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No Huddle Offense (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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October 10, 2022 9:22 pm

No Huddle Offense (Hour 3)

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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October 10, 2022 9:22 pm

No Huddle Offense: Week 5 l Is there anyway to explain the roughing the passer call on Tom Brady? l Can Texas make a run to the College Football Playoff?

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What's up everybody? Guess who's hosting a new podcast? No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. Listen as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports, interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities, and thought leaders across the political, financial, and social spectrum.

What's up everybody? Guess who's hosting a new podcast? No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. Listen as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports, interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities, and thought leaders across the political, financial, and social spectrum. Listen as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports, interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities, and thought leaders across the political, financial, and social spectrum.

You know me, I'll give you my unbiased opinion. A No Mercy episode drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith, a presentation of Cadence 13, and Odyssey Studio, available on the Odyssey app or wherever you listen to your podcast. And we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

Need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family? Well, Rocket can. It's time for week 5 of No Huddle Offense, only on the Zach Elb Show. How about these Giants? We have not had a good Giants team since 2016.

It's been so bad for New York football the last few years. We'll get to the Jets in just a moment. But the Giants were 3-1, and they were going to London to score off against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. And early on, it looked like it was going to be a royal day for one Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. It was 17-3, I'm thinking after Mercedes Lewis, the old man scores a touchdown.

Okay, we're going to win a bet this weekend. Packers lane 8, we're going to be good. Even at 20-10 at halftime, going to be fine. And then Aaron Rodgers and the Packers forgot how to play football in the second half, or they just got shut down by Wink Martindale, Brian Daball, and the New York football Giants.

Let's listen up. This is a Saquon Barkley 2-yard touchdown run to make it 27-20, with 6.08 left in the fourth quarter into Aaron Rodgers getting the ball batted down on 4th and 1 at the Giants 6-yard line. Here's Bob Papa as the Giants win the game and go to 4-1. Incredible victory for the Giants.

They would have lost that game, no one probably would have said a negative word about them because of how many guys they were down with in the contest. Daniel Jones playing hurt, Saquon Barkley back, but that receiving core is just not good and they beat the Packers 27-22. Barkley 106 yards of total offense and a touchdown.

Bills and the Steelers. If you laid the 14, you're in a great mood. Gabe Davis was also in a great mood. First play that he gets, 98-yard touchdown. Then Gabe Davis went back for more. Here's a 62-yard grab, a one-handed catch, the second TD of the game. This made it 17-3 Buffalo.

Here's John Murphy on the Bills radio network. Snap to Josh, looks downfield, going to throw it, sets up deep, throwing deep, looks downfield for Gabe Davis again. He makes a one-handed catch, goes into the end zone, touchdown Buffalo.

Holy mackerel, they did it again. 62 yards. Gabe Davis made a spectacular one-handed catch. Josh Allen 20-31, 424 yards, 4 touchdowns, 420 passing yards, the most ever by a Bills quarterback in regulation, and he had 348 passing yards in the first half. For Gabe Davis, 3 receptions, 171 yards and 2 scores. Hot take Kiki, quick math for you.

Let's just see how close you come to this. 3 catches, 171 yards. Yards per catch. How many yards per catch is that? 55.4. Pretty close. All right.

57 straight up. Not bad. Not bad. It's a good job by you. Real good job.

Maths. Better job by Gabe, but I'll take it. Oh, I would have never got close to that.

That was a good job by you. Bills go to 4-1, Steelers fall to 1-4. Yikes. Hey, at least I'm winning something this year. I'm getting a steak dinner from Brian McFadden. Remember when he said to me that the Steelers are going to make the playoffs?

They're going to make the playoffs. And I said, I'll bet you a steak dinner on that. Brian, by the way, Peter Luger, Porterhouse, medium rare.

Also like my sides. Lobster mac and cheese. I'll take some creamed spinach.

Get a lot of bacon. Extra bacon too. And the french fries. Well done. And then we'll work on the rest of the order. The schlage and the dessert and all that.

But you're going to be owing me some dinner. Anyway, Chargers and Browns. 30-28, Chargers beat the Browns. Brandon Staley in just dumb fashion goes for it on 4th and 1 in his own 46. Looks like he was going to give away the game as they didn't get it. Cade York, who was the week 1 hero up against the Carolina Panthers.

Well, he turns out to be the week 5-0, missing a 54-yard field goal here as Matt Smith and Daniel Jeremiah on the Chargers radio network. Play clock down to 4. Snap. Kick is up and it is no good.

No good. He pushed it right. I just saw a beer fly from the top of the stadium all the way down.

