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MON HR 2 081522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 16, 2022 12:11 am

MON HR 2 081522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right, Mike Adams here with an emergency weekend update. We got some new Intel that ties together a lot of the pieces of this puzzle. So this brings in the raid on mar Lago the corrupt FBI also a generous six as well, as China's invasion plans of the United States and the United Nations a limited laid out for you here from what I'm being told Trump is going to be charged under the espionage act is charged with mishandling state secrets of some kind, related to national security secrets or weaponization like nuclear weapons or something like that of nuclear material handling and of course it's all fabricated. Of course, what the FBI did is they that women tomorrow Lago with a bogus warrant secret warrant. They grabbed a bunch of boxes of stuff they hauled it back to their little FBI cartel camp and this whole thing was run by the same FBI agents. By the way, that try to frame Trump for Russia gait, and so on whether to insert some while counterfeit evidence or or fabricated documents into these boxes and then the going to say oh my gosh Trump had these documents is so obvious in the charge Trump criminally charge him under the espionage act and the going to have rigged judges rigged lawyers rig system. This is one more attempt to take down Trump but it's much more than that. They know that when they criminally charge Trump.

They are antagonizing trump supporters and this is the second target they want trump supporters to rise up.

They want them to take up arms. They want them to take up arms. They want an armed revolt. In fact, this may be the greater goal of arresting Trump is not just a take down Trump but to provoke a mass armed uprising that will probably be augmented by the FBI itself, which of course runs almost all the domestic terrorism activities in America like the so-called attempted kidnapping of Gov. Witmer in Michigan in total FBI operation in a goes back to 9/11 Waco, Oklahoma City. All FBI ops, 1993 attempted bombing of the World Trade Center. Everything you can imagine it's it's all FBI so the FBI is probably to try to whip up a Civil War and then I'm told the federal government is going to feign weakness. The going to pretend like they're getting clobbered by the arms. Quote patriot uprising, which again is just a massive false flag so that you feign weakness and there to sacrifice some notes of government people to this uprising.

This kind of contrived uprising.

The have some high-profile assassinations or executions of small creatures and then based on that the going to call for United Nations intervention and under the United Nations intervention. That's how common is China is going to enter the United States under UN label under a quote peacekeeping mission and those Chinese troops combined with domestic military under friendly military martial law will attempt a nationwide gun confiscation ordering all Americans to turn in their guns at gun point, of course, and they will be tracking down every gun owner every concealed carry person every body to everyone who owns a suppressor you know any home address that they have all the government records everything the the FF L records the ATF records all that they're going to compile one grand list of where everybody lives and their gonna send essentially truth to your door to say.

Give us your guns or you will be arrested or perhaps execute right now.

Give us your guns. Give us your guns at gunpoint begin to say that and if you refuse a probably just shoot you right there call you an insurrectionist and under this program, then this is how China is able to occupy the United States that if they managed to disarm the people, then they have the swamp creatures than they win the global is when if they don't manage to disarm the people and the people fight back. Then they can claim a lot of these people are terrorists, they won't give up their guns, even though the law has been passed to brand the Second Amendment and then the sand UN troops to go kill you.

And the reason they need. China involved in this is because they know that despite their efforts to purge the United States military.

They still haven't been able to get everybody out of the military who would refuse to fire upon fellow Americans, so they need foreign troops to fire upon the American people. They need foreign troops and Chinese troops are perfect for that because Chinese troops have already been brainwashed to hate America and to hate the American people and Chinese troops will follow orders without question.

They are absolutely obedient. Anybody who wasn't obedient has already been weeded out of that system for generations. By the way, so the Chinese troops will absolutely fire upon the American people and that's how you're going to get a communist Chinese occupation and war and genocide against America carried out under the label of United Nations peacekeeping to try to keep the peace after trump supporters's quote started the Civil War because they were unhappy about Trump being arrested for the espionage act violations of that's the scenario that they're trying to run right now and will they succeed in every aspect of that or you could be altered. Ozzie I think this is already an alteration of previous areas thing they knew they were moving in this direction, but I didn't know exactly how they were going to be able to justify this wild they came up with a reason and that's claiming Trump has classified documents related to state secrets. Of course you know Bill Clinton gave state secrets to North Korea and China and Barack Obama gave state secrets to Iran and other enemies of America value Hillary Clinton did deals with Russia on radium one and all that but none of that's good account.

