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Supreme Court Overturns ROE V. WADE

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 24, 2022 12:45 pm

Supreme Court Overturns ROE V. WADE

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 24, 2022 12:45 pm

***Listen at 00:37:11 as historic news is made live on the Brian Kilmeade Show with the announcement the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade***

[00:00:00] Jonathan Turley

[00:18:35] Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI)

[00:37:11] Prof. Alan Dershowitz & Geraldo Rivera

[01:06:03] Simulcast with Varney & Co.

[01:13:47] Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)

[01:24:27] Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

[01:32:05] Shannon Bream

[01:43:12] Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS)

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive your buddy Brian Kilby Joe John the Turley standing by then. Sen. Ron Johnson is been the art of the storm lately, running for six more years in the Senate will be with us. So let's get to before we go any further. The big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three second amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, whereas abortion was invented right that was invented in 1973 has no basis in the Constitution is not really caring what our personal views are what matters is what the Constitution says and what is legal and constitutional, that is Molly Hemingway. Of course, could today be the day. Roe V Wade is overturned and we are delaying the groundbreaking ruling for full watt.

Where will the compromise be if there is one with the Chief Justice is rumored to be in the works.

We will have all sides covered. He's meeting today with people installing offshore wind equipment but not the oil and gas CEOs that help lower gas prices present has done a step back for second everything in his power. They were miles away present buying chooses to go to a meeting on wind and help his base instead of the White House and meet oil and gas execs a mile away.

I'll tell you about the latest inept moves to help alleviate the pain. The pump and financial strain of inflation gun safety bill.

We are passing tonight can be described with three adjectives bipartisan, common sense, lifesaving contrive 00 new restrictions zero mandated, and zero band of any kind for law-abiding gun guns first time since 1993. A major piece of firearms legislation has passed the Senate and soon the house 15 Republicans join all 50 Democrats to pass at the same time, the Supreme Court strikes down New York's ability to stop law-abiding citizens from carrying handguns to a degree for self-defense in six other states are affected as well will break down the titanic decisions and a lot of your tempted to say I want Brian Kilby to break our decisions, but I have a good friend who went to law school and then teaches the law you want the George Washington University wonderful broadcaster Jonathan Turley, nobody better to talk to you on this really impactful day, especially as relates to guns you ready I am in. First off, let's talk about the bipartisan bill of people who are want to want like this all worried about the implementation on the red flag laws and the boyfriend claws what show what should thanks be concerned about what the big question is to process. There is no issue as to whether guns can be removed from someone who is a danger to himself or to others that always been the case. Red flag laws amplify that authority created by which guns can be removed. The question is, upon what basis can they be removed and how can you challenge that removal and something physically down with an anonymous it can be done next part day without having the accused credit and are able to respond and then there's also serious question.

Once that happened, how do you defend yourself, your accounts and something for people who have had guns removed and then found it just incredibly burdensome process to try to get back To walk backwards to try to yell and say luck they leave. The grounds were not valid and I should have my property returned to me all the details that will likely trigger challenges in the future. Seven $50 million of the size used for crisis intervention who could be against that support for mental health programs investment in children family health services funding for school safety. I don't think anybody could be against them. Surprise Democrat signed off on it. When the president said that I really his focus through his press secretary Texans for victims of domestic violence and that's where this comes in. They will call me about the how do you best described in layman's terms, the boyfriend loophole whether you could have guns removed by someone who is not a spouse. Whether a people are married or not and how that is classified and the effort is been to try to remove those types of barriers to allow weapons to be taken away and then for the situation effectually to be examined. Once again, go to help affect happened in the examination under this code would charge and was allowed to see if this was the someone who had a malice or didn't have the basis to make this allegation so the effort is a closed loop gold that raises the question of you know what where's the backup on due process. One thing I want to know that I think you you you are right to bring up the price and how the White House order belittles a bed.

The emphasis on mental health as opposed to gun bans a nap typing the present came out about AR 15's again in the thinking that are historically wrong. By the way many of us are set for many years that this is were the terrible cases reflect a mental health crisis.

The vast majority of these individuals were not just unstable individual, but people who were known to be on yes and we we simply have an underfunded mental health system in the country and not just an issue for shooting not just an issue for the school massacre is an issue that it didn't really cut across society means we have got to get a handle on mental illness in this country we do, and this money put here for it and I know that's that's really more than I could.

Do you know this shooter in ufology the sugar and buffalo hide incidents in their past. So now they're not saying you can only gun at 18.

You can, but now they're going to go into your past to see if there's any issues or legal run-ins or or any issues of mental health that need to be addressed before Mr. Mrs. Johnson.

So in their gun shops sell gun to his 18-year-old that to me. They called in under 21 enhanced review process does do you think we should be concerned about that at all or do you think we should embrace this.

I think we should embrace that the person in front of Cavanaugh's house by any alleged attempted murder is that you know he go to pick up the phone and he called look basically stop me.

I want to kill him. I want to kill myself. Yet many of these individuals really do want to get stop. Some of them are engaged in suicide by cop a one want it over with. Others are just consumed by this this madness. But these are all cases that aren't are generally not we have some that just pop uprightly of plenty that are people who just stay isolated until unfortunately we find out who they are but many of them do not any many of them it can't pass run and thought we should agree to the problem is that the way we treat juvenile record that want to become an adult you become hard to cross pollinate the record here. It is very hard to review an adult in the field to see what this person did as a juvenile and that can help take down the wall and think of the good thing so all to get access to it. I will to set the last two shooters penalties for strong straw purchasing clarifications. Definition of federally licensed firearms dealer so the make sure about that. So we'll see where this goes boat it doesn't have as a band of AR 15.

It doesn't say 21 and over. So I think that's one thing Republicans were worried about the seams.

So they got a lot of what they want. So here is a woodchuck Mitch McConnell CSA cut to size 00 no restrictions zero new waiting. Zero mandates zero balance of any time for law-abiding dollars latest law enforcement support the bill strong but center John Kennedy represents a lot of people like Tim Scott.

It was a talking to.

Last night, cut three. The bill that were being asked about want make no mistake about it is the Sen. Schumer Sen. McConnell in terms of the United States Senate today. Normal is a setting on the drive.

There's nothing normal about in this slaying his men ran down her throat and that's not a criticism of some corn and Chandra Murphy � okay, I just think our leadership on both sides of the aisle has made a mistake so he does not yell.

He thinks 80 pages in 48 hours is too much. Is he right because you gotta worry. You worry about the details long been a critic of this approach we call it with lots of these bills Obama care.

The patriot act were massively longer than an there is no way that any member could have read through those bills. It was physically impossible. And yet we tolerate that. I think it I think that he's right that we should have time to look at this and contemplate. I think that much that is in the build is actually good thing that matters the most to me is the mental health funding that will make the different is that politicians currently push for stuff in response to mantras it wouldn't stop and ask me that you know they they push to ban things and and taking other steps and there's a lot of shiny objects there, but none that would have prevented the subject of the legislation.

The mental health funding could mean effectually, something that could stop a massacre, but I think it would. Politicians can't say is that you know what we there's no solution to all shootings and decided even to continue what we can do is to take practical measures by heartening school dealing with mental illness are not glitzy and I'm going to obey a government ban AR 15, but they probably will have a much greater impact. So, by the way, the floor loss. He was happened. I don't know what kind of red flag problems they've had. Do you know of some because Florida in 2018. After the Parkland shooting did take action with Republican governor Rick Scott. He said we have much more time was much more collaborative, but that was a lot stricter. They did raise the age to 21 on the age issue that their permanent support for their but let's keep in mind we've got about 400 million weapons in this country I and people who are below 21, are allowed to hunt and and take other action that involve weapons and so this is the day raising the age is knocking to be gotcha.

In my view I just cleared the turning of the corner on the shooting in all practicality is if someone is intent on engaging in violent.

They will still be able to do so. Your gun laws got changed yesterday. It was a petitioner was brought forward by two guys and the net New York State and to New York State rifle Association and two upstate men challenge this law written in 1911, passed in 1911, called the Sullivan law because they claimed they claimed that their secondment was being violated because they could not get a gun and the criteria to get a gun was too extreme and violated his Second Amendment in this amended this. This amendment was violated, really 1911, according to the Supreme Court judge. The Supreme Court, because they after there was a Gramercy Park murder. There was a big push in this in the state to rein in guns. So now if you wanted to gone from them on infection, Sullivan law, you have to apply and it was extreme, it had to be extreme measure for you to carry a gun. What's changed now. I actually think this will likely be one of the two decisions that are highlighted from the legacy of Justice Thomas and that's quite a legacy after over 30 years I expect to be one of the two top opinion cited in terms of his impactful time on the court and the reason is that we can't the Heller decision to clear the Second Amendment an individual right. Obviously that's one of the biggest cases in history. But this case is its arrival in a in a in a critical way.

