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Snyder Selling? (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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November 2, 2022 7:05 pm

Snyder Selling? (Hour 1)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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November 2, 2022 7:05 pm

Dan Snyder actually going to sell the team? l The NBA has embarrassed themselves with their silence about Kyrie Irving l Phillies are two wins away from the World Series

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That's Z-A-C-H-G-E-L-B. We are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage could help you get there for Homeland Solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rocket can. Coming up at the top of the hour, the first year general manager of the New York Football Giants, Joe Shane will stop by. And then at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific, we have a pretty big college football game this weekend.

You may have heard about it. It's between Georgia and Tennessee. So we will connect with former Georgia quarterback. It is a great job as a CBS analyst, Aaron Murray. And then at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific, we do have Alabama LSU this weekend. In addition to the Seattle Seahawks being a surprising team, we will connect with a friend to show Shawn Alexander, the former league MVP and former running back with the Alabama Crimson Tide. But first up, producing this extravaganza for the next four hours is no other than hot day kicky.

Hot day kicky. I gotta start with maybe the biggest news of the day. And sometimes when you have big news, you could have differentiating opinions. I don't think there's anyone right now that is upset with the possibility that finally the day may be coming that Daniel Snyder could be selling the Washington Commanders. Cuz Daniel Snyder is a disgrace.

He is a fraud and he's an incompetent buffoon when it comes to operating a football team in the National Football League. And when I got that alert today, that there was a Forbes article out there that Dan Snyder has hired Bank of America to explore options for selling the Commanders. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was waiting for this to be fake news. I was waiting for a journalist to get duped.

I was waiting for some conflicting information to come on out. And after celebrating, I'm not even a Commanders fan, but I just feel for that fan base because I've been to that stadium. The stadium's a dump. The home fans don't even go there anymore. There's no passion. There's no energy from what was once a great fan base because Dan Snyder has sucked out all the hope from those great fans and makes them not even care anymore.

Because they've been disappointed year in and year out. And it's just absurd thing after absurd thing to happen with the football team under the ownership of one Dan Snyder. So I'm waiting for that other shoe to drop.

And then once you see the tweet of the Forbes article that's behind the paywall, someone went in there and quickly read the article and paid for it. And it's, he could be looking to sell the entire team or just the minority stake. And the moment when I saw it was just a minority stake, I was like, there's the other shoe that just dropped. And it was like, but then that feeling which went from euphoria, the highest of highs to then the lowest of lows or disappointment, kind of then went right back up and skyrocketed when you saw the statement that the commanders release.

And it was this very simple statement that was very powerful and very telling. Dan and Tanya Snyder and the Washington commanders announced today that they have hired Bank of America Securities to consider potential transactions. The Snyder's remain committed to the team, all of its employees and its countless fans to putting the best product on the field and continuing to set the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL. Now, that last part, I don't understand how they're committed to setting the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL with what they've been accused of and what some have been found of their wrongdoings in the past.

But that first part that I read to you, Dan and Tanya Snyder and the Washington commanders announced today that they have hired Bank of America Securities to consider potential transactions. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're gonna sell the entire team. Maybe it is just a minority stake and if it's a minority stake, it's okay, what really did happen here?

But the fact that they're at least willing to admit that they're gonna be exploring options to consider potential transactions is wonderful news. Because it still gives me hope that maybe he's gonna sell the entire team. Because if you recall after the ESPN article and then at the NFL owners meetings when Jim Ursay fired back and kinda spoke out of line for NFL standards.

Cuz very rarely do you see one of the owners attack another one of their own because who knows how many skeletons they have buried in their closet. When Jim Ursay comes out and says, I think I have a lot of people that would support this and I have the support of the owners and there's probably enough there to think that Dan Snyder should sell the team, that was powerful. And right away, Dan Snyder's team responded to that. And they came up with the statement that said there is no reason for the Snyder's to consider selling the franchise and they won't. Well today, you get the article from Forbes and then you get the statement from the commanders that they're at least entertaining the idea of potential transactions.

