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Joe Biden's Incoherent Attack on American Domestic Oil Production

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 23, 2022 1:04 pm

Joe Biden's Incoherent Attack on American Domestic Oil Production

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 23, 2022 1:04 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thank you much reading your body is the brain to me Joe 18 664-0876 I woke Thursday edition toasting average waiting on deck and probably Shimkus right after that will go deep into the news the tapping today.

We know the present United States is going to be active sinner Tommy Turberville will be saluting title IX, and the 50th anniversary of title IX as will Tulsa get ritually and in the House select committee around 3 o'clock today will have their January 6 two hearings now prison trump evidently upset that there are Republicans there to push back. There was a theory early on, let's ignore it. Now they feel is so they can ignore it.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 Hispanic voters are no longer automatically Democrat back there openly hostile to the Democratic Party support among Hispanics is dropped to a stunning 24%.

The only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden's college-educated white voters in urban areas while politics a massive shift in American in America's black and now Hispanics are running from the president and his party. The pronoun upsets Democratic Party of the GOP and there are are due are actually repulsive now to many of the GOP looking bought beyond prison trump to lead them back to power and money, not just a straight side to implement so-called red flag law, but to every site define crisis intervention programs of their own choosing and sites that do not use the money for red flag laws will have to build and new due process protection.

Well good have never never been required before a deal done. It should choose a password or shouldn't we will discuss what we know about the 80 page bill. Meanwhile, were you fat more facts coming out about you. Baldie shooting what cops didn't do and how kids unnecessarily died along with teachers. They lied to us every step of the way and they keep doing to the complete pump is running gas stations and sending those prices at the pump. This is a time of war, global peril decree. These are not normal times bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product. What is he talking about our present buying hits new lows on inflation, oil and gas as he named villains in his incoherent attack on the American domestic policy gas station owners Vladimir Putin, when in reality he wanted to find the culprit. If he needs to really really find somebody find guilty. I think he should find a mirror Tulsa Garrett, former Congressman from Hawaii from Democratic presidential candidate first to really take apart and expose, the Harrison way overhead that and without really having depth on any issue jointly now toasty welcome back.

Hey, good morning Brian, your letter and your agenda today. First we talk about title IX.

It's essentially said if you can have a college sport with men. You have just as many with women.

How do they change things when you look at title IX that was enacted 50 years ago it was really put in place to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.

Recognizing generally the biological differences between men and women males and females in and in it we seen such tremendous progress. Obviously, over the last 50 years. We continue to see women and girls just driving off of the opportunities were created because of title IX and yet now that we look at the decision that the statement that the pie ministration is likely to be announcing today that really completely undermined and rejects the objective reality that there are physiological biological differences between men and women just showed what an insane world we're living in. So we have people in the highest help positions of power in this country who claim to be champions for women's right to claim to be feminists and yet it's the height of hypocrisy that these very same people are simultaneously denying that there is such a thing as a woman at all and so they're essentially erasing that objective reality that there are that I am a woman that there are such thing as as the women and not it's it's crazy not that were going to be gathering later today with female athletes with different leaders to say this is insane and the White House and Congress need to take action to protect women and girls, especially in the realm of sports. This is unbelievable because you have a party that is just on gender crazy Gov. Witmer. Many people think a rising star. I think she's actually awful. She says I she calls and heard her gender menstruating people menstruating. The governor of Michigan. You can say woman girl gets a menstruating person exactly and that that's my point is you got the governor of the state you got other people who are saying the same things you are afraid to use the word woman, Brianna. I'm a woman I and I know all about how about the biology of women work because I am one and yet you have people who say what is a woman and they cannot even answer that most simple question this is a matter of science.

It's a matter of biology and again at the matter of truth and and even even taking a step back from from the very direct implications on on title IX and in our schools both high school and and collegiate sports. Once you once we as a society except that you can deny objective reality at the Biden administration is doing right now then everything and anything goes and there is no such thing as the truth, then you have half a man can become a woman just because he says I am a woman and there is no objective reality.

It will and there is no objective reality. All than anything goes. If I say anything that you just have to accept it regardless of whether or not it's true or not, whether or not you have again in this instance biological and health realities that exist governor guest to see another ventilator, but just before you leave the 50th anniversary. Title IX were talking about. To me a very small subset of people who think the transgender people should be competing against women.

It's not even good politics to do this.

What faction of the Democratic Party is pleased with this.

I don't know.

I don't know the answer to that but it seems like there are a lot of people who are taking the decision. These decisions because they're afraid you know I've got a believe that you know a lot of these people in Washington and and in other places understand the biological differences between men, men and women and and you understand the thinking like a if you got a little girl who's really excited about competing in track and field. For example, or wrestling or something like soccer and then all of a sudden soccer it in and all of a sudden it is faced with having to compete against someone who is a biological male and really having no shot because there are very real to physical differences in capabilities between the two. How heartbroken that little girl will be or how heartbroken that that college athlete will be and so white, why aren't more people speaking up to this reality.

I've got a believe it's fear-based and it's unfortunate because now is the time for leadership it you will you know I'll be standing at the courageous female athletes later today and I hope that they inspire a flicker of courage and and some of the politicians in Washington to stand up and speak out for them and for the girls and women who will who will come after you run into an event where people if you want to join you where if there Washington where the Sonia will be at the freedom Plaza at 11 o'clock this morning here in Washington DC just a stones throw away from the White House delivering a powerful message to the present. I really hope that he and his team are listening don't think they are but you can always hope of speaking at minds. The alternative social network on a mission to elevate global discourse. Are you hosting a live event on the 25th at the beacon theater. Can you tell us about actually brining you and I talked a number of times in the past. Over the years just about how unfortunate it is that that the whole idea of civil discourse and dialogue in this country is largely been lost or people have different perspectives can come together treat each other with respect and have this exchange of ideas. That's what this mind event is about its Saturday in New York City at the beacon theater at 7 PM. People are interested in attending can go to or if you're not able to be there. You can go there and catch the live stream as well.

I think it's going to be really interesting because it's a very diverse group of people who are coming together with that objective.

Is it sharing different views and extent having that exchange of ideas and the hope is that this inspires more of these kind of conversations whether around the dinner table in the classroom or or at the workplace. We gotta get back to the place or we can talk, share ideas know they would not agree on everything, I think we'll find that there's more. We agree on than we disagree on. And I think that's important right now.

What about you and your political career you ran for president you are you good with one another two years in the house looking to go back are you looking to be given to broadcasting. What's next, you know I'm not ready for anything right now I don't have any plans to run for anything. I just I I see the great challenges that are before us right now this country that are posing threats fundamentally to the foundation is contrary to the Constitution where freedom of speech is something that is called into question is call it. It is under fire is under attack. RBC, the Second Amendment, you can go down the list of our Bill of Rights enough civil liberties privacy. These are things that I am deeply, deeply concerned about given the Constitution seems to be meaning less and less, especially to those he took an oath to support and defend. It is undisputed all my time in whatever platform I can find to be able to stand up and speak out and fight to protect those freedoms protect our constant, a senior label this way would see zero please for a moderate Democrat. It seems like people like Bill Moore was speaking out know there's a saying I don't recognize the sporty that the question for the Democratic Party that I hope they ask themselves because I think there a lot of Americans to see how how crazy of the direction the Democratic Party has taken, especially as of late, and how unfortunate it is that we have leaders who continue to put party first rather than to the country and the American people first with the challenges the American people are facing across the country, you know, I think the greatest frustration is exactly that politicians putting party and self first rather than putting the people first, which is literally the job description by God you serve all of the American people and and unfortunately we just were not seeing that and it's and it's a dangerous thing. Love God told see also to seeing you again soon a first time we met was that the West correspondents dinner right here you go yeah love Barack Obama was present. That's right. So how do you have great event today and also on the 25th. Speaking of months. I get it to go to my closing everything so much guitar at Tosa Gevity ABB ARD trying to meet Joe just getting started. This hour it will come back and take your calls. 1-866-408-7669 trying tell me Joe both sides all precise personal power is Americans were losing all of your thoughts with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen.

Ellen Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project, Fox news broadcasts network on the dominant Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week to bend on its podcast listen no Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show you say the word Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation. American inflation was high before shortly before yeah no kidding. Whoops. Mr. Powell the lid off the whole Joe Biden scam Sec. of energy.

His secretary of transportation is VP Joe Biden himself all coming out saying you were at war. Those gas station owners are jacking up the price. I know who the bad guys are. It is the oil and gas companies are refusing to drill always Vladimir Putin. I get against. Gotta be that and then you turn out inflation gas prices very little to do with that. And for you to make Vladimir Putin look tougher, stronger, and him winning this war which makes it harder. The Ukrainians I think is just brought borderline criminal. As you think it helps your cause to say run a war footing. We are not on a war footing Joe Biden gave a speech yesterday should be embarrassed by here's an example of. I was trying to blame everybody and everything for inflation that you destroy his party cut six we could've turned a blind eye to Putin's murder squares. The price of gas would miss point where it has I believe that would've been wrong, I believe, then I believe that and I believe now the free world had no choice. American cannot stand by the West could not have stood by although some suggested time and just watch food and strength rolling Ukraine and sees a sovereign country. A couple things you wait forever to arm them so don't cut you ahead of the curve and remember it was your administration refused to give them anything but blankets and MRAs with the previous administration that arms going there and you turn down that shipment when he came to February you did get arms going and we are doing a lot.

