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THU HR 2 052622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 27, 2022 12:13 am

THU HR 2 052622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Sherwin-Williams is looking for passionate bilingual professionals like you Shirley .com/answers for open jobs now donate and listen to the podcast WR were back in the how does an 18-year-old who worked that will be useful for thousands of dollars going your question emerging in all Sharon to shooters ability to acquire very expensive high end firearms such as Daniel defense rifles, which are among the highest priced AR's they can be purchased through the shooter reportedly only two of these rifles +375 rows of 5.56 animal and when you throw all the magazines and read the sites and lights and the gear typically goes with the set up your looking at around $5000 investment in all of this hoarded a poor kid who works at Wendy's come up with 5000 by all this gear. He also reported drove a really nice car on top of that. Was he on somebody's payroll. I understand he couldn't. He didn't hardly know how to drive Catherine the four years of being MK ultra in the mental health system also appears that ramose was brainwashed for four years in the local mental health system after being arrested in 2018 and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, according to two teens were arrested into 18 one of them fits the profile ramose and they make explicit threats to replicate the Columbine Colorado shooting during this senior year sheet. The problem that is so sweet.

We don't we have a renegade we have a renegade FBI we have in a renegade CIA week.

We can leave. They've lost all credibility. We can't trust. Trust him anymore and in full the trust when the Democrats winnowed other credits who love death when when they hate uniformed police officers what they love the federal agents will I will will get a gets the article here because you've got some the old federal agents before the zero the dropping dimes okay and there there coming out in the blowing whistles on the fact that will, for example, molar, and all of this. They knew right from the beginning. The corruption was was 100% within the Justice Department will will get to that again. Let me go back here again that were talking it looks like MK altered in the mental health system, ramose would have been 14 at the time as Ken's reports in the press release voted chief of police Daniel Rodriguez said that Marella's junior high school student 14 and a former Morello student 1310 specifically targeted numerous students and what they described as a plan to perform a mass casualty event against the school news pipeline explains more than in their story. The deep state had four years to get this one right and they blew it melt without a dent.

That was the purpose is exactly right yes okay they blew it with them kilter written all over body Texas massacre in 2018 new multi-student, state, 20, 22 school slaughter at this May 3, 2018 story, Kansas five pointed out, it appears they all knew about this kid's goals of carrying on a mass shooting even pegging a future involving Texas school shooting to the year 2022. Given the deep state for four years.

To further train him and indoctrinate him and there's little doubt that he was groomed by professionals to carry out this carnage. There you go in this by the way folks this article here is on a brighter and brighter. News and is from the natural lose. Well anyhow then you get this hero injured off-duty border patrol agent shot and killed the mass murderers over the rim essay says he gets there goes right and he doesn't hesitate that is so wide that means what he never got the memo daily director. He didn't get the memo right. He did what he did, we cops are supposed to do if I could figure out where these guys all standing right in Newmont Mining and it with the court. Okay, now Lisa's got an article shall we let her do her article okay Senate Republicans blocked the domestic terrorism prevention bill on Thursday pushed by the Democrats in the wake of the Buffalo shooting that killed 10 people. The domestic terrorism prevention act was passed in the US House of Representatives last week designed to quote establish new requirements to expand the availability of information on domestic terrorism and the relationship between domestic terrorism and hate crimes" axes to create offices in the federal Bureau of investigation, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to monitor and track potential domestic terrorism threats if signed into law by Pres. Joe Biden.

The bill would direct the FBI to assigned a special agent in each field office to investigate hate crimes related to domestic terrorism, federal agencies were also be required to produce biannual reports on white supremacy and neo-Nazi infiltration of federal, state and local enforcement agencies.

The bill did not pass on the Senate floor in a 44 and 4747 vote as it failed to achieve the 60 votes needed Senate menorah Majority Leader Chuck Schumer changed his vote from and I to a know at the end and the procedural move, hoping to bring the bill back up again in the future going to say and what they remember there always do exactly the opposite of what's real.

Yes, there upside down and inside out and backwards.

Always keep your people diffuse about so so who are they well here.