So I said this when Jim Ursay a few weeks ago said his remarks and I'll say it again. I think we are and this is not a drill. I'm hope we're not getting fooled.

I hope I'm not getting my hopes up to just get my heart ripped out. I really think we're getting close to Dan Snyder finally getting out of the National Football League. Now, he'll get rewarded with like $5 billion, $6 billion, however much the commanders will sell.

He'll make a profit. But I just want Dan Snyder to go away because he does nothing positive for the NFL. And then, oh yeah, by the way, right before we got on the air. And this definitely has to do with why he's exploring potential transactions with the commanders and even adds more fuel to the fire on why he's trying to get out of the NFL or is finally for the first time contemplating it. JP Finley from NBC Sports in a DC said that the feds are now investigating the commander's finances. So this wasn't just, I was annoyed with what Jim Erce said. And now I don't want to be a part of the club of owners anymore in the National Football League cuz my feelings are hurt and I'm not wanted at the popular table at lunch.

Now, there's another reason here where more people and the feds are digging and investigating the commanders. Say what you want about Dan Snyder. He could be a disgrace. He could be a pain in the ass. He could be an awful owner that has totally just sucked the life out of a football team's fan base. But the guy isn't a dummy. And I think what you're starting to see from Dan Snyder is him slowly and it will continue to be slow. And I'm sure there will continue to be more embarrassments where he is waving and starting to wave the white flag.

And he knows if he gets out right now or sooner rather than later, it may not be as ugly for him as it could eventually get. Cuz there's not a lot that we agree upon in this world. We post a Twitter question, a poll question. It's usually like 50-50 responses or sometimes when you think something is obvious, usually a lot of people just disagree and people troll.

They disagree just cuz they wanna disagree. If we put up a poll question today, do you want to see the commanders be sold? Now, we're never gonna get 100%, but I would be shocked if that poll in terms of yes, you would wanna see the commander sold wouldn't be at least 95%.

I think it would be like 98% to 2%. That is how much animosity there is directed and justifiably so, how much animosity there is directed at Dan Snyder. So you don't pop the champagne yet, you don't dance on the grave yet.

You maybe start to jump up and down like a fat kid in a candy store right now. But for years and years and years, what did we say about Dan Snyder? You could chance sell the team, you could bring signs to games that say sell the team.

But you never thought that day was gonna come because of how awful he is, how stubborn he is, and how much of a disgrace he is. And you're just gonna have to deal with it because he owns the team and nothing was gonna happen most likely or it's very rare where the league starts to turn on an owner. Well, you saw a few weeks ago, Jim Erce was the one that publicly started to turn and represent the owners in regards to Dan Snyder. And now you're seeing Dan Snyder take action where a few weeks ago, I'm not selling the team, I have no reason to sell.

And now, yeah, we're hiring Bank of America to consider potential transactions. And you add that up with also now the feds investigating the commanders, you're starting to see the signs where this day may finally be here, commanders fans, where you could advance yourself into the future. And you could start to just dream about the day where you free yourself from that awful, terrible, brutal owner of Dan Snyder. And the commanders will never be good under Dan Snyder. You have no hope as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. And today, you're starting to rise slowly.

You're not totally rising, but you're starting to rise slowly from the dead. And just maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe it's even likely that sooner rather than later, you will be free of the pain, of the torture, of the suffering that Dan Snyder has caused. Hickey, I think this is a very good day for the National Football League, because finally, for the first time in a long time, commanders fans can not only dream, but actually maybe, just maybe, feel a little reality that they're almost freeing themselves from this awful Dan Snyder.

I think it's not, I think you are allowed if you're a commanders or an NFL fan to really go all in on celebration, because I think this latest FBI investigation goes, timing-wise, goes to show you, he's not selling out the goodness of his heart. He's not selling just because he woke up. Wait, you're telling me Dan Snyder's not doing something out of the goodness of his heart? That's I know, shocking. I can't believe that.

Wow. He is a man who is very defiant. He is a man who is, it sounds like he loves controversy. He's not, you know, uncomfortable. He's an a-hole.

