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What Makes Charlie An Expert, Anyway?: Charlie vs. The University of Utah

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May 15, 2024 5:00 am

What Makes Charlie An Expert, Anyway?: Charlie vs. The University of Utah

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 15, 2024 5:00 am

Charlie didn't go to college, so what makes him qualified to call college a scam (you know, other than achieving massive success without going)? The University of Utah had a lot of combative students approach Charlie's Prove Me Wrong, peppering him with questions like:


-What helps "trans" people more, affirmation or reality?

-Why is Charlie so confident that America isn't a racist country?

-Why are the criminal cases against Trump a legal travesty?


Tune in to listen to one of Charlie's most electric campus tables yet!


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Stu Epperson

Hey everybody, my conversation at the University of Utah with some rather liberal students.

I think you'll really enjoy it. It's a debate live on campus and this is the stuff that goes really viral brought to you by Turning Point USA., that is Start a high school or college chapter today at

Come to the People's Convention at slash peoples, that is slash peoples. Buckle up everybody, here we go. Charlie what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie, he's an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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In Detroit, Michigan. The great silent majority is rising like never before. Join us for the People's Convention. This is a new ball game everybody. You send a message. You send a message.

We play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Hi, so you dropped out of college and your highest community college. Sorry, your Harper college experience. I apologize. Barely was smart enough to make it through community college.

Okay. So barely made it through high school. Your highest degree level is an honorary doctor's degree from Liberty University.

That's true. I do have an honorary PhD. Yeah.

So essentially, what are your qualifications for arguing that college is a scam, or really any having any economical knowledge at all, when likely the vast majority of the students here know more than you about economics as a whole? Okay, so hold on. It's okay, guys.

It's okay. Who's Milton Friedman? Who is Milton Friedman? I have no idea.

And it's not important to this conversation. Who is Ludwig von Mises? These are all probably economists and the same thing. Who is John Maynard Keynes? Okay, obviously I know who Keynes is.

Oh, obviously, yeah. He's the most famous economist of all time. You don't know Milton Friedman? I mean, that's an economist. Okay, how about Murray Rothbard? That's another economist. F.A. Hayek?

I don't know who that is. Well, you just came here and insulted my intelligence. You're right, I barely made it through community college because I was too busy, I don't know, starting a national youth movement with hundreds of thousands of members. Hey, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Employing hundreds of people, raising hundreds of millions of dollars, having a top 10 most popular podcast, and reaching tens of millions of people online every day. Sure, but you're also calling all of your constituents idiots by saying they participate in a scam. Hold on a second. I'm calling the institution a scam. I never insulted the intelligence.

I just had 10 people come up and we had warm conversations. So you asked what are my qualifications? I'm a job creator entrepreneur, autodidact. Do you know what that word means? Self-taught. Yeah, self-taught. You know, you should probably learn that word if you're gonna come up and insult other people's intelligence.

So autodidacticism is what Leonardo da Vinci was. You don't have to go to college to be wise. You don't have to go to college to be intelligent. I read a hundred books a year.

I visit over 150 colleges. I'm not saying you're unintelligent, I'm just saying you lack qualifications. Well, are you a New York Times bestseller? Of course not, I'm in college.

Got it. So I'm just trying, what are my qualifications? I have published books, read lots of books, dialogued a lot of people, and instead of asking what my qualifications are, can you name one thing I've ever said? Hold on, name one thing I'm wrong about. You literally just, you just now incorrectly cited the difference between socialism and communism.

How so? You claimed that Russia was socialist. Russia was a socialist. No, it was a communist nation.

There is a significant difference. Why did Lenin say that socialism is the gateway to communism? He was self-described socialist in his private treatise and documents in the Russian Revolution. Lenin was overtaken by Stalin.

Hold on a second. No, Lenin died and then Stalin was his successor. Yes. But Lenin himself said, quote, that socialism is the introductory phase to communism. Okay, so then the vast majority of people when they're referring to communist Russia are referring to Stalin's rule over Russia. That was a communist rule that turned into a fascist rule later on. Okay, so but what, what, what thinker was deified in Soviet Russia? That thinker was deified?

Yes. Marx. Oh, and what, what, what book did Marx write? Yes, he wrote Capital, which, and he also wrote the Communist Manifesto. Who was his co-author?

Who was co-author? Angles. Yeah, Angles, good.

I'm glad college is really paying off for you. Hey. So, so no, but it's okay, it's fine. He comes up here and insults my intelligence.

What are your qualifications? Doesn't even know the co-author of the Communist Manifesto. But no, let me again, again, but is my lack of knowledge on that mean that I have no knowledge again? Is that the same here and insulted me?

