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October 6, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 6, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt will have a debate on 10-01-20, on Apologetics Live. He will also be debating on Saturday, both will be with atheists.--2- Why did God create Adam and Eve if he knew they would sin and He hates sin---3- How long does it take you to prepare for a debate- What are your normal preparation routines- When was the last time you had a belief challenged and ultimately changed through debate preparation---4- Do our believing relatives, who have died, know what is happening to us on Earth---5- Where, in church history, did the belief that Jesus took the wrath of God on the cross come from---6- Does the CARM school of critical thinking teach the rules of logic that you've brought up previously on your show---7- I think I've been going to a Jesus Only church. What should I do---8- I'm trying to navigate a friendship with a more liberal Christian. How can I best stand for truth but also be loving-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive that morning you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps. What why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick show. Have a good time listening and want to call work.

All you do is give me a ring here at 877-2076 beautiful five lines nobody's waiting right now and those of you who might be new to the show just listening lecture was about Christian apologetics show we defend the Christian faith go so far to see different than a lot of people for 16 years. In January it will be 16 years so doing a radio five days a week 16 years when January means one time. And speaking of will long time of the karmic ministry. The current website will be 25 years old on the 25th and will probably do is have a conference on the online conference of people sign up and have speakers and things like that to start setting up this weekend, but considered late tonight and that's on apologetics alive if you want to check it out. Apologetics It's scheduled Michael's to be an atheist and I don't even know how cynical it will be moderated is going I think is more just looking to the back-and-forth discussion point counterpoint, things like that which I like. Which is fine since if you're interested in that it will be at 8 o'clock Eastern time school apologetics live I think apologetics You can check it out there and on Saturday.

Also under debate with an atheist and the topic is is Lexi does the Christian God exist and so this or ask me to debate it comes this when I challenge the sky tonight because I heard him speak a few weeks ago… This guy is just not adding to to properly deal with it. So we'll see how that goes see what else is with cells that are so distinguished up to go to call five open lines 8772072276C and we have three online schools. You can check amount school of theology school of apologetics for the school of critical thinking and there designed to be able to allow you to go through at your own pace. Self testing she can learn a lot about the Christian faith not to tell you it is really good to learn about your Christian faith and don't fact, of all things, a study last night it was studying infant baptism of the arguments for, recent stuff against and go through some stuff and I was reading through the material was just an exercise, you just we learned and I saw something this that one of the commentators said in a verse in verse I look that's a good point and so I hadn't thought of that of a couple things in that light, before and what baptism really isn't circumcision really is Seagram's for love not memorizing new set of verses from stuff any rate so that it would. You don't just to check things out and I like learning being challenged.

I like it when people offer me things that I don't agree with what you got to tell and sometimes they correctly I don't have all the answers, but I do like to be challenged if you recall, you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have nobody waiting is very unusual for the beginning of the call. We usually have people up in the last half hour of work. A lot of people call in and of your Chicago schools. All you do is go to the carpet org CAR M.O RG the right hand side of any page.

Any page. All you have to do is click on the school stuff for my throat and we go and check about how we charge $33 per school or you can sign up for all three and you get a discount. I say this look we we want to, you know, we need to make money in order to get the lights on. Pay the regular bills and things like that. That's what we have to do that. So we use the schools to help finance the ministry. However, if you want the schools and you just can't afford.

Just email us and say look at what the school looking for the question.

You will not ask any questions about it okay and I will give you the password stuffer for go check amount for our primary goal is to reach out and to minister as many people as possible with the truth of the gospel we do it if you like. So, in light of that, if you would be so kind as to consider all you do is support us. We got five or $10 a month do that by going to consult website CAR M.RG right hand side of any page, you'll see a link there… Donates support and yes five dollars month.

You know, five or $10 a month. This is plenty and people we can pin all of our bills and not have to worry about stuff. Just let me know and I remember when who's at the evangelist who said the 600 foot Jesus appeared was his name is out there in Oklahoma fixable right in the text chat here and he said that if you think member correctly.

Robert, thank you very much, that if you did get the money to build a certain thing got killed and I remember that what man and so look if it will get your support to worry about it and get $10 a month review of just on the idiocy that's out there. So it's okay got it provided us and not worried about so there you go if you want to give call for open lines 877-207-2276 and late tonight supposed to be so 8 PM tonight Eastern time limits about about two hours now.

