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February 25, 2021 5:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 25, 2021 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the best argument for the LDS idea of spirit prison and those who have never heard the gospel getting another chance---2- Matt further discusses LDS theology.--3- My family member says she believes in the Trinity but also in -a god.- Does that mean she doesn't understand the Trinity---4- Matt discusses and reads quotes from supposed apparitions of Mary, regarded as true by the Catholic Church.--5- Why do you baptize infants---6- What's the best argument for why there are not alien civilizations-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why branches in your goals are responding to your questions. 77072276 Matt slick Matt slick you want to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 started running up and down stairs and stuff like that little autographed ischemia. Couple minutes will catch up now. Coffee's we have a nice espresso machine every now and then I just have to splurge and what I do is I take with cream and I blended into the espresso and then I put creamer in it and then working with top of that soap splurge and that was so hey look going to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and afternoon of the show and I sure was about's were Christian apologetics showing up means of answer questions about the Bible and you thought about doing diverse things like getting a booth someplace I should do this when I was younger swapping ministry and things like that.

I thought about going to a place of just employees would have a lot of people have booths and I get something that says you don't ask your toughest question about God in the Bible and see if that might bring people into answer or to ask questions. That's what I love to do is answer questions with doing it for decades and the started back in 1980 and died to start entry questions teaching good libido.

This consul got a copy stop and are doing stuff for the Lord and going door-to-door and doing all kinds of stuff and just had a knack for answering questions.

So if you have a question. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 you give me a call. All that you want of working on some Catholic articles to start working on one what is Roman Catholicism, also be working on one where the seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church and the site updated. Also, an article dealing with the view of the Roman Catholic Church is a doctrine of salvation of the condo Council of Trent, and I hyperlinked them to a place reading. The reason for yourself in context – stuff like it. As you know, I teach that Roman Catholicism is not Christian as apostate religion and I have my reasons for that you want talk about that. Please feel free to give me a call. Also a people of and asking about the Israel trip that were talking about going on next year and coded requirements and masked requirements and things like that.

The information is on the webpage harm Israel harm go there under some information at the bottom but the health stuff and is a survey near the top if you'd be so kind to take.

It does not obligate you anything. We just wonder how many people want to go because if we know how many people want to go and will plan and plan to go, then we cannot check it out and we can arrange stuff like that. Also, we have three online schools.

If you want to check amounts go to and I can check it out and it'll give you the information you need. We have three online schools, one of theology. One of apologetics in one of the critical thinking and we charge $33 each need a discount to get all three, but also if you can afford him a new one. You just email us a site I can afford him when I want and begin to that's it, no questions asked. We don't read vitamin S verification. What we do is so just hope that people occasionally get these goods. We help to eat. They help keep the lights on here that's when the things we do with them. This is no pay for the bills and stuff like that and let's see let's see let's see him. I think that's about it. We are fourth in line to be want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and if you are curious, what I look like because people tell you, my voice does not match my face. If you're interested you can go to the website CA and you'll see. But we do have a set up so that the feed goes in automatically consumer is trust me, it's not that exciting. Most people want to see my wife and I together so they wonder how I got hot looking mama she's good looking and I just can't tell people you have to activate the bewildered filter in the mothering instinct in the women and if you can inactivate both of the bewildered filter and the mothering instinct Jean in the activate the latter by being obnoxious and irritating and stuff like that and want to carry you and fix you and then will that's activated, then the bewildered filter makes them think that they like you.

And if any of you to get married and you know after about six months ago. Wait a minute, so too late for her. That's how that works. And if you want to check out my books on stuff go to Amazon, type in my name you find a bunch of books written on it. It's one of them is actually that topic all for fun. All rights when we just jump on the line was good to Craig from Texas, a Craig welcome you are on the air all right by God's grace meant we got but began a.m. Long story short, there began a Facebook dialogue with the Mormon and talking. The essence of the conversation was what about those who never heard about Jesus and Mormon theology, talking about the ideas spirit present and that when they'll have the they'll have another opportunity to hear the gospel. After that guy and I'm trying to formulate a response to at least begin thinking and I note my past history of interacting with them.