You can't marry Garland under the orders of Judge Joe Biden telling the FBI to go out and go after parents. Anyone who wants to was concerned about with the children being taught in a public school go after these parents strike fear in their hearts. Okay so here there there like KGB the worst and KGB agents much worse and KGB agent. They used to be CI I'm I had years ago I had friends over FBI agents and they could hold her head up, they can hold her head right up and they were and they were proud of what they were okay with school and getting that's that that's not us or influence whatever all these lights started flashing then you know something one of the stations have gone off-line. But that's not us. And now, so here in and they again date there they met and known to do good in others, always been rogue agents in their arena. Remember the days of Ted Gunderson went to Gunderson. He was one of those that went after he was a man of concurrent, a man of courage and honor and integrity and he knew he was over the FBI over in California, Texas and Arizona. He Nevada.

That whole area out the New Mexico, Colorado, that was all he was the head and he he would tell me often about the problems he would have with with with rogue agents but that they were at that time they were a minority. Today few and far between now and the day is not that way the corruption starts right at the very very top yes and that this was happening and what's happening now is because when you have very very corrupt people at the top when they hire they hire people like themselves and this is where the corruption is gone so deep true because it is you almost have to get rid of the entire agency. If you cleaned it up right was get ended in effect, let me go here with this article here. More proof that corrupt special counsel Robert Muller was working to protect Hillary Clinton. This is an article by Dick JD Hayes just came out today when special counsel Robert Muller was appointed by then Anthony Gen. Jeff sessions by then Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions to investigate the so-called collusion between then-President Donald Trump in Russia, a link that was fabricated by the campaign of Hillary Clinton is probe was sold to the American people is a must do kind of thing because we need transparency in the administration from the very day one we told you this whole thing folks is a scam. This whole thing is is illegitimate. Okay.

As Hillary Clinton. We told you day one day one, but in reality after 18 months after 18 months and tens of millions of dollars in's and several indictments of the of the Trump world figures that had nothing at all and nothing at all to do with Muller's original mandate of financial pressure collusion, the special counsel struggling with his own mental health issues like Joe Biden is now told Congress essentially no we didn't find any link at all, but we knew that there was none. From the beginning and they did to know just last week, another bombshell from the airdropped Clintons campaign manager Robbie milk. I'm just amazed that he still alive. Okay Robbie milk testified in the trial involving Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman that Hillary personally signed off on leaking the light that the Trump organization was connected to the Kremlin backed financial Institute Alpha Bank, the secret back channel. In other words, the book testified that not only was the claimant a lie. When will I know my Clinton, who authorized it to be leaked to the media to see what she did okay was totally illegal when she did here now, but she's Hillary and and so the problem of it is we don't have a Justice Department now note on Durham is doing the best job he can to bring the evidence which are bringing the evidence okay to marry Garland. That's right.

Okay, not here effect even even the judge in this case have relatives that are working together, and of going to the same school. I mean this judge should recruit himself, but he won't though.

Here we going to say who authorized the leak to the media reports that eventually led to FBI probe as well. Even though James Comey's Bureau also knew that the claim was absolutely false but wooden Robert Muller's team led by dog Andrew Wiseman attack dog that they kinases cook. It is crooked gives us have found on all of this out during the probe know they didn't, and why, because they never interviewed Mark and why. Well we know why because they all knew that the Trump pressure collusion claim was a hoax to begin with and if they had interviewed Mo Comeau's team would've had to reveal the click new into the Clinton house is the key take away within the testimony of Clinton campaign manager Robbie milk during assessment. Trial courts every intellectually honest people who watch the events unfold already knew that. However, the DC politicians corrupt, corrupt, crooked institutions of the DOJ.