And you came up here guns a blazing man. And let me just ask, again, what did I say that was wrong? I said that under the generally agreed upon definition of communism and socialism, which are interchangeable terms, one is a more harsh degree of the other is that the elimination of the family, the elimination of private property, and the deprivation of basic human rights, such as right to speech, right to assembly, and right to worship. How is that not a good definition of communism? That explains fascism better. Well, but in the Communist Manifesto, Marx said, quote, we are here to destroy the nuclear family and eradicate the family because it was the original oppressive tyrannical structure. He said religion is the opiate of the masses and that private property must be eradicated. I have just now documented all three of those with evidence back to original source documents.

And then in practice, Russia did all those three things when they were the Soviet Union. So where am I wrong? But then at the same time, if you claim that those are all negative things, then why do you practice certain things in the doctrine that you just stated? Well, I'm not trying to take people's stuff away.

I want people to have bigger families and I want churches to remain open. Yeah, but the thing is, no, but your main, your biggest thing, your biggest point that everyone here is for is that you're a massive transphobe potential white supremacist. So how, how, how, well, how am I, it's not defamation. It's free speech. So now you can say whatever you want, say whatever I want. How, first of all, what have I ever said? That's racist. Second of all, how am I a transphobe? What I said, I said that men shouldn't be in female sports. That is a potentially transphobic take. And now it depends on how you take that. Can you, can you, can you tell me why?

Can you tell you why? Well, that's essentially taking away the ability of people to say that, you know, trans people, trans women are women. That is the truth. Trans men are men.

What? So if you just wear a costume, if you wear a costume of something, you become that thing again. Can I be a black person?

No, because that's an entirely different concept. So if I wear blackface, I don't become a black person. Why is it when a man wears a dress, he becomes a woman?

No, because Jesus Christ, hold on. Explain to me why you can all of a sudden become a woman just by wearing makeup or having estrogen, but I can't change races. Because this has been proven by science.

You know that there's evidence. What science shows that you could change the chromosomal makeup of every cell. Every one of your cells says X, Y, every single one of her cells says X, XX.

You can't change that regardless of your dress, your makeup, surgery interventions, or no matter how many chemicals you take. Correct? Also, I thought you said we should trust the science.

Well, we should trust the science, but also your cells don't change. Why do you care at the same time though? Hold on. No, see, that's really interesting. You called me a transphobe, and then you resort to, but then why do you care? You're the one that brought up transphobia. I'm curious.

I'm curious why you care. So first of all, you can't prove I'm a transphobe, correct? No, I can.

Okay, tell me how. Tell me how, because of the doctrine that you just stated. Okay. That is transphobic doctrine.

Believing that there are no genders, two sexes, infinite personalities is transphobic? Yes. Okay.

You do nothing but like hurl insults because you think it's like cool, I guess, but you can't prove it. But why do I care? I care for a very specific reason. Because women deserve to be protected in society from pervert men who want to go into their locker rooms. Shouldn't we be more worried about the men who are just currently going and raping women? Well, I care about that too. I think rapists should be castrated and put in prison forever. Yeah, of course.

Absolutely. But at the same time, but isn't that more of an issue than just trans women doing that? Well, I think that's all anecdotal evidence. It's not anecdotal, actually. Riley Gaines had a change next to a pervert man in the NCAA championships when he exposed his genitalia to her as a pervert.

Every day, young ladies are exposed to pervert men that come into their locker rooms. We used to have crimes against that. Now we call it trans progress. Secondly, you asked why do I care? Because I care about truth and I care about biological reality.

You cannot change nature based on your will. Are you not just stoking culture war then? No, I'm observing facts and defending nature.

I'm defending how we are made and created. The one stoking the culture war is the one coming up on a 10 out of 10 guns blazing saying I'm not qualified for this debate because I'm a community college dropout. You're the one stoking division in the culture war. I'm the one defending common sense reason. No, you created the group that stoked culture war to begin with.

This is the most culturally divisive group in the country. Hold on a second. Did I start the trans debate in this country or did the trans people start the trans debate?

There was no debate. They just wanted to exist as they were. Hold on a second. They want us to use their pronouns. They want to go in female locker rooms. They want us to pay for their surgeries and they want to go after children. It is not live and let live. It's live and let us rule. If it was live and let live and have a bunch of 30 year olds wear dresses in their living rooms alone, no one would care.

It's institutionalized in curriculum. You're claiming freedom of the individual while you're not allowing individuals to exist as they want to be. Hold on. Again, you are again criticizing your beliefs of individuality and rugged, like rugged individualism as a whole, which is a completely American ideal. You're telling people that they cannot exist as they would like to be.

Who gives a if they want to cut off their I don't give a. Okay, let's play this out. Let's play this out. Hold on. So as people want to be, if a 30 year old wants to be 12, can they? Of course not, but that's a different thing. People as they want to be, man, it's the same thing. No, but they can believe it. They can believe it, but at the same time, why not let them?

Well, hold on. But if a 30 year old then wants to participate in 12 year old soccer games, should we allow them to do that? And you know this is an entirely different argument. You know this is an entirely different argument. The way that we diagnose mental health problems is that it's a view of self, gender dysphoria. There's another whole clinical part of literature about how people think they're animals.

