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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

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April 13, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 13, 2023 3:42 pm

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich why Daniel Snyder finally selling the Commanders to Josh Harris is worthy of a parade, when Jets fans can expect the Aaron Rodgers trade with the Packers to become official, if the Odell Beckham Jr. signing is enough to keep Lamar Jackson a member of the Baltimore Ravens, and why the Texans could shock everybody and pass on taking a QB with the #2 pick in the NFL Draft. 

Rich weighs in on the possibility of the Texans shaking up the NFL Draft by taking a defensive player instead of CJ Stroud of Bryce Young with the 2nd overall pick.

With DeMar DeRozan’s daughter making news with her piercing shrieks during Raptors free throws Rich lists his ‘Top 5 Things in Sports to Really Shriek At’ including the end zone fumble rule, athletes going 3rd person, the Aaron Rodgers trade stalemate, and MLB relievers jogging in from the bullpen to join bench-clearing brawls.

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It's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. 844204rich is the number to dial and we come on the air with some news filtering out involving the Washington commanders that it does appear that the Washington commanders being up for sale. Chris Brockman, is there a report that's out there right now? Yeah, according to Sportico a few minutes ago, Dan Snyder has reached an agreement in principle to sell the commanders for $6 billion to the group led by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Josh Harris. That group also includes Mitchell Rails, a local DC businessman and Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson and Sportico is a website about the business of sports. $6 billion deal that Dan Snyder has agreed and obviously the NFL needs to approve it. But for all the Washington commanders, football team and back in the day Redskins fans, this is a day that you have been waiting for for a very long time. That Dan Snyder agrees to sell the team.

They literally might throw a parade. There will be an altar and I imagine NFL owners will rush to it. Not just because of what you would assume their relationship is with Dan Snyder and they to him, but one of their franchises sells for $6 billion sold. And it's not just any turnip truck individuals, to say the least.

So wow, man, ding dong. Dan Snyder is selling the team. I know my boy Spider who's a Washington fan is overjoyed right now.

Well, and there's so much that there's so much that would come from that one would think of the deal that the Washington football team slash commanders had been trying to make to move back from suburban Virginia into Washington DC again that a lot of people just didn't want to make a deal with Dan Snyder. This reportedly, allegedly, maybe they'll enjoy talking to a different voice and talk about huge news out of the mid Atlantic area. This happens just as Odell Beckham Jr. is introduced as a new Baltimore Raven. That press conference is going down as we speak.

So we'll turn around those sound bites as fast as we can. Joining us here now to talk about this and so many other items is one of our favorites. Good friend of the program from Sports Illustrated, Albert Breer back.

How are you doing Albert? I guess my timing's impeccable, right? Absolutely. I'll give you the floor on the Washington commanders sale and everything surrounding it. Well, I would say I think it was Brockman there that said that this is worthy of a parade. This guy is very well respected in NFL circles. He was actually previously betted. He's a finalist for the Broncos and obviously didn't wind up winning in that case, but somebody I think like NFL owners wanted as part of the club. He's been an owner before. He's a co-owner of the Sixers, owner of the Devils.

So he's got experience and has sort of swam in these waters for some time now. I think you're right too, Reg, to mention the possibility that this could open the door for the team itself to play its games in D.C. again. I know that RFK's site has been one of much consternation over the last 10 years or so and whether or not that would open up again for a football stadium.

My understanding is that if the sale went through that it probably would open up again. And so this could lead to the commanders moving back into the District of Columbia. I think it changes the dynamic of who the team is. This could lead to a Super Bowl eventually being played in D.C. And I'm sure some of your listeners are too young to remember it, but I know when I was growing up, Rich, the Redskins weren't quite the Yankees, right? But they were maybe the next level down. They were that level of brand name, like kind of flagship franchises or sport, you know what I mean?

Like winning Super Bowls at three different quarterbacks when I was a kid. I think this is a home run for the fans of the District of Columbia. I think this is the right owner. He's native to the area.

I think he's from Chevy Chase, Maryland, went to high school in D.C. And yeah, this is a game changer for what was one of the flagship franchises in the league 25 years ago. And I think the price is interesting, too, because some of the concern from other owners was that Cider wasn't going to sell because he wasn't going to be able to get his number. And his number initially was seven billion. My understanding was that recently got lowered to six and a half billion. Then he's doing this for six billion.