They really there great at calling Bible verses to us, but as far as for them actually reading it and researching it and seeing what it means. So I'm really, asking what would probably be the most fruitful avenue to follow Friday provide response. Aside from a dark van with some mast arm guys with masks and everything in bright lights in the can't sleep generally re-bring much of what you could try and do is a tactic I use a lot I just say please show me than Scripture and I do with all kinds of people I do with Jay Dobbs side with Muslims with Catholics I deal with Eastern Orthodox is a quote the Bible.

This is a link biblical Isaac show me and then if they can if they can have a verse I want to go to. I said let's read the context. Let's see the context demonstrates and supports what it is that you wanted to say and 99% of time never dies because the cults don't know what they're talking about the false religious systems.

They don't really exegete the eye subject that's what you do, the more now you understand it, they believe that Mormonism is true because it's the true and restored gospel. They believe that they have the authority of the priesthood and that they and their organizational structure with their profits in their apostles this 70s corn fossils and all the scum stuff. The teach that they have the authority to interpret Scripture.

They have the authority to tell us what it means.

And you have to be in their church under their authority to really understand everything the way you get in is through baptism and testimony. You have a testimony that Joseph Smith is a true prophet etc. etc. so they go by feelings, and not by Scripture is one of think Satan does long as he can get them to take her eyes off of God's word and front anything else that's all he's going to do, and then note the fall for something. So the problem here is that you're dealing with a cult of a member of the cults who thinks that feeling. Truth is the right way to find truth because it testimony the spirit of the book of Mormon Stroop etc. etc. so there's lots of different ways you can go about it.

You can asking thought of that spirit prison stuff that's in a first Peter 318 through 19 you read the context and it's not about humans and conspirators about it looks like demonic forces the Jew talks about that as well. In first Timothy 521, talk, elect angels and or some some stuff but you can't get into the idea is from first Peter three that is the case, asking for Scripture, and 900 attempt. They all got blessed us what he provided.

First Peter one guys try to find three stamps… But then after about a little bit after the resurrection and the veil was rent.

There is no existence and spiritual presence is to be absent the body to be present with the Lord.

I yesterday see Gunderson Mormon theology they teach is that there's a preexistence for God the father and his goddess wife came from the planet and they became God and Goddess. The came to this world. He's about 6 feet tall and how tall she is, but they you know they're married and thinking and make spirit babies and have In her wedding night well and so they teach those they teach and so the unmarried on that on there for some time. Eternity and so there there was 1 millions of millions of millions of spirit offspring in the preexistence and so there was a discussion that was had in heaven about who would receive the glory for salvation of the people I got on earth now salvation. Mormonism means universal resurrection. It can also mean forgiveness of sins, but remains universal resurrection. So any rate, so 1/3 of the spirits of the pre-existing spirits that went with Jesus plan were born white skin bodies. 1/3 of the spirits that went with the devil's plan were cursed never to be blood-borne and human bodies all so they could not be exalted to godhood and they became demons, and the third it didn't go either way were cursed to be born in black skin bodies.

That's what Mormonism used to teach a deny that now but that Lisa teaches all interlinked their older writings is what it can't be denied. And so when you get to save and Mormonism.

It's not in offering us a sense, you have to go to the temple, but in order to Temple unit a temple recommend to get a temple recommend.

You have to pay full 10% either income documented to the church for a full year.

You can indent certain bad things etc. in good standing with the, the church, the Bishop of the Mormon war gives you a temple recommend.