And there's other part of political literature. People think that they're still children. So the question is, why do we then carve out in the DSM-5, oh if you think you're a man, or if you think you know what the DSM-5 is? Of course I do, yes.

The diagnostic system manual for the psychology. Right, exactly. So why in the DSM-5 do we then carve out gender identification when we don't carve out age identification? Should people be able to live the life as they see fit as rugged individualists? Of course, I believe that they should be able to live exactly how they want to. But we should allow 30 year olds to be able to go into 12 year old soccer games.

No, that's not necessarily what I mean. You're getting in the way of their individual rights. You're not a rugged individualist. How about this?

How about this? If you then believe it is a mental illness, then why are you not, you know, why would you not say put more taxes towards funding mental health awareness? Hold on a second. You don't know my positions on that. I do know because you claim all the time that you don't want to pay for people.

So now we're finally getting somewhere. How do we help trans individuals? You don't help them by giving them surgery. You certainly don't help them by giving them chemical castration.

Do you know the CAS report that came out last week? The CAS report is the longest longitudinal study ever done by a government agency that actually tracked trans youth over 10 years, and it found out that chemicals don't work, surgical intervention doesn't work, puberty blockers don't work. The only thing that works is what we used to do, which is called watchful waiting, which is that puberty is not the problem, but puberty is the solution for trans youth. That the vast majority of trans youth that are suffering from this are women, 75% of young girls, that get caught up in a social contagion, a fad, and it turns out instead of chopping off their breasts, we should wait for their breasts to actually fully grow and that they actually get comfort in their body. You go to every single young lady in this audience, they felt uncomfortable in their body at some point in time when they were 11, 12, 13, 14. Praise God, they did not come under that social contagion and they went under the knife and were given testosterone replacement therapy. I don't disagree. There's one thing I'll agree with you on. I don't think we need children changing their gender before the age of 18.

I don't think we need that necessarily. Okay, but now we're getting somewhere, man, because you would be called a transphobe for that position in California. Of course I would be called, listen, you could be called a lot of things in California. I'm still from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'm still not like California. Okay, well, we're getting somewhere because 15 states around the country allow gender affirming care for you. And listen, that is a whole separate issue. I don't have the knowledge. I don't have the knowledge to go much further on gender affirming care for children.

I don't study that. Okay, now what I will say though is that I still think that if you're going to claim that it's a mental illness, you should at least advocate, hold on, you should at least advocate for people getting care for that. And that could include subsidizing their care. If it's truly an issue to you, like instead of just a minor statistical anomaly in the blip of the United States, 330 million, I don't know what you're saying, whatever, 330 million person population, right? If you claim it's a that large of a problem, then we should be subsidizing mental health care and helping people. There are people, I mean, listen, dude, here's the problem is that I have mental health care we give them leads to surgery. So I will not advocate for mental health care for youth, for trans youth, because the actual standard of care then advocate for a better standard of care too.

I would agree with you if the standard of care that has been proven is actually implemented for youth that have a temporary rapid onset gender dysphoria issue as it was once described. Last question. You call me a white supremacist. What evidence do you have that I'm a racist? I was just literally watching a video of you talking about whiteness as a whole, talking about whiteness as a concept. Okay. And you were trying to explain how white privilege doesn't exist.

Correct. It doesn't. You are a white man. How do you know? Because I have eyes.

Because you have eyes. That's not a discussion. So what can a black person do that I can't do in America?

What can I do a black person can't do? Let's think of some history right here. Let's go to the history of redlining. I don't need a history.

I don't know. You're talking points better than you do. And I've read all those literature that you have. I've probably forgotten more about the lecture. The history affects the present day as well. And you know, that's true.

If you went to college, you would know. Well, hold on a second. But let me let me send them. Why are you wearing the College of Scam shirt? Drop out. Well, well, because you could see it's because you don't believe your own beliefs. And that's why you could you can admit something's a scam and still get through it.

That's why he's wearing it. Okay, you won't be then why you could feel like you're getting ripped off by an airline. I still want to get out what we're talking about anymore. You could still you could be like, I'm getting ripped off about $1,000 ticket, but you still get on the airplane. Like it doesn't make you a hypocrite.

It means that the people are ripping you off and a lot of you are getting ripped off. But no. So as far as white privilege, just without the history lesson of, you know, Jim Crow, segregation, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, all the stuff that I know that you're going to say, but just in concretely in America today, what can a white person do that a black person can't do? Black applicants to jobs are 50% less likely to get jobs with they have a black sounding name. That's not even close to being that's not even close to being true. That is a literal.

In fact, it's the opposite. I'm not going to argue your experience. I'm not going to know. See, now you have to listen to him under your rules because a black person is going to say you're wrong. I am. He can say I'm wrong. I know.

I come on up to the mic. I know. I read I read your my name is Kimon Dixon. I have a really black name. Please tell me how 50% of my internships have been denied when I've worked for Senator Mike Lee, Mayor Trent. I worked for a congressman, Burgess Owens. I've actually worked on his campaign. I've worked on the campaigns of John Huntsman Jr.