I think he's got to create a huge side release for the other owners. Because one thing about Josh Harris, he wasn't going to do a bad deal, you know, and so he wasn't going to overreach. And, you know, I think that this is probably the right price for the team. Well, and you're not wrong in terms of what this franchise once was. I mean, in the Gibbs era and winning three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. And I went to a game at the old RFK Cowboys Redskins game, and I sat two rows from the front, two rows in on the upper level of RFK over an end zone. You want to talk about an old stadium?

I truly did feel its shake. If there was a ball thrown into the end zone, I had to get up and lean over the edge to see it because it was overhanging the end zone. Fans were, this is how long ago it was, fans were hanging Danny White and Effigy in the parking lot because they hated the Cowboys so damn much. But then I went to FedEx Field and saw a game from the same seats because it was a season ticket holder. And two rows from the front of the top bowl of the stadium, I felt like I was watching the game from Delaware. And fans there just, I don't believe, have ever enjoyed the experience of going to the new stadium and being in the new stadium that looked like the world's largest airbill, quite frankly, when you approached it.

I was going to go erector set, but that works too. And then, of course, the owner and the way he conducted himself locally and the radio stations that he owned and the way that they would handle anybody who dissented and things of that nature. And then, of course, the team kind of falls off from its winning ways. This is going to be monumental. I think fans are going to celebrate like the house just landed with Dorothy in it. You know what I mean?

And they should, they should. And look, I don't think it's hyperbole to say that, I mean, Dan Snyder may have done more damage to that franchise than any single person has done to any franchise in modern American sports history. Wow. You got Donald Sterling you're talking about. Be careful. I mean, you know. I mean, but the Clippers were, but what were the Clippers before he got there?

You know what I mean? Like, this was, again, like this was a, like, I guess you get your rarefied air of like the Celtics and the Yankees and the Canadians and the Lakers. And they, they weren't, they weren't quite that, but like, again, like the next, like, I would say maybe like the level of like the Dodgers, right? Like that level, like, you know, it's just, I, you know, like I, where this franchise was, we've got a full generation now.

I mean, kids now don't understand that. Don't, don't know what this franchise was, you know, when he bought them in 1999, what they had been. And, you know, I think that there are a lot of people in the NFL that believe that's what they can be. Again, there's an important market. That was a regional team too.

I mean, like that was, you had fans in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, and obviously things have changed. There are teams in those areas now, but this is a powerful, powerful brand. And, you know, I think the owners really wanted to have somebody there who could have a chance to revive the brand, revive that brand. And I think they believe that Josh Harris is the guy to do it. And, you know, they were comfortable with, you know, him buying. If the Waltons hadn't come along, I think the other owners would have been very comfortable with, with Josh Harris buying the Broncos last year.

So I think they got to be overjoyed that not only do they have somebody like that, but a guy who's an area native, you know, and has that sort of investment, you know, just from an emotional standpoint to the area coming in. Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, give me your latest reporting on Rodgers, Jets, Packers.

What do you got for me? I stand by what I've said, but I think this thing is on the doorstep. And, you know, whether it gets done tomorrow or the draft, I think it's sort of up to Mark Murphy and Woody Johnson. I know it's weird to bring up those names, but I do think like the general managers and the coaches are at a point now where they've sort of worked this and it's going to come down to optics in a certain way. You know, I, I think the second round pick this year, I think that there's some level of agreement in that. And then, you know, I think there's going to be a high pick in 2024. And the question is going to be like, what sort of conditions do you have on that?

How's that pick dressed up? You know, and the reason why optics are important here. I mean, I think after what Denver went through last year with Russell Wilson, the Jets want some protection against that happening. Right. And the Packers want to be able to say, like, we got good value for a guy who might be the best player in the history of our franchise or certainly up there, especially after, you know, what happened with Brett Favre, where although they came out of it.

Okay. There was some egg on their face that he wound up like, you know, so I think, you know, for two guys and Mark Murphy and Woody Johnson, who are sort of the longterm stewards of these teams and who are involved with the farm trade 15 years ago. A lot of this is going to boil down to how do we come out of this, you know, at being able to claim to our fans, we got to win here and come out of it in a place where we're going to be in good shape, not just for the next couple of years, but for the next five or 10 years. And so, you know, again, like what he wants to protect, I think, against that being the fifth pick or the 10th pick overall, if Rogers were to get hurt or there was some sort of downturn in his play, and I think Murphy wants to come out of this, you know, being able to say, like, we got full value for, you know, a player who's, you know, going to be a pro football Hall fan.

