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Ask Charlie Anything 180: March Madness Winner? Flipping California? Beating RFK?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 18, 2024 5:00 am

Ask Charlie Anything 180: March Madness Winner? Flipping California? Beating RFK?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 18, 2024 5:00 am

Charlie answers questions given to him by Charlie Kirk Exclusive subscribers, including:


-Why did Rep. Ken Buck quit the House mid-term, putting the GOP majority in jeopardy?

-Can California be made back into a purple state?

-What's Charlie's March Madness pick?

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey, everybody.

Happy Monday. It's an Ask Me Anything that you're used to. But the way we're doing Ask Me Anything episodes now is just for members. And if you're a member, you get to join me on Zoom, and you can say whatever you want, and we can have a great conversation. And so if you want to be part of the action, go to That is You have the ability to listen to all episodes advertiser free, the ability to be part of our growing community online. And I think you'll love it,, and you'll hear from some of the members and our response throughout this episode. Email me as always, freedom at Get involved with the most important organization in the country,

That is Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks.

I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives. And we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Noble Gold Investments is the official gold sponsor of The Charlie Kirk Show, a company that specializes in gold IRAs and physical delivery of precious metals. Learn how you could protect your wealth with Noble Gold Investments at That is It's where I buy all of my gold.

Go to Blake, welcome. Hello. Good to be back. And Andrew. Hello. So Martha has a question here, which is Charlie and team love the show. Love seeing you guys on the ground at Cal State Fullerton.

It was great to see you. What is your thought on Ken Buck retiring? This seems outrageous.

So we did an entire program on this. And Andrew, I would like to have you riff on this as well, which is the this kind of new trend of resigning mid-term. Where did this come from, Andrew, other than just the bitterness and the kind of personal resentment?

Andrew, what are your thoughts on this? Well, what I'm hearing, Charlie, is this is a pretty blatant political play to hurt Lauren Boebert because Lauren Boebert, I believe, is in Colorado Fourth District, which is a very evenly divided district. You'll remember she won it by, I don't know, a couple hundred votes last cycle. She was planning on moving to Colorado Third, which is where Ken Buck is currently. Ken Buck, we knew, was going to probably be resigning. We just assumed it was going to be in November or after, you know, he served his full term. And so he knows that if he leaves now, it'll force a special election. And Lauren Boebert would then have to leave her current district early, which would then leave that district open to another election. So it puts everybody in a really tough position. And you know, I hate to say it, but Ken Buck has been exposed as a really, you know, exacting sort of petulant, vengeful politician.

We've known he's been all over the map, and the rumor is he's angling for a CNN job. So pretty disgusting, no matter how you look at it. It's just politics is bloodsport and politics can be really dirty.

And this is a clear example. This now gives us a one seat majority. Blake, can you go through the math now? Because there's a special election, there's a resignation.

You broke it down really beautifully the other day. So Ken Buck resigning out of spite now gives the House Republican Conference a one seat majority, basically. So I want to say, because there's a few outstanding seats right now. So right now we are at two hundred and nineteen Republicans and two hundred and thirteen Democrats.

I can't remember actually off the top of my head if that's before or after Ken Buck resigns, but very close. And Democrats are going to, there's an open seat right now. There's three vacant seats right now. There's an open seat Democrats are going to get back. I can't remember who, but a Democrat left, blue district.

It will go back to them. And so you're looking at it would be two hundred and nineteen to two hundred and fourteen. And then that's getting to the point where if you lose one more seat and then if they're they fill in another one of these vacant seats blue, I can't remember where that election is being held. And you're just at the point where literally any one person can flip the entire House. So we're at two hundred and nineteen.

Two hundred and eighteen is your majority. If you lose one more, you're at the point where any single defector can flip it. And that really raises the stakes to where you have to worry. What happens is the most single most liberal member of the House on the Republican side has all the power because they can get any concessions they want from the entire Democratic Party in return for, hey, I'll give you guys the speakership going into this fall race, going into the presidential election, giving you control over all of the spending stuff that's been up for grabs.

It really increases the risk level and it's really reckless that and I guess, you know, traitorous that you have Republicans undercutting the party to this extent. It is it is remarkable where what did we start with a four or five seat majority? I think so. We had two to two to two to three, I think. And yeah. And we just we kicked someone out and we sent us out and then some guy became a college president and then we lost the special election.