Please tell me how my black experience and my black mane has not given me it. Go ahead. So if you know what I said about the number 50%, there is another 50% of people. First of all, people live in Utah. How many black people live in Utah? I think it's 1.2% of the population.

You know, I'm close. Okay. But first of all, your study's totally wrong. Second of all, for college admissions, black get blacks get preferential treatment in college admissions. Yes, because of affirmative action. Because you think they're too stupid to get the scores of other applicants.

That's not what I said. I don't believe in the bigotry of low expectations. I don't think that we should lower test scores based on the color of the skin.

You think that we should. That's affirmative action. I mean, I'm technically a product of an affirmative action program. That's why I'm in the Honors College at the University of Utah. Okay, so you couldn't get in on your own intelligence.

No, I am smart enough, believe it or not. But then why'd you need affirmative action? Why did I need affirmative action?

Because I'm a first generation college student. That doesn't mean anything. Yes, it is. That's part of affirmative action.

It means nothing. If you're smart enough and you have a high IQ and you work hard, you should have nothing to do with the color of your skin. And I'm a native Hawaiian student, okay. Oh, so you're the Pacific Islander that stole a spot of a white person.

Stole a spot of a white person. You just said you're an affirmative action star. This is why I claim that you are. Yes or no, you're an affirmative action person.

There's no evidence of knowing that, but I just. You just self-admitted you were an affirmative action. I just believe that there's a reason why I'm in the Honors College and not in the. Is it because of your test scores? I mean, I had pretty high test scores.

I had a 29 on the ACT. That's not very high at all. So that's high.

Okay. Wait, 29 is high. Yes, it goes to 36. Yeah, I know.

I got a 34. Like I know. Yeah, I know. So, okay.

So I didn't. So wait, 29 gets you into the Honors College. Okay, I'm learning something. Okay, so I guess 29 is good enough to go to Honors College of Utah. So I learned something. I mean, we have a 99% acceptance rate.

We let in everybody here, but not to say that I'm not trying to claim. Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

But anyways, thank you. Hey everybody, Charlie Kirk here. Another day, another breaking news story buried. They'd rather talk about everything else than what's really going on. It's not because they don't know what's happening. The media pundits and talking heads just don't want you paying attention. The real stories, you have to look behind the headlines for them.

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Get over $200 off, free shipping included. You are nine meals away from anarchy, So I was noticing some of the signs that you had walking around. One of them being there's only two genders. It should be zero genders, but yes.

But yeah, they're not totally wrong. Oh, okay. So yeah, I was going to talk to you about that with the idea that... That was what I used to say.

So they're taking old Charlie Kirk stuff. Okay. Because there is a clear difference between sex and gender.

There is. Yeah. I believe in zero genders, two sexes. Yeah. All right.

So when you say that you believe in zero genders, the idea of a gender is a social construct. Do you agree with that? Well, I believe it's a term made by John Money. Okay. Do you know who John Money is? No.

It's okay. John Money was the pioneer of the idea of gender and transgenderism. He was from New Zealand.

He was housed... What's the word I'm looking for? He authored, he did his work at John Hopkins, and the word gender was his creation. Do you believe that... By seeing zero, I think it's completely irrelevant. So I think only sex matters, but here's my statement. Zero genders, two sexes, infinite personalities. So I will concede that a lot of people have personalities. Okay. So you might have a feminine personality, you might have a masculine personality. So with that personality, would you respect all of those personalities?

I mean, I believe everyone's made in the image of God, of course. Yeah. All right. So if... I hope they would respect my views too, which is not to use a pronoun against your biological making.

All right. So that is disrespectful. So the respect has to go both ways. But it's not... I do identify as a man.

Let's say I identify as a woman. Is that disrespectful to you? Well, hold on. It is to the extent if you make me believe it.

I'm not making you believe anything. Time out. What if I mispronoun you or misgender you? Are you doing it by accident or intentional?

Does it matter? I think intention matters. Let's say I'm doing it on purpose.

If you're doing it on purpose... Yeah. Let's say that I believe you're not actually a woman, that I see that you have a beard, I see you have chest hair, whatever. And you say, you must call me a woman.

And I say, no, dude. Well, so with woman and man, I agree there's two sexes. I do believe that there aren't zero genders.

I do believe that there are, like you said, infinite personalities. Yeah, I just think it's a category that's irrelevant, basically. Yeah.

I think the whole... So what you say is personality is what I and several other people view as gender. Fine, fair.

But I just... So therefore, I think we're getting somewhere because they don't ask your personality on an entrance intake at the doctor's office, right? Yeah. Only sex should matter. And sex cannot be changed.