Our neighbors are not our allies are not as much but there was big story today how the casualty rate on Russia as big as I country is isn't unsustainable, but I will talk about the war. Later, not now.

I want to talk about with Joe Joe Biden was doing what outline and he knows his economists no better use for Jerome bow say inflation gas prices really to do with what's going on in Ukraine.

They're not helping, but here it is barrels per day. 9.3 million in 2017.

It was up to 12.2 million in 2019 dipped slightly to 11.2 million. Now it's 11.1 million and you blame oil and gas, oil and gas were losing so much money during the pandemic were told fossil fuels. Are you going to be in her rearview mirror are not the bad guys. They wrote out a plan. 10 point plan of things you could do right now to help and instead you said I didn't know they were going to complain. Now the coming to the White House. You won't even meet with them. You have your transportation secretary and your staffers meet with them, but you did have an idea and that is a holiday, a gas holiday. Cut one on Congress to suspend the photographs tax for the next 90 days through the busy summer season.

Busy travel sees well gas tax so save $0.18. So if you fill up your Camry $2.34. Is that going to turn things around in a short per inch up until September of course not.

With that money goes, the $0.18 is everybody follows up goes infrastructure will you trying to do build up infrastructure. Now you going to starve the infrastructure funding did you tell you the speaker of the house that you had this plan is the speaker of the house has no interest in having a tax holiday. She called it showbiz Joe mansion singles.

He will not support this. What are you thinking here Sen. John Thune do not expect Republican support cut 14 what the administration courses coming up with this yet another gimmick, another Band-Aid and something they know is dead on arrival appear in Congress, the president knows it. Democrats know what appear and I think were told they convey that to him. So the question is why do people at the White House continue to talk about ideas like these are going nowhere. Don't know it don't really go. I called the press conference yesterday to just add to this attack Republicans for daring to not support Ukraine war as if it relates directly to the one were fighting now if it were not for not in war footing. We know what is like to be a war footing as a country. No one is explained to us shortly that this president, this is not a war footing writing checks to another country to fight cut 19 fill foreign even Pres. Biden finally get after you drained our strategic petroleum reserve that it is an oil problem with the refining problem right and this is a guy that's made his career and trying to shut down refineries what really bothered me about the gas tax speech today.

Was he credited back and pack plus Russia for raising production while easement � in the US energy industry for the last couple of months.

Yeah it doesn't work. These people have pride they haven't understand how the business works and they understand who the enemy is we don't have to pretend as if clean energy is not the goal but is gotta be a goal that we all understand and believe me, if they line up an electric car and they line up to a gas card you could tell me I could save some money and be responsible to the environment.

That's what will sell. I know a lot of people tell me I'll get electric car but they're not available they're not affordable. The charging stations aren't there yet. Granholm and Biden are coming out telling us to get there we come back we'll get deeper into this scholarship is also unmasked was going on with this gun deal trying to kill me. Joe so that you will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber.

Listen just Fox news contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other, kill me, not just decide to implement so-called red flyball every phone crisis intervention programs of their own choosing and Pfizer do not use the money for red flyball will help to build new due process protection that never never been required for my dad is Mitch McConnell, seemingly to endorse the outline and now the bill 80 pages long.

It's going to be voted on this week with the right now in studio you watch your vaccination. Just watch her Fox and friends first and Fox and friends: Shimkus: welcome back. Thank you for right now why you smell the weekend.

I'm working on Saturday so I smelled the weekend yet found for each OC to Fox and friends so I don't think the emphasis on the wrong syllable. There Were Way, Fox and friends, all of you as I thought you and us a big show I'll really think showing I think I think our Ernst & Young assets no longer about what I heard were actually more challenging. I know they sleep better in studio is so much better than the remote thing I to do Fox and friends we can do. So I understand I'll probably on. I think talking about one nation every Saturday will be my most on this thing that I'm most excited for right compared to the other segments which are what I think it's getting great. So the guns could be voted on as early as Friday.

Yes they want to pass this, at least in the Senate before 4 July recess so I mean I was just I was shutting down. My other paperwork that lived downstairs because I did knows and in the show.

Outside it was an answer for you and I'm serious. I'm done. No, no, it's okay I Sen. Tom Tillis and Lindsey Graham Center Mitch McConnell's sentiment Romney to me for single center.

We have the center Joni Ernst Simon three as Makowski Collins seem ready to vote for this right up to 14 Lindsey Graham I think I mentioned, a lot of people are really upset from what we know of this gun law we know the money into health and mental wellness in four kids in school number two. The going to bulk up security at schools big and small.

We got people is cut people little worried. Is this red flag law is a word about it being abused skews me. It's the cops. I need your gun neighbor complained all your ex, your spouse is your danger to yourself.

They're worried about that.

Yes cell. It looks like this is the first volley looks like it will pass and write because it has 5050 Democrats supported and there's 14 Republicans to support it on then it all go to the house. The house could change it that they can't date it wouldn't be strong enough for them because they had previously passed something that has set out on bills. I will not vote for right there are some interestingly great things in the bell when it comes to mental health funding and school safety, security.

But yeah the red flag law is something that is the most controversial, but I believe this just provides funding and incentives got states to then do what they want, so that it becomes an issue which is federalism the weight of the country should work the a couple of things I don't want any euro 18-year-old heaven away 10 days. I don't mind an 18-year-old, getting a call back to the state line down the background check the background checks for gun purchases for 18-year-olds are not denying it.

There also were leaving in AR 15's remember they want to get rid of that repugnance is nowhere when I'm budging on that so weapon bands knocking to happen. So, the presence getting very little use Laura, but Warren bulbar is predictably the congressman from Colorado thinks this is a abomination cut 26 volley Wheatley seen now what actually happened there and at the time that it took on to actually get that situation under control. If that's even what you called yes exactly we need to harden our schools need to secure our schools and this bill doesn't exactly see that this is where we need to start. We don't need to start with the printing on the rights of American citizens. Yeah, you don't think well when it comes to red flag laws. First of all Florida has been in place and when you talk about certain that guiding light of what conservatives want to model their own state. After a lot of people look towards Florida to work yeah but then there is I know that a lot of veterans get a little iffy on red flag laws because a lot of them do have PTSD and understandably, Sally said, and they get a little bit nervous. If I see counseling and I have some sort of some sort of mental issue. Does that mean that I'm in have to get up my gun so I think that's that concerned with red flag lies but there are other examples of red flat front red flag lies being a benefit in something that could have possibly stopped school shootings in the past, which is ultimately the goal here right to lease the phonic is against the house decide to be against it sooner. Mike Lisa's I like to read it I die with him on that one thing that happens with every single it seems like every single piece of major legislation that passes or gets debated gets handed down and then lawmakers have power to repeat a couple minutes to read judges from the boat to go forward. Not all mean you're talking about the direction really important critical thing especially comes to funding our country that that none of the bills that provide funding for the next year and you asked questions to lawmakers next to me now because because they had only a couple minutes to read it.

That's that should be should be against the law cut 24 likely this is a bill we saw for the first time just a few minutes before were asked to vote on the minutes of 10 minutes for a few minutes and it was strange, though magically, the Washington Post, headed by midday yesterday. We weren't allowed to see it until moments before we were asked to vote on is 80 pages 80 pages, something you can read quickly. If you read reading up a fast-paced novel or a newspaper or something. This you know legislative text takes a little longer to digest and fully understand a lot of their characterization of it didn't quite add up and it still does. Right. We think the number one we have to give it identify these teenagers who are mentally imbalanced both Buffalo and you Baldie I really challenge Lauren bulbar on this is what worked because of you that 18 that gun shop is called oasis guns that sold this to the killer volley killer.

We know everything one wrong security I want discuss that but they look to the skies background they could see that so few classmates and other people. The principal superintendent of your high school with said you do not sell the sky got, or family members. Maybe you know you make a call that 10 days to look into this and if I'm a gun shop owner probably don't need the extra work if you hire an outside person to call the superintendent. I need to know that Bill Jones is is not was not a road should not be read for I think that there are a lot of details to himself. There are a lot of things that make them landing to make sense of this legislation again were just in the top line points and that's what Sen. Lee's whole point was where there are a lot of things in Andy's 80 page legislation such as actually short for a bell on and you have to really consider the long-term ramifications of that before you go ahead and signed into law. But yeah, I completely agree with you when it comes to gun control, though I think a lot of Second Amendment advocates are so concerned about anything that could possibly infringe even the slightest bit on their rights because just look at what happened during the pandemic.