It basically deals faithfully through the foundation for future challenges the Second Amendment right and happens it's similar to a case a good call That we reframe how we dealt with privacy challenges in this country and the it, it's really a name vintage by Thomas opinion. It deals with originalist analysis about the purpose I Second Amendment any peep he brings to point of clarity wanted.

He said luck. You cannot condition an individual right on this type of data showing that the presumption rests with the citizen with the state. This is the right to enjoy the individual right under the Bill of Rights of the states want to take one of those away, then the burden is on them. You can't just tell you the Second Amendment, like the other amendment. Just show me you really need to. The second point of clarity think that there is no distinction, but in the Second Amendment between having a gun in the house walking out of the house. It is the right to possess a gun in it for that right to be taken away. It's the state that will carry the burden understood. Now there's a two-page missive in their uplifting by Cavanaugh that says basically name the places that you want to limit where with you can carry a gun or not, and governor hopeful this morning since I'm a lit name every place possible government building subways, hospital, schools, parks, take care's cemeteries worship houses can they do that. Can they get around this ruling by naming a whole bunch of safe places the gun free zones response was really amazing shot shot in this quatrain moment that she lost this case I been writing for over a year that this law was facially unconstitutional and she then said we don't give up a New Yorker to pass more laws well you know who would be delighted by that. It think rights advocates New York has been off font of cases supporting gun rights they keep on losing major cases in federal court and promising return to do more legislation.

This could be welcomed by some people become right movement good example of it for you to clear everything a sensitive place.

Why would you say that out loud.

Why would you respond to an opinion I think will bring to game the system again and were going to play with this term part of the public record so anything that you come out with is going to be played against your statement that you just want to now game the system again, the key to remember is that this case following your New York in which the politicians hold voters that they were going to defend another constitutional law to the Supreme Court just before Jonathan Turley. Thanks. This person is Americas with all of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen ON Fox News going to start, for wherever you did your project Fox News podcasts network under dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News talkshow that's real. This is Brian kill me show they welcome back everybody so we have a lot to discuss. Especially if he forgets and listen II got really any phase I'm ready anything. I don't think anybody so that's probably why good speed matters want to get this done before one goes in for July vacation but I don't know if you just can hear done on Wednesday or can you stay in town and vote on Sunday after you and your staff have a chance look at it though.

Keep in mind in the Republican run state when Sen. Rick Scott was Gov. Rick Scott. They passed a legislation on in Florida.

Now they have some pretty strict after parking the horrific shooting there.

There is a minimum age for all gun purchases from 18 to 21 created a waiting period of three days for gun purchases the band bump stocks, they allowed police to temporally confiscate guns from anyone subject to involuntary psychiatric educate evaluation prohibiting gun sales to forwarding committed to mental institutions created a program for training school staff to carry guns expanded mental health funding which great credit, you know, a fun school safety program allocated millions of dollars to make school buildings more secure. Some of the stuff overlaps risk is always at the same thing with Florida did restrictor so I'm curious what you found out the red flag was was working in Florida, 186-640-8766 Eye Center Ron Johnson joined me next we'll talk about this and also his issues with January 6 in Wisconsin. He won six more years. Got answer some of those questions does have it have on will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite contest radio show like no other gun safety feel we are passing tonight ride with Leah bipartisan, common sense, lifesaving. I hope it paves the way for future action on guns in Congress, and at all levels of government yeah and that was passed last night.

I think they got 15 votes in the Republican side was 6533 so the gun law the gun bill will go to the house is supposed to rubberstamp and give it right back and exposed to pass the most significant legislation since 1993 and there was a soul banner was overturned since then others of the Clinton years. Let's go over to Sen. Ron Johnson Wisconsin center. You did not vote for this. Always great to have you on why not classic example of function watching to see if the bill crafted by a gang of senators. The committee process.

No ability to amended vo-tech professional of the bill is present to hours before the first boat. More to proceed, and no ability demand whatsoever grounds dealt billion dollars to pay for, which is in real pay for and I think there's some very general concerns about imprinting on concert horizons economic so visitors rushed when you said course we have to do something about not necessarily dollars. Not sure some little, okay, but felt bad about this as well.

We really need to step back and really analyze the role the federal government what what we make things worse. I think that's more often the case that not as I could afford like I could support this bill supports a mental health program is the people of Republic is one of that report for safety of funding for school safety resources and now they did talk about on hands review process but not upping the age to 21 but for those under 21 two may we stop the next you follow these psycho in the next Buffalo killer from actually acting because it was clear they had problems in their past. Never should've been sold gun penalties for straw purchases. We can all support that they get to do different clarifications of definition of federally licensed firearms dealers but there's not universal background checks is no listing of guns is no banning of AR 15's. It seems like the Democrats and the president got very little of what they wanted in this that's true, a lot of bad stuff about about. I was glad that I Looking out yet what's included that you're stuck out of five the clearinghouse of information on best practices in school safety start really appreciate the part (but the course that they got let out at their will damage done by this bill but there could have been had Democrats from total control, but being slippery salt just us again II would argue. I don't think this didn't do much more body. I this thing work, but this without you all there were so many points of failure that occurred involving really not really under analyzing and admitting to the real cause of these things, which is just societal about the lack of values courts have decided general young man, but don't go up with the proper discipline for a variety of reasons, all kinds of things we just are starting to take a look at it and I'm actually reluctant to mention on the phone, and hereby because I get slaughtered even bring some these things up that that really need to be discussed and publicly just Allowed unbelievable on the New York effects of another state.

State they struck down. They essentially struck down in 1911 rule that said you guys are sprinting Wisconsin you could have a gun unless there's a reason to take that gun away. They can't give New York that rule and they put something this it will you can have certain places you can carry gun through like schools, churches are government buildings. Here's the good, the current governor of New York, cutting our new laws to be looking at restrictions on sensitive locations changing the permitting process creating a threshold for those rent training requirements and make sure that people have concealed weapons as specified training.

We have a whole lot of ideas and also look at a system where businesses and private property owners would have the right to protect themselves so juice she was extremely upset about this.

He says can be like the wild West is the Wisconsin like the wild West. Look at the reality situation where people have concealed carry work the right to keep and bear actually bear them outside their home. Crime rates are low. Where where you have high crime rate seems like you got larger, more gun control that's really where I would start to begin with what before he passed more gun control make people feel better. Why do we enforce the laws we arty have on the books to see if both would actually work overdue. Now you put in a whole new set of laws for you spent a lot of money about restrictions that we just we simply don't forget gun laws so we don't even know how well the gun laws on the books for extra work background checks violations of public Hunter by what we think about me that you make an example of high-profile figures mass-produce January 6. That kind of enforcement works, but we don't do that kind enforcement children, white wine, the world.

When we passed more laws when we don't enforce 1 g of the books while he's had a seatback match slap looked at this and said this is the reason why Republican voters hate their own party in the and they always know there's going to be enough Republican senators to sell them out. Think about this Maria. You can't do a Republican stump speech at a convention or in front of a large crowd. Without that candidate promising to uphold the Second Amendment and the look what happens when the rubber hits the road. I think looking at the details of this bill is very important, but having a passive major piece of gun legislation ran without one hearing without bringing in experts from both sides. It's the problem with the 16 committee. Congress has become just a political operation. When the heat hits Congress right. They simply just come up with some scheme to do to make it look like there's so you talk about the content yet. He's even some of the processes that basically that's more your contention anything else you're no chance look at this debate. This tremendous also argue that I would like Republican representing that support that I think we work together we could probably do that have Baptist legislation Democrats what what your proposal to the committee process due to public discussion and debate that bent them to sit down and maybe start working together and compromise their stuff that's not going to force a few of us in minority in our conference, they do deal with 50 Democrats comes laws and it does it does upset our base.

There's actually no doubt about it. They hate that process so you one thing is is pretty clear the present, the form presents pretty upset now that Kevin McCarthy did not put any Republicans on this one. Six committee before we get into the situation.

The accusations against you without a mistake. Tactically we don't hear anything from the other side.

