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College Kids Try to Prove Me Wrong — Tabling at UNLV

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 8, 2024 5:00 am

College Kids Try to Prove Me Wrong — Tabling at UNLV

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 8, 2024 5:00 am

Enjoy this special episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, where you can listen to Charlie debate several college students at UNLC, who attempt to prove him wrong on using “preferred pronouns,” LeBron vs. Jordan, police brutality, and more.

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Hey everybody, a conversation I had at UNLV with college students on a college campus.

I just take the questions unscripted. These videos have gone viral, been seen by over 100 million people. So enjoy this conversation and email me your feedback freedom at and get involved with America's most important organization in the country, Turning Point USA at That is

It's already a high school or college chapter today at Buckle up everybody here. We go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Hello, Charlie. I'm a huge supporter of you and what you do on the campuses and with our pastors and politically. I want to ask you, statistically, men are turning more, we're proven to be more conservative, but the women are suffering out here. So I would like to know, I'm involved with TPUSA and I want to know what it is that I can do when I'm around women here in Las Vegas, Nevada, which I'm battle born in this battleground state.

And I would like to know what I can do to start to change minds with love. And why do you think women are so liberal? You know, I watched you on the whatever. Yes. And it's crazy. I mean, I mean, it's just, it's so hurtful to see, you know, how they are sexually and how it's just so, you know, okay.

And I think that a lot of them are suffering. And I think that, you know, there's a lot of father issues there. A lot of daddy issues for sure.

Yeah. So look, I'm not an expert in how to win over young women for conservatism. The biggest thing is this, more young women need to be more young women need to get married at a younger age and start having kids. The single woman issue is one of the biggest issues facing a civilization.

Yeah. We have more single women in our early 30s that are the most depressed, suicidal, anxious, lonely in America's history, because there's a biological clock that's going on. And they realize that they're not gonna be able to have kids and that they're not as desirable in the dating market or in the dating pool.

And so they start to lash out on the rest of society by voting Democrat. So date like you're going to marry, I guess that's going to just get married early, like reject the siren song of modernity and have lots of kids like being a partner at a local law firm actually isn't that big of a deal. Having three kids is a really big deal and will make you happier. And it's okay to be a stay at home mom. In fact, we need a lot of stay at home moms and a lot of women want to be stay at home moms.

And we have miserable women because we've been shuffling them into a corporate wasteland when in reality, a lot of them don't find a lot of passion or fulfillment in that line of work and who can blame them. Exactly. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Thank you. Hello. My name is Sahi Lee. So I had a question.

Do you support like if someone has if someone uses pronouns that weren't the pronouns assigned to their gender at birth, do you personally use them? No. Can I ask why?

Well, I refuse to lie. Okay, so do you care about like community humanity being kind to just the average stranger off the street? Yes.

Great question. So being kind means not lying. So do you believe that strictly like there?

Yeah. So for example, if I was walking down the Vegas strip and somebody said, hey, do I have a piece of glass sticking out of my shoulder? Is it kind to tell them? No, you're fine, bro.

Keep on going. Or should you say like, okay, so you should tell everybody the truth, especially those in crisis that are lying to themselves. So I have to ask, so you believe that you seem like a man of science, you bring up a lot of statistics, a lot of math, and I respect that transness is proven medically. And like a lot of trans people, they don't believe in this. And a lot of trans youth aren't medically trans. They don't have something called body dysmorphia in their minds, which is a perceivable on like a brain scan thing. Real trans youth like they're someone who was born in a man's body, who is a trans woman will have a brain that more accurately reflects the brain of a woman. And that's just a biological proven point. So transness is a real biological thing.

I don't believe that every child, I don't believe that children should be able to transition, but the average person, like an adult who has made their decision to transition, they are medically proven, biologically trans. And they say that personally, it makes them feel better to be called she, and that it hurts them inside mentally to be called he. And you don't feel that the small effort it would take you to call them she, the small kindness it would take you would be worth it because that comment is going to stick with them for years.

It's going to pass you in a day, you know? Well, hold on. So I think you're making my point I want to make. If it's going to stick with them for years, if I don't use the right pronoun, they have serious mental problems and they need a counselor.

