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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 22, 2022 12:36 am

TUE HR 1 062122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 22, 2022 12:36 am

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Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left I radio pastorally centers on this 21st day of June, 20, 22 first day of summer lotus day of the week that year's Anda. So there you go.

We have a whole lot to talk about that. We gotta get right to it to me. We really have a lot to cover. That's why we're here.

We're here to bring you to tell you the truth, because the truth is very hard to find in the society, you will get any of it. I'm what they call the mainstream media. I can tell you that.

And so he we have tonight at the controls on the board. None other than Whitey Craig. Good evening. Did you notice of the call to the muddy, great. I guess I'm writing anchoring us okay your mighty courageous you are an area and then the way and also mighty courageous out there man of all seasons, none other than Pastor Joe Larson well all I can think of. All things bright and beautiful all things great and small, wise and wonderful.

Good Lord made us all very good mojo.

We got a lot to talk about a lot about. Respect regard.

Remember all those beautiful wonderful blessings that God has given us each and every day, and we need to be thankful we are Joseph Melissa very very playful and even more so for what lies ahead. We might have a little bit of some rough roads there get there but when we get to the end when we get as we say when we get to heaven. Everything from there everything is good get any better error directly part of those words.

Well done good and faithful servant may man held the title of the message was the fatherhood of God and man, and now we we started out talking about the fatherhood of all men, God the father and the father of all humanity. We take a look at how he was the fatherhood of Israel and then delete tonight were going to be at the fatherhood of the Gentiles. The fatherhood of the Gentiles, so we start over and over chapter 3 and we start with verse 27 through 29 or 331 actually.

Are you ready to go.

Joe ready where boasting that it is excluded by what law works may, but by the law of faith. Therefore, we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law. Is he the God of the Jews only is he not also of the Gentile guests of the Gentiles also saying it is one God, for it shall justify the circumcision by faith and un-circumcision through faith will be read, then make void the law through faith God for bid EA reestablish the law. Okay, so Joe here most religions. Most religions prescribe specific duties Joe that must be performed to make a person acceptable to their God will we see under the Jews religion with they have to do that. The dietary laws they had the look of laws of the Sabbath and so what what now that a lot of different things so was that law given to them to show them how good they were or was that log given to them to show them just how far from being able to fulfill those laws. They were hollow, how they needed to save the world better because man is never been able to live by the law okay so then, did you ever asked yourself why does God say was by faith alone. Well, we know that faith eliminates the pride of human effort right and because faith is not a deed that we do know if you look at some of the other religions like like the Muslims or the Gnostics were a good one with the Gnostics, you had the you had to choose six of Gnostics, one of whom believe that since they were spiritual beings they could have no contact with anything material. The least amount of contact with material it was likely a stairway to heaven that they would climb and by having the least amount of contact with anything material that the they could eat, the less least great the least even breathe as little as possible. They believe that they were a little close as possible and touched nothing semi-actually lived up in trees that would try to live up in and stayed away from people and for those that one sect if they touched a woman with her fingers.

They would they would burn those fingers to touch the will the other sector was totally inapposite. They believe is in color that reported here thing railroaded back no the other sect believe that since they were spiritual that material things could have no effect, and also they could eat as much. They want drink as much they want and in carouse around as much as they want and they were to to complete difference though where they both wrong. Paraguay now lately they were going to get more; the other because there weren't limited our cricketers were evicted touch birthday other words; the fact that it also did not live according to where God wanted people to live.

They were disobedient to the opposite direction. Absolutely.

So no, when we have our faith when we believe we trust in God does desire faith we trust with the does that exalt God it is that exalt does it exalt what God has done and what does it exalt what we have done federal court. God is done okay so you know `remember Abraham believed not in God that Abraham believed God. The secret is believing what God has said and by believing we have faith that it will come to pass, that it is true that we currently come to everything through our faith through our belief. Jim hear people say we hide. I don't necessarily believe that no I know that the Bible says so then you ask, what does the Bible say about that. They don't know what they not hear whatever it is that place of any knowledge of Scripture. Yeah, whatever it is I don't believe it right right okay so then they go on distance, faith is a strong faith in God. Does that will does that give us the belief that we can keep the letter of the law are a strong faith in God does that tell us that we we know that there is no way know where we can keep the letter of the law covered her work centers were going to fail or fall short order seven and Marie but we do know we can go to our father and asked for forgiveness and it will be done so then faith is faith based on a relationship with God or is our faith based on how we perform howl for God and of the ways of things we do like when that went that they said to the Lord, Lord, Lord, that we not cast out demons, feed the sick are feed the hungry, heal the sick, and in the Lord said to depart for me. You worker of iniquity. I never knew you.

