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BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun Law

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 23, 2022 1:16 pm

BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun Law

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 23, 2022 1:16 pm

The Supreme Court just issued a 6-3 opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. v. Bruen. At issue is New York's "proper cause requirement" which forces applicants to prove "a special need for self protection distinguishable from that of the general community" in order "to obtain an unrestricted license to 'have and carry' a concealed 'pistol or revolver'." The opinion ruled that the requirement "violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in public for self-defense." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss and give their expert constitutional analysis of this significant Supreme Court opinion.

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Breaking news today in secular was the US Supreme Court strikes down a New York law, the ACLJ filed in this case, which obtained human form and now is what I hear from you Sharon, call one 800-6843 one now your home secular secular God writes the ACLJ filed in this piece out of New York. It does not just affect New York little effect laws in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, as well.

This was these laws that prevented average citizens from being able to get a concealed carry permit so you could apply to get a concealed carry permit. You had to have a special reason that you needed a specific harm or specific threat.

And so for most folks they could point to a specific threat and it could be general so it discriminated between like celebrities and athletes and people you help people with significant resources. Maybe financially, you could say you know I'm I'm at risk, but the average person. Of course, was not being approved by New York have a concealed carry permit and what the Supreme Court said today and opinion written by Justice Thomas very clearly 6 to 3. The Second Amendment is no different than the First Amendment. And when you have a Second Amendment right that right is for everyone and that this that this bar to be able to conceal carry the right is not stuck in your home you can't just say okay you have a second member right to keep your weapon and hold affect your home know it is.

It involves being out in the public as well. Do you think it's a major decision in light of to what is being proposed in Congress as we speak right now some of those laws, how they could be affected by language like this, which is such a clear yet again from the court. Third time, we sought out a hell are we sought out of the case at the Chicago and now out of New York, where the court is said you cannot bar peoples.

It's a basic second amendment rights.

Yet what's interesting here is Justice Thomas writes that the constitutional right to bear arms in public. Defense is not a second-class right are subject to entirely different body of rules than the Bill of Rights of other guarantees of the Bill of Rights. We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to the government officials some special need.

They called a proper clause in New York. He says that's not how the First Amendment works is not how the six amendment works and it's not on the secondment works when it comes to public carry for self-defense. New York proper cause requirement violates the Constitution. Now it's interesting here is to use history and he used.

In fact, language that equates the Second Amendment Bill of Rights protection of the secondment rights First Amendment that was first and that's really not clear and I would point out to her. You know anybody who thinks this is deciding more than it is that in Alito's concurring opinion, he points out that are holding decides nothing about him may lawfully possess a firearm, or the requirements that must be met to by a gang nor does it decide anything about the kinds of weapons that people may possess and it's just very it's a very narrow way held opinion that you do have a right to possess a kind any really admitted here, but it does the right across the street in the Congress. There debating the laws on school safety, which I believe should be part of the target should be the personal but some of those laws are a bit vague and I think her to be subject to real attack here unless tightened up dressed, I think you're absolutely right today because they are now debating this saves communities active safe cities act that this supposedly bipartisan in the orientation.

But now that this decision has just come from the Supreme Court of the United States in the 60 ruling opinion by Justice Thomas, that's going to affect very seriously the language that is contained in this legislation that is pending before Congress because they're not going to have to take into account that language is that the bills that have to take into account the holding of the Supreme Court today. I think this is again it's a significant victory time.

I know people are concerned about gun rights and restrictions being put in place that may be unconstitutional to get this kind a clear message from the court to be deal secular. We are tearful close to 100 682. This is a major victory for the Second Amendment yet again it the court you.

I think what you're seeing and what what the court to be very clear about, especially the US Supreme Court is that these anti-gun folks who are not really reasonable or rational in their approach like in New York saying what you can get it if your special person.

So if you're a politician they get. Of course our protection.

If you're if you're celebrity. If you can prove some kind of if you basically need to hire a lawyer who can put together some kind of a petition for you to the New York State to say that you that you face a specific threat then you can have a concealed carry permit and an carrier handgun outside the home and the Supreme Court has said no. I think what is a warning to states and an end to that the Congress is well that this is a real right and without a constitutional amendment. This is no different than the freedom of speech, and that's how the court is this court is going to interpret. Which means when you try to put any restrictions on it.

