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: JRSportBrief Hour 1

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July 21, 2023 1:14 am

: JRSportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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July 21, 2023 1:14 am

JR opens up the show breaking down the Women's World Cup debuting Thursday evening. Dan Snyder is no longer the Commanders owner, plus your calls!


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That's slash positive. I love it. Yeah, there we go.

I love the ghetto boys. What are we going to talk about? Well, I just came back from Washington, D.C., and all of a sudden the commanders, they got a new owner, Josh Harris. You can thank me.

Definitely you can thank me, okay? Magic Johnson, a part of the ownership group. But more importantly, Daniel Snyder is gone. We're going to talk about it. Speaking of some changes, Lane Kiffin, not happy with the changes in college football, says college football and the transfer portal, it's a whole lot like free agency in the NFL.

He says it's destroying the game. We'll talk about Lane Kiffin's comments. Aaron Rodgers is a New York Jet. The New York Jets have their first practice and Aaron Rodgers is now kinder.

He's gentler. You got Draymond Green once again explaining why he punched Jordan Poole in the face. Deion Sanders has more surgery today. Justin Fields talks about being one of the best running quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Jared Kelnick of the Seattle Mariners. Let's add another stupid player injury into the athlete dumb injury Hall of Fame.

The man kicks a cooler and breaks his foot. And then also, man, it's just so much. Messi is getting ready to debut. Speaking of soccer, the Women's World Cup is underway in New Zealand and Australia. And the reason I was in D.C. yesterday was because of the MLS All-Star game. More specifically for me, not necessarily the All-Star game where the MLS All-Stars got smashed yesterday. But for the unified game, I had a chance to check that out. So we'll talk about all of that. Congratulations to all the the commanders fans out there.

Here's the deal, folks. As I mentioned, I get started 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific every single week night. That means Monday through Friday. You can always listen on the free Odyssey app. You can tune in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker, it's real simple.

Just ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. As I mentioned, I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Kevin Wall holding it down on the boards in New York. Kevin, a very, very simple, simple question to you. How are you this evening? It's been a minute.

It has been a minute, JR. I'm doing well. Can't complain. Just staying busy, you know, work, work, work. And I'm glad that we're back working together again, even if it's just for a night. It's good to be with you.

Thank you so much. Appreciate you holding it down for Dave Sheppard. If you want to talk to me here on CBS Sports Radio, folks, it's very simple. The number is 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. You can also find me everywhere online at JR Sport Brief. And if you follow me at JR Sport Brief, you will already know everything that we're going to discuss today. And the early portion of the show is going to be pretty much about Washington, D.C.

So if you're in the DMV, if you're in the the D.C. area, Maryland, Virginia, Northern Virginia, consider yourselves lucky. You have a new owner here in Josh Harris. And momentarily, I want you to hear from Josh Harris, because this is something to celebrate.

People are going to hear and play back this clip time after time after time. And if you're a fan of the commanders in D.C. football, this new era, after 24 years of Dan Snyder, it has to feel like a breath of fresh air. Take a listen to new commanders owner Josh Harris on this new era of football. We're very excited to get to work and to start the new era of Washington football. And yeah, I mean, we we are humbled and awed by the level of responsibility that we have to to take care of the city and to win championships and to, you know, really excite the fans again. Oh, it's like it's like a breath of fresh air, right?

It's brand new. You don't have to be a commanders fan to appreciate the fact that Daniel Snyder is gone and will get more depth or more in depth about his his departure. I don't want to say he's 60 million dollars lighter in the wallet when he sold the team for north of six bill.

But you got to you got to appreciate and take your wins when you can get them right. So we'll talk about the the commanders, their new owner. I must remind you that Magic Johnson is a part of the ownership group. He's going to be a public face, one of the public faces of the commanders and typically where Magic Johnson goes. Things typically work out. So congratulations to all the commanders fans. We're going to get more in depth on this next hour. Just thank God. Daniel Snyder, one of the worst owners and professional sports flattened period.

Finally, gone. And the fans have taken a beating over the past 24 years in various ways. Sometimes the organization suing some of the fans. But we'll we'll we'll get into that.