You all agree with that? So in terms like you talked about, like surgery, chromosomes and whatnot, like chromosomes, you can never change. However, even when you're talking about in sports and stuff, in terms of men competing as women, women competing as men, there are regulations that they have to meet in terms of testosterone. It doesn't get close to even in the field. You would have a problem with that, not necessarily the person itself.

I mean, how... For example... It's the institution, not the person that's the problem. It's the practice, it's the principle of it, number one, because it's a man who... Can I finish? Okay.

But no, finish your thoughts. As you say, like in terms of the institution, if a man had to have low enough estrogen levels... Yeah, that doesn't cut it for me. That doesn't make a man or a woman. Estrogen level, there are females in this audience with high testosterone levels. That doesn't make them a man, right? There are men in this audience, you saw a couple earlier with low testosterone levels. It doesn't make them a woman.

They're still a man, right? But in terms of sports, that's what we measure, though. But there's other characteristics, though. Like, for example... Muscle, bone density, stuff like that, yeah.

Your field of vision, your lung capacity, right? There's all sorts of different... What makes you a man or a woman is coded in every cell, from how big your organs are, from even your heart size. Taking estrogen and testosterone, it's like tempering at the edges. I mean, we definitely agree on sex. I think it's just... I say gender, you say personality, and then... But I think that's important, though, because... So you're saying gender doesn't... Are you saying there's zero genders or gender doesn't exist? Well, I think that gender has been this false road we've been on, post-John money, that has led us to then conflate gender and sex and lead us to believe that people can become things they actually can't. And so when you go back to the roots of where gender came from... So in terms of how we define gender today, it's how you identify, right? Which I think is completely irrelevant. That's a horoscope, in my opinion. No, but how you identify is... Irrelevant. Because if it cannot be observed, it's not relevant in science.

You would be observing it, right? But if you think you are a wolf, do you become a wolf? So the wolf argument and other arguments, maybe I'd be considered transphobic for it. I believe that gender is a human thing. So if you believe you're an animal, cat, whatever, which is an insignificant population... But there's a term for it. It's called lycanthropy or something.

If someone can fact-check me on that. Sure. Something like that or whatever. It's not even worth talking about, in my opinion, because it's such a small population.

It is small, but they get a lot of attention. Yeah. However, with trans people... I think of it in terms of respect, right? You said respect is mutual. So if it's disrespectful... So I have views. So why can't a trans person respect my views? Not to lie.

If you think it's disrespectful for me to make you believe something, then you'd also agree it's disrespectful for you to call me something I don't believe. So now we have the true tension. Who's wrong? Is there a wrong or a right?

Yes. In gender or sex? Because in sex there is. Again, that's why I say I dismiss gender from the conversation. It doesn't matter.

You literally have a sign that says there's only two genders. No, fair enough. I've already clarified that.

They mean well. I've already clarified it. Okay. But I'm clarifying... And what they're saying is parroting what I used to believe until further inspection, which is all that sex is really matters.

I did come up here mainly because of the sign. Fair enough. Yeah, it's fine.

And I'm just clarifying and I'm conceding the point. But personalities are abundant. Personalities also change. Yes.

Right? I know that some people were super cocky when they were kids. They became super humble or vice versa, right? Sure.

Yeah, yeah. Or people, they get married, they become a different person. Or some people, their personalities never change. But I think personality is not the most important thing in your life, nor is biology the most important thing in your life. But we're trying to find us some sort of idea of objective truth.

Sure. And that can be observed through chromosomes. I mean, I don't want to repeat myself, but yeah, sex, gender. I believe that the chromosomes does apply to sex.

Gender norms and how we view ourselves is something that's more... And sex informs gender. However, another point I'd like to make, so you keep referring to the transgender people in sports and just in general as pervs. Some are pervs, yeah.

Almost all of them are cheats. You have been generalizing it? Yeah. Okay.

They're cheaters and some are pervs. Okay. So I just wanted to clarify, because it made it seem like you were grouping them together as pervs. Yeah, let me be clear. Statistically, that is not the case in terms of cis versus trans. Every single man who walks into a female locker room is a perv.

Okay. So once again, gender, if I believe that you are... But do you cease becoming a man just because you start taking testosterone? I start taking estrogen? If I perceive you to be a woman and you walk into my...

Sorry, if I perceive you to be a man and you walk into my locker room, I don't have a problem with it, even if you were born a woman. That's amazing. You really believe that? Yes. You believe that your perception is reality? Yeah. I believe reality is reality. We perceive reality. Well, no, no, no. Well, hold on. You measure it.

Yeah. You can measure chromosomes. You don't just perceive it.

I am saying I personally would not have a problem. You understand at the root of what you're saying, it's like the death of the scientific method, essentially, whether you realize it or not. If perception is reality, then there is no measurement of thermodynamics. There is no measurement of absolute gravitational pull.

There is no measurement... In terms of gender though, which is not as scientific as those things. But it happens to fall into a scientific medium. Gender?