You can then go to the temple in the temple. You will get new under good set of garments pays nothing kinky happens and there be good garments to get to the secret handshake secret. Hugs get an apron I could type, but the apron Satan's apron at that link the related was put on the apron and out anyway so if you been a good Mormon etc. etc. then when you die will anybody dies, there's three heavens and Mormonism. So the first level is a celestial the middle. Heaven is terrestrial and this is the third heaven is celestial when the third heaven are three levels and the highest level is called the church of the firstborn. Just what is called so all people who die basically go to either the second or the first level basically. And if you're really good Mormon you might if you've Celestial log on to the third level of heaven become a god and goddess in and stuff like that and this is that the bit that's just an overview of Mormonism to listen with the teach so when eight units have a spirit prison naming all the spirits that died and went to where these levels and etc. etc. and so it is made up from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and Smothers made it up. It's not okay in hearing what is that I've talked to all seem to been brought up in our meeting.

Are you aware of anyone I've ever met anyone like left at 35 on non-Presbyterian myself in theology and in politics.

I have met over the years. People who have left all kinds of groups and things like that and become Mormon and become Jehovah's Witnesses. So, Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, nondenominational's become Mormon in them as they become Catholic is just regular hold on hold… That will given right. Hey folks for open minded you want to give me a call 8776 Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave lined seven human quality data? God, the Bible, Mormonism, Job's witnesses criticize unity behind Islam. Let's say for small ready logic, evidence, evolution of kind of stuff you opposed the occult. We talked about a lot of stuff over the years. Let's get the Kurt from North Carolina current welcome mat a quick question. I am my mother in regards to Christianity mom and she had that talk a little bit.

She said she believed in a God that you know you that he is God and legally they deeded it got stated that she believed the Trinity that you have back to say again that she believed that there is a God.

I don't know how to really witnesses you mean by God, always clarifying terms you always ask people to explain. So I had many conversations over the years with seminal civil out. I don't believe the Trinity is a really okay so what's what is a Trinity three gods well know it's not good guess it is no it's not one God in three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons they say what write you and see you to find out what it is they teach what is their believing because if you don't know what it is that they really believe that you can start talking without defining your terms. You really cannot talk past each other writing by Al Qaeda's bigoted audit later my brother if he would like their light reading the book of Enoch. My brother is Evite doing something where you been reading the Bible and explain in Adam and Eve in both of them.

I felt like that. Just trying to find a way to go against the grain here.

I know that they now I dealt with the goodness from okay the different groups, different radio programs and heretical TV stuff occasionally Internet stuff book of Enoch, the preexistence the pre-Adam might say things like that. Find out whether getting it going to be negative, just like hey were you getting the stuff I'll read this to any go check it out on circling research on and I got a work at. I have edited on the new Christians I got a habit of when a talker but no, in regards to like if I get my feelings about the situation. I think that I'm wet part about it rather than trying to calm down and get a level I got there. You draw the analogy with martial arts. I survived in years and years of martial arts nurse two different styles one is to meet force with force. Another one is to use their force against you or against themselves. So some is rushing you, you know you can step aside and pushing you and because our momentum takes them where they have to go and things like that so when someone is stating something.

It's a momentum. If you meet force with force. Generally speaking in apologetics.

Generally it doesn't work. Some of the Candace depend. It's what you do is to keep them going. Oh, okay.

So what what is this explain this to me you know and you step aside and they just keep going and any turnaround come back to get so to speak, and you don't meet force with force, so to speak. This clients analogy. In this way you can get information on about then you say hello back later and you go get trained and come back to deal with them appropriately. If that's loose analogy, but that's what you do kind of appreciate that Matt McCall at the club called and intimidated before intimidated to call me and my wife not intimidated and my friends are contaminating care blitz of people who don't know me yet. I've been at what's the product you know I and I'm not about how thin it out… Assuming I thought that you value look for it at that. As you know the rock at the nose like you did it right yet. Going to frustrate you locate knitted part of the okay well I can delete my wife listen this is going.


