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Miles Bridges and the Charlotte Hornets future

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October 19, 2023 3:36 pm

Miles Bridges and the Charlotte Hornets future

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 19, 2023 3:36 pm

Brenden Whitted, HU Bison Express, on where he stands in regards to what Miles Bridges is in trouble for and whether he’ll continue to be with the Charlotte; or should even be allowed to stay.

What bothers Brenden about this the most? How good are the Milwaukee Bucks right now? 

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Right now, though, we are just about two weeks away from the start of the NBA's regular season, Panthers, Panthers, my gosh, Hornets. I get something wrong like that every single day. Well, you might have been hearing Brendan and I's conversation about the Panthers.

Ah, yes, yes, yes, it is a disaster. So are the Hornets. Miles Bridges was supposed to come back this year. There is a suspension involved, but who knew that he violated the terms of his probation for domestic violence. And I threw apparently through billiard balls at the car of his, of the mother of his children. His current girlfriend got involved. The kids were in the car and this looks like it's going to end in a place where Miles Bridges doesn't want to be. Brendan Witte joins us at huco cell on Twitter.

You have covered the Hornets for a long time. What, what's going on? How is this playing out?

I don't know how this is going to play out. And you mentioned it that he, this is all stemming from a, a violation of the protective order from January. So this has been the, I would assume, and maybe, maybe that's not a fair assumption, but I would assume that the team has known about this for quite some time.

He has had a warrant issue for him. But I think it's, it's the, the details involved about, about what happened that make it particularly scary. His, his, the original victim of what had occurred, I think they were boyfriend, girlfriend, Tom. There does seem to be some sort of mixed reporting about whether or not they got married at any given point in the, in the, in the interim. But, but she had mentioned before all her social media became private that this had not been the first time that this occurred.

Right. And that was, that was kind of, he, she had Instagram, she had pics, she had a long post about exactly kind of detailing some of these issues and, and the, and the initial injuries as, as kind of, they get rolled out. When he originally gets arrested, we're talking about a price that I could borrow. You're talking about like real scary concussions. You're talking about like violence. You're talking about pure violence. And a part of his, his, his plea agreement was, Hey, we're not going to accept any response.

We're not going to plead guilty or innocent, but we will accept these, these parameters in terms of, in terms of how you need to comport yourself in order to stay in good standing. And part of that was therapy. He had therapy as parental therapy does again, the children were involved the first time they were, they were able to witness what it occurred, what occurred to their mother. And that was an additional charge on top of, on top of the assault charge that he caught. And it's, it's scary because taking it out of sports, not being able to stay away, not being able to no longer be violent towards this person, escalation of violence in some instances, those are things that usually lead to more and more dangerous and sometimes deadly results.

Oh, go ahead. I'm just saying they made the decision to stick with it. And he wasn't able to go a whole season without violating what are pretty standard parameters about no contact. And it makes the organization look extremely bad for doubling down on, Hey, we're going to, we're, we're, we're not going to cut them. We're going to keep them. And we're going to keep them a part of this organization, despite the very serious charges and, and, and, and, and we're going to move forward with him. And then he can't make it a season without it. It makes the team look like it made a terrible decision and it, and it makes a, a, a bad decision look worse, perhaps.

Brennan Wood is joining us here on the Adam Gold show. I think what makes it even look worse is that he has continued to practice with the team and like, we don't have to go. The, the Charlotte Hornets and the city of Charlotte and their fans have a very, very tortured history of bad behavior within the basketball team. Now, whether or not, which, you know, it was the owner previous before they left for Charlotte, before they left for new Orleans, there's just, it seems like there's nothing that there's nothing good about this. I think their fans, I think their fans want the team to simply cut bait and just, he's not ours anymore. I realized that there is a, you want to get him help because he is a father and you want, you don't want to completely toss him aside, but as a basketball matter, I don't see how these two entities move forward. With SOTIC-2 for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, you could show off your skin again.

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Call 1-888-SOTYKTU to learn more. I don't either. And you saw what happened with Kevin Porter Jr. with the Houston Rockets. They ended up trading him to the Thunder.

He will be waived. He was accused of something similar. His accusation is still not as far along. There haven't been any plea agreements.