McCarthy resigned. It really is remarkable the the the self-inflicted wounds that the Republican House conference. It shows the amount of bad blood that we get that they seem to not like each other very much.

But I think we it's easy to miss the details of how really negative the vibes are in a lot of the party, which is just too bad, I guess. All right. Let's go to this one here. Caleb says, what predictions do you have for March Madness? Will you and Erica livestream your bracket choices again?

That was so fun to watch. We I don't know if we'll livestream them this year, but are you big March Madness guy? No, I hate basketball. Andrew, are you a big March Madness guy?

Moderate. I follow, but I try and do a bracket, but that's about it. Yeah, I'll passively do a bracket. But I will say that the I take the beginning of March Madness very seriously, even though I couldn't tell you.

I don't know if I could tell you right now a current. Maybe I could tell you one active college basketball player was part of it. All the good players show up for one year and then they just go to the NBA. So that's right.

That's all lame. And then I'm a fan. I think the only thing I follow in March Madness usually is obviously I root for the 16 seed to win because that's funny. And then there's always one team from the Dakotas in and I see if they can win a game. And the answer is usually no, but I can dream. So my pick is going to be North Carolina. Because that's just usually I should just be that guy who picks Duke to win every year. And eventually you're right. Yeah. There's a guy who picks Duke to win every year and he gets it right one out of ten times. Yeah, once a decade. The fun fact about Duke, the head coach of Duke is John Shire, who went to Glenbrook North High School right down the street from where I grew up.

And he won a national title with Duke while he was there. All right Josiah, I apologize. And I do want to ask you about your business if I'm looking at this right. You email me Josiah, what's on your mind? Hey Charlie, can you hear me? I can, yes. How you doing? Excellent, great. Hey, I was wondering, becoming more involved with our church, and I was just wondering what you would suggest as next steps for a church that has not spoken to cultural issues.

And the other thing I was wondering is, one of the pushbacks I've gotten is that about the danger of vesting an earthly power, and I was just wondering what you would say to that as well. Sure, and first, thanks for being a member. And if I'm not mistaken, you're involved in a pretzel company, is that right? Is that the same email? Yeah, Martin's Pretzel Bakery. I'm the fourth-generation owner of a pretzel bakery, yes. That is so cool. So everyone should go check it out, it's Martin's Pretzel Bakery,

I love small businesses and entrepreneurs like that, thanks for being a member. Yeah look, I would just lean on the word, and the word is... the word needs to be our guide in everything that we do, and it is clear throughout the Scriptures that we're not vesting an earthly authority, but we are doing God's will here on earth, and part of God's will is to try to have virtuous government and to try to have a free society. Demand the welfare of the nation that you are in because your welfare is tied to your nation's welfare, that's Jeremiah 29.7. And finally I'll say, get involved with TPUSA Faith, we have a wide variety of resources that I think are terrific and can really help you out, and we'd be happy to do that, so happy to connect you. Andrew, do you have something to add there?

Yeah, I would say, you know, the first thing that you should do if you're a committed member of your church is have a private conversation with leadership, and see what you can get accomplished there, put your, you know, best foot forward, do that in an upright fashion, give them the respect as leaders of the church and ask them to, you know, why they're not doing that, do they have plans of engaging these cultural issues, and explain to them that they're leaving a vacuum that other people are going to fill if the church is not talking into these issues. And guess who's going to fill it? The bad guys.

Hollywood's going to fill it. Your news media, any of the institutions that have so much rot in them these days. And then I would say, vote with your feet. If ultimately they decide against engaging on the cultural issues that are so important in this time, in this era that we live in, then go to a church that will. And there's plenty of them that are stepping out in faith and boldness and are willing to address those issues. So I think ultimately, the church is going to have to vote with their feet, lampstands that are honoring God will be lit, and he'll snuff out the other ones eventually.

I really believe that. Yeah, and I'll just close on this, which is it lovingly confronting your pastors, and a great entry point might be screening a letter to the American Church. And Letter to the American Church is a movie that we produce the TPUSA faith.

