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MON HR 1 062022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 21, 2022 12:10 am

MON HR 1 062022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 21, 2022 12:10 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now.

In fact with his radio program was over with. Were going to be in. The first is over and oh well, time is passing by so fast. I mean really is my best know tonight we have none other than courageous Craig at the helm on the board getting everybody and way out yonder in Missouri, we have my old friend my hold timer pastor Joe Larson. No wonder you like. But pleasure to be here anyway. Already we want to say this Joe that we want to give a most sincere condolences to the friends and family of Lonnie Ritchie senior Lonnie was put to rest on Saturday and that he was he was of his wife was a net I he went home to be with his wife and that his brother Melvin Ritchie and his sister Daisy Ritchie. They've all gone on to be with the Lord now.

Lonnie was 90 years old and that he left to celebrate and cherish his memory with his daughter Debbie and his sons Lonnie Junior in Louis J.

Rose and so Lonnie there were so many people came up. He was a very well-liked like an and he worked for the Cleveland water company for water department for 53 years and Lonnie was the senior manager over there at the city and all of the eulogies people came up to talk about how Lonnie had helped them when they needed help when they need to constantly when they did. He was always there, always putting other people before himself and again it was one of those those fellows again. That was always out there and always helping others and so Lonnie was not a churchgoer for the most part, but everyone said that he he lived his life as a Christian by the way he was out there. Being the good Samaritan all the time. So again we want.

It's so big loss for the family put heavens again and again we say are most sincere condolences to the Ritchie family. Joe, I want to say that the 2000 meals are in you folks out there and wait and wait and wait and and don't worry were already going after another orderable because they're going out and this is the time for you police when you get your 2000 Debbie being shipped out to you tomorrow. Please show to people showman libraries. Let me tell you that the vacant news media that what they call a mainstream they do not want you to be showing that Phil they do not want you, the rhinos, the rhinos don't want you to show the film okay. None of the Communists was likely been telling you exactly what we've been telling you use in the film now also Lord's will in Theo the top of the next hour, Joe were going to be playing a goodbye general Mac Canary Joe everything. Joe everything that we've been telling people here about what is about what the economists collective is doing general Mac Canary who is been around for a long time.

He verifies everything we said.

He verifies and so will beat Lord's will and will be playing a clip now after saying all that you you know what happens.

Every single time that we will announce this these things that we can be bringing people what the with the enemy with the deep state with the Satan's children don't want to hear every time that happens, like what happened to me last night right here last night because of the Bible study again the devils in the equipment it will play all day long without having a glitch until we come on and is no coincidence to know: could have happened rather than government requirement of sorry program that happens. That's what I hear from all the stations out there only happens when you guys run so anyhow let's just say a quick prayer.

Heavenly father Lord God again. Lord we just would ask that you would come against those that are coming against us tonight, guest of the prince of the power the airwaves Lord when they come to try to shut us down where we would ask you that you would set them down, beer, Lord PR defender. Lord we ask this so we can bring your message to the hearts and minds of the people tonight. This we ask in Jesus name, Amen. I don't get out and may just be that God allows people can understand how much they would like to have a soft real thing in the military when you're taking flak you know your over the target.

Yeah, I know the boy it's hard to deal program. When you keep getting shut down. Since all rental may be appreciated how importance of the enemy to get rid of this, which makes it important it is to the Lord, that we keep doing his work. Amen. Speaking of that, folks. Please pray that God sends us a miracle, and we don't have to love the stations that are already scheduled to go off those three stations that we were talking about a San Diego temple Atlanta. This is pray for miracles on that but no joke. Let's get into our Scripture tonight.

The title is the fatherhood of God and man. And let's pick it up in Malachi chapter 2 will read verses 10 Joe through 817 here here this this first passage is about the fatherhood of all humanity. The fatherhood of all humanity.

Go ahead all right, verse 10. Every not all one father out.

Not one God created us. Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother by profaning the covenant of our fathers here to help develop treacherously an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem for Judah out profaning the holiness of the Lord, which she loved and half married the daughter of a strange God, the Lord will cut off the man that the roof this semester and the scholar out of the tabernacles of Jacob and him that offer an offering unto the Lord of hosts, and this have you done again covering the altar of the Lord with peers, with weeping and crying out, and so much that he regarded not the offering anymore receive it with goodwill with your hand yet you say wherefore because the Lord hath been witnessed between the and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast built treacherously yet she thy companion and the wife of thy covenant that did not he make one yet.