But I mean, let's just brass tax it, and I'm sure they are as well. I mean, we're not talking about Rogers at age, you know, 29, we're talking about him at age 39, and we're not talking about, you know, Rogers is kind of tugging at his own heartstrings about staying put. He's announced his intention to leave, and he also said he was 90 percent retired before he went into his retreat, where he spent some time with his thoughts about retiring and not and what have you. So if you're the Jets, you hear all this and you're like, really? A one no matter what he does this year? For sure? I mean, and so, and the Packers can push back and say, yeah, you know, he is 39 and he did do this and that, the other thing, but he's still Aaron freaking Rogers.

And he's a hell of a lot better than Zach Wilson. How can they not come back? Maybe that's why it is on the one inch line, because it's just, look, let's just do it, figure it out, figure out what it is. And I think in your reporting in Sports Illustrated, you kind of threw out there what it could be.

I'll give you the floor on that, Albert. Yeah, so like, I think part of it, you know, part of the concern for the Jets, too, is that they only get them for a single year. Now, I think they think they're going to get them for two, but I mean, we don't know how Rogers is going to feel a year from now. So the answer there would be, do you attach a conditional 25 pick to it? You know, like, so, you know, if the Jets, if say he plays two years, then like, if he plays only one year, well, then there's some sort of give back, you know, from the Packers to the Jets to protect them, you know, like, so I say you say, okay, like, we're going to give you a conditional one next year.

And then, like, if he only plays one year, well, then the Packers and the Jets something in 25. Like, there are creative ways to game this, you know, and I think that's sort of, you know, where they've been. And I think that that, like, and honestly, like, one of the things I brought up with you was like how important the relationships are here, right? Well, I mean, the general managers, I think, have worked really hard at this, you know, and Brian Gudekus and Joe Douglas, and I've tried to be very creative about it. And I think that they're like, I mean, honestly, like, I think they're probably close to, you know, where they could say, okay, like, you know, we're comfortable with X, Y, and Z, like, let's pick a scenario here. You know, I think that it really comes down to, you know, figuring out like a creative way to make this work for everybody, and I'm with you.

Like, I think that that should be available to everybody here. Unfortunately, sometimes it just, it takes deadlines to get these things done. So the next two checkpoints, one is Monday, which, you know, like, look, it would be great for the Jets, and it would be great for the Packers to be able to go into Monday and say, here's, you know, some finality to the whole thing, right? Like, they both opened their offseason programs. Robert Sala will be in front of an auditorium with his players. Matt LaFleur, same thing with his players at Green Bay.

And it would be great for Matt LaFleur to be able to address that room with Jordan Love as the quarterback, and it would be great for Robert Sala to address his room with Aaron Rodgers in the fold. So that's the first, you know, checkpoint. You get past that checkpoint, then the next checkpoint's the draft. And I think that's the real tension point, because at that point, if you're talking about a pick this year, it has to happen then. So, like, I would say those are the two, like, so-called deadlines. I think one is a soft deadline. That would be Monday.

And then, you know, I think Thursdays, or two weeks from today, which is the first night of the draft, would be a little bit harder of a deadline. Robert Prie here on the Rich Eisen Show. O'Dell's being introduced as we speak, and he said he didn't get any assurances from Lamar that Lamar's coming. He said life's uncertain, and he didn't get any assurance for anything. What do you think? I think it can't hurt. You know, the Lamar thing's been so complicated and unpredictable, it's hard to talk in absolutes on that. But, you know, I do think, like, if you're the Ravens, like, this is an olive branch, you know what I mean? Like, and this is a, look, Lamar, you know, we're not starting over with a new quarterback. We're not rebuilding here. We're not, you know, trying to, you know, build up our draft capital.

We're in it for right now. Because I honestly think looking at this deal, this isn't a deal that the Ravens would normally do. I mean, one year for $15 million with a lot of that money pushed off into the future, it's very much like the sort of move that the Bucks made the last three years to help Tom Braden.

You know? And so I think it's an olive branch, and I think it should help. And I think in the end, if they get Lamar signed, then, you know, like, I think it'll all have been worth it. But I do think it's, like, a real piece of evidence that the Ravens are very serious about getting a deal done with Lamar, and they hope this can help.