No more beatings for the commanders, at least when it comes down to the owners. Now, I told you there's so much going on. And speaking of D.C., you think about Washington as the nation's capital. You you want to be patriotic. You you want to think red, white and blue, et cetera. The Women's World Cup is underway.

The women from America are expected to go out and do some damage. I told you about the red, white and blue of the MLS. They lost to Arsenal five to nothing. Not so good yesterday in D.C. And I wasn't here last night. It's good to be back, by the way, because I checked out the MLS unified all star game. You all know I do a lot of work with Special Olympics. And yesterday they had their unified game before the pros played. What's a unified game? It allows people with and without intellectual disabilities of all abilities to play soccer. And so you have a lot of MLS teams that do exactly that, whether it's the L.A. Galaxy, whether it is Toronto FC. I had an opportunity to interview two sets of their players yesterday about playing in this MLS all star game. Congratulations to the unified all stars from the West. They beat the unified all stars from the east.

The final score there was six to one. And it was so amazing just to see everybody have a chance to go out there and play. There were fifty two unified team members. Twenty six clubs were represented, were represented.

It was just amazing. And so shout outs to the folks at MLS Works. They're the arm that helps put together all of the community facing endeavors for MLS.

Jan and Rocky so much. Thank you, Meredith. Everybody running around making this happen in a big shout out to Coca-Cola as well for being an initial partner with Special Olympics and and Carla for for really believing in and utilizing sports to do good. So a lot of patriotism or just a lot of inclusion. That's a better word for everything that took place in Washington, D.C. And so I look forward to sharing with you all a new Agents of Inclusion episode next Wednesday highlighting these athletes and how we can use sports and how we can use soccer to kind of bring people together and be more inclusive. Much love to MLS and Coca-Cola for doing this. And that was soccer on the MLS side.

We know Messi will be debuting tomorrow. We know the Women's World Cup is underway. And I'm looking forward to that. There's there's nothing more exciting. I would say as a sports fan to have an event every four years. We know about the Olympics and the World Cup is there, too. I don't care if it's the men or the women.

And how about this? Unless you've been living underneath a rock, you know that the Women's World Cup has been better. The women representing the United States of America are more successful than the men. The women are looking for their third consecutive World Cup. And yes, even if you aren't a big soccer fan, it's certainly big news. Take a listen to this clip from CBS encompassing the launch of the World Cup.

Take a listen to this. The twenty twenty three FIFA Women's World Cup is officially underway. Australia beat Ireland in the second game of the tournament earlier this morning.

New Zealand overtook Norway one to nothing of the team's first World Cup win ever tomorrow. The U.S. women's national team plays its first game against Vietnam as America looks to win its third straight title. She almost she almost said the men and not the men playing the women playing. But everybody makes mistakes, right? You know, we know that the women the women's game, they're always looking for the same attention, the same love, the same money.

And in due time, it's moving in that direction. And so you may not be jumping out of your skin to check out the USA women's national team. Yeah, they take on Thailand tomorrow. Hey, Kevin, what do you expect the score to be?

The U.S. women versus Thailand. What do you think that score is going to look like? Oh, you know, if I was a betting man and I'm not, I would be betting the over.

I can see it being like seven zip, seven one. Oh, my God. Yeah.

Well, Kevin, a line. This is probably going to be an ass whooping. And if you want to keep up with the Women's World Cup, go ahead and watch it on Fox. OK, it's going to be a beat down. The women here are trying for their third consecutive World Cup victory.

That has never been done. Not by a women's squad, not by a man's squad. And there's some interesting storylines here. I know you may be familiar with some of the bigger names. Carly Lloyd, not here, retired. A matter of fact, 14 of the 23 players on the women's squad are new. You have some returning players.

How about this one? You might be familiar with the last name. Ertz.

Yeah. You know, Zach Ertz, Zach Ertz, one of the best tight ends in the game, running around, catching footballs for no one other than the Philadelphia Eagles. Well, his wife, Julie Ertz, also competes on the U.S. women's national team.