Oh man, that was close. The Chargers are going to get out of here with a win. If I would have told you before the gamer eye that the Browns would have 213 yards on the ground and 3 rushing touchdowns, you probably would have thought they would have won the game, right?

I feel good about those numbers, absolutely. 238 yards for the Chargers on the ground. Now they only had 2 rushing touchdowns, but Austin Eckler was a stud. 16 carries, 173 yards. If I had to make you do that mental math real quickly once again, 16 carries, 173 yards. How many yards per carry is that for one Austin Eckler?

I think I said this on the show too. 10.3. Pretty close. 10.8.

Oh, good job by you. We'll take it in the ballpark. Chargers win, they're down 3-2. Browns, woof woof.

They fall to 2-3. Vikings and the Bears. Another week where Minnesota can only play a good half of football and they still find a way to win. Kirk Cousins won yard QB sneak to give the Vikings a 29-22 lead with 2.26 left in the 4th quarter into the Cam Dantzler fumble recovery. What a play this was to seal the victory with 1.12 left in the game. Let's listen up to the always entertaining Paul Allen on the Vikings radio network. Bears lead 22-21, 2.5 minutes to go.

Cousins on a sneak. And no signal. No signal. Seriously. What are we doing?

Yes. Touchdown. Kirk on the sneak for a rushing touchdown. Fields back to pass. Throws left.

It's caught. Amir Smith-Marsat against his former team. Cam Dantzler stole it from him. And he slides down and wins the game.

Cam Dantzler ripped the ball away from his former teammate, Amir Smith-Marsat. And he has stolen all hope the Chicago Bears had. The Vikings are going to win.

Is there a better play-by-play guy on the radio when his team is in one of those crazy back and forth games where you're on the verge of blowing a game. You're up 21-3. Jalen Rager finally did something positive in his NFL career. He gets a touchdown, puts him up 21-3. Then eventually the Bears get the lead 22-21 before you had all that mayhem go down where the Vikings end up getting the victory out of all the NFL play-by-play guys.

Hot take hickey. Just the play-by-play guys. Not into the big time debate of is it Scott Zolack or Dave Lapham as the best color analyst in the NFL on the radio. Is there anything that tops one Paul Allen? I'm trying a thing. I don't think so.

Greg Papa brings a lot of energy. No. Touchdown.

San Francisco. No. You like that one? Doesn't get you going?

Too much stick for me on that. I like Mitch Holtus. He's another legendary voice. Great pipes.

But to answer your question, no. No one can top Paul Allen and his energy. Final numbers from the game. Kirk Cousins 32 of 41, 296 yards and a touchdown. Started the game 17-17. Most consecutive completions in Vikings history.

Justin Jefferson didn't find the end zone but he did have 12 receptions for 154 yards and also completed a pass for 23 yards. The Patriots. We had some life on offense. Can we go up against the Lions each and every week?

And I don't ever want to hear again. Oh the Lions. Look at their offense.

They're in so many games. Number one offense in the NFL. Means jack when you have one win. Fight off those kneecaps, Dan Campbell. How do you like me now?

Anyway, talking about energy. Kyle Duggar. 59 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. This is on what, 4th and 9?

What were they doing here? Going for it. This made it 13-0 Pats.

Here's Bob Socey and the background noise of one Scott Zolack on the Patriots radio network. Takes the step. He is going to look to play it out. He's chased by Juba. Going to the left.

It's scooped up. Duggar has it. Foot race to the 35-30. Duggar's in the clear to the 10 and zone bowed. High stepping, leaping, coming down with a touchdown New England. Way to flip the field. Good job Dan Campbell.

And all your little cronies upstairs. Going for their little markings in their books. Oh 4th and 9.

Oh the sheet said the chart says to go for it. Zolack. Part of the analytic nerds in a blender. Oh that was awesome. My favorite part of that though, you had to really be listening carefully. I've never heard a color analyst go, That's like me on my couch watching the game. Can I get the beginning of that call one more time? Takes the step. He is going to look to play it out. He's chased by Juba. Going to the left. It's scooped up. Duggar has it. Foot race to the 35-30.

Duggar's in the clear to the 10. That's amazing. You know what that sounds like? Remember I told you about my uncle who's so passionate and watches the game?

That would be my uncle. Kill him. Yeah. Get me the cookies.

I'm ready to go. Yeah. That's awesome. That's unbelievable.

Kill him. The best. The best.

Take that nerds. I love Zolack. From Andre Stevenson. 25 carries for 161 yards. He killed the Lions defense. Bailey Zappi gets his first NFL win as a starter. Saints and the Seahawks.