And, you know, by the way, it does address a pretty big need for them, too. Like, after Rashad Bateman got hurt last year, they had almost nothing at receiver. So the idea that you could roll Bateman, you know, healthy again with Beckham out there, got to be a pretty tantalizing thought after what Lamar, you know, had out there with him last year.

Yeah, and note to the rest of the WOD receivers on planet Earth, the Ravens aren't some Bermuda Triangle that's to be avoided. Right. You know, like, here's Odell saying, I will choose them, and obviously the money matters for that.

He also said Steve Bishati texted him when he spoke, and he fired Odell up, and that's why he's here in Baltimore. Yeah. But what are- Well, here's the way I look at it.

I mean, here's the way I look at it, right? Right. Like, do you guys remember, do you remember on eBay, like, when you used to go on the auction sites, like eBay, right?

Like, you could see there'd be something up there, and then I think there was, like, a button that said Buy Now. Yes. You know what I mean? Right. So, like, kind of, like, skip the bidding process.

There's a price, like, I feel like that sort of put the Ravens in here. Yeah. You know, they jammed the Buy Now button to prevent them from going at this in the chat. Right.

Exactly. They hit the purple Buy Now button, but what are Lamar's options? I mean, it does appear Chris Ballard confirmed they kicked the tires on Lamar, and they also have the fourth overall pick in the draft. I guess they want to see what that's all about.

I had Arthur Smith on the program, and he said, yeah, sure. I mean, we talk about everything that can improve the team, but they decided, obviously, Desmond Ritter and playing free agency the way that they did with such a spending spree on their own, and others that don't play quarterback was the way to go. I mean, what do you think Lamar's market does look like two weeks before the draft and then thereafter, depending on the way the draft goes? I would say teams are going to keep their cards close to the vest. I think there's more disagreement on the quarterback class than people realize.

What do you mean by that? I just mean it's like, I mean, I think we all look at it and say, whoa, four quarterbacks in the top ten. Do you really think teams look at it that way, or for the Colts, or are there teams in the top ten that are looking at it and saying, we like two of these guys, but then the other two we're not as sure about. We don't really value as a fourth overall pick, so maybe if one of them falls to us, then yeah, we'll do that. But otherwise, we would rather have Will Anderson there.

You know what I mean? That sort of logic, because it's great to get a quarterback in the top ten, but there's nothing more disastrous than getting one wrong. That gets everybody fired. That's why I think the draft is a meaningful checkpoint in this one, too, because it's going to reveal what teams think of the quarterback class. Again, I think that some of that opinion is split. Also, if you're the Colts, and you and I have been through this scenario before, what if you take Will Anderson fourth overall, and then you turn around, and now you're talking about giving up picks in 24 and 25 for Lamar, which you think maybe are in the 20s, because you're going to be a better team with Lamar, rather than giving up the fourth overall pick. There's some logic to that, too.

But let me just jump in here with the limited time we have left, because there's a couple things. Signing Odell, don't you think the Ravens are just going to match whatever the hell anybody does anyway? That's the whole point. The whole notion about not signing Lamar to an offer sheet had three different prongs to it. One, too much draft capital. Two, too much capital, period. And three, why do the work for the Ravens? That third option is now through the roof that they signed Odell. That's the fear of all these teams. Are we just writing the contract for the Ravens?

And that's where I think you have to put the cap people to work, and you hope you can write something. Obviously, you can't do the old Steve Hutchins voice. You remember that?

If he plays eight games west of the Mississippi or something, then all his money is guaranteed. It was something like that. You can't do that anymore, but there are creative ways where you can make it difficult for the Ravens to match.

But yeah, that would certainly be the rest. Are you echoing when you say that there's more disagreement on the top quarterbacks in the draft than people think? Are you echoing the sentiments of our buddy Schefter saying he's not sold, the Texans are going to choose a quarterback second? I'm not.

I'm not. Just look at the history of the two guys. I think it's still a discussion point for them. I think if Bryce were to fall to two, I think they probably would take him.

I think it's still a discussion point. If Bryce is gone, what they're going to do. And I think that could be Will Anderson.