Yes, that's exactly it. They do have counseling. Oh, they have mental problems. I agree.

So then this is the question. Should we accommodate our language to make life more comfortable for people that are suffering under mental diseases? Yes, absolutely. I think we need to do the most that we can to accommodate the people who have mental struggles. Okay, so if, for example, there is a phobia of crowds, should we no longer congregate as a crowd here because there might be a student at UNLV that has a phobia of crowds? No, but I think that if it is entirely in our effort and that it does not take any more of our day, let's say that guy right there doesn't hate crowds or he hates crowds and I see him all the way over there and I know that he hates crowds, I wouldn't purposely gather a bunch of people and go harangue him with that. Let's play this out.

I wouldn't go out of my way. Some trans activists say my presence on campus causes them to go into mental duress. Well, I don't believe that. I think that's fucking ridiculous. I think that's ridiculous.

Okay, but it's a common critique. So we're coming to a line here. So now can you understand why I'm so clear on the pronoun thing? Because all of a sudden they have used to shut me up on campus repeatedly. The trans students say I medically feel unsafe if Charlie Kirk is allowed to come on campus. Medically, okay.

Yes. University of Arizona gave a mental health day the day after I visited the campus last semester. The entire campus shut down. They were allowed to have free counseling sessions, psychiatric intervention, and the entire campus they're able to say I'm not going to come and speak on campus.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, the same thing. I think that you're using a logical fallacy to associate one larger event that is admittedly ridiculous. I think everybody in this crowd can admit that that is a ridiculous situation. And comparing it to the small instance in your day that would be a trans woman asking you to, let's say I was trans and I was obviously trans and you guys all knew that I was born a man and that right now I was coming up here dressed as a, you know, a hoe. So like a female.

Yeah. And you know that I'm all presenting as a woman right now. Do you feel that it's such a bother out of your day just to give me a kindness? My argument is not the bother. My argument is the lie.

And I won't lie no matter how big or how small. And so if someone has XX chromosomes and they want to be called a male. Do you feel that it's a lie that their brains are telling them that they're genuinely a woman? Well they've convinced themselves of a lie. People can convince themselves of delusions all the time.

For example. So you think that the fact that people have a female brain in their mind when they are trans is a lie. So if you go through an analysis of 10,000 SPECT scans, even trans men and trans women, fake men and fake women, the brains are indecipherable. What you're talking about though is a brain scan study where certain impulses look more female and look more male, which of course I believe is true. It was actually the brain structure.

I don't have the exact study on me, but I can get it up after I get off stage. But even if that was the case, it does not change the fact that they have an XY chromosomal structure or XX chromosomal structure. And pronouns, surgery, intervention, or chopping off your breasts are not going to make you the other sex or gender. And here's the final thing I'll say. If the trans individuals, whoever you want to call them, the trans people, why do we have to change our language?

Why can't they just live their own life? Okay. That's a fair point.

I respect and honestly, like I agree with a lot of the things you've said. Thank you. I think that you think about transness on a very large binary. Yeah. A very binary. I do. I look at it very binary. When you see a trans person, you see their whole struggle. You see that they're a mentally ill person. I do.

And I want to give them support. They're deceiving. You think they're deceiving themselves. That's your opinion of it. Well, it's clinically true.

Yeah. When you see transness, you see the community. I would just, my last comment is that I hope you have a little more kindness in you. I know you don't want to lie and that's what you feel, but sometimes that really changes someone's day. That really changes a lot about how they feel.

And if it's one moment out of your day to change, it's something you could do easily to really help somebody. Two things. They will never stop. They'll want on top of pronouns, they want promotions, then they want pride ceremonies. It's the fact they won't just stop the pronouns. I think that's over-generalization.

It's a fact. We're living under that now. Number two, though, is there ever a moment, and the moment is of course, if there was a hunger strike happening on this campus and they went 25 days without eating, don't we have a moral obligation to go up to them and help them? Of course we do. We don't appease them and say, oh yeah, you guys are going to be fine.

You won't starve to death. Because a trans person is torturing themselves. They're not liberating themselves. They're at war with their own anatomy. They're not like freeing themselves. They're not being who they really are.