I don't want to effect such a such a parking process to begin with the fact that Bob couldn't wouldn't allow the people you did select a grotesque abuse of power there, so it's kinda hard to cooperate with something that is that parcel to begin with, but maybe in hindsight be nice to have a minute maybe left strong Republican Yuri came up there infantry 24 Jim Giordano there you go through a lot of mom there. I don't really blame Kevin McCarthy just walk away saying go to town so with the CDU center is your chief of staff handed Mike pence some alternate electors in Wisconsin to try to name to try to stop Mike pence from certifying the election. Who can you say about this didn't happen but might not buy longer single maybe a few seconds couple minutes I got a call but I got a check.

I got a text from Bob, a former trumpeter anything we have a document relating to electors by threatening to get paraphrasing the thought I do have a staff member can handle it. So I turned my brandy cheap staffers damn job for you. Their present needs to happen. I know what was within 70 minutes the whole process concluded when my staff member new people, and the vice president staff� But not taking anything and deliver the whole process took 70 minutes in my office we work coordinating anything really. We were basically asking deliver something really know what was thought out once it came to our office but your mind Bob literally was seconds no more than a couple minutes and then spun into like I was involved in some conspiracy and just complete BS.

But again, this is part of the process about partisan committee releasing parcel tax then rolled through his right Chief of Staff texture change with his bursting of my present office building, a part of that we have now through John Solomon and adjust news release all the text later. This shows how credibly minimal.

My involvement was but this is been spun and you don't think they made a mountain out of nothing that the church remarkable experience how the drive-by media seeks to destroy people. Some watching entourage to sell. I chase you down while you're on the phone last night. Who's going through mine. I immediately issued a statement which was absolute truth.

The time all the information when you literally spend a few seconds on Sunday to 18 months ago I I don't know what happened but kept hounding me know if you have no involvement in this.

You might by yelp, what participation is minimal. But how do we track down but okay this is how this all began this tax with the former trumpeter Ernie turned over by my chief of staff don't fully explain, but even now that I was admitted, but he's been involved noticed how mentally I was involved in this process to begin with, but the immediate, the media is out to destroy me. They want this U.S. Senate seat. I don't have a point yet, but I've got media were supported Democrats were spent $30 million, falsely attacking me and the politics of construction bathtub bad. They want power. That's how bad they want to set a seat committee and the compulsive press are participating in government. Della Barnes is running for the nomination to run against you.

She's calling on you to resign. Yeah, I might her resignation because I get half what Barbara boxer I join content prisons objection to the Arizona electors. The circular problems are that we need to discuss and debate and vote to disallow them all away weeks before running up you can restrict of events. I kept saying I don't think I can envision any scenario in which any of by electors to be disallowed that I was very upfront, yet never overturned a result I never made any effort to do so, but I did dissipate in the debate. I felt hearing to exam the irregulars the 24 election, of which there were many that undeniable. The mainstream media. Democrats want to deny it all kind of problems with 2020 election to Queen Wisconsin. We understand that you would been sick.

That's why if you had somebody out there can McCarthy be put somebody else to say.

Jim Jordan was somehow in the middle of this would trump that's within one am there. I don't know why banks can get sad just to hear an alternative point of view this is an infomercial for Democratic causes and for CNN anchors. It seems blessedly used present by the had a chance to go be with oil executives.

Instead, he went and met with wind executives. Here he is yesterday cut 19, I think were the place where recent exciting point seems like coalescence in notion of accent when gigantic technology is changing so incredible, but look out know anything about that decision in the sitting there looking at windmill pictures with a card that says sit down, literally says, sit down, find your seat. You make some comments you you address one person in the room is things to do list is something you would give a six-year-old that he'd stupidly turned around to the American public. Instead of looking at himself. So on those two things you want to weigh in the quiet is I tried I tried to warn you about is unfit for office because of his compromise with his business deal to Hunter about mental decline but biking together with the Democrats in power are a fossil fuel based economy will be one for decades, wind and solar.

There just not up to staff not yet think they don't provide reliable power. We need constant backup to them. And anybody who denies that is going to take us down A very unreliable energy threatened even more our economy drive up energy prices higher record gasoline prices for your hi-fi conditions happened as the direct result of democratic policies that deny reality is completely unrealistic. They may sound good but they just simply don't work and hopefully America is awakening that the reality that democratic governance is been a disaster for this country. There really transform your space and we see what it looks like it's comfortably destroying America. Sen. Ron Johnson appreciated six more years. He's going for the neck and make it easy for you but you never expected them to think so much center runs out� God help day you got it.

1-866-408-7669 your calls holding our politicians feet to the fire. No matter who they are, that Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me cutting out the seeds present by looking at was busy summer travel schedule on Saturday by heading to Germany to attend a group of seven summits: no spend the summer visiting Johnny maturing Israel and Saudi Arabia for meetings and then you just go ahead want to have a music festival he can find timelines coolly and summer of content much was still in mid-July will visit Israel and Saudi Arabia for the first time as president or as Barden calls it the trip where I cannot mix them up on that is James Gordon is actually right. How much worse can you get to her that is fantastic and that is true is going over the Saudi Arabia and meeting with them about oil and gas but would meet with our executives sickening Jerome power what you hear this real quick on what kind of path or economies uncut 25 US is on unsustainable fiscal path, meaning that that is going faster than economy it's not in unsustainable position. We can service our debt and the markets understand that we we can conduct our policy without without thinking about questions of fiscal sustainability and we do, it's getting scary. And to think the prison binds in charge of this and Jerome Powell is has to volley away accusations that Vladimir Putin cause inflation and makes our gas prices come up. We got see just got another tenure from Joe binds we set out every day to trip him up. Provide trips himself up enough what he said this week to meetings. He chose not to have says it all. And that is why Reuter says he got 36% approval. Quinnipiac, 33% approval. Brian kill my Fox news New York City pressure off the set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me.

Thank you much for being here buddy is the right to me Joe, different 46 in midtown Manhattan heard run the country around the world that I appreciate everyone of you make time and foot time in your day for us as we put together great show. Geraldo standing by and then Barney and company will do a simulcast with them were waiting on could be the result of the Supreme Court decision in Roe V Wade, few others have to get done. I guess the speculation earlier in the week was today was the day. Now people are saying these decisions already made up already made up already concluded very drawn up little could be released early next week so we'll have to see but will surprise what happened yesterday with the Supreme Court coming out 63 in favor of overturning a love it's been on the books when it comes to gun since 1911 in New York essentially says is too hard for New Yorkers to carry a gun will change that Geraldo Rivera went to law school. I've seen the certificate I said I haven't seen in practice. You'll be with you shortly to analyze this. This result sews it to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsor file I faxed save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three second amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, whereas abortion was invented right that was invented in 1973 has no basis in the Constitution is not really flattering, but our personal views are what matters is what the Constitution says and what is legal and constitutional, Molly Hemingway, waiting for the Federalist could today be the day for Roe V Wade to be overturned as we are delaying the groundbreaking ruling. What is causing this will there be a compromise in the works. Could Chief Justice Roberts be engineering it will discuss will speculate he's meeting today with people installing offshore wind, not willing that CEOs that help lower present has done a step back for second everything in his power. They were miles away. That is a little the exchange yesterday with a press secretary totally overwhelmed the minute she steps to the podium prison by choosing to go to a meeting on wind to help his face.

Instead of leaving the White House going down the road and meeting with oil and gas execs and helping the country. I'll tell you show which should be the latest Internet moves to help alleviate the pain at the pump are all feeling in the financial strain of inflation gun safety bill. We are passing tonight can be described with three adjectives bipartisan, common sense, lifesaving contains 00 no restrictions 00 band of any kind for law-abiding gun they go. That was Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer guns first time since 93 major piece of firearms legislation is passed the Senate and soon the house 15 Republicans join all 50 Democrats to pass it at the same time, the Supreme Court strikes down New York State's ability to stop law-abiding citizens from carrying handguns for self-defense and six of the states are affected as well will break down the Titanic decisions with lawyer, I would be surprised of the few we were offered a series on TV like paper Chase for law and order. Now whoever offers that she would judge Geraldo how great I was busy. Did you really, really, really often do not well To offer days.

I remember doing a little pilot I like the idea but I was quite busy, at my daytime talk show named after me and that was my!.