The real criminals will go for you know this but Donald J. Trump will be called a criminal when the he's actually fighting against the system.

So the big question is will they succeed and also I think one of the questions is when does the shooting begin now. I hope there's no shooting, and I would urge all patriots to hold back. Do not fall for the escalation and I noticed of the arguments other people saying well at some point, you know like they rigged the midterm elections and what else option one other option is there. I would just say be very very careful because your you might be emotionally manipulated by the system to try to provoke you into a violent reaction and you need to resist that you need to maintain your peace now. At the same time I would urge Americans do not give up your Second Amendment rights under any circumstances whatsoever, but also do not initiate any sort of violence because that's can be played against you. That's what they want, and you might think that you theoretically that you could fight the domestic government or military here in the United States.

You might think that, but you can't fight 100 million Chinese troops on Italian they can flood this country with literally 100 million Chinese troops they can have a Chinese soldier one soldier for every three Americans that are even alive today, including women and children and elderly. So you can't fight that and do not give the globalists an excuse to bring in the Chinese and just run roughshod over the United states of America killing everybody in sight and taking about his weapons and occupying. Seizing this country which is exactly what Chinese want to do now you know from previous interviews I've done with people like JR Nyquist and some of the whistleblowers out of China and Hong Kong that China is gearing up for a land invasion and I know is been a lot of skepticism about that. People say well how can China get away with it invasion surely they would be stopped. Not if they're invited in by the United Nations and the White House is begging for China to come in as a peacekeeping mission because they're pretending like the Civil War is out of control and Americans about to be lost to the quote insurrectionist easy. So that's how China could be welcomed in. That's how this can take place in a format where there is no resistance to China landing PLA troops on the beaches of California, or even just come in writing the ports just unloading in the ports so keep your eyes peeled on this. Be very cautious. Watch out for any manipulations of your emotions do not fall for our know any provocations or invocations of anger just be cool. Keep your powder dry in a self-defense mode do not initiate violence but be prepared, be prepared for food shortages and everything else. Thank you for listening Mike Adams or the health Ranger natural and by all right when Mike Adams was utility was what we've been telling you for quite a while know for those of you listening locate eight of you know what the phone lines have been silent. We can't, we can be here and were not going merely bringing you what we just did it.

If we don't hear from you.

The folds are quite right now. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 folks will get paid to do this with doing this because we doing for the cause. We got a hit when we have to hear from you. We've we've never compromised in 50 years on the air.

Not once, not one time that one time that we were compromised in this radio program is needed more than ever we we need to hear from you no more than ever. 888-281-1110 888-677-9673 no would like didn't tell you it was this amendment which you have relating the Chinese had 900 of those great big shipping containers and this is this is when we verified this 900 of them and they were filled with drones and missiles and they were looking to have a flotilla to come and set up outside the shore of the United States and the word has it out there and and we're hearing from people.

This will even tell you before Austin ability have been hard at work weakening our military. They been doing everything they can to weaken our military. Joe Obama gave $85 billion worth of arms to your enemies to the in Afghanistan okay right 85 know many of those arms again be used against us.

Rebecca right now.

They spent billions of dollars sending arms to the Ukraine and most of those arms are a good portion of our getting to where it's supposed to go there being sold by arms dealer there being put taxpayers dollars are sending these arms and arms dealers and picking up and you got the bureaucrats you got the Bidens seemed got these people are getting rich and richer off this nasty plosive son is involved when in all kinds of crooked dealings with not just with Taiwan would Chinese just like Joe Biden's son. All of these people up there, what's his name John carries filled all of whom is like the second generations are taking note Romney all of their sons are taking over and becoming the following in the footsteps of their corrupt parents right until this was happening now and how folks it again the word is that what's going to happen is that the million. Often it is saying we were not strong enough or will if there is too weak. We can't win a war with China would better just given to a mechanic and that's with the tug. No we keep telling you this until you knew this and telling you this, not what he saying is true about they want to try to push, push into a war, but you need to know is happening. You need to be able to push back.