Your right to our not our being a car faith that sees us through and are knowledge and love of God. Okay, so here what what what is the benefits of believing that Jesus is the son of God, and God the son, and that we believe that we believe in his death, burial and resurrection and eternal life of those that are truly saved. So what is the benefit net route way. The only way. In fact, the only way to the father or gods that the only way to the Father through the son. We don't accept and believe the sun we have no way to get to the father and you don't get to the father. There is no waiter receive everlasting life and salvation. Well, what did you learn all that I think you had a good skill of mentor when we go over to John chapter 1 and remained there until people who that was a product they won't believe you back cultural creek running out of numbers met Pastor turning and decided on the part of the ministry. The deal was that I returned ministry if I got paid double what Pastor Ernie did so I got double zeros instead of one. I got double zeros and went with a tail like that.

I had to come aboard. Well, you know, that's all of us every one of the pastors there doing the Lord is there for the cause and not for the paycheck, and throwing up her paycheck, and you know there's nobody there this relation to nobody that wants to be we we would rather do the Lord's will and because here is this fellow once said this baby couldn't tell me who it was the place up your treasures in heaven, where moths can eat fire can't burn not here on earth. Okay.

And so one of the disciples center well was a felon named actually it was the Lord Jesus ascended out and written down by one of the apostles.

Yeah, Matthew, John, have epic so here no we go to first John chapter 1. Note to John chapter 1 starting with verse 10 we read only through 15 words in the world and the world was made by him in the world knew him not. It came under his own and his own received him not.

But as many as received him to them he gave the power to become the sons of God given to them that believe on his name. Which were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God and the word was made flesh, and dwell among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth Lord John bear witness to him and cried, saying, this is he of whom I spake, he that cometh after me is preferred before me, for he was before me. So Christ created the entire world and then, but the will didn't recognize him today and out.

The creator himself in the mirror in the world do not want to see him face to how much for him. The way came how much of the Old Testament pointed to the Messiah to the coming of the Messiah found the entire Bible is really all about him. It's his story the history of story right so we take starting in Genesis the flood in chapter 6 will even going back before that to Genesis 315 is the event Gilliam right nap that pointed towards the, the seed of the woman that point there Aviv being the Lord Jesus himself right versus the seed of the serpent which perfect You would today.

Joe the seed of the serpent is multiplying a society out there today. These people that you see these pro-death people pro-abortion of the pro-homosexual. These are the seeds of the serpent and you know that Mike, that sounds like a very good title for a message doesn't. I think her permanent coming right there.

Great yeah I can just see that because yeah that's exactly itself is startled way back in Genesis and then it goes all through Scripture we see the types in the shadows current incident. The angel of the Lord to receive the pre-incarnate Christ throwing up all over receiving the angel of his presence refrigerated. Everywhere we look, form, and know what to look for if we take a look at the sacrifice of Isaac from Abraham is that it is that type of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her that we as we go all through the Old Testament we see it over and over and over all of the types in the shadows so here the coming Lord, especially things to come have categories relating us to him, one where the other solicitors and the Word was made flesh means becoming human. So by doing so Christ became what he became the perfect teacher was he a perfect teacher, perfect round her court.

The only perfect in the world. Okay, so did was the teaching by his life that he lived his teachings removed every bit of everything. He caught heroes are here with everything heroes as masculine layers more masculine than any man I know he was more compassionate than any woman I think that ever existed. Here was compassed everything human, and yet everything spiritually and wholly so when we were to be conformed to Christ to the image of Christ. Was he the perfect example is a model of what we were to become a man. Yes, but it's frightening because it's a something we will never achieve. So Peter setting.

I will forward it to her far gone.

Remember that historian Arnold Toynbee way back in the 60s and 70s. They said what does the universe look like. It looks as if everything were on the move either toward its creator or away from him and he hit the nail on the head. People either turn and go toward their God to draw closer knowledge and understanding and love are they turn and go now headed for their father the devil, absolutely silly since you will. Christ was the perfect sacrifice, and he was the perfect sacrifice was inappropriate. Site sacrifice for certain sins for all sins.