It is Eric Metaxas' book made into film form. And we're going to be doing screenings across the country. In fact, we just did a screening last evening with Turning Point Academy in Deerfield, Illinois, standing room only. They really did a terrific job. And so I was really proud of what they did there. And so hope that's helpful, Josiah. And God bless, man. Thanks for being a member. Thank you.

It was really something. We have a church event coming up on Sunday and a couple more coming up next week. The left, they really see a threat in the church. That's why they have to try to push forward this whole Christian nationalist thing and try to keep the church in its place. And, Blake, by 30 seconds, the Soviet Union didn't outlaw churches, they just had approved churches, right? And they co-opted them a lot. You'd have senior KGB members who would be priests and bishops, and they inherited that, unfortunately, from the czar in a lot of ways. You have these churches, when churches are too tethered to the state, it can cause a lot of problems because there are a lot of people who are not Christians, who are not believers, but they see a lot of uses from a church. And so even though we want our churches involved in politics, you definitely don't want them to be a part of government, I would say.

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Just go to for affordable individual family plans or call 855-980-5830. So I totally apologize if I mispronounced this. I believe it's Gabor. Is that right? The floor is yours. Thanks for being a member. Thanks, Scott. Great. What's on your mind?

Thanks for the support. How you doing? Oh, hi.

I'm doing well. Thanks. So my question is, so first of all, I just got elected to my local California Republican Assembly Group. Excellent. And I watch a lot of your shows in Rich Barris. And so I'm really interested in specifically how RFK Jr. and No Labels poses a threat to winning 270 electoral votes and what we can do to change our messaging to reach out to some of these people across the aisle who might be interested in these kind of middle of the road candidates.

What a great question. And thank you for being a member. Yeah, this is something that we've really been contemplating for quite some time. I think we've been ahead of the curve on the electoral math.

Andrew, you know, this we've been playing around on 270 to win dot com quite a lot. And I encourage everyone to do that. It's fun. And Blake, you know, we've done this to quite some time.

And it kind of it really narrows your it kind of narrows your understanding of what the possible and potential paths are. That's why Andrew and I share a passion for the state of Nevada. And we all might be Nevadans one day. If Nevada becomes like this right wing state, I think it could be. I know people laugh at it.

Blake rolls his eyes. He's so cynical. But I would move to Nevada before I would move to Texas that I hate zero with zero income tax. Do you agree?

Zero state income tax. One hundred percent. And look at Dana White's put up.

You know, the HQ of UFC is in Nevada as a native Nevadan. I can tell you that the soul of that state is completely at least libertarian in spirit. But but really like hard right. Just stay out of my way. Government get out of my way.

Let me do my thing. And there's a lot of open space and open space. Charlie, you know this from the Arizona area. It creates a certain type of Western rugged mindset.

And my family certainly has that spirit. But there's really two states, two Charlie, we've talked about this. There's northern Nevada and then there's Clark County. And so you know if you can win Washoe by a vote you win the rest of the state.

I mean hands down. And Clark County is an ex-fact. There's a lot of conservatives in Clark County. A lot of conservatives. And so you really just need to invest in low propensity voters.

But to answer your question, I do not believe RFK will win a single electoral vote. Do you agree? I agree. And I can't see no labels doing it either if in fact they run.

They're having trouble getting out of the gate. Yeah. What's funny is they're both middle of the road and yet they appeal to totally different people. RFK is all about I'm disillusioned with politics. You can kind of you can smell the weed smoke from a lot of them like, man, it's all just a scam, man. And so you've got that element and then you have no labels, which is very much that why can't we just let Washington do what it needs to do to save America?

Yeah. Why can't we trust the ruling class? Why can't we just get behind Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin and let them save America? So to answer your question, which is an excellent question, currently RFK is taking more from the Democrats. We warned against Donald Trump's promoting of the vaccine as a weight that would give a life force energy to the RFK campaign.

And so there needs to be some skepticism there. RFK could play significant spoiler, though, in the state of Wisconsin. RFK is doing good with younger voters. He does very, very well.

He will do very well. University of Wisconsin, Madison. And if RFK, for example, wins 20 percent of the vote in Dane County, Wisconsin, Donald Trump probably becomes president. And Dane County is University of Wisconsin, Madison.

