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Question and Answer Program No. 67

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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November 15, 2019 12:00 am

Question and Answer Program No. 67

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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November 15, 2019 12:00 am

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in from listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Also, due to weather this time which prevented our recording session, this program is a repeat of QA20, which aired in June of 2016.

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See, every sin that anyone commits every sin of the believer, past, present and future, is covered by the blood of Christ forgiving the record of iniquity is placed on Christ.

All right, in Colossians 214.

The Jesus canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, having nailed it to the cross. So right now, every sin, past, present and future is out of the blood of Christ this opportunity to answer questions we received from listeners. We have a phone line set up just to take your question, to give you that number in just a few moments, but here is our first question for the day before I go to my question. I just wanted thank you so much for the blessing you have been in my life. I lost my husband this past year I blocked my eyesight. My year just such an encouragement.

But my question is you are tying about Jesus and the glorified body and that he had discarded hand and on a side insult people recognized him but I have always wondered as babies that die are those that have been outboard Ed how glorified bodies be will baby babies in heaven. I guess that that's my main question. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Ellen for calling and with that question and were grateful to learn that the ministry of wisdom for the heart is a blessing to you Stephen before you answer Ellen's question I want you to hear from another listener because we received a similar question from Gary Gary from Carolina I had a question in your series, aiming higher in verse 21, three, the statement of being transformed our lowly body, his glorious body could you please share any Scripture regarding when we do go to our heavenly kingdom. How we recognize other people is it in the form that they were when they past or is it a new body and we would just recognize the spirit and second question is for newborns or babies that died in the womb. How will we know them as follows their appearance in new body. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for your ministry.

Such a blessing.

Thank you so much Gary for calling and with that question and Ellen as well so Stephen is really a question into parts, let's deal with the idea babies first yell. Thank you so much Ellen for that unit staggering to me to just consider the facts related to infant mortality. When you think about babies going to heaven, which I believe they do think David's preclear when he says that this child who died as a child. He's going to be reunited with and that that key text by the way, and second Samuel chapter 12, but just think about the fact that, according to the World Health Organization, 4 million babies die in one year. I know that in my state of North Carolina. It's just right about a thousand babies die before their first birthday. So there are literally millions upon millions of babies who've entered eternity before they ever reach their first birthday.

And of course you add to that the border of the miscarried what we have to do because there isn't one verse that just sort of packages at all. We have to compare Scripture with Scripture, but as we go to Scripture. Keep in mind that in terms of global numbers we have about 41,000 babies dying every single day. So I think this is an important question because it's going to affect literally billions of people over the course of human history as we compare Scripture with Scripture. First thing we discover from the prophet Jeremiah is that wonderful statement where he's hearing from God. God is speaking to him in chapter 1 and he says to Jeremiah before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I sanctified you and I ordained you a prophet to the nation and what God is saying here's is really profound and so many layers we don't have time for, obviously, but he says to Jeremiah I formed you, I knew you. I sanctified you in other words, Jeremiah is in some lump of impersonal tissue in the womb.

He is a person is not an appendage to mother's body is a living person. In fact, both David and Jeremiah are viewed by God is living persons. Even before they're born. Keep in mind as well that God has a purpose and a plan for every single life according to Ephesians chapter 2 in verse six he already sees us seated with him in the heavenly's so life begins by the will of God. Every child conceived by the way, cannot be conceived apart from the will of God. God loved God created God breathes life into that fertilized egg and for millions upon millions of pre-born infants and infants who are born God's purposes for their lives have been fulfilled in the mystery of his plan in a matter of months or days or moments. This means that God's purposes for your child or your grandchild's life were fulfilled perfectly.

Even the from our perspective it was only a matter of days or weeks or months, and for that child who died the reality of God's purpose for him or her is beyond anything we can really fully know this side of heaven. I think these are some of the questions were just connect the weight forward until we we see him now when it baby goes to heaven to be with the Lord. I guess the question would be, you know what is heaven that if there 41,000 babies dying every day is heaven littered with strollers and highchairs and other angels assigned in some kind of heavenly preschool attend. The nursery gathers a big huge nursery of know whatever the child's limitations or maturities here on earth where they are gone instantly. Just as an old person like myself.

