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TUE HR 2 062122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 22, 2022 12:37 am

TUE HR 2 062122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 22, 2022 12:37 am

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Fourth point in touch and think you mind if your team for a moment. Instead of thinking about how they missed that goal point score. Think about the name your price to from letting you choose coverage options based on your budget.

Unlike your tenet missed the end zone area anyway distraction about progressive name your price to was helpful sure can even think about all the balls and listen to podcasts WR already were back here you go George Joe, the role of organizations have been firebombed about was by radical pro-death activists. According to the Catholic vote will here you go, Hollywood, Florida South Broward produces another Asheville, North Carolina. Mountaineering pregnancy centers, Manasseh, Virginia first care woman self Alexandria, Virginia, concerned women for America, a riser told Maryland alpha pregnancy center Frederick Maryland birthright of Frederick Frederick, Maryland CareNet Frederick and the riser told Maryland alpha pregnancy center was a really big Maryland of lowly Buffalo your compass care, pregnancy services, Madison, Wisconsin family action Des Moines's Iowa agape pregnancy resource Center, Denton Texas women to women, pregnancy center Austin Texas Trotter house, Long Beach, California his nest in place for mothers and children, Sebastopol, California pregnancy center billboard Eugene Oregon dove medicals. This clinic Kaiser Oregon Oregon right to life Gershon Morgan Gershon pregnancy resource centers Portland Oregon Southwest Portland pregnancies resource Center Vancouver Washington optional 360 women's Clinic Federal Way, Washington CareNet pregnancy and family services in Lynnwood, Washington. Next the pregnancies and and there's a lot more since then. This this happened here. This goes back all the stories about how they have captured in narrow Imperial perpetrators of these crimes right yeah 09. It only cares about investigations arming crickets. There are not talking about her turnout, putting out warnings all were there warning about the pro-life movement destroying the country. That's what there warning people about yeah you here you go selective. This is an article by Ethan health of the natural news, the Biden regimes Department of Justice is perhaps better described as the Department of injustice based on selective way in which political cases are investigated and prosecuted very, very corrupt, crooked, very corrupt, very crooked, dirty cop.

General Atty. Gen. Marek Garvin just threw the book at the proud poison conservative movement charging them with sedition for protesting the capital on January 6 but burn load murder formally black lives matter terrorist were there. By the way, there is evidence of Rudy Giuliani five days after that submitted evidence to the FBI that the file was involved in the death of Ashley Babbitt and and again here didn't hear much about that.

Did you know not one news channel really talk about Ashley Babbitt.

I think that was Tucker Carlson really was no anybody talked about her burials. Tronic North not us week we talked about marriage or talking. The media, black lives matter again terrorist were just let off easy with just a plea agreement that's only got according to reports to lawyers who took part in the burn load murder, domestic terrorism faced the possibility of 30 years in prison for their crimes. Instead, that the Obama Biden regime lets them off Scott free with a maximum of just a couple of years of jail time and so here he goes and says continues those two defendants were participated in an effort to go to burn down the nuclear burn police alive is that police officers alive is a form of protest. That's what they want to do.

They want to burn it please officers alive tweeted Jonathan Turley about the Bartlett murder domestic terrorist.

They will now be given sentences close to the tax fraud and terrorism right is this all happened.

The DOJ deal.

It is noted Department of Justice one for maximum blood against the probably is calling them terrorist writers who deserve to be charged on any level for their involvement in the events of January 6 the burn load murder domestic terrorist to a Molotov cocktail into a police vehicle in New York and ended up with only one count of possession and making explosive devices, which itself carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Now, however, they will be allowed to withdraw their earlier plea. Instead plead guilty to conspiring to assemble the Molotov cocktail and Democrat. The New York Police Department patrol car again, we don't have a Department of Justice there's simply an arm of the death or credit Communist Party.