They're going to look at it with the most heightened scrutiny available under the law, which means it's very difficult for your regulations and restrictions to especially when you're already acknowledging what you get a god, but you can't get it this way, you know, so I think this is a big warning to how we look at this and it will be talk about safety of schools and other issues like that.

I think it's another issue really the point to how do we secure schools with more security officers put more security there because we week. I could see the writing on the wall already on this.

Some of things we talked about yesterday like looking back your juvenile record and that it was big provided and then it didn't say criminal record interested looking juvenile history and then say what this a fundamental right, as the court has again studied before but is again declared it is just like of the First Amendment rights then looking back your depriving somebody of that right because what they did is a minor, especially if it's vague like it wasn't a what exit convicted of something to become very difficult. Whether you like that policy or not. So people at the at the after rethink this decision how you before because a lot of these anti-gun folks. They are actually broadening on gun rights by bypassing these laws they are broadening out the Second Amendment rights because they are too over-the-top and they are not rational. Maybe Democrats will finally get rational on this issue and realize you can't go so extreme anti-God with the Constitution is so clear and what's interesting here is that's why when you have language like being discussed across the street in the house.

It has to be very specific. It can be vague, it can be overbroad.

Listen what Justice Alito asked during the oral argument think this investment I want to think about people like this, people who work related night in Manhattan might be somebody who cleans offices might be a doorman at an apartment might be a nurse or an orderly might be somebody who washes dishes is criminal record. They're all law-abiding citizens. They get off work around midnight, maybe even after midnight. They have to commute home by subway maybe five bus. When they arrived at the subway station bus stop. They have to walk some distance through a high crime area and they apply for a license and they say like nobody has said I'm going to mug you next Thursday. However, there been a lot of muggings in this area and I am scared to death. They do not get licenses is that right that is in general right is nothing particular to ban mentoring.

Okay, so that part of it is contrary to how ridiculous some of this language is what what your bottom.

I thought that was one of the most significant portions of the oral arguments. The New York law catered to a an elitist mentality often exhibited by the leftward the rich and the famous can get a permit to defend themselves and carry a gun even though they live in some of the best neighborhoods but a restaurant worker who lives in a high crime neighborhood. Cannot can I get a permit to carry a gun. Besides that, Jake. This law in New York was very subjective in each county. The official that was charged with granting or denying the application for a permit. The criteria was very very vague as to who gets a permit and who does not. And so it was really up to the local officials which are which was very subjective and unfair to the average citizen. I'm glad the court held the way it did, and I think I get only a fair bit of Washington DC because they have right now in Washington they are voting on God restrictions and new gun safety measures.

I would say it's a really restrictions as much is new measures try to have state-supported measures but I think now that states are to look at this and say what with two very careful in how we write any kind of new legislation. I even the legislation is popular because of holdings like this that make it very clear that there is a Second Amendment right at that second limit right applies the same to the celebrity and the and the politician as it does the average person. I think there's no doubt Jordan that this opinion is a warning shot to the buildings being voted on literally as we speak. I'm watching the Italian United States Senate.

Right now there are 54 votes in favor of invoking cloture on it right now they need to get to 60 to move the end debate in a final vote would probably be later today to Jordan, you mentioned the juvenile record section of the bill.

I also think the red flag language is going to be may be viewed differently in light of this opinion just came out because remember, this is the language that gives money from the federal government to the states to set up red flag laws well, but I say to set those up in very different ways. Yes, there is a due process task that has to be met in the statute of the door and I can see all sorts of as applied challenges that are to be in play here because that is the deprivation of a right before an actual act has been committed. It's basically if you think that there is a a threat from someone in another trying to stop suicides.

They're trying to stop mass shootings but look, I don't think there's any doubt that this opinion today is gonna cause some people to look at this ruling in a new light now but I do think it's in a pass the Senate today likely will move to the house either tonight or tomorrow and move out. But even if it gets approved.

Jordan, I think it remains to be seen whether or not this entire a new law if passed would stand notes interesting here and he is what Justice Thomas by equating the Second Amendment with the First Amendment which is what is known in the other Bill of Rights.

He also said this to declare the island of Manhattan a quote since the play simply because it's crowded and protected generally by the New York City police moment is not enough to override this right to bear arms.