It was 15 days to slow the spread and now people are losing their jobs because of that, so you know you they say you give an inch. They're gonna take a mile. And that's the concern on the other. That's why nothing ever gets done yeah it's trailing now, so I was watching turtle ascites incensed by this whole thing. Laura Ingram consents by the Soviet didn't see what you wanted to say by that but that a lot of times shapes the dialogue and use of the John Cornyn got booted Texas Republican Texas event bring it up and didn't Mitch McConnell assigned him to this duty work across the aisle and I'm sure that he is the one that's moderating it so that it is that conservatives may find it appealing Southside don't know if that bullying is necessary for him. Carly Shimkus is here: the other thing is, John Cornyn would probably replace Mitch McConnell to Mitch McConnell's gotta be in his last six years so resources fifth year so you gotta think even of John Cohen is not exactly Gen X.

He will origins Jonesy should say, you gotta think that John Cornyn's like I have to provide some leadership here yes might be a test might make him a break that's right that's good inside baseball inside Congressional baseball. Brian was surprised no, really. Sounds like there was a little pause you little surprised couple of things. Yesterday, David Axelrod brought up that maybe Gavin Newsom should get the next four years, from Joe Biden Avenue so you don't identify that. In other words, if the bind is run. If Biden doesn't run that they go to Gavin Newsom. You think he's got legitimate national name after his almost recalled now, all I think he is one of the most liberal governors out there the whole the whole the lesson learning right now is that the Democratic base needs to appeal to independence Gavin Newsom is not the guy I think that if Democrats had any chance of winning in 2024.

We don't know the candidate.

Yet it can't be somebody in Washington already because the names get that get thrown around.

I guess Gavin Newsom's kinda new one.

He does have the Hollywood hair to go for him.

But it's all the same people. It's the people that ran in 2020, but I was thinking what about Mark Cuban and he's a moderate heat.

He endorsed Joe Biden so I guess he's a Democrat that he is moderate and he brings that sort of X factor right from dead I think.

Also I mean yeah that would a problem with dad.

The Dallas Mavericks and some office stuff. I don't think that's a big deal to run the Democratic side for him to have the type of momentum in every election cycle.

It's always like is to get around. Isn't he in Orion.

I mean, it's either him or Bernie Sanders or Carla Harris right and you know, for keeping my mark. She was coming up this prescription drug plan enough. You've heard about it, but it would save billions of dollars so he says II talked to him through tax and he says I'm not quite ready to roll it up, hopefully in January and in June in skews me in July and be able to talk about it, David Axelrod says this. There's nowhere parent party members skeptical of whether the president could or should run for second term quote. If the president were not to run. It's hard to imagine the Newsom would not be sorely tempted to enter the race. Newsom is young, politically muscular, which may be just what the market will be seen, post Biden.

He added, I mean he could be tempted and I'm sure he will be tempted. I just don't else he would be appealing. Nationally, I mean I the way the parent doing the pandemic was awful, but also on their other things and hit in his record to like. I know that Trump came down on him pretty hard for the forest fire stuff and maybe that maybe like you know a local issue, but I think there are things in his background that you could criticize. Of course they want French laundry. The way he put his kids in private school. What is of the school go nuts. The ways led crime run rampant through the entire state.

My goodness, to be vulnerable, but I'm just wondering if the 45% of the country that says the Democrats going to vote for him anyway amendment's is now known to God and gotten some tax because he's change the artwork on his website to look less trampy and in these goods. Now the trend for the general. He wants to pull young can in sync.

I'm so glad to have the former present endorsement but on my own man because of how do you know that how do you know that that's what he trying to tell. There's no question. I don't think John Federman is accusing that to lead testing of the artwork on his website. Let's try the artwork look like notes are Trump mag I mean the Donald me and doesn't you know I got it so he wiped away a lot of from being all alone as a logo or something because it does concern you if your eyes are you concerned that you travel by six to a guy that you set a heart procedure and is liberal is way the left like John Federman and I now I know.

I think that that will first of all I thought that with his. He had a stroke or heart attack and stroke. I believe I actually thought it was really classy hunter but handled that how all of that Republican candidates went out and said you know health.yeah I will think everywhere about the way to Napa. That was their sentiment. But yeah, I think that a lot of voters to take health into consideration any when you look at Biden's cognitive abilities. Now the liberals are talking about it too.

So I guess it's no longer totally not easy to talk about that yet. I think that is effective. Prison trumpets coming out sees Medicare McCarthy been up putting some Republicans on January 6 committee yet because he feels is of the woods go to bat for him feel so lonely McCarthy Ellis policies decision. She kicked off the banks and she kicked off Jim George, can you name somebody else.

He said we have 20 Republicans so just so you know to me that shows that this is doing some damage to Molly Donald Trump in his mind. Now I'm shy of course it is.

I'm sure that he's following it more closely than most. Then Mostar and yet he can be like the way it makes him luck. But McCarthy couldn't have been appointed anybody because Nancy Pelosi is the parent about those people down, what would you batted down 200 people you think that you worked his way down the list Wesley real quick run to Santos is $100 million already to run for a governors race that he's clearly going to win with two dollars.

We think that's I think it says 2024 right, who in his running may be a way to second be if he's got he's got to get past Trump.

I now wonder what happened did you see Piers Morgan come out on the sand so we are to say but yet he was really I sometimes you just need one person to say that people feel a bit more comfortable right but yet he and he's in like a fight with Trump right now but I do think that he makes some good points about the future of the Republican Party and mean to Santos's younger but everybody I mean, it's all Trump like I need to Santos is popular because he parroted Trump's opinions and sort of in style.

So it's all in the vein of Donald Trump still actually there really is no one like Gov. understand this young kid is is God*probity very different. Listen we come back a few more minutes with Carly Lish of the brain to me.

Joe don't move your knowledge base Brian show me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me on Congress for three months suspension of the federal gas tax. This so-called desktop would potentially cut $0.18 a gallon during the busiest travel months.

If this doesn't work present Barton's next plan is just a until the end of his present really is like a grandfather. He literally most times the American people less than the cool be like and spend it on right and that is obviously James Gordon is believing calling Shimkus's heroes actually go believing to write you a minute. Yes, absolutely, and he's given me the end of year right yeah James Gordon is back to England is the only guy that I thought was unique at night. I know he is really funny and talented. He's a good singer. Tell Tim Horton types of the night so Steve and I will want to see but Stephen Colbert what's going on with the story of the whole getting kicked out of the capital. I watched his monologue you release the monologue. Seems like with the opening of the Rachel Maddow show now lapping. He used to be so funny on the Colbert spherical. I now then please give is no lapse. It is full screens of Donald Trump and Don Junior and expletives. I now it just seems so angry, so angry right is the anti-Shimkus you copy EL happy person. Tell your life.

I think I've been very bad in my life been so nice of you to pretend to say you know furious work together for another year you'll see my temper live in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me I will walk up the latest moments of the brain to me Joe come with you from midtown Manhattan heard around the country around the world, especially in the Ukraine Kennedys here in studio way to the partition view is generally all also the bodily arrow to be joined by people that Kennedy did not grow up with Jace Robertson and Jeff Robertson from the Duck Dynasty family and the show that they have Dr. family treasure. I watched the first episode on Fox news.

Most of it on Fox nation and it was great. It is great. I can't wait for people to see it right the rest of the rest of it is a series of about five out there. Amazing where to go back in history and pull things out even it was worth a lot. You can relive those moments, like a time capsule you just repackage it and make it seem like it's worth a lot and not take a lot of money right. I understand that but we'll talk about real reality of Fox's real reality that would not be wholesale. I just take my staff and I bet Harriet special bags and like this is priceless. Not good. That's great because I get like two more dollars.

This is Kennedy Debbie dating back to 1877. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three Hispanic voters are no longer automatically Democrat back there openly hostile to the Democratic Party support among Hispanics is dropped to a stunning 24%.

The only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden's college-educated white voters in urban areas and there the worst politics a massive shift in America's black and now Hispanics are voting more more running, more more from Joe Biden will discuss that and is the GOP looking beyond president Trump will discuss running not just a straight side to implement so-called redlined law to every foreign crisis intervention programs of their own choosing sites that do not use the money for rent. Flyballs will have to build a process protection that never never been required before wow gun deal done. It should pass. It looks like they have enough Republican votes to do it you validly shooting.

Why don't we ever know the facts horrific display by the cops will get to the bottom of both companies running gas stations setting those prices at the pump. This is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine. These are not normal times bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost to repair the product exactly you corrupt moneygrubbing billionaire gas station owners gas station owners present buying hits new lows on inflation, oil and gas. They named villains in an incoherent attack on Americans domestic production gas station owners in Vladimir Putin. If you really want to pick a culprit.

I say find a mirror with me right now is Kennedy a libertarian at the core, and a nice nice person.