So is is what what about his death satisfy God's requirements for the removal of sin or wagers or discernment that the punishment for all sinners graph by taking our place in subject. He died in our place. Those of us who work receive his offer of mercy and salvation and he paid the price is likely got out a bill of all our sins and was mailed on the cross with him and the bottom of that bill is paid in full. His death and resurrection. So if we were to go to Colossians. I believe the clutch is one and see if I remember starting with the study with verse 15 collections will yeah who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature. For by him were all things created that are in heaven that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers. All things were created by him and for him and he is before all things, and by him all things assist.

The case was that me consistently. Does that mean something altogether. All things are held together by him is the glue that holds the universe together.

So now has science wondered for centuries.

I remember we had some nuclear physicists on his radio program and they said by all the laws that they that they can see in the studies that with the atoms and neutrons in the that the things you just explode but there was some invisible force: on everything they've been working for the God particle and the I think God knew. I found it right here in the Bible is writing up), by the power go out. The father decreed her son spoken by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was made happened and it's by the power of God and remember all the father gave out all power and authority in heaven and earth.

His son to the physical sun the only begotten of the father and he is in control of everything. He is the one who holds the universe together.

It will how many how many begotten is what I mean. This is right over here that we we are the sons of God came to begotten meaning. The physical came forth from the spirituals of the spiritual birth the physical, but the spiritual is all the physical is all spiritual. Also so so he is saying that he's unique and exclusive that God the son is also's the son of God, so he's unique and and so is happening in our one will that ever happen again without so never, ever, ever, so that was a unique one time in all of history on all of eternity that can never happen again, and profane history character is all all throughout eternity. Yes, the only thing that will never happen.

And it happened back in the Bible says in the beginning okay well tomorrow. I think we can start in the duties of a father toward his children, the duties of the father toward his children and we find that over in Genesis chapter 37 but were coming up we come up to the bottom of the out to the break yourself.

Work will pick that up there like that's a very interesting passage of Scripture. There's a lot in there and so will be back right after this more taking the way five and and and and no rain and in and in a in a in a in a in a what will I will remember Joe boy will I remember Joe. I have an article here and I hope oh I hope this articles not true, but I'm afraid it is an article by Lexi Purdy and then here she says this, God help us. We ask every US senator if they support bedding kid friendly drag shows and only one said yes. Few people have the spine to stand up to evil boy that's true. One Republican senator has shown to be an exception. The Western Journal reached out to every US senator after the horde drag the kids to Pride Event Took Pl. in Dallas of June 4 last Saturday. Chardon city of Chardon was soiled last Saturday of the city of Chardon took a real hit morally, that the city I capital city Council allowed a sodomite parade on city square.

The what they did is they reduced themselves mortally spiritually. What they did is they offended God the Chardon city Council offended God by allowing that to take place and so you can give yourself every kind of excuse in the world. God is not interested in a minute.

What he means what he says is Leslie Mason and he says that's an abominable thing abominable of a really unclean. The fact that's exactly what he says they continue in their uncleanness.

There is an unclean thing, and touch not and so you know whenever I'll have a every time I go by. That's where now I a look and I'll remember what it was but how it was defiled and how they allowed it to become defiled and now become lesser and was happening and we have lesser people in government now.

I mean morally when it comes to people with much less integrity, honesty, decency, and that's why we have such such such corruption in government but anyhow it goes on to say the Western Journal reached out to every US senator after the horde drug drag the kids to the Pride Event Took Pl. in Dowson June 4. The event featured provocatively dressed transvestite strutting around and dancing in a sexual manner as children look on the footage of the event. Children can be seen handing the transvestites money as if they were a strip club and right I haven't video, it was totally repulsive and it was extremely overtly sexual yet they try and that all there is nothing sexual about it while tweaking some of the stuff I saw in that video was about as sexy and sensual was where you can get with your clothes on and IS not called tweaking is called torque working working our networking. Yeah, I wanted for the longest time I wanted I wanted with that. Once I got hurt but know what does that mean in calendars shaking your process on your very arrogant somebodies face and doing all kinds of very suggestive sexual movement was is like being a liberal woman or yeah so many Republicans and conservatives did not think that this is acceptable and called for a ban on children attending drag shows Republican Brian Slayton, a Texas state representative announced that he would be introducing legislation protecting kids from drag shows in their inappropriate displays as soon as the next legislative session begins.