You know, sinner saved by grace By grace that's always alright buddy I appreciate it. Matt God bless you Matt that you did. God bless you Matt alright so hey folks, with five open lines nobody's waiting right now if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276. A couple things really fast when we got an alternate menu thing fixed workaround for the menu problem that we've been having on the website is turning out to be a really interesting problem and the company that has the module that we use for the navigation and we spent a lot of time taking which one turns out it's only having a problem here and so it's really a mystery and were working on it but to the web guy developed. It's called Altman your little work on any any browser to any condition. Things like go check it out all right now and I have my information outs on Catholicism was open and or is open and was utilizing was last night.

One discord a lot talking about various topics and was on last night and some people were were asking about Catholicism in a Catholic and I were having a discussion. It is nice enough guy and he tried to defend Catholicism, which I think is just bad choice. But you know it's okay to try and we got into the issue of the Marion apparitions. So, since nobody's calling right now. I was thinking and I do this every now and then when you read apparitions of reach six quotes and three of them are from Guadalupe Mexico in 1531 and three of them are from Fatima, Portugal in 1917 and, do is read them and you can see the progression of the heresy that comes through them. Why am I bringing this up as I brought it up yesterday. I said this is what the Roman Catholic Church says is officially really authentically Mary really one is Mary they sent their experts out and her experts concluded. It really is Mary appearing as a leader officially recognized and when I read these to you and you hear what they say that you will if you're Christian you will understand this is ungodly and ultimately it's demonic in the fact that the Roman Catholic Church cannot tell the difference tells you how bad off the Roman Catholic Church is so to talk about this with some people. Kathy said that you make a mistake were not obligated to believe those things I said that wasn't what I'm saying was I did so, you probably do believe that I said the Roman Catholic Church says this really is Mary is official really is Mary Ann's if it's really married and why is it saying what it's saying these apparitions and if they can't tell the truth apparent Roman Catholic church doesn't have any authority. All right, start reading, but thought to give McCall the meantime, we have five lines 877-207-2276 give McCall folks okay five open lines. Now, that's it for the brachial okay so this is what's happening and it's and of the first apparition, 1531. The word is Cano W know something break McCall folk lines 877207760 Van Slyke why call 770727 pairs Matt Slade back to 77207227607 read some apparition stuff I need to cue the scary music. This is what it says this is the first apparition, 1531 know for sure, my dearest, littlest and youngest son that I am the perfect and ever virgin holy marriage of the separation says it's Mary and then later in 1531. I am truly your merciful mother yours and all the people who live united in this land, and of all the other people of different ancestries. My lovers who love those who seek me.

Those who trust in me I will hear there we thing their complaints and heal all their sorrows hardships and suffering, pointing to Jesus. The apparition points with self.

Those who seek me those who love me. Those who trust in me, etc. it's bad news.

Here's another one from 1531 and my not here I who am your mother. Are you not under my shadow and protection. Am I not the source of your joy. Are you not in the hollow of my mantle and the crossing of my arms. Do you need anything more while so you don't need anything more than Mary Jefferson sign is not what Mary would say.

And obviously this is his progress in getting worse and worse right.

This will now in 1917. Three children so they saw an apparition and this is what it says on May 13 and then June 13 and July 13 which I think is interesting is 13 the number of sin, but the first one.

Are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins by which he is offended if the conversion of sinners won't get this. This is actually an attack on the atonement of Christ. It's actually saying the tone of Christ is not sufficient to cleanse you in the first apparitions it says to give those who seek me, and then it says you don't need anything more than me and then the sacrifice of crisis is not sufficient on site saying that, but what it does say the apparition the sink. He wants us all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the says that which is offended sorry Jesus is the one who made the rep act reparation for the sins that which is offended. Jesus did that with this apparition is saying is that the these children have to do it so that's about denial of the sufficiency, the atoning work of Christ is an attack on at dawn they did the. The atonement that news and not on June 13. It will take us into San Francisco shortly and these two children to die. Three but you will stay here for some time to come. Jesus wants to make one want to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the world. I promised salvation to whoever embraces. So now Jesus wants people to be devoted to her to the immaculate heart of Mary, Jesus is the Bible says come to me is why, because he is God in flesh don't go to a creature go to him flesh and the final one will like this when it gets me to sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice. Oh Jesus.