At the same time as I had the daytime show I had the CNBC program Rivera live on at 9 o'clock at night I would. Joe did the Simpson case as you number and you know that the Clinton impeachment so I was kind of full-term courts are the answer to question is, I've never been a TV lawyer. Although I am a lawyer understood. So Geraldo, first off on this New York State law and obviously WABC listeners WRC and listeners really tuned into that essentially withers it with a decided if I can put into layman's terms and stop me if you don't feel it's effectively explained. Is it instead of saying that you are very effective. But I have but not as a lawyer, so let me know if Sullivan will put in place in 1911 that the history of it to Tammany which is his powerful group in New York at the time went by the state senator. They all had nicknames back to the skies call big Tim Sullivan was introduced and passed the file after a big shooting in Gramercy a bloodbath. They decided to outlaw the carrying of concealed weapons without a police permit is also a shooting at the mayor when he was getting his picture taken and I was the sentiment at the time that's stood since then it got harder and harder to carry a gun in New York State sir, specially New York City. They looked at it they go to this opinion to the Supreme Court when was brought to their attention by two New Yorkers on an amicus brief and they said they got it all wrong. The Supreme Court says law-abiding Americans have a right to carry a handgun outside the home for self-defense issuing this this ruling against firearm restrictions as the nation obviously is dealing with this issue final decision. Six. Three. It was written by Clarence Thomas. Did he make the right call. Is he right. I think he did a grave disservice to New York and I was born and raised in the city in and around the city.

My whole career is been in New York. I have never although my life is been threatened numerous times I've had calls and all the rest of it right on the streets are never, never have I carried a concealed handgun. Bo Dietl you know my my old pal, our old friend private.

I was in the business of security to carry a gun and that was fine with me. That was good to think something Geraldo and I think the New York was fine with that. Now this decision made by five justices who've never been on the D train during rush hour.

Never been, and maybe a night in a crowded rock is the second member.

Although I had to drop to but you want you want me to interrupt you for this will be when I Roe V Wade is been reversed. It just Jell my grass right now I'm oh my God oh my God I will get the split screen. Now get the Supreme Court yeah so of course Geraldo's on with me right now, nieces calling Del Robie waited just been referred down to my house, get one free month of the great love, there yeah it only happens on the show.

This only happens with Geraldo. I should add, it is it is a monumental move that I think will in in entirely disrupt the nation. Aside from the islands that threatened. It also is is It Is catastrophic for people who believe in the constitutional right established in 1973 oppressor dirt. What is this a hard is this a hard-line helpline. Tell me what you think this is a self-inflicted wound on democracy needn't have been decided they could easily just cited 15 weeks in Mississippi is okay to reach out and judicially acted the way strike it down is going to precipitate a summary violence and the greater division in the democracy ID I would necessarily think to you to predict violence on that.

But in terms of this decision. Shannon bream is about to join us right now in a matter of moments.

We understand right okay first off let's hear Shannon bream described the decision that just came down less than a minute ago summary that Rachel and Casey are overalls together and together we now authored the opinion he is joined by Justices Gore sent Tomas and Barry there are couple of concurrences. The wind that were most interested in Chief Justice because we thought all along he would not be a vote to overturn route but that he would be somebody who might want to try to find some middle ground law waistbands misfortunes. After 15 weeks essentially want to go that extra step from row essentially said today that Roe and Casey are gone so so there you go. This effort do you want to, now Geraldo Prof. Dershowitz well I think that it was unnecessary. As Prof. Dershowitz said all the court had to do was affirm the Mississippi statute and make a 15 week limit back with substantially reduce the period of time with in which a woman could get a legal abortion, but by overturning Roe. Now there's going to be turmoil.

Now what will the law be our baby are what will happen with contraception. What will happen with in vitro fertilization. Well, it's that so many I question I'm not sure that would be linked to the grade point lead to a legal minds here on Dershowitz Prof. I will say this, so Roe V Wade is permitted abortion's and 73, almost half the states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortion as a result, so this is not outlawing abortion itself. Owning a federally mandated that gives you the all 50 states of mandates them to do it so states will make their own decision 30 think is important clarification.

Prof. Dershowitz, I do.

New York will be unaffected. As of now, but not no one knows where the court having made this decision is going to take us to imagine Brian we say with some confidence in the want the smugness so don't worry, it's not protected here in New York, or maybe in Illinois or in California, but there's a big hunk of this country where now women suddenly have been denied and deprived a constitutional right. They thought was their last half-century. Half the country I you know I care about both have of the country and I care about a woman's right to choose. II don't think although I it is a very important clarification in New York will not be affected.

The New Yorker politicians have made that the brother of Eric Estes, your house yeah just you, breaking up a little bit. Geraldo your yeah professed to see. Still, there will hello Prof., what was it about jobs that made this abortion challenge so effective and ultimately went through was about the Dobbs challenge.

Well, the job challenges gave justices the power to overreach, they didn't have to decide anything other than that a limitation of 15 weeks was constitutional and that would not of constituted an overruling but just a limitation on row but symbolically this is become a very important decision will unite all supporters row against the Supreme Court and I think will stimulate a protest. I hope the protester peaceful but I think some of them won't be an organization called Jane's revenge already promised to protest the cross aligned illegality. So I think it was a terrible mistake for the Supreme Court to go further than have to go.

You can overrule decision like row you do it properly in a case that presents no choice but to overrule it here.

They had a choice to come down with a more limited decision and they chose judicial activism with the provocative act like five Supreme Court have the power, of course, know it like no one challenges your legal mind and your your recall is Molly Hemingway with a different view cut 33 the second amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, whereas abortion was invented rights that was invented in 1973 has no basis in the Constitution. And so what this ruling said today is that this economic can so I wanted that portion there. There's a school of thought to the go ahead take Hemingway to her serious conclusion, then the right of contraception is not protected by the Constitution. The right of a black man to marry a white woman is not protected by the Constitution and virtually all rights of privacy or out the window.

She's just dead wrong. The fourth amendment talks about the right of the people to be secure in their persons in their bodies. The word security in the 17 18th-century men privacy.

There was no word privacy. The word was security, so the right of security is in the Constitution and the right to bear arms is not in the Constitution.

The Constitution only gives the states the right to have militias that are well-regulated. The Supreme Court invented after 200 years of saying that the Second Amendment was a militia power not a right.

The Supreme Court invented the right to bear arms and so you could make the exact opposite argument.

The truth is Second Amendment right to bear arms will have a right of the state militia. So you say, look, look at the Second Amendment says it says the need of the states to have a well-regulated militia, the right of the people to bear on shall not be abridged. If you want to just have the right of the people to bear arms shall not be abridged with friends. We have just said that.

Remember to that. It was the states that have militias there was no federal militia and the states have militias and they regulated them. The state could decide whether an 18-year-old or 17-year-old would be in the militia, the states got to decide what kind of guns could be used by the militia, the state got to decide who qualified for the militia that it never be able to challenge your legal background to logically song I'm sent to villages from a layman perspective from from they look at the Second Amendment as something that is federally is something the federal government is is there to preserve and I guess how you interpret that line. So get against the right of a second member, but I do want to outline what just happened Roe V Wade, essentially a been reversed, which means essentially the states will decide if abortion will take place there and states will decide what the rules are, whether it's going to be zero weeks with her skin to be six weeks what else to states will I know you're not a doctor but what other wood. Other limitations will states put in well something cool say the morning-after pill is unconstitutional or not constitutionally protected. Others might say I don't think anybody will say contraception. But when right went to Yale Law school in New Haven at the time when contraceptive clinics were illegal because the Catholic Church didn't want people to practice contraception Supreme Court overruled that the 1960s or they can overrule that again.

Now after this decision. That's the question Geraldo Rivera and his houseguest Prof. Alan Dershowitz.

Thanks so much Geraldo examines analysis. Geraldo thanks so much Ron begins to break you know the rule and thank you Roe V Wade overturned Brian to Michelle. If you're interested in Brian's talking about it with Brian until made this decision has not changed and it's critical respects. I saw all of these protests could not succeed, what we thought was happening did happen. It's clear that Chief Justice was trying to kill off a collie mix that are states in his concurrence and he would've liked to simply got to get rid of part of the world Casey line of cases dealing with viability not overturn the case is entirely Cavanaugh's concurrence, however, amplifies what the majority is saying he wants to put a pin on it and says luck. The Constitution does not speak abortion and so you'll have to deal with that issue on a state-by-state basis, so this is not a fracture decision facing a decision than we anticipated. It is a huge victory for the pro-life movement is a victory for former Pres. Donald Trump.

So you have basically this is a three decision correct. This is 63 decision.

You have all the supreme good conservative Supreme Court Justice including Roberts voting for the overturn of Roe V Wade does not ban abortion returns the decision to the states for the first time in 50 years.