This department of Judas and the FBI and the entire corporate meeting would have been pretending not to know the truth for almost 6 years. Now they are in pretending pickle right Mr. Bullock was legally forced to put the truth into the official record. Ironically, because the Clinton lawyers needed him to order needed him to in order to save themselves a stunned Jonathan truly writes about the revelation here. Meanwhile the journalists who receive Pulitzer prizes for pushing a manufactured Clinton lies that mode now admits must avoid any mention the testimony in order to maintain their pretending not to know things position. Current special counsel, John Durham, Doug, and discover house. He stayed alive what you do for me. He just disappeared for a while with her the whole home bar raw on Durham connection near the whole thing just net nothing ever came of that stuff that I think God's get is handling these Avenue Mount Silva's current special counsel John Durham Doug and discover the truth behind the origins of the Trump Reggio Oaks via the trial, Sussman, who had been charged with lying to the FBI telling an official he hasn't working. He wasn't working on behalf of any client when he squared the live through. He was working on behalf of Clinton campaign and with each new revelation comes a thousand. I told you so's to a small group of congressional researchers, all Republicans who found the same evidence trail years ago. Clinton campaign line is politics. The Clinton campaign selling lies to the media is slimy, but nonetheless politics the conservative treehouse noted, the media pushes those lies only showcases how corrupt they are supporting the political allies. However, Clinton campaign selling those lies to the FBI's a bit more problematic. Thus, the trial, Sussman would having noted all of this while also accepting the pretense of the light. No one else is pointed out the obvious. How did Robert Muller and Andrew Wiseman spent two years investigating Trump of brush it with a team of 19 lawyers spent $40 million and 40 FBI agents 2800 subpoenas 500 search warrants 500 witnesses and not find out that Hillary Clinton created the hopes that they were investing up to what they were doing the work. Listen to the radio because we were telling people they 18. This is all coming of this would Hillary data from day one day one day one is only one answer, the Muller probe was involved. Many of the same Justice Department and FBI officials who promoted results in the first place was nothing but an operation to cover up the Department of Judas malfeasance with that is important to note that our system is broken folks is been corrupted by very very bad people that you had an article Randy G.I. Ashley Dare, yet not enough of page here, but that of the thing that.that I have here is one of the 2000 users of GOP has not mentioned 2000 new ballot and trafficking document. Proven 2020 election was stolen. They just don't care. And the interesting thing is the sales the movie approve through Geo traffic in and video confirmation. The Democrats use ballot trafficking to steal the 2020 election in a conspiracy that involved every single bear battleground states I see and we know from investigating Catherine Engelbrecht in the great Phillips that roughly 7% of mail-in ballots in each state which were trafficked without those stolen votes. Biden would not of won the election is said but it wasn't just the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party has yet to post about the movie on their twitter Facebook pages the GOP website does not mention the documentary at all. At a certain point you start to realize that people were supposed to be representing you aren't, and they really don't care obviously the GOP would rather lose the election. They confront the system and the GOP is too busy celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage month allocate Randy development.

Add two and two together look if they go ahead and they promote that 2000 and by the way folks, we've got another order were temporarily out of them. But we got a whole new shipment coming in the 2000 and sewed donations of awareness can donations of $60 or more, because we really have to raise money to stay in the air, but not you will send you one free. Now here Randy you had all these Republicans you had like parents you had Tom cotton you had.

I hate to say put the Blackburn pre-k they had all having all of these that did not stand would trump that did not stand would Trump said no here if they promote 2000 mules. They've got a look at that and say you see there's all the evidence exactly the way Trump was telling us it was and when the opportunity when the time came for us to stand with him. We failed him. We failed and Mike pence failed to see failed America. He filled, and they all failed as you notice that the was that the voltage GPAs and is backing him out for president as a group in Georgia did have come on the bed and back by parents for president and just be a ticket.

My fear for the next election is that it is that there aren't are not enough angry people and that we are well in danger of having the same thing happen in this next election that happened with the Trump election and the eight it's it it it scared you really really well were going to work against all the liberal line mainstream media that is for sure, but there is a growing patriot movement in the country and one of things the Democrats have not made they got down and dirty what they've been doing.

In fact, in here whistleblower reveals Michigan petition ringleader, who allegedly gathered fraudulent ballads signatures for five GOP gubernatorial candidates being ticked off of ballot also worked for two current down members of Congress.

So here would they one and deadly volunteered to collect signatures knowingly. They collected false signatures and at work.

He got the these people kicked out of the but the Democrats will do. There's no no into the club is having ages will do anything and so is there just is just completely and totally corrupt. Monday five of the 12 Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidates, including the two top Republican gubernatorial candidates, former police, a Detroit police chief Craig and self-made billionaire Perry Johnson and three other GOP candidates for governor were found to have an insufficient number of signatures to be placed on the ballot in the August primary election.