That is why we have a concern, especially note current road, founder of Oaktree personality green card here come out publicly and said that the explained all that British filmmaker of their called him to testify, but they show discredited and manipulated footage of what happened. Leaving out the shooting of Ashley Babbitt leaving out the beating of Roseann Boyland were left on the set what they're doing as though they want of prosecution of prompts and they're bringing all this fake evidence mischaracterization face and what they're doing is there putting these heavy fines and jail time on people and they want us to stand up and perjure ourselves to keep him from spending 25, 30 years in jail. They said they're not worried about evidence because there being there manufacturing it, and therefore some. Some of these people by studying their life in jail to comeuppance bear false witness and say something of fate. That they didn't do and where she met because they put those people in jail without any attorney without any bail left in there for months and months many of them in solitary confinement on me.

A mass murderer gets better treatment in America than these guys just trespassed in the capital. They didn't have guns. They didn't hurt anybody.

They didn't kill anybody that in new Ashley. Yet anybody there was not an insurrection that rattled disorderly with broke some doors and windows, but in a lifetime in jail to monitoring this is ridiculous. 46-year-old man needed 35 years in prison. That's life sets Joe you had Ashley Babbitt was actually trying to get people to calm down.

Here's an unarmed young woman who was actually trying to get people to calm down and dirty cop a dirty cop murdered her cold-blooded cowardly. I will cowardly dirty cop murdered her cold-blooded and be covered by that agreement, you are hearing an unarmed woman committee Michelle yeah I don't know what it'll get in the run for Congress as a death Academy. That's the kind of people they would have their so anyhow similar fast articles.

Let me go over on this one to because were talking about the zip.

Those that are protested out there. The serpent seed, those that are screaming and threatening and I would tell you something here.

They better realize that there's a whole lot of us that aren't intimidated and were becoming more more angry and my general general Mac and Amy said you got 300 million people that are armed and I know a whole lot of people there fed up and then I couldn't take it and I meditated the screaming hordes.

Once once the shooting does start and that's and that's what they're pushing for. They're going to wish they hadn't pushed forward and you know and I hope that once that shooting does start when once that they're pushing for the pushing for a warrior. I hope there's no place for Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden Chucky Schumer any of these. Those are these damn communist and that's what they are there, pushing, and night and I did mean damn I mean damn damn communist. They are there damned up there damned because of what their their antichrist position that they've taken the rebellion against God. Nancy Pelosi said because she is a good true Catholic that woman is evil and wicked and according to God's word. According to God's word. She is unclean. She is unclean and her skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent, and according to God's word her own mouth is condemned that nasty old woman and I believe there's a special hot place in hell for her Chucky Schumer and and that the pedophiles and by the way God does Joe Biden God God frowns very heavily on pedophiles Joe Biden so there you go.

Well, you got a warning for people you remember we've talked many many times about the Zucker dollars Zuckerberg dollars that the sum of 80 million going but 80 million to hijack a local election.

Now, the same group is coming back this time, they've got money and they're going to be back at it again. They don't have as much, but they're coming out under new leadership but there still that center for tech in the civic life and there driven be going around trying to bring it all fair elections to everybody puts the same group of people, different title, different name and new initiative for coming elections, folks, don't be led astray just the call to US alliance for election excellence and the launching an $80 million initiative to expand influence over all our elections departments across the country only local election officials can apply and get money on the website. There's no specific about what it's going to do it. It's all vague and out and it said during this first year working to identify local election departments who want to join the alliance service support systems for each other and other sea so what they're trying to do is same old thing with the Fancher name different title make it sound better same people, same horsemen are watch for in your neighborhood until it is working to find a very corrupt election officials and by Ampligen abide by and actually with money they have to apply for intercourse.

Only the liberals were going to get it for grant money.

No, because they know what they're supposed to do it so remember back in the springtime when Zuckerberg said he would not use not going to get involved and participate in the more of the election that he gave 300 and the $40 million to four election fraud, but he said says is not a presidential election is not going to spend that money. It was the way to the presidential election) is only spending 80 million it's still coming out his money, but not first time it was 420 million he spent to buy the election for Biden.

Biden is bought and paid for is can be China holds a 200 and what was hundred and 30 million from China China and out planet wallet.