Wild back and forth game. Taysom Hill at four total touchdowns. Let's hear the 60-yard TD run. This made it the final score of 39-32 with 522 left in the fourth quarter. They also got the two-point conversion off this.

From the right hash mark. Taysom Hill keeps it. Looks for first down and he's got it. And he's got room to run.

50, 40, 30, 20. Will he get caught from behind? That is going to be a touchdown. Taysom Hill. T-T-Taysom TD.

60 yards. That's a weird call. T-T-Taysom Hill? Taysom TD? You like that call?

Let's just say it's not as good as the last two we played before that. Mike Haas on the Saints radio network. He's a new play-by-play guy, right? Because Zach Schrieff used to do it. And now he's an assistant offensive line coach or something like that for the Saints. Anytime I hear his calls, I'm not a fan.

Yeah. 9 carries for T-T-Taysom Hill. 112 yards, 3 touchdowns and he also threw for a touchdown pass in the game.

22 yards. You know the happiest people who are watching this game? You've got to take two guesses. The happiest people watching this game. Taysom Hill's mom and dad?

No. Sean Payton. Sean Payton and? Mike Westoff.

Yes! There we go. Remember when Mike Westoff said in the show? Taysom Hill is kind of like Lamar Jackson except he throws the football better.

Once again, those are the views of Mike Westoff, not the views of Zach Gelb on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. He also recovered a fumble in special teams, Taysom Hill? Is that right? That's right. He did it. He literally did it all yesterday.

I missed that part. That's a heck of a job though for T-T-Taysom Hill. Jets and Dolphins. Breece Hall had a day. Let's listen up to Bobby Shusen on Jetson Radio Network. Ruckert motions. Tossed to the right to Breece Hall.

Cuts it back. At the 5. Down inside the 1 with a flag down. He's in the end zone for a touchdown if the play stands.

A couple of flags are thrown. The zone to the play is a touchdown. There it is. Jets were just dynamite on the ground. Crazy performance. 5 rushing touchdowns for the Jets. Breece Hall had 1. Michael Carter had 2. Braxton Berrios had 1 and Zach who's back.

First game starting in the swamps of Jersey this year. He gets a rushing touchdown as well. Breece Hall, the start of the game, 18 carries for 97 yards and that rushing TD and then 2 receptions for 100 yards as the Jets win 40-17. Remember Teddy Bridgewater was starting for the injured Tua-Tunga-Viloa. Teddy Bridgewater left the game earlier than Skylar Thompson had to come in 19-33.

166 yards and a pick for one Skylar Thompson. The Jets. These Jets 3-2. Dolphins they fall to 3-2 as well.

Buccaneers and the Falcons. Leonard Fournette a 1 yard touchdown reception. This made it 21-0. Bucks in the third quarter.

Here's Gene Decker off on the Bucks Radio Network. Rudolph in motion to the right of the snap. Play-action fake in the pass by Brady. 2-4. That's hot snaps and away. Easy pickings for Tom Brady and Leonard Fournette.

Fire the cannons. That was the last touchdown, the last points in the game that the Buccaneers did score. They ended up winning the game 21-15 but a controversial play here.

Start down. Falcons are getting off the field and they called a roughing the passer on Jarrett and Grady Jarrett. It was one of the worst calls I've ever seen. And that is coming from the biggest Tom Brady fan that there is. It was a horrible, horrible, horrible, weak, terrible, brutal call by the officials.

Brady though in the game 35-52, 351 yards and a passing touchdown. Titans and the commanders. You know what?

Just play the audio. Go ahead. Wentz takes the snap. Looking. Throwing. Intercepted. Intercepted.

David Long. 10. 20. 25.

30. Runs into his own man. David Long is taken down at the 46. And the Titans had shut down the commanders at the 2. Yes.

That is a hell yes. Mike Keith and Coach Dave McGinnis on the Titans Radio Network. Now the two plays before that, Wentz almost threw picks at the 2-yard line. Then he does throw a pick. When you get an interception like that right at the goal line, Ryan, you would think there would be the announcer sounding a little bit more surprised. Like, was this just expected?

There was not a lot of initial shock when it happened. I know it's Wentz. He stinks, but come on. And like you said, the first two passes, he's floating in danger. So it's kind of like, all right, he's going to do it again and just catch the ball this time. Texans and the Jaguars. I told you I was going to be bizarrely excited about this game.

It's going to be close to what people thought. Texans get their first one on the year. They're now 1-3-1. Damian Pierce, 1-yard touchdown run. This made it 13-6 Houston with 3.11 left in the fourth quarter. Here's Mark VanderMeer on the Texans Radio Network. Offs and I hand off Pierce to the goal line.

