responsibility Teaching Penix (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 2, 2024 5:02 pm

Veteran QB’s Training Rookies I Eddie Olczyk, NHL and Horse Racing Analyst I Will LeBron, Steph, or KD win again?


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Visit or download the app and sell your car from your comfy place. Oh, baby. If you are a football nerd, we got some content for you. We'll do some non-football. We'll do pucks and ponies with Eddie Olczyk coming up 20 minutes from now. But there's a lot of times in the NFL where people obsess over grown men throwing a football or catching a football or participating in drills in just simply shorts and a T-shirt.

And I find it rather interesting today. And I know it's part of the offseason program. When you have a new head coach, you get a little head start on that, which the Falcons do with Raheem Morris. But I think Kirk Cousins is showing everybody, yeah, this is still my team. Kirk Cousins out in the field today, no brace.

Throw in the football, slow-mo video released by the Atlanta Falcons. And I'm just curious about the dynamic between Kirk Cousins and Michael Pennix Jr. this year. Now, Kirk is a professional.

And I do think it depends when a team drafts someone or a team brings someone into a place you who you are as a player. For example, I don't think Kirk Cousins owns any like owes anything to Michael Pennix Jr. But what Kirk Cousins needs to do is he needs to be a professional. He needs to compete as hard as he can.

And he needs to lead by example. And it's up to Michael Pennix Jr. to just be a sponge and absorb all that professionalism and all that knowledge that Kirk Cousins has. I don't think Kirk Cousins is someone, at least the way that I think I know him, that's going to be hasty, that's going to be contentious towards Michael Pennix Jr. And maybe there's a moment right this offseason, or maybe they sit down and take an extra 30 minutes where the two of them sit aside from the group, sit aside from everyone else, right, on the offensive side of the ball. And maybe Kirk is a mentor to Michael Pennix Jr. But when you just signed a four-year contract with $100 million guaranteed, and Michael Pennix Jr. is also a consummate professional, right, has an incredible amount of work ethic and dedication. And he's brought in, right, the perception, the narrative, the conversation is going to be, well, Michael Pennix Jr., he's lurking over Kirk Cousins' shoulder. And the moment Kirk struggles, the moment Kirk doesn't have a good game, even though they just committed $100 million to him, guaranteed over a four-year deal with $160 million was the total value of that contract, there's going to be drama, there's going to be outside noise, there's going to be conversation, that's fair. When do we see Michael Pennix Jr. on the field? And don't be surprised if Kirk plays back-to-back bad games, and one of those games are at home, and you start to have the Falcons fans chant for Michael Pennix Jr. Don't be surprised by that.

I guess they would have to chant, we want Mike. I'm trying to like, you can't do anything with the, like, you're not going to say putt in Pennix. That doesn't flow.

That doesn't flow very well. But if you're in the stands, you're drunk, and those ticket prices, by the way, in Atlanta, the concession stands in Atlanta, it's the most fairly priced concession stand, maybe in all the sports. I'm talking NFL, actually. Let's go into all of the NFL, because you could say, sporting-wise, the Masters, you get like the whole menu for $70. But for a football game, where they usually just make you just hand over your wallet upon entry, it is affordable to eat and get good value and get a good bang for your buck at a Falcons game. The only problem with the Falcons stadium, a lot of those games are on Sundays. You know they have a Chick-fil-A stand, at least when they opened up that stadium, Mercedes-Benz stadium, they have a Chick-fil-A stand in that stadium. Well, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. So, like, why would you put a Chick-fil-A stand in that stadium?

I know you could say Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, National Championship games, right, college football games. But the main draw to the Falcons stadium are the Atlanta Falcons. So, most of their games occur on Sundays, why would you put a Chick-fil-A stand in that stadium? Are you guys big Chick-fil-A fans just wondering, Stu? When you're maybe in one of your moods and you're looking for some grub and you're looking for some fast food, are you dabbling in the Chick-fil-A world?

I will. It is not my favorite chicken place or chicken sandwich, but it is very good in my opinion. Okay, Samter, are you a big Chick-fil-A fan? No, no, not at all.

I'm not a big fast food guy to begin with, but if I am going to do fried chicken fast food, I'll go Popeyes over Chick-fil-A. Really? Same. Wow.