Had he the residue of the spirit, and wherefore, one that he might seek a godly seed therefore take heed to your Spirit and let men deal treacherously against the wife as you, for the Lord God of Israel, saith that he had hated putting away for one covers violence with his garments, saith the Lord of hosts. Therefore, take heed to your spirit that she deal not treacherously wearied the Lord with your words yet. Yay yet you say where and how we worried him when you say everyone that there were evil in the side of the Lord, and he delighted in them or where is God of judgment. The case of Jones going only back to 430 BC. Malachi new that we were created, and that we were created in the image of God and that God was was the natural born father of all humanity. And so there was any question about this thing called evolution. Was there no now here Judah have been dealt tragically and abomination is committed in Israel. So what happens the opposition. The heathen tribes, the Philistines, all of these.

They sent their women in to seduce the Israeli men. They said that the young women in the go and there are married women that were were members of all the strange God right and for that reason, God's will easily cut them off when he got cut off. That means you make a room temperature and so and so he was he was making a point very clear. There, but then he goes on Joe and he's talking about. Not only have you done that you're bringing in these young pretty heathen women who worship another God, you're being seduced by these women. But then on top of that they were not treating the brides of their youth very well.

In other words their wives that got a little older women right out yet what happened. Joe, you know, Moses gave him the, the and the bookkeeper allowed them to give to write a paper of divorcement.

But these guys abused that they abuse it and they would know they would that divorce their wives were enough for any reason affect they would even at times where you would have the the times of planning and plowing, they would actually exchange when their wives to four. A team of oxen, and after the plowing was over they would trade back in and get their way back to they would lately put them on the same you know is like trading mules were oxen. Now, here there.

You know my property like cattle right so here God says that their tears were falling on his altar. He says here yet you say wherefore because the Lord had witnessed between the wife that you against him now is dull, treacherously yet she is thy companion and the wife of a covenant and did not make one yet. He had the residue of the spirit 41 that they might see godly seed therefore take heed to spirit. Let men deal treacherously against the wife of his youth for the Lord God of Israel have said here, putting away love you go back where it said that there tears you apart is offering okay now here, so he tells these guys this and you know what these knuckleheads did their telling God night he's got them all wrong. You gotta so Ron got right. He says it's the where where where we where a dealer where will you know where we done that. I mean, you know you got it so wrong is that a smart thing to tell God that he doesn't know what he's talking about malware to back marriage was a covenant actually a covenant with God work through become as 13 were supposed to become one. Work together as one unit and not to be separated the light there was an eternal hell like to hear in his church was the idea to cover that and it's not to be broken so they were just playing games with the most sacred things regarded made one of the first and most sacred marriage and then they go home now.

This is good that we cashed in an old way for young haven, they were trying to justify their sin and it never works, so that we God calls about it.

Listen is called God calls you to repent of something are you to stand up and argue with them, whether or not you're guilty or you should. I don't think a very good idea. Not NS that smartest thing when you're spinning because there's no way you can hear the ultimate judge of the universe and know well retrial. There is no appeal court and owns or so when an argument. God is has never lost one verse that you argue has God ever lost an argument now and justly pronounces judgment to your computer and talk all day. He doesn't care.

He pronounces judgment that's done now listen to this Joe listen to this. When you say everyone that doing evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and he delighted in them or whether where is the God of judgment. So there telling God look where hip were woke we get it we get we understand it, that you say Blessed are the poor in spirit.

Blessed are the poor for you know they're in and in heaven. The those that have the worst here like Lazarus and and the rich man, though haven't the best wheat we get it we get Lord week, but we see what you're doing you saying that but that we took. We look around and we see the evil people are prospering your blessing. The evil people.

They have all the money they have all the power they have all the pleasure so we get your saying one thing but you do it another units with Democrats. I like Joe Biden McKay no Democrats. They say one thing and very out is that a smart thing to say to God about early public public Joe turnover to Malachi chapter 1 in our listen listen village lived with that God had to say about that now. He says this quote for me see here will meet. Let me find them trying to remember the kid now. Now let's go to chapter 2 McKay chapter 2 and readme verses one through four and now only. This commandment is prettier. He will not hear and he will not lay at the heart to give glory under my name Sarah Florida. I will even send a curse upon you and I will curse your blessings today. I have cursed them already, because you do not lay it to heart. Behold, I will correct your seed but dung upon your faces. Even the dung of your solemn face.