I would never take my children to a drag showing and I know speaker date filleting in my Republican colleagues would neither I will be filing legislation to address the issue in the next that because Abbott Slayton was one of the very few elected official to say that the stance, one that you would think is a basic common sense. Whether you would think all Republicans would support but what is the position of those in Congress, specifically those in the U.S. Senate do they believe that there should be a ban on children attending drag shows. We asked is very question to every US senator, only one has something of substance to say many others, both Democrats and Republicans that failed to respond or dodge the question entirely, because I heard several speak out like drought Holly on a couple others so I'm surprised I am to. That's why I was safe in the very beginning. The program's GOP Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas that is striking negatively. Cultlike know it shouldn't happen never.

I would've thought Holly. I would've thought that I'd had close. Rubio. You would've thought right now what what happened to the innocence of the children. The hyper sexualization grooming of young children have become the sessions of the far left of the country. I mean you have pedophilia.

The Democratic party is flush with pedophilia is flush with pedophilia in a respectful parent would never allow a child to watch let alone participate in pornographic drag shows the tail is wagging the dog for too long with this garbage and the dog is about to bite back to the words resonate with what most conservatives of many concerned parents are feeling at the moment. Yes, yet only one US senator was brave enough to under them. Marshall stated what happened to the innocence of the children and why are we not trying to protect them from hyper sexualization grooming that is currently going on in our country. The drag show for kids held in Dallas, was not isolated. The family-friendly degenerate events take place in the US all the time and little to be done to stop the web for reread some of the names of some of those drag queens like one.

Better news lately fighting back because it felt little Miss Hotmail that was there was a couple of amazing reading and writing you want to use on the radio. I'm not sure they would be allowed, but there are going out talking about how all this right queen dancing is to create a portal to a new world through drag.

We see elements of the society that hot and find the courage and creativity to change them. In other words, change to sin of throwaway modesty throw away decency and that the changes all about you can do whatever you want. If it feels good do it now. That's the changes functions from Christ following Christ to following the antichrist is what they're saying we have the interesting thing to Josie talk to. Especially the young people and they think that this this is a new movement is a liberating movement but no, we've we've been here before was a place called Sodom and Gomorrah. This nightmare right. This is not new and and that they didn't end very well for them.

Then it cannot well at all. Well one is looked at some of the pictures that were on that video and stuff of this little Miss Hotmail students over the other drug drag queens or were there there got all these mothers sitting around clapping and cheering on so the little children are going to see this thing to say this is something their mothers are happy about, smiling, laughing that tells the children it's good it's okay if mom is having fun of mommy feels good then you know we should to the Hon. Park. The parents are the ones who are really allowing the abuse to take place there promoting it so sorry that God feels about that I got is very angry of what he said about people that her children something about the millstone wrapped around her neck and maybe tossed into the depths of the ocean, paraphrasing that ticket counter meant he doesn't like it much about her blog to him so anyhow children until they are old enough to be able to judge for themselves whether to accept him or reject him and until they reach that point in their life. They belong to him so that these people are doing our abusing gods children. Can you make your children sensible to drag queens and sodomites of pedophiles and still claim do you love your children. Now, I don't believe so are you don't understand what love truly is so if you love your children making your child happy and laugh and smile all the time.

Well yeah but that's a misnomer.

That's not real love. So for 50 years on this radio program. We been telling people that you love your children get them out of the public fools system. Why have we been telling people to get the children out of the public school system for 50 years because we don't want them bring more extended family bring more evil thinking good is evil and evil is good. Children have to grow up with some knowledge of right and wrong, and creative enough so Megan at their main teachers at early ages of their parents or the school they leave him in school five days a week and so that's that becomes the primary teacher instead of the parent. All right, I'm here for minute. This is Pres. Trump had something to say he's you know he's got his new network up now and I felt election was rigged and stolen.

This is the headlines have from the very beginning and have only gotten stronger in that believe Pres. Trump totally destroys the unselect committee. That group of lying hypocrites.

