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Healing and Redemption in Forsyth County, Georgia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 25, 2022 7:00 pm

Healing and Redemption in Forsyth County, Georgia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 25, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is joined after Wednesday in the Word by his friend Durwood Snead and his son Matt, to talk about Christ, racism, and the initiative he co-founded, the African American Descendants of Forsyth Scholarship, which serves the African American descendants of Forsyth County, Georgia.


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We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network a horrible victim of rape, evil racism, something that is a dark light on the history of our nation. In America there's a man of God.

There's a group of believers love Jesus that are doing something about it and I'm so glad to talk to my friend Durwood Sneed about another lesson even connect to begin with and try to figure this out.

While man long time ago there was a guy named Michael Lee was a good friend of mine in Atlanta and he had met you and my son Matt moved to Atlanta smooth move from China actually growing up. Atlanta moved Winston-Salem Mike's and handle a guy in Winston-Salem is a great guy ferments connect with.

So a missile got connected initially and that's it right here. He's your son, we been in Wednesday and the word together. That's nice little out right now. What just happened here real quick distillers buddy. We just study in first Corinthians, and talk about how there's no stinging death in Christ.

Is this a good group and then your pops ears. It wasn't like that your dad was in work. It's amazing really privileged to have him here with us today so go and when I got your email.

I just like that really happened like how you hear about the racism and you hear about the evil darkness but like what Chris is doing a satellite and you're doing something about a brother, Durwood Sneed give our listeners a little bit of background about this passion this mission maybe there's ways people listen can jump in and help absolutely. So I live in Forsyth County, Georgia, where blue for 33 years, which ironically were in Forsyth County of North Carolina visibly to the nation so it's come fascinating. This connection to the two Forsyth counties, but I heard about some racial issues our county for a long time. I really hadn't looked into. It's about a year ago just over a year ago I started doing some research and what I learned was there was some terrible events that happened in 1912 there was a white 18-year-old girl who was raped and brutalized the next day a black guy on her street with very little evidence was arrested and that night he was lynched a mob came to the jail and Lindstrom. Then several of the black people in her street were arrested very quick trial and two people were hung. After about a three hour trial. Each but Travis Stephen following all that was night riders went around to every home every black hole in the county in the 1100 black people in the county. Then told them if you don't leave you will dynamite your home and you just need to leave the county immediately so 1100 black people every black person the county had to leave a little early 30 days or they would be killed.

So is my wife and I read about this, we began weeping as we began thinking about maybe being one of those families and having to leave for no reason.

Anything that we have done and to go somewhere where nobody wanted us, so I began meeting with my pastor and I'm actually retired pastor myself ran missions in our church for number of years, but we began thinking, praying and trying to figure out what could we do that could be helpful for the next generation. We didn't do this, we were part of those. This is not our responsibility. However, we feel like were all responsible for the next generation, even though without responsible since last source we thought about it. We said what if we could come up with a scholarship for descendents. These 1100 people that were expelled from the county's is an act of love, not part of anything else. No part of any political party, not part of CRT 6019 project and not even being something that would be justice for the people that were offended, but simply one act of love by some followers of Jesus. So, about a dozen pastors including my own myself got together and relaunch the scholarship for these descendents. The cool thing about it is simply an idea about nine months ago and now we've raised about hundred $24,000. We have 15 people have applied for the scholarship and we are going through the process right now of evaluating all of them because what they have to do is if approved ascendancy of a 2.5 GPA and have to write an essay about the story of the family about what happened.

The family room afterwards as I'm reading these essays. I am humbled. As I read the stories these families but it's also inspiring to see families that actually had to leave the county with almost nothing. Many of them will almost no education and how they figured out how to live life and actually have their children become responsible citizens that many of whom became professionals all kinds of cool jobs and work administered in their communities, which is reading this inspiring story is amazing. We want to encourage the next generation. Many of these kids probably couldn't go to college. Otherwise, 58, of the people that got expelled. The landowner, this is not anything to do with reparations. This is just simply an act of love to try to help the next generation we talk all the time to talk about ways that your son is doing about how interview summary Jesus do you think is a more powerful walking up to someone you've never met your life there even a different color skin you say listen, there's a $10,000 scholarship for your kid and what they want give you some give us you in Jesus name and give this to you because a bunch of evil people did a bunch of evil things to your family that we live in the same town. Decades ago, and I just want to do this to bless you.