And one shall take you away with it and you shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you, that my covenant might be with Levi, saith the Lord of cases Joe you in chapter 2, he was talking about his where he says the Lord will cut off the man to do with this, the master, the scholar on the tabernacles of Jacob and that in offering an offering unto the Lord of hosts is always talking about. He doesn't doesn't regard his offerings that that he doesn't he doesn't want their offering. Okay I like to receive goodwill at their hands.

Now here Joe when it was when they would go to the temple. They would bring their animals. Now there was a gate and they would have to wait outside a gate. Now Joe you had a farm and you know what happens when candles and in no thing. What they do after they've eaten right outside the gate.

This is where development comes from. Okay now he's telling them that he's going to spread dung upon their face. Listen and I behold, I will corrupt your status with Doug about interfaces even the dung of your solemn face is talking about specifically those animals that they brought their to be sacrificed and he's telling them that they are going to be face down and room temperature and then done out there because they have disrespected and disobeyed him Kate. And so here's here's these guys after God has told him that Joe, after God has told him that there telling God. He's got them all wrong. Got you got us all wrong and not a smart thing is in court for America from artwork. I get up American alignment of drug Joe. I am aware of the point if I didn't do that I wasn't anywhere near our career, reserve your fingerprints of their outcome. Your blood was there.

I don't know how it got there the kind of anger just being stupid yet, let's go to Jeremiah 31 and Jeremiah chapter 31 of Joe readme verses eight through 10. Behold, I will bring them from the North country and gather them from the coast of the earth, and with them the blind and the lame woman with child and her the travail of child together a great company shall return thither, they shall come with weeping, and with supplications will I delete them I will cause him to walk by the rivers of water in a straight way wherein they shall not stumble. For I am a father to Israel and Efraim is my firstborn. Okay so when these first of all he's talking about and was simply as go ahead, hear the word of the Lord, all you nations and declared in the aisles of far-off and say he that scattered Israel will gather him and keep him as a shepherd of his flock. Okay, so now Joe here lease talking about supplications, supplications, what it supplications is playing his prayer prayer Trinity landing in prayer right now here then he when he talks about on the straight way means he could keep them on level path units level has not hear has has this happened partially do we see this the types of sentences has he been because in his HUD showing you that God is a family of true Israel, true Israel, and of course we know is true Israel you're referring to about one third. According to the will of the Lord Jesus.

One third of those the professor professing to be professing.

They may be the seat of Azor Hamlet. They're not the sons forever so they meet their there physically bring lots father you not spiritually right there not spiritually. The sons instead of God being their spiritual father two thirds the devil is a spiritual father.

No, here he goes on, and in this passage, he says that that he is going to be the protector. He's given me the provider is good be the comforter in the Redeemer that when does that take place in his fullness when all these things take place in the fullness after the tribulation when Israel is redeemed, that's right there in that millennial kingdom kingdom locates a very good wealth. When you go to break and will be back right after this would more don't go away and clean.

Joe, I forgot all about that song. Forgot a mechanism that was Esther Christman with that beautiful voice and I can order.

If you want a founder of an angel and them well teasing him as choir now. She went home to be with the Lord. She was a dear, dear friend in the anyhow, I forgot all about that so and and and what happened was last night when we were trying to do the Bible study course, the devil got after us again when the and not try to bring stumble into and so they plan to play that song until we can get back online in them he plea popped and thought about it no place and I forgot all about it ever exist. Lord works in mysterious ways, one of the LMX song and we got up almost 400 songs altogether and all of these things between myself and Carl in the number of the other people is the and Danny were a whole bunch of the photos that anyhow we got a lot to talk about tonight Holland and again I wanted to remind the folks that with the 2000 meals come in well regularly.

It was another big order because this is taking the we were concerned because believe me the opposition does not want they do not want those videos out there people are finding out what they don't want them to know how and so apparently don't Joe guess what happened in Texas. Texas GOP passes resolution declaring the Biden not legitimately elected or who would've ever thought very hard. They came out that ranges folder. Be bold liens and called the current, oh boy, what if they got me saying the Democrats only because of the tooth gets out.

One of the church and that's why we're here.