Gubernatorial candidates in Michigan must submit a whopping 15,000 signatures to be eligible to run for governor. So that's interesting. I have another one here speaking of the fraud or shocking Georgia election crimes uncovered 1.7 million ballot images illegally destroyed and it says the voters GA is a nonprofit, not part of partisan tax-exempt organization created by coalitions of citizens citizens working to restore election integrity in Georgia and what is is, is it in their press conference on Monday voted GA reported that they have identified more illegal actions from the 2020 election in the state. The team obtained admission from 72 counties that all of the videos intended to monitor or dropbox.

The drop boxes for the ballot election were destroyed. Voltage EA voters made the determination by submitting open records required.

Thus video monitoring is missing for 181,507 cast ballots. Since digital ballot images are created automatically by the Dominion voting system for result tabulation of the team obtained admission from 56 counties that most of most or all of their ballot images were unavailable. A total of 1.7 million images were destroyed. According to the states and federal law. All election records must be retained.

In fact, federal law requires a 22 month retention. For election records which state dialogue requires a 24 month retention. For election God documents and that our formulae are considered to include videos of electronic files in it. It did in the state.

That's right. Basically the end of it, but my point is, it did they destroy the elections.

Two weeks after the election of the ballast choose me two weeks after the election. How amazing is that it is according to the whistleblower here is a fellow named Sean Wilmoth was behind this whole scam to get these guys go volunteer than I get fraudulent signatures so they would not be able to go guide and that that's why you once again going back to 2000 news. I think everybody should see that and the fact that they are suppressing the existence of it. It should be a red flag that you really need to get not only should everybody see it. We want to give Salem a heads up for doing for promoting that they existed when those out there you and all the wool corporations and all the these so-called these phony fact checkers. There is phony as phony kids came better coming out and saying this was a right that's a lot.

This guy had all this is all his ducks in order and that film is dynamite phenomenon is an excellent Gafford Army his whole career is based on this Stuff we won the first people put them on the radio when he first got started your demo yet LCD does a bang up job on anything videos after absolutely and so folks you need to know what you need to show this in your church, which showed it nurtured several times already, you need to show you church you folks and ordering these the seventh 2000 meals, you got it week is our chance to get the truth out to the people we we gotta do everything we can because again we're up against the mainstream liberal line media. The whole antichrist world system and you have go-ahead that the lease and okay meanwhile one of the stars of TLC's 19 kids and counting Josh Dugan Huger was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was convicted on several child porn charges. According to USA Today Judge Timothy Brooks sentenced yogurt Wednesday in Northwest Arkansas compromising between prosecutor's request for 20 years and that the fences teams five-year.

As for the sexual deviant sentencing. The complete sentence from Judge Brooks was 151 months and a $10,000 fine do-gooder must also participate in a sex offense specific treatment program in December, a jury found the 34-year-old guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography. The chopper mammography was discovered on computers kept inside his car and that he previously admitted and apologized for sexually abusing four of his own sisters and family babysitter who were also stars of the TLC reality show. Here's the thing right.

This guy immediately messed up. No doubt about that but they did. The prosecutors wanted 20 years for him 20 years if he was to go to to DC running for Congress as a Democrat that would take that would let up his stock at snazzy as I am obviously because pedophilia is so rampant amongst the Democratic I'm his party just totally reminisced.

But what if you look at what's her name Brownlee just got on the Supreme Court seeking to build her career reducing sentences for drug dealers in child porn and all that stuff she she she she did that on number of times that here's one of their their their hero Democratic actor Kevin Spacey charged in the UK over sex attacks assaulted three men now here he did that here and had a left ear went over there. Thank you, Kevin Spacey was charging a kingdom for for sex attacks against three men. The Oscar-winning actor, 62, he was charged with counts of sexual assault, and one other sex offenders is due not to ease a hero and in the Democratic Party. This rises his stock. This rate is within the collective. All cows were allegedly carried out between 2005 and 2013 on men who are now aged in the 30s and 40s for the charges were said to Have Taken Pl. in London and one was in Gloucestershire.