So this is obviously as big as a gift for the Supreme Court is now releasing sound official along with the gun decision yesterday when right to bear arms in front of the play was seeing now. Protesters and other people celebrating on Capitol Hill radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show people all along both seem worried anything would happen if there would be a challenge that underpinnings in the legal reasoning of the way that was put together the people who are part of the pro-choice movement well with the ball. You are vulnerable and potentially number of legal point said today is the fruition of what they were worried about and also the realization of what pro-lifers hoped they could find that Rome was making its progeny, including Casey was we always argued that they could simple way to get to this day everybody was concerned that will show debris and giving since it updates and would happen less than 30 minutes ago and that was the overturning of Roe V Wade by the Supreme Court justice first time in 50 years abortion the federal level is declared unconstitutional, illegal, it doesn't mean it's banned in this country what it means is it's going to be a state decision so here it is. It was a 63 decision was Thomas Corsi Cavanaugh, so if you look a course in Cavanaugh, and Amy Comey Barrett that is decadent directly responsible dig all the credit or the discredit if your Democrat goes to Donald Trump Clarence Thomas in place in the 20 Barrett put their weeks before the president left after the passing of Betty Ginsberg, Brett Cavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch was put in place orally on you know that all the controversy there.

Chief Justice Roberts was put there by George W. Bush. Remember that he became Chief Justice when rank was retired, but now you have the three descent prior Sonja Soto Mayor Helena Kagan all in the sense of the Dobbs decision was one that did it.

After 50 years Roe V Wade is now gone, they do point out that Dobbs is was challenging 15 weeks, so they wanted to ban up to two trimesters after that the all abortions would be banned, some going down to zero. Other will go down to the first six weeks is going to go state-by-state. A state-by-state decision. I would also been brought up to his is this one of these things you just ignore the a lot of states going to choose maybe to ignore it and you kind of do their own thing. I was glad to Alex's WABC hey Alex, thanks for taking the call, you know, I thought that professors of the constitutionalist but he wasn't telling you in this program a couple month ago that it was unconstitutional for the court overturn Roe versus Wade. He said that he shouldn't have decided overturn Roe versus Wade. Because of the violent protest to break out discomfort because what I have summer violence three saying that the court are given into the mom but that's just not how we run this country have to give in to violence. Great point, and that you and then I was. We were so damaging about the leak believed that was definitely written in February they came out in May that said that Alito was good and he ended up doing it. Writing the decision so he writes the decision to lease out in order to pressure the Supreme Court justices.

I guess to change their mind. We still don't know who did it with the approach was. And guess what we got.

We really have had a month of protesting for these justices homes, three of which are in Virginia.

Brian the Democrat they don't like the law-abiding citizens.

That's why they keep on making more than two nights ago and gun control laws, and the thing that that the law-abiding citizens may after this legal or illegal, and that so they go by another lender like the criminals they after the war that is being enforced because if not, the book of law. So the only thing that belonged to the Democrats are making are doing is it's restricting the law-abiding citizens and putting them in a position where they can protect themselves and the criminal didn't give a damn. The Democrats are helping out the criminals you talk about guns to thanks Alex Apsley impactful, especially here in New York City were broadcasting from. So the decision goes like this is it was a challenge of the Mississippi law passed in 2018. The band virtually all abortions of the 15th week the law current carves out exceptions for medical emergencies in cases involving a severe fetal album want no abnormality does not make exceptions for cases involving rape, incest is never gone into the effect.

However not get into the effect. However, because the lower courts include the conservative US Court of Appeals of the fifth district block the state from enforcing the law fries decision reversed those rulings and upholds the law Thomas Egan Myrtle Beach South Carolina Tom hello Tom Roe V Wade is been reversed. We also know about the 63 decision when it comes to concealed carry. Yesterday came with the Supreme Court was seeing all the action unfold your reaction. All concealed carry it. It would be the governor of New York or the mayor of New York said something like this. He said that we been pushed back to the days of the old West like Dan decision shooting in the street about the mind 1982, Kennesaw, Georgia passed an ordinance that you're going to limit line with an their city. You must have a firearm you must keep a file, but I thought the knots of the country same person all is going to be fighting in the streets, but exactly opposite happened. Crime dropped 90%.

It's ridiculous crime dropped 90% in that city. I know I just read an article that was said no back. There's only few thousand people in the city another 30,000 people and at the time that this article is written in the past six years. They had one murder and the crime rate is 2%. Couple things worth studying. Absolutely.

Number two, we have these were strict laws in New York City, especially new CRI control hundred 89 homicides already this year Lester 225 of the same. We see the guns are out of control in the most restrictive places possible. Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and in the end New York City. So don't say that all of a sudden things really go crazy. They already have most of the books having trouble because he stopped the stop and frisk having trouble enforcing.

They have not been the same since that law went out the window because he thought the Bloomberg went to forward Giuliani put it in place so that is actually worth looking at number two. When you look into how this goes is going be certain places to be restricted within the law. The past 63 yesterday they had a look at school, say a thousand feet you can have a gun, state-by-state buildings, maybe subways, so it's not going to be the wild West. It would be would help in times like this to have level heads speak out that would help. I want you here again reviewing which is came down about 35 minutes ago and that is the overturn Roe V Wade was seeing all the action able to watch some of the action here in Fox News headquarters of the protestant people celebrating some people upset. Obviously both sides of the emotion is high. Here's Jonathan Turley.

Further spelling out what this means people are calling for a day of rage for no reason. This will be a stranger and that's over already seen people so very passionately, but there's some content that the violent hands. I expected going to be ramping up security in terms of federal law. Now that the opinions out of texting more difficult to use the law because the law was designed by to to allow the arrest of people were trying to influence a pending proceeding or matter with the court. This is no longer pending, so if anything is going to be less likely to rest just for the act of protest. I think that now law enforcement's art is going to really be acutely aware that there are people who are likely to lose reason lose restraint and could well become violent. And so I expect that they will ramp up that security so they go and also as he mentioned, I am later in the interview. When people say well there goes abortion rights. There was contraception rights. He says no. Within this decision was that was taking on the dissent that sense that this is going to be like falling down stairs says no. This is nothing to do with that disrupted same-sex marriage contraception rights are not part of this not part of this decision.

Noel Allison even knows only two minutes was put us in a Lindsay Graham on let's give him a call because we had to add to 2 1/2 minutes which is put� Put them on and just get his opinion on this opinion and as a what I hear Sandy McCarthy when Chief Justice Roberts not only in his first among equals role as the chief justice, but also when he was kind of the swing justice of wonderful injustices on a 5 to 44. He was in a better position not only to deflect cases that he would prefer the court not to take because there were two hot potato type but also even within this framework of the cases that the court he was able to narrow the issues all in a 63/rather than a five he's got much less control. It takes only four votes for the court to accept the case, but obviously you don't take the case. If you are just want unless you think you can get five when so now when there were five other conservative justices. Besides Justice Roberts is not in a position to bargain his phone and use that as leverage to deflect cases that rather not see the court case. They have much more freedom to take cases what he wants to take them or not to resend Amy Cooney Barrett Betty Ginsberg kinda neutralizes John Roberts ability to moderate messages sees conservative justice.

But if you will think it should even be his job.

You're out there to run the court but don't don't subjective your beliefs that for legal scholars to examine but right now he is he's gotta convince others to go his way, as opposed to use the power of this vote to go away.

I think that support any McCarthy was making and was an effective one.

I'll do some Christmas and stay online. I want to talk to Stuart Forney, then Wichita and then before I hang up with him to squeeze in a couple calls now. Brian kill me show joints.

FOXBusiness is Forney in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian Gill made everyone about morning my name tag often think of to make sure that sure check my nameplate for the steward 20 shown in PN we talk about the historic move 1973 Roe V Wade was put in the place. Abortion was legal in all 50 states. That was overturned today by 63 margin and justice Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts basically wrote his own dissent and not is dissent, but his own conclusions on this which essentially makes us even more intriguing.

Let's listen to Brian kill me. Tommy joins us right now Brian I'm looking at the response of the left to this ruling, Nancy Pelosi calls it cruel sense of humor says it's the result of an extremist macro court. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings in July and Atty. Gen. Garland is going to issue a statement.

The left is mad as hell. Brian not surprising anything is a very interesting that Speaker Pelosi as a Catholic and dosages devout Catholic. It's about the children not in this case. So, not surprisingly, those statements were watching the monitors like you to see because we were promised violence of Roe V Wade was overturned.

Indeed, it was easier 63 decision, as was outlined by Jonathan Turley. A moment ago. He just says listen John Roberts post office pool when when Amy Cooney Barrett was substituted for refitting Ginsberg so they will do this anyway. 5463 and he probably would've just looked to uphold the 15 weeks and not looked overturn it. But now it's done.

It's a done deal to return to the states and this is one of those moments to remember is one of these decisions and come down the Supreme Court. There's been a play since 1973 and from the moment was put in place.