He's in! The Texans take the lead. A 1-yard touchdown run by Damian Pierce.

Welcome back to Gator country. 26 carries for 99 yards and a touchdown through receptions for 14 yards as well for Damian Pierce. Last game for Matt Rule is the head football coach of the Carolina Panthers. The 49ers beat up on the Panthers 37-15.

Today, as you know, Matt Rule was fired. Here's Jeff Wilson Jr. on a 1-yard TD run to make it 30-12 in the fourth quarter. Here's Greg Papa, Hickey's favorite announcer, and Tim Ryan on the 49ers Radio Network. Jeff Wilson Jr. 70 carries for 120 yards and the score. Jimmy under center. Huge check ahead of Wilson. They give it to Wilson off the right side. Touchdown San Francisco! And give a little, give a little assist to the Outer Banks.

The big fella, the tuna trawler. Aaron Banks pushing Jeff Wilson into the end zone and giving him the surge into the serve for 6. That's a good job by Tim Ryan. Like that call. Cowboys Rams 22-10. Big time effort for the Dallas Cowboys in LA. Tony Pollard 57-yard touchdown run. This made it 16-10 Dallas in the second quarter. Let's listen up to the Cowboys Radio Network as they had a lot of rushing attempts to a call as Tony Pollard goes for 86 yards and a touchdown.

Ezekiel Elliott also had 78 yards as well. And they're going to give the ball to Pollard. He busts up the middle.

He broke the tackle. Right to the 40. Chased from behind at the 30. Turns left at the 20. To the 10.

To the 5. And Pollard with a house call. Touchdown Tony Pollard. Cooper Rush as the starting quarterback. 3-0 this year. Cowboys go to 4-1 on the year. Rams fall to 2-3. Lost to the 49ers last week.

Then get blown out by the Cowboys. Cowboys defense was awesome. Micah Parsons with two sacks in the contest. And really that Rams offense is only Cooper Cup. 7 receptions 125 yards and a score. Not much life for the Rams on offense.

Eagles and the Cardinals. This game looked like it was going to be a blowout when it was 14-0. Then in the second quarter, the Cardinals were able to put up 10 points. And late in this game, it was 20-17 in favor of the Eagles.

Kyler Murray, I guess you could say, gets the Cardinals in field goal range. Controversial spike on third down. They thought they got a first down.

Was not the case. It leads to this fourth down play. And this is the missed 43-yard field goal with 22 seconds left. The Eagles hold on to win.

Here is Maurice and Mike Quick on the Eagles radio network. 43-yard attempt. The ball is spotted.

The kick is underway and the kick is. No good. It's no good.

It is wide right. No good. He missed it. The officials hesitated and he missed it. Now that game is in a dome.

I don't think this is being talked about. I look back and watch that. Milton Williams, I did not know who he was before this, but he's 93 on the Eagles. He gets his big paw on the football, I think. I think he maybe got a finger on the football.

Because Ryan, you watch that. I know it's an inexperienced kicker who's been all around the NFL and you know it better than anybody with this guy. But that was so far right. That was almost the Madden kind of meme where the kick is all the way lined up to the right when you're hitting a 40-something-yard field goal. That had to have been deflected. I hope so.

I've not looked too deeply into it as you have. I hope that's the case. But he was on the Chiefs. He's not exactly the most accurate kicker. Don't tell this to Justin Pugh. Not his fault. That's true.

You're right. Jalen Hurts, 26 of 36 for 239 yards. Hurts was also the Eagles' leading rusher with 15 carries for 61 yards and the safest bet in the NFL. Jalen Hurts, anytime touchdown at two rushing touchdowns in the game. Ravens and Bengals. Back and forth we go. Bengals take the lead late only to get their hearts ripped out by Justin Tucker.

Mr. Automatic, Mr. Clutch. 43-yard game-winning field goal with no time left to win the game. Lamar Jackson the contest 19-32 for 174 yards touchdown and a pick. Lamar also 12 times running the football for 58 yards. But here's the game-winning kick by Tucker. Jerry Sandusky. Jerry with the G on the Ravens from Radio Network. Nick Moore has the snap.

Jordan Stout will have the hole. Snap is good. Hold is down. Kick on the way. It is up.

It is good. Time has expired and the Haves and the Barb. That is No Huddle Offense, Week 5, Zach Gelb show, CBS Sports Radio.