They've convinced themselves of a lie. And we as society, community, and kindness, I believe have a right sometimes to say the unpopular but the true thing that might be able to correct the error back into truth. Thank you for your time.

I appreciate it. Folks, so many people I know are disheartened that our country seems to have forgotten the importance of citizenship, and they wonder how a strong sense of citizenship might be revived. That's why my friends at Hillsdale College have produced a free online course on this topic, American Citizenship and Its Decline. Taught by historian Victor Davis Hanson, the course traces the history of citizenship and explains how it is undermined in America today by open borders, by identity politics, by the administrative state, and by globalization.

Americans taking the course will gain a deeper insight about the connection between citizenship and freedom, an insight they can share with their family members, friends, and neighbors. Hillsdale's free online courses are an important component of Hillsdale's mission to reach and teach increasing millions of people on behalf of liberty and the American way of life. So sign up today for Hillsdale's free online course, American Citizenship and Its Decline, by visiting That is

Start your free course today at Hey Charlie, so I am, as a young adult right now in America, I'm looking right now towards like my future and I'm really having a hard time really, really seeing myself being able to do the same things like my parents have done, such as buy a house at a young age and whatnot. So do you think there's going to be any change and like in the housing market from the high interest rates and big companies and investors buying big, buying all types of properties and just renting them out to Americans generally?

It's a great question. So four years ago the average income to be able to buy a home in this country was $59,000 a year. Now it requires $106,000 a year to buy a home and it's probably even more than that here in Vegas is my guess.

You have been robbed by the DC political class and then big corporations like BlackRock come in and purchase these homes and then rent them back to you. This is one of the reasons why I personally support President Donald Trump's candidacy. This was not the case when he was president. Homeownership was in your grasp, wages were going up, young people saw their livelihood increasing and Joe Biden has destroyed all of that. It's just a fact.

Just look at the numbers. The last four years he has obliterated the ability for you to be able to own a home. So yeah, we should say that multi-trillion dollar corporations like BlackRock cannot come in and buy homes and rent them back to you. In fact, I want three very basic things for every one of you. I don't care about your politics. I want you to be able to get married, have kids and own a home. Those three things should be in the very basic social contract for Gen Z and that's my message and I pray we can restore that.

Exactly. Do you think that anytime in the near future that any changes in the housing market are going to take place? Housing prices will probably go up before the end of the year because interest rates are going to be cut three times before the election. The Fed just announced yesterday interest rates are going down so you guys are even more screwed. In fact, you guys right now should want interest rates to go up because then you might actually see a collapse and housing prices you guys could swoop in. The Fed, in my personal opinion, I have no evidence of this except outside speculation, they're lowering interest rates to try to get Joe Biden re-elected is what they're doing.

They announced a rate cut yesterday, the market went up and so you're going to see a flood of buyers coming into the market right now which means that the price of homes are probably going to go up another five or ten percent before the end of the year. That's crazy man. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you.

All right, who's up? Hi, so sorry, I noticed you're wearing an American Lives Matter shirt. What is your message to this audience right now by wearing that t-shirt? What is your intended message?

Well, I think that we should put Americans above foreigners. You know that the whole point of, you know, the movement like that came with Lives Matter was originally for Black Lives Matter? Yes, I'm intentionally appropriating it. And are you trying to eliminate the movement Black Lives Matter?

Are you trying to not bring attention to it? I mean, well, BLM is not exactly a movement that I would be associated with but I believe all lives matter, American Lives Matter. If you're a Black American, Hispanic American, I don't care. All Americans Lives Matter. Would you even, would you take the time to recognize a group of people that who have been marginalized historically and who are now asking for the same rights, the same, the same privileges as white people in the society by wearing, by letting them.

What rights do white people have that blacks don't? So the issue is it's not necessarily written in the law. Oh, so it's like hidden. That's the whole point. That's how marginalizing works.

Oh, so it's kind of like, it's like a ghost. You see it one day and you don't. Because you as a white privileged person with money have never seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So what privilege do I as a white person have that a black person doesn't? What can a white person do in America that a black person cannot do? Be specific. Name one thing. So there are so many issues in our society. Name one thing.

I gotta drill you in. Name one thing a white person can do that a black person cannot do. So the issue is racism, okay?