Now, I would like to say I am an expert in this field, but I'm not. I don't eat a lot of fast food. Like, when I was eight or nine, maybe ten, I had a lot of fast food, but my mother, like, she didn't have a lot of rules. Fast food, she was not taking you to the fast food place.

Doesn't matter how loud you were kicking and screaming and yelling and crying and saying, like, nasty things. My mother was not taking us for fast food. It was my father who was the sucker for fast food. But my mother, like, she smelled fast food.

She would not be happy. So I first had Chick-fil-A actually when I was in college. One of my college roommates, Chick-fil-A was like a religion to him, going to Chick-fil-A. And I had Chick-fil-A then, thought it was fine, thought it was good. And then when the pandemic happened and I moved back for four or five months on Long Island, they opened a Chick-fil-A stand, Chick-fil-A store. And let's just say there wasn't a lot of social distancing going there. I have never seen a place more packed where they actually had to hire a parking attendant or like someone to coordinate the traffic because there was a major road next to it.

And the cars would just line up in the road and there would be all these accidents. But, you know, there was a time in the pandemic, let's say when you were enjoying yourself or getting ready to enjoy yourself, and you were looking for something tasty to eat, that I made quite a few trips to Chick-fil-A. And I will say the sweet and spicy sriracha sauce at Chick-fil-A, very, very good. Polynesian, also very good. And then the granddaddy of them all.

No, not the Rose Bowl. But the Chick-fil-A, just traditional sauce, very good as well. And they sell the Chick-fil-A sauce now. I don't know if this is new.

Sometimes I'm very late on these trends. But I now see multiple times in the supermarket the bottle of the Chick-fil-A sauce being sold. Tremendous chicken nuggets, a great chicken sandwich. And actually, when I was on one of these bachelor parties, we went to a Chick-fil-A, impeccable service. We were sitting down, all of us were pigging out, eating Chick-fil-A. Guys come, you guys want more coffee on the house?

It's on us, blah, blah, blah. Like this dude was, you know how when someone's looking for a promotion, they're like the greatest employee ever. This guy just operating the Chick-fil-A inside, he must have been going for a big promotion. So that's where I am on Chick-fil-A. But getting back to the main crux of this conversation, the main gist of this conversation.

I don't think we have to move on. Let's just talk about fast food for the next two hours. I'm a Chick-fil-A guy. I'm not going to lie.

I feel like as good as the sports talk is on the show. You want my hottest take? Say it again. You want my hottest take when it comes to fast food?

Oh, please, please don't. It's a very popular joint that I've had it one time. I've had other opportunities to go back. And I probably should have gone back to get the truth on it because I am in the minority, the extreme minority. I'm not jacking the box.

About this. I had In-N-Out Burger one time. I don't see the hype. Yeah, you've got to go back. Glorified McDonald's. You've got to go back.

That was my takeaway. Someone I interned for, the great Angelo Cataldi, he said when he retired, he was going to move out to the West Coast and his job was going to be operating an In-N-Out Burger. So I was at the Super Bowl one year and they had me be their correspondent. And it was a West Coast Super Bowl, obviously.

They do a morning show which broadcasted locally 3 to 7 a.m. Pacific time. So I got up early. I had to do this report, but the night before I had to have In-N-Out Burger. You know, I got the Double-Double Burger animal style, so I ordered it correctly. But man, that burger? Underwhelming. Those fries? Underwhelming.

Really? The fries, they literally cut the potatoes fresh right in front of you before they fry them up. Now, I used to work at a Five Guys for six, seven months and I used to cook the burgers at Five Guys. I thought Five Guys was better. I haven't gone back to Five Guys, actually, since I worked there just because you smell the grease. You know how the burgers are made.

It's like, OK, I don't need to go back there. Shake Shack, I thought, was better. Oh, man. Yeah, we got to hit up In-N-Out the next time we go out West.

I just had Phoenix or something. Yeah, we missed it. There's a couple In-N-Outs right by where we were. Yeah, no, I saw it and I was like, I have no desire to go back.

Oh, none. Maybe I need a mentor, like Michael Pennix Jr. needs a mentor. But you were kind of being like Kirk Cousins, where, you know, Santa, the established guy, the big wig has been around here for a while. You should have pulled me aside when we were in Phoenix. You should have pulled little poor old me aside when we were in Vegas and say, Gelb, you need to go back to In-N-Out.