It's been called to my attention. You look at D'Amico and look at Nick Cassario, the two guys who are making decisions. Nick Cassario has been in the NFL for 23 years. He's never taken a quarterback or been part of a team that took a quarterback higher than 62nd overall. That was Jimmy Garoppolo. And then you look at D'Amico's history. D'Amico was part of a team that drafted a quarterback third overall and traded three first round picks for him. That was Trey Lance. And the Niners got to three NFC Championship games with quarterbacks not named Trey Lance, right? And with two different quarterbacks not named Trey Lance. So like you look at that history and then like, well, D'Amico was a part of a team that had the second pick four years ago.

They cooked Nick Fosa. That turned out pretty well. You know what I mean? So you start to put the pieces together. And ownership is going to have a say in this. And I'm sure ownership is gung ho on the quarterbacks and all the rest of that.

I just think it's a complicated thing if you're not as sure. And so I don't think they're as sure what they're going to do yet. And I'm not sure that it's going to be a quarterback a second overall. I could very easily see that being Tyree Wilson or Will Anderson.

So you are echoing Schefter's sentiments that they may not choose a quarterback. I wrote this on Monday too. I felt that way for a little while. I had it in my head that it was going to be Bryce and C.J.

one-two, one or the other. That was probably about a month ago. I felt that way. I don't feel that way.

So let me just, last one for you then. Because it does tie into your first item on your column from this week involving the Patriots. What would the Texans plan be at quarterback then if they don't choose whoever the Panthers leave for them to choose first? And could it possibly, is it Davis Mills again? Or what about Matt Jones?

What about Matt Jones if the Patriots are so soured on him? Maybe you take a swing there. Maybe there are teams that are willing to wait until 2024. You know what I mean? I don't know. That's the question. You get Drake May and Caleb Williams next year and then you have two first round picks again next year for the Texans. You get Cleveland's pick again next year. I certainly think all those things are things you think about. Maybe you like Anthony Richardson but you like him at 12 and not at 2. You know what I mean?

There are different ways to look at this creatively. I certainly think D'Amico coming in is going to have some power over this. It will be interesting to see what his influence is on it too. Because again, he's coming from San Francisco. They got to an NFC title game with Brock Purdy at quarterback. I don't think you can discount his experience having gone through that.

By the way, his offensive coordinator Bobby Sloach was there too. Albert, thanks again. Terrific stuff as always and food for thought for the rest of the program for me to chew on. Thanks. You're the best. We'll chat soon.

All right. Thanks, Rich. As always, Albert Brier.

So giving of his time to the show. Add Albert Brier. Check him out. That's him and I'm telling you that you're... breadcrumbs, baby. Whoa. All right. Let's take a break. I want to hit those breadcrumbs on what the Texans are going to do. Wow.

844-204-rich number to dial. Odell Beckham Jr.'s press conference is over. We've got Dan Campbell of the Lions, hour three. Yeah. Two weeks before the draft, baby.

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All right, let's let's bite on it. That's Schefter saying I'm not sold that the Texans are going to draft a quarterback second overall and Breier is like seconding that emotion. Two weeks before the draft this whole narrative of young and Stroud 1-2 and then the Cardinals are going to trade out of the third spot and it's going to be Anthony Richardson and Will Leviss is going to be there and someone's going to push that up.

The draft board. By the way, Mel Kuyper Jr. has Will Leviss second on his draft board above Stroud and Richardson, which I haven't seen anywhere else either. And it's again who's evaluating who and how and fascinating that there's two 49er guys in the current offensive coordinator and the new head coach of the Texans. Who saw a quarterback drafted that high not even factor into a program and its success. But the Texans, as we all know, don't have a 49ers roster or the ability to go to a championship game now even with the quarterback that they might draft. And Nick Casario never drafted a quarterback, was part of the Patriots organization between, you know, in those years between Bledsoe and Mac Jones. So the highest they drafted a quarterback was Garoppolo. Put it all together and they do have the 12th overall pick. Now the whole business that from from Cleveland because of the Deshaun Watson trade and they have one next year too. And the whole business of a people have capital next year, they can trade up to go get Caleb Williams or Drake May. What if the first two teams on the clock are quarterback needy, which usually teams first and second on the clock are. Doesn't matter, you can have draft choices from here to kingdom come and nobody's going to trade those slots away.

Highly well earned slots, one would say, due to 18 weeks of very difficult sledding. For fans and front office and coaching staff alike. So. I I think he's he and Schefter are on to something here.