It's the capital of of the state. And so I Cornell West will be more of a protest vote. If you were like in the best case scenario, you should be cheering for Cornell West to run a single issue campaign on Gaza. Yeah. Would you agree? Yeah.

If you get three or four percent as a protest vote, Democrats are sweating. Yes. So if Cornell West just like where RFK is actually pretty pro Israel, if you look at his stuff.

So he's not he doesn't fit that mold. And Cornell West, by the way, is insanely pro Gaza. Like they're like this. The left is they're getting really out there.

Oh, they really are not. A lot of the right doesn't notice this, but it's even Schumer calling for that election in Israel. Regime change. Yeah.

Regime change. Really. He did it at APAC. Did you know that? I did not know that.

I saw this in New York. I didn't do it. I thought he did it from the Senate floor. Well, hold on. Let me make sure I'm clear.

OK. No. So he didn't do it from APAC, but it was during while APAC was convening in D.C.. OK, so I'm sorry. I'm not correct there. While I was why I was confused is they said this with an APAC pamphlet underneath it. And APAC was meeting this week. The American Association of American Israeli Political Action Committee, I think that's what it is.

So let me read an A13. So Schumer says this. And then he goes to you go here and you say, Schumer calls Netanyahu obstacle to peace and pro Israel lobby faces challenges from both sides political aisle while they have APAC gathering.

It's really something else. OK, just to close it out, though, the third party candidates currently will probably hurt Joe Biden more than Donald Trump. And that's Donald Trump's advantage to lose.

And I say this as a committed Trump vote supporter. If Trump plays too much into the vaccine, he could ignite the RFK candidacy to splinter away. Cornel West will not take from Trump. Jill Stein will not take from Trump. No labels if they run could conceivably hurt Trump with center right moderate. Hold your nose for Trump voters. But they also would pull from soft Democrats as well. Great question. Let's get to the next one here.

I do want to bring up one thing. There's a new there's a new report out from NBC that's basically saying that the DNC is is reportedly building a team to tackle third party and independent presidential candidates, which the Biden administration views as a threat to President Biden's reelection chances. So when when you look at this stuff, you know, they'll they'll tip their hand eventually because they have to. So this the fact that DNC is taking this threat so seriously and by the way, this this report came out from NBC just yesterday. They view RFK. I guarantee you they're looking at the internal polling and they're seeing who he's peeling from. It's namely young voters. It's namely protest votes against Joe Biden.

RFK is going to inflict more harm on on Joe Biden than Donald Trump. That was probably not true six months ago to Charlie's point, but it's it's very true now and then you add on Cornel West and Jill Stein and they have a real serious problem at their hands. I think that's exactly right. OK, let's get to the next question. It is Jacob. Jacob, what is your on your mind? And Jacob, thank you for the great support.

Jacob, which means by the heel and usurper in Hebrew. Jacob, hi, Charlie. Can you hear me?

Yes. What's on your mind? Hey, I live in southwestern Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania is a very important state, as you guys know. And I was just wondering how to get more involved, like locally in my community and like what the best ways for me to get involved and make a difference.

I live about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh and I live in a pretty red area, but I know there's a lot of blue areas around the Pittsburgh area. And I was just wondering if there is any advice you guys had for me. Yeah, well, first of all, God bless you, man. Thank you for being a member. We need you and we need everyone to get super involved.

So, number one, happy to connect you with Turning Point Action if you're interested. Number two, try to become a precinct committeeman or get involved with your local GOP. Oh, it's probably a county based GOP. If you're 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, it probably wouldn't be a city based GOP. So whatever county you're in, what I don't want to have your personal details out here, but happy to help you privately.

Then just type in whatever county you're in. GOP reach out. They're probably disorganized. They're probably but they will be so happy that you're there.

And I just want to give you some caution. They're probably it's going to be a little annoying at times. They won't be on board with it. But honestly, go run to be county chair. Like they would love to elect a young person to be county chair of whatever county you live in, especially if it's a red county. And just because it's a red county, maybe your goal will be like, hey, we want this county to vote 75 percent Trump, not just 72 percent Trump. Try to try to win by even more. Andrew, do you have something to add to that? Yeah, I mean, Pennsylvania is a really important state, obviously. You know, the real clear politics average now has P.A.

in Trump's corner. I think it's going to be a tough state to win. It's a really messed up state, electorally in a lot of ways. No disrespect to your home state. But that's, but it's also a really hard state to poll as well.