That's exactly the reason we are here to get the truth out Texas Republicans pass a resolution on 18 June studying that Pres. Joe Biden was not legitimately elected and that substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas influence the result of the 2020 presidential electors in favor Biden will. Who would've thought how now he goes on to say, we believe that the 2020 election violated article 1 article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. You hear that my parents that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislators in conducting their elections in multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3 price data resolution passed in Saturday the last day of the three-day biennial Texas GOP convention held in Houston and Texas. The Texas Tribune reported. We believe that substantial acts of fraud is key metropolitan area significantly affected the results in the five key states in favor of Joseph Robin a Biden Junior, the resolution continued. We reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election and we hold the acting president Joseph Robin and Biden Junior was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States. It added the state GOP, the largest in the nation passed a resolution after delegates that through Thursday. Screening of the 2000 meals, a documentary directed by conservative author and filmmaker Denise Desousa that what if Joe would have to state legislators and these other states. Get smart enough. What if the state legislators and the state of Ohio. The state of Missouri.

The state of California again and all these other states.

What if they get smart enough to step through and watch 2000 meal documentary directed by Denise Desousa. The movie features the undercover investigation work of David and Laura citizen investigator in Arizona State Sen. Canada Gary Snyder as well as the investigations conducted by election integrity organization to devote an alleged according about trafficking operation during the 2020 election and so I described as an exposé of widespread coordinator voter fraud in the 2020 election. The movie draws on cell phone location data pair with video surveillance footage that allegedly showed cohort of people dropping ballots of drop boxes situated out doors and there was more than 20 times each. Those were dubbed by investigators as the 2000 meals. So, just as we told you that was as it is illegitimate as corrupt and fraudulent election. Is there ever been, and anyone and everyone who says that's not units that are lighter than a bit of truth in them, and none of them will have the guts to come and set across from me at this right here in the studio and debate me on not one of you will route when we did story care about what 420 million Milton Zucker box that was handed out to almost every Outlook select all election official in group and they were not there to just get out the vote for one party, one party people and control that a lot of things were not there violated state constitutions of state election laws and that alone they said was enough to have swung the election from the Biden answer another release three major things and then the media with its constant euro hatred of trump and are keeping the truth about Hunter Biden. The laptop secret that probably was not from what we hear a lot of of the whole stated a lot of people said if they knew they wouldn't have voted for Biden, but heard about some of the laptop.

So we've got three areas very the voter fraud. Zucker box and then your medias lies and deception. Three reasons the election results. Well, there's another one: you got old sold footage of the going into the nursing homes and intimidating the elderly. Tell them here. He got a sinus sign this this right inside is valid here and when I said no we don't intimidated. They were just garbage or cattle people assigned, though some of them said we did not like to sign the cable testimony say no. We did we would told that we didn't want to do that and they told us we had to and right-click on the silver familial. Electric advantage of some of the communal paper people that you scribble a name and I walked out for signatures from people that had no idea what they were doing, couldn't complain because it and remember what they did absolutely. That is tomatoes totally crooked and all things taken advantage of the elderly asked like they're beating up on children already here to restore the American constitutional Republic the American dollar key must be overthrown as an article by Joe hopped and then Joe says there are but two parties, not traders and patriots. And that's exactly right.

Traders and patriots.

Those are the two parties and you have the rhinos are in the traders at he goes on yes continue to vote but do not expect to predict electoral red wave of congressional Republicans. The change the status quo. Washington DC the Republican party, led by Republican Sen. Lynn said it later, Mitch McConnell and Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy remains tightly in the grip of the old oligarchy, which is the 1993 Louis Lapham described as the 2% of the population who own the media and the banks and manage the government operate the universities print the money write the laws and every four years they hire a president. The Republicans of the Democrats are presently constituted, do not want the United States to function of the constitutional Republic accountable to the people because it inhibits their ability to cure personal power and profit for themselves and their financial backers from a governance perspective, the American oligarchy is a physical, philosophically in-line with the globalists of the world economic forum and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party boy that's right that that hits the nail right on the edge of exactly what we've been playing for 30 years that I can remember there out there selling out America for ill-gotten gain for the love of money there selling their country out there selling their own children and grandchildren outbreak they may have been protected right now but down the road. They won't be because we always know what happens. Revolutions always end in violence. A lot of the useful idiots get eliminated because they get in the way of the true revolutionaries yet they'll want a global order to oppose the Lord's service work. There are no sovereign nation just landed people to exploit God, communism, globalism, or as I like to say neo-feudalism. In practice they are.

There are distinctions without differences. All authoritarian which individual rights and the unnameable distilled with a greater but temporary indulgence granted by the otherwise oppressive de facto one-party state state simply is oligarchy is incompatible with the functioning constitutional Republic.