Smelling it. And Schefter thinks it's Bryce Young going first. So so Stroud drops. Who's going to three to get Stroud? Well, I mean, maybe nobody.

I don't know. Does Indianapolis just hold and they get wound up? They wind up with Stroud and off they go. Imagine.

I would be pretty surprised at that. And then Seattle sits there and has an opportunity to take Anthony Richardson. And do they do that? And then there's Detroit at six.

What the hell do they do? But Will Anderson would be the guy that Arizona would stick and stay with one would think, right? Where does Jalen Carter ring? In people's minds. If the Texans don't take a quarterback at two, that changes the whole dynamic of this whole shooting match.

Yep. And where do people fall? That honestly is not something I have given much thought to until Schefter made me think, oh, wait a minute. And like I told you, Schefter's been right with the Texans for a long time. But then you think about these other teams, Rich, do you think at Las Vegas at seven, do they move up Atlanta? Do they move up Tennessee? We've been seeing a lot of people talking about in their mock drafts.

They move up from eleven to three to take somebody. Anthony Richardson's gone from. Not on people's radar screens because of the way Florida finished to on everyone's radar screen, because the way he did at the combine where he performed at the combine to the conversation, could he be first overall? To now he'll drop because people don't even evaluate the quarterback group in the same way that we do. And the kids taken in the top five in the draft last several years with the outside, with the exception of Trevor Lawrence are scaring people off and they don't want to have that problem. And Richardson could drop. That wasn't the narrative one week ago today.

No. When we were three weeks from the draft. And that is now a distinct possibility. Two weeks from the draft, which means we have to meet. We got to get more evaluators on here. Eight four four two oh four. Rich is the number to dial Kevin in Rochester, New York. Let's take your phone call. What's up, Kevin?

Hey, Rich, wasn't sure if I'd actually get through. Look at you. Huge fan. Look at us. First time caller. And also, I've only been following football for about a year. The nuances are not clear to me yet, but I found you guys a show mid this season. Absolutely love what you guys are doing. Thank you, sir. And welcome. Welcome to this program and the world of the National Football League and its power and pageantry.

Well, thank you very much. My question for you. Let's live in this hypothetical for a moment. Let's say the the Packers, they really dig their heels in and Rogers does not go to the Jets. OK. In that world. And I know you're going to say that's not going to happen. No, no, no.

But if it does, the Jets are such a win now team. Yes. What what do you do? Where is Mac Jones on the table? Is Lamar still out there?

You know, what do you what do you think? Well, Lamar would still be out there. That is a fact that if they get through the draft and they use all their draft choices. And the Packers response was so significantly insufficient that they go through the draft and use all their draft choices. And then Lamar would be an option for them in May. And that would be something that they would use to the Packers prior to the draft to say what gives. Right. That is possible since you are new to the NFL. I will tell you this and you may already know this.

But when you say what about Mac Jones with the Jets? There is a very, very warm place that exists. One would think and some people think it does exist.

And it may exist in your mind is just a concept. But there's a very, very warm place. That's a four letter word that would have to freeze over for that trade to happen between the Jets and the Patriots. Cabo? Cabo. Cabo would have to freeze over.

Yes. And a lot of tequila shots would have to happen. And that place would have to freeze over for the Jets and the Patriots to strike such a deal. Oh, true. I mean, I'm a Bills fan. OK, so then you know. Then you know.

I figured I was just thinking, you know, who knows if Belichick is really having it out there with Mac, then maybe it's an opportunity. But I guess that location would have to freeze over. It would indeed, sir. And thank you for the call. And he's from Rochester, New York. He knows about places freezing over. So. Correct. Right. It's cold there. It's cold there. Shout out to all the listeners in Schenectady. Yes.

I know they're out there. Finger wakes. The finger, beautiful part of the country.

Beautiful. Cornell University. I went there for summer college. Ithaca is gorgeous.

It is incredible. What's summer college? Summer college? Yeah. Like summer school, but it's college during the summer?

Yeah. Cornell was open for business. It was like an eight week program. And I stayed in their their dorms known as U-Hauls.

And I stayed in U-Haul one. And you're still in high school during this? Yes, sir.

OK. Junior of high school, summer of high school. Instead of going, I think I was I graduated from summer camp. And so I went to Cornell Summer College and I lived in a U-Haul. And behind this U-Haul was an establishment on wheels known as the hot truck. And on it, they had a PMP, which stood for poor man's pizza. And what it was, was Italian bread of the finest variety.