Rosemary and silly head of the CPS special crime division said that CPS is authorized criminal charges against Kevin Spacey 62 for four counts of sexual assault against the men that he will he get off the guy got on the audio don't dilemma rises stock value now II got another 100 of about the baby formula, FDA Commissioner claims is no baby formula shortage. It's just a full distribution problem abides FDA Dr. Robert Robert. I guess it's callous or maybe it's Cliff maybe pronounces but on Monday said there's no baby form shortage is just distribution problem 25 states have a 40 to 50% of baby formulas out stock in five states. Over 50% of baby formulas on stock and Biden FDA shut down a very large formula .3 months ago and the firm was investigated for causes of the death of four babies that use the formula and none of these were substantiated. So Biden however has no problem distributing the hard to come by baby formula to the border facilitate the work at all the phone lines at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

Here what I was telling you about the but here you got I got to form her call me a PI General Counsel James Baker now works at twitter and was a member of the national passports on the election crisis and can he really be trusted.

Absolutely no we cannot pay you when Durham asked him why did he give them this information in against what's his name. His all the lawyer with Hillary's lawyer. Why didn't you give me that information you had that information. Is it because he is a friend of mine and that damn show that the answer that flew to you. Go. James Baker was at the heart of the states attempted Kula Pres. Donald Trump, removal from office. He worked for James call me in the FBI.

He joined the Twitter and was involved in the 2020 election is a member of the little-known national task force election crisis based on all this.

Can he be trusted. Absolutely not.

James Baker was combing General Counsel at the FBI. He was on every discussion and cutting calculations I TGV wrote him numerous times have Baker at times appeared to be appeared to be willing to talk represent remote Meadows calls for Rosenstein to resign immediately following James Baker testimony. He plotted out a plan to oust Trump from office organist and a list of there will be back right after this amount is hearsay, saying the scan together to sell you my calendar, who then is to see the means the care and branding. Because you allude and say that is where his body is stand there strangers is the interest in his back and he is in Christ is standing in a you is all. His job is to be as little as it is so gathered that is with me and may surround a heavenly angels and stand when we try to call you friend. As we together stand he's utility we stand, as will as a plan and right. We are back Yolanda Rocio.

He was a say when he killed Vicki shot him. He was also there. Waco, when the little kids running on the fire they were out there to shoot them to turn the cold coach.

I care for cops for Christ national, international, you guys started cops for Christ.

What words do you have for for these FBI agents John and and we were asking earlier what first of all, what were federal agents doing their so quickly tell us about what took place.

John. Sorry I'm late but I'm here and I'm talking about what happened in Texas. School area. I am, I can explain you bewildered with the start back to school, and constant lockdown because of illegal aliens. They had 48 lockdown because of illegal alien shootouts so they used the locking down early shootouts started 12 minutes before he went into the school shooting at 12 minutes. They didn't lock the school.

There the door was wide open.

He was firing at the school. Walking towards it. It was wide open. Good as the early morning there. What happened when they were in there. I'm not sure. I think he was confronted by an unarmed school that not not not getting much report on Iran in their end and the police were in the area of the police within their and 888 there was a shootout within, and they ran outside and they wouldn't go back into the memory Body Armor. Apparently no that the reason why it's happening. But yet they said nobody police going to come from all over body Body Armor in the they had a are 15 regional they would go they stood outside for like 40 minutes and the parents were coming and the parents were getting upset. They could hear gunfire inside that we don't know report so they don't know exactly little to get you killed. But apparently they were killed right away, and we hear about 19 days but that was 17 told the parents are trying to get back in and the hearing now US marshals were the sheriff was there. The local sheriff deputies were there local police were there they were doing all sorts of things that are parents to keep them away and the kids. Parents are probably going there to save our kids lives going but kept her going to go going to going on to Ernie I never, it was bad but with that incident there in Florida a couple years back I can't think Columbine did the same thing that going, by this was a complete 100% breakdown in law enforcement and also the school authorities or maybe they weren't notified they didn't hear the shootout. I don't know but they didn't lock the doors people in the school let you know there was a lot more going on than what happened so there there is the border patrol at the special SWAT team soaked 40 minutes later, the border patrol comes am one of the bit the leader of the boat border patrol up north that date, but he heard it and he comes running to the battle they get there in like two minutes they decide battle plan. They rush the place they bossed the door open, where he was believed border patrol agent we shot through his hat. All right, grazing its goals are some pictures.