It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary now sitting against Mary and you gotta make reparations for your sins against Mary.

So the Roman Catholic Church officially states that Mary is not a goddess, but they actually elevate her to a level of a goddess and one of things I say to the Catholics. I said you pretty Mary, yes I say let me ask a question. Can Mary hear millions of prayers simultaneously all over the world.

Spoken and thought in different languages.

If you can answer them all the same time and it had Kathy yes that's a goddess. No, it's not enough.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it's a duck know so we would save it walks like heresy, quacks like heresy, looks like heresy. That is heresy all right.

We have four guidelines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 maybe Roman Catholic and don't like what I just said and call me up and challenge me love to talk to you.

Let's get to Dan from Iowa. Dan welcome your on the year I called you about a year ago and you walk with me a little bit on baptism and I have taken a lot of my doctrine and I think you're in church now and trying to get my head wrapped around my week that I didn't and I just want to know you could articulate that for me.

A good way for me. I'm a firm believer in believers baptism but yet be open-minded about this whole thing, but is not on how I should approach that okay I'll answer them yes you first with which denomination of Presbyterianism is PCA OPC LAV EPA okay that's good. Yesterday PCA pastor. All right, so you understand Celeste look at this will give the short version of it. So God called Abraham and he called Mark that the Chaldees and he made a promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, three in you all the nations shall be blessed. And that promise that covenant promise of God was ratified in circumcision with me yet okay and so circumcision is the sign of the covenant.

So whenever God makes a covenant with someone. There's a sign associated with the covenant so and Adam and the Garden of Eden before they fell the tree was a covenant sign after they fell animal skins. Most probably didn't say but will probably work killed and that the shedding of the blood New Testament covenant is circumcision scares me is that you have the Lord's supper that the Davidic covenant was future River roof and fulfilled in Christ. Now the Mosaic covenant, the signs of the covenant of the to come to a tablets which are tenant 10.6 and for the tenant 10 reasons for that and so we have for the way it covenant, the, the sign of the covenant is as the ring box only have a covenant there's a sign we get married, my covenant sign is my wedding ring my wife covenant sign of our marriage is a wedding ring all right now is not the covenant signs that are the covenant, but the covenant signs represent the covenant so when God said to Abraham, says human to make you a father of the multitude.

Genesis 17 talks about this change his name from Abram to Abraham. The side of this covenant will promise will circumcision in part the reason was because of the shedding of the blood of the male and the male represents this sentence is called federal headship in Adam all die contents 1522.

So when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden she sent first. The Romans 512 says that sin entered through Adam not to hurt, and when they were in the garden hiding the pre-incarnate Jesus came to the man and said where are you didn't say to Adam and Eve were the signifying the headship of the male, which is why the male only as circumcised. Aside from the obvious reason and the shedding of blood is offered now. That covenant was commanded to include infants. The infants were commanded to be included in that covenant, but circumcision did not save them now that quote Genesis 12 three in you all the nations shall be blessed in the side of the covenant is circumcision that verse Genesis 12, three in you all and they shall be blessed, as quoted by Paul in Galatians 38 and he calls it the gospel. He says the gospel is preached beforehand to Abraham, saying in you all the nations of the blessed so Paul the apostle is saying that the Abraham a covenant is still in effect right right okay. Is there any command in Scripture anywhere to exclude infants from the same cup answer is no sound. Wait a minute, so I rebaptize well here we go. So to show you something. Romans 411 and Abraham received the sign of circumcision, a single of the righteousness of the faith she had while uncircumcised circumcision was a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had been with the seal of that which he already possessed stamp of approval certificate to seal the covenant sign so that's what he said but circumcision and then we get to Colossians 211, and in him you were circumcised with the circumcision made without hands in the removal of the body, the flesh of the strip on the circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism.