And you may not have known this. She's been there before and she also stopped to have a baby. And so in the most emotional way possible, Zach Ertz wrote a letter to his wife, Julie, before she plays in this World Cup. And basically they made her read this letter from her husband. Yeah, this is Zach Ertz. This is his wife, Julie.

Take a listen to the letter that he sent her. Julie, here we go. World Cup number three.

While the destination is the same, the path has been quite different. Less than a year ago, you gave birth to the biggest blessing in our lives, Madden. And watching you become a mom has been one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced in our time together. What an incredible journey it has been to get back to the point where you're representing your country again in the World Cup. From the moment you started running again, I could see the fire starting to burn inside of you to play again. Oh, man, it makes me want to cry, man.

It makes me want to tear up, too. That's tough. This lady's coming back from a baby and she's going to be competing in the World Cup. What? Huh? What? How?

I barely want to run, you know, when I have to cross the street. Congratulations to her. All these athlete relationships and athletes having athletes, athletes having athlete babies. I'm pretty sure Zach Ertz and his wife, Julie, maybe gave birth to a WNBA player. Maybe she will play rugby. Maybe she will go out and do God knows what. But congratulations to her. I'm sure you'll hear about Zach Ertz and his wife, Julie, a lot over the next several weeks with the Women's World Cup. And that's not even the most or the largest sports name participating on the women's team for USA. How about this name?

Are you ready for it? Take a listen. Rodman. And the last time I looked, I only know one famous sports Rodman and his name is Dennis. Dennis Rodman's 21 year old daughter, Trinity. Maybe you heard about her.

Maybe you have not. Yes, Dennis Rodman has a daughter. It is his daughter. And she is competing on the U.S. women's national team.

There's nothing to cry about here. Trinity Rodman. That's her name. She's trying to go out and make her own sports legacy. And she's trying to build her own, not necessarily build off of her father's legacy. This is what Trinity Rodman told ESPN.

I mean, obviously, my dad made a lot of mistakes through his career and he was kind of, I don't want to say the wild child, but he was. And I think being a woman coming from the Rodman name, coming from the NBA legacy of Dennis Rodman, it was important. I didn't want to have the comments of she's only here because of that. She's only here because there's potential in the last name.

That has always been important to me and will continue to be. But at the end of the day, I want the name to be Trinity Rodman. And she earned it herself. Not because she has that last name, but because she earned her.

Well, I think a couple of goals will will take her a long way if she gets busy here in the World Cup. And I wouldn't be shocked. Would anybody be surprised? And maybe we won't see him out of respect to his daughter to not take away from her or her moment.

Maybe it takes the final before we see the worm. Dennis Rodman sitting in the stands somewhere in Australia or New Zealand cheering his daughter on. It'll be very fun, very interesting to see what she can do to continue to elevate her own name, even though she gets it from her daddy, Dennis Rodman. Women's World Cup underway, MLS All-Star game done, new era with the Washington commanders. We got a lot to do here tonight and we are just getting started. We'll dive deeper into the new owners of the Washington commanders. We're going to take a look at the comments from Lane Kiffin about the state of college football.

The man said it was destroyed. We have a gentler, kinder, sweeter Aaron Rodgers. Maybe it's the maybe it's all that plant juice that Aaron Rodgers gets to drinking. We got C.J. Gardner Johnson. This man hates Philadelphia. Draymond Green seems like he still hates Jordan Poole. We have running backs making money. Damn it. We got a college running back who hates his status as a running back because they don't get paid. Deion Sanders having more surgery. Justin Fields says, man, I'm one of the greatest running quarterbacks of all time. We got a lot to do here over the next four hours.

It's real simple. You can call me up eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. Are you excited about the Women's World Cup? It is the World Cup. Are you excited about watching a Team USA go out and light things up?

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Women's World Cup underway on the other side of the planet, New Zealand and Australia. Washington commanders. They got new owners. Josh Harris. Yeah, you know, Josh Harris. He also owns the New Jersey Devils or excuse me, playing up at the Prudential Prudential Center 76ers. He's just taken his his money up and down the Northeast corridor. God bless him.