You can technically do it, but your life may be put at risk if you are found, if you find yourself in certain areas where you might not be accepted by your race and then your life might be. So okay, what is racism? Can you define to me what racism is? Racism, well, I don't have the exact description as it is seen in like AP style or like Wikipedia. Can you just talk in the mic, please? I'm sorry.

Yeah, sorry. Racism is the lack of opportunities because of a race, the kind of like putting a person to a side. So can you name a single example in the last 20 years where blacks were discriminated on mass, where they've been put aside?

Can you give me a specific example? You can simply talk about police brutality and over mass incarceration. What percentage of murders do black Americans commit in America? So there you have a point of there is over-policing in black communities, lower income communities. Blacks commit murders because of police? I'm not talking about murders of police.

You're twisting my words. So why do blacks commit so many murders? They don't. So they're 13 percent of the population and they do 55 percent of the murders in America.

So there, you're not even looking at the background of it. There is over-policing in lower income communities. There's under-policing in lower income communities.

Number two, you're trying to say that over-policing, even if that exists, which it doesn't, leads to the fact that 13 percent of the U.S. population accounts for 55 percent of the murders? The world is in flames and biodynamics is a complete and total disaster. But it can't and won't ruin my day. Why? Because I start my day with a hot America first cup of blackout coffee. It's 100 percent America and zero percent grift. Blackout coffee is 100 percent committed to conservative values, from sourcing the beans to the roasting process, customer support and shipping.

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Be awake, not woke. That's slash Charlie. Check it out.

Promo code Charlie. There is a target on people of color's backs. OK, so when a white person sees a person of color, prove it. There is studies, there is research. No, no, give me give me one example. Give me one piece of evidence that there's a target on black people's back.

In fact, I will submit to you there's the opposite. Black students can get into this college with lower test scores than white students. It's called affirmative action. So now white people are the people who are struggling?

No, no, no. Are they the marginalized ones? I will go back to this, though. Can you name a specific example of what a black person cannot do that a white person can do and be again specific of anything? I'm talking about there's so racism as a whole is not written in the law because that's not allowed anymore, but it still exists. Then give me an example.

I just told you. You said police brutality is your example. Why do you think blacks encounter police so much? They commit more crimes. There is not just like a little bit more. No, there's and there's also there's under police.

And how could you say such a thing? We have defunded the police in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and largely defunded it. We saw crime rates go up. I also want you to take in mind that when a whole group is their opportunities to succeed economically, let's say they don't get that higher paying job because they chose a white person instead of a black person. Show me an example of where that happened recently. That makes an entire community more prone to being lower income. And then that create that is lower, lower income communities are directly related to like more crime.

But let me ask you a question. What percentage of young blacks have both a mom and a dad raising them? I cannot think of a percentage right now to give you 25 percent. So only one out of four blacks in America have a mom and a dad around. Do you think that is a bigger issue to address than racism? Do you think more dads is a better solution or tackling racism, which you say you can't even see in our laws? How could dads be connected directly? Like, oh, dads are very connected. And what about OK, when you have a dad around, you're less likely to be violent as a male, less likely to go to prison. So explain to me why all the fathers are leaving. Exactly. Why are they leaving?

Question for you. Because black women married the government and divorced the men that they were once with. Talk about white people right now. I'm sorry, I'm I'm a realist, not a racist. Secondly, you can you come up to the mic and call me a racist in my face. Are you an intellectual coward? I want to shout it from 30 feet away. Come on up.

So come on. Call me a racist. You are a racist who does not have accurate statistics or facts. You are not a gender scientist. You cannot speak on that because you don't understand what what percentage of murders do blacks commit in America? I'm not educated to speak on that, but you are either.

And I know that. What have I ever said? That's racist.

Using stereotypes to use the welfare queen. Hold on. Wait, hold on. Name a second thing. I've said that was racist.

Come on. Come up to the mic. We shouldn't justify you being here by giving you an audience. You do not speak accurate facts. What have I said? That's not factual or not true or anything that I've said. That's racist. Name one thing.

Yeah. Black people are 13 percent of the population and they commit 55 percent of the murders. You can look it over, please. Wait, what's your source? The FBI, the Department of Justice. You look it up.