You need to have a serious conversation and a serious test run once again with In-N-Out. But you were being that douchey older person that you are. I'm not here to mentor. My job is to focus on me and what kind of food I like. You got to worry about yourself, young buck.

That's not my job to mentor you. A.K.A. Kirk Cousins. What's the name of the show, by the way? It's the Santa and Stu show.

Alrighty. We'll be looking for a new producer next week. Don't say that about Stu. I wasn't talking about Stu. I was talking about you, buddy. I'm not a producer. I'm the host of the show. What are you talking about?

I'm not the producer. But anyway, the serious point about Kirk Cousins. I don't think he has to go out of his way to help Michael Penix Jr. Maybe you had those moments and you build the trust.

You build those relationships because it is awkward. But I think you just have to do what you've always done. And that's be a professional.

It's up to Michael Penix Jr. to observe what you're doing and learn from you. And ultimately, Kirk Cousins has to realize it's out of his control when the day is inevitable, whether he likes the situation or not that he's in right now, where Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris and Arthur Blank will eventually decide when they're going to put Michael Penix Jr. on the field. So Kirk, it's a little bit different because Kirk is established.

Kirk is a $100 million guaranteed guy. And he's been a longtime starter in this league. A guy like Jacoby Brissett, who's been a journeyman, he's got to know where his place is.

And he knows that he was brought into New England to get thrown to the wolves. And eventually, they're going to have someone replace him. I think there is more of an obligation to Jacoby Brissett to help mentor Drake May than there is Kirk Cousins mentoring Michael Penix Jr.

I think those situations are different because Kirk was not brought in to do that. Jacoby Brissett was clearly brought in to start, like, what, eight or nine games at most in year one and then get the next guy ready to replace him. That doesn't mean Jacoby Brissett shouldn't have a healthy competition. Jacoby Brissett shouldn't try his hardest. Jacoby Brissett shouldn't think that he's going to start the entirety of the season.

But you have to be a little bit honest with yourself. So let's hear from Jacoby Brissett. Was this when the Patriots were potentially drafting Drake May, Sam, or was it after?

No, this was over the past couple days. Okay, so let's hear Jacoby Brissett about the Pats drafting Drake May. That's all out of my control, so I don't really worry about that. I'm excited to have him on the team and other guys as well that we drafted and picked up. I think it's going to be good.

You know, competition brings out the best in all of us, so I'm excited about that part, but yeah. He gets it. He knows what he's there to do. And Jacoby Brissett's someone that he could start some games in the NFL. He could be efficient, but no one's ever going to view him as the franchise quarterback.

Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. So that's where I think the role is of a starting quarterback that eventually is going to get replaced by someone. Depends on who you are. But for someone like Kirk, you do your job. It's up to Michael Penix Jr. to learn from you.

Maybe when there's a day that you have trust, you pull each other aside and you have a separate conversation. But for someone like Jacoby Brissett, you know your role. Your role is to be the mentor and cater to everything that the Patriots are trying to do with Drake May. But that doesn't mean you can't be it. Like if you don't see something you like with Drake May, you have every right to be critical of Drake May, too. It goes both ways. Not just positive, positive, positive. You've got to be honest with Drake May, too, and maybe sometimes you give a little criticism, whether it's necessary or not, to get the best version out of Drake May. Eddie Olczyk will join us next.

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Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at We're talking pucks. We're talking ponies. So, of course, we talk with Eddie Olchek, who's kind enough to join us right now. Edzo, great to see you. How you been? I'm doing well, Zach. Nice to see you.

Nice to be with you. And I'll paint a picture here. I'm standing probably about 200 yards in our NBC production trailer. And I can see the twin spires out the window. And it's about a thousand degrees out today. Thankfully, it's going to cool off a little bit. We might get a little bit of rain tonight, tomorrow. So the track might be a little bit off for the Phillies, the Kentucky Oaks. The Phillies will run for the Lilies. And then the boys will run for the Roses on Saturday.

So should be one hell of a weekend and looking forward to hopefully giving out a few winners on our USA Network and our NBC broadcast. Yeah, personally, you know, when COVID happened, I was supposed to go to the Kentucky Derby. I was going to go on a big bachelor party, do the whole bourbon trail, all that stuff, have a real guy's weekend.