If you qualify with this idea. Proper cause was so void so vague, so overbroad, so malleable by the administrators of the New York carry permit laws and ministries that were proposals in the place was basically void for vagueness which is again a very central First Amendment free-speech principal that's now being applied equally here. The Second Amendment yes J when you talk about void for vagueness and brings back memories of legislator of the cases that we had before the United States Supreme Court and Jews for Jesus and the overbreadth cases in the void for vagueness analogy, you can simply say you got to show me good cause why you should get the gun, because that applies to the same thing that would exist with the First Amendment. You've got to show me a good cause why you should be allowed to stand on the street corner and pass out pamphlets or speak or even the sixth amendment which says you have a right to a public and speedy trial.

Why don't you just put a restriction on that that you have to show a special need for good cause why your trial to be public and speedy sort applies across the board to all the Bill of Rights and Justice Thomas correctly made the analogy that the Second Amendment should not be given second status for other constitutional provisions in the Bill of Rights by as he did historically going through and showing that it is not a second-class amendment. It may be the Second Amendment, but it's not a second-class amendment right, but it's interesting also is this applies just to handguns, to be clear so this is not getting into assault weapons were called assault weapons is not getting into any injustice, since opinion says that you can have the you're not allowed to have weapons print since you can't walk around with the surface-to-air missile in Manhattan, a plea point set out that so that you got put this in context, or something else that was here and I want to reiterate, and that is this does not a cc she said get into the qualifications of who can obtain the permit. It doesn't address that it's the right to carry if you qualify right cell again. Alina was very great in explaining that this law again was only if sent someone could apply and get at permit only if you can demonstrate a special need for self protection distinguishable from that of the general community and that's the issue that it's for this Second Amendment protection is for everyone, not just someone. His specific Alina again was a very clear yes Thomas was very clear about that Annalee leader was clear about when not talking about what you can have requirements, you have who can buy dining, and you can have a restrictions on it, but you can make this distinction to be clear that's in a concurring opinion, yes. So in the resent majority on that but I think the sentiment is is I think around the sentiment. There was very quickly as we move onto other topics, but this wasn't for second amendment advocates as was a big day.

It is a know in the Second Amendment properly interpreted, it allows for common sense gun regulation, just the gun control fanatical say this this is horrible but really a properly interpreted, there are regulations you can put on the buttock of citizen does not have to give a reason for exercising their constitutional right. What it does say though Jordan is when you're directing the initiation across his great be very specific. Don't be vague.

Don't be overbroad. It's can be struck is in constant yet which means you gotta really come together and you got to have a clear head clear mind on this and not the extremists on the left, the anti-gun movement at they're not getting anywhere. I thought these laws are to be declared unconstitutional if they go that path. They don't, they aren't very specific and you can't leave things as vague as we were Artie pointing out how big they were yesterday on the broadcast. Be right back. Back to secular as we await the decision to come tomorrow could be next week. The case involving Roe versus Wade leak draft opinion, the you know all about that but you know that since the leaked draft opinion. The pro-abortion extremist, have been attacking literally is the right word to use pro-life pregnancy centers or any symbols of what they consider to be pro-life organizations or groups to receive so they go so far as firebombing attacks. Five of those where offices have been totally but a burned out to vandalism, smashed windows smashed equipment we saw another one of those last night in Michigan there is a congressman at conservative congressman Republican Congressman Tim Wahlberg that he shares the same in a building with the Jackson right to life in Michigan and both were vandalized that the building and there was again, there was you had, we would have a bit like Dr. spray painting as you can see all the while there is the spray painting part, but also vandalism inside actually cc having some tests that you the smashed windows so they're going to some extent and it's whether or not you're willing to that's just last night they go you see, so make sure office unable operate. Of course it six years to repair, but this is what we have seen and we've also seen the James revenge group retirement. This coppersmith base in the second of the broadcast. You be joining us because Democrats are just ignoring pro-abortion Democrats are ignoring that these attacks just continue to increase in the James revenge is called, not just the tax increase on the pro-life pregnancy centers or on pro-life organizations, but to also call for riots in Washington DC the night that they get the a decision on Dobbs so you had this increase of attacks on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations, and we just talked about this the other day since then there have been more tax direct think it's correct.

So on the running tally of attacks on churches, pro-life organizations, property, and people since the Dobbs link link leak.


On May 2 on we reported just two days ago was 60 and now at 6317 days we've had three more tax on pro-life center so that this is so, here's what the question I ask any. I keep asking this and I keep not getting an answer.