Alright, so there's going to split new guys know all right how very interesting. Nolan from Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome your honey or man hi how are you okay you have a question okay you know what is.

I was just working on an article moving over from one site to another. Why would God let Satan into the garden. Knowing what would happen and I just did it 15, not 1/2 hour ago so it's kind of funny that you're asking the same question he did it because it was his sovereign plan. His desire to allow people and that the angels to have the freedom to be able to do with the do and even so what we say is God's prescriptive will prescription medicine take you know God says don't lie. Don't steal that he does want people lie and steal, but he wants to let people do what they want and so he lets them lie and steal and so in the garden.

He doesn't want Adam and Eve to sin, but he left them soon and part of the reason I believe this so that the Messiah, Jesus Christ coming into the world.

Later on and redeem people. Jesus said in John 1513. He says greater love has no one than this, like his life for his friend and since version 48 says that God is love and the greatest act of love and sacrifice. I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons God allowed people to sin and money and soon the garden was so that he might express the greatest act of love and self-sacrifice is just one of the things I hope that helps those that help you. You welcome client ask how old you are just curious your 10 well good thanks for calling. I really appreciate it that you hope you like the show, if you're listening and and call it again? I all right you welcome God bless. Okay. All right. There was no one 10-year-old Nolan just love that and let's get to Brian from North Carolina, Brian. Welcome your own here in good also went live.

You had a believe in change that Apple will ever leave the pretrip rapture like that it will sure to prepare for debate one preparing for like for tonight not to be arrogant and boastful.

Not very much. The reason is because it's just a talk with an atheist and I don't know working to go.

Directions can be. I've had hundreds of discussions hundreds and hundreds with atheists and the basic premise with atheism.

For example, is the deficiency of is it cannot account for the preconditions for intelligibility. It cannot account for any objective moral standard, and it cannot account for our existence. And so what I'll do another listening on and I'll tell my now this will only be doing on this to be asking for the for the grounding of the principles and the comments in the truth statement might make it. We can ground this Christian backgrounder statements in the revelation of God. The personal God.

For example, artery, moral absolutes. Yes, there are good and that sometimes well if there are how to ground as a Christian we can say that there is an atheist couldn't sit any moral absolutes and apply universally will then that means morality is subjective so that you know what moral is right or wrong, and his questions and they know how to get answered well or to write because people say the right less argumentative, popular majority people say it's right so therefore it's right now, that's it is nothing to do with truth and our moral statements true because we have two statements which is the third law of classical logic and that statements are true or false. So I am speaking to you is a true statement. I am an elephant in disguise is not true statements are true or false, is called the law of excluded middle.

So if moral statements exist are the moral statements true or false, so I can ask all kind of difficult questions of atheist and they just end up backpedaling very quickly and others other approaches so I don't need to prep a whole bunch know you are going into a formal debate with an atheist for the church for this particular topic. I would have an outline all presented slanted my debate.

For example, with Dan Barker. I read his books and I listened to his his debates and I use them against him and I quoted him and asked some very vertical questions that he couldn't answer and so is dependent on the situation as far as I change my position on things you do. I think it may change one just last night.

As a matter of fact, where the issue of baptism as a covenant sign. I may not know anything would sign but has to do with usually a sign of righteousness and assignment of salvation and some reassessing that right back after the break line 72072277 mass Y call 77077… I say that to go through change my view on a few things but it's always in the minors minor things about two years ago three years ago or so. I concluded that the first ones taken when Jesus comes back with the wicked not the good automatic, 24, Luke 1713 when Jesus is allowable to go together till the reapers first gather the tears, and 1330 and stuff like that so has worked essentials goggles will never change because I got over those thousand times in Scripture and it will teach the same thing so that I got a call lights will be good licks colorway that will be billed from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your map. Like all of I'm a widower might my first son got married last month a night at the rehearsal dinner.