There's been controversy with it ending and it continues today.

What a what you make of these corporations would J.P. Morgan Amazon Citigroup, yelp, Apple paying significant travel expenses for employees who wish to have an abortion. I need one in a state like to leave the state to get one when you think of the morality of that fascinating to see the role of corporate America and when it comes to taking a position on controversial issues taken a position we've seen that you know with the little things like moving the All-Star game. Now you say okay I buy my employee. My VP is pregnant where in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma theory Mississippi does not allow abortions, so can provide additional time off and pay the expenses on JetBlue in order to get the abortion and come back in a week's it provides more analysis, more scrutiny, more judgment from coast-to-coast. I mean, I happen to be on the air with Geraldo Rivera, who knows a lawyer who says or who has Prof. Dershowitz staying at his house and is able to pop up on the air and he's a liberal attorney does not surprising not happy with the gun law overturned 63 yesterday liberal attorney says that they should've left this in place. He predicts now that have a summer of violence but is brought up, but one of my callers. That's not how you make a decision. You should not make a decision because you think the results are going to be embraced or rejected. You should do it on legal authority and that's what was so dangerous about the leak of this decision written up in January we to us and met and then we saw weeks of protest dangerous protest. A would-be assassin joy of God judge Justice Carl Cavanaugh's house so is one of those times.

Hold on tight America.

Once again we got a controversial decision will look with got a gun decision from the Supreme Court, probably expanding the rights of people to carry weapons yeah I would go the overturning of Roe V Wade you put those two things together.

Does that not amount to a significant new development for the Democrats this November. Clearly yes, but it is June number one number two. Elections have consequences Supreme Court justices. Three. Put by Trump chart John Roberts, but by George W. Bush. We know that that that's where the court is at this moment we knew pretty much exactly where they stood in all issues but this way.

How ironic is it merit Garland Atty. Gen. weighing in on this decision when he was told everybody he was labeled as a moderate judge.

The Republicans would like Mitch McConnell said I'm not here merit Garland without even interviewing him to get hearings, but he still in the mix right here but you know exactly what happened, you could plug play this out. Think about this steward. One of the main reasons people voted for for Donald Trump was they want to be able to fill that vacancy in the Supreme Court that vacancy would want to merit Garland Barack Obama Had His Way, Mitch McConnell says no too close to the election.

Donald Trump shocks the world wins the election and not only does he fill Garland see he feels two more seats. That brings us to this moment on both those decisions. Yeah, that's why Sen. Schumer call this a decision from an extremist mega court rightly or wrongly, Brian functioning on the show today was appreciative to see again real soon.

Let's go to Tim in San Diego Tim house is playing on the West Coast. You know, try not here so far, but as early as you know, just real quick recall of performing a couple callers back under about Dershowitz that I would just say that this is a dignified, supposedly jurists, responsible man who's actually paving the way are giving at least giving tacit approval.

It sounded like to some sort of violence that some berries are maybe unprecedented for minute and start your timid Tim I think you just why don't you saying you know, without merit, but I think what he's saying is look up.

He's been down this road before we watch the protest and said it was probably practicing and 73 so you know the protest the pro-life. The pro-choice protest of been taking place for the last 50 years, and this is been predicted for a while and he just is playing it out as a guy was in his 80s who thinks he seen it all, but you might want to take. I did got a surprise with the interview he staying at Geraldo's house. He did not know you beyond. I don't think people to say Alan Dershowitz said we should wreck this building. We should rate this place. We should break this window but maybe on further review by been to say that some fear that violence will ensue as opposed to saying it'll be a summer violence yellow eye I see what you're saying is, it deftly is a worry Tim over in San Diego. Like you said, it's pretty early, there it's you know when I it's not even 9 o'clock. Brian to meet you.

Make sure you watch one nation, especially now 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock on Fox news also be hosting talker tonight at 8 o'clock to be web everyone cell blowing up their rundown's business and gun rights what we can to be discussing as well as gas, inflation, baby formula, besides that not much going on here. Fox news radio Studio City New York City you opinions and facts with positive Brian kill me right to me Joe thanks much for being here which is one of the stage and I can forget Supreme Court justices given huge headlines yesterday and 63 decision basically nullified above the laws been on the books were over 100 years that says you can carry a gun, thanks of the Second Amendment in New York State right now or severely restricted want to carry guns go going through the permit process not the case in New York. Then there's news about gun legislation that is about to pass before they leave town. The Senate and then the house today. The biggest since 1993 and then today Roe V Wade overturned, upending 50 years of federal abortions will now be a state decision center Rick Scott used to run to Florida for eight years, at which time he oversaw gun legislation. Of course, here in the Senate about to examine this gun legislation and vote on it and that we have Roe V Wade, first off center of thanks so much for joining us for to this time for us to get your perspective. How do you feel about this, the Supreme Court decision. Six. Three. It's overturned well III life. I believe we are the church life. I think we ought to do everything we can make every note, every give respect to every unborn baby and underling camper parent doesn't want the child that we put a lot of effort in making sure they're up for adoption every 47 loving families.

So this move you feel they made the right decision in this case to Roe versus Wade aptly made the right of the truck. The Democrats have gone very clearly not enclosed for the country. They both voted to save it better to have abortion on demand. Up until birth. You do not.

A doctor does not have an obligation to keep the baby alive here if you're At work and you don't believe in abortion.

Your demanded by the state to do it and I want you to protect this country. So I think it should be left to the legislators and I think across the country to now look at this closely to see what works for their state elections have consequences. These three Supreme Court justices who put there by Donald Trump.

They were given the opportunity so that seat because of Mitch McConnell so consequential moves but created quite a division on even more tension with Democrats. How you feel about the way the Democrats have handled it to this point the verdict come out condemning the decision including devout Catholic Nancy Pelosi without merit or cooking� Or try to raise as much by I can and they been doing that until he came out and so I do know I'm the chair of the national Republican Central committee and I tell everybody this is certain is that there is money that the Democrat positions that were the countries that were positioned radical and identical with you if you want to make sure that you know all across this country we have no reasonable restrictions and reasonable exceptions for you know abortion when you're to make sure Democrats don't win Senators and Republicans Thursday went. Nancy Pelosi has just said saying this morning is not one this morning.

Supreme Court is eviscerating right and endangering Congress to overcome this extremist today can control dark extreme goal 19 health decision.

She wants a reproductive so she says extreme Supreme Court so she diminish the credibility of that court and she went on to say the Republicans in Congress will ban abortion nationwide that as much as you're pro-life you know that's not the case now made at the state level tried to try to at the federal level. They bombarded that you know you have abortion up until that moment birth and have no obligation to keep a baby born alive like that. That's what radical net mixture in exclamation Matt because they wanted they want to act like a Republican.

You know are your restricted or no if you look at Republican are rational Americans Republican. The rational that tells you, you better get involved in fungal classes because the I don't I don't know people that actually really believe that you don't have abortion up until the moment of birth a baby that was in two seconds later would be born alive, but you can you can do in abortion. I mean, I don't know who think that way and that's where the Democrats are so in just bothers me to the core that the difference vote this way with the center Rick Scott Gov. Rick Scott got a lot of people looking at this legislation, which I don't believe you're voting for and saying, why wouldn't you when you will Gov. of Florida.

You presided over a debate after the park when shooting the raise the age of gun purchases to 21.

Create a waiting period of three days for for gun purchases band bumps stocks allowed police to temporally confiscate guns from anyone subjected to involuntary psychiatric evaluation. This doesn't go as far as the 2018 law why you against this one is different. This law was washed what happened at the park at I put together groups of mental health counselors, educators, law enforcement, and we we spent days talk about what should we do to deal with school safety.

The issue we are focused on how do we make our school site that a few people to negotiate this. I start Monday night are now Tuesday night an hour before we had to take a person vote on it.

We had very clear very clear due process before anybody before there ever be a rich protection order had to go to law enforcement had to go to the court had to be tempered. There was no requirement for any of this new process with with regard I'm going to fight for sentimental right now. Your threatening harm to someone else or to yourself through a court process for temporary basis. I believe our law enforcement are to be able to do that. But at that time required here and now, but here's the here's the real kicker. You could have somebody that can commit domestic abuser accused, tried and convicted of beating the significant other and they will automatically have a restoration of the gun rights five years automatic.