So we really don't know what's going to happen to it. We know there's a lot of issues in Philly, Pittsburgh. You know, there's a lot of shenanigans that go on. So we need poll watchers. We need people that are true believers that are going to be calling out some of the shenanigans that are inevitably going to happen in those, especially those two places.

But listen to this. There's 80,000 Amish voters in Pennsylvania. A lot of them are not registered to vote. There's 80,000 truckers. There's 800,000 veterans. There's 930,000 hunters. And we know that hunters basically like half of them aren't registered to vote.

It's this weird sort of stay off the grid mentality, don't want the government knowing what I'm doing thing. They need to get registered to vote. So ballot chase, ballot chase, ballot chase, ballot chase to Charlie's point. We need that at Turning Point Action.

Scott Pressler, I think, is living in Pennsylvania now and we work closely with Scott. So lots of options. Yeah. And remember, red areas can become even redder. OK, red areas can get you can expand your margins even more and find every last voter inflation, immigration.

These places might even surprise you where they could become 80, 90 percent right wing with some of the dynamics there. And that can make up for some of the nonsense that's happening in downtown urban Philadelphia. And Charlie, remember, actually, Blake always makes this point. Philly went more Trump in 2020 than 2016.

That's right. OK, we have Paul. Paul, thank you for the support. What is on your mind?

Hi. One hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks shot my great grandfather in Russia. My grandfather was orphaned and they did immigrate to the U.S. to San Francisco. And so my passion is taking back California. I might be the only one that thinks we can. But as I said in my Q&A, there's fifty thousand precincts in California approximately. I ran for the 63rd Assembly District Central Committee, Republican Central Committee, where we have six hundred sixty seven precincts. And I think one godly or TP USA volunteer in every precinct in California and can take it back. You know, we have all the House seats. I worked with my pastor, Jack Hibbs, and all the we gained lots of House seats.

Not too many people are talking about that, but I believe we could gain more and really keep that majority in Congress. So I love it. Thank you for the support. And I'm sorry to hear about your father.

That is quite a testimony as to why you're involved. So here's some reasons. Long term, I think that California can narrow.

And so let me give you an example. In 2020, Joe Biden won the state of California by 30 plus points. You can get the exact numbers. I think it was sixty five.

Almost exactly 30. Six million, six point one million votes in 2022. Gavin Newsom won by 19 points. OK, so that's an 11 point differential in two years. Now it's lower turnout, but that's that's something that shows that there is some flex in those joints. And so if you have an 11 point movement in two years, look, a 19 point Democrat state, that's still very comfortable. That's more than Texas is Republican. That's more than Florida is Republican. I wouldn't fixate on winning it for a presidential election. What you win is there's 50 House seats.

What I'm saying, though, is that there can be movement. It's like you can win counties. Right. So well, taking back Orange County is a great use of time. Right. I was just in the sheriff jobs there. So let me give you an example. OK, so I was in Orange County yesterday and I saw five times a billboard and it said, if you shoplift, we prosecute. This is not L.A. County.

Wow. Like five times. And like so what do they do? They go to L.A.

They go do their shot. And I ask all the people there. They say crime is down big time. All these like thugs that come and steal stuff like it just that's a conservative element there. There are five congressional seats in Orange County, five in 2018. All five went Democrat.

All five. Now, I think three out of five are Republican. And they think that if they get their ballot harvesting stuff together, they can run the table and go five for five in Orange County.

So they can. So, Andrew, you are the only one that lives in California. Please refer. Yeah. No, I. OK, so a couple couple of things to his point. You say this to Charlie, the California conservatives are the best conservative.

The best. We we in this whole idea of this kind of like moderate California conservative, what the party always tries to do here is total garbage. They try to appeal to the middle. No, we are fired up. We're like we're rock ribbed. We've been through the through the just the insanity of left wing government. We know it there. I will say that, yeah, we can we we California is important for control of the House.

And you're right. We got shellacked many times on this whole ballot harvesting thing. We took it to court, couldn't win. Ultimately, we just decided, hey, you can't beat him.