That's another way to describe it for sure. And now it takes a federal investigation, possible jail time for him to be like, oh, I got to get out of here now before it's too late. I don't know if that's going to shut down the investigation if he sells and he's kind of free for the teams out of his hands.

I don't know. But now you kind of see why he's selling. I think it's a great, great day for the NFL, especially for a massive fan base after the last 20 years has turned apathetic for good reason. Now, the best thing that I saw in terms of have a little fun here, poke a little jokes at the entire Dan Snyder situation. I saw a random Twitter user.

I forget who it was. I just saw this in passing before the show started. And it said, wow, it took the feds to finally investigate Dan Snyder on why his team elected to commit money to Carson Wentz for Dan Snyder to sell the team. Now, clearly that's a joke, but Hickey, as you know, some of the pain that Carson Wentz could bring upon an organization, I thought that was a very good joke to bring a little levity to this entire situation. I agree. Perfect. And right now, this is from ESPN.

The US Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Virginia has opened a criminal investigation into the allegations that the commanders engaged in financial improprieties sources confirmed to ESPN. So there you go on that front. So you're exactly right. Not a coincidence that Dan Snyder today was the day that he elected to maybe leak out to Forbes that, hey, yeah, we're hiring Bank of America.

Or you have this statement, yeah, we are exploring our options of potentially selling the team. It's gonna happen. And this is the first time you could actually think that and then say it and actually believe it. Commander's fans, you should be kissing the floor today and you should be looking up to the sky. And you should be saying, man, this guy is almost out of my life. And I feel so happy for you.

And I really, really, really hope that the news that's out there today and the thoughts that are out there today end up coming true, because you deserve it. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. When we come on back, good on Charles Barkley, good on Shaquille O'Neal, and good on Reggie Miller. And where the heck is the commissioner of the NBA and Adam Silver?

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Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at Riley Auto Parts. Hickey, I have to admit something. I grew up as a as a Nets fan. I love Jason Kidd. Eventually, love Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, right? Some of the guys that were on those Nets teams when I was growing up as a kid, where they did go to two NBA Finals.

The Brooklyn Nets, I now hate, in terms of the Brooklyn Nets in 2022. Kevin Durant the other day, and this is not where we should start. But Kevin Durant created this mess, so I guess it does start with him. No, he's not responsible necessarily for the actions of Kyrie Irving, he's not. But he was the one that wanted to hitch his wagon to Kyrie Irving. And when it comes to Kevin Durant, he sets the tone for the organization.

An organization with zero accountability. And how Kevin Durant and the aftermath of the Steve Nash firing, and I had no problem with Steve Nash getting fired, to say that he was surprised by it, just shows how delusional and how obnoxious this organization can be when guys are doing things and then don't just own up to it. And it gets to a much more serious scale when it gets to the matter of Kyrie Irving. But Kevin Durant, this off season, said he wanted out of Brooklyn. He did not want to be a part of Sean Marks or Steve Nash's regime anymore. Remember the same guy that once praised the Nets culture that he joined, and loved Kenny Atkinson, then stabbed Kenny Atkinson in the back, and then brought in Steve Nash. So he had such an issue with Steve Nash and Sean Marks that he wanted out. And then all of a sudden this year, Steve Nash gets fired what, seven games into the season. But Kevin Durant, who has so much clout and has so much power in a player driven league, he's surprised by the Steve Nash firing.

It's phony, it's just ridiculous, and it's a flat out lie. So that starts everything with Kevin Durant. And Kevin Durant, who should have just embraced being the villain in Golden State and just gave the middle finger to everyone, that said, oh, we didn't like you going to Golden State and just won championship at the championship at the championship. If he just wasn't so insecure with the perception about him on Twitter, he would have still been in Golden State and his career would have been much better off. So to some extent, I don't really have sympathy for Kevin Durant because he created this mess. Now, separating Kevin Durant from Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving, let's just call him what he is. He's a clown, okay? There's been so many years of evidence of this guy being a clown. And anytime you dare question Kyrie Irving, he plays the victim card.

Oh, I'm just a hooper. Oh, everyone just needs to admire my basketball skills and admire the paintings that I'm making. Kyrie Irving is a fraud. And anytime someone questions him or wants to have a conversation with him, he treats you as your insignificant.