Anyone can look on your phone. Ask the question, what percentage of murders do black people commit? So you say it's because of overpolicing. Let me get this straight. So one gang kills another gang because of overpolicing.

That sounds like an underpolicing problem. In Chicago, there are 500 murders a year with gangs. Where do you think the most majority of black murders happen in gang violence in this country? In fact, the majority of murders happen in gang violence in this country. The majority of all murders happen between black on black crime of gang violence in this country. In fact, Chicago has trimmed their police by 20 percent in the last five years. More murders. The less police, we get more murders.

So don't give me this rubbish about overpolicing. It is a fact that blacks have a disproportionate amount of the violent crime in their community. Why do you think that is? I'm not here to debate with you because I don't want to platform you. You're a racist. You call me a racist.

What have I ever said that's racist? Or do you just think numbers are racist? You said y'all don't understand statistics. How you speak on numbers.

Thanks for your time. And OK, you can't disprove the numbers, which is as following that three out of four blacks in this country do not have a mom and a dad around stably. That is an increase in crime.

That is an increase in prison time. You know who agrees with me? Barack Obama. Barack Obama said that the solution to black poverty is more dads around. Instead, we spend all this time talking about white supremacy and racism, and we don't talk about how we need more dads in black homes. What have I told you that most of the notable diaper brands support abortion, even footing the bill for their employees to travel to have an abortion?

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That is every use promo code Charlie for 10% off your order today. Yes. Oh, are you a Satanist? No, I know. I know Satan's not real. Not that.

Oh, okay. Yeah. No, Satan is very real, but yeah, you can put the mic up. Satan is very, very late. So I wanted to ask, I wanted to ask like, oh, well first, are you a Christian? Very, very much so.

And I've wanted to ask like, like, why is that exactly? Oh, Jesus saved my life. I'm a sinner fall short of the glory of God gave my life to Christ.

Most important decision I ever made. So you believe the Bible is real? Yes, I believe the Bible is true and real.

Why is that? Well, I could give you the technical answer. There's never been an archeological discovery that has contradicted the truth of the Bible. We know everything, the Bible, as far as the Kings, as far as the succession of Israeli rulers to the Jewish people being put in exile, be put back into the land of Jerusalem to the destruction of the temple in AD 70, all that checks out. There's never been a discovery that's contradicted it from King Hezekiah to King Cyrus to Nehemiah to Zerubbabel to this destruction of the creation of the second temple.

And then of course the wisdom. There's not a truth of the Bible that if you apply to your life, your life does not improve dramatically. And then finally, we have the most accurate and transparent, the most historically robust account, I should say, that one can have of the most important figure ever to live in the history of the world, Jesus of Nazareth. And Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of virgin birth, what we believe is the incarnation, performed miracles all throughout Judea and Samaria, eventually, you know, confronted Pharisees, led to a death that he did not deserve, was in the grave for three days, and then rose from the dead.

And the resurrection is the pinpoint of my belief that Jesus did rise from the grave so that we may live. So what about like the stories of Greek and Roman mythology? Do you think any of that is real?

No. So then what makes Christian mythology real? Well, give me an example of Christian mythology that I can, do you like creation? So like Genesis One- Maybe like the story of like David and Goliath, for example.

Okay. Well, that was actually pretty easy to deconstruct. A sling is actually a rather lethal weapon, especially for someone in a Judean tribe that's trained to use a sling of a young age. And Goliath was a rather clumsy individual. And if you're able to pinpoint a rock right between the temple lobe, you can effectively kill or lobotomize that individual. So that's hardly mythology.

All right. So what about the story of Satan's fall then? What about that is real? In Ezekiel?

Yeah. So that's not mythology, but that is theology. So in the story of Satan's fall in the later books of Ezekiel, we are told that God created the heavens and the earth. God created the angels. And there was a rebellious angel, Lucifer, who led a rebellion against God and brought one third of the angels with him and then created what is now as the underworld is the best Hebraic interpretation of that, which we now know as hell.

I could go through every single story. Jonah and the whale, parting of the Red Sea, right? Ahab on Mount Carmel with Elijah.