I'm not going to have problems with my joints in my knees and all the other limitations immediately. That's going to change as I'm given my glorified immortal body were told there's a multitude in heaven, and that multitude represents every tribe, tongue, people group nation and think about the fact the gospel is not reached, every tongue, every tribe, every people group every nation. There's only one way that there can be people representing every tribe and tongue and that is infants and children from those tribes, clans, and people groups will be there testifying forever to the grace and glory of God. Thank you Steven and then specifically to Gary's portion of the question. Will we recognize each other when were in heaven yeah Gary, great question. I think Matthew 17 is a signature text as well as Luke 16 where the rich man and Lazarus die you have in Matthew 17.

The Mount of Transfiguration were Jesus and Moses and Elijah are recognizable and given their glorified status. The disciples recognize the Lord after his resurrection, the continuity of his body in the retaining of his scars is very very significant not just for what it represents in terms of the atoning work of Christ but also in terms of what our bodies are to look like his body is like the physical body that we have just without any limitations. It is immortalize its glorified organ to shine as shining ones were going to be like Moses, having spent time together to put a veil over his face. There's a continuity of personality is a continuity of DNA, in the sense that God is reconstituted every atom. No matter where it's been spread to special visit that meshes it all thrown in the ocean. Those are miracles that he's going to perform as he reconstitutes our bodies, but he immortalize his and glorifies it so that at the same time as recognizable. On the other hand, it is unique immortal. It is capable of doing things, perhaps, that the Lord himself does walking through a closed door movie one place to another. At the speed of thought.

But you will be you, Gary will be Gary Stephen will be Stephen I'm back in the immortalize is Fred or Frank. I would be Stephen and the things that I enjoy and the things that I'm able to do and my personality will be perfected because her will no longer be sin, but will still be me and you will still be you and I hope that helps answer some of the questions related to this future state which we long for. As Paul said we grown for the redemption of our bodies when it's perfected and immortalized and made eternal. Amen thank you, Stephen. We do need to move on with some other questions but friends if you'd like to read a little bit more on this topic. Stephen has written a book called do babies really go to heaven.

It's a more detailed look especially at Ellen's question today. If you would like a copy of that resource you can call us today at 866-482-4253. If you are a first-time caller working to send you this booklet as our gift to you. Just as a way of saying thanks for you taking the time to introduce yourself to us, that number once again is 86 648 Bible there's another number that I need to mention which is the number that you would use if you want to ask Stephen a question that number is 910-808-9384 and you can call that number any time and leave your question for Stephen to answer on a future broadcast. We received this question. I'm calling from artful Alabama heard no commentator like the statement Christianity was involved in an inclusion victory.

I have studied the Bible and studied the Christian history for some time and I disagree with that statement. Is there any known inquisitions that were perpetrated by Christianity, to your knowledge at any time in Christian history. Thank you so much for this program.

We love it here in Alabama like you. Thanks so much Kevin for calling that question Stephen, we normally have questions about the Bible.

This is a little bit different question about church history and a very good question to Kevin. Certainly you can do a lot of reading. Cantley friends on church history, and there is a lot of material out there that reflects not only the good side of things, but the evil and bad, and unfortunate side of things as relates to religion Kevin.

I think the use of the word inquisition. I think you're technically right in that there was never a Protestant inquisition when we think of it in and legal formal terms, but if you listen the structure of that term.

To understand the church putting to death those they didn't believe with the church believed.

Unfortunately, as you probably know there is a lot of blood spilled from both Protestant and Catholic efforts. You can read history and discover Martin Luther, a man I deeply admire because of the Reformation that he began in their parts of his life that I don't admire John Calvin certainly admire many things about his life and his doctrine, but there are things I don't admire. In fact he he believed in red in the preface to his institutes that the government have the right to put heretics to death and during his ministry he actually oversaw nearly 60 people being put to death because they were heretics part of our problems. We got to go back in time and and try to think like they thought they really kind of viewed their city or their country. In many ways like the theocracy of the Old Testament where unbelief was a capital crime. I think in order to understand it. Just come to today's current context with Islam where the church runs the state. The state of the church, hold hands, you have countries where it is a capital crime to convert to Christianity. They will put you to death because of religion for us in the free Western world. It's difficult to understand that thought, but Protestants were involved in really carrying the torch. There were two Dominican priest. For instance, in the early 1200s. It wrote that famous manually and of the witches manual and what they did with that is they gave the church the Catholic Church the ability to somehow discern whether or not there was a which the need to be put to death while the unfortunately Puritans did the same thing where they had witchhunts and in a legal formal sent certainly put those heretics to death and a lot of unfortunate things occurred.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it wasn't until 1679 in England where parliament finally and officially abolished the killing of heretics, capital punishment for heresy and part of the problem was to be a Catholic king or president getting everybody else died on the other side of the tennis net, so to speak, and it was always a dangerous thing to see who would be in power, but I think the church formally the Catholic Church leaving the church formally it it held inquisitions in the early days it was to find out the witches discover them and kill them. And it continued through history, our own histories about the stipend to be a Baptist and that I hold to immersion is a conviction my forefathers. The Anabaptists were killed by both Protestants and Catholics. Because of this argument and debate over over the disciples immersion in an often Anabaptists were drowned.