So what Paul does is equate them but he relates them. He relates circumcision with baptism is a relationship so question is how much of a relationship is coming up so over more okay okay supposedly hold on life is all you do is give me a call 8772 Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic slave everybody. We have three open lines 877-2276 source children are down so that will quickly so Paul relates them. I don't say equates circumcision and baptism, but he was close to it.

So something's going on there so I look at as the covenant of Abraham is still in effect there. I must find a reason to exclude infants from the same covenant. That's how I see it. Now the question becomes will of only the males were circumcised.

What are we now baptize both theoretically the males and females.

That's because the shed blood has occurred and the representative relationship of the mail to Christ is been fulfilled and now there is neither male nor female.

In Christ, and the issue of salvation, and so therefore we can have that they can be under that as well. Now I will just be the first one to tell you hey there is not a single instance in the entire Bible of an infant being baptized.

If you're not convinced I get that argument quite a bit. Will is true.

So if you're not convinced, then don't go with that you're obligated to believe what you think is correct is a debatable issue.

What you think is correct before him before the Lord.

So if you would agree with it. Okay that's fine looking one more thing to think about the sitters to out to Jews walking. They meet every day and or listen once a week as a going to town for business and Paul the apostle is there Jesus had been there died in the been hearing about this in and even walking once a week talking and finally one of them gets converted and are talking and he says to his friend who's a still don't do it.

He says you don't I understand now. God's covenant faithfulness to the people of Israel to those who trust in him and now I understand now that the Messiah has come. Now the covenant faithfulness is not for children. So I hung up with within their children anymore. That would never fit inside about the mind of a Jew what it ever that God would exclude infants their children from the covenant faithfulness of his work but he never did okay so thought there yeah I see that but but but what I don't understand it is if we don't know if our children are like, and we pray that they are and we completely strive toward that so if we do baptize them. Are we based on based on this theology that you're presenting here we thing that they we believe that God will save them know what you're saying is that God's will be thought covenant only faithful to you and your is a fit. The head and to the child and that it's sign and seal of your covenant before God. With children being included as it was with Abraham it does not guarantee anything, is not a means of salvation which is a covenant sign and if you agree with that of your children baptized it and if you don't then don't do it. I am very much that the believer, and that the father has the federal headship responsibility to lead his family the best way he sees possible.

According to Scripture, and so I affirm that this might have no problem baptizing infants. I've never done it but I've to have Ashley. My son passed away, but I would have no problem with that because of my theology. But if I were a pastor the church and was a couple to have new baby in this, we don't leave anything that doesn't would you dedicate is it you from so that they correlate that the baby dedication accurate or not they correlate the baby dedication. One problem now is that connecting a covenant in baby dedication, listing a promise to do XYZ baby dedication is a promise to dedicate our our our lives to raise this child for the glory of God. That's fine.

Where's the covenant sign for the covenant after committing because biblically right covenants have signs so they're making the covenant without a sign that's the whole thing if they can do it, then let's see a sign okay and then we get into sprinkling you call back and talk about sprinkling that I can show you were baptism is sprinkling I can show you were exploring that I can show you where most probably means immersion all in the Scriptures right and I have come on, I realized that the motive is not nearly as crucial as I thought it was in the past, but I'm still trying to see at the once they were saved near baptized and on the court eaten Scripture and thinking that I could go ice cream maker trying to piece it all together.

Let's look at one every year to get a guy like I said you good you had to have cited kind of piece it all together to where I I can faithfully serve you know and like you said, I do hold that responsibility. I didn't have very seriously. I'm trying to wrestle. How how to glorify God best in glorify God best by studying the word coming to your own conclusion before him, and before your family. You do what you think is right, biblically, that way and I will support you with their position. You fallen okay right now. I better appreciate thanks brother arrived and God bless. Okay right this could John from Wake Forest, North Carolina John, welcome you on the air you doing that though the found okay go in February me that all you I'm doing fine, almost home from work so I I am not complaining as I can complete one prefer the bad joke. Okay, so we got okay so I while back had a discussion with somebody about my position is that there absolutely cannot be UFO there aren't any civilizations out there to fly here in the light gonna be beaming at something spaceships and all of that and course you know he all yet Shirley got it without my argument in this is why I'm Colin, if I wanted to see if you would either agree that my argument is found or give me the fodder for improving and so is my argument when I felt my yet. My argument basically goes something like that.