You are under no obligation. Remember, they have become illegitimate because when the Bible tells you over in Hebrews chapter 12 verse eight that they have no they are have become illegitimate. They're not there not God's people, but they are best or what he calls a rebranding to investors and so and then in other places throughout Scripture refers to them as horse or if they've grown up whoring okay and these in effect in Hosea chapter 4, he may refers to crooked, corrupt leaders, crooked, corrupt leaders as horse and that's what we have in this country right now so anyhow let's see what we've had coming in here Keith in Brooklyn 20. Susan, a Michigan 50 Vincent New Jersey 150 Harold in Illinois 150 Deacon John here in Cleveland 100. Thank you think you think you think you of those we had to keep going where we have approximately 35 minutes left until its program to raise and I'm not quite sure how much we have to raise with. I think it's it's about $5000 into raise until folks. That's about $600 a minute right lamp okay so we have theories about $600 a minute weekly needed. We need to hear from you and ASP. We really do ASP we need to hear from you. You have another article there.

Yes they do this one talks about the most dangerous drug in the world is in cocaine and heroin or math. It basically is spent in all and that has come up and the right-sided news past broadcasting that's what's coming across the borders that are no longer guarded to our south. The problem is is that there is no quality control and any of this that's crossing the border and that the evil people are taking this whole idea at Sentinel which is a synthetic opioid and marketing it to people in the black market. Under Percocet, Xanax, El Dorado, ecstasy, hydrocodone asked the car down when indeed you know it is that known intent know will kill you.

This is a very strong drug that's given the cancer patients it. She's when people are on respirators, but when you start mixing it with crack and cocaine and heroin and the eat when you got in 2021 was over 100,000 Americans killed from the use of this fentanyl doctors are prescribing it in which I find extremely hard to believe that they are and I know that some physicians are being paid to push certain medications and their patients.

That's why medical doctor simile in the AMA's lost all credibility, it's, it's become like the FBI needs of their age through the lost credibility that they've lost the trust of the American people more more of us more and more of us are going to all natural herbs don't have the medicine real medicine rack that cures doesn't treat the symptoms secures the illness and to every drug that's out there. There is a natural counterpart. Right now there is a natural counterpart, God put everything that we needed to stay well on this earth. When things I want to mention as long as were talking about you no federal government with very interesting is on the CDC website.

It's extremely hard to get any good statistics in the US because they don't want to see the real truth. But when back in 2019.

The CDC had a disease fact sheet and on their website that was 15 pages long colleague of mine pointed out to me that it's now revised as of May of this year and it is actually three pages long and so everything that has gone on, you know with COBIT 19 has basically gone away right but that's why we're here to remind people to remind them over and over again and so went friend sent me was this little comment, it says that this government is the virus. Keep in mind that the virus means poison. I it spreads by way the media people's irresponsible and ignorant behavior is the actual plan to make you and that the cure is God, and common sense word very good 0888 remind all young people out there or languages talk about Sentinel.

In mixing Sentinel and all kinds of other things throughout give it a greater high get you hooked and lurches me the death rate in overdose rates are higher than it should do so. All kinds of things are coming over even fake looking medicines would look like OxyContin and other things that are really Sentinel.

You cannot trust your local drug dealer anymore because the stuff he's getting of their demanding certain all and that he does nothing to do with making it so well. It's one of those things little thinking the dealers realize what all they been doing in Mexico to the drugs that are coming across. So this is the Biden the crime occurred till the Biden crime family. Jill the Biden crime family are doing everything they can to aid in the bent, the drug cartels they're making truly helpful actions may surely get across the border and you know so many of these young guys that the blessed and and when I talk about mamas and the Papas and the children were tug about young minutes of fighting age and reduce shipping these guys out. These are gang members a moment known terrorists and their sleeper cells but not by the crime. Biden crime cartel is putting the these people out there waiting because they've got to stop the November election innovated the voting will go ahead, you have an article today all America today that there were no one place in Texas there are over 2000 crossing crossers at one location in Texas and they served almost the great majority were all single men and some single women there were three in the families like they had been so everything is changed to think about that one border crossing on the entire border of the were coming into groups of 200 300 for five times a day and one crossing over 2000 people in one day.