Nobody needed like stitches in a scrollable team right along the top of the goalie you miss being killed by Corbin into something and he shouted out with him. He killed so the police are there for 40 minutes, doing nothing and the patrol comes and within minutes there in the place shooting out with them and the case is abortive until didn't get the memo right to stand Outlook here only run read you this and you comment as an 18-year-old who worked at Wendy's afford thousands of dollars with the tactical gun gear all the stuff that he had ended up, because throughout $5000 K with a Body Armor award to the poor boy were to win and come up with the 5000 by the year. He also reportedly drove a really nice car on top of that, you know, there was simply was that he did not drive very well okay he was on somebody's payroll.

He was on his somebody's payroll. So here you go and listen to this for years of being MK altered in the mental health system.

It also appears that ramose was brainwashed for four years in the local mental health system after being arrested in 2018 and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. According to Kansas that's Cayenne two teens were arrested in 2018. One of them fits the ramose profile.

They were explicit threats to replicate Columbine, Colorado shooting during the senior year, ramose would have been 14 at the time at take Janice that five in the press release without a chief police Daniel Rodriguez said that Morel is junior high school student.

14. Any form of morale is to the 13th had specifically targeted students and what they describe as a plan to perform a mass casualty event against that school. A new so honors pipeline explains more in this in the story the deep state had four years to get this one right and they still blew it with MK ultra written all over the new body takes his massacre in 2018 know that a student promised 2020, 22 school slaughter at this May 30, 2018. Kinsey pointed out, it appears that all that they all knew about the kids goals and carrying a mass shooting even peg in a future body Texas school shooting to the year of two 2022.

Giving the deep state for four years to train him and indoctrinate him. There is little doubt that he was groomed by professionals to carry out this carnage. What he think I mean II heard the same thing only I did hear it definite. I heard the two were arrested 14 and 13 other names were withheld because they were juveniles but they were like really nothing happened to get back to school goalie correctly shooting up the school. Amazing, amazing faster, who ordered the police to stand out and why or absolute cowards are free to go and I mean it is good you are federal, for many years. Why would the feds there that I don't allow I don't know why border patrol was there because there's very close to the border that counted very close to the border in a practical get regular vehicles that school down 48 times because of illegal aliens being on the ground than a vague man."

But it looks like those that were slamming the pizza parents to the ground with federal marshals one short sheriff. There were did you watch the video. Currently I did and I did a good language. They didn't.

They were dressed like local police. They could've been marshaled sheriff of the county would step in the deputies were definitely there and David they tasered parents. They have them on the ground. They handcuffed them. They would stand outside the parents could hear what was going on inside of something is absolutely radically wrong, radically wrong, you know that's exactly what Mike Adams over there at the right. It didn' says learning being the more forthright has learned through the years and their doctrine now is it happens the first going there whoever's.

The first, their golden you can't do any figuring because the killing usually takes place right away when they going there would think that the growth of glaciers away. You can like you called in law enforcement. To do this. I mean, you may have to give up your life and if you if you don't want to do in situations like this when you should be there but those two cops at one in their big shot it out with him today and they didn't.

They came back out really count going lately were ordered to stand out. One of the other would be when you saw that picture did you see how they will arm yeah I did the video you are bulletproof vest 15 Bando arrows of ammo, and they stood there for 20 minutes. You know that way locality altogether when I'm tugging about the lynching they were ride with all of the equipment is still going in doing. Like in the parents were screaming Rochelle go in there and save our children you I you think were going to have some big-time losses coming up on this all go to jail after earning they never go to jail on things like this while not elevator shooting pictures.

The FBI and that one in Florida. I can't remember the name of it but the FBI was stripped off at the apartment again.

Prepare heartland delegate was a Spanish name cruise: I could still get close was the shooter in the Parkman should shooting cool when you get there. It was known he was going to going to go and the FBI was picked up. I believe it three times.

I don't several times and I never say never contacted the local police evident as you go. You are right Pastor Ernie idea about the validity get the money because the gravy was 18 and this month with a small in any but the gun and they will listing the gun. One of them was Daniel defense which is the top line gone and Dave I would say pricewise they go from 12 to 1500 and then had another one, and that been there at least six, seven, $800.

So right there you're talking about over tooth out, usually over $2000. They had eight special scope Pastor Ernie that 700 I say six to $800. So that went on about $3000 Body Armor Body Armor and then he had hundreds and hundreds of ground of ammunition. So you're right, I would say right around $4000 estimated $5000 equipment would be worth that's fair.