Let's just call it what it is. And look how he treated that reporter the other night when the reporter was asking about the anti-Semitic film that he was tweeting about. And Kyrie doesn't see what was wrong with that. And Kyrie acts like he did nothing wrong.

And are you just trying to make an Instagram clip to become famous again and to get your moment in the spotlight? I can't stand that guy. And what is disgraceful, too, is that there's no accountability in the NBA. There's no consistency in the NBA. And it's embarrassing that we have to put out a search party to try to find Joseph Cy, the owner of the Nets, who has no control over his organization, and Adam Silver. Where's Adam Silver on this stuff?

Nowhere to be found. And it's embarrassing that former players who are now in the media have to have the most sense and actually say the most important things when dealing with Kyrie Irving and the anti-Semitic film that he was promoting and that he was sharing. And those three players were Reggie Miller, Shaquille O'Neal, and Charles Barkley. I applaud Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, and Reggie Miller.

They had balls, unlike the lack of cajones that Joseph Cy and Adam Silver have displayed in the last week. And there won't be a punishment. There won't be a fine. And I could sit here and get all worked up about it and yell until the cows come home.

It won't mean anything. Because the NBA players run the league. That's what it is. And nine times out of ten, you could say whatever you want if you're an NBA player and get away with it. Just the way that it is. Because this commissioner has no backbone. He has no control over his league. Think about what Kyrie Irving was sharing, and we're just supposed to say, yeah, everything's fine.

Don't worry. It's just Kyrie being Kyrie. Like what?

What world do we live in? And there's a lot of good causes that NBA players promote. And NBA players try to raise awareness about.

And that's the shame of this all. What Kyrie Irving does groups a lot of NBA players together because you know how people now generalize in this society. Oh, it's a talk show. Oh, it's an NBA player.

Oh, it's a businessman. And this makes the NBA players look bad, and no one's really talking out about it. So Kyrie Irving, I can't stand the guy.

And you know how we open up the show talking about how Commanders fans have just had the life suck out of them from one Dan Snyder. Kyrie Irving, for me, is really sucking the fun out of what was the NBA and also what was my Nets fandom. Because they're such a clown show. And it's one thing to be a clown show because of on the court matters. If you can't win, not everyone's going to win a championship.

I know he won one in Cleveland, but you get the point in Brooklyn. But when it comes to this stuff where I would think this is an onion article. If we were just to insert another player and say, oh, this is what he was sharing, you wouldn't think it's real.

You would think it's fake. But for Kyrie Irving, I guess nothing he does anymore can surprise me. So I got to give a lot of credit to Shaq, to Reggie Miller, and to Charles Barkley, because they said what was obvious. And it's amazing how the leaders, and I say that in air quotes of this sport, Joseph Sy, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, who sent out one just tweet that was a bunch of empty things, like empty words, and Adam Silver are nowhere to be found.

You have someone do something disgraceful in an organization. And where's the owner of the team that employs Kyrie Irving? And where's the commissioner of the league? It's baffling to me.

It really is. And I've said this for years, and I've got him pushed back for this for years. I think Adam Silver is an overrated commissioner. I don't think he's that good of a commissioner. And everyone praises this guy as if he's the greatest commissioner in the world. Now, I know the bar is low. It's really low for commissioners. But recently, what has this guy done that is so spectacular?

And in a big moment like this, he's nowhere to be found and he's hiding? It's disgraceful. It really is. Let's listen up.

This is Shaquille O'Neal talking about Kyrie Irving last night on TNT. You know, the game that we used to love and we promote, it brings people together. And it hurts me sometimes when we have to sit up here to talk about stuff that divides the game. Now, we got to answer for what this idiot has done. You know, I stand for equality of all people. I've always been like that.

No matter what religion, no matter where you're from, I can say Shalom, Salaam Alaikum, Nihaw, Savon, because that's how I was raised. So I don't really want to sit up here and answer questions for what he's done. You know, if you're looking at me, if you're looking at me, it's my job to make people happy. I can't speak for him and you know, answer for what he's doing. It's obviously about his answers and the way he answers, he doesn't really care. And Shaq's right.