Join them. This is one of the inspirations for the chase your vote, chase the vote project, a turning point action. A lot of people say, well, election integrity, election integrity, can't trust the vote with votes. You're right. But they can only cheat so much.

And so the point is, you've got to play the play the game the way the rules are written. So California has been an inspiration for that because eventually they just said, hey, we've got to harvest, too, and we're going to harvest the churches and we're going to harvest all these other places where we're strong. And that made a huge difference. It's the only reason we have the House right now. So but but the but the other thing that I think when we talk about long term is that the Republican Party under Trump is becoming more minority, more working class. And that bodes well for a state like California, which has a majority minority demographic, right, where, you know, the there's not as many white people here as there are in Iowa, right? So it's we're not we're not over 50 percent anymore.

And so I think as the party shifts, you're going to see a realignment in the state of California. I'll never forget that the one voting group that was pro the one minority group that was pro Gavin Newsom. Sorry, I'm just blanking on the word, repealing him. Recalling. Recalling.

Thank you. Gavin Newsom was Hispanics in Los Angeles County. So so when you think I mean, there's a lack of information in California. I'm telling you, the press here is awful. It's it fixates on national politics, not as much on local politics.

So people aren't even really informed. But I found that to be a really, really positive development. I think for the foreseeable future, it's out of reach. But as that shift takes place, if it continues, if it keeps growing, we're going to get a great sign of it in this presidential election. There is a possibility here. One negative.

All right. And I hate to be the negative guy, but last year we just got this from the U.S. Census Bureau. 338,371 people left California.

How many? And I would bet 338,000 people year over year left California, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And that's from Kevin Kiley. That's just one year. One year, year over year.

And get this. I would bet that's one percent of the population. That's probably 75 percent Republican voters that are leaving the state. Is my math right? A 33 million person state, 300,000?

That's about one percent. They have a shrinking population, according to the Census Bureau estimates. Even with all the illegals and with all the invaders?

All of that, yeah. Now, maybe that does mean they're larger than we think, because our belief is they radically undercount how many illegal immigrants there are. But for people that the government can track, which is importantly people the government can tax, those are the ones who are fleeing the state. California is rapidly becoming this creepy dystopia where it's rich tech oligarchs who are five percent of the population on this vast service class beneath them. It's one of the most unequal states. It's one of the most impoverished states after you adjust for cost of living.

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Use promo code Charlie for 10% off your order today. Lisa, thank you for being a member. Thank you for having our back. Lisa, what's on your mind?

Hi, I'm from California and I'm never, ever, ever giving up. So the question I have is just why isn't there a little bit more discussion about the fact that our president is committing treason? We have invaders that are coming in, I mean, in numbers. Now he even admits that he flew them in and every one of them says, when they're asked, I'm going to vote for Biden. I'm going to vote for Biden. Why isn't, why can't we get Biden for treason?

We should be. I mean, one of the main major issues is the, you know, the way that we go after a treasonous president is impeachment. And now with a one seat majority, that's just not going to happen. I mean, that, that, that is dead, but he's a traitor for multiple reasons, right? Or what he did with China. But honestly, I think that the border that you're isolating is the great act of treason against the American Republic. And especially with what, how he's deployed Alejandro Mayorkas.

Blake, I want you to riff on this. Talk about how they found a glitch in the system where they just don't enforce the law, where they just kind of dodge it or passively, like they say, oh no, we're, we're, we're securing the border where they control the executive branch and they just kind of enforce what laws they want to enforce. Yeah, well, so it's always been, it is the executive branch that the root of that is execute. It is the job of the branch to carry out, execute, conduct, enforce the laws that Congress passes. And there's traditionally been a lot of deference to them in the same way we do for a lot of other governments, like a prosecutor chooses which cases to prosecute or not.