And then it got canceled and, right, everything changed with the world. Still today, I always say to myself, I have to find the way to get to the Kentucky Derby. You got to. You got to. I get people, Zach, all the time that will talk about going to the Derby.

And I said, look, I promise you, you're going to wonder why in the hell you haven't been here 20 years earlier. And 99.9 percent of them are like, I had the greatest weekend of my life and I want to go again. Well, unfortunately, you get only happens once a year. But we do. I think we do get a lot of you know, we get a lot of new fans every year that come in and just look at it. It's not just about I know our broadcast anyway. It's not just about the gambling and the horse race. It's about the pageantry. It's about the the dress and the food and the drinks and the people and the celebrities and the entertainment. And I know, by the way, Churchill Downs has refurbished their paddock where the horses get saddled for the races. So they put two hundred million dollars into it and it took two years. But I'll tell you what, it looks beautiful. So people get a really good look at it this coming weekend with our coverage on USA Network and NBC.

And so Eddie, I'll check here with us. We'll go back to the ponies in just a second. I'm really impressed with Dallas, though, when we get to the ice with with who Vegas is. I know Dallas right with what they did the regular season when you're down in a spot like that. I thought they were going to fold to now see them be up three to in this series is so impressive. Yeah, I mean, they didn't play all that great, obviously, at home.

And they probably played as good as a game that I've seen the Dallas Stars act play in Game three, actually worked at Game three for TNT with with Johnny Forslund and Logan Thompson, a goalie for the Vegas Golden Knights, played out of his mind. I mean, it could have been a five nothing game for Dallas. And all of a sudden you're in overtime. Right. Like you play the best game that you've played in a long time and you're fighting for your life because, you know, it could easily lost the game.

Right. We've seen goaltenders win series and win games and win series. But they they found a way why Johnson scored in overtime, beautiful goal, and they haven't looked back since.

And they've you know, they've been the better team. Now, I kind of thought this series would go seven games. So it's certainly on course to do that if Vegas can win one game. But they're going to have to find a way to really capitalize on some chances that they get because Jay Gottinger right now is seeing at the goaltender for the Dallas Stars. And they've got to find a way to get some separation in the game to give themselves a chance to get back for a big D on Sunday.

And I think that's going to be my next assignment. If it gets to a game seven, I'm going to go right from here in Louisville to Dallas for game seven on TNT. So I'll be watching very closely on what day is it?

Thursday, Friday. I'll be watching tomorrow night in Vegas to see what the hell happens in that game. When you get to the Oilers, they're off to the second round, taking care of the Kings in five games.

Is this the year? Do you feel confident that McDavid and Dryseidel get to the cup final this year? I'm probably more encouraged now, Zach, than I was maybe going into the playoffs.

You know, look at they went into L.A., right? That was game four. They only got 13 shots on goal. The Edmonton Oilers, 13 shots on goal in the whole game, and they won one nothing. My biggest question mark was, could they defend enough in order to win those type of games come playoff time? And, you know, somebody asked me, like, Edmonton high-powered, you know, great players. What would you compare 13 shots on goal for the Edmonton Oilers in the game? They were averaging anywhere between 28 and 33 in the playoffs. So 13, I would say, well, that's probably like a passing for 75 yards in a football game.

You know, just like, what? You know, what defense played? Was it the steel curtain or was it the Bears of 85 that, you know, shut them down? But I was really impressed with the way they were able to do it. Look, they could win. It looks like they could win 6-5 or they could win one nothing.

So I still have question marks about their defense, but look, they did what they needed to do. And now they're going to play the winner of Vancouver and Nashville, and that series looks like it's going to go seven games. So, yeah, there's a lot of moving parts, but very impressed to answer the heart of your question about Edmonton. Is Colorado right now, in your opinion, the most dangerous team in the West, or do you go someone else still? I mean, I still think that Dallas and Vegas are still, you know, are dangerous teams just because of the experience that they have. And we know Vegas is defending Stanley Cup champions. And look, I think you have to put Edmonton into that mix too.