Ryan kind thing to say something heavy broke when you said the cattle made nice thing to sigh that sounds better, 7 o'clock, 5 PM watch Kennedy tonight for an right first off on under the exit of Hispanic voters on the exit of some black voters of the 24 White House every American White House workers just left. Is this a major story that most are looking to ignore interesting because sometimes people don't vote just based on their immutable acceptance people though because their neighborhoods are unsafe.

Yet, I can't afford things they have to pay a dollar 25 at the dollar tree now and all the things they were promised have not materialized and their lives are arguably getting worse than the generation before them at the first on the top and in American history so it doesn't really matter where you were born, or who your parents are, i.e. eight you want to provide for your family wanted in life and if the government is making that error right then you are not going to pledge allegiance to that government forever. I met him I suffered this for labeling it that way, some falling prey. I do for the time thought that Americans were Americans.

And maybe you separated on middle-class working class and upper class depending on the tax system of the healthcare system but now I'm falling prey to a to thinking that Hispanics can be to declare it is one no way you especially because just by definition, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Venezuelans, Mexicans, they all coming from different perspectives and mostly pouring through the border.

As of late.

First off, when you look he was happening in this country with you with this midterm elections in some of these nominations you think Republicans are dancing in the end zone too quickly about what they're saying yes and then they absolutely could screw it up. They need to keep their heads down. There's nothing they can do right now because they are the opposition party and when they do take over one or both houses of the plan and and that's we saw last time with a lot of character. There really wasn't a cohesive game plan strap LOL well what was it was a bad idea. It was a bad luck and they weren't doing work in the off-season, right, which is that a win championships. Which really sets for the Jets forgot to do that. They don't work and they just show up in their exhausted little bunk arrived in the NBA draft were not going to talk about that because nets don't have a pick the next doing the looking to move up there the 11 selection.

They do terrible in the lottery, you can study for. That's the problem with a lot now that's I played every week and I always fail you tried to study study study where was a you think this is a sense in the Republican Party look at this January 6 that there's a little bit of happiness that Donald Trump seems to taking a beating at the January 6 to a degree not helping them for a fact, and maybe hoping that he's wounded enough that you could have other people run for the nomination. It's a really narrow segment of the population whose vote or perception will be altered at all by the January 6 hearings because people like they're not watching because they think it's just another politicized Congressional witchhunts. People who hate him.

They are watching with baited breath and they and they hate him almost every thing we know, we knew already and you know it. It really just a few people were like how I ground the Santa something to go him.

I have never voted Republican but Florida seems like a fun place but Kennedy use thing. Anyway, you break it down if you want to win the nomination when the general unity Donald Trump. Whether it's down from himself or Donald Trump's voters so Rhonda Santos and down Trump carve each other up Trump you know if you've noticed but Trump doesn't tend to be a good loser you could split hairs if he leaves with that 38% of its 42 were 36 you don't win in the general you agree with that.

So Donald Trump is still pulling the strings. Even if you like young.

Can you say this is Doug Christie time even if you say this is not Christie time it never will be. I think that Hillary timing thereby let's see right, but she had it running so yes Sophie if you decided to sue Rubio or you decided how pump Pompeo not right well means talented and experienced, but still he's not that he sees that the same thing.he doesn't break through transformational and is not necessarily likable, he's not unlikable, he's fine piece White House that you get at Denny's will who ran the CIA byway sector estate fine. You know how the world works, CIA, terrifying because you know how the world works against everybody secretly got you still going yes you grew up in the oil field you know I did. Brian I grew up in Lubbock Texas right and I've never been to school even know I might. My dad put a pair of waiters on me and I just walked around the oilfield right to have Georgia spell right. How do you read the prompt or I don't I die just make stuff up there like I was the printer off again because she's not saying the word that we put in anything I have ever told you this in kindergarten could not recognize my name so I never would work out because I have nowhere to put you had to put my coat in my cup and I have to recognize my name. I want to memorize people extremely Rotating at the good thing you grew up in Belize where you don't need to do in Long Island and by the way business is is that the one with the ad you can invest in bully. How absolutely glad they want the ex-pats they want everyone like believing something great place to work out of soccer team to cares like to coat out yet how you can go to whatever you want. Any anything goes in Belize one coach to coach belts. You know, bring your own potato vodka on your dear and right you be no help.

You can spell ongoing oil that will not know I'm right where the nails all the way to bullying so is present by you name some things are present by blame the oil probably have oily guest list is similar to Hillary's list of who made her lose the election cut five to the company's running gas stations inserting those prices at the pump. This is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine. These are not normal times bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product would now do it today and whisper make sense now much more effective yeah yeah and if it were that easy.

The guy on corner and would be charging 495 a gallon while the guy I'm going to be a target 501 Corvino's current numbers right byway vilify guest stars that's pre-that's a new one.

Yet there are by and large there.

They're not big fat bathing in the balloon oily negatives.

The grueling rotisserie chickens in order to make ends meet their silly five hour energy their pensions right and we were trying to say is to vilify them. How about letting me prune the world war footing where we were writing checks to people who were fighting wars we as Americans we know war footing is a war footing were on right now.

Now global peril know no she is making Vladimir Putin five times as powerful and effective as he possibly could be. In order to better his political fortunes, and I resent that the whole thing, but also Jerome Powell said before Congress yesterday, inflation is not caused by Ukraine. The chair of the Federal Reserve, whom I don't like not getting any credit here even on the same page before Congress and Powell said it was high before Russia invaded Ukraine. We already had problem elements to this. Is this Jerome Powell saying exactly that could 16. Would you say that the word Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation.

America, no inflation was high before shortly before the war Ukraine program you Jerome said what I told him to say right now like you don't.

Right now he was wrong about transitory inflation.

They misread everything they ignore the data for political reasons to insulate the precedents and justify his irresponsible spending, which increase the money supply when there were very few goods which caused inflation and now they're doing the same thing with recession is recession by any other name still a recession. Yes, exactly. Thank you. Couple these items will go gas station you say there's another billionaire talks with gold earrings waiting for me to give my money so they can become richer and can you come down and Randy pump setting so that he finds out that he is the enemy is Joe crap is he is with Murphy service center in St. Anthony Minnesota cut 15 times what would climb $0.20 overnight so that help white so I wanted empathy for customers only putting up goals via numbers either doesn't help us. We don't make me more money than cents a gallon at the pump for high-volume sophomores about highways role family funds to keep those up. That's normal know how much Joe crap is the worst. You agree he is just look at him, alleging a little name right right you put it up and he changes price because he paid more for it.

And of course when you look at what he's doing. He is the enemy.

So he's got a lowers prices in order to do that. So the with to pray when he was referring to is the $0.18 tax holiday.

The present was proposing.

So you have a Camry or vague.

Oh, I have 917 99 previous okay I really didn't really work anymore right and that's what I'm writing that that's what was running against. So you really hope I'm not not, why is it is in a funeral. I took my neighbors with the black horrible is going to probably tell mother can't be me. This is electric. I listen we come back more with Kennedy whose choking her neighbors would now educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your with Brian kill me.

Roland Holston are money furnaces right for himself.

The sound of money on fire Berlin and or snow using billions of dollars right now there's a ton of experience and hardly any upward so having getting rolling or some functional and getting Shanghai back back in the saddle fully or overwhelmingly, our concerns are that is Elon musk.

He's rich and he says he can't get the parts for Tesla so just pays people and they can even think to finish a car and this is a guided epitomize American business and innovation, we just never thought would have these problems before and it's lingering Kennedy's here are shows at 7 o'clock tonight FBN I just wanted you to hear that from the billionaire who is going to zero in on twitter I get free bikes from specialized so I called my cake and every bike that said, we can't get parts we connected parts for bikes for pros and people were buying them, let alone lowly leeches like yourself who just want you know a free bikes are on Instagram every four months. That's good, one will differently than I thought you were about human musk inlets about your trip. Patient struggles which specialized would give me another bike supply chain so would. Why would they specializes because you do triathlons A) writer travel on week for my last time. Well my right nose because using electric bike. As you can get the other end in sight when it is in the shop.

I would have to use a motor that these people and I'm not even exist when judges come. I am of their little motorcycles. I pretend I'm peddling my heart rate and they but this is the first time your willingness were not unerringly know.

Yes, we are all right I forgot where we were when talk about �lan musk and Berlin and Austin are and flames there just burning things so miss them.

Do you think it significant that he says I voted for my first Republican was that special election in California and skews me in Texas you have a sense of the people you know it's like to grow up on the border right and then Lubbock right right you didn't know any of the had a rewrite. I've never voted because I can't bring the name for sure. When he was a Moji writer ballots pressures I should do resident who's in show tonight. That's a great question. We are our first meeting, who's not.

I know Spike on his on.

He was the 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate Jimmy Pham is on content is on it's game night and hit now night, people tend to like both those things because they can gamble and get really mad at me all at the same time.

It's hate mail Everything. Everything is personal lot of the first Marine personal think people mean it.