Why do you think recalling China Joe well. We do need to get out years ago, Michelle Bachmann and a couple name Alan and Julie Quist now Alan Crist is the professor and his wife Julie is a other born-again believers.

There are activists, and in Minnesota they had started a group called Maple River education co-op and my wife and I worked with them for years on the elk picture children of the public full-service to what's happening this kind of thing these people are wonderful. Anyway, they've got a great article and it's about Marxist ideology and practice are coming to Minnesota schools disguised as new teacher licensing rules so the Minnesota licensing board is calling the professional educators, license fees and standard board and this was appointed the board was appointed by the governor wants and if so, long name PLS be the professional educators licensing board. The standards embed basic Marxist principles and practices of critical race theory, fluid, sexual identity, gender, politics in everything. The teachers have to go through the divide people and opposing groups.

Students and teachers must view themselves as a member of the group.

No individuals allowed. You got to be part of the group and not a group, and the story goes on a non-it's quite detailed, but the students help the idea they help students develop social identities based on their social group being a member of the individual is nothing the group does everything and there's all kinds of stuff here, but basically Minnesota is gone. Marxist everything in it. Understanding white supremacy of NAFTA training students in social activism. You have to understand that the laws were created to oppress by race, class, gender, and all the laws in Minnesota and all oppress somebody they oppress by language, sexual orientation, nationality, you name it oppressive after the firm in a corporate identity politics of race, gender, gender identity into everything I could go on and on for 15 minutes. If all this new stuff. Nothing in there about reading, writing, learning the skills, learning to think for yourself.

It's nothing but indoctrination and it's now going to be. This is what all the teachers must demonstrate this worldview to get a teaching license in Minnesota.

If you live in Minnesota. Personally, I would pack up and move about me. She can't move from school Christian school, get your kids out of their and if you have any young people.

If you have any dreams of being a teacher, don't go to one of the colleges in Minnesota you're here to be just the turn into a communist to go there. It's just frustrating that so evil, so wicked in the entire state going down well were in awards this is revolution. We are in the revolution right now to insulin again to take our country back and so again like a said note Berglund murder in these these the serpent seed, these these people the screaming and yelling pro death in the easy cowardly people there out there and they will tell you we have the Department of Justice on our side. We can do this.

We have the Department of Justice undecideds in your face showing you that we can get away with whatever we want. Okay, very melodramatic baby.

They don't mind killing right there cowardly the yellow having the right realtor there cowardly the LTi. What is it that's an interesting thing because a resistive story. This fella caught his wife cheating on you and so after I meet.

She denied it and she denied finally, you know he had all the evidence he caught her red-handed, caught her in the act, and she begged him and beckoning him, begging and begging to give her a second chance take her back. He didn't want to talk to her after denied. In other words, when he confronted in the first times that are you having an affair his seat. He knew he was under and that she told him she said you know you she laughed at him and and she told him that that your paranoid as well. What would you say that you know and so he confronted the man to was his friend and neck I was supposed to be his friend said man I can't believe you would even accuse me that when they have caught him in the act and when that happened she begged him and begged him and begged him to give her a second chance to take her back this and that but it would happen. Joe was just what he was considering possibly doing that. He asked her then why did you advocate with the question was what why did you do what you did this two weeks ago. Whatever she said because I found out I was pregnant and I didn't know if it was your child or his so I what night aborted way that that they killed any chance that it did she ever had. I me. What would you, I mean how is he. These people are wicked.

Okay if if she came to me and said I I killed your baby Wyman Italian well I remember one time been out of the blood he abortion mill.

This guy brings his woman in there and I try to give her crack and she cussed at me and he said I had a set near the car.

They were alone in the selected yeah so what you do bring it out here to kill your baby is what you talking about she's going to the doctor I said this is an abortion mill. I said they killed children here. That's all they do here. The Senate are you kidding me know what you think I'm doing here in the cover letter protesting you well. I was by myself that morning. All he jumped up and he ran into their and he came out and he literally was holding her up okay by the hair of the head and he bring a bottle over and he held her up and he said you apologize to that man.

He saved your life and you killed my baby.