Magic Johnson, a part of the squad as well. And so we got a whole lot to get into. I'm excited about the Women's World Cup.

You know, I got to tell you something. I saw something, a video that went viral talking about women's sports. It's just people trying to go viral and make a name. I'll tell you about this in a second.

It kind of irked me to see someone make a mockery of women's sports in front of the women just to go viral online and social media. But let's get to the phone calls before I tell you about this idiot. Eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. We got one phone number.

A lot of lines. Feel free to hit us up. Let's go to Nova Scotia. Yeah, we're going up north to Canada. And let's talk to Mark.

You're CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mark? Hey there. So I spent three wonderful years of my childhood in Annapolis, Maryland.

Shout out to the U.S. Naval Academy. Yeah, I was there yesterday. That's where they had the MLS All-Star game, man. Oh, is that right? That's awesome, man. That's awesome.

Let me tell you this. During the singing of the national anthem yesterday, of which of which a Special Olympics athlete played the national anthem. I'm too stupid to know the instrument. I think it's a violin he played.

Right. Do you know where the soccer field is at on the on the base? I absolutely know where it is. I actually got to play some youth soccer games there back in the early 90s and late 80s. Let me tell you, I have video of this.

I'm going to post it on social media over the next couple of days. During the singing of the national anthem, all of the athletes, Special Olympics athletes and their partners, a boat, a U.S. naval boat pulled up behind the athletes when the national anthem sang and it was just it was the coolest. One of the coolest things I've seen in any sports, anything, period. It was just so damn cool. I was like, man, I wish I could go play, but I suck.

But but anyway, go ahead. It's beautiful and a beautiful city. And I'm glad at least I'm still by the ocean here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Now, I don't want to get into this and I'll be quick about it, but since you brought up this Special Olympics, a special MLS All-Star game, I just wanted to let you know that I finally got around, started a few weeks ago with Agents of Inclusion. I don't know why it took me so long. I'm addicted to that podcast, man. You do such a great job.

It's so inspirational and I'm now caught up on every episode. So I want to get that out of the way. Oh, thank you, man.

Thank you. Yes, it's the stories, as you can attest, you don't want to compare people's stories. No.

But we got amazing stories all over the world in our neighborhoods that aren't always about LeBron or Steph Curry. Absolutely. So thank you on that. What else is on your mind?

Yeah. So like I said, so living there, that was my first real kind of introduction to the NFL, like the real one in the late 80s. And with those wonderful Washington, those Joe Gibbs led teams, those dominant teams there in the NFC East. I just want to say how overjoyed I am to see Dan Snyder finally out this despicable, contemptible, sociopathic, garbage human being. OK, I believe he is the worst owner in the history of sports.

And I'm so glad I'm so happy as a Washington Commanders fan to finally have that jackass gone. I feel bad. Six billion dollars. That sucks. That's business. But but you know what?

I would pay 10 billion dollars to see him gone forever. I can't I can't blame you. I am not a fan of the commanders. I could care less about the football team, but I love football. I love the NFL. And I detest I detest jerks. And that's that's me. That's me putting it nicely. And absolutely. Daniel Snyder out of the NFL, out of the building.

I feel happy for a commander fans like you because there have been. And you know what? And now you're going to have me going off on a tangent. Hey, Mark, thank you for calling from Nova Scotia. Appreciate it. No doubt about it. Yeah.

Any time. Well, let me put it this way. How many how many people need to be sued by the organization?

I guess that's the first thing. How many cheerleaders have to feel violated? You know, how many people have to sit under a burst pipe at FedEx for you? How many sexual harassment claims?

Do you need before you go? How many people have to tell you it doesn't matter how many people feel OK with the name? How many people have to tell you that the name, the former name of the commanders was offensive? How many times did the idiot owner have to scream?

I never changed the name. It doesn't matter what people think. Like we got enough jerks and you know what holds in the world. OK, and he can take his six billion dollars and he can pay his little fines and he can travel the world. But now at this point he could just go away.