I corresponded recognize my wife and so I like freight that may be a little bit on biblically. I said you'd be looking down from heaven and be proud of him and really married. And though I'm not really sure that I've ever read anything about that Bible is. It would that be incorrect to say I like the self talk is not concerned with the thinking part will I know nothing of Scripture in Scripture that says that they know what's going on here on earth that there where they can look that they can see they can perceive anything about that because let's say that a person is in heaven looking down on earth. What does that mean where is heaven. The third heaven is going place of God is another dimension… Say that somehow they can see the room you're in. The only see one thing at a time. How was it that are located there is a C to other people in different places. They seem at the same time they have to go back and forth. It becomes problematic. We are just asking questions like this is not to be mean it just what about that and if they hear our prayers as the Catholics like to say well then we have problems about them. Hearing things spoken in five different languages all over the place.

There's all kind of problems now seem to be a couple of inclement. Hence, I forget exactly where the Bible where there are certain forms of awareness and we could for single 28 which of Endor was having with assist sales and with Saul and Samuel came forth and why you calling me forth. Well, it doesn't mean that he was aware what was going on may or may not be what I'm saying is logic says that we can't assert that he was hearing the prayers or hearing what was going on, or seeing it, but do you just call forth we don't. That means we can't read too much into it so if I would have on there and you said that okay looking up to heaven, you know what I'm talking objectively to go say hey you know what your heretic and it's because we just don't know we don't know what God gives them allows them, and so though I did.

I know nothing is says it, but nothing in Scripture that says they can't either. So I disabled the Bible doesn't say and and so I won't say but I would think that there's problems with the whole idea of if they were to be suddenly have this ability to see and be aware. Know us and things like that. Logistical issues involved so that helps or not you I'm 7074 and left without the party. When I know one of things you can do is give yourself the Heimlich you go to a chair and they just put on your lower rib cage. He served you know until the Catholic stuff comes out and try to do a garbage can and then you toss it out. So that's one, absolutely. I am sorry to hear that you lost your wife if you're both godly labia. She was all right well then yes your guest very much yes I will thank you man appreciate it all right. God bless. Okay, let's get to Greg Greg. He was about Isaac and the sacrifice.

Love to talk about that what you call back we can blab let's get to Kristin from Cleveland Kristin welcome you are on here. Praise God we got on several groups of Christianity like Eastern Orthodox, for example, Dan got a big need for either outback and again… I know Andre that believe that for the wrath of God on the side, enlightenment, belief, or is there anything that rat three where will surely our griefs. He himself wore and our sorrows.

He carried yet we ourselves esteemed him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

But he was pierced through for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities. The chastening of for our well-being fell upon him and by his scourging we are healed. So we see here is a substitutionary atoning work in this is that what I just read was Isaiah 53 verses four and five and there is debate about that. He bear the wrath of God. What does it mean to bear the wrath of God. We always have a defined terms the wrath of God. In one sense, is eternal damnation.

And that's not something that Jesus could experience the wrath of God in another sense is discipline and the anguish associated with discipline due to sin will Jesus never sent couldn't experience that there is a sense in which Jesus took our place and he represented us now that Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics didn't like the idea.

You also to Sherry atoning were Jesus took our place says he bore our sins in his body on the cross. First Peter 224 and that the Bible says in first segment is 521 he who knew God made him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf.

Jesus said of the cross, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me what he was doing was quote quoting Psalm 22 verse one and Psalm 22 verse one we have some point she was a whole thousand BC and 400 years before crucifixion was invented, we see a depiction of the crucifixion, hands and peers being peers count all his bones with broken divider garments from among them, for the cast lots for them to see the prophetic utterance and judgment and pain and suffering were part of the atonement so that we have to have to question was the wrath of God in some sense taken out upon the sun because he bore our sin and then we say in some sense, the answer must be will yes but will be civil. Exactly what is that mean it becomes problematic saying so once we bore the wrath of Christ bore the wrath of God. There's a sense in which he did sense, which is not did not buried in the sense of being damned, but there seems to be in effect upon the fellowship and suffering due to sinful is imputed to him to his account that got these messages, please stay tuned. 7776 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Kristin, are you still there okay one more point I want to make was that it seems to be consistent with the wrath of God issue upon Christ and that the wages of sin is death and Jesus died so it seems to fit the bill that there was a form of wrath and judgment that Jesus underwent in our place so that we could be redeemed. Yeah, no paradigm. I recall and I'm wondering if there's any early church. There church fathers anybody noted that that's probably marketing if you do find it, let me know because I'm always adding the church fathers by category and topics and recently I did a search on faith alone, and found out that a lot of the church fathers believe in justification by faith alone, you'll find Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics laying claim to the church fathers in the church fathers are the ones that look to to interpret the Bible in the Bible to go to church fathers and in the thickened church fathers. They like and my my objection to that is well the Christian church was moving into apostasy when the apostles were still around. They had to write letters to correct them. What makes you think that these guys, two, three, 400 years later had any work any better than then the early church did a quick question because you inspired because our church says so in all blah blah blah so well. I'm always doing research or in or about the kind of thing I needed to recheck exciting teacher. Teacher will have a T-shirt that says my church father can beat up your church father because they don't always in the unanimous decisions were the end of this consensus at the Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics that they have is not the case that they were gratings.