What's up everybody? Guess who's hosting a new podcast? No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. Listen as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports. Interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities, and thought leaders across the political, financial, and social spectrum. You know me.

I'll give you my unbiased opinion. A No Mercy episode drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith.

A presentation of Cadence 13 and Odyssey Studio available on the Odyssey app or wherever you listen to your podcast. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. He was stopped short three times and then got the first, but Raiders fans, there is a flag on the play and it's in the area of offensive holding it looks like. So I'm assuming this first down is not going to count and then it's going to go into a third and long type of situation.

And yes, it's an illegal block in the back against the Raiders. Who do you like in this game tonight? All right.

Well, here's the better way to ask it. How many points do you like the Chiefs in this game tonight? Hot Take Kiki, because this was a controversial discussion in the newsroom earlier. Our boss, David Mayernik, who was like bitching about Tom Brady, which he does each and every Monday.

And it's just been kind of disgraceful at this point by Mayernik, even though I'm a big fan of David Mayernik, but not as fan of his Tom Brady takes right now. He was saying he would plus the seven points with the Raiders tonight. And I made a point to him that the Chiefs, I kind of view them right now as like Alabama, even though Alabama did not have the best weekend in the world. But they did win the game where no matter what the spread is, if I'm thinking about taking the team that's going up against Alabama.

I just don't do it plus the points because when you lose that, you just say, wow, I feel like I'm the biggest moron in the world. So I do think the Chiefs are going to cover tonight by the seven points, but we are nine minutes in and still no score between the Raiders and the Chiefs. So how do you think the the Chiefs fare tonight there, Hot Take Kiki?

I am with you. I think they win this game pretty handily, no real sweating, no real concern. This Raiders team has not been very good. And we've talked about a lot of the bad playing football so far through the first month. One of the teams you can not include in that conversation has been the Chiefs. They've been one of the most consistent team so far.

So I will buy into that. And I think that continues tonight. You love hyping up the Chiefs, by the way. They're a good team.

They are. And I'm not taking anything away from the Chiefs, but you love hyping them up because somehow you guys got a victory. Your Colts up against the Kansas City Chiefs. But it's not college football. So like if the Chiefs lose every game from here on out, it doesn't like impact.

It doesn't matter. Like it's you don't need style points in the NFL. It's about own wins. And just saying Hot Take Kiki just said the Chiefs are going to win the game and do so going away.

Devante Adams just got a 58 yard touchdown. You just said the same thing. I know, but it's different when I say it compared to what you said. Oh my God.

There is a difference. I acknowledge my mistakes. I acknowledge when I'm wrong. Like my NFL picks have been horrible this year. I have like four wins against the spread. I picked three games a week through the first five weeks of the season. I've been ass when it comes to picking games so far. But unlike you, I'm able to acknowledge when I've been in the wrong, where last week you're still telling me that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl, which I just don't get. But that's like a never ending thing with you.

So that's why it is different. I'm a man of accountability. I tell you when I'm right. I tell you when I'm when I'm wrong for you. You never tell us when you're wrong. Oh, I'm not afraid to tell. I put it out there on Twitter.

I've highlighted my many ale picks. I have laughed myself plenty of time, but I believe you were just the one who called out our boss for laughing at his plus seven take. No, no, no, no.

He's the one that out our boss for his Tom Brady. But also, no, no, I just say no, no, no. I said that was the topic of conversation that we're having in the newsroom.

And David was thinking of plus seven and a half points, getting drawn into radio. And all I said was, I can't bet against Kansas City. Do what you want. Bet how you want. But I can't bet against Kansas City in any game, because if I take the other side and plus the points and Kansas City blows them out, then it's like, wow, I'm an idiot. I'm a moron.

I'm a dope. So that was the only part that I brought up David. I more so brought up David, our boss, because he's just bitching about Tom Brady each and every.

He texted me about Tom Brady two weeks ago. Oh, my God, don't just complain. How was it Tom Brady's fault what happened up against the Falcons? It was disgraceful, terrible call, awful call. One of the worst roughing the passer calls I've ever seen. I have no clue how to hit the quarterback anymore. I have no clue what pass interference is.

I have no clue what is or what isn't a catch. But that wasn't on Tom Brady. That was the referees just being soft.

Who cares? Brady gets up and asked for a flight. You can't give him the flag in that spot. That was a textbook tackle by Grady Jarrett. No, I don't agree.

Tom did not have anything to do with that one. Yeah. So you're agreeing that Maronick was in the wrong there for for trying to poke the bear in the newsroom. Jerome Boger, also the same ref last week, who had that questionable hit roughing the passer on Josh Allen. That extended a Bill's drive that did eventually to win West Durham, who does the games for the Falcons after the game.