OK. Onto which they go on top. Say it again. With some prego on top or so. What they what you would do is you have this Italian bread. It's a huge loaf of Italian bread. You know, it's good.

More than a foot long. And they would slice it open and place red sauce onto it and put cheese on top of that. Close it up, put it in the oven and toast the heck out of it. And it was called the poor man's pizza. And I ate that day and night.

And then after hours as well. And it was inexpensive. And I ate that.

I gained probably 15 pounds, 15 to 20 pounds over the summer. To the point where I remember this to this day. I'll tell this story. Wherever Susie is, she's like, I can't believe he's about to tell this story.

She's hearing it right now. But I showed up after the summer college. I went home. I remember exactly where I was. I was on the front porch of my grandma and grandpa's place. My dad's parents.

And Joel Lewis Eisen, may he rest in peace. We had a nice quiet moment looking at East 48th Street in Brooklyn, New York. And he turns to me and he goes, how much weight did you gain? And I'm like, I don't know, dad, a lot. And he just looks at me. He goes, you're grotesque.

Grotesque was the word he used. And I turn to my dad. I'm like, dad, don't beat around the bush.

Just tell me what you're thinking. Did you say, but dad, there was a poor man's pizza. No, I could have told you that's where I took a class on Shakespeare and writing about Shakespeare. And my professor, whose name escapes me, was so dynamic and so interesting and so fascinating to me. And the way that he taught about Shakespeare and taught about writing and taught about how to construct a sentence in a paragraph and a paper opened my mind to the point where I suddenly went from being thoroughly uninterested about writing to that's all I wanted to do.

Yes. And it opened up my mind and got me ready for Michigan. And I started writing for my student newspaper, for the student Michigan Daily. And it set me up for life because the first resume tape that I sent out for my TV in the TV world did wind up at ESPN. And they were interested in it. And I got a call back from the headhunter saying to me, send us another tape of your best written material because they're focused on the writing. And if I wasn't so interested in writing, I might never have gotten on ESPN's radar screen and then sealed the job with my writing. I could tell you that story about how the Cornell Summer College was so crucial in my development to this very day. But instead, not as interesting, not as interesting as the poor man's pizza, which is amazing.

I don't know if the hot truck still exists in Ithaca, New York. And my father calling me grotesque. Well, we got to give a shout out to that teacher whose name you don't remember. I wish I remembered it. That was amazing.

Without that teacher, you don't go on that path. And we're not sitting there as back to back. I guess if you want to if you want to extrapolate it out to that degree, I do extrapolate means go back to that point. No, no, no. We just keep pulling on that string.

However, however, it also allows me to have a show like this on a day like this and throw to break to promise when we come back. The top five things we should be shrieking about in the sports world. Based on the nine year old D.R.

Derozan's set of pipes that we heard in Toronto last night. It's comically or reposively ugly or distorted. That's what it is. That's what you called you. Your own father. Thanks to the poor man's pizza and my dad's inability to edit his words and thoughts.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Dan Campbell of the Lions is going to be joining us here shortly. So, the news of the day. I can't believe it. The sports news of the day was a nine-year-old girl shrieking during the Toronto Raptors attempts to shoot free throws. It turned out to be the daughter of one of their star players in DeMar DeRozan.

D.R. DeRozan got out of school and was there last night and screamed, screeched, I mean, screeched. I mean, that is what we took it from the game. That's her screeching. And the Raptors wound up shooting 50% from the line and they blew a 19-point lead at home. And everyone's saying that this young girl affected the final score and that's, you know, and then there's a conversation of like, should she have done it?

Should she have not? Whatever. So, it's caused me to just sit here and hit the pause button on that conversation and essentially give you a top five list of the top five things that we should really be shrieking about in sports. Here we go. You got some sort of music for me, Jay Felley? Here we go.

Thank you so much. Top five. Oh, we'll go NFL films. Oh, NFL films? We played basketball music. Yeah, play the basketball music. Because they're not all have to do with football and not all basketball.

This is sort of like an all around song, all around music for this. Number five, even though this is football, we made him change it. Number five, I've been shrieking about this. I don't, do I sound like D.R.