There hasn't been a trial. I think they actually dropped one of the charges that he was facing. So that's still early on, but they were still willing to move on from him. You mentioned the basketball side, but that's what kept him around. Because I'll give you another guy that's no longer with the team. He was a first round pick a couple years ago.

That's Kai Jones. I think he was the 19th pick for them. And he is no longer with the team. They waived him because he was behaving really erratically on social media.

What was going on? And so he was asked to take some time off essentially this off season. But they said they were still in contact with him and were going to help him however possible. But they ended up waiving him.

And so there's a juxtaposition there with somebody maybe behaving erratically, maybe being not a great teammate. Oh, we'll cut him immediately, but we're going to hold on to Miles Bridges. And the difference is because Bridges is a bigger and better prospect in terms of just basketball and had more value to the team. For Kai, they were willing to get rid of him quickly. Bridges, they've been dragging their feet. They had started putting Bridges back on their social media.

And that's something they didn't do all that. I was very, very cognizant of the fact that he was nowhere, even in the background of a lot of those pictures or in the video, he was nowhere to be found. This off season, they put him a lot closer to front and center because if we're being honest, he's an all-star calendar player when he left. And him being on the team this year, it was going to be huge for that squad in terms of the depth, particularly at the wing position and particularly at a place where they have really, really missed out on having a lot of talent. They're going to have him and Brandon Miller and Gordon Hayward. And suddenly that looked like, hey, this team that is, I think it was at 30 and a half for the over under on the Whids. Suddenly it's looking like this team could make a playoff.

And so that's why he's on there. There's no question about that. I don't know what the future holds for them, but it's hard to believe that they're going to keep on this track.

But again, if they knew about this since January, nothing has changed for them, really. Let me get to at least one more thing here, Brendan Woodard at H.U. Cosell on Twitter. James Harden is not showing up. He opted in and now he's not showing up.

I mean, this whole thing is silly. If he didn't want to be there, he should have opted out, but he was opting in so they could trade him, but nobody wants him. Only one team. It's a bidding war of one. The Los Angeles Clippers are apparently the only team that wants James Harden.

And my question to you, Brendan, is why? Why did the Clippers? He led the league in assists last year, right? He was actually pretty healthy, which 14 that has two superstars in the Clippers who are constantly injured. Having a guy that can eat up minutes and keeping somebody like that on the floor at all times would be huge for them. He is a monster talent.

He had a great season last year. That's why. But when we get to the playoffs and Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are healthy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. And what's happening in the playoffs for the Clippers? Run that one back one more time. See, if that were the case, they would be worried about Harden.

That's never the case. It's a good point. I walked right into that. It was nighttime.

The lights are off and I just walked right into the door. That is that is an own goal on my part. All right. Finally, how good are the Milwaukee Bucks now? You and I have probably have been on opposite sides of this. I have never looked at Chris Middleton as a number two. I have always looked at Middleton as a three. Seems like they've got a number two now to Yanis with Damian Lillard. How good can that team be?

I think they'd be phenomenal. I think I do think they will take a step back defensively. I think you just will because Drew is a much better defender than than than Lillard is, is considered to be one of the best defenders in the league. And that's certainly not Dame. But Dame opens up so many things offensively for them. I'm excited to see how he works off ball because he I think he'll be off all a good amount because it's just while Yanis scores in the paint, he does it kind of an unconventional way. And there's a lot of kind of, you know, let him just start at the top and building up a runway early himself into into about three or four defenders. But he's going to keep he's got to keep he's going to keep so many more defenses honest about sticking with Damian Lillard because, you know, at any given point, he can go for 60 or 70 points.

And that's not exaggeration. And so to have that sort of scoring power, but particularly late in games, late in games, at court sets, Yanis is great. His limitation as a free throw shooter and as just a regular shooter can mean that you don't always feel comfortable going with him. And sometimes Middleton is the guy that's taking that last shot. Now you have yet another guy that it feels a lot more comfortable than Drew did usually in those scenarios. I think they're going to be great.

Like I basically I have my I have my issues and I'm interested to see how they go. But I think that they're a better team than they were before they made the trade. Yeah, this is also a response to Yanis saying you got to prove to me that you're serious about this before I commit to another long term deal. Brendan Whitted at H.U.

Cosell on Twitter. Bison Express. Go check that out, my man. Appreciate your time. I will talk to you very soon. I love it. Thank you, man.
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