He I read what he posted. Now I'm paraphrasing here, but it's pretty much. Oh, good to see the rest of the world now knows about this referee because we see him pretty much a few times a year. And every time the officiating is disgraceful, you can't call that in that spot. What I don't see.

What's the teaching? Well, if you're the referee, what do you say? Like, do this better and we won't throw the flag. I don't understand how you're supposed to like then say, don't do this. Don't do what then?

It's funny that we now live in with covid. You shouldn't advise sneezing on someone, but just these on him next time. And then we'll rule him down or to end touch. We're going to give Tom Brady these flags. Now, Paul, I'll give credit to Antoine Winfield Junior. So this is right in the aftermath of the game. He joined me an eye on football and I had to ask him about the play. Here was the minute exchange from Antoine Winfield Junior and yours truly an eye on football yesterday on CBS Sports Radio. There's a controversial play at the end of the game that extended a drive for you guys when there was a roughing. The passer called.

I'm just trying to wonder your defensive player in this league. You've seen it go both ways. How do you hit the quarterback now?

Yeah, that's a great question. You can't hit him too hard and you can't you can't hit him too soft because they might break a break out and throw a pass or something. So, yeah, it's tricky with the quarterbacks.

You know, all you can really do is wrap them up to the whistleblowers, I guess. Did you think that was the right call or you guys got a roughing the passer when Grady Jarrett sacked Tom Brady in third and five? Yeah, because I'm on the good side of it.

But you don't agree with the you like the call. It goes your way. But you got it.

That was you. You would be thinking that'd be right. Exactly. Exactly. So I appreciate the honesty like in the beginning.

Hey, it's a great question. I have no clue how to hit the quarterback. I'm happy we benefited from the call. But yeah, if that was called against my team, if I made that hit, you would be outraged.

And you know what? It's crazy to say this with the way that that game momentum was shifting. Where it was 21-0 Tampa and then the game just stopped for Tampa Bay. If the Falcons get the ball back there at 21-15, I think they end up winning the game. Like I really would believe they're in that spot. And I know it's trust in Mariota and an offense that isn't all that good. But in that spot, I got to think that the Falcons are going to get the ball back and they're going to go march down the field and win the game. But the Falcons have won that game if they get the football back. I'll take it. I will say no.

I will say the veteran defense of the Bucks steps up and gets one stop. Marco, what you make of the call? Because you've seen a lot of football. You're a veteran around here. That was just inexcusable.

Man, I get older by the day. It is true. Yeah. No, it's obviously it's an awful call.

It's awful. Look, I know what they were. I know why they called it.

I do. I think that's the one thing that gets lost. The fact that he kind of rolled over on them and he didn't do it hard.

He didn't do it in any way that should have been a penalty. But I think that's what they called. I think that's the reason why you got the flag. But what else?

I understand that. But when he tackled them, look, the way the NFL is now, because they don't want your full body weight on the quarterback. Once he tossed him, they didn't like the fact that he rolled over with him and on top of them. Then Brady basically tried to kick him and he kind of got up and over him. I think they were looking at the fact that he eventually wound up on top of Brady and then was kind of jumping away. I don't think they saw the Brady kick. They saw Jared coming off of them. It's the wrong call.

It's awful. But at least I think I know what I saw. Does that make sense? I guess I understand what you're saying.

I think that's why they got it. You're not going to get me to say that. Oh, I still agree with the.

No, no, no, no. I don't agree with the call. The call was awful. But at least I know. There's times where you look at it and you go, what the hell am I looking at?

What exactly is it? I think I know what he saw. He just saw it wrong. Now, this was the exact quote after the game. What I had was the defender grabbed the quarterback while he was still in the pocket and necessarily throwing him to the ground. Boger said in a postgame pool report, this is what I was making my decision based on.

I think your explanation makes more sense than that. I didn't see that. And that's an awful job by Boger because I was giving him a little bit of an out. That's awful. If he thought that he shut like threw him down to the ground too hard. Once again, then that's awful. What I had was the defender grabbed the quarterback while he was still in the pocket and necessarily throwing him to the ground.

That's that's garbage. He didn't throw him down too hard. He didn't. Oh, again, did he roll up on top of them? Yes. Did he do it in a. I don't know. Giving him. Yeah.

Give him the business type of. No, I mean, like, no, he just tackled him. That's just the way that's the way his momentum took him. There was a preseason game. This must have been now for I was doing the weekend overnight, so I had to be over four years ago and I was still covering the Eagles a little bit. And it was a controversial I think it was in the Vikings preseason. And I'll never forget going in the locker room like two days later in Philadelphia and I went up to Chris Long because everyone's talking about this. And I asked Chris Long about it. He just looked at me.