So all that to say Kevin unfortunately there's a lot of stuff in our history both sides, Catholic and Protestant that are unfortunate as the church developed its theology, and ultimately with freedom, understood, and a lot of it had to do with the separation of church and state, which we really hold dear the day that the church does not wield the sword like the state should and shouldn't bear the sword and kill those who disagree. So we would differ strongly with Islam as one example, in the state we believe is commissioned by God according to Romans 13 to carry that sword to fight for justice and bear it to the glory of God. So the separation of church and state is been a wonderful thing that you and I have been able to enjoy in our lifetime and we would hope that it would continue for many years to come. You think you, Stephen, and of course, God still wants us to be involved in combating heresy.

We just don't do that with the sword, we do with the power of the gospel. That's right, our weapons are not carnal Polaroids are not fleshly. We have more powerful weapons because we deal with the heart and the inside of an individual which then changes the outside.

Thanks a lot for calling Kevin.

I hope that that was helpful.

The number that Kevin used to reach us is 910-808-9384.

I will remind you that that's not a phone number that we answer if you need to speak with us. You need to call our office number.

The Bible question line is a number that's only set up for you to call in and record your question number once again is 910-808-9384 here's another question we received your quote so I had dark Knight question Exodus 34 Deuteronomy 5 Numbers 14 referred on children on, and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generation. This 34 seven also held the Lord God transgression. Yet, he will find only insight versus is still very thank you Jean for calling and with that question, Stephen.

Very good questions.

I could check couple of things to consider those verses that you you referred to certainly make it seem like a child is bearing the punishment of his father's grandfathers was great-grandfathers sins. Well, there are other verses to weigh in and so if you have a pencil you can write down easy kill chapter 18 verse 20 and Deuteronomy 24 verse 16.

Make sure you add those in and I think we can get some insight as a result of comparing these Ezekiel 18 in verse 20 says the person who sins will die. The sun will not bear punishment for the father's iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the sons iniquity the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself.

That's Ezekiel 1820 in Deuteronomy chapter 24 in verse 16 clearly says fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers, everyone shall be put to death. Everyone shall be put to death for his own sin that we compare these passages. Your reference to Exodus 34 Deuteronomy 5 numbers 14 need to be understood in terms of a theological and moral influence and that will be felt for generations the influence the theological instruction or the lack thereof, or the error or the immorality of a father is felt by his son by his children by his grandchildren. So that's understood in terms of theological or moral influence. Ezekiel 18 and Deuteronomy 24 that I read for you, have to do with the legal implications those passages are talking about legal consequences. Legal punishments in the court system and no son will bear the legal penalty for his father, sins, nor will the father bear the penalty illegally for his children's sentence. I hope that helps clear up this question Jane, thank you Jane for listening to wisdom for the heart and for calling in with that question. The number that Jane used to reach us was 910-808-9384 and if you jot that number down and keep it handy anytime that you have a question related to the Bible, or faith, you can call that number, leave your question and Stephen will be able to answer it on a future broadcast just like this listener did hurt me about the suicide will make me your opinion on it or just from Scripture is true because what I really need that you have to endure that God is looking back for the faithful. I don't think you can do that to happen. You will hear from the Lord. Christ start so could you just explain. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for calling that question Stephen the topic of suicide is always difficult to have some thoughts yes very good question to let let's start at the beginning. Suicide is sin.