Yeah. I mean, you have psychologists, you have surgeons, you have social scientists. So you do believe it exists? What exists? Gender. Well, no, I believe that the problem that is diagnosed currently as gender... Of course, I believe the problem exists, right? But I don't believe that the category should exist in and of itself.

When I bring up gender, you say that, no, it's personality. Yes, exactly. But then you're also saying that psychologists and other scientists... I'm not the only one with this opinion.

This is a growing movement. It's misdiagnosed, misattributed personality that gets put into a identification movement. So if gender is how you identify and personality is... They are the same.

No, they're not. Because gender, by definition, they say you can change. Gender, they say, is also this important category. I'm saying that personality is like somewhat of an irrelevant characteristic. They're saying my gender is everything to me. So if you believe that it's not important, then why is it such a big deal?

Exactly. Why is it such a big deal? I think it is very overinflated. The population is very small. It's not overinflated when they make us...

The problems that people like bathroom, sports and whatnot are very, very insignificant problems. There are hundreds of school districts right now where men change alongside women. And they're minors. Hundreds. Just so you're clear.

I can do example after example. In those cases, are there cases of sexual assault? Yes, but forget the sexual assault.

Because that would be the problem. Me changing next to a woman, if there's nothing bad happening, I don't see what... Do the women in the audience agree just changing next to men is cool? I know you're a man. Of course you'd love to change next to a woman.

Yeah. I mean, it's kind of like every man's dream to go change in a female locker room. God made men and women different, and our sexual natures are different. And since we are different... The act of changing is not criminal or bad in any way. Well, actually, indecent exposure is in the criminal code. In a changing room, there's no indecent... Are you okay with me using a micro example? Is that okay?

Like an actual example of this? Sure. The NCAA Swing Championships that involved Riley Gaines. Do you know the story? I don't know.

Okay. You should know about Riley Gaines. She was going to win the NCAA Championships, University of Kentucky. She ended up not winning the NCAA Championship to a biological man, Thomas.

Who took fifth? No, she actually tied with him in a separate competition. You're wrong. You have your facts wrong. You're right. In one of those competitions, she took fifth. In the other one, she tied with him for the NCAA Championship, and they gave it to Thomas, and they conceded the point.

So you better get your facts right. So secondly, but you're half right. Secondly, she had to change next to him. Okay. And all the other women were too afraid to say anything, because they didn't want to be called transphobic.

And he just flayed out his genitalia, and was basically taunting them. Is that... Should we put up with that as a society? No. Okay, so we agree. That's happening every day. Putting your in front of people's faces, obviously, yeah, no. Even in a men's locker room, you shouldn't be doing that. Right.

But that's not exactly what has to happen. For a trans person to enter a locker room, they don't have to be obscene. But why even allow them in the locker room in the first place? Why can't we just say... That's where they feel like they belong.

Okay, so is that the new standard? We should allow people where they feel where they belong? If they're not creating a problem, I agree that should be okay. But how do you define... If the other women feel as if they're being violated, is that not a problem?

Where's the violation? They're okay with other women seeing them naked, right? I hate to pull the you should talk to a woman card, but you should talk to a woman about how they feel changing alongside other men. You keep saying men, but let's say they've gone... Yes, they are men. They have a penis.

That is a man. Okay, if the penis is gone, is that a different case for you? They're still a man. But the penis is gone? Okay, they have XY chromosomes. You can't see those chromosomes. They are still a man.

If I can't... If I don't see a penis, if they have women's features... What's hilarious is I'm about to use 1980s feminist talking points. They don't cease being a man. They still look at all those females as potential objects. Men look at individuals as women as sexual objects, whether you like it or not, especially young men. And you're gonna just throw a man into a female locker room and act as if that's perfectly benign and innocent? If men always objectify women, they should just never interact with them. Yes, there should be separate locker rooms. That is absolutely right.

That is called civilization. I'm not saying separate locker rooms... If you're saying every man is a curve and will objectify women, they should never interact with them. No, you should interact. But in the most intimate moments when, I don't know, there's no clothes on, those situations should be separate. I guess I personally don't feel like being nude is a super big deal.

I believe all men and women have those parts. No, I just want to be clear. So you would be okay with just... I would be. Okay, you'd be okay. Full eradication of male-female locker rooms.

We just might as well get rid of them. I wouldn't care. Okay, that is a very male answer. Okay.

Because men are more likely to go streaking, more likely to all those sorts of different things. However, if that was occurring, then you would have to target those people specifically. Well, of course I agree. And those people wouldn't have to be trans people.

I want to just end with this. We have the next question. Do you not see anything potentially unraveling with the idea of getting rid of the male-female distinctions?

I'll repeat that. Do you not see anything troubling or anything potentially unraveling with getting rid of a very simple male-female distinction that males should go change in this locker room, females should change in this locker room? If there was a problem occurring when it was mixed, then I would say that yes, you're right. This is where we have clarity, but not agreement. Them being mixed is the problem, not the fact that it will invite a problem.

That's where I disagree. All right. Yes. Thank you very much.