I think my mom right half of our Thanksgiving.

Okay, I was trying to feel that the police want to hear their names on camera, Chase Robertson and Jeff Robertson, next to the family treasure.

They are going to think of historic things and they're going to cash in jealous jealous. Thank you radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show no just like fishing like you. My socks on something you may not. Indiana is fun as always, Slate is just about have on I know it's hot out there. Okay, so look hi Mike, sure you stay hydrated water name if you get to I jump in the creek and also while you dummies.

Well that is simply advice and Jase Robertson and Jeff Robertson get stuck. Family treasure brand-new series on Fox nation you're watching us on Fox nation. Right now, guys. That's what put you through such extensive hair and makeup. I get you ready for you know from the Duck Dynasty days. They are back they're going to try to get richer by find buried treasure historic buried treasure.

They first off as the older brother. Jase told me about the concept of this is great to see you guys again, the content help really was a hobby that I got into that we have a historical expert on the show, but he was my friend, my dad brought into the Lord.

I have an old place them in Munro that he wanted the metal detector and I didn't even know what that was but he got diagnosed with cancer is a close family friend and I thought this is the guy's dying wish to go metal detector my property so I will say no because like sure, you'll come to and so when he did he brought me a detector in his own show you how to do this so I didn't really want to but once I started understand that I would say 30 minutes into the hunt. He came up and had a 1875 silvered that he found in my yard target New York for reason yeah because it was all the mop places rot on the Wachtel River and the governor at that time, Grant gave a land grant to this guy from France in 1790, and they start to build that house there. We bought it and turned it into a bed and breakfast really nice.

My wife loves it and that the history on that property. It's 11 acres. That's how I got into this because once I got into it.

We were we were on coverage will history anyway. I know I didn't do well in school and history but I have developed a love for as this process has gone well podcasting you kinda got this idea from that. We did our friends from the podcast we do a podcast called unashamed and it's really a Bible study and but not in a nonreligious way, just real life and my dad and my other brother we do that and I just put it out there because my cousin who's the produce of the podcast. He said you want to do a TV show about bells metal detecting because Jeff and got involved because I think you were just trying to what are you doing out there digging in the ground like what you got better things to do with your time, I think, but I found that his property, an old penny from 1888 and I'm a collector. I collect stamps, baseball cards, comic books once I found out I was like I collect coins. I was like oh this is, cool like it's time capsule right you know what happens really go back and do it. It's fascinating that I'm an outdoors person. It touts to finish that story on the podcast on how my cousin if we can get 20,000 people that says this is a good idea. You can look into.

So I gave all his social media. I had no idea when they release the podcast in the first hour over 70,000 listeners said please do this show we we will watch it and so as we went along, look where I'm at a stage of my life where I didn't really want to be on TV again to us with all the hoopla but I found out there's a lot of the Bible about treasure hunting as it relates to God and his view of humanity and he would compare it to. You'll find in a lost coin or finding hidden treasure and the more I got into it. Also what we do a show about the journey family relationships, but the backdrop is while were treasure hunting.

So I think that's the irony of the show. People think like in your in your intro were not really trying to make it richer because we know that's not where true happiness lies but it's fun to find things that are lost of value, mom making a few bucks and you can be happy you say I like how we went after Lila treasure like treasure stored race and unlike you found a big bunch going on putting your closet and I don't sell it like little suggests this is you cut from your series. Let's listen you cut 41 and 42 (both okay, good.

So Jeff reported Lori love you treasure hunting how many episodes of you done to him and how many are actually dropped on Fox nation right now. Thanks.

Five. So far, but next Sunday am not sure the date they'll drop the other audience on Fox nation on Fox and any really talk talk about on your podcast you wanted it. Are you worried about getting ahead of it. Can you tell me little bit about what to tell you not have the breakdown in my head the producer that in my head to multiple alerts but we found in the first five episodes of mouth think the most fascinating thing we found was a steamboat there was 150 years old that I was not a believer Murray. He thought he knew where it was.

He brings his look, he is the brains, but he legitimizes what were doing because it's amazing will go out there what's under the earth is really telling a story and we go out maybe in search of some fantastical story.

I think the one we found the boat we actually work that was even the goal and since it's an unscripted show you, you just come and go where the story leads to write this old house over in Mississippi and she's like, hey, there's a rumor that there's a boat out there from the 18 feet in the 1960s on a brick course he knew about it and he's like yeah I believe that's out there. So he took his subsisted kind of equipment because our metal detectors only go down about a foot, but he has equipment that he actually invented that goes down hunt.

I see him in the tractor's right that he can make him amphibious.

Also in so he's like, go out here while y'all look in this yard to go out and see what we know what I can find. We eventually got with him and to my surprise I was shocked that we found this boat while Jeff Jeff Robertsons here and Jaycees here there talk about their brand-new show Duck Dynasty fame.

But this is duck this is duck family treasure and what I thought when I find it is so interesting because at the same time were doing this you know John Scott's auction off great history items in our past. I'm in is George Washington's not signing any new stuff right go as far as I can tell the stuff of goes up for sale. We used to get and throw a baseball stuff and I know you collect, but I'm fascinated with the with things that happen in our past, especially by the 1860s were were in the middle of a war will begin at the beginning of the war float the stuff we found even back to 1801 of the things I found not on the show but in the scouting of the show.

I found a Spanish riel coin from 1786. You there. There's a moment here when you're holding in your hand something that we used to use as currency in our country which I didn't know when I found it because I thought with this and not even in English what is this that I was trying to figure out some like Mary and course he's coming up there and educated educating us on the top. That is just fascinated him in there so much to learn. Suggested where the big challenges you have us try to convince these people to let you go hunt on their land.

That is the challenge. I may look the flyover states that are not real trusting of Hollywood in general just because they don't like there's not enough family-oriented shows out there so only pull-up they sell these cameras in the first step so we were talking about all fair. The dad's first question him in his first statement when I said, here's what were doing. We believe there's a hotel on your property because they had a well that people back in the 1800s used to think was the fountain of youth. There like you drink this water course later only found out this had bacteria in it.

They owe him a stone in a hotel terrible XOXO yeah so so the dad said Jase you're welcome here anytime. Because they knew us, and that this was about one hour away from our house, but he said you can. These camera people I get to go because they are fearful that they don't want to be made fun. This is not to be family friendly and so eventually they came around because I just gave him my word is light look where this is not about what's in your yard, about treasure. We want to make a family-oriented show where people of faith and people that love each other right or is not the butt of a joke and eventually they said antelope. They were the first people one that came out to send me a text. As we develop friendships with all these landowners and we gave them all the stuff we found we gave it we you have a break down ahead of time did you say okay 50-50 lazy courtiers lay dead and that was the agreement but since they put up on we hunting the property for three straight days. They are working with all the camera current or not we will let you know what here.

I mean you put this in a case and display.

We were happy to do that how we brothers are there, you know. Sure I'm in a bus so four of us that we have a sister to have a sister. Yes, that came the knowledge of came later on in life, but I really is probably was the best known how does he feel about you. The older brother how TV he's not involved in this.

Now he's not.

He did make a guest appearance and basically made fun of me laughed at us the whole time secured ugliness, but I'll tell you this. After some of the stuff we found and I kicked I keep saying this is not about what we've would you find, but we found some stuff worth a lot of money on the show and and a lot of crazy stuff, some stuff without giving awake and again I get to steamboat you told me we found something, not from the earth week this planet we found something worth and value over $50,000 while yes you are well. I'm not going to comment yard to watch the show but we we found some crazy stuff should I say that I was invited to stay over.

I had dinner at your house right and those so the whole complex was it when I actually have been. Was it really sounds knows Willie right now. I know I got pulled over.

So yes I'm driving this to street signs.

Some poems will give him a little bit behind. I was at your dad's house and am driving over to get pulled over so I'm being pulled over the side of the road introduced with the cop wants nothing to do with this. So in the middle of it. I text Willie and I go Willie Roy ago. I don't know you have his car and he knew the cop they start hugging it out and he said you know them, because he other friends of mine.

He said well you see because he's the only reason I'm not giving you a ticket right now.

So everything the cops know each other therefore news your family. They do but they do a lot of security force and I'm in love with when you go public lighting to cosign for security and find me, but I'm so they know us from all the things they provide security and lot, where a big soup or about the whole enforcement we have a great relationship with them. They do a lot of work. We employ them a lot because were doing things whether the security right is low when you go public with your faith. I believe were making the world a better place through the Lord, but we also draw a few crazies and a few people that particularly like us, you know, so we need security and so weekly normal first name basis not heard that story from you is and what you think of me differently I go to your dad's house with my first job as your dad's house. Mom and dad's house and you chose number one of the country were numb top show aces using some of the money want to see and only did was put extend his closet on his house as well.