I don't believe that you you will so John Cornyn signed off on a five year five year threshold for your call if you're a domestic abuser after five years you gun back that sometimes I just don't believe I Democrats don't want that, but that's what that's within the law that would allot it but got passed last night, so the syndicate did that I think is so legitimate. I just don't know of a great way to to make sure the red flag law works effectively because people can't be honest about some people to look the vendettas. I don't like my neighbor next-door yet he's got guns I wanted to use it so but everybody wants to stop the next 18-year-old everyone want to stop the next 18-year-old who gets a gun who everybody knows the problem but it's got a clean record. So think they address that. So we want to stop the would-be killer from getting a gun before he actually shoots people but at the same time you don't want to hurt people just have a gun and/or in a bad relationship and a bill bill that doesn't have ironclad enough to do it and do it sooner.

How did you do know what is your Redwood is your red color and client in Florida which you richly, may I look at it.

I'm not support something that doesn't have ironclad deposit doesn't do it in California to have ironclad Dukakis coming late, that that's all that's really fine at a court of this bill. I don't believe in that. I think we have to fight for the Second Amendment.

I look. I believe we can make our school safer. I'm glad there's one provision in there but I worked hard to get in there and try to get in the law has a national database now a best practice in our schools afternoon.

I'm glad for that. But I'm I have to make sure that law-abiding Americans are not losing their gun rights is not right but you do like the idea of more money for school security. You do like the idea of more money for psychological and social services within schools right actually what I did when identical.

In photo we put more mental health counselors we we made sure they do think they were required by law have a law enforcement officer for the school who are open we put them. We put the resources and we put the money up. We are to be doing nothing but we got to focus on how we make our school safer. May I drink it happened like that but I try to talk and talk my daughter what you doing to make sure your school is safe. Countries go to their schools and I got a concert go there and fix okay are you doing drills you have law enforcement, you reduce the occurrence of people come in and what you what you doing are you doing assessments where people have mental issues. What are you doing all the things we get those things in order to make our school safer bill me but there's always something good in the bill right. But this bill does not have a due process. Believe it. I do not believe for me it's the convicted distributor should automatically get the gun back. Sen. Rick Scott Gov. thanks so much appreciated part for Brent. You got we come back. Sen. Lindsey Graham and then we go to Shannon bream. Who's on the Supreme Court steps Branko Mitchell kill me breaking loose unique opinions. All Brian kill me show all present by destination in about an hour, that according to the White House and screen. Sen. Lindsey Graham center will be ways been overturned first time in 50 years federal government will not legalize abortion.

It's up to the state.

Your reaction monitoring constitutional reset for conservatives to celebrate the issues surrounding life when it begins and how to deal with the unborn will be decided by elected officials that lay before it was that way to 1973, but let's take a minute to over the phone it here. So many people been laboring and pulling in the fields for decades to throw fighting for conservative justices paid off to the five were Bush 41 Bush 43.

The other three came from Pres. Trump remember Clarence Thomas how we had to fight for him. Remember Cavanaugh how we had to fight. Remember Alito where they try to call him a racist. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and become a parent just just a stellar pic. So how did we get here today. Over the last 50 years, conservatives pro-life activist have been fighting to get conservative judges on the court and the liberal tech tried to destroy these judges but we won the day. What is it mean subsequently, it means that the constitutional theory that led to Roe V Wade is been rejected, substantive due process would allow five judges any time in our history to declare a constitutional right with this written or not. If they thought the Constitution if it was a meaningful right, it doesn't have to be written. There's nothing in the Constitution about so this is a refit.

This is a constitutional reset and it's a day to celebrate and only wish Henry had come to see this thing. Sen. Lindsey Graham. I guess it was illegal. Of course, his lawyer center looks like the Democrats in a move to do some type of blowing up of the filibuster and maybe legislate something where abortion is legal and I'm looking at this quote from Joe mansion. I'm deeply disappointed with the Supreme Court decision. I trust Tagore sink injustice Cavanaugh when he testified under oath that they believe the Roe V Wade was and I'm alarmed they chose to reject it. Could he be poised to split up the filibuster and I hope not know we can't live in a world where if you don't get the outcome you want you to store your transportation to the liberal Democrats want to pack the court because we work hard for 50 years to make it conservative. I want to expand it. They want to do in the electoral College so California, New York, and you know basically pick the next president of the bottom line here is our hope. Joe will stick to his word that is not going to change the makeup of the Senate the way the Senate works no matter what the issue hopes and the will to at the end of the day. Both of these justices I know them well said that role was president of the court, but they would hear arguments in terms of whether it should be overturned. Whether or not it should be changed if they did and they made the right decision happily what you worry now because I had Alan Dershowitz on an hour ago. He said this can be a summer of violence to try to get to a better signal here with centigram we were coming clear center with you just start again to go ahead okay well okay 1970 through a lot of even liberal jurist and scholars that listen to something due process right that used to create a constitutional right to abortion against Burkett criticized that thing is not really a sound legal concept. I don't know what I would advise and work hard for the next election.

If you don't like the outcome of the what the court didn't want to you know build a Democratic majority and do it the way we did. How do we do it wouldn't go to the streets, and burned down buildings and wouldn't attack people. What we did is we work to get president present selected who would appoint conservative judges and when they were nominated with all like Celtic and among the court so that the way to fix a decision if you don't like it, not violence. Sen. Nancy Pelosi, obviously upset she's calling the court extreme and she it's a sad day. It's not a good morning you expect when you talk to Sen. Schumer about calming down the rhetoric saying you for a least a whirlwind. When you talk to your Democratic colleagues about calming down wires wrapped till I Democratic colleagues. The protesters in front of just justices homes are breaking the law is a law on the books that prevents people from intimidating jurors are sitting on a case or judge trying to decide a case Hope Garland will actually enforce the law but now is the time for Pelosi and Schumer and all the Democratic leadership there disappointed, but let's go to the electoral process. Let's go to the way the way to constitute fiction envisions changing the court not take matters in your own hands K is really important right now. Here's what I would say you don't like the abortion laws in your state. You can have them change all we've done today is go back to 19 before 1973. From the beginning of the Republic to 1973 issue of life was decided by elected officials at the state level. That's what's going to happen going forward center you're going to vote for this set this gun legislation. Fellow said South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott again against it. Why you voting for, well, I wanted to be able to find some common ground regarding the issue of unstable people having gone I think this is a very modest proposal.

It gives grant money for states to do her dealing with mental health issues. Everybody on this call the cops to be able to intervene before some crazy person actually goes and introduce themselves or somebody else that you involved a shooter started bringing their cats to school the teacher at the school said he'll be the next disc I'll be the next school shooter and Florida that have protective order red flag statutes 9800 interventions. Suicide rates have gone down that's one we gave money to schools so when people say is there something you can do the answers yes we get take anybody's got we didn't change the structure of the Second Amendment. We did put money into the system to hopefully one day prevent one of these mass shootings because they have a common thing very disturbed people acting out killing innocent people and we can do better and that's why voted for this package sent out an AR 15 I'm not taking about guns away because somebody else commits a crime, but I will try to prevent these things in the future and I will try to harden our schools absolutely and that this does that I wish everybody a more time to read it, but that's the way it is.

Sen. Lindsey Graham. Thanks so much else I can attest today and of course looking at the overturn Roe V Wade we come back one of the best of his and Shannon Freeman brought the original report to us from the courthouse steps to bring it into perspective. Tell us where we go from here and what it means for states rights when it comes to abortion. Frank Kilby, Joe.

Do not move fast is three hours in radio you are with Brian kill me can bring great coverage as the news broke you sitting there outside ready to go. Analysis Fox News's chief legal analyst. Also, I anchor of Fox News at night you sear over the channel. Best-selling author Shannon, thanks for joining us. Well, first off, put in perspective well with this day means for the country and I just had Alan Dershowitz on projecting a summer of rage yelling, thinking that joint.

They call for quote open on their website it openly out actually enjoy curing calling for things that are na�vely cleaned out graffiti. Tell your current rate and I think that my frustration think about looking at Western cultic what people are feeling frustrated economy people are really on NH. Set out aligned with the court.

So I think that caution and are 29.

In light of the threats that are openly dairy. We see the Nancy Bruce is beside herself with anger. Not a good day to 63 decision, one of things as you pointed us to incidences.

Jonathan Turley is John Roberts as Chief Justice, he wrote up his own opinion, and essentially not into he voted with the majority but is not so much with the majority maybe open perspective on the lines is the court opinion in the dissent display is a relentless is a relentless freedom from doubt on the legal issue that I cannot bear, I am not sure. For example, that a ban on determining pregnancy from the moment of conception must be treated the same under the Constitution is a ban after 15 weeks, so he is openly thinking about this speculating this and letting us know his mindset 1. How rare is that and how powerless was C. In this book came together it really (you sleeping serve their legal position.