And traditionally that was okay because we could trust a prosecutor to, oh, he'll prosecute cases that are strong and he just will avoid ones where it's weak, the evidence is flimsy, that sort of thing. But now this is also politicized and at the national level where they can just say, oh yeah, so it's, it's a two part thing. First, they claim only the federal government can do anything to enforce federal immigration laws. So they got all their judges and crap on board with this where they'd say, oh, Arizona can't punish someone for being an illegal because it's not, they're, they're usurping the federal government's job to enforce that. And then the federal government goes and says, oh, we're just going to selectively not enforce it and we're going to even institutionalize our non-enforcement of it. That's what DACA was. DACA, the excuse for it from Obama was, we're not doing an amnesty, we're doing deferred action. We're going to just, we're delaying our adjudication of this illegal immigrant case. When we know they're here illegally, we know the law says they have to leave, but we're deferring the action. And so it's just an incredible amount of kabuki theater bull crap, what they've done, where they go around and they'll say, they're just, or even what they're doing with these asylum hearings, they've weaponized, oh, well, they need their day in court for asylum.

It's such a pile of trash, man. Yeah. We're just, we're giving them their day in court. Their day in court is in a decade.

And what happens if they don't show up? ISIS policy is to not arrest anyone who's an illegal unless they're arrested for a felony crime that is not drunk driving, apparently, according to Biden. So you blow off your court hearing in a decade and nothing will happen. And so it's this immense amount of rigging on the legal system where they just, they selectively will come out and say, oh, well, the law says this while doing everything to undermine it. And it really is just a colossal amount of BS.

You get why you should just fire all of these people. Yeah. And it's kind of a new strategy to do this across the board though, which is like, we just don't enforce the laws we don't like. Yeah. And it undercuts the idea of America as a republic of laws that undercuts the idea of America as as a country where the law matters.

It's making America a more functionally authoritarian country because it's just whoever's in charge can just decide the laws, whatever they want it to be. OK, Jeff, what is on your mind in here? Yes, Jeff, how are you? Yeah, pretty good. I'm out here in Eugene, Oregon, not yet. The gathering there in Colorado Springs last fall. Yeah. And we're Go Ducks people here. Hey, I've been playing around on the TP Action platform there and I went into the area where you can be a precinct leader, have a precinct leader there.

And it shows me my neighborhood, but it doesn't show me that it doesn't show me precinct information. Can you kind of educate me on that or give me a contact there at TP Action? So first of all, thank you. I'm having a trouble time hearing you. But first of all, Go Ducks. And so Oregon is still in development.

It's not a top priority yet. We're happy to help you with that. And I'm glad you're using the platform and getting it deployed.

And so happy to connect you with the team there. And by the way, just everyone knows we are rolling out a national mobile technology that will allow especially people in Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan to open up their phone, chase early ballots, knock on doors. We are going to we're going to be testing this all summer and coming up right after Labor Day. We're going to be, I'd say, probably August after the People's Convention after in June and then August. We're going to be every single day. We're going to be promoting the Turning Point Action mobile application. And Andrew, it's pretty impressive. Our goal is that if the Charlie Kirk show audience can have a couple thousand, maybe ten, fifteen thousand new people that are downloading this application and chasing ballots and knocking on doors, it could be a decisive factor.

Well, no. And I want to tell Jeff as well, I tried to use it here in Santa Barbara and I was unable because it hadn't the data hadn't been populated yet. And to Charlie's point, the rollout is going to be nationwide.

So eventually you will have that. But they're focusing on different high priority districts first. Right. So, of course, those main three states of Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, but also with Michigan, Pennsylvania.

I know that we have people using it in Southern California. We mentioned Orange County. It's going very well. Yeah. Yeah. And so so as the priority list. So you got to understand the tech rollout of this was a huge lift and it's still a huge lift. But but the more will come online.

So rest assured that that data will populate eventually. Thank you for the support. We appreciate it. And the app is getting better and better right now.

Most of the data we've configured into it is Arizona, Wisconsin, which is, of course, the top priority. OK, everybody, Jesslyn, I think I'm saying that correctly. Thank you for being a member.

Make sure you unmute. And what is on your mind? Yes, sir. I posted a couple of questions that he a few of them have already been answered real quick with regards to a church that is in this area in Arizona. And they have already seemed warm to the idea of featuring the movie Letters to American Church and to possibly having you speak and visit and dialog with the younger generations around and the older ones do. What's our next step? What can we do? Do we get them in contact with you? How do we get down to talking price? How do we pay for it?

How do we promote it? Where are you, Jesslyn? I'm sorry, I missed that. Peoria, Arizona. Right.