He does not care whatsoever. Because if you speak against Kyrie Irving, he then thinks he's better than you and then tries to make the whole situation a joke. And you saw that with the reporter that was questioning Kyrie Irving a few days ago. Let's listen up to Charles Barkley talking about Kyrie Irving's post on TNT.

I can't believe that we ain't talking about that. We're talking about this idiot. And when you say, if I say, hey, I'm agreeing with this movie, this book or whatever, I'm agreeing with it.

I'm not gonna put, first of all, you know, I don't do any social media. But when you're somebody as great as basketball like him, people gonna listen to you what you say. And there's some French people out there, but like I say, I blame the NBA.

He should have been suspended. And he's exactly right. Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal are saying the obvious things. And they at least have guts. They at least have some courage to say what's right instead of Joseph Seye who just says what you wanted to hear but then doesn't act on it.

And Adam Silver is nowhere to be found. And finally, I thought this was the best out of the three players last night. I thought Charles Barkley was really good, Shaquille O'Neal was really good. But I really think Reggie Miller did an unbelievable job here.

This is Reggie Miller last night on TNT. In years past, this league has been great because the players have led the way and they have strong voices. When Donald Sterling stepped in it, when Robert Sarver just recently stepped in it, our voices from our leaders in the basketball community and the players were very vocally strong and some type of discipline be handed down or be gone. The players have dropped the ball on this case when it's been one of their own. It's been crickets and that's disappointing because this league has been built on the shoulders of players being advocates.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. And if you're going to call out owners and rightfully so, then you've got to call out players as well. You can't go go silence in terms of this for Kyrie Irving.

I want to hear the players and their strong opinions as well. Just the same way we heard about Robert Sarver and Donald Sterling. It's almost as if the entire NBA either does not care or they are afraid of Kyrie Irving.

And I'm sick and tired of the nonsense that Kyrie Irving consistently spews. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. Good job on Reggie Miller.

Good job on Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley. Football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team, your station, your shows. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real-time updates on everything you care about.

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Wherever you are, whenever you want. And do we mention it's all free? Download the Odyssey app today.

Football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team, your station, your shows. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real-time updates on everything you care about. Miss your show?

Jump back to their awesome re-wide feature. The Odyssey app is NFL football. Live and on demand. Wherever you are, whenever you want. And do we mention it's all free?

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Shop now at You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. I know the game wasn't officially over when we signed off last night but it was basically over and you knew that the Philadelphia Phillies were going to be taking a 2-1 series lead as they just hit home run after home run after home run in game three of the World Series. They are up 2-1 in the World Series.