One crossing 2024 election being made right now in plain sight. The Federalist warns of nefarious goings-on that threaten democracy by Bob on results of the 2020 presidential election may not have been changed from president of the Joe Biden blatant vote fraud voters casting ballots. The names of neighbors were dead people so much as it was impacted by being rigged world. Ms. Dailey reported that senior legal correspondent Margaret Cleveland of the federal's explain the factors including every illegal drop box placed in democratic every precinct and when the Pennsylvania legislator unconstitutionally authorized no excuse absentee voting, and when Philadelphia clerks illegally inspected ballots and then told that the credits activists which voters needed to cure their ballots for their votes to count and when Wisconsin election officials ignored the state election code telling voters they were indefinitely confront confined because of COBIT and that when nursing homes could ignore Wisconsin's requirement.

The special voting deputies oversee elections in residential facilities and that was just the beginning of her list.

Now it is John Davidson, senior editor, defendant was who is warning that the 2024 election being rigged right now in plain sight. He cited the FBI's raid on program home in Florida, which reportedly was a two for secret documents belonging to the government.

Actually, there have been claims that those accusations were planted in the media by Biden regime and the FBI agents actually were there planting evidence and installing bunion devices, among other accusations the FBI rate and comes home isn't just the prosecuting former Pres. for January 16 about fixing the next presidential election, Davidson explained the new cycle this week is been understandably dominated by the MPI's rate of bone Pres. Donald Trump's mineralogical residence in Florida where armed agents were supposedly looking for classified documents. These are dirty cops doing dirty under dirty, dirty, corrupt work of the FBI believes were improperly removed from the White House and in the current term in violation of federal law of stuff right there. How it when we have what we believe will flip me see an end. Pennsylvania pledges 300 Gary in Illinois plunged 85 John and Hiram pledges 30 I mentioned the engine 888281111088828111108886779673 888-677-9673.

By the way, when the: listen, we still have those offers. We have 2000 meals, you really need to get that you have a got the 2000 meals, you really need to get to those meals, you need to show that you need to show what you need to show it now.

The good news is this they they were hoping to be able to sell 2 million copies actually sold over 20 million copies and just think of it this way of just two people see each one of those than that means 40 million people have seen what NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all try to hide and Fox News would Fox News try to hide and get it but so you have 40 million people in no about the corruption they know about the corruption of the folks. When you get the DVD for donation of $60 more but you can ask for this. He got asked for and not or if you want to go another $15.75. Donation will send you one of those CDs open in the city says I kneel at the cross and I stand for the flag and here we've got the song so if you hear on this radio program played and we got a new one coming out soon hopefully soon with with new and different sound.

Need we need to hear from you tonight. I mean, or listen will just ask yourself is what we bring to what we talked about the need to know these things you need to get our newsletter by the way the newsletter is absolutely free doesn't cost you anything classified but doesn't cost you anything but the information in there. The information where here for the cause. We are here for the cause number one cause of Christ.

Number two, to keep bring America back to one nation under God. Number three freedom. We are here for the cause of freedom, freedom, folks, you better listen, the opposition out there the death or credit Communist Party is here if they walk among you and they are here. They wanted take away all of your freedom. They wanted take away all of your rights. They want to control you completely every aspect of your and in many cases they wanted take away your life if you don't rise up and stand up and push back. Remember guys where the Bible tells you that you're more than conquerors in Christ Jesus stand up and take our country back. There was an article in Joe Joe one more thing. Remember they really think they can do this by intimidation. They really think with everything they're doing trips with her during the Donald Trump going after him mineralogical that can scare everybody so that you won't resist. There are too many of us there are only a few of them and we cannot let them win by intimidation. We all stand up. We went.

If we get scared and worked intimidated, we lose it so simple.

We have God on our side who can be against us right and when did the things that is very valuable to all of us is awareness and information so I would encourage the listeners to go on to and do a search for a medical documentary. It's called the big secret is very worth your time.

It's a minute.

It's an hour and 12 minutes. It will explain what's going on with the medical mass poisoning in the United States called the big secret medical documentary and it can be viewed free and right Elaine.

There P about the listed and everything's helping you a been a big big big help in the past where people had medical questions and call our office.