Their mutually exclusive) art personal Republic. The left always screams there gonna ruin our democracy real in our democracy. Well, we've never been a democracy. They want us to be, because a democracy is the emotional will of the people that say where Republic is a based on rule of law law that student laws that do not change. Another word God's 10 Commandments are those laws that will not cannot change and the Republicans based on that rule of law and then we have this democratic form of government with scaring the boundaries of the Republic and this stuff is our democracy will I hope we do because the democracies never last long. There usually end up in a violent overthrow and they say and very very tablet every democracy in history has ended very badly.

I Joe, here's one that I know that you grinding at the bit to get a hold of his driving an electric car immoral. Here's what they don't tell you go for it all right story folks we have done bits and pieces of the story.

In the past and what it is.

Powerline blogger John Hendrick and a energy expert engineer Ronald Stein looked at the source of power and their conclusion and the reef told you this before TVs are bad for the environment. Why well go back to the batteries that power. This lithium battery.

Each minder produces lithium think about this now they are destroying entire mountains are eliminated by one lithium supply line H mine usually consist of 35 to 40 humongous 97 97 Caterpillar haul trucks along with hundreds of other large earthmoving equipment H7 97 uses half a million gallons a decently year so just one mine were 35 of these trucks uses 17.5 million gallons of diesel and that's just one lithium site and is typical electric vehicle battery weighs about a thousand pounds 25 pounds lithium 60 pounds a nickel 44 pounds of Megan needs 30 pounds a cobalt 200 pounds or copper 400 pounds of aluminum, steel and plastic, and there are 6000 little lithium-ion cells inside and all of these things come from mining and we know one of the things that overrode Africa a cobalt minds you we told her the story in the Congo United Nations fund is talked about the use about 40,000 children are working in cobalt minds so that you can have a battery for your electric vehicle and what these engineers came up with Princeton's to manufacture each electric vehicle battery. You must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium 30,000 pounds or for cobalt 5000 pounds or for nickel 25,000 pounds of war for copper and all told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth crust for every battery. I'll think about every car in Europe. Every car in America every car in China. Every car in the world and we told you before civil engineers of lectins that there's not enough of these rare earth things to make all the batteries that they want. For all those electric vehicles and forget that one battery 500,000 pounds or earth we would destroy the earth. The environment to have the electric vehicles that they claim will save the planet talk about a lie from the pit of hell folks, it is impossible what they want to do is not going to work the way they're presently planning on it and oh by the way all these electric vehicles.

In reality, run on fossil fuel, nuclear power, why well but produces electricity, primarily coal, uranium, natural gas, and very little wind and sun. So basically Anil, we're having to use the same energy sources down fossil fuels to make the electricity to run the cars and then remember those batteries only last a few years and we told you one other story of one guy took his car in the subject of a new battery and the battery and the replacement rent $20,000 and the car was only a few years old so there you have it weaken the dental slave labor in China is producing most of their rare earth, we've got the little children in Africa working the cobalt minds and oh by the way, all China's solar panels that their roadbuilding from the world are produced with cold fire plants, power plants in China is building one coal-fired power plant a month of the week. Making 52 this year, 52 to route produce. Although solar panels and stuff that they're going to sell to us versus got to be insanity test Ernie know it's not tell you is it will is your criminal's criminal insanity. Jill.

But if you want to call that it would be but that working to tell you at the top. Adele going to have general Mac and every other he's going to tell you exactly what we've been telling you the dim sum purpose.

This is not look Joe, I hear the major baby formula plant forced to shut down less than two weeks after reopening.

In other words there making a shortage.