For example, they'll say to me because I firmly atonement but I haven't seen that taught by the early church father so they think, therefore, it can't be true.

Well that's really who says therefore can't be true to the church fathers have all the answers and here's another little something I was thinking last night so that he remembered it like I get the same for the first time I asked him this question because if you were to take the church fathers and you were to print them up and put them in books say that by 11 is like two or 3 feet thick always volumes will there telling us to the church fathers had the tradition passed down from the apostles, wait a minute, did the apostles write two or 3 feet of stuff that they speak all the stuff in all these guys pass all the stuff down. Something's not right there. It is just weave too much into office. Okay you welcome the goblins all right. We have field lines.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Chuck North Carolina Chuck here, here, school on critical thinking a lot the rules of logic, yes, bring up The Laws of Logic and Gives Examples of Logical Fallacies to Go to the Dialogues. It's Not Super In-Depth Is Not like a Graduate Level and Logical Formulations, but It Is Real Practical Feet on the Ground Kind of Stuff When Someone Says This Is What You Do You Analyze This Way, Here's the Principles That's Great, Great… You Look Goblins.

All Right, Let's Get That We Have Four Lines Going to Be Called Folks 877-207-2276 Jackson Las Vegas Jack Got Here Is Again Yes I Can Go That Your Really Help Me Always like Strong Faith Background Picture Taught Me A Lot. You Know I Going out so No Reason You Work A Lot When I Got about You, but Where Okay with People That I Care about You Got Back about That.

No Back Pain… And so You Know the Going Rate Church Started You Back Word You Know What Really Got a Way That Will Church Altar Everything out and Let out but No Really Think about Mobile or about Want to Think about, You Know That Christ and We in the First Day We Got out You Will Be like No That thing Okay It's a Cult Get Out Of There Is: Jesus Only. Movement One Is Pentecostalism, and It Denies the Doctrine of the Trinity Says That God Is Only One Person and You Don't Get Baptized in the Father-Son Holy Spirit like Jesus Said When You Get Baptized Quote in Jesus Name" and They Add Works of Salvation, Namely Baptism Is Required, Usually in There, but There Church or Denomination or to Be Saved and You Can Lose Your Salvation, and the Way to Keep Your Salvation Is by Abiding by the Laws and Ordinances of God Is Given, and Because so You Obtain It through Faith, and the Ceremony of Baptism and You Can't Get Saved and Baptized, so Even Though You Might Trust in Christ Are Not Saved Your Sins Are Forgiven to Get Dumped in Water. In Jesus Name Is Dr. Cult. I Knew Better. Better and More Not All One Individual or Local Church, but You Know When I Bear and You Know I like Your Sermon. I Didn't Get You by.

So Weird after You Going Okay You Got Heart. Okay Now the Issue of the Weird -5 Still Pretty Credence in That.

Okay, Unless It's Something Really Great to Scripture, but What Is He Saying out If He's up There Preaching and It Is What Is Teaching That's Heretical, It's Bad News Get Out Of There Now.

I Would Recommend That You Go to the Southern Baptist Church but the Southern Baptist Church Denominations Going South. I Recommend Maybe You Might Want to Give the PCA That's Right for Pastor Terry Church in America, but There Certainly Go South. Then There's the Article Basically Because There Are Not Believe the Word Got about Trusting the Lord Got Completely of the Say All Groups in All Churches within Those Denominations Are Bad. Not Saying That but Just Gently Start Moving Bad This Assemblies Of God Is Already Going Bad. The Nazarene Church Is Going and Is Just the Movement Towards Apostasy. So the Difficulty of Finding a Church Is Paramount to the Subject Suggest If I Were You. What I Would Do Is Go to Carmen.