He goes, man, I'm in a passive mood today. Like, I'm not in the mood to answer this question because it's a weird spot for players to kind of blast the referees because they can only get fine. And everyone knows what it is. But there's no way to know how to hit the quarterback anymore.

Again, they're trying to make it safe. And I understand the concept. But at some point you actually have to play the game.

I realize it is a violent sport. And you have to understand that there's guys on the other side. Like I get it when you say like, no, you know, I don't want you to take that second step.

I don't want you to be too violent. I get all that and I and I get it. But you're also telling guys that are going 100, you know, 100 percent, basically 100 miles an hour. And you want them to be able to think and react. And it's hard to do. There's going to be mistakes.

It's just that's the way it is. And when you get something like this, where you see that it's not malicious, that's where you got to let it go. I think you said earlier, how else was he supposed to hit him? Like, how else was he supposed to? I mean, he wrapped him up by the waist. And again, did he violently toss him to the ground? In my opinion, you know, if you make contact with the head, if you smash someone's head, you can't go high, can't go low. Yeah. You try to take someone's legs out. Totally different. Right.

I don't know what else Grady Jarrett is supposed to do. But that's what I mean. So you got him by the waist. Now, if he had just kind of flung him down without rolling up on top of him, which I don't know if that was possible, the way his momentum was taking him. I don't think there's anything he could have done.

I don't know. And then you're telling me that it was the way he threw him down. Like, I get it. Brady's not mobile, but like, you still got to tackle the guy. Like, he's still got to get him. You can't just touch him and he's not going to fall.

Like, it doesn't work like that. He's going as hard as he can. You're trying to go half that speed. You still have to tackle the man. I know he's 45, but he's still a pretty big dude. Like, you still got to get him to the ground.

I don't know what he was supposed to do in that spot. Zach Yelp Show, CBS Sports Radio, Oklahoma beat down once again this time, the worst one they've suffered. And then how do we evaluate Texas after Red River Showdown with Quinn Ewers now back? We will answer all that on the other side. A presentation of Cadence 13 and Odyssey Studio available on the Odyssey app or wherever you listen to your podcast. What's up, everybody? Guess who's hosting a new podcast? No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. Listen, as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports, interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities and thought leaders across the political, financial and social spectrum. You know me.

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Real quickly here. There was a fan tonight at the Chiefs game. I just saw this from our pal James Palmer of the NFL Network. He has a sign, Hickey, pertaining to a quarterback that is not playing in this game tonight. It's not a sign of support for his guy, Patrick Mahomes. It's not a sign of criticism for one Derek Carr, the opposing quarterback that is at Arrowhead tonight. You have any idea who this sign is about? It is of an active quarterback in the National Football League. Um, I have seen the tweet, so you suck. I could have just pretend I didn't see it. Take a guess that it should have done that.

Oh, let's go with, I don't know, Russell Wilson. Oh, I got it right. Wow. What can I say? I just got a knack for these things. Or I could have just owned up to have been honest and said, you know, I saw it.

A man of honesty, integrity. I know that this is AFC West on AFC West, but there is no Denver Broncos playing in this game. What's the thought process of bringing a Russ Can't Cook sign to the game if you're a Chiefs fan? You are, it's actually got to be fired up because people that wear the jersey of a team that's not playing in the game to a stadium or people that bring signs like this Russ Can't Cook to a game that has nothing to do with the Broncos.

To be clear, but the sign, I get your point. Kick him out. Kick him out? Kick him out. If fans want to attack him, beat him up.

I have no problem. You know what? This this stuff has to stop.

Advocate for it has to stop. Fan getting beat up for bringing a Russ Can't Cook sign and the guy can't have the freedom to bring a Russ Can't Cook sign. I agree it's out of place, but beat him up and kick him out of the stadium. What's wrong with you? I think this is the most egregious thing fans could do because all you do is bringing attention to yourself. The most egregious thing? Do you see some of the violence that occurs in stadiums?

You know what you're trying to do. This is hyperbole, Hickey. I may have fired up because at Saturday at the Mets game, there's a guy sitting two rows in front of you with an Aaron Judge jersey on. And maybe I'm just still having PTSD from that and just frustration. Was he a Mets fan trying to get Judge on the Mets?