That group that so-called January 6 committee is is illegitimate is illegitimate can get you can't get any more illegitimate than that. You know it's like it's like you going to the court right and you're being charged with but there's only a prosecution is no defense, and so is that having the Republicans before and this is a president there was always two sides now there's only one side of the death against the Communist Party against the Americans now here. Pres. Trump release of truth about the corrupt and decided January 6 committee. He totally destroyed the committee as messages. His first brilliant message of truth, and social. Pres. Trump shares that he never knew he lost the election and that this is a false narrative then the president shares.

I felt election was rigged stolen and after the very beginning only got stronger that believe with time large amounts of additional evidence of proof. What is brilliant about this is how the president misspelled stolen the words related to a German cake with the president clearly met was stolen as the 2020 election was stolen by making this misspelling the corrupt and hateful media is sure to share the message. This will then put in front of America. The truth president Never thought the election was legitimate either did Weigel. We know from the very beginning of we. We believed our our eyes and not the lighting talking heads and NBC, ABC, CBS and seller directly looked at Adam with Victor January 6 committee is like a replay of Russia. Russia. Russia.

Russian collusion after replay of the impeachment of impeachment, impeachment at just one more attempt to find a way to bring Trump down basic if they can get some kind of criminal charge they can keep the amount of politics that can keep you from running. They can keep him from being a major force, but they don't understand that he is restarted something. The movement is bigger than he is will continue one where the other all their doing just read it to site running reruns of old movie script the same thing over and over and over again and then work the first three times and it's not going to work this time people are ignoring it.

Nobody I know was watching her pay any attention. They all think it's a waste of time and money and nothing but pack lies which is what it is now the 2015 with the 2050s scheduled to be done still.

The 25th is when the who is going to come out. Now all that and say what we've got a pandemic another pandemic. It's time to mask up you idiots. You simpleminded fools is time for you to mask up again and by the way, we already made the vaccine for you in 2019 so you simpleminded for me once shame on you, me twice shame you simpleminded falls. That's what that that's what they say and so here on the 25th are supposed to come out with another scare but rather having a problem because all through the radio programs like this and talk shows people are error are aware of this and so they're not quite sure how how the wood to go to dinner now because you know people are starting to wake it up and enough is enough. You know you know the whole thing with Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia and then the file G, where mass Delaware mass where two masks but here now. Just something else happen. I had a conversation with a good friend of mine that I've known for a while and he had had a good marriage. He had a good marriage and for long time and him and his wife got along the got along fine. They had their own company. He brought her in and and just recently butter into his company and on you. She was in the field.

I believe nursing and he has them water intake to work with it and with him and his company and everything was fine and Joe he told her. Do not do not go and get the shot don't do it, do not do it okay well unfortunately her daughter says to her mom. If you want to come and visit your grandchildren you better, you got it you got to get the shop see you got to get that out fellowship to protect the children. It is around but because because the daughter was indoctrinated right daughter was indoctrinated as an simpleminded, she believed and illegitimate media totally and completely illegitimate media. She believed so guess what happened this woman.

What got the shot and she didn't tell her husband until she got the second shot and on the day that she got the second shot shortly after she became an entirely different individual to turn hateful spiteful mean turned on her husband and he said it was like she wasn't even a human.

Now I said all that to say this Joe, here's an article shocking coven jab linked to surge and demonic possession and the Catholic Church knows it now. This is an article by Leo Zach of my in here he goes on to say, there are so many fully vaccinated people showing strong sides of demonic possession that a new Saint Michael Center for spiritual liberation and exorcism is opening up in Manila in the Philippines inherent again. The world's first ever center is constructed for those who are not only possessed was suffering from demonic attacks. The arch date diocese of Manila is currently building the groundbreaking center in the Philippines and the Senate will be used as a headquarters for the Philippine Association of Catholic excesses in the ministry of exorcism in the ministry on visions and phenomena so it goes. Act right along with what he was saying how how his wife changed to worksheet tell me pastor and I'm not even sure human anymore and so that was an amazing thing that I'm hearing a lot of the stuff now from the people that have gotten the.

The Jeff Joe out on her health problems. Brokers one big story out from Magdala before you go there, let me just ask you question Dr. you know what happens if you if you perform an exorcism and need. You don't do it the right way. You know what happens.