It depends on who they end up getting and all those sorts of things. But I did games three and four in Denver for the Jets-Avalance series. And, I mean, for a team that was so good defensively over the course of regular seasons, Zach, that being Winnipeg, Colorado make them look average. And Connor Hellebuyck, who's going to win the best in the trophy for the best goalie in the National Hockey League, was very average. And, you know what, I think he gave up four goals or more in every single one of those games. And the pressure was on Alexander Georgiev, and he passed the test after game one where he gave up seven.

And other than that, he was very, very good. So I would not argue, if you're telling me Colorado is the team, because they seem to be on all cylinders. And when you have Cale McCar and Nathan McKinnon, Mico Ratanen going out there, you know, for 25 or 30 minutes of the game each and every night, you got yourself a hell of a chance to win.

So they seem to have it going on right now, for sure. Let me get to the East. I say this as a crazy Ranger fan. I know it's Stanley Cup or Bust this year. And I know they won the President's Trophy.

But I feel like the most dangerous team in the East is Florida. Do you agree with that statement? Yeah, I do. I do.

I do. Florida has the ability to play any way that you want. And I think the Rangers do, too. And I know there's been a lot made with Matt Rettby getting the opportunity to come to the Big Apple and play. And he's had a huge impact. I mean, the blue shirt fans love him, and rightfully so. And he does have that ability to, what's the politically correct way to say this?

He keeps people honest. And I think there's something for that. And I believe that intimidation is always going to be a part of sports. So look, I'm a big baseball fan, as you know, Zach, and I'm all for hate.

You know what? If you got to pinch inside to have success, you got to pinch inside. And sometimes you're going to pit people.

I mean, look, you're not trying to. But you got to be able to pinch inside. And maybe the next batter or the guy that you maybe hit, maybe the next time he's not going to dig in as much, right? So I think when a guy like Rettby in that lineup, everybody's a little bigger, everybody's a little tougher. And I think guys could be relaxed a little bit more to go out there and know that nobody's going to be taking any liberties on them. So that would be, look, Rangers are going to have their handful with Carolina.

Let's make that perfectly clear. Like I expect that series to go at least six, probably will go seven. But if it does get to a Ranger Florida, and then Florida is going to have to take out who they're going to play either Boston or Toronto, right? So we'll see how that all plays out. But, you know, a Ranger Florida final, Eastern final, I think the Rangers have the ability to go ahead and go toe to toe, punch for punch with the additions that they have and the other guys that they have in the lineup.

So they're a dangerous team. I believe it's a 30-year anniversary coming for our team that won the Cup back in 94. I don't know where and how the time has gone. But I know since then I've got two grandkids and I got another one on the way in July. So I know how long the time has been, that's for sure.

Yeah, a little bit different from when you were in 1994 with that great team. So I know you got to run any old check before we let you run. Speak to me here about the Kentucky Derby. Who's the long shot that I should throw some money on?

Who do you like to win the race this weekend? Well, I mean, the interesting horse to me, I mean, a horse has never been on the dirt. And the name of the horse is Endlessly, number 14. I think the horse will be every bit of probably 35, 40 to 1. I think the horse has a chance to hit in the board. That would be one of those smart strikes like we had a couple of years ago at 80 to 1. But I would just say that if you're looking for long shot, I think the horse might be able to run and hit the board.

Another long shot I like is the three Mystic Dan morning line 20 to 1. But look, I think you have to use a 17 fierceness without a doubt, Zach. Going to be contested with the speed. I think there is a lot of speed in this race. The one key horse to me is the one horse, Doorknock, because this horse needs to break from the one hole and really get there and get position. And I think if the one breaks, it's going to put the pressure on the 17 to come over.

Fierceness is the real deal. You have to use them. I think you have to use them on all your tickets, just depending on where you want to. But I'm expecting a fast pace and I'm going to go right now anyway. So we're going to have, like I said, the weather. Not sure what the weather is going to happen here in the next little while, but I like the four horse catching freedom. Trained by Brad Cox, who's a Louisville native, won the Louisiana Derby in New Orleans at the fairgrounds back in March. If he gets a hot pace, he's going to be one of those horses that's kind of going to be looking like he's shot out of a cannon when they turn for home. So the faster they go early, the better it will be for catching freedom.

So morning line 8 to 1, early bedding is 8 to 1. I'm hoping he's probably in that 10 to 1 range and hopefully we can make people a little bit of money. So I'm going to play him across the board. I'm going to play one place show on catching freedom.