The court God created everything and so here on earth. Adam, as part of creation, sin, and and now all of creation comes under the curse. Well, if all of creation comes under the curse, and there is civilization out there somewhere that we don't necessarily know about us well. Then they come under the curse to and so yeah I mean so you visit a losing would be under. Let's get to the point, though, that running short on time. Got a call waiting okay like nowhere except your saying that the argument gone family they can't take that and the reason is, of course hold on Cutler spin everywhere.

If go ahead take. I agree with you that life does not exist any place else in the universe was no chance to buy evolution was called abiogenesis to lie for my chance. It's impossible. I know the mathematics behind it and is just not going to happen.

However, very good UFOs are real. I've been studying UFOs for close to 40 years remain probably 30 to 35 years and will not not build in depth but II love that kind of stuff I watch documentaries on it. I travel five hours you'll put on tapes and stuff on UFOs. I listen I listen to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of stuff of the year.

What we know is there real question is what are they, they are on radar.

They have been seen visually. They have varying witnesses of all kinds of of rank and authority and reputation all over the world. This is something is real and something is happening Miguel's have something on radar don't see it moving. The thinner jet out there and the Geico, there is that film there is and so sure it's real there been lots of accounts look at the England in 1988 select that is American-based over in England. That's of spectacular mail account of what happened. The question becomes what are the will. Since we, you and I both agreed life not for me by chance anyplace out there.

If there's a life by chance at life out there.

God created, but that's another topic that I don't believe happened. So what are these things well is to jump ahead. It turns out these UFOs teach theology you go to Que K and you can get the book there on aliens and stuff like that is, others who written stuff they done research and interview people who have been abducted, so to speak and have discovered that they learn theology and I know this is true because what started me starting all the stuff years ago. Going to a quickly is reading an article by a secular psychologist in a secular magazine where he set that they were being taught theology and he was shocked at what he found in the theology that they were these of some of these. Not all but some these objectives were being taught with Jesus is not God. We are all divine in reincarnation is true. He was just blown away. He was not a Christian. He said when I read that that's what got me started because I thought something's going on here.

This was secularist got me started studying the stuff and I was starting up ever since I've lost the article unaware of any rate, so the question becomes what are they, it would seem that there are some demonic connection. Okay give you just jump in if you want okay so maybe I need clarify little bit about what the argument was the argument UFOs meaning in the case of our discussion was something that came from some other planet tomorrow I'm leaving in like that.

I agree. I mean, you know you archives across the sky, and I don't necessarily recognize it as such, it becomes a UFO site.

I guy can't identify it and it's flying like that by definition make you yeah but there there are accounts of people seeing sergeants and lieutenants officers in the military on the ground when England seeing and touching these things is on the record writing notes. That's not the only one out there know that this is rising over you it is real surprising okay so what is it that's being seen. That's the question that's the question they I guess it would be.

I would hope that if both folks at touch seeing all that they be able to walk it out if they look, here is what I've seen, that they do that right because it is been on the ground in whatever thoughts are flying on the ground just don't think they've seen things in different languages, different countries over the years and is been going on for quite a while, not just 10 years so I click a set of than a great deal of study on this knife. I know a lot of different odds and ends, and after a while they start blowing together new charts and relationships and I talked with top view apologist once and I give you my whole theory, but I in private conversation. He and a bunch of other people do this and I gave my fear. He said that that's what they thought to the definite demonic connection with them. So there's more to it by the time you get what already right after supper.

They all right after all that gold stuff that was talking about what we hear from you next week. Lord bless you have a great week church break up after you by God's grace

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