DeRozan in any way, shape or form? I have been shrieking about this, but number five is the rule that I'm still trying to get changed in the NFL. And that's the way I sound whenever anybody fumbles into the end zone and through it and the defense gets the ball. Is that Freddie Mitchell?

I don't know. That's from back in the day. But just fumbling through the end zone, man, and giving the ball to the defense that was on the one yard line because they're on their heels and the offense played so well. And just the fact that if the ball, again, rolls out of bounds in front of the top pylon in the field of play on the half inch yard line, you get to keep the ball. But because it goes into the end zone and right behind the pylon and in through the end zone and out, the defense gets the ball. I hate it.

And every single time it happens, I wish D.R. was at an NFL game. And that's number five on the list. Number four on the list here of what we should really be shrieking about is athletes going third person. And a particular a particular case, just for just as if, for instance, Zion Williamson, when asked recently about not playing because of injury again and when might he play again?

And this was his answer to that question. Physically, I'm fine. Now, it's just a matter of. Like when I feel like Zion, you know, I know the atmosphere I'd be in based off like the playoff experience. So now it's just a matter of when I feel like Zion. OK, so you heard you heard a little bit right there, but now play it again. And I want to really hear D.R. She could be sort of like an alarm that goes off every single time any athlete goes third person.

Certainly if they go third person about themselves, about when they play again and they haven't played for, you know, several weeks. Since January. OK, hit it. Hit it. Physically, I'm fine. It's just a matter of. Like when I feel like Zion, you know, I know the atmosphere I'd be in based off like playoff experience.

So now it's just a matter of when I feel like Zion. See what I'm saying? I think it adds more effect to it. I can't believe he did that.

I don't know if D.R. would be available, though, for as many times as star athletes go third person. Or just number three is fourth grade. That's number three on the top five things in sports to really be shrieking about. Is it really drives me nuts when there is no, no, not the truth. When when, as you know, I've been making my shots despite the shrieks, making my points here in baseball, when there's a brushback pitch and a batter rushes the mound and we're on and there's a whole bench clearing brawl. In from the bullpen, come those relievers just running in, you know, three hundred, it's there, three hundred feet away and they got to join this thing to just get it running in. What's even worse is when when there's a threat of a fight and we're just staring at each other, in comes these guys in their startup zip up jackets up running. And it just makes me want to makes me want to shriek.

It just makes you want to yell at them. Number two, we're going to go fast here. Number two, very simple, very, very simple. The fact that Aaron Rodgers hasn't been traded. OK, come on. Sorry, folks. This whole business, this whole business is going on too long. I understand. I said earlier that Woody Johnson should stand his ground and not give up a one no matter what next year, because you don't know what's going to happen with Aaron Rodgers.

But this whole thing is making me just want to go a full D.R.. Sorry, folks. Number one, number one on the list. This is simple. When you're up 19 at home in a playoff game, you don't miss 18 free throws just because a nine year old is shrinking. How about that? Forget about the fact that she's shrieking during the free throws. The fact that anybody thinks that that actually knocked out a professional basketball team from playoff contention. That makes me want to shrink.

It did. She won the game. Make your shots. Make your shots. There you go.

Those are the top five things in sports. Sure. Why not? You know, I mean, he's going to do it. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.

I'm going to do it. Just put a little twist. The idea that a brilliant scientist and physicist would not have proper cell service. Oh, I need to be told by an SNL comedian to change their cell service. She wants to shrink. That's all. I went rogue on you there, Chris.

It makes me want to shriek. All right. That's number one is make your shots. She won the game for them. Honestly, if the if the Bulls go on, hold on, if the Bulls go on and win a championship, she gets a statue right next to Michael Jordan outside, you know, she's shrieking, she's yelling. It's that picture that we just popped up of her. Yeah.

So, you know, whether they're Afro puffs, right next to MJ and that that gorgeous jacket. Also, she said never have to go to school ever again. Well, the Bulls already tweeted out, hey, hey, the arts teachers, would you excuse her from class on Friday?

Demar said no dice. Of course not. She's got to go to school. I mean, she doesn't have to. It's a better education that she's going to get in fourth grade. You guys, you guys are terrible parents.

You're not even a parent. Conspiracy theories, paranormal UFOs. In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union started developing directed energy microwave devices. And even to this day, the United States government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves.

It is nothing compared to what China is doing. Theories of the Third Kind on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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