He said I would kill Judy told me just got out of prison for assault and battery and attempted murder rule violent diagram start with your kill my baby and I were there, including some good. He told her he would've been dead okay and so I mean that's how the civil that that takes us to the next to the next article here screaming in pain and bleeding abortionist leaves two women permanently injured. This is world news daily. This article by Bob on late-term abortion is now facing multiple medical malpractice claims foundation to defend the lives of the unborn have lunch to medical malpractice cases against notorious abortionist who made a name for himself doing late-term abortions and with his associates life legal foundation old Leroy Carhart I know about him out where I can start is reported that defensible cases in Leroy Carhart's actions already have been the subject of discussion of the US Supreme Court and staff there. Carhart was challenged various state laws and prohibited barbaric partial-birth abortions in which babies are partially delivered and killed that cat incident. That's the base that's an animal getting out more about and often dismembered inviting Letty they pastored a very great All year. Can't stand to have a puppy or kitten put down yet that letter and abortionist take a human baby partially delivered oldest member of Paula Bartlett dies that they can't put down the cat or dog. I mean, there's something terribly wrong here folks turned out well here.

These women listen, you have you do feel sorry for these these women came in there to kill their baby. They came in there to kill her baby, another crying the blues is they almost died out. What is the Bible say that the wages of sin is what that okay do you feel sorry for these women that we come in, kill their innocent children and then and then because what happened to them. They almost bled to death. They're looking for sympathy what you think really hard to be sympathetic to have trouble is I don't think they realize there were true butcher the sky Carhart about 80 years old and I guess some of the room and got in trouble you unable to do anything to help him and and this probably settle the list… His is the people he had working for him to its malpractice to only the lives I've seen this happen in these abortion mills time and time again then we will announce the lens that was sued because what happened when they got inspected by the health department.

They found their their estimates had dried blood on them. They were cleaned right look people they kill little children are the most ungodly.

These are the most lowlight people that are okay over here got people that are better trained and qualified to prevent veterinary clinics. Assistance have more training.

A cleaner environment a lot more about her job and a lot more than these people were cookies, abortion mills, or chop shop; but anyway one of the things that they never tell the women that this is dangerous late-term abortions is dangerous.

You can have uterine rupture, you can injure your other vital organs deadly for the baby things out after the baby and you can become infertile, so the women aren't even told the dangers to themselves, let alone melted like you said, yet the baby dies, but their dislike to all the way around past Ernie got a couple things here judge rules. According to Jim loft bag AG Atty. Gen. Mark Bonaventure waited too long to demand changes to Arizona's election procedures to affect the 2022 election. This guy did it on purpose.

He knows how corrupt and today I I heard one of those so-called election officials say in his how is religion. We keep him from doing the right thing. How is religion to give that testimony you want to come to before the the illegitimate committee there in DC so here I mean. Unbelievable hypoxia.

These people are amazing.

Joe, I mean I mean is just unbelievable what they been reduced to.

I mean this this is this is unbelievable when they help after months of waiting for Atty. Gen. Tad Pres. Trump releases statement last March, putting Arizona Atty. Gen. Mark Bonaventure a notice to get to the bottom of the 2020 election and he goes on to say, I mean how dare Trump ask for them to do their job. How dare he asked them to do their job. The Maricopa County election on a person want to know the crew the Americana collection… Election audit discovered massive massive evidences of election law violations and hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots in the 2020 election. All evidence was delivered to his dirty Arizona Atty. Gen., one of its last September and we have not seen any action in all of Pres. agreement promoted, filed on hold now what you think he got paid for that well resident I know a lot of those politicians you look at their salary in the near record in the very short few years and become multimillionaires.

So somewhere they're getting paid a lot of money yet. Harry Truman said it, you can bet when a politician gets rich in office.

He is a crook and even Joe Biden. Even Joe Biden.

I never forget that when he was a senator I was watching and when they have Windows town hall meetings, whatever.

No woman has the Archie made a statement lease that we we don't have a crook and he he had the smirk on his face and he said, let me tell you something.