Where is the Department of Justice and will get into the politicians, not responding but where is DOJ on this well. The DOJ had is in Kiev making political statements when he should be in Washington DC directing prosecutors to go out into the areas where these crimes have been occurred and to prosecute those people responsible. This is ultimately the job of the Atty. Gen. of the United States, the head of the Justice Department and the Biden administration. These are hate crimes. These are not only federal crimes and crimes of these are also state criminal offenses and they should be prosecuted in the Justice Department is absent without leave. J that's the reality they're just absent without leaving without ride and are not pursuing these cases that they ought to be pursuing vigorously as people and property are being put at risk by these vandals.

I think of the civil rights cases back in the 40s and 50s really the 50s and it took a long time for the Department of Justice to find the FBI to finally get in there and help the civil rights protesters need think you would learn best from history here that waiting is not usually a good idea.

Absolutely, you know, this is the same DOJ J that wanted to investigate parents at Board of Education meetings as domestic terrorist and yet they're not investigating James revenge is a domestic terrorist group which it plainly, it appears that's what they are and I think it's important also point out what these pro-life pregnancy centers do they provide prenatal care and counseling. They help a woman through labor and delivery and after the baby is born leader. Help her with with with infant care and training and supplies on that or if they want to adopt the child. They help them with the adoption process. These are not radical groups. There are not there not antiabortion as much as they are pro-life and are trying to help women who are procuring a baby and yet these other groups are domestic care terrorist groups who are attacking these people and their office. It is unconscionable. I think that what we have to watch out for is that we haven't see the horses. This is been the, the, the prelude to if the court because based off a leak decision so that decision holds that we we saw the least of a draft opinion that just clearly overturn Roe versus Wade. In reality is that since right there. They said the flyers all over DC riot is a protest said riot and is getting no attention by Pelosi by Biden by the Democrat leaders. That's why Congresswoman Nancy Mesa from South Carolina to be joining us. She's called on her committee to hold a hearing here. Jamie Raskin obsessed with the oak still impeaching Donald Trump's ignoring attacks on a per current on Americans that happen to be pro-life but any kind of get legitimate organization with they all are. Even though the states love to try and shut them down while they so interesting that by the way, while they're being attacked in states like New York and firebombed in states like New York York is trying to overly regulate shut them down so they see it's interesting they see the pro-life pregnancy centers as which I think speaks volumes to the work that they do. As the number one threat to their abortion business. If Roe versus Wade is overturned and we had been representing these pro-life pregnancy centers for four decades in the work they do is incredible. But as you just said Jordan and Cece contest is because she's handled the case with us.

The attempt to regulate them out of existence is happening while they're being firebombed in New York. Seriously New York legislature try to move for legislation to target them more for restrictions while what's happening while they're being firebombed in New York this case evaluate the Supreme Court to grant their rallies to target that crisis privacy centers as Westside. They do great work and they don't charge for any of their services and they are on the front lines and they are the main target always by Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby because they are the ones that are allowing giving information to pregnant women letting them now make an informed decision about their pregnancy and you know that cuts into the bottom line of Planned Parenthood because once people are informed once women are informed they choose to have an keep their baby's call from Cody. His retirement that the gun issue in New York and had a specific experience with it before this decision today. Hey Cody fix recalled in Orangeville. Share your story with folks on their government yet. So basically I applied for my pickle permit years ago and in that process. I end up waiting for over a year now for the Township.

I was in that's fairly normal. Chickamauga is highly populated and they delegated the paperwork. A lot of it to the different Township though. I waited over that year and basically called and the fewer the paperwork was got no answers. So I continue to wait out little bit longer. I call my uncle because he taught Billy Bulger who was the judge made the final decisions on whether you got the picture permit and what it was to be a concealed carry permit or not, because that two different things right. You can get your pistol permit but you can't carry it anywhere except in the range so long story short he called the judge. The judge makes the call he comes back to me and said all went out for back rent check three times Chickamauga there is no problem with that background check it out. Three. Try then to finally make it downtown judge had to call again.

I had a call back three months later, the thought of the judge made a child again. Darnell did finally get it.

I finally got a fierce okay that's also the absurdity. Here's the bow they had this law in place since the 60s anti-gun folks. Let this be a warning that bad laws presses the strike them down.