And we want on my my wife always want your mom was one of the bigger cause that was it. So you make it all when you could afford a list like 25 houses in the closet. Now he does buy a lot of land property which I think a great investment that I don't like more that so mama's house is just very highly of them when I was eight years old and I'm in love you what you not to hurt my feelings if it's just just a written estimate. It's but you don't put a lot of money in housing when you live in a flood zone, which is what they do and when it floods. That place is not the place to be, but they route them out every time it happens.

If one sought it floods a lot and love that they're the most charitable members them and solve our whole family. They do so many good works across the world that they feel like the money they made was a blessing from God.

They don't need the money and so there involved in many projects that are also so much as to whether and famously.

Your dad was quarterback were to write you a wise ecology could have been an NFL quarterback, but they play football during duck season, so he has out. That was out now when he said he found himself looking up at the sky every time a training camp. You guys athletic to were we playing sports. We were so hot� She's like this. My wife, but I tell my kids I was Steph Curry before the stuff Curry Almeida set a record for high school made 11 three-pointers in one game so just saying I was like ninth grade you parents.

Helicopter parents yelling at the coach to get in the game.

One day my parents never came to him so that they'll about that somehow is going to scar you for life.

Not true.

We were really poor. And so it was just hard for us to play sports, we live so far away. It was just that we just had no money, so it's hard to be involved. Jason Jim Robertson a few more minutes here duck family treasures brand-new series on Fox nation and appear sometimes on Fox news always love having him in New York City back in a moment challenging conventional thought and wisdom made breaking unique opinions. All Brian kill me show 10 part series.

It is called family treasures are going out digging up American history on American soil.

I Robertson way. Jason Jim studio watching them on Fox nation.

A few more minutes case. Is it truly chip you could back me up on this. Did DJ say he's taking me duck hunting said that during the break, right hundred percent what goes on. I have no experience but one worry also. So don't shoot me right because safety is the number one thing when you come and you've never been talked about the different with the different culture that you grew up in for me many ways one of which the gun culture of exactly everybody had guns and it was incurred. I have it on eight years old. My dad had a missed shot down a slight. Here's how you do this on a main and that's just the tile was raised told you but we had our hunter safety course that we had to take. We took it at school when I was in the ninth grade and they all told us to bring our own guns and so just remember that vividly we went out Trotsky. Nobody gets on the high school was roaming. Why was it would loan but it was still warming that was probably 100 kids in about about the shotgun when they hear about your 50 5152 5243. Was it different already buy in your 40s, re-doing the same thing you could take a gun to school.

I don't really remember that, but I, I went to hello private school so I don't think there's as many hunters were element yeah responsibility and respect for the gun grow eggs. I mean, it was safety was the first thing tall and I mean you were told the pros and cons of this but it was just never, it was never talked about us why you you know something is changed in our world now, and it's not necessarily the gun was back then. We all had him and we were bringing him to school racks in the parking lot on the racks on my truck. I had literally my guns hanging up, but when shall we changed. I think when the technological world hit and people just know they started alienating themselves and yet a breakdown of the home and then all of a sudden you're living in this fantasy land believe young people get off into this fantasy land of video games and shooting guns in the school and there cut off from society and then they don't know who they are, they lose their computers about their identity and the next thing you know they're not get the attention they want. They want to get some attention and if you seen real quick to view us in jeopardy when your kids have a son that's a gamer, but how 100% counteract that with we go Hunton and so he does both what it's like you know they said this one of the school shootings which are so important. He was literally posting on social media. That was the only thing rationally was doing the whole time is one of the complaint is going to be Harvey's angry well the family treasure chance to see Jeff and the Robertson's back in action. Fox news radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with positive for Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy is the brain kill me till 1-866-408-7669 coming here from midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world, especially in the Ukraine Bobby were actually just on now kick our bridges inside what's going on in.

I guess we did the disruption with Stephen Colbert.

One of his staffers getting arrested were also going to be talking about something else going on and that is the lack of ratings from just about everybody else in the soft pedaling of all things John Joe Biden related the band of the dam seems to be busting on people pretending as if Joe Biden's got is a game out this real quick.

This news, the Supreme Court has made a ruling a whole bunch of you becoming actually the conservative majority is toss out New York State's restrictive regulations forgetting concealed carry pistol permits 63 decision written up by Justice Thomas, the justice and said Americans have a second member and right to keep a handgun of the home for self-defense that individual right has now has now been expanded the divided court decision comes a time of rising crime. As you know that issues a challenge of New York permit law similar to the seven other states require most applicants to demonstrate proper cause to receive a gun license for concealed handgun lower courts have upheld the hundred eight-year-old New York State regulation New York says its audience is in force.

The name of public safety.

However, it infringes on the second member writes going to this court therefore concealed carry conditions have been loosened up so is get to the victory. The stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life facts save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three Hispanic voters are no longer automatically Democrats. In fact, there openly hostile to the Democratic Party support among Hispanics is brought to stunning 24%.

The only group that continues to enthusiastically support Joe Biden's college-educated white voters in urban areas.

That was Tucker last night. Politics a massive shift in the electorate action Hispanics going elsewhere. Can the Republicans lure them in.

Or they just going to bow out side to implement so-called red flag all day every phone crisis intervention programs of their own choosing and using money for rent.

Flyballs will help to build a new process for toxic never never been required before a deal done. It should be or should not be passed.

Will Republicans vote for it seems like they will every Democrat will do what it looks at the house to go along with it. What it means for you to the company's running gas stations setting those prices at the pump. This is a time of war, global peril decree. These are not normal times bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost to repay the product that is present. Biden have a ridiculous speech yesterday new low C claims, inflation, oil and gas prices on well gas station owners oil and gas producers Vladimir Putin, maybe even you being a little selfish.

The real culprit, Mr. Pres., just go get a mirror.

I mean, I don't want to bore you with what he said because he sees speeches is so long and boring is very rarely familiar with a copy of the present came out and called out because said to Congress passed my idea of suspending the federal gas tax listen to him: calling on Congress to suspend draft tax for the next 90 days through the busy summer season. Busy travel sees okay fantastic $0.18 $0.18 and there goes your infrastructure bill go for Democrats, including the speaker of the house. You didn't call up Nancy Pelosi and see if she'd entertain it and there somebody else is going get in his way. If he wants to pass it. His name but I think you know his voice. Center Joe matching the 13 and put another whole bunch of assumptions for me and people need to understand that science is not going to be straight across the board and never has been, Josie $0.18 exactly come off that price so I have great concern. I'm willing to listen and talk to everybody, but these are my concerns right now before go in the political ramifications goes off September which politician appears that 18% tax back on a month before the November election. Just think the whole deeper and deeper and deeper. So bottom line is concerned right now, that's for sure. Of course not. Who cares does affect anything you go to complete the strategic oil reserve going to take out $0.18 a gallon when you realize the oil and gas industry gave you a detailed plan rhetoric aside political politicians.

Boa political gains on hold to say these are things we need to get done in order to increase our refining capacity.

Now we were basically at where we were in 2018 with 11.1 million barrels a day being produced probably the present diet accurately diagnosed is refinery problem. The other problem is they don't build the refineries on the building of the Virgin Islands. The combined administration stopped and then the ministration wasn't done yet. They want to blame other people though selfish gas station owners card for across the world does come down. We need the price at the gas stations they charge at the pump to come down as well.

For example, the last two weeks.

The price of oil was falling by more than $10 a barrel. Normally this reduced the cost of the pump, about $0.25 a gallon yet so far, gas stations only reduce prices by a few cents a gallon. How do you know what the problem is have you even asked anyone oil and gas execs come in the White House, the prison won't even meet him. He also blames this guy cut five to the company's running gas stations setting those prices at the pump. This is a time of war, global peril, Ukraine. These are not normal times, locating you to you blaming the gas station owner. These are major companies.

These are gas station owners. The profit margin is something we see the price going up it's not because their gouging is busy trying to survive. And of course blaming Vladimir Putin and what is the danger of giving Vladimir Putin credit for rises and inflation and gas prices affecting American society.

He looks strong. He looks effective. It looks like you reverse the effects of the sanctions it will take a turn to the Russian people and say bear with me were really hurting our enemy now.

That's the danger of it and how could the four former chairman of formulations not understand that but he doesn't so that to me is terrible for the big story is what's going on with gas prices.

That's always a big story but all things going on with guns after you volley after Buffalo John Cornyn was doing was center Murphy to head up a bipartisan panel and here's some things that are going to be in this build is to be voted on as early as today or tomorrow. You have red flag laws, but not demanding each day doable providing money for it. Hopefully they do in a responsible way and it's detailed out in the plan number to provide money for health care for kids in schools as well as psychological training for kids in schools and harden the security in schools and other providing money for big and small towns and communities to get the protection they need. As you see with some of these cities is not just New York City where there is a problem there's small towns are having a problem and I seem to like that I don't have a problem with extended background checks for 18-year-olds are never problem with this 18-year-old who these last two shooters were 18 couldn't wait for turn 18. Nothing was in their background check because the juveniles now the gunowners have to go find out from their schools from the state police as their record on these guys these women before I sell them a gun.