And at least the franchise has has some type of hope. This guy was a jerk. It's no respect for anybody, let alone women. I mean, how many cheerleaders feeling like pieces of meat, like they were a part of the marketing plan? Well, yeah, well, we're going to go to this island and maybe I can set some of the sponsors up with some of the cheerleaders and maybe they'll spend some money with us. What? Huh? What?

Huh? I mean, that's that's that's how business is done in some places in certain cases. But it's just it's not just it's pretty disgusting, flat and period. And I mentioned disgusting and we're going to get more into the commanders at the top of the hour.

This disgusted me. We know everybody on the Internet and God bless them. If you're posting content, there's a good chance that you want to make money. Not everybody makes money.

There's a small percentage of folks online who make money and they do it all, whether it's it's pranks or beauty tips or makeup. I mean, listen, I started the J.R. Sport Brief online early. I was one of the early people in 2009. OK, I didn't go to broadcast journalism school.

I got my opportunity on the radio in New York on WFA and here on CBS because of what I did online. And so I understand the power of social media in building up an audience and some people use it for good and some people use it just to be a jackass. Some people will do stupid things, no matter how stupid, how ridiculous, just for a click. Some people, I think, lack self-respect and a little bit of of dignity.

Maybe maybe like Daniel Snyder, maybe maybe they would appreciate this. And this man, this is the type of attention that he wants. Doesn't matter to him. And I'm sure he's probably a good fellow, a good human being. But man, how much jackassery do you need to do for attention?

Like where is the line actually drawn? There is a YouTuber. His name is I don't even know how to pronounce it. No honesty. I'm not I'm not even going to bother to look it up.

I didn't because whatever I think what he did was stupid. Who cares if I know his name? Gideon, Jadion, maybe a teenager knows his name.

You know, his YouTubers, subscribers know his name. He's done pranks. This man sat at a WNBA game this week.

I think more than one. He got kicked out twice. One game, the ball rolled his way, courtside seats.

He decided to shoot the ball. They said, no, thank you, man. You can't do that.

You know, you can't do that. And they walked him out while he's sitting there in pajamas. And one of those old man sleep caps that you would see in a I don't want to say a Hansel and Gretel novel.

Not a novel, but a fairy tale. In another game, he's literally sitting courtside, spread out near the bench, front row with a pillow like he's like he's taking a nap. Like the WNBA games are so uninteresting to him that he's he's falling asleep. And you had a coach, an executive who sat next to him.

It's just like, yeah, what are you doing this for? Like, cut it out. And ultimately, he told him to cut it out. He told him to leave and he was escorted out.

And now he's been banned from any WNBA and NBA activity. If you don't like it, if it's boring to you, why do you have to be so disrespectful to the athletes? Why don't you just stay home? Why are you trying to make a buck off of disrespect just because of a of a prank? Like, stop it. This is the audio of this man being walked out of the game and the security guards letting him know. You're not going to any games, not with the WNBA, not the NBA.

And yeah, we're going to let the NFL know as well. Not to let you anywhere. Listen to this. Easy way of the hard way, sir. Easy way of the hard way.

Easy way of the hard way. What happened? Get up and go. Get up. Is it against the law to take naps?

You can't even take a nap at the WNBA games. What is this? North Korea? My man. You can't take a court sign now? Don't free me.

I'm a prisoner of sleep apnea. Save me. You are not allowed on the premises. So I'm only banned from WNBA games?

All NBA related events. So we're going to send it to the NFL and everybody else. But you are banned.

Wait, the NBA is part of the NFL? No, we're going to send it. I'm going to send it to them.

Why would you send it to the NFL, man? Come on, people. Don't be a jackass for a buck. Do you have to be?

I get a good joke. I'm a sarcastic jerk myself. You don't have to be disrespectful to anybody. If you got to be disrespectful to make money off of somebody else and somebody else's work, go find something better to do.

It doesn't matter whether you're this dude on YouTube or whether you're a billionaire jackass like Daniel Snyder. Do better. Have some self-respect. Have some dignity. You know, hey, how about this? Just have some respect for other people.