We give them your number and hopefully we didn't know overburden you put are you still open to do that Esan my phone number is 44047840734404784073 my name is Elaine Conley CON NELLY a registered nurse with many decades of experience in Western medicine and I practice now in energy medicine, and integrative health for adults, children and pets right here. I am a good friend. His name is Judge Roy Moore and judge way more in Joe you are with me the last time we went down to stand up for Judge Roy Moore, were you not the last couple right now and so Judge Roy Moore is an honorable man and he had the 10 Commandments theories he was governor of Alabama and when they were trying to take him away. They called me years ago and asked if I would come down and be disposing of a press conference and I did it went down and in the likely going to the whole conference, but we did and it wasn't just Jill wasn't just the death of Kratz. He was the head Supreme Court justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. It was the rhinos there. What I noticed there were behind getting him that what they did is they lined up a bunch of women to come up and and give false and they lied and we were telling you back there than these women are lying there at their flat out white line judge way more challenged all of them to note to take a lighted hit test. He said let's do it.

They all refuse will praise the good Lord Judge Roy Moore was vindicated, he wins and $8.2 million defamation lawsuit against those women and so praise the Lord away a lot of years ago and we lost. Maryland of that on the Supreme Court of United States should have been a United States senator and this is the way the enemy plays the game they go after and they will try and bring anybody that they think will hurt them. Judge Moore are going after noun Donald Trump and anybody that supports him. This is the way economists have always worked bring down those who take a stand. So we have to support those people.

But that past be a lesson to what's happening today.

You remember the balloon since last time we were in there and what happened there was about to about 30 pastors there and when judge when Judge Moore walked into the room.

He looked directly over to me and we were talking and then after he spoke the buzzards from NBC, ABC, all the news buzzards were there and he didn't want to talk to and they they started shouting out and would happen. The pastors had had enough. The pastor said in the past as well.

After those news media, and they were preaching heaven sweet hell hot about lying and and their boiler was screaming and everything. I mean it was going on. They got caught the news media and those buzzards in the news media and similar spirit ran out. He actually ran a right will be back right after this was more drunk away the right boat new to me that you could be there will be God's will include the it takes repentance and takes repentance that you willing to do that now with drug by the leader in the program book. Here's the thing right now we are down. We need where 3500 were down because doers of the word Baptist Church pledging 1000 doers of the word Baptist Church pledging 1000 and that leaves is 3500 more. I'm asking for three just asking for three more people to pledge that three more people to put that we see what we had coming in here no we have luck alone Lisa in here so there you go.

Okay already. So we need. Again, we need three more people to pledge 1000. Can we can we find a matching pledge is okay 888-281-1110 or 88867796731 about it.

We got six people to pledge 500 so we would need six people pledge 512 people pledge to 50 but we needed right now I'm asking for some of our folks out there for leave you deep pockets out there in Colorado or Texas or New York have you complete before and you know we have some folks out there who really live in the right on the edge right on the edge of it out there and will I was thinking what right there in Philadelphia right in Philadelphia where we had some riots in people actually had to put minor signs in the yard. They were to limited the good to keep your house from being burnt down the Berlin murder and does so there you go. 888 retail care about one thing.

Note that there is no way that we care about who are donates to the ministry does not Put out there for an encounter consumption at the state private. We have one, by the way, we get a lot of letters that we get a lot of prayer requests and funds. We want you to know we pray for everyone. When you said this in the prayer requests we pray for we are where prayer for hours at a time and that we had it.

I was trying to think of Portland, Oregon right there. We had one fellow who is trying to sell his property office quickly as he can reason for the Bernard up out there in Portland, Oregon but he he sent a lot of money and note to help us because we getting the word out. Again, we don't take when it will get paid for this cost is actually to do this just in time and alone.

In time, so 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110 we need to hear from you.

The last count we still need 3500. When you have a lame well basically it's another whistleblower and it's the laptop are repairman after Hunter binds laptop in the shop owner and John Isaac said he gave a copy the contents to Rudy Janet Giuliani eight months after handing it over to the FBI because it appeared that nothing was being done about it. Now he's written a new book called American injustice. My battle to expose the truth.

Any rights that the agents came with his subpoenaing two months after he had volunteered to hand over the the computer.

He says the that they lets threat came after he jokingly told the agents. Hey, lads. I remember to change your names when I write the book I went to the agents.