I mean who knows what else he had left. Therefore, I would say definitely for the low end and no fire to literally get it there anyway to get that money, live in a limited time. John you know where you had them.

He was the president of El Salvador just came out made the statement that it America the most powerful country in the whole world is is declining very quickly. She's going down it because she's being destroyed from within. We have an in Donald Trump that the legitimate president of United States the real president came out and said this country is headed towards the Civil War because Ella Biden left to do is the unit he wants to take away all of our freedoms and he wants reduces the third will status take our property and everything and and people are going to put up with it. But, and I think they're both right. I don't think this country can can survive under by much longer than the kindness control so that we were watching we talked about all kinds of them things that are happening that it taken place with voter fraud this morning myself. I was at a meeting on and I in fact, all three of us here where with the board of elections.

There's so kind, so much corruption out there, unbelievable, and that will be talking more about that, but the country is going down so fast more moral and I keep hearing these people say well is nothing we can do will God's Word, the Bible. CT tells second court, second Chronicles 714 is not complicated if if this country would and in the past we've had revival with Pat revival in the past, you could do that but you know what the problem was people out there they don't believe in God anymore. They don't believe in God anymore. Merman power. With our lives.

No fear of God.

They don't understand God calling her and they don't have it on, but forgot I have the claimant.

So now you be the chaplain I'm going to have you give though the invitation here with four you do that a lot you did to talk to Lee's FBI agent you really found for Christ and all those years we work in amendment and years ago. Have a we had a lot of police officers working with with consecration, but what would what do you have the state.

I would, I would say to these FBI. It's not like it used to be back in the old days and you are there when you saw started going bad. Now they used to be you could have be blessed you know and not be ashamed to you can hold your head up high. Back in the old days just like what you did but that's changed in an and you made the point of why that the people that are appointing the new agents appoint ages like themselves.

What would tell them what they need to do because are they going to get by God.

Are they good meal rely and get away with it was God they can do it with with Department of Justice because it's totally corrupted because where the Bible tells them to repent or what but go ahead and give them tell them what they need to do.

John looking at their craft marinating along the whole gamut of a modern FBI that were dealing with political power that is the enemy of the American people that they are not in America.

First, how they belong to call the New World order. They have a completely different agenda. They are not following the Constitution of United States and they using federal law or court in many ways to strong bully and intimidate real Americans want to stand up for this country and the people so they don't have to make a decision then look at it.

Look what I said look what you're being called to delimit the government going look at the Constitution says the emergent but happening. Mark D: are you going to be the lead brownshirts of America. Your content to be involved in things that are being perpetrated on so you stand up or quit that how I look at it (he does you know, no gray area here and it can you go along with it and I couldn't if I would not be able be on the job today to marinate a lot but I see what I know. Compared the way it was when I was in a good idea :-) anything like what you bring the faith.

They are being used as strong-armed Karen in agenda great political political politics that is not out for America and 38 events going on this. I want to ask the agent looked open border.

Why in the world with the American government, allowing open border like this. I like because are out to destroy military standing were being invaded were being invaded and it's all constricted no end in sight. Why because they hate America and it's one of their methods of destroying that the process of destroying America cities might not happen to the city and they don't care that the being his murderers and everything. Asking his major city. They tournament the lawlessness, why, why, it's a way to destroy America after it, when you look at the big picture in every facet of their movie could destroy this nation that one of the things that I'm seeing with everything is happening to me. It's absolute evidence of the Lord's sin return things things are happening so quickly.

Where exactly where the Bible says we would be in the two days of sorrow less who were going so our job is to run to this battle. Not like not like what they did there to school the runway we need to run to this battle.

We need to run to this battle. This is it. Don't be afraid of dying everybody's gonna die right okay and so you what you want to play sippy crowns in heaven.

This is this is a time when you get it done. We take the field. So where are bioclimatic time Alexandra have left okay John nine were were down to about 30 seconds. He got 10 seconds to 10 second why why why what happened at school and those parents out there crying trying to storm.

We can never let that happen again week now.

I don't care what it takes. We can never be shut down her and have this happen again. Stand up. Get January time. Didn't God bless good night and always, always keep my thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the student next time I was right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

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