And if he doesn't happen to win, you still might get a really good place price where you might be able to make a little bit of money on your investment across the board. By the way, the first time I talked to you, I was in high school and we talked about your love for Kenny Loggins. Are you rubbing it in here now?

Oh my gosh, that's a long time ago, isn't it? But when are we getting your horse? I think you need to get a horse. This is it and it's got to run for the roses, right? Yeah, yeah.

That would be a dream come true. I had a really nice, I had a really nice filly probably going on 20, right before I got to New York. So like a 92, 91-ish, I had a really nice filly that unfortunately got injured. But I haven't come close.

So I'm just looking, I'm just trying to pay the bills right now with the horses I got right now. But I like your thought process though. I do like that. Good. I don't forget much.

But he's Eddie Olchek. Edzo, enjoy the pucks, enjoy the ponies. We appreciate you joining us for a few minutes today. Thanks, Zach.

Appreciate it. There you go. The great Eddie Olchek. No one better to talk horse racing and hockey with joining us on the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. 855-212-4227. 855-212-4227 is numbered to jump on in. You can always give us a follow.

Instagram and Twitter. At Zach Gelb. That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B.

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It is the Zach Gelb show. I wasn't planning on doing this, but earlier this a.m., a buddy of mine gave me a phone call. He goes, got an extra ticket for the Sixers Knicks game tonight. Would you want to go? So I'm going to drive down after the show and I thank the NBA, my guy, Spineless Silver, Adam Silver.

I know he always has the best interest for me. I actually think this is the best thing Spineless Silver has done in a long time, scheduling this game for 9 p.m. Eastern time. Because I got the ticket today, like the day of the game.

You know, if I knew I was going to the game yesterday or something, could have arranged for me to do the show from Philly. So I'll take a quick drive down the turnpike tonight and then we'll drive back tonight. And probably like that game, if it's let's say it starts at 915, probably ends like 15 minutes after midnight. Once you get out of the stadium, let's say it's 1230, 1240.

Get on the highway, the turnpike to get back. Probably be back tonight around like 230, I would say. If I'm in bed by three o'clock tonight, I think that's a win. Stu is even looking at it. See, Stu is kind of in the afternoons here. Has turned into like the authoritative voice. Like Pete Bellotti is the authoritative voice in the mornings, where it's the voice of reason. Which tells you where we are, we're a network. If Pete and Stu are the voices of reason.

But whenever Pete, whenever there's like an issue in terms of outside of where people go to Pete. I think in the afternoons, people go to Stu. Do you think I will be in bed tonight at 3 a.m. Eastern Time, tip off at about 915? I think so. Sometime between 230 and 3 o'clock, I believe. And the rent-a-car place is adjacent to my apartment, which makes it very easy.

Very easy, useful. So I just drop off the rent-a-car, put the key in the box, and then walk a half block, and then I'm in bed. I don't think I'm going to shower at that time of night. I shower right before I got to work.

Maybe I'll work out in the morning and shower right after the workout in the morning. But I'm looking forward to that. Because I'm just curious what the environment is going to be like. A place like Philadelphia, I have never seen an opposing team's fan base take over a building like that. And it's not like it's some terrible sports city.

It's one of the best sports cities I've ever been to. And their owners had to buy 2,000 tickets, which I don't know, they actually bought them. And the owners, give me 2,000 tickets. But they got 2,000 tickets and they handed them out on the streets today in Philadelphia. I did see our pals down the hall, Sean Marash, Tiki Barber, and Evan Roberts. They're all going to the game tonight.

And they are in Philadelphia right now doing the show. Marash is a great troll, I will say. So, I don't know if you guys saw this photo. Stu, Sam, did you guys see this photo of our old pal, Sean Marash, just wondering?

No, you guys haven't? Depends on the photo. I've seen many photos of him recently. This is a recent photo of Sean Marash today. What jersey do you think, big time New York football giant fan, Sean Marash wore to do his show in Philadelphia today? And we know Marash is kind of like the Snooki of radio.

He's always looking for the attention. So, what kind of jersey did Marash wear today to try to get under the skin of the Philadelphia sports fan? What's your first guess here, Stu?