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Use promo code Charlie for 10% off your order today. My Riley Gaines friend, Hawaiian shirt man, yes. Hello, howdy. Howdy. I did not know you were going to be here today.

I was not planning on doing this two hours ago. The question, the big question I got to ask, as of right now, who do you think is going to win the election in November? If it were held today, Joe Biden would win.

Ooh, really? Yeah. Agreed. Yeah, but not by, it's about a 50-50 shot, but Biden has a slight advantage. I believe Biden's going to win in a landslide.

Okay. I don't think it's going to be a landslide, but anything is possible. I believe he has the overwhelming cash fundraising advantage right now.

That is true. He is recently surging in the polls. His approvals are going up and Trump's are going down continuously. About six months ago, Trump probably would have won, but now Biden is... But hey, it's not, the election's not tomorrow. So things can change.

Yes, I do believe they will change and Trump's multiple legal cases will only get worse for him. So I imagine you're not a fan of Trump. Is that fair to say?

No, not quite. No. Okay.

So I'm just, on principle, are you comfortable or happy seeing the first time ever a former president, political opponent, have to stand trial for eight weeks, not being able to campaign? Does that, how does that make you feel? I'm just curious. Oh, good. Yeah.

If you commit a crime, you got to face the consequences. So you're, so you're, you don't think there's any sort of politics behind the indictment of Trump or rushing this to trial? Oh, not at all. No. There's no politics to resurrecting a six-year-old misdemeanor, upgrading it to a felony and just placing it on the docket ahead of murders, rapes, arsons, RICO cases. Like you don't see any politics in this at all with Trump?

Nope. Are you at all concerned that this might be set a precedent that could destroy the American legal system? How? What if Republicans start indicting Democrats soon? For what?

For what? How about the organized racketeering crime of BLM when they burnt down our country during 2020? They burnt our country down where? Have you gone to Minneapolis?

Hasn't recovered in a couple of years. Downtown Atlanta was torched to a crisp. You heard about the Capitol Hill autonomous zone.

You remember that? They literally set up a sovereign country in downtown Seattle and they said police are not welcome and two people were killed. What other crimes? How about the crimes of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Joe Biden should be charged for this?

Why? Well, I'm not saying, I said Democrats. Hold on, I'll get there. Which ones?

Name me some. How about the financiers of this or the, how about Patrice Cullors, who's the CEO of BLM? Which elected Democrats would be charged for BLM?

Okay, I'm happy to get there. Secondly, I'd love to see Joe Biden go to jail for treason because he is a traitor to this country. But you don't, you're not, are you afraid at all that you're setting a precedent or do you think that Democrats don't commit crimes only Republicans commit crimes?

Statistically speaking, yeah. So you're that confident that Democrats don't commit crimes and Republicans do, don't care. We're going to throw out the entire precedent in American history that we don't indict presidents or people becoming president in election years just because we hate Trump that much.

You're comfortable with that? I believe if the president of the United States commits felonies or several felonies in Trump's case, they should face the law. No president is above the law.

Nixon didn't say that, he was wrong. Okay, what felony do you think Donald Trump committed that's so egregious that we have to basically obliterate an election cycle? Oh, where will I begin? Arriving Stormy Daniels, the New York fraud trial, the call to Brad Raffensperger in 2020, that was very illegal.

Hold on a second, let's go through these one by one. The Stormy Daniels thing. This is a business records case where they say that he covered up a crime, they can't tell you what crime, and otherwise it would be a misdemeanor under New York state law.

Alvin Bragg has downgraded 52% of all felonies to misdemeanors, but he happens to go upgrade a misdemeanor for Trump to a felony. A crime is a crime. A crime is a crime. That's your position?

Yep. You ever heard of the expression, the more laws, the less justice? Elaborate. That you have so many laws on the books that it administers the laws that ends up actually being king, that you commit three felonies a day and that anybody could be thrown in prison. Give me some examples. Well, again, what examples of felonies?

Are you being sarcastic here? You probably commit internet privacy felonies almost every day, almost everyone does. Downloading illegal music, going to websites you shouldn't go to. You know using a VPN is illegal in like 20 states across the country? Have you ever used a VPN?

No. You've never used a VPN? You've never had a friend use a VPN?

How about this? You ever use a login of a Netflix or Hulu account that's not yours? Nope. Never? You don't know a friend that's ever done that? I am a law-abiding citizen.

Okay, got it. So you ever jaywalk? You ever run a red light?

Nope. You ever not obey the speed limit? Oh, okay. I'll go five over the speed limit. Hold on a second, not obeying the speed limit is a misdemeanor. Ah, throw me in prison. Exactly. So if you were running for president and I was the district attorney of Salt Lake and I looked into your entire life, of course someone who's never stolen a Netflix or Hulu password, someone who's never committed internet privacy crime, someone who's never used a VPN.