These elections are very very costly to run for Senate is very costly, and in order to get that you have to get funds you have to find the people with deep pockets and once they paid for your campaign. They expect something in return. He was smirking when he said it in and another was Biden sedan. I am a crook right crematory.

One paid for.

Pres. Trump ask owners. Pres. Trump as Petrovich in March when is the Atty. Gen. of Arizona going to rule on the election fraud and large-scale election irrelevant regulates and weight of the weight before him, but Bonaventure did not just all the election audit. He also waited too long to the marriage. Changes in the Arizona election law. So on Friday. If not, Pike County Superior Court Judge Knapp here ruled it the AG. One of its waited too long to demand changes to the Arizona election state election procedures to affect the 2022 elections. You know, even the courts. Even the all of these judges would you have this this and they were all in on it and they were intimidated they were intimidated and they stood down.

None of them had the decency to do their job and let history recorded by gosh I wouldn't tell you.

History will record against them. All right with you to be back right after this took away all available on the ride and we as a say in family and we only already there you go right right right with the Lord. You can't be true.

Part of the right name and what we can open the phone lines at 888-677-9673. All you know what I get an announcement to make couple announcements of folks again. First of all we have for most of you all of you that they have ordered the the 2000 mills there in the mail there in the mail. You should be getting in with her next couple of days out there so hang in there now. We've already got another order. We've already put another order in for more because these 2000 meals are going very quick and this is our opportunity. This is our and when is driving that the the fake news media crazy they they didn't know what to do because now people are saying the evidence out there and all of the illegitimate, those in the media, illegitimate, and all of those betrayers the deep state out there. They don't know how to handle this here people are saying and what that does is it just us, it takes away if there had been any credibility left it NBC, ABC, CBS is gone now people are watching at some but you gotta show it. You've got it. What you get that film, you gotta take it you get a short near library church, wherever get get it to as many people as possible out there that's one of the other thing is this way.

I want you to know you folks out there because were getting all kinds of phone calls. I even some of the ladies are crying the new they don't want us to go after station will meet. Let me try to assure you that we want to stay on as much as you want us to stay on. We want to stay on probably more than you wanted to stay on we been fighting all of these years and in it we been out again and the last couple years when it's been very close and tell, but we we manage not to have to go off any stations and I appreciate it and I appreciate and the letters will go ahead if you if you write those letters and phone unit you want to stay on it and that your prayer request and will pray for them to. But what we will do everything we can, but it all depends virtually upon you folks out there this Monday, I was notified today. I've got a turn of the check for like $60,000. Just as Monday of folks and it's going to be really tough making that to K, but that we were just looking forward to doing that so we can do the best we can, but we need we need all the help we can for you out there on the Internet. If you go to our website W RW shows you all the ways you can help us or if you go to register address are here, asking the people made quieter from affected Phenergan a little sooner the better. Get out that that's basically a chill. It's the Cayman students to the later because you live got the newsletter. The newsletter went out and the return envelope and everything is there a better way to give the newsletter was one of the ways we we managed to get the word out and even if we have to go off and in your area yesterday get our newsletter and it's free. It's free. Don't cost anything.

And then you'll still have the information they don't want you to have the information that the the enemies of freedom don't want you to have and so I encourage all of you to to write and give us a very clear address and it helps to even have a phone number you know if if we can understand we have a question and folks, please. Joe Whitley get get letters of people send us their address is my address and then arguments the name they don't get out without a name.

We got have your name and your address and will get you that newsletter. Okay. We also worked on from elective double check that we have something to call and verify if we can people's handwriting differs, and sometimes you just can't read so give us that phone number two release. We have a way to contact you and try and get right… Give the address liquid gel address 1W RW L will get through at 14781 Sperry Rd. at one 4781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd. in the city of Newberry and the WB you are why OH 44065. That's W RW L14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 culture culture near God bless you Pastor Sanders. God bless you Pastor Larson periodic County's saved you code you now you two gentlemen and man. You guys are warriors of the night.

Let me tell you what anybody listen to what's right what's left radio broadcast your finding out what really going on in America and you will lose best radio broadcast in your area. You will no longer get any of what's really going on. You will get indoctrination of America.