Here's my answer. If Genesis 1, 1 and the resurrection is true, anything in the Bible is possible. You're looking at the greatest miracle. The greatest miracle is creation. The fact that we have an ordered, intelligible world where we can exist and that human beings are able to flourish, that is a miracle. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

In Hebrew, that is Bereshit, in the beginning. And then the fact that Jesus rose from the dead, and I say, how do you know that Jesus rose from the dead? Well, show me another historical piece of a story where so many people willingly died a brutal death for a lie. Every single person around him had everything to lose, and yet they went to the absolute death from Paul to Peter to the half-brother of James, saying that Jesus is Lord, Jesus rose from the dead. Not to mention, if you were going to fake a story, you would not use female witnesses in the ancient world. In the scriptures, it said that the women were the first one to see Jesus Christ. If you're trying to fake a story, you would never do that. Not to mention the 500 people that saw Jesus after he rose from the dead, doubting Thomas, and then the later church that lived under persecution under the belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

All right, one last question. Do you think Christianity should be forced onto everybody? No, no. I don't believe Christianity should be forced. Then it's not love, it's rape. So we believe that God loves you, so he will not force you. And so if you reject God, you will go to hell. I hope that's not the case for you guys, because you can give Jesus Christ, you can live life eternal.

But it's a love story, not a forced story. And so it's this option in front of you. Will you surrender in front of the cross? The cross is this idea that the perfect, the divine, came down and took a human form and died the most brutal death the ancient world knew.

The most torturous, brutal death that someone could possibly know, and then rose from the dead to defeat death so that you could live forever. And so it's a gift there right in front of you. If you take that gift, it transforms you from within, changes your life. You have joy and happiness that you otherwise would not have. And, but you have a conscious choice to reject that. And I hope you don't.

And if you reject that, then you will go where you want to go, which is in absence, the furthest distance one can be from the divine. All right, well, all right, that's all. I'm going to pray for you, man.

Thank you so much for your time. God bless you. All right. Yes, sir. I have one question.

Uh, LeBron or Jordan, greatest of all time. Yeah. Jordan. Not even close. 100%.

I could prove it. Break it down. Break. How many finals has LeBron lost? Five. How many finals did MJ lose? Zero.

What about, what about the points though? Great. He played, he played longer, right? Okay. Played more games.

Okay. Also back in the nineties, did they play more competitive defense than they do today? Yeah, but they had like bums playing defense. They have, they have, bro, we got Kawhi, we got white hat, but Brian had to play at Dwight Howard, average point per game NBA now versus average point per game in the nineties was what average point is now like 111 per game.

You guys can fact check me. It's like 108 to 111 back in the nineties. It was 88 to 92. Cause they couldn't shoot. They can't shoot. Okay. So they might've gotten better at shooting.

That might be the case. Exactly. LeBron's a better shooter, better passer, better teammate, better, uh, score. He's not a better teammate. He's a better team. He makes bums play good, bro. Y'all see the Cleveland team in 2017 got the Cleveland Michael Jordan made everybody around him better in the finals team made 16 of finals. He played with Matthew Della, Dova in 2016.

That was his best teammate, bro. And in 2015, 2015, when was the last time he won was in the bubble, right? You don't come on. I'll just say this. Let me ask the question though. So when you lose almost as many finals as you've won, but he had to play against the warriors.

Let me finish the point. Michael Jordan played against Charles Barkley. He played against pistol Pete. He played against, um, um, the other Mormon on Utah jazz, but yeah, John Stockton. Yeah. John Stockton.

Yeah. He played against great teams. He had to go through the pistons in the Eastern conference. Hold on.

Let me ask you a question when it's all said and done. Will we, will we, why did MJ, why did LeBron want to wear MJ's numbers so bad if he was truly the goat? Cause he was the goat before him.

Oh, okay. I believe the greatest is the one who's never lost a final. The one who redefined the sport. He redefined the sport. He, he, he brought the national basketball association that was doubled and populated.

That was Larry Bird and MJ was nowhere even in the same ecosystem as Michael Jordan. But let me ask you, how do you define greatness? Greatness is a impact is influence. You think LeBron has had more influence than Michael Jordan? I couldn't disagree more.

It just must be a generational thing. He's my goat, bro. I witnessed, you know, your stuff. God bless you, man. God bless. Thank you. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to
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