I don't drive out the agreement. Joe you get repossessed. So the answer here is you get repossessed ego all right. I was up at stricter protection. Okay, here we need about humor but that this is big news there was a very rich rock musician's name Lord Zion over there and they took the Polk and he died a very hemorrhage complications, but the doctor said it was complications from the Corona vaccine vaccine and he died from this blood problem following is AstraZeneca Seneca jab and he dialed the Royal Victoria and permanent and temporary their Newcastle at the thing was, the doctors came out and said it was related to the covert. This brain hemorrhage two weeks after the shot member. We told people that over this country. The CDC if you died within 14 days of taking of actually died of covert that the doctors over there said no jab and they are going to have to pay 120,000 pounds British money similar to a less than $120,000 but this could start the roads acknowledging that these vaccines especially the AstraZeneca have caused death and caused massive bleeding, hemorrhaging and several other problems and I think this is the start of wall may come down and the several people said this is the first step in the battle.

The girlfriend fiancé she said were not finished yet this is not about the money.

Nothing can bring back the people we've lost.

This is about recognition and she said it gets disgusting that Windows and injured people are going to have to fight for long time to get this kind of support the scale.

Vicki spent had spent 21 years with him. I guess the common law and she said I don't need the money, but the ideas were going to grunt work to help others. So this could be the start of a big turnaround well… Disinterested thing because you hurt. Remember the clip we played last night we had that the doctor on their and I believe the numbers that that she gave was assisted right now that they know this or ages between 124 and 40. Return a Canon 3400 during the lineal morning of 69,000 69,000 died already and the insurance company tells you that the death rate is up 40% difference of 40% now.

You don't remember how good male comorbidities percent life yet, and so here, here you go. Here's an article I've got a medical radio very quickly. I want to get on that 40 switch over some of the stuff is more evidence that the coven pandemic was a massive vacation for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. That was not the article I thought I had that with a completely new course we know that, though, to write Balaji Fauci finally admits there is no studies that support coven boosters being effective for kids prepared for after pressure. Number five and under. People are corrupt, they are sick and they are criminal absolutely fail not being paid huge amounts of money to kill children rightly let me go with this article.

This is by JD Hayes. This is out of the natural news here he goes. He said if there is any one person most responsible for the coven 19 pandemic and awful awful policies that were adopted to combat it and limit the outbreak. It's Anthony Fauci.

The lead immunologist in America where not for him.

Our economy would not have been shut down for more than a here children would not have been denied in many cases, and two full years of in person classroom attendance and their once-in-a-lifetime person graduation families would not have been locked out of hospitals as their loved ones read their last breath as they died from coven in China may not have had the full funding to both develop the virus and then release it. The article Fauci needs to be tried for war crimes.

He needs to be tried for war crimes and also were not for him, Americans would not have been subjected to highly dangerous, highly ineffective series of coven vaccines and boosters that have done little to derail the pandemic but have had a lasting negative side effects of tens of millions, especially our children so there you go.

All right commitment. When Harold positive characteristic crazy crazy world like one work backward before another of of research out there. New England Journal of Medicine covered vaccination increases risk of infection. Those that had natural immunity far better off than those that have had several vaccinations they get sicker more often. Again one more story backups of the reason saying first year and 1/2. Absolutely we keep telling people here's one lead when I want to come back here Joe right now over 23 pro-life organizations have been firebombed by by the anti-bite Satan's children.

These are Satan's children. These people who are what the death they hate God and they love death.

Okay, these people hate God and they love death there. The demon seed and that's what they're there. The demon seed and so there now here. Why are they doing that because we don't have a Department of Justice route.

We do not have an appointment and I want to get on that we want no more more people realizing now that we don't. We've got a really crooked a really crooked dirty cop, Mary Garland.

He is crooked his public yeah and that's it, is what they're trying to do the trying to turn this country into a banana republic and this is why will take a look at some of the evidence will we come back because were going up to a break here and I don't like it will get up close like this you don't really have enough time to do anything right so EE just kind have to stall right that's a good thing about live radio program. We tell it like it is written out there smart. Here you can tell what's going on so already I get the number out because I don't want alumni can open the phone lines yet the case on the Stella needed to get out the phone number is he think he is right. Okay. All right. Courage is currently courageous. Craig will be back right after this was a whole lot more. Don't go away locally.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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