The Website and Look up What Do I Look for in a Church Were the Things to Look for in a Church Find That Article I Just Read through It and Then Go through the the Yellow Pages, so to Speak, Go to the Internet Look for Churches in Your Area Online and Then Make Sure They Go to the Website Look in Their Statement of Faith If They Have Women Pastors and Elders Get Bother If They Teach That If They Have Related Websites That Go to Bethel Music or Kenneth Copeland or Config Go Away If You Find This Looks Good That Looks Good Then Call Them up and Ask Questions. Here's a List of Questions I Got the Need to Find a Church That We Will Have the Waste Your Time Too Much.

Okay Go like Mimi Going to Break in Line with Her Family Much Air Going Are You Going on Break Say All Right Right Back after These Messages We Have Three Open Lines Is What You Call 877-207-2276 Max Y Call 77077. Here's Matt's Leg Lines 72072276 and Similar Type Open to Debate in about an Hour and 15 Minutes Debate/Discussion with an Atheist Will See If It Continues or Does Manifest and Will Be on Apologetics Apologetics Tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time. Let's Get Back to the Guy Just Lost All Hate It When I Do That I Just Clicked Them off You Will Attend This past Couple of Months They Call Back but He Sorry about That. Josie from Iowa Welcome You on Here. I Back Every Where and I I I Didn't Think That You Go out That That That Barbara Perry Kirby and I Know You Want to Talk More General I like. I Got Bob I Think That Because I Would like. I Write You and I Later Got Shelby Shelby on Hi.I'm Not and I Did. I I Didn't Ended up Paying That It Would like the Worst Friend in the World You Are All Not Got Not in Love. I Don't Know Kind of like No Nebulae in Your Belief Not I'm like Ample but I'm so That a Winamac Diamine.

I for Relationship When You Stand on Truth, It Can Be Difficult and Have Lost Friends over People I've Known and That's Just This Happens by Saying It's Okay and Don't Worry about Its This Is What Happens.

So This Is What the Bible Says Here Conduct Yourself with Wisdom toward Outsiders, Making the Most of the Opportunity. Let Your Speech Always Be with Grace As Though Seasoned with Salt, so That You May Know How We Should Respond to Each Person. Colossians 4, Five and Six and so What He's Talking There about Is the Issue of Being Patient and Kind and It's Not Always Easy to Do That, Particularly When You Meet People Who If They're Liberal My Opinion. In My Experience about the Liberals Is There Not Very Tolerant Is Their Idea of Liberalism Is That You Have To Accept Them, but You Have To Accept or They Would Accept You Back There. I Get That That's What It Is and If You Point That out. You're the Biggest Right so Yeah and in and Because a Brainwashed Happy with Her Frontal Lobes Are Just Whacked so so What You Do You Know the Bible Says Here City to Be 224 the Lord's Bondservant Was Not Quarrelsome of the Kind to All, Able to Teach Patient When Wrong with Gentleness Correcting Those Who Are in Opposition If Perhaps God May Grant Them Repentance Leading the Truth so We Just Tell You If You Listen to Me at All. You Know, I Know Some Stuff and I'm Able to Basically Bulldoze People over If I Choose to Use to Do That and I've Really Taken These Verses to Heart and I've Tried over the Years to Be Gentle and Be A Lot More Gentle and I Want to Because I Want to Be a Good Witness but on Other Hand, There's Time to Be Bold and Strong, and You Have To Decide When Those Are If It's for the Issue of Righteousness.

Let's Say Your Liberal Friends Is Abortions a Good Thing. I Wouldn't Say Well It's Okay That's Fine. I Say Well I Guy Just Don't Agree with You but I Agree If She's Different Because of It Okay If She Is Not Respecting My View Will Conceivably Be by Respecting Your View Because I Don't Agree with You with Respect Something. I Think This Is Not God and That We Are Doing Is You're Asking Me to Compromise My Position in Favor of You Is That What You Want to Understand and See If You Want to Respect What We Respect You Respect Mine.