That to me I don't have a problem with, but many people have a problem with the guns and with with everyone saying one of those people is Lauren bulbar cut 26 volley Wheatley seen now what actually happened there at the time that it took to actually get that situation under control.

If that's even what you called yes exactly we need to harden our schools need to secure our schools and this bill doesn't exactly this is where we need to start.

We don't need to start with the printing on the rights of American citizens is infringing on the rights of meaning to have an AK-47. I do think you know everyone's got expanded background checks. We all, except that I think we all should accept that I worry about the red flag laws and where you people going to do it because you like the brain. To me it's got a gun next year.

The cops knocking at my door and say listen you been accused of being violent to take you got into we can investigate that I go get your lawyer to get my gun back.

I gotta make sure that center Corning company understand that people can use it as a weapon. People get divorced well you know what my husband left me for somebody else and he loves guns he loves hunting you love shooting goes with shooting sports. I think I feel threatened next year� Can you do or would like you gun please wrongly accused. Now are you knocking at my door if I am a threat are you knocking my door grandmother gun saving lives. Yet, can you do both.

That's got to be the king. We look it would happen. You volley and I will begin to do too much detail. I'm so horrified about what happened there. There was enough cops to take this guy out there was a cop who I the shooter three minutes before into the building.

They lied to us to say he was confronted.

They lied to say one teacher left the back door open. They lied to say the classroom was locked.

They lied that they were were waiting on the outside for the proper equipment to come to light about all that one guy in charge seems to have totally screwed up beyond comprehension and others didn't want to defy command and get in the door was open. It was not the teachers fault the classroom was not locked from the inside. This guy would've been sitting out some kids did bleed out. A teacher bled out. If you got in there in the first few minutes, even if the shot stopped. These people could've been saved with proper medical attention how they did not realize that is beyond me.

Steve McCraw is director of the Texas Department of Public Safety cut 28 the Lord for a response to the packet Rob elementary was an abject failure that we performed last two decades since the Columbine massacre three minutes West building through a sufficient number of armed officers wearing body armor actually distract and neutralize the subject don't think stopping the hallway. Officers 111 and 112 was on scene commander decided to place the lives of officers for the lives of children whose what more can I say terrific to think your kid is bleeding out in the cops on the outside with proper equipment. In this 18-year-old with no experience. It should be shot before into the schools allowed to sit there for an hour and 41 minutes. What I hate is the seen the video of the parents trying to breach the perimeter and these cops zip tying them cuffing them throwing him into buses roughing them up. I wish they would've been just as aggressive to the shooter on the inside parents are not the bad guy's in the situation I am the biggest supporter of law enforcement the law enforcement that I talked to his outrage. Try these decisions. There were all witnessing, wouldn't you be especially was your family on the outside so the board I also abhorred by is the lying that took place.

John on a rally is a guy you see on Fox news about former FBI Special Agent cut 30. The DPS director is a former FBI agent.

He has that same training that we all receive the FBI and he knows what officers on the ground weren't supposed to do.

People can say whatever they want, such as the mayor saying, but the bottom line. The responsibility falls with the officers that were there. Immediately after the shooter entered the building and it falls upon the shoulders of the on scene commander in this case the chief of police for the school district. Unbelievable. These of these are special agents law enforcement experts talk about law enforcement on the last got a sitting judge never wore the uniform. I'm not arresting people for a living by the lying and the ineffectiveness and the lack of action when everything was there and by all accounts, rehearsals that even been done before. This guy is now been suspended that the police chief in charge from his counsel position, and hopefully fired. I don't always intent was, but the fact that he is lying, hiding makes me know that he knows makes me think that he knows what is took and taken place, and nothing good on him trying to meet show don't move when I come back I'll take your call 1-866-408-7669 double thanks to Brian's got a lot more to say.

Stay with Brian until made the fastest three hours in radio you are with Brian until made very disturbing news from one of the Supreme Court of United States America has stripped away the state of New York's right and responsibility to protect its citizens data Supreme Court struck down a New York law that limits who can carry concealed weapons. Does everyone understand what a concealed weapon means that you have no forewarning that someone can hide a weapon on them and going to our subways when our grocery stores like stories up in Buffalo New York. Ron from going to school in Parkland.

Are you volley this could place millions of New Yorkers in harm's way. That is just a decision just came down the Supreme Court tossed out New York's restrictive gun regulations use Jonathan Turley 0563 decision is German Troy is a momentous decision for gun rights advocates. It reminds me a bit of the cats decision on privacy, where the court should've restructured how we approach privacy cases, that's what Thomas is doing here. He is getting rid of what was called a two-step analysis of that was used by lower courts and drew a very clear line that like other individual rights in the Bill of Rights by the presumptions in favor of the citizen you they don't have to shoulder this type of burden that they really need to use an individual right. In this case to to carry a concealed weapon right.

Brian was seen in Pennsylvania hey Brian Brian good.

You talk about gas prices in Pennsylvania with a with a curtailing fracking.

I understand well you card when he was broken. Cancel fracking are not as honest as ridiculous tour but about it and understand economics of the doctor about. I think it's a lot of things are doing on purpose, but competing gas stations. I don't know one that's around anymore just showing yes. Anyway, competing in lowering the price to people and to buy food. Most convenience stores. It doesn't make sense why they would get out anymore. They can began to compete against each other and are making most of the money on food statement yeah. Erica send WK be in Jacksonville hey Eric, talk again Brian Beck that callers right it smoke and mirrors. We haven't built a refinery in this country since I think 1978 and we've had instances where there was oil backed up to the clouds gasoline run cars, not oil refineries can't keep up, and as long as these.

I guess we'll call it the green activists alike. Not in my backyard. We got plenty room here in Florida.

I gladly live right next to a refinery to go back to dollars 70 a gallon gasoline, but it's a supply there's there's plenty oil we have it right yet again we find about to be billed to Virgin Islands and they just stopped it with Sean WDB O Sean doing well. You mentioned something there about red flag laws and concerns about you. What if somebody bears witness to go back to the old West. I'll address this work.

You bear false witness, and they find out that your line about the accusation you get the punishment intended for the individual.

Back on a critical point.

Yeah I mean I would be, you know, stripped strict laws for lying about it absolutely, but just that. We have to go to trial. Maybe hire a lawyer to get the gun back. That's were trying to avoid the talk show that you are with Brian until made triumph offered to go down to DC and interview some congresspeople to highlight the January 6 hearings after they finish their interviews, they were doing some last-minute puppetry and joking may come up in a hallway when triumph and my folks were approached and detained by the Capitol police. This was 1st� puppetry hijinks with intent to go in this case, our puppet was just a puppet doing puppet stuff cubicle bear explaining away. What took you know what happening Capitol Hill. He got one of his guys arrested and all of them reprimanded in the cold and insurrection, and he's outraged by what we do not know the truth, yet I think more is going to come out. There is reports they kept banging a Republican stores in the Congress and Capitol Hill and causing uproar did not leave when they were told to in Congress. While there's a big January 6. Hearings about people who refuse to leave the capital unbelievably tone deaf and sanctimoniously difficult bears defined in saying it's there's no equivalency. Is he right Bobby Brock right for out comments in every comments and speaks out on all things media related.

Bobby welcome back, driving her Happy Valley hearing Colbert talk like that.

Still can't believe he's the guy that replaced David Letterman 140 guys on TV.

Now we have this guy quite so unbelievable. What would happen is very successfully Colbert report dotted daily shows very successful. The two people that replaced the person replaced John Stuart is not good. And by even though East gets great applause everywhere seems to send us a positive things about the shows terrible as Stephen Colbert shows basically should be on MSNBC.

Yeah, absolutely. And fascinating to me because I want take listeners back to the day after January 6 when Colbert went on TV from the basement that's really hearsay how this compares to 9/11 that this is the darkest day that and here we are years later and making the light of that same thing by saying he sent his producers. Therefore, I believe his exact words or intent think you like that we don't know all the details, but there is reports, including one from the daily wireless. I suggest people read about yet banging on doors during a January hearing and refusing to leave and comment back after they were told to exit the capital. The people were charged with the same truck passing that several of the people were in January 6 but the difference that they didn't go immediately to a DC jail in solitary confinement is completely different. If our handle for Colbert to go on TV it act like how dare you come after Austin criticized for Joe to show the entitlement. This guy had that you believe he can do no wrong.

I go back to. He called January 6, nine, 11, at which he do similar sketch art to reenact the 9/11 here entire thing tone deaf over viewing about where, do you use that air quotes in Colbert title personality.

What happened to him.

So the stories is Joe Biden is more more people at his party to say you should not run again and he he is really getting questioned about his performance is policy ability to do an interview answer questions on his feet stay at his feet not fall for bike not fall upstairs David Axelrod yesterday to New York Times saying no. Gavin Newsom might be a good person replaced him. Everyone talks about. Maybe these governors, but no one talks about, Harris, and here's why she's doesn't seem to know the issues takes off every weekend not comfortable in front of the camera. For example, content and that I mean Jesus is the most obvious doesn't seem to late great opportunity doesn't use it and you say her critics have one thing in common.