You do have game number four coming your way later on tonight at 8.03 p.m. Eastern time. Christian Javier going up against Aaron Nola and either way regardless that the Phillies win or lose since Gibson got in the game last night they did not use Noah Sindegard. Noah Sindegard is expected to start game five of the World Series. Tonight, Ryan, it's a must-win. A must-win for the Houston Astros because you know how Philadelphia is you know how raucous of a crowd that is it does not surprise me that the Phillies won game three that first World Series game last night whatsoever. Before the series started I said they split in Houston then I did think Philadelphia was going to take two out of three in Philadelphia and then I said that the Astros would win game six and seven. Tonight the World Series is really going to get decided because if Philadelphia wins back-to-back games and has an opportunity to clinch in front of their home fans on what would be tomorrow night I have a tough time thinking even with how experienced and how good the Astros are that the Astros would be able to take down Philadelphia in front of those crowd and those fans where the energy would be you have to have this game tonight if you are Houston or I have a tough time seeing this thing then go back to H-Town. Especially with how hot the Phillies have been you can't fuel that right because this is a team that again barely stuck in the playoffs and they've only gotten better as each round goes on. If you allow them at home to take a 3-1 lead like you said a chance to clinch the World Series tomorrow I have a tough time seeing the Astros bouncing back let alone winning that game then going and winning three in a row even the series tonight kind of calm some of that momentum at least give yourself a chance no matter what happens in game five tomorrow to go home home field advantage you have a chance to win on your home turf whether that's in game six or win two in a row in game seven. And not that a series is over after one game and the Astros could still easily it's 2-1 that could easily come back and win this series but game number one is still the one that sticks out to me because you talked about it even though both teams are off you had the Phillies who got red hot in the last month really this like like talking about like a month from today they got red hot down the stretch in September they were they were kind of limping a little bit they get into the postseason and if you recall they're down in that first game to the Cardinals like 4-0 or whatever it was in game one they come back 2-0 it was and then they come back in that ninth inning and they end up winning the game and they win game two and we know what happened going up against Atlanta and then we know they get to the NLCS and they quickly take care of the Padres but I was wondering how that off time leading from the National League Championship Series into the World Series was going to affect the Philadelphia Phillies and at first in game one the the Astros jump out to a five-nothing lead and it didn't even matter so that game number one in the World Series really did make you if you had any doubts about the Phillies heading into the World Series really respect this baseball team and when you watch the Phillies if you just look at the way that they play they have two really good pitchers in Wheeler and Nola but their bats their bats are awesome and I think it's the way as you try to figure out how you win in in the postseason put the ball in play contact people say home runs are what win now in Major League Baseball and like on paper the Phillies don't have this great bullpen because everyone talks about the importance of starting pitching in a bullpen and you got a pitch well clearly that's half the game but the way that they could just overtake the game with guys hitting the the long ball like a Reese Hoskins Bryce Harper who has just been sensational having the postseason of his life finally you look at guys like Kyle Schwab or Nick Castellanos they have so many guys right in that lineup that could just mash and that could take you deep on any pitch and it's fun it's a it's a fun style of play and when you're hot like that and you're playing in a city like Philadelphia everyone just feeds off those home runs and you know them what the energy is it was crazy last night how many home runs that they were hitting and the excitement that was transpiring in Philadelphia but on the flip side also shows you the vulnerability of if the home runs are not going out this is a pretty easy lineup to take care of like even last night they had five home runs great game everyone's hitting them they were on fire the Phillies got seven hits in the game that's it seven hits so it's not like outside of those home runs they were beaten up lancer colors or this Astros bullpen it was a fact it's their credit they teed them up and they capitalized on the hits they got and again setting five out of seven out of the ballpark but if you're the Astros pitchers especially you're missing the barrels you're gonna have a lot of success you are going to pitch well and you're going to be able to limit this Phillies offense which again is even more important in this game four to not allow the home run ball to be like it did in game three it's kind of funny too because obviously you've been following this Phillies team all throughout the season and I remember when I was at the shore this summer in July no one was saying a positive thing about Nick Castellanos and then Rhys Hoskins remember when Rhys Hoskins had that error up against the Padres where he misplayed that ball and look like Rhys Hoskins has responded Nick Castellanos has responded there's just sometimes when a team just gets hot and it really comes out of nowhere and that's why when you look at all these sports baseball is always the toughest one to predict it really is like yes you have times where a football team is a wildcard team and gets to the Super Bowl we've seen in the Stanley Cup if you have a hot uh goaltender you could go win a championship but for baseball I feel like a lot of times and you just look at recently look at the NLE teams that have won like the Braves and the Nationals and the Phillies they did not get off to these good starts to the season and then second half of the year not even really the entire way in the last month of the season last few weeks of the season they just get hot and it creates this carryover effect