No, it was a Yankee jersey with, even worse, Judge written out on the back. So that's an ultimate fraud. If you want that debate, Peter Schwartz Mraz already had it. I don't need to hear it. The point is, when you do stuff like that, all you're doing is you are inviting attention to yourself. And I'm not for it. I'm sorry. Don't take the attention away from the game. Don't be selfish.

And if you want to be selfish like that, you get what's coming to you. That's all I'll say. I'm not advocating anything. I'm just saying security. I'm the moron. You're a moron. What is the point of bringing a Russ Can't Cook sign? It's stupid, but you're just saying that the guy should get the crap beat out of him.

What are you, an animal? I'm not advocating. I'm just saying. You're raised by a bunch of savages? If that were to happen. I would think your parents are probably two nice people.

They're very nice. Which, by the way, you had the Mets game Saturday night, right? I've already ranted about the Mets. And I said I wouldn't bring up the Mets again. But you brought up the Mets. I didn't bring up the Mets. So I've already told you how disgusted I am with our baseball team. But a little birdie in the newsroom told me that he met the whole hickey clan.

Parents, sister, girlfriend. I was at the game. You know, I was at the game. I said, let's meet up for a beer on, what was it, Friday? No text, no nothing. No, hey, Zach, what's up?

Nothing from you. But Rich Ackerman? Ack gets to meet the whole hickey family? It was right time, right place. Their booth is right by the train where they got off. And they walked by. They saw Ack. And they said, oh, I want to go meet him.

But they weren't going to just do it without walking up to him. Your parents wanted to meet Ack? They wanted to meet Ack.

I wanted to meet the person whose voice they hear every night. I like Ack. I tried to tell them that. But your parents, geez, they want to meet Ack for what? Ack's a great person. Did your parents bring a sign, let's go Ack, to the game or something like that?

If they did, I would have said, security, I got four people over here, get them out. You can beat up my mom and my dad. Let's go Ack. All right, out of here. The sign to me is weird.

The Russ can't cook at the game. It's the guy trying to get on TV. And it worked. The guy's getting talked about. Yeah, I guess. Congratulations. Well, I fell into the trap.

Shame on me. Giving this guy the attention he wanted. The fan is an attention-seeking horn.

He got his attention. That's what it is. Congratulations, buddy. By the way, Oklahoma, just abysmal. Absolutely abysmal. They lost three games in a row. Brent Venables can't stop anyone with his defense. Lough 41 points to Kansas State, 55 to TCU, and in this Texas game, you allow Texas to put up not only 49, but you can't score a point? And you get embarrassed in Red River, which we always say, right, it's a high-scoring game, always finds a way to be close.

Nope. Good to see Quinn Ewers back. That's a disgraceful performance by Oklahoma.

And here's something I'll just throw out there, Ryan. We've never seen a two-loss team make the playoffs. I don't think Texas is running the playoffs. But I did think about this, running the schedule, and I don't think Texas is going to the playoffs. But if Texas were to run the schedule, when Ewers gets injured in an Alabama game, Ewers, they're now playing the Texas Tech game that they lost by three. If they go on to beat Iowa State, beat Oklahoma State, beat Kansas State, beat TCU, beat Kansas, beat Baylor, and then win the Big 12 championship, in this funky year of college football where you know Georgia, Alabama are going to get in, Big 10's going to get a spot. Let's say the Pac-12 beats up on one another.

Let's just say Clemson gets a loss. If Texas is a two-loss team with a Big 12 championship when their quarterback was out for two of those losses, do they have an argument? I don't think they would get in.

I don't think it's going to happen. But I saw Barrett Salih throw this out there, and it got me thinking. I'm going to say no, because a lot would have to go wrong, and also Texas would have to win out. There's a lot going against them, but I would love to see an argument where if you have, let's say, five ranked wins with two losses versus, let's say, a Clemson schedule, that outside of NC State, right, Clemson would have to get a loss. They're 12-1, but their only win is against NC State. It's not exactly an impressive resume. Nothing against Joey Maguire and Texas Tech. It would have been a whole lot more of a compelling argument if their only loss was to Alabama. And let's say they survived that game without quitting Ewers against Texas Tech, and then they ran the gall the rest of the way.

For them to do that, though, it's a long shot, but something that I did see over the weekend. What's up, everybody? Guess who's hosting a new podcast? No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith. Listen as I pull back the curtain on everything beyond the world of sports, interviewing influential guests, outspoken celebrities, and thought leaders across the political, financial, and social spectrum. You know me. I'll give you my unbiased opinion. A No Mercy episode drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No Mercy with Stephen A. Smith, a presentation of Cadence 13, and Odyssey Studio, available on the Odyssey app or wherever you listen to your podcast.
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