I highly doubt that. But where you say I'm scot-free, you show me the man, I'll show you the crime is what the Soviets used to say. And with Donald Trump, you know this, you're just putting on a shtick. You know deep down that this sets a precedent where all of a sudden this is going to be tit for tat.

You're going to use political power to go after your opposition. And here's what's really the case. You're right.

Donald Trump's poll numbers are not what they used to be because the Democrats have put him in a criminal trial on metaphorical house arrest where he can't campaign. That's cheating. It's election interference. Good. Good. So you think it's good that the election's being interfered with?

How? He can't campaign. He has to sit for trial for eight weeks. Joe Biden can't campaign. How is that election interference if he can't campaign?

He's not, he has to literally be, he has to be in the courtroom. How is that interfering with the election itself? Hold on. Campaigning is part of the election. No, it isn't. The election is the election.

Hold on. You don't think like the ability to go and talk to voters is part of the election? That's the campaign. Which is part of the election. Voters deciding is an election and you must be able to talk to voters to determine an election.

If, for example, we said Joe Biden, you're not allowed to leave. Well, I guess we do know what happens if Joe Biden can't leave the basement, but we lived that in 2020. But lowest unemployment in 60 years, baby. Yeah, but also what about inflation? You have any questions about inflation? Inflation is going down. Actually, it's going up. It's going down. It's gas prices are down. Gas prices are down. Inflation is down. C. Why is the Fed then raising rates?

If they said inflation, the report was hotter than expected last week. Here's the question. How many illegals are coming across the border every day? A lot. What, how much? So a lot.

So about 10 to 15,000 a day. Do you think Joe Biden- And they're all going to vote Dem. You're okay. Can you say that again? The illegals? Well, illegals.

Yeah, they're coming here. They're going to vote Democrat and we're going to win. So you are admitting that the, so you're admitting the border is a political tactic by the Democrat party. I want you to elaborate on that.

No, you've already said what I think is going to go really viral, but yeah. So, but yeah, but no, I just want to be clear. You're cool with the border, 15,000 people a day, because it helps Democrats. Like, so you care more about the Democrat party. I am being facetious there.

I care because legal or illegal, they are human beings and they deserve to be treated with respect and decency. Yeah. But you, you already, you already told us your real beliefs. Now that you're backpedaling and backtracking, you realize that you're on camera, which is that it is a political agenda.

Joe Biden is opening the flood gates of this country because he wants to hold on to political power. We've been saying this for a long time. Proof.

Proof? You just admitted it. No, I was joking. I was joking.

I want you to explain to me. You weren't joking. You were dead serious until I reminded you. No, no, I was joking. I'm sorry. Hold on a second.

No, no, no. The Castro brothers have said it. Joe Biden has said it previously, but no, I just want to be clear. What is the quote that Joe Biden said? Joe Biden said in 2014, when he was vice president of the United States, that Texas is going to become a battleground state because it's coming more Hispanic than with the Southern influx of immigration from Central American countries. We Democrats are going to be able to have more political prospects in the future. How does that relate to Biden is deliberately letting illegals in?

Isn't he? What is he doing to secure the border? When you have 15,000 people a day coming across your Southern border, that is not a mistake.

That is an intentional act of public policy where you're allowing people into your country. Who cares? But who cares? Who cares if more people come to America? Hold on.

Hold on a second. You just said the law is the law. A crime is a crime for Donald Trump to go sit in prison in New York. Why is it not a crime is a crime when someone breaks into the United States of America? You say that Donald Trump should go sit in a courthouse in New York because he filled out documents incorrectly.

But someone comes across the Southern border bringing drugs or sex trafficking girls. And you say, who cares? All you care about is political power. Let me explain. You are a perfect Democrat. You only care about winning at the expense of the country.

Let me explain. I believe that the overwhelming majority of illegals, I believe the law. Now, the immigration process in America is very difficult. I believe that a lot of illegals in a practical sense shouldn't be illegal and the law should be changed. Meanwhile, the laws impacting Trump should not be changed. They shouldn't be illegal.

So you want to change the laws that fit your political agenda, but not change the laws that don't fit your political agenda. Got it. Yeah.

So true vesti. Yeah. But the question is, do you believe in borders?

I was like, I believe that. No, no, no borders. No one world government and final pitch for Joe Biden.

No borders, lots of war, more spying and bankrupt the country. I like that he's still going to win. You might be right, but he might not win by actually winning on the issues that build consensus. The American people, he might like abortion. Hold on a second.

He might win on brute political force. And you've acknowledged that with a smirk and a smile. You might be right. Okay. I was trolling there.

You know, go up previously. Hold on. If he backpedals any further, he's just going to fall over. You acknowledge with a smirk and a smile and that's fine because this is the consensus of the democratic elite. We're going to win because we're going to put our opposition in jail. We're going to win because we control the instruments of justice. You guys might win an election, but that will be the death of America. If that is the case.

So true. Thank you. All right, one last thing. You're done. Wait, no, you're done. Thanks so much for listening. Everybody email us as always freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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