And I said that because it's from my heart. Now here in Brunswick and thought right of Ohio. I was in giant Eagle tonight and walking around looking for a few items. What comes.I'm not allowed your loud and clear why giant Eagle and Brunswick was still proud and honored to stand up and recognize the LGBT Q one day worked out inclusion diversity. What a wonderful thing that they were proud to represent and think what plate or Obama homosexual sex perverts the work there coherent Brunswick, Ohio over the loud beaker date honored you know what Jay Leno they haven't done it if they were to do that at my local one.

That would be the last time I'm shopping there.

I would go back like already.

You see, it is is about having standards focused about having standards is about being better, not lesser, and what happens is like well at Taco Bell.

When went to Taco Bell celebrated sodomite pride that was that. I used to go to Taco Bell I will go to Taco Bell anymore better than that.

Okay with not of course Coca-Cola when we called a couple years ago said that you do. We need to be less wide. I haven't had a coincidence in the liquid drinking Coke and so I hear you and all of those things like before I drop I want to make two quick points of the Delta call it I that when June came out to everybody that I knew I wrote an article do not welcome the LGBT Q and do not integrate I put in Scriptures. How it got Detroit, Sodom and Gomorrah and we are buying administration following Obama's agenda. They know that America is the greatest nation in the world and the only way to bring it down make the rock from within transgender transvestite homosexual, lesbian, pedophile drag queen they're getting up and remember this gentleman before I get off all those Democrats out there today and here's what they're doing to all of the God loving God fearing patriots constitute lumbar country.

Their middle finger say we don't care what you think were ramming it down your throat. Well I got news for you. I looking forward to day I met white throne judgment and are going to come up before God and God's going to get his revenge. I love you guys keep fighting the fight thanks and that's what get a hold of you and I got a package from you appreciate it very much.

Let's go to the eye clinic with your near college basketball player just died out. Caleb's lolling actually followed.

I was 25 now known health problems and also am a little bit suspicious about what happened home a perfectly healthy 25 years old plates of Portland Trl., Blazers for three years on the words point out but also wants to Peter's Friday. The last few lots of kids podcasting mentioned they had a woman was bent on before erring on the love and she was talking about the the nano Weiner inspector pulling out of corpses and that's like five possible types. Some of them are like to leave your system pretty quickly. Others click the gold and so she went over that that was useful and that was another guy on that said that that shellfish right after that, the very end of the podcast and you can extract poison. According to the CIA from slip shellfish it out and trace amounts anything that that's part of the virus and the vaccine. Apparently, in some cases, but he also mentioned something about some people have been able to work convert what plate three day water fast. If they do that pretty close to after getting shot.

They been able to get the longest stuff that is just drinking water for three days and nothing else starts to also what you would just saying now without the abortion clinic in Proverbs 1 it says love simplicity. It has those two words together in the middle. Proverbs 1. And of course the Islamic should know that this can easily happen to them, but it's like hate, knowledge, love simplicity when he felt he's talking to the simpleminded. He was he's telling them of their there again. The REIT refused God's word. He told Melissa pay attention and they refused and Lisa because of that is going to cost them dearly and it has, but we gotta move up a list of places. Let's go on to John-John your near hello John hello John hello can you hear me yeah I can hear you go ahead yeah I heard you somebody on the program mission order a box on my rock star in another country currently are coming down with COBIT after taking the poison gab and I have been reading a lot of articles on global research global and one of them is similar to that titled a little bit tragic fate of Bob world stars like Shirlene Gail Dione and Justin Bieber open the eyes of their multitudinous bands and impacts of the COBIT guile night COBIT vaccine and it ended that brings out that they had to cancel their tours there because about all the mysterious malady disorder after taking the event that the so-called vaccine. The amount RNA bareback streams and that there's a lot of indications that God has to do with taking the vaccines that they been disabled and influencers like that had been used to lube job impressionable fans about celebrities and others, and they were very active in promoting these gaps and I think that that they should article also on global research by Dr. Russell Blalock that like playing a lot – spelled with a B Blalock and it's really wonderful and noisy shows Cynthia following the money by big Pharma to the CDC, the FDA, the national Institute of health and all of the so-called regulatory agencies that are supposed to call police. The crying think science of the big Pharma, corrupt corporation so that it proven themselves to be crowd criminals admired by all of the lawsuits that no longer permitted already. You know what I hear you, but will let a shorter time. We had Dr. Malone on here. He invented mRNA and he said is not a vaccine. It is a bio weapon. The guy that invented that is a bio weapon. He tells you don't take it can kill you right footage that we had next right. We got some callers calling and saying hi Nisbet store and Mark store.