into the postseason where you look at the Phillies they fired Joe Girardi they fired Joe Girardi they were like seven or eight games below 500 and now they're two wins away from a World Series yeah I hate to to just kind of give you the the cliche or or the cheesy broadcaster uh kind of saying with baseball but you really you really can't predict baseball if you would have told me before the postseason started that the Phillies would be two wins away from the world that right when the postseason start I'm talking about the wildcard round I would have never believed it would have never believed you had the Braves 101 wins you had the Mets 101 wins neither of those teams even got to the league championship series and the Phillies who were the third team and the NLEs are now two wins away from hoisting that piece of metal that the commissioner Rob Manfred calls it which is the commissioner's trophy Dodgers 111 wins did not get to the NLCS it just I think also what leads into it feeds into a little bit is the format this year obviously is a little different than past but it's like usually it's a one game wildcard playing one game and that's it let's do or die and you have a five game series like they're not until you get to the championship series and World Series obviously as best as seven it's a lot of short series and if you are hot you get one thing go your way a lot of those series kind of flip pretty quickly where you have the Dodgers boom out in the NLCS in five games you have the Braves boom out in four games like you could be the best team but sometimes again as we're kind of seeing now best team versus hottest team you'd rather be the hottest team right now than the best team well two things number one you have to get hot yourself and then number two you sometimes need the breaks to go your way you just said it like I talked about the Mets I talked about the Braves the Mets eliminated uh in the in the wild card round against the Padres the Mets started to trend the wrong direction the last two weeks of the season you then have a team like the Braves that you go up against there's a lot of familiarity against them you were able to take them down give the credit to the Phillies but when the Phillies got to the league championship series they're going up against the Padres not the Dodgers so you need to get some breaks to go your way as well but based off their own merit even if the Dodgers were there like I don't know maybe the Phillies would have beat the Dodgers with how hot the Philadelphia Phillies have been but I see a lot of people and I wonder what the reaction is going to be if the Phillies win two more games because you brought up the format do you think a lot of people are going to crush this format because in one breath you could tell me everything happened in the NL in the AL the best team in the AL still got to the World Series in the Houston Astros so it's tough for me to really knock the format because in the AL the Astros were able to find their way to the World Series and I get the AL wasn't as competitive as the NL but in the NL it got flipped all upside down where it was just the hot team not the team that was for the majority of the season the best team oh no I love the format I mean again it's you're you have it like there's no disadvantage with no advantage for a certain team it's just the fact that again in a shorter series if you are that hotter team and you could steal one especially within the first game or two like you you get hotter and you have the momentum riding but again I love it I think sometimes the postseason the NBA and NHL is too long I like how it's quick bang bang boom and you're sitting here we're talking about a game four where it's like this series on the line you know it's rare you get like that early in a series where you're saying this could be the decider but let me tell you this though do you feel as if the baseball regular season could be trimmed down a little bit like if they wanted to cut 10 or 15 games out of the regular season I would be on board with it especially when you add the the extra teams now to the postseason 162 games for me is just too much now can I guess how you're gonna respond to this sure and maybe I'm gonna be dead wrong here but I feel like you are such a traditionalist when it comes to baseball sometimes that you don't want to see any of the 162 get trimmed am I dead wrong when I when when I say your line of thinking on that sort of like I if you want to give me a plan that's shortened the season it makes it a little more exciting I'm in the only thing is like 10-15 games I don't see the differences like if you want to say if you want to make it 162 to 160 to 150 like the same thing like just keep it 162 then an extra week and a half baseball is not gonna really do anything to get either you know races more exciting or really shave any time off the calendar outside of November I will say you want to go like 130 if we if we went to one like let's say 145 maybe the Phillies don't even make the postseason this year as crazy as that sounds maybe they don't if you if you trim this down to 145 but 162 I've always really have felt like it's too many games but right now the baseball postseason has been an instant success and there's been so many things that have been unpredictable like the ale was predictable and anyone could have seen that the Astros were going to get to the World Series but in the NL the debates were is it the Mets is it the Braves is it the Dodgers and it ends up being the Phillies and Philadelphia right now is going wild it's a raucous atmosphere and really the two cities that go crazier than anyone when they have a successful team it's the Buffalo Bills right that Buffalo fan base and then any time a Philadelphia team is winning it's just wild they were greasing up the polls when they got to the World Series and now they're two wins away from getting another championship to Philadelphia it is a Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio when we come on back we will connect with the general manager of the New York football Giants the Giants are a surprising team at six and two and things are off to an excellent start for one Joe Shane who hired Brian Dayball on the Shane Dayball regime has been super duper successful so his team is in a bye week Joe Shane and he's going to join us coming up in five minutes on CBS Sports Radio is there something 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