According Isaac then told him it's our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don't talk about these things after the encounter the shop owner pandered website was a being paranoid or had with the agent just told me in a direct threat or at best a thinly veiled one. Isaac says he's had to shut down his business after being harassed when his private information was leaked, and in May of this year. He filed a multimillion dollar defamation suit against Reppert representative Adams shift and media outlets such as CNN daily beast and political charging a falsely accused him of peddling Russian misinformation float. You know, here's the interesting thing is those very same FBI agents that rated pros Marlow Castle or estate if you will.

There was a very same ones that were involved and watch the phony mesh of Russia. Russia hoax and so Donald Trump's presidency was made clear that there is a deep state and those who compromise our corrupt core in a series of posts on the social media site GATT are real clear investigation journalist Paul Sperry reported that according to the source of some of the same people who settled the former president with the phony Russian conclusion allegation and investigation to pardon last week's unprecedented rate of his marital article home in Palm Beach, Florida developing sources say that these corrupt FBI agents and officials were involved in the raid on former president come from working the same counterintelligence divisions of the FBI investigated Trump investigate hoax interactively under criminal and are actively under criminal investigation, with special counsel John Durham for potentially abusing know we said this last Friday we we mentioned this last Friday for abusing their power investigating trip in the Russia fraud, and therefore have a potential conflict of interest and should should have been recused from participating in this oppose espionage investigation Amera Lago Sperry Road, where orcs remember the FAI were there messing up the Ruby Ridge were the ones promoted and sent downward Texas absolutely the most current of party you get rewarded for being able to come sweat out of Karl Marx's playbook. He tells you that writing this playbook doesn't and the regulators across the country are being westernized all the licensing boards are going after the people from the various industries.

Whether it's healthcare attorneys psychologist I anybody that has a license there, if you speak out against the narrative basically of the evil agenda, the licensing boards are going after these individuals absolutely). Another time for tonight.

We got approximately eight minutes left and we are still way short of so we need to hear from you and loose like Bob in New Brunswick, New Jersey pledge of 75, William E.

Chicago pledge 150 anonymous in Cleveland pledge is 700 located already folks where you wish to write will add 200 through anonymous their American mind anger close to one of those thousands did you catch that one Craig Pastor Jill Lisa grabbed his head.

He didn't. Anyhow, Pastor Joe.

He sees these in the talking on the phone okay pastor Jill pledge is 202 should submit them down her right and there you go, so that we getting closer were getting close sale given. I think where that was pretty close to about 1000 think it was over thousand so we'll see what happens here in a minute. We shall begin more about. I want to call somebody famous Mr. Abraham Lincoln remember him only a he said our destruction.

The United States of America cannot come from abroad that construction be our lot. We ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide. In other words, it's up to us what happens to the freemen of this country an outside force capitated. We can only let the enemy from within and we know that the markers of Tullius Cicero wonders way back the enemy with the end of the most dangerous of all, and we overlook the enemy within have right now they have to much power and that it's up to stand up and say in the name of Christ, we are not going to surrender the antichrist system. Jill, which is 2500 short would just 2005 when the children were gold tonight so we can get out there.

We just two people just two people tonight to pledge 1001 person to play 500 or we get one person was 2500 x 500. There are you out there that God has blessed with professional practices, businesses, renal times are are growing all inflation were all suffering through it. I monitor extensibility income. Trust me I know and the letter to the time now we have to reach as many people as we can. We have to warn about what they're trying to do to the election on the following. We have to get as many people running to this battle and having an understanding of the times and the truth as possible.

They stated the nation may have a night totally believe it depends on looking to see what we love to know you were still looking okay 88828111108882811110.

The last time I looked we were 2500 short and or 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673 and we need that we need to hear from you will read another time. We have approximately five minutes left to get 2500 books are your printer not coming here probably on Fox nerves. There is very man named David Loughman and he's been called the recycled bad guy Russia gate. He is the just ordered the Justice Department's top counterintelligence official was the mastermind behind the strategy addressed often westernized against corrupt campaign officials really creating the Russia gate disaster and the one who signed off on the wiretapping of Trump campaign advisor Kaiser page and Hillary working there with the Justice Department on the FBI raid. This guys name keeps popping up and here's another one of those people that were sitting up all the lies behind Russia gate is now one of the many people going after Donald Trump so it just keeps on going.