I could tell that there were about. The question is always whether or not to go after well if she wants to have narrow opinion) nearly tailored solution evenly go all the way back, when the court to hear a case called question prevent get back to the only thing to keep out empty think that the question for pre-viability abortion unconstitutional heat that connected to the question the court for going all the way to really keep the file on dictate deprecated heating plant and return the original question is also member the score once counseled this difficulty of the question admonishes us to observe the wise limitations on our function and to confine ourselves to deciding only what is necessary to the disposition of the meat case I would decide the question we granted granted review to answer whether previous recognized abortion rights bars all abortion restrictions prior to viability such that a ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancies is necessary, unlawful the answer to that question is no, and there's no need to go further than to decide the case. So he would've what is he saying there around where I should be going on sleeping front deficient by ready to go there together under internal and external pressure and no place to go but I felt so Shannon Bremer cast Shannon what about people that are saying and tweeting that now. Next is going to be contraception.

Next is going to be good by same-sex marriage didn't judge, Justice Alito address this talk about all of the English they are not talking about and felt like they had ignored it, yelling there today. During that very clear about that court politically think that's a laugh to think that the about and to think about fundraising and a rally crack Michelle.

It should be a good term for the GOP election all tell me about a second exaggerate and represent right that she just said that. Again, Nancy Pelosi, just a short time ago. So on the greater story of gun 63 concealing CAD to prevent people from carrying a gun in New York City is unconstitutional, was the impact of that. I know it's going to affect directly seven states, but in there is a two pager from Cavanaugh same tell me the places you don't want to be able to bring a gun, tell me the limitation tell me the restrictions like for example state capital of court room. Let's say a a school, a subway, so where does this go from here there jurisdiction thing is now out of date.

It really concentrated the corner of population change the lock when he did know if you're going to get a permit or carry out current etiquette permit. For example, in New York course. But he came from jacket criteria like based on what we did something like okay everybody background check everybody at age at the apartment whenever it cannot be objective not detected felt the next tape cannot license and permit require the same kind, people can think about it people are trying to do this in a lawful way on finding counters for gun control and gun on the streets. They were each mortgage will carry permits are out there on the street that probably typically true, but it should also need people think that it didn't make the training requirements state if you got a free product is not just mean everybody can carry a gun anywhere, anytime dairy control boxes, a legal expert, Shannon Bremer is with us for two is to have you on the calendar before this decision came down to came down about 90 minutes ago Roe V Wade has been overturned 24 hours ago.

We learned about this gun laws 63 I was got with Judy without Clarence Thomas ran the opinion now we're going to see imprint the present United States and 45 minutes address the country. What are his. Besides expressing outrage and going against what he said in the 1970s when he was looking to overturn Roe V Wade, besides saying that you know he's got to be outraged by what you think you can do executive way will he urged his party to do what they're going to like about finding abortion, reproductive find that you can't hear what's available and eight you are abortion clinic dates so that we can make sure they get here to go to the corners he places like Colorado where there's billing building on a portion of your due date now what they can't get to the court today that literally today, abortion becomes illegal in almost all cases, the federal level. Not really sure that offer eight.

It probably went opinion and that now I base my portion she knows better.

She's smarter than anything you don't increase it. People traveled there because there are abortion freedom in her state Senate what you and Nancy Pelosi just said in an attempt to destroy it is trying to say I have this where this plotting nationwide abortion ban. They cannot be allowed to have tardy in the Congress to do that identical, so already plotting to try to keep the speakership again when the political characterization. Many people need to be informed about what were you there is no dangling at the different date going to abortion clinics where it's legal now if you can travel the quick. It is difficult enough. I think not only many paper thing, the Fed made a number of employers are think you were here to get a package of benefits that you work on abortion and I'm worn out to cover the cost, you think they'll people of the option to pay any slight working at the point when the actor if she says that the Congress don't eat it, but if a framework for doing court. I think Teixeira can't thank you enough for you to go with the receipt they look like stay in this records you are that we do we even talk that much about guns but men. There's so much going on. The course will watch a show tonight.

Jenna Breen, thank you think you are right we come back, he's a doctor and he's a center center and Dr. Roger Marshall from Kansas joins a sex ed move until made talkshow that's getting you talking with Brian until made this the first time in my lifetime that I can think of where Supreme Court took away our records and I can't think of another court in the last hundred years. That is right that was there taken away were used to the Supreme Court granting rights to same-sex marriage and reinterpreting things. This is a specific right being taken away from slightly more than half the population that is I checked I doing his instant analysis on another network around. He was hundred and Dr. Roger Marshall is to say center Roe V Wade is been overturned. We also know about the 60 decision yesterday on the Sullivan law in New York. There affects seven other states when it comes to concealed carry allows it essentially work out the details now from your perspective, what is this day mean for you will Brian is a person who thought every day. The last 30 years to protect the health of moms and babies at the historic day today disorganization signals a new beginning for millions of unborn American children. I think it also elevates the Constitution in general. Back to the way the founding fathers meant to be to be taken literally to to read the Constitution and in Europe the Constitution is silent on something, then the court should be silent on it as well. So both of these issues. The Supreme Court is going back to the original text of the Constitution putting up a great day for American freedoms. So right now we return to the states.

The weirdest Kansas stand on abortion.that's a complicated answer, Brian. Because our Supreme Court a couple years ago in Kansas the woman has a constitutional right to an abortion. So there they read into what the cost to our own state constitutions to be a value them both amendment in August that would basically allow the state. The state legislature to make the rules and to go back to the rules of the state legislatures made already so it's called the value them both amendment with a complicated issue on the day you wouldn't want the Supreme Court of that decision back into the state, or state legislators to make so here we go so center obviously want you your Nancy closest of the first cut of Nancy Pelosi which he said Eric moments ago. Here's you she's switching center pressure tank this morning. It certainly is not one this morning.

Supreme Court is eviscerating right and endangering the health intake Congress to overcome this extremist today public and control extreme goal 19 health decision, so she obviously, this is work legislatively.

What could they do legislatively will write "controlled the house but what they think that legislation or for very extreme access to it to abortion. All of that would be enough. Going to the court system, but remember over here on the Senate side, it would take you both to pass any type of federal legislation surrounding this issue unless I get rid of the filibuster. And that's why we have to keep thinking Joe mentioned here's the number that they said on this issue that they will not break the filibuster so center I have news for you tweeted out earlier mentioned comments by saying that he feels a cabin on Corsica lied to them when they said that they wanted.

They looked in Roe V Wade first settled law. Could this be the trigger that has him governing filibuster and by the way, if he loses the Senate what that would mean for his party, but in a few months but go ahead or thoughts you Brian.

I respect Joe mansion. I think you going to carefully give the thought. I think that he's actually a very much of a person of faith. I think that you like me thinks life begins at conception, so I don't see how this decision moves move them over to break in the filibuster over the issue, but but I'm sure you'll have some sleepless nights as he wrestles with this please a man of faith, a person true born leader and I believe that will make the right decision here. I talk about God is going this gun law that others can build it got through a bipartisan committee of the last three weeks. It's about 80 pages. The Senate passed it to the house 6533 last night you're in Novo. Why unconcerned about the due process I think at the end of the day. Legislation helps promote red flag laws which take away guns from citizens without due process that my biggest concern about it. I still have some concerns that the legislation may actually use federal dollars that in the hands of abortion clinics being debated. But the problem is that I'm debating it if it were debating what this law actually means within our own conference. That means the lawyers and attorneys are going to get in the middle of this and everybody loses. As well, but it's really over the due process issue and I didn't think it didn't knock to make the school more secure to address the mental health both my amendment and as well as Ted Cruz and John Grasso's amendment would've both print more money and made her sick school safer. I just don't think that this legislation was the right way to go. Did not banner AR 15 C did not make it 21 to purchase a gun. They do look into minors and what their mental health background and criminal background is before they were 18. Don't just say you have a clean record you for those think penalties for straw purchases so the criminal can pay me to go buy something formal something to go to jail. Do you like that right I do.

I think those are good are good steps in the right direction at the red flag funding that bothers me the most red flag in particular you think there should be some separate Flickr 00 flag I've never seen a red flag law that I can support. I know there's some yellow flags out there, but there's 19 state and every one of them is a little bit different so you again. What we did is we have a bill that would harden the schools $150 billion of leftover money got you believe that and I want to do so many great ways. The heart of the school center we can all appear to for you that a marginal thanks so much for scrambling coming on here with us appreciated will talk about more on this on one nation. 8 o'clock on Fox news channel right urologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not

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