I'll go Eli Manning. It is not an Eli Manning jersey. Samter, I think Samter, this is the clue I'll give you. It's not a great clue. But knowing your relationship with this person, I think you will get a great kick out of the jersey choice that Sean Marash wore to troll those Philadelphia fans in the city of Brotherly Luckton. I mean, is it Tiki? It is not Tiki.

Right family, wrong brother. Oh, that makes sense, yes. A Rondé jersey since that was the last touchdown scored at Veterans Stadium. It closed down the stadium in that NFC title game.

That is an all-time great trolling move. And Marash has lost some weight. So, I'm not piling on him. I wonder where he got the Rondé-Barber jersey because the jersey does look a little snug. Could this be a jersey that Tiki had and Marash asked Tiki or Tiki said, hey, Marash, it'd be pretty funny to wear a Rondé-Barber jersey.

Now, most of the time, the comments on social media are always negative. But the first comment is, Marash is obese. So, it is a little bit of a tight jersey. But Sean, may I dare even say, it looks a little bit slim these days.

Sean, he's slim. So, do you think that is Tiki's jersey of his brother, Rondé-Barber, Santer? No, because especially when Tiki would have been wearing a jersey of his brother, Tiki used to be jacked. He's obviously lost a lot of weight as he's finished his career. So, I wouldn't imagine a jersey of Rondé that Tiki wears would be snug.

Well, not just that he had. I mean, maybe. Listen, could it be a jersey? It'd be snug on Marash? Rondé-Barber is at most wearing a large jersey.

At most. No, I'm saying if Tiki was wearing a jersey. Tiki was huge because he was a running back. Rondé was obviously a little bit more slender. If Tiki's not wearing like an extra large jersey, it's a large jersey.

Well, when he was like a player. Still, large. Maybe not extra large, but you know, large enough that that wouldn't be snug on a slimmed down Marash. No offense, and this is no offense taken. You can't relate in us big people world.

You just can't. There is, Marash is definitely a 2X. This looks like it's a large-ish jersey. And maybe Marash is tapping into the XL category and he's chopped off an X.

You know, probably at Marash's height, 3X. You know, I've lived that life. Yeah, it's not a world I've lived in before.

Yeah, no. If we gave you an XL jersey, it would look like a dress on you. The only times we've ever had an XL shirt of any kind is when you snag one of those free jerseys they throw into the stands at a stadium.

And they're always like XL or XXL and it doesn't fit anybody. That happened to me. I was at the Met game last night with Carlos with a K, but another time I went to a Mets game this year. They were just handing out free jerseys in center field. I guess it was like some party or something happened and they just had extra jerseys. So I grabbed one. It was a 2X Darryl Strawberry, 86 Met jersey. The problem is I already have a 2X Darryl Strawberry, 86 Mets jersey. So I have this free jersey now that's in the packaging that I just took it and then realized what it was. And I feel compelled to give it to someone here and be a good person. I just got to find someone that's in a radio station, so it's probably not tough. Find someone that's a little bit extra thicker that is a New York Mets fan. So I'll just go in the hallway and throw it and the next thing you know look like a bunch of wolves that haven't had a piece of meat in a while. That thing will be gobbled up in a second.

Anywho, let's get to the next topic of conversation. We've seen LeBron James eliminated with the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. We saw Steph not even make it into the actual postseason this year with his team going home in the playing tournament.

And then you did have Kevin Durant get swept out of the postseason. LeBron James has four championships. Steph Curry has four championships as well. One before KD, two with KD, and then one after KD. And Kevin Durant has two championships. Will any of those players win another championship?

Stu, I'll start with you. LeBron, Steph, or KD, will any of those players win another championship? I say no.

0 for 3. Samter, can you make an argument for any of those players to win another championship with the remaining years left in the association? No chance for KD, but LeBron or Steph, depending on who they team up with, do I think that Steph or LeBron would be the number one guy on another championship winning team?

Probably not. They would probably have to have, like LeBron right now, he's the number two. He's the biggest face, but he's the number two for the Lakers.

Oh, I don't agree with that. I still think he's number one on the Lakers. He's the most reliable player in the Lakers. Reliable, yes, but when healthy, Anthony Davis is the best player in the Lakers.