You write you think most of her critics because white men don't like her jewelry read says last week you read said that, air VP approval rating vomited once again I believe that the lower cover for the peak really read when an errant set. The only reason her approval rating down because white man in the media don't allow her to fear fell that white man the media unfairly criticized her on what offer there is not a politician less criticized by the media at large, Eric knew the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC never criticized or didn't hold her accountable for not showing up at the border with he was supposed to be the most protected major politician going by the corporate press white man in the BPR. The reason her liberating doubt so lazy and just in accurate attempt to rate eight by Joy Reed. I mean, I quickly MSNBC, that allow the Y time and time again, Harris like you that proving credibly incapable of doing her job.

She can't even lead her staff left side. No, like Monday people from her have quit and there is report from political and eye-opening one for that equal a whole, crushing block that people around her want to do it that you that a lot of the reason not to light, air and know the white man. Yeah, not allowing her to fear fell quite frankly, every time she is herself on camera become more unlikable.

Yeah, I guess is 20% approval rating, 61% disapproval rating that in the that's where she's heading in her career. Great opportunity for some with a lot of energy to really take control of the party. She would've been the perfect but she doesn't put doesn't seem to put in the work or understand the issue when you look he was happening right now with minorities look at the Hispanic vote look at the black vote do you think there's a permanent shifter is Joe Biden just pushing everybody away yet panic bowed running out every week. Report how damning that could be Democrats going forward in all election Democrats. They do have to wait what happening is the night before their heater into such a small minority of American that I don't believe represent the vast glory of voters are not the party for the working class and I don't think there are issues that they're focusing on most Americans just don't care all of their angles right now seem to be losing proposition, but I did make everything work. I believe that you get an incredibly unpopular president. I have a lot of concerns because they branded themselves everything 2016 at the party for my minority are you going to push back white.

The primacy of the very people they say they're fighting for are now rejecting their policy because I think an older faulty goal go. People are important for you the very people your branding your campaign around that pretty problematic so we should take Bobby to buy rock about kick what is your take of the January 6 series will kind of damage, if any, it's doing to the former president yeah before it happened and I thought they had something really damning. They will leak it and get crap out before I haven't done that.

I don't know. They really uncovered all that much.

I think they made the people that hate Trenton blame for hate her even more of the headline coming from that had been his phone call with Mike and I don't see it doing all that much week before other people in the Republican Party see that that a fatal blow to trauma.

Perhaps I don't think it been that number this week that it has really changed the mind of anybody at the mortgagor people that already don't like Trenton blame him and don't want to run again just feel stronger about. I think a lot of other people to faith bill on January 6 were still talking about this horrific day and you were 18 months later, like Kelly and Connolly that I'm Bill Marr two weeks ago January 6 with that every day doesn't have to be January signal have to wake up every day to rehash this event.

I believe that Americans feel that way. Think look at a rally that he is not responsible for grown adult acting recklessly, I don't think that's good.

Have any impact. Many votes come 2022, or even 2024. Lastly about 75-year-old famous author James Patterson apologizing because he came out the same as it basically is true. It's not easy being a white male today and try as an author and trying to get a book deal, even for him. Yet he came and apologizes a apologist to sing white male writers having trouble finding work as a form of racism actually do not believe that racism is practiced against white writers. Please know that I strongly support diversity of voices being heard in literature in Hollywood and everywhere you think the apologizing is just the wrong way. Especially here yeah I recall I hope you look.

Check it out, hoping that we will apologize every time somebody reportedly offended back with you back James Patterson.

What you really do.

He said that publishing companies are looking to hire a white male authors will absolutely true beta admitted that have multimedia company every time they put out press releases saying that diversity is our number one priority director saying and admitting whether you agree or not you want to hire you were white, mentally that we were right that younger white male authors are not getting the same opportunity, publishing companies want to prove that there on the politically correct side of it. Don't want to add more white male off. You can argue if that's right or wrong. I very well what he said is the truth, but the mob came from him on Twitter and now apologizing.

I don't understand why we must apologize for telling the truth told the joke for like that guy jeopardy making the okay sign it now yet apologize because they've appropriated that to a white premises hand just are all going so far and I documented in the old boat slip apologize. Haven't won the progressive left captures the weapon night you people who have not apologize, like Dave Chapelle are winning because once you give them an inch deep. People expect a mile when you fight back safely on not apologize for being myself. One of these people demanding for an apology. Do they don't do anything where you want to call it careful culture of the progressive movement only works if the target comply. If you don't comply. If you don't play by the rule you can win only winning move. Brian is to not like I think people need to stop participating in unreasonable expectation that we have to apologize. Every time somebody said there offended because most the time they're not offended right now offended is empowerment. Bobby Brock about kick thanks much Bobby could some add Barack you are ACK. Bobby thanks Bobby appreciate right I will get back and find that there is a need to know more and review that Supreme Court decision on New York and guns this weekend. Check out Brian's new show on Fox News Channel Saturday so here we can soon take it easy, Bill really hurts coordination with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox news channel Laura Brian coming out is so busy he'll make here and kill me. This is going to have an immediate impact. There are a lot of states that have these types of rules but more importantly it's a shot across the bow states disabling appearance or restricting Second Amendment rights, then you need to know that the burden is on you. Having said that Thomas also says that the Second Amendment does allow limitations on gun rights in places like polling places and he says this is in changing any of that.

So I think a Shannon noted this is not just a runaway train that is going to to to remove all gone limitations and restrictions and that is Supreme Court justice opinion is going to affect New York. Some rules that have been in place.

According to these this this ruling just handed them of the Supreme Court a better place for hundred eight years, but right now, the Supreme Court ruled with the conservative majority. They tossed on New York's restrictive gun regulations for concealed carry weapons at issue is a challenge for New York permit law similar to seven other states requiring most applicants to demonstrate proper cause to receive licenses for concealed got about half the states allow most citizens to carry concealed weapons in most public public in most public places without requiring a permit background check or safety training like Florida for example, your census laws enforcing this in the name of public safety. But that's not can have low court upheld the hundred eight year rule the near Supreme Court 063 decision didn't some idiots like Keith Olbermann or having a meltdown using expletives to talk about disbanding the Supreme Court so was great to see idiots like that out there. Let's find out if there's more to know one of the great guys you'll ever meet.

Certainly a fantastic football player. One of the most popular in the locker room with the press and with the general public has passed away. The age of 55. It's a sad day to be a Raven. And I say, according to Jamaal Lewis, one of his good friends and running back with the ravens, you know, he was also in the Sopranos great friend of the show. This is the word from the owner of C biscotti the owner. The ravens were they and I are stunned and heartbroken to learn about the sudden passing of Tony Sir Siragusa was a special person. Clearly one of the most popular players in ravens history also stand on the cult was a walk on the key will be missed till six successful businessmen to no stranger to WABC listeners because he was a big guy in Jersey say that of all the gas I've interacted with is among the top five. As far as just fine and non-real coal guests totally comfortable.

You can chat about about anything and anything I told you if the evidence is funny when the times we had them on after with the hit was over he kept talking to me and looking at the clock. The hour was ending.

He was starting the next hour I'd actually tell him I list I had to tell him I had to go. Yeah, because own private flight private planes private aircraft real successful business bandits away, died way too young. Next airlines have tripled the number of daily cancellations are thousand flights across the US are asked today as summer travel chaos intensifies unbelievable. I want to get the details you try to fly you how bad it is. I just see no end in sight, which is said next bloodhound name trumpet. I saw them on Fox and friends today got a chance to pet frog trumpet never saw bloodhound in person before.

That is the way the Westminster winner of the dog show best in show be that a French bulldog, a German Shepherd could not be more diverse red eyes actually smells blood. I did not know that I now Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter Saturn have lined up in a rare alignment. Special thanks to our solar system. I never felt lucky to be here all lined up would have again to 2040 last time this happened, 1864.

Hopefully this is where enough the precipice of the end of the Civil War weekending until Saturday to see all of these lineup so if you can take a shot look out some binoculars time, I probably would be drawn to Saturn with the rings. Publix is not giving 19 vaccines to children younger than five, spokesperson for the soup supermarket said, but to serve the public's return Florida which was the only state not to preorder the vaccines.

Vaccines will be available for the youngest kids in the county of hope that help departments in Florida. Many private healthcare providers throughout the state are offering them to some children younger than five audit parents like you kidding me, I may be considering doing that others can't wait to do it. I worry about them mandating it into the schools and preschools because a lot of people are comfortable with it themselves giving it to a toddler three shots before your 1 kn for me, maybe not for you. I'm trying to leave. Make sure to watch one nation Saturday night at 8 o'clock again at 11 C on Fox and friends, and keep here in the price. Alicia over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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