Also, Sam sorry about here. I didn't do it on some sorry about half an hour to tell you about my gees me Durwood Sneed is right. I can't think of a more powerful cost presentation well is the complete thing of God which is so blessed and humble just to be part of it while 12 pastors launch this initially we invited the entire community jump on board and we've had to give the we don't know the communities that we just will be a part of this will Jesus to get all the credit will invite everybody with the believers to get on board and really try to help.

And the cool thing now is lots of really neat racial reconciliation discussions I met with one Rotary club where one guy was pushing back over the idea is while we Dragon up stuff in the past you like to be painful and another guy that same meeting, who was one black man in that club looking so I got a little bit different perspective. You said we were doing so well. This county would there be more like me during this meeting you.

My Rotary brother at the same time. Don't how do we go about really talking about this and try to figure things out and watching those two guys afterward get together privately to start meeting as brothers to try to really understand each other's perspective is amazing that something so Durwood Sneed that the name of this ministry is for losers to know they want to involve account want to Google and all that stuff. How did he find out more. What is the best place to point them best place to go is a website which is called Forsyth L4 SYTH and it has all the background information has resources anyways to give a goodbye was to give to this effort as you hundred bucks you get a thousand of these I give 100 bucks right now to Forsyth this movement, where does that money go, tell me about all the money words ago.

What happened goes into a donor directed fund of the National Christian foundation and set up specifically for this and then every single penny will go to individual scholarships were all volunteers are running you know it's interesting in our states.

We leave money for our kids and our kids.

We plan little bit for that. Why not leave a little something for someone that are forefathers or forebears have wrong.

Why not do something this just really wreck his children. Christ again this is a politics this is and all that other stuff you mentioned earlier but what a powerful mechanism and I just want to thank you for doing all this and thank you so much or so appreciate you and we're excited about what God is going to do and you can pray for us to because we're walking one step at a time and looking forward to what God's got something so much what you see this is being that I think of this event.

In this issue I think of nations where literally it's happened in several nations. I think of Uganda. Some others were ethnic cleansing and purging and there were one tribe was kill and murdering another tribe and the lady wrote a book video I interviewer my show years ago I quoted her my chapter on my book last Jesus the title of the documentary is called as we forgive and this was back. This is in Africa. This is the intense tribal in one tribe and another was a bloodshed with this view was all over the place and he was in Uganda you know but what led to healing was when people came to faith in Christ and they started in the sun you have members of two different tribes that their families hate each other. Centuries before, and even weeks before and love each other and praying together over Christ. That's the power closes with a thought on the power of the gospel to reconcile whether it's way over there in Uganda or whether it's even right here in Forsyth County, Georgia oversight County, North Carolina, was a sale.

Durwood Sneed goes out with the power of the gospel reconcile all races, all people under Jesus and Satan is the divider he's the one that actually causes the feel threatened so that we have anger of animosity. But the gospel is reconciling Jesus is a reconcile and I've never met any by the world that you can sell across the table with have a couple coffee cup of tea is ask about each other's family and the more you get to know each other. When you start building a relationship with at least allow the Gospels, the center of all that we always say this anecdotally is little conservative Christian as it looks a lot different than the church looks today. What should the church be doing future should be going to China to Africa, India, the church should be going in reaching people with the good news of Jesus is not getting races together, just the second guy) it's getting together to know Jesus and I love them in your felt need in some cases their stock because of generations of pain from what happened and if we can we have in our power to do something about it. Why not do it. We need to James, who instructs us all that resident tells us that a good faith just talks about things that means nothing but pure and undefiled religion is meeting the needs of Windows orphans and those in need and so we see a need. We just need to meet it because of our faith is lived out, that means nothing for minutes was the website more time for your initiative Forsyth you guys got any Durwood Sneed sometime in his son Matt is amazing yet, how many kids met five kids without the right that's right adopted three body. I love seeing him out. I love see the picture of you that we give her English was the ballgame unless you figure your kid's got a wonderful diverse baby. I love it loves Jesus amazing wife did to do all that you got great grandkids and a great awesome son and daughter-in-law Durwood Sneed to how many Durwood's needs are there on planet Earth mean, how many of you with your name only know of one other time exactly no related, no, please not that I know there are some unique names out there Abrahams or Greg Greg Greg, my grandfather, but you acted through him and to know right is a God bless you Stu thank you friend this is the Truth Network

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