Everything doesn't have to be a joke at somebody else's behest, especially when they put in hard work. Be more creative. Do better. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. The phone lines are open. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We come back from break. I don't know if this guy has respect for himself, anybody else. I could tell you that he is he's not happy. It's Lane Kiffin. We got a head coach complaining, or at least maybe being honest about the transfer portal. He said it's like free agency twice in the world of college football. And we're going to hear from him. Maybe things are being disrespectful on a college football front.

Maybe he feels disrespected. Or maybe not. You'll hear on the other side. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS is the number. It's really going to take a deep, deep dive into the commander's sale at the top of the hour. Daniel Snyder is gone. So far to start the show. I talked about my experience in DC yesterday surrounding the MLS All-Star game. Specifically the unified game taking place out in Annapolis. We know Arsenal smashed the MLS All-Stars. I saw a good one earlier in the afternoon with the unified squad from Special Olympics. We talked about the Women's World Cup. It's getting underway on Friday.

Vietnam, not Thailand. I guess that shows you how much I expect the ass-whooping to be. They might as well put up two scores on two different countries. And then I shared with you the idiot from YouTube who decided to take a nap in the front row and make a spectacle out of it at a WNBA game.

He's been banned. You don't have to love women's sports. But at least have some respect for the athletes that are busting their asses out there to make a living. You don't have to do YouTube video pranks at their expense.

Totally unnecessary. Let's get back to the phone lines. We're eventually going to hear from Lane Kiffin. Not happy about the state of college football.

There's so much that we have to do as the show continues on. 855-2124CBS. That's 855-2124CBS. Let's go to Virginia and talk to Mitchell. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up, Mitch? Hey, what's up, JR? Hope you're doing well, man.

A couple comments. You bring up a great point to the world that you speak to on a day-to-day basis. We've got to bring up and stop bringing the negativity to women's sports and just sports in general. But the YouTubers, they need to stop making jokes, trying to make people's jobs harder on them, and also stop trying to be the class clown.

We learned that back in middle school and high school, whereas being the class clown isn't always the coolest thing. Second thing, touching on the commanders, I'm a big Redskins fan, class commander fan, and Dan Snyder getting out of D.C. is a huge, huge take for us. And not only that, but the report's already dropping.

I can't wait to see one other report drop with him taking $60 million in fines but allocating $11-plus million away from the NFL. Man, that guy is just negative, and I can't wait for the positive to get back into D.C. And the last point, JR, that I want to bring up, I'm not sure if you followed the Scottish Open, but Tommy Fleetwood, man, was he on fire today. Can't wait to see what he does for the rest of the three rounds. And hopefully he gets the win on Sunday. But over to you, and thanks for the time, JR. Hope you have a good one.

A lot about it. Thank you, Mitchell, for calling from Virginia. With the British Open, man, I'm just waiting for the final day to see what happens and whether or not he's able to go out there and hold on. With the commanders, you're 100 percent correct. We'll talk about that more at the top of the hour. The fact that Daniel Snyder can be fined $60 million on the way out the door was already suspended from the franchise.

Yeah, there should be reason for all of the commanders fans to go out there and rejoice. And when it comes to women's sports, yeah, it's not necessary to go out and be a college, or not a college clown, but a class clown. But people do it because it makes them money. And it's not always just in comedy, OK? We have a lot of human beings who do, and there's different degrees of it, they do terrible things, they take advantage of people, they crack jokes and sometimes do despicable things just for money. And so if you can make money and you can do it at somebody else's expense, people do it. This is nothing new. It's just that it's more widespread now with social media, that you can put a video up on YouTube and it can go viral and thousands or millions of people can watch it.

And so people feel emboldened just to go out and be idiots because it can make them some cash, but what else is new, right? 855-212-4CBS, Allen is calling from Toronto, you're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hi, I just wanted to talk to you about the Gideon incident at the WNBA game. And while I understand your point that it was a disrespectful action, I just wanted to hear your take on why that's so different than fans leaving early from a game when their teams aren't performing, as I believe that both those show that a fan is not happy with the product.

So why is one completely accessible and one you're banned from all future events? I just wanted to hear your take. Thanks. No problem, Allen.