It is the unjustified active taking a life and I would apply that as well. The legalize suicide we call it euthanasia. The doctor assisted suicide. The legal it still biblically wrong. It's immoral and sinful, which is where church recently adopted a new constitution and bylaws. It reaffirms our position on the sanctity of life that's from fertilization to the grave. Suicide is a sinful act of taking a person's own life by their own hand and you're right there obviously not faithful to the Lord in that final act that last act of their own hand. But is that gain is entrance into heaven by being faithful all the way to the end and the very last act of our him. I certainly hope not repulse testimony in Romans chapter 7, he agonized that he didn't do the things he should and he did the things he shouldn't.

So let's ask a larger question what what if someone's last act is sinful. What if we skipped church and played golf. I think that serious what it what if somebody called in sick, but they really weren't sick and in her house caught on fire and they died. What about a young believer, young teenage believers are speeding they get into an accident and die what if someone is watching something on the Internet. Are there involved in a sinful relationship may have a heart attack and die. I wonder how many Christians die on an airplane or in an earthquake or in a train accident or an automobile accident in their last conversation they had on the phone didn't please the Lord see every sin that anyone commits every sin for the believer, past, present and future, is covered by the blood of Christ forgiven the record of iniquity is placed on Christ.

Paul writes in Colossians 214 that Jesus canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, having nailed it to the cross.

So right now, every sin, past, present and future is under the blood of Christ, that it doesn't make sin right and it doesn't make suicide unimportant effect. The apostle John talked about a believer forfeiting their full reward for faithful living. You'll lose your salvation by doing something wrong or sinful.

You didn't get your salvation by doing a series of good things, but you can lose a full reward for not living for Christ all the way to the end and as far as I'm concerned.

And along with you. I trust let's live for Christ all the way to the end so that we receive from him that well done and that full reward thank you Stephen, thank you so much for calling. Then Stephen we have time quickly for one more today. Andrew Indiana area. I was raised Roman Catholic in my teen years I was saved and I have a lot of Catholic relative to Christian friends repeatedly asked concern of mine comes out. I am always area concerned when I meet with groups of people need corporate worship or a corporate prayer time in our community and I have looked at passages in the Scriptures. Exodus in Colossians thinking I'm very concerned that we can involve ourselves with other people's idolatrous worship practices. Thank you, Stephen. We had to use questions down a little bit for the sake of time, but it really is a good question. There seems to be an increasing number of public worship events and prayer events where people from different faiths are gathering together to supposedly prayer and worship. So what's a biblical response to that. What I think Elijah would call down fire from heaven.

That's what I think you think you have the prophets of Dale join him and praying for Israel's revival now and I am just afraid the church in our generation is so non-discerning theologically that it thinks that by gathering with people who deny the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel that by gathering together with them, something will be accomplished.

I think Paul's pretty clear in second Corinthians chapter 6 what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness. What fellowship has light with darkness. If you combine several cemeteries you will not have one resurrection just because you've combined cemeteries and if you combine churches and religions and systems and you have the mom and the rabbi in the you know the so-called evangelical pastor and the priest, and you put them altogether and they can pray your neck and experience spiritual fruit. In fact, if I go to a meeting like that Scott, my purpose is evangelism that prayer because her unsaved their unbelieving. They don't know the gospel of Christ in our mission and our passion is to deliver to them the gospel, which is one of the reasons I'm not invited to pray these kinds of things because I will pray with an unconverted pastor for God to do something for the church. The best thing God could do for the church's save that unconverted pastor. If we go back in time to the great awakening one of the things Whitfield and Edwards and and these men struggle with and Wesley to was finding pastors who are actually Christians and they were pastors but they were unbelievers, so all of these joining's together. You know, for the sake of unity if it sacrifices truth. It is meaningless and certainly meaningless to God. Thank you Stephen and thank you and you and everyone who called in with the question were glad that you did to give you that number one last time. In case you have a question you'd like Stephen to answer on a future broadcast that number is 910-808-9384. Earlier in this broadcast. I mentioned a small booklet that Stephen wrote called do babies really go to heaven. This book is our free gift for all first-time callers today you call our office at 866-482-4253 working to send this booklet to you is our gift. Thanks so much for listening today will be back on Monday with another lesson from God's word.

Be sure and join us. Then there is

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