Remember what out Janice Yellen said remember what she said the great you know here on our economy. The Fed well she said look abortion is good for the economy. If you're pregnant. I'd kill it if you're pregnant kill it. Go back to work. Work on that tree also affect Jerry only came out the other day. The only way to fix our energy crisis is to move to renewable energy all working to destroy the earth to get a renewable energy specialist at 70 binder administration. The Biden administration policies are not responsible for the high gas prices and the only way to fix our crisis is to move and move swiftly to renewables to address the horrible horrible threat of climate change Joe some years ago we had one of the largest firms of geologist in the world have on the radio program that we would. We did kind of a regular but once a month we would have month talk about things in the environment when it comes to creation versus evolution and so and they said this, not year you had 14 on the top geologist of the country and they were in total agreement. They were in total agreement that didn't work for the government right they didn't work for the government, and here's what they said they said the earth is reproducing oil the earth produces oil okay right, they didn't tell you the long time ago a whole bunch of dinosaurs panics with when it when that when the earth was hit with a meteorite and and because of the IAC, the, the Ice Age, to all these dinosaurs they want running someplace and one of them stumbled and fell at all of the others fell on top of him and they died and rotted and produced oil know they didn't say that at all. What I said nice. They said that the earth, the earth is is producing oil is in the minerals in the earth and so gelid let me ask you this earth not know if the earth if the earth is producing oil is that not a renewable source exactly because oil actually comes from engineers reminded us that comes from methane gas deep below the surface and it's a process of pressure and heat on the methane gas that produces the what we call crude oil and your right or how they found out they had all these depleted oil wells started going back up and read filling in some of them came back almost all and that's when it dawned on them were better try figure out why these old dry wells are reselling in the truth and they don't tell that it is a renewable source because it comes from methane gas and on the earth surface.

There is an huge huge account of the figure. Quantity of this methane gas that will last a lot longer than we can. There were going to be her folks use. We have elected 200 years supply Joe Joe, the United States of America sitting on the world's largest largest source of oil criminal are exactly nadir living is when they used to talk about peak oil. You and I were around world climbers and Alligood another €10 were working or hitting peak oil from now on is going to go downhill and I think I remember about 5×45 times I did the peak oil thing and now the latest data like you said we got over 200 years if at taking on the ground as fast as we can reject 200 years of July.

Remember I remember as it is first.

You know what coal is right. That's what you get in your stocking when you're bad at Christmas let you know that you know that that did you know that Superman could take a chunk of coal and squeeze it so hard it'll turn into a diamond outside. In day out how they make artificial diamond.

I thought I saw that right on right there on the Superman program and so there you not maybe you should believe everything you see on television, but probably shouldn't, but they do make artificial diamond): under pressure. Let me ask you this, do you, do you think that the earth is still reproducing coal even as we speak someplace of yachts.

He got has a change that has any amount dear your I mean the earth is still doing exactly the way God programmed to do right exactly, right now right now is where he is speaking the earth is producing coal and knowing that we go far left is not in charge of taking care of the earth.

Hillary said she's gonna make them centering all this for us. Hillary said she's gonna make him stop doing that you forget she felt she told the coal miners in West Virginia that she was taking control of that there would be any more coal being used now. Now, like vitamin E make promises when he is running for president that the heroes go to shut down all fossil fuel.

Gotta make a promise I will stop all fossil fuel in this country and is working on working hard youth do you think he knows to what extent how he is hated by the people, or do you think he is only surrounded he so surrounded by just those in the DC district and crime that he's not aware. He's not aware of how angry the people in this country are adding extract concurrent water. An per capita bubble live. I don't think he realizes quite hardheaded because that one guy said that was talking to her and said let's go Brandon. His wife went down the scrubber and they had no idea what was going on.

There were out of it. Yeah, you see those bumper stickers all over the car and I don't anyhow.

I think to keep your pretty well isolated from the world.

To be honest with your well, you're absolutely right now, here's the question why did the IRS just purchase $700,000 worth of ammo. Why would the IRS by the way, they're not actually a government agency there not a government there actually a collection agency for the Federal Reserve. I think that I think they are under a video federal government. Our chart, but rather there are not a enforcement agency out back. We were kept on people look what Bill Clinton still are not. Don't look right.

Obama's doing he was arming people getting guns to people in the Department of Transportation Department of Education giving federal government permits. He was building his own private army will see why would the IRS cocktail bullets. It means the they have guns or they would need bullets so he's already armed him as an alarming who Joe are the end to protect themselves from us. That's right. It said they look in the analysis of the country actually the patriots as the people to drill America as the enemies of of the this corrupt and I mean illegitimate and so corrupt and so illegitimate government exactly had so Joe like what we just heard, and what you're going to hear Gen. Machen Elysées, but let me just region something here. This you've heard about this. This is called the declaration of the 13 states of the debt, well them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the law of nature and nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impelled them to the separation and so where required. First, by God's Word the Bible, and then by the Declaration of Independence has never all ties with this corrupt illegitimate government early out for we cannot retain control of it. That's exactly what it says right in front declaration and it will be back on the right God. After this, with more okay no event.

Okay, you said that you said 10 right yet we are coming up to break now, folks, this is Gen. McInerney and listen to what he says. And have you not heard Pastor Joe and myself say this for many years. Be right back.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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