Yes, sir. In the three or three area, if you were going to say Peoria, Illinois, I'd say, yeah, I'm not going to visit there anytime soon. So, Jesslyn, email me freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. If it's local, happy to help make it work. We can make it big and promote it.

And I want to try to speak at new churches, new places in the valley. I have a heart for Arizona. And I haven't been out to Peoria in a little while. So just while right when we're done, just just email me. Follow up freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com.

And if we can make it work scheduling, we'll see what we can do. If it was pure. If it was Peoria, Illinois, I would kindly decline. But I said, by the way, that's a beautiful town. Peoria, Illinois, home of Caterpillar. How many people know that if it plays in Peoria?

Yeah, it's right. I think it's the Illinois River that cuts through Peoria, Illinois. Anyway, love Peoria, Peoria, Arizona. Much prefer. Thank you, Jesslyn. Let's get to let's get to another question. Rick, you are the last one.

Rick, thank you for being a member. What's on your mind? I think short term great news. Chatter and climate change is softening a bit, but it's still a core issue for the globalists. And thus for the left to your most recent conversation with Dennis Prager, you briefly touched on this. I guess we need to keep a focus on the idea that the same now proven false mathematical models that led the world down the wrong path on COVID are the very same models being used to drive climate change frenzy and all the doomsday discussion.

When Biden was down the border he made a comment, anyone to question climate change in the end of all, how is that any way, shape or form science? I think part of the conservative message must remain in that common sense, you know, science where it is and then really a cost benefit analysis of every decision and really some real actual open viewpoints and research allowed in the climate change debate. So great track record to be in front of things like this stuff. And that might be the keep that in mind on my next thing you guys need to take a focus on post the election.

I love that. Yes, it's very interesting. I actually wrote this down from the James Lindsay Joe Rogan interview, which I encourage you guys to listen to.

James Lindsay is a dear friend and he did great. Joe Rogan says, quote, core samples show the Earth's temperature has never been static and it's always changed. Tons of variables and contributing factors over time play into that.

Human activity is probably one. But should we effing torch and throw out the entire society we enjoy just because of a little warming? Sounds stupid to me. I just love that quote. It's very Joe Rogan is right.

That's like the biggest picture about it. Literally, if you grant all of their premises about what is happening with the climate, that it's getting warmer, that it's going to be a problem for X, Y, Z reasons. Oh, so the fixes to this is to give Democrats power. Democrats can't even run San Francisco.

They can't even run the richest city in the world without it being a total literal poop hole. And so obviously the solution, it's like when we had that fossil future guy on the show. Any problems caused by climate change would be caused by our ability to generate lots of energy so that we can do it. So if you want to talk about, oh, we're going to need to like, you know, put phosphate in the atmosphere or something so that it doesn't warm as much. That would make a lot more sense than, oh, yeah, we're going to ban your plastic straws and make you use paper.

And we're going to make you never fly on a plane again, except we'll still fly on a plane to Switzerland because we're really important. That's how you get ahead of it. So much of the climate stuff is we want an excuse to have COVID level power permanently.

And we want an excuse to make everyone's lives worse because we feel really virtuous when we do that. And it's very much a peak America syndrome, I think. And I think it's going to break apart when people already see their lives getting worse, when they see their wages don't go as far, everything's more expensive, it's harder to buy a house.

I think there's going to be way less patience for all of this virtue signaling crap that you get from the Davos crowd. And Blake, to your point, the key to a prosperous economy is cheap, abundant energy. And their whole solution is basically to destroy humanity and our modern economy for a couple of degrees. But I do think to this caller's point, that we do have to have an alternative message. You know, hunting, preservation of the land, like a conservative environmental message needs to also be present in this discussion because we do care about the environment. We do care about clean water and clean air and breathable air.

But we also want people to be able to afford their food and their mortgage and their rent. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at

Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to Sometimes the most compelling stories come from the most unexpected places. Picture this, you're just a 14 year old boy, abruptly awakened by a solemn priest at your boarding school. Your father's been shot and you're rushed to his side in Los Angeles. But as you stand by his bedside witnessing his final moments, you can't shake the memories of another tragedy years before when your uncle, the president, met a similar fate.

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