Do not they do not promote lewd goes belligerent transgressing queers or LGBT Q so those are the two know some of the corporate America started to waken up because the cave is starting to feel the effects is what is cost of them and so now the, the seeds of Satan, the these pro-deaf people out there are going to corporation to try to get them to influence in and become a come out and say that, therefore, pro-death for killing babies and if if corporate America is that stupid. Well, they deserve to lose business today will they will lose because there are some people out there that have morals and values, and it was that you know what I want.

I quit watching the baseball games because national baseball Association took took the stand up in 04 transgender and that was it for me. New they were kneeling on the flag and everything else will take a stand somewhere in money. Money is the thing to talk to these people and the marketplace. They can feel the pain yeah I would I would feel ashamed to you compromise, you know that by even patronizing because you feel I'm better than that. In case you get, you have to have higher standards, don't you yes okay all right very good Joe. We've got about four minutes left to give an invitation and so I want to test his out eyelashes and questions will give that we can you really ready okay.

Joe, let me ask you this.

What is the greatest source of wisdom and knowledge and never existed. The Bible doctrine.

Video of word of Christ teaching now. He said 2000 years ago that heaven and earth.

The past but his words will never pass away for 2000 years.

The oppositions of tried everything they can like they did with revisionist history to destroy the word of God. But we still have the King James Bible going. Still relative to one of the best selling books from the world. Okay, so God has a record of 6000 years 6000 years of prophecy over 1800 prophecies over 500 in the New Testament, and over 1200 will see an 500 and I but it was like 580 in the New Testament. Anyhow, the vast majority of these have already been fulfilled.

That's when you know when to work there would happen so the accuracy of guys with the Bible is was is perfect is so far it is the mathematicians will tell you that that kind of accuracy is impossible, but that's it. That's exactly what they will say that for man with all of our technology to even try to duplicate even less as they fulfill three of the prophecies we can do it. We could not do it again. So here this is the most accurate. The most reliable source of information that ever existed. And God has said that it supported to all men once to die, okay you know anyone is not going to document you know anyone is stuck in a.we all will die.

And then when it what what you did your either going to go to heaven or hell. God has said this is not upward to debate you can believe whatever you want, but the reality is when you die, you're going to end up if you're saved in heaven. If you die without Christ and you send you're going to hell. God has stated that as an made it quite clear. So then wouldn't it be the most reasonable and practical, and the smartest thing that anyone is ever done when they've heard that from the preacher, knowing that that the preachers just the messenger that they need to do as Jesus instructed Craig to the father ask for forgiveness of their sins will got out of that if you do that if you prayed for your sincere will will he honor your commitment all right. God cannot lie. Something that you can take it, stand on it forever, so if you asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations completely and totally will you become a new creature, you will become a born-again believer in the Scripture says the new creation and new creature yes in Christ spirit and heir of the kingdom joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life. Amen and become a son or daughter a document of the living God Doesn't get any better than that. Then you be indwelt by who you will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit that your down payment on everlasting life and the seal of God's promise okay so then does the Bible teach that you once you saved with your born-again you're on the road to immortality that once you leave this world you will live forever. That's what he said you will be with him forever and says he went to make a mansion for us to live right that's that's reality what you just talked about his reality.

This world with all the transgender's and everything is not reality, it is it is a fantasy land around time. So tonight we want to say good night God bless and always always always keep fighting the fight.

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