This is the right Americans have second right right next decades ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life changing, member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular story is the second part of the broadcast. A major case of the supreme today involving secondment rights and know that we file this I would make that clear to his ACLJI think some people might not understand how much we do file in these cases we've been filing that it was filed in hell refile the case as Chicago we filed in this case to New York, to protect your second amendment rights that we very similar reasoning are brief to what the Supreme Court ultimately held, which is that this is a fundamental right that you can't pick and choose, then who gets the concealed carry permit based off of having the show and you just heard from a call if you rejoice that first half-hour.

If you have to show some specific threat about why you need this how difficult the process was that will be no more. Now you New York will have to figure out, but it's not just New York that had laws like this. California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. This is also the same time we talk talk that they had been earlier while Congress is trying to move on some bipartisan gun regulations and restrictions. I will tell you some of the language they use in those like that legislation which is kind of vague like your juvenile history. What is that mean it doesn't rain her criminal record. Not so issues like that when the Supreme Court of Justice Thomas today said this is a fundamental right for you can treated no differently than the freedom of speech. Then when you're means any restriction is to be held to a higher standard of scrutiny could still edit these states, I would say that the states and localities.

Any maybe the federal government when they try to get involved here. They write bad laws, and ends up expanding secondment every time because vague laws, overbroad laws, result in him this week, but again he said we been doing.

This is the 1980s, when you have laws are overbroad or vague or you have. You don't treat a constitutional right as a constitutional right and have a concern Supreme Court. The end result of that's gonna be not very good for those that are trying to get the laws passed. I think there are some laws it should be passed like we talked about Titan I give as much money as we could to tighten the schools that there's safety resource officers there, metal detectors, whatever you need to do.

That's a common sense approach legislation, but even there, you better be specific. Andy on how you draft that's exactly right. And I agree with you, J school resource officers school safety officer desperately needed in our communities, but now we have to look at it in light of this decision of the Supreme Court of the United States with respect to the New York law when you got a show a good reason or just cause why he should be allowed to carry a gun to get a license so they need legislators were looking at these tightening up the local communities in our schools, in which I would and I agree with you entirely needs to be done need to do it very cautiously and very carefully so that they don't impact upon the constitutional right prescribed in the Second Amendment. As I said earlier in the program and maybe a second amendment of the Constitution, but it's not a second class of men seek title to equal dignity with the other amendments and drafters of legislation need very careful in writing their laws to comply with looking at. Of course, is the attack on pro-life centers, which gaps easy to be this number again since we were on the air 48 hours ago has already changed right so was 60 attacks, which is ridiculous since the week at Dobbs Lake on May 2. It's now 63 73 tax on pro-life centers in the last 48 hours yeah I did that this Flyers order in Washington DC we can put up on the screen. I think for folks who put on the screen and it's calling for DCI called action night of rage night Scotus overturns reverse weights if they don't say which I because they would know when that will happen without you put me plenty of time if they want to do this, but it's not a protest is hit the streets. You said you'd write to our pressures. If abortions aren't safe. You're not either.

Where is the deployment of that's why we talk to Congressman Nancy Mase of South Carolina as she and her subcommittee. All these issues she's called safe. Why are we not hold holy hearings on this we see the violence.

We know what's coming. The Supreme Court is barricaded right now that we got the flyers out. We have the actual tax resulting text Michigan last night happening all across the country.

Why is no one investigating this. Why are Democrats remaining silent. We will talk to Nancy Mase about that we come back on secular was always working at ACLJ that are just a reminder you of the Second Amendment issues the ACLJ standing up for you in this case is to say until we're joined now via Congresswoman Nancy Mase, South Carolina and the Congresswoman as we were talking at these attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers.

She serves as part of the government committee on oversight and reform, but specifically the subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties and an Congresswoman may still be welcome you to secular, but for sake you are calling on the committee subcommittee chair Jamie Raskin to hold hearings on this violence against pro-life pregnancy centers that we have seen whether it's spray-painted vandalism. Whether it's firebombing. We sought other tech LSA Michigan which included vandalism and you said so far as we've heard just been like silence from the Democrats on on this issue involving attacks on the pro-lifer existence will hearing time on right now and on left-wing dining table barrel, you hearings and having that the eye, testified date don't categorize these groups like change revenge or antique stocks are daring and keeping track of a bad category of violence within the federal Bureau of investigation is been attacked by extremist my house and spray-painted last summer. I've had my khaki having been a victim of political violence week I look out for both sides of the aisle and every number 40 X tax and the last couple of market this kind of domestic extremism and we are having hearings about should be equal opportunity to look at the kind of violence everything across the country and in the next week with the add-in or oncoming potential of the decision by the Supreme Court were seeing signs and threats of violence after people to act on that can tell this is something that can abide by both sides to make accurate needed immediately things that I've been very concerned about here, and I articulated this a couple times and you're right there's been when you add the churches to the list of places that been attacked for polar positions were closer to 63 back to read it just got in the last of the base one thing very very concerned about very troubled by frankly is the lack of action by the United States Department of Justice by the Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland, have you had is anybody down the hill, hearing anything from the DOJ on any of this were not dead silent like on every other important issue in Christ, Joe Biden's own creation.