Thank you for calling from Toronto. That is very... I hear his point. It's very difficult for me to add any rationale to those being in the same category. It is blatant disrespect to have an intent to go to an event, a sporting event, or it could be a play, it could be whatever. There are live performers there and you don't go. And sports is particular, so let me just throw out like going to a Broadway play and walking out.

People don't necessarily do that. But to go to a sporting event where the idea is to A, have fun, you want to root for your team, you want to root against the other team, it's not uncommon in any sports. It's pretty much a part of a sporting experience. I'm going to cheer you when you do well. I'm going to boo you when you don't do well. And if you really suck, if it's a blowout, if it's the end of the game, I'm going to leave. I've spent my hard-earned money. I've spent my time. There's no effort. This is a bad game.

I'm going to leave. I think that's very different than the intent of going to a game, not to enjoy it, not to watch the game, but to make money off of it, garner attention, and basically make a spectacle out of the sport. There's a huge difference. It's nowhere near the same. It's not disrespectful for someone to get up from a sporting event because they're not happy with the results or it's a blowout or they want to leave or walking out.

It's not even in the same stratosphere. You might as well invite someone over to your house and say, Hey, do you want to watch the movie? And instead of them watching the movie, they kind of lay across your stuff.

They kind of hit everything. Why are you in my kitchen? We're supposed to be watching a movie. Are you supposed to be here for a barbecue? Why are you cooking your food in my house? No, man. Stop.

It's not in the same stratosphere. 855-212-4CBS. Manny is calling from Flushing, New York. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jay? How are you doing? Excellent, Manny.

Go ahead. Good. Like LeBron James said, it's about damn time to watch him finally get a new owner. It's about time.

I'm going to give a few shout-outs to Manny Johnson. Hopefully, he's going to open the doors for other people who look like him to buy an NFL team. Buy an NFL team. Yeah, in due time, we know that there still is not a majority holder who happens to be black of an NFL franchise. And yeah, Magic Johnson coming in as a minority owner is certainly going to have a voice. It'll be interesting to see how outspoken he is with the Los Angeles Lakers. He's someone who is very community driven. He's someone who is not shy about putting out his opinions on Twitter or social media.

It'll be very, very interesting to see how public or how often he speaks on behalf of the commanders. No doubt about that, Manny. Thank you for calling from Flushing. Minty is calling from D.C. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. OK, Minty is up. Then Minty start. Oh, my God. Hey, Kevin, wasn't that person that poor person was just.

He was just about to start. Hey, Minty, if you can, if you can, if you can get back on Minty. Go ahead. It's like Aaliyah said, dust yourself off and try again. It's like that. I don't know if it's six flags commercial or what it is. You've got to be quicker than that, Minty. We've got a lot of people to talk to, a lot of things to do.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We have so much to do. Time flies when you're having fun.

I've been here with you for. Well, this is the first hour of the show and we've already gone through a lot. Dan Snyder, we're going to get in depth in a few minutes at the top of the hour about this sale as Josh Harris takes over. How involved in the day to day or at least publicly is Magic Johnson going to be? We talked about the MLS all star game in D.C., the unified game that I attended. We talked about the Women's World Cup. You don't got to know everybody, but I'm sure they're going to be folks who are going to learn more and more about Trinity Rodman, Rodman's daughter. We're going to get into Lane Kiffin.

Not happy at all with the transfer portal in college. C.J. Gardner Johnson not happy with his tenure as a Philadelphia Eagle. The New York Jets all of a sudden they seem happy with hard knocks. Aaron Rodgers is more kind.

He's more gentler. Justin Fields thinks he's one of the best running quarterbacks of all time. We got a lot to do and we're just getting started.

We're going to talk about these commanders on the other side. It's the JR Sportbree show CBS Sports Radio. The second half of the baseball season is here, and each game means a little, little bit more.

We're talking pennant races and wild card chases with each pitch bringing us closer to the playoffs. The free Odyssey app lets you listen to live play-by-play of your local team. So no matter what you're up to, you'll never have to miss another game. Download the free Odyssey app today and keep baseball close by all summer long. That's A-U-D-A-C-Y. Odyssey.
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