The everything. So many things go back to Hillary because remember Hillary was supposed to complete Barack Obama's total transformation of America until this guy named Donald Trump foiled their plans and that she was to be the anointed one that would finish that total transformation so the entire deep state is protecting Hillary and out to destroy Trump and any of us to believe in what Trump believes there you have it already folks who got three minutes' three minutes and we still need to hear from you. We still about 2500 short we can be here about 505 or maybe even 10 minutes after the program here tonight. We did we get a be here until and hopefully will give your time to call so they go. Don't forget we have the newsletter you need to get the newsletter course you might need a case with we can stand the stations. Hopefully we can still send out the newsletter again. 888281111048886779673 which still was still about 2500 short from what I know we still get about three minutes to get right. While Juliano says he is a target of criminal investigation in Georgia election. The political persecution of Trump and his associates continue. Folks, this is pure antichrist communism with the death credit kindness parties doing the president told former personal lawyer Rudy Juliano said he is a target of the criminal investigation and George's grand jury probe into Trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election near Judge's eyes went order Juliano to testify before Georgia grand jury Juliana did not appear to a July 13 hearing to challenge the subpoena to compel his testimony. There is evidence to Juliano's appearance in the testimony at the hearing was a part of a multistate coordinated plan by the Trump campaign to influence the results of the 20 of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere at the subpoena falsely accused, falsely accused in January.

Full counter regular show that there was a crime Trump trying to transform an insurrection in an overcurrent really elected election. No rose controlled fraudulent election. Donald Trump is still the president event states he won it was only through the treating down the buying of votes and fraudulent means that we have a trainer Joe Biden at the helm illegally ready to come in pledges 100 where time for much time do we have left a neat supposed to listen well of you been limitation. You can still call and point we need to get the invitation tonight because… Play him with a little despicable for you but we know that the time is coming is committed quickly with nothing else will will matter to all of this is going to be all of the drama that were going through is me going to be over with. While he got. We know what happens to the deep state in the and we know we read the whole book we know how it ends up but you have told us Lord you've given us those 33 missions mission when the great commission. First and foremost mission to from Genesis to Revelation resistance to tyranny resistance attorneys immediately got mission.

Number 32's hold to the traditional tilt of the prophets to stand fast and not give up any ground as the Lord is what we cohere before you tonight again I'm asking Lord for all of us. First of all, Lord, for the folks out there that are helping us and supporting us and blessing us to keep us on the air, Lord, that you would bless and support them as they've done us. But again, I would. I would pray that you would raise up righteous and bold men, righteous and bold to lead this nation back to you father God, Lord, let us, let us have the courage and the boldness that our forefathers had Lord and and let us not sit back and allow the freedoms that we been blessed with to be taken away from our children and grandchildren filler my prayer to everyone out there listing tonight. They realize that this world here is very temporal, but you're not an eternal life is eternal and tonight. Lord Fleming realized that everything you say you mean exactly what you say and and everyone out there listing will die. And when that time comes, as you said, it's appointed to all men once to die, and then the judgment they will either go to heaven or hell. Lord I pray that there is no doubt in anybody's mind where it comes to that father got one.

So I pray that they choose Lord to call upon you to pray to you father to ask for forgiveness of their sins. I pray that they realize that Christ took their place substitutionary death upon the cross. He was the only one that could've done.

He did it in Lord God because of that that they can avoid the burning lake of fire. They can avoid the burning lake of fire.

If they only have Lord if the only understand and call upon the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of the life all of the life in all things at all times without any reservation to be indwelt with the Holy Spirit and then to be on the road to eternal life and immortality. This what we ask in Jesus name, amen. Well, amen.

Paragraph all right, we have what we were playing out there.

We had Olivia and Della split 100 done in Cleveland pledge 400 Gaylen Massachusetts pledges 100 and anonymous a PA with a pledges 100 Philly praising the Lord for that payment we needed that that helps us a lot were still been always put them folks will be here for a little while and so I want to thank all of you for being here tonight. Elaine you want to give your phone number L4 function needed to hear from you again and stealing kindly for 4047840734404784073 until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always, always, the Stuart K paying the fine. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on the student next time I was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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