If I Say I Don't Agree That We Say Okay Will This Move past It.

One of the Things in the Goals That You Might Want to Consider Is to Continue in a Friendship with Her for the Purpose of Being a Witness and You Would Have To Be a Long-Term Thing There Praying and Witnessing and Trying to Look for Opportunities but I'll Tell You If She's Liberal Minded Which Is Going to Do This Is My Experience That This Could Be the Same with This with Your Friend, but What I Found Is They Will Fake Tolerance and Patience and Awakening Wait for an Excuse to Say Enough of You Because You're the One Close Minded and You're the One Who Can See the Truth and by Asking Questions for Them to Defend Themselves or Their Position. Just Asking Then You're Obviously Attacking You Respect Them and This Is the Liberal Mindset of Idiocy That Is Pervasive and so She's Came Quickly Early Prayer and I Think That Type Relationship Where It Going Crazy Back When It Actually like Claiming to Be a Pokey. Get More Yogurt Again but Asked Her If Her Belief Is Consistent with Scripture. As You Can Do This Is a Sacred Scripture You Don't like That Essay If You If Your View Is Consistent with Scripture. I Want to Know Because Then I Would Need Need to Change My View, Change My View Your Views Consistent with Scripture. Can You Please Show Me Okay, That Might Be Right Because at It like That. She Had Right and One More Quick Thing I'd Share. I My Neighbor over Quarantine Roman Catholic and We Worked or Stained on the 20 and I Directed Her to Hear My Fate and Went through, Catholicism, and Then Not Making It. Scott C.

C Me Screenshot from That Website.

Click on That Cocky Feeling Her Life That Type of Narrowing Praise God Praise God, You Know. Praise God for You That You Used of God and Just Give Him the Glory but No Praise God for Your Faithfulness. You Think That's Awesome. Great News.

You Are Right Have a Call the Show Sometime to Be Fun.

Well, God Bless Charles Guideline News. I Love Your Stuff like That All Praise God, Trusting in Christ, Not a Church Trust. Trust in Jesus Okay Jack, Sorry about That Buddy.

I You off so All Right. Where Are We Now Know I Went out There like What like I Find Anything That Will Work God Going to Talk about Faith Right Now You Are Time Going around What Dirt They Were Doing One Question Mr. Question Review the Sermon. You Know, I'm a Little Bit the Sermon Have Been Preached, Just As It Was in the Mormon Church with Change and Liked It. Pinprick the Mormon Church for Dinner Know If He Could Be Preached in the Mormon Church, Maybe Even the Catholic Church without Any Change That Is a Problem. Sometimes You Don't Know What to Look for the Sermon to Know It Must Be Christ Centered in the Blood of Christ Is the Reason Why Were Redeemed and That's Why Whatever Lesson It Is Because of What Christ Did on the Cross of You Did Mention the Cross of the Problem of a Moralistic Sermon but Anyway Just Sermon Was so Go Ahead Got Me Really Here. The Author That I Went. I Pray That Everything I Was so, like That Was Mother with No Praise and She's like No Crying out to God, like That but Right Right There. Everything Got.

I Need You Right Now My Way My Way to Heart My Way and That That That Kind of Beginning Where That Would like to Know What Change I Want I Want to Die with. Still Nothing. And Monday after Talk about That like That I Don't Agree with Your Back to, but I Wanted to Baptize You with the Things Talked about Last Night but You I Don't Agree with That but Is Baptism That Baptism Is Not Valid. Okay, It Would Be Valid If I Got I Don't Think You Could Do It in the Spirit like You Talk about Life. I Could Talk More about It All Went Last Night.

More about It More Chatter, but I Would like. I Would like to Back.I Wanted Only Baptized.

I Wanted to Write and so I'm to Go and Do My Own Research When I'm with Your Website Articles for the Art or Debate with You and Your Opinion on the Things We Think about That but I Think That to Him Let Me Go Call You Take on A Lot Of Air out There and like That You like It Very You Know What I Want to Break the Show but We Continue but That's It. Tomorrow, Continue Okay and the Get Baptized. All Right. Okay, That Was Jeff from Vegas Hey Folks, by His Grace

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