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Chris Myarick, New York Giants Tight End

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb
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September 14, 2022 9:11 pm

Chris Myarick, New York Giants Tight End

Zach Gleb Show / Zach Gleb

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Chris appreciate the time. How are you doing great directly from you. We appreciate you coming on. Congratulations on the way.

Take me through that touch that we just played to the audiotape interview process to touch them. We got down there. Remote drive ball that brought the wrong gram back to Backlick without water, you simply look good on looks (now would you score the talks thinking to myself okay they should go for to get a new coat. She got a team that is out of the expectations this year, why not take me through you guys beat in the huddle when Dave all parts of the two fingers and gives you the play call of the golfer to the world to be aggressive and was caught off guard that we wanted to meet everyone would want to do the same way to camp regarding think that we want. What an sake on Berkeley show you in that game because there's been a lot of doubts on what Sequim Berkeley could be after the high expectations he was unbelievable. On Sunday we knew that we haven't seen all ALL you know everyone running out for all their hard work pay off. We see that everyday practice guide Chris Myrick your thoughts at the big touchdown up against the Tennessee Titans. The Giants get a week one victory say about your football team you guys were down 13 to nothing and you guys find a way to come on back against a team that last year was the number one seed in the AFC was at say about the New York Giants this year that were not were not everyone together play a complete game football down through all the defense for old member maps like math and herself. You know you a couple short fields. They really really been great.

I really have to come back in your passion so far behind able a lot like his aggressiveness. You always been aggressive them.

Everyone agrees about how we want to play were quite team so it's good. Also, I did know was that good of a dancer in the post yellow go find out what it will for every team meeting so you got a big variety of live music you like anyplace you will put everything from some old country sometimes will sprinkle America pretty brown. It seems that locker master the game.

Chris Myrick. I thought of me mellowed out pretty much the video from the time we were excited when you get the touchdown sake. One gets a two point conversion Tennessee Dane is going down the other. When the lineup that came on the field all 10 hell made a heckuva pass. How did you process the missed field on the on the sideline over to look over the white matter matters we end up come away with. Explain your story because I remember when you got the scholarship and cabinet, Gandhi handed you a scholarship at Temple University with your parents. There they told you that you can be a scholarship member you were someone that was a walk on that eventually undrafted, and now I know sending your first touch on the NFL, but you made a big play on Sunday just take me to the origins of your story. 11. Upon proper cooling towers don't go to camp and start to walk on by day climbed the ranks that where you know well, scholarship undrafted practice cloud one step at a time and I know you're only with the Bengals last year for a little bit but you're on their practice squad. Towards the end of that Super Bowl run just what you take away from that experience not to go, you will realize how rare everything is my told you all the time. I remember Michael for during the meetings they went around the room. I think after he won the race for only a few guys greatly hand staff included you're looking around." We heard 34 years like 50 years of their first Super Bowl so I realize how great of an opportunity that was Chris Myrick here with us from the Giants is going back to that culture. The Bengals have since you were there for a little bit barley on those unbelievable Jamar Chase is a great player just can you speak a little bit to the culture and what they're building there in Cincinnati. Great clearly culture outside the outgoing rep about six weeks or you can tell that all the players work with, come together and how we need to do things, Department of the great Bay really liked things and so your quarterback Daniel Jones your impression so far being around Daniel Jones and what you think you can accomplish this year on Sunday is a great leader and God the huddle matter what happened the previous play what the situation is from calm corncob in the right direction the wind game so everyone behind everyone support him and I think you is on the right track this weekend after victory you guys do have the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium early impression so far not Panthers defense very very fast speed. Speed is a major role in their defense counsel work on the lookout Congratulations. It was a heckuva a weekend last week in the NFL.

To kick things off great that football back.

Good to see you score a touchdown. You been a temple guy and what an ending to a game so things are coming on the

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