At least he never lacked up her mind and very quiet. And that's not where we should be right now were staying. Violence increased across the country of the last two years and and everything and everything that was stated income from a violent working seating increase in my home.

South Carolina you know what are we doing about it now is one people, and his church is God. I sat in on a briefing security briefing two weeks ago for one of our local synagogues in Charleston and these are real issues facing real Americans and their not being addressed by the ministration of this department just it's ignoring you American psyche. Pro-life princesses are so demonized Congress and amaze estimates by the left. I think that's part of what this is a group you're in New York right now at three or were firebombed and that your real vandalism, not just the spray painting and at the same week as disc James revenge group wanted that was putting up the message and say claim there to do this, also calling for riots in DC the night that Dobbs decision comes out the flyers all over Washington but consummates that that that night the day that was all occurring. They released draft press release saying how they're going to try and shut down those pro-life crazy sitters at the state level. We see them called horrendous things by some your colleagues in Congress are calling them of a missing disinformation centers fraud so they're not being treated just like any other Americans, organization, lawful business that is under attack under attack and brag about it yet apprised about Joe Biden who bulking down protesters showing up on the line. Direct Supreme Court justice and because of that impending the way decision which by the way is illegal to do. You and EA are more or less encouraging that kind of protest and and so you know we are counting the law like at all and any event because they have a different perspective than it women want to protect their baby or give the baby up for adoption or had any training resources that kill their child in a state access to those I churches and faith-based community to providing those resources for those women. They should be equally protected if anyone is showing up at any other) parent or whatever what's happening and that's only further causing division in this country you writing your letter to Jamie Raskin the preservation of our democratic society demands we take action through nonviolence, no matter where it occurs and what ever it's motivation is you said we must be united in our efforts to preserve our civil society. Content will violence my question is this. We had an action by the department.

Just as we had no action by your colleagues in Congress and Wheeling have local action by the local police department got an organization like you said this James revenge which is calling for quote, you said you'd write an crickets out of the department justice on this. So I applaud you.

We do at the emergence of law and justice for taking the initiative to get this back front center because you're right. This is violent extremism targeting a viewpoint which is unconstitutional. Your thoughts well when Republican majority later this year. We gotta make sure that we have the caring that we don't simply hold them in contempt by letter and to bring our official and the Department of Justice accountable for not addressing this issue. I want to know how they're going to address and how to protect our communities and keep them safe and keep women safe side, no matter what their political viewpoints or their viewpoints are unlike angelic to do that moving forward and hold ourselves and each other accountable for getting this administration are in the DOJ to get them to do what their special damages. Follow the laws in this country that recreate sick hearings on domestic violence, extremism, and I think that the only way that those become legitimate fully to the American people is as you heard you set through those hearings and they are there legitimate concerns. There, but when you ignore the entire half of that domestic violent extremism that comes out of the left Congress were mace at the American people don't take seriously the other side of the extremism either, which is good, and so if you look at is a holistic approach and it's good to be all partisan people ignored and that's not good for America, caring one title and one accountable and ignore the left altogether. That is not what we should be getting this country and that's one of the reasons that we had settled so much division within our communities and how parties can discuss that and it's not been done in an equal way and I think that at the very minimum the lobar right and told everybody how you break the law you should be held accountable. No matter what your political perspective, and that's not what's happening in this country and if any, and upon the public in leadership and people like myself that the warden and to do the right thing no matter what senior taken a dislike for being with us today very important to keep you. Please keep us engaged on this informed working on it to thank you for your help. Thank you, that's parts of the Nancy Mase of South Carolina. I was on the phones 164 3110. We got some calls coming