Stu, would you agree with that? I think he's their most valuable Anthony Davis. I think that's the idea for Davis to be the best player on the team at this point, but I don't think he's taking that torch like they had hoped he would.

It's very sporadic with Anthony. When they won the finals, he's not consistent enough. When they won the finals, he was awesome. I think he's the most valued, but the player I trust the most to be the best player is LeBron James.

So you're not that far off, Santa, because I think you're right what Stu just said. That's the image and the idea is LeBron, even when LeBron slows down, he's still a top ten player in the league, but the idea was for LeBron to maybe take a little bit of a step down. You're passing the torch to Anthony Davis and Davis propels himself to consistently looking like what he could be. And then you have the two of them when LeBron plays another year or two, Davis is your best player, but you don't see it enough consistently from Anthony Davis or he gets hurt. When they won the bubble title, Anthony Davis was the guy that they thought he could be and he was probably the number one at that time. Even though it was still LeBron's team, it felt like AD was the guy who was putting them over the top. But I don't think either him or Steph, but do I see Steph or LeBron, their championship caliber players, who with the right team and the right guys around them, will win another championship?

So it just depends. If LeBron finishes his crew at the Lakers and they add one more big piece, could they? Sure. If LeBron goes to the Warriors, could they? Sure. But I think Steph and LeBron need to be the number two somewhere with a big star, but I can see both of them still winning a title.

So let me look at all three of them individually. I think LeBron is going to stay in L.A. and that's his last stop. Even if, let's say, the Lakers add a Trae Young this offseason, I don't think that's going to be enough to go win a championship. So I think we've seen the last of LeBron James winning a title. If he wants to win a title again, he could try Golden State or he could try maybe Philadelphia out of the realistic destinations.

Throw maybe even Dallas in there. Steph, I think out of this group, Steph has the best chance, but not in his current situation. And the reason why I say it says he has the best chance, like we'll see what happens with Clay.

They should. If Clay's coming back, it's got to be on the cheap for NBA standards. I would love to see LeBron go to the Bay Area and team up with Steph. But here's the thing about Steph.

Steph could win another championship like three, four years from now. If let's say he left Golden State and he's going to go play at the end of his career, like 16 minutes a game, 15 minutes a game. And you have him just be a sharp three point shooter. Like, look at what Ray Allen did in Miami towards the end of his career. There was a defined role for him. So Steph wants to take on that role.

And that's the greatest three point shooter of all time. He go win another championship. But I don't think Steph has the has it in him to leave the Golden State Wars. I think he wants to be on one team for his entire career. And they keep on rewarding guys like Draymond and Clay for what they did in the past and not what they'll do in the future. For Durant, if you leave the Suns, where are you going?

You want to throw a Philly fine? Like, where are you going? I think Durant's going to stay with the Suns, but I just I can't see Durant winning another championship. And maybe it's just because of what Barkley said. He's more of a he's a he's a passenger on the bus. He's a rider on the bus rather than the driver on the bus. So what Sam's are saying, like if he goes and takes a a lesser role, but like look what he did in Phoenix right now. You Bradley Beal there, who's not a star. You have Devin Booker there, who is a star.

You get the blend of a younger player and then an older player and they can't win Jack squad. Last year out this year, they got swept out of the postseason. So I don't think any of the three win again. It's tough for me to vision LeBron winning again. I don't see it with KD. And for Steph Curry, I could see it. If he's willing to take like a smaller role three, four years from now.

And you just go be like just a three point shooter somewhere on a really damn good team. But I don't think we'll see right now. Like you asked me yes or no. Over under is a half. Do I take the over the under championship for LeBron, Steph and KD? I would take the under. I'm going to say that zero of these players win another championship.

All right. We'll take a break. It is that Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network when we come on back. James Harden. Just when people were saying, oh, he's showing up in the playoffs just like last year, right? Oh, he's showing up in the playoffs early up against the Celtics when push comes to shove.

And you need a victory. And there is a big moment late in the series. James Harden goes M-I-A. Who is a great player that never won a title? We'll break it down in the NFL. In the NBA. In the NHL.

And also in Major League Baseball. It is the Zach Gelb show on the Infinity Sports Network. Coming on back. Listen as Selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter. I definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons, the diseases that I am protecting my child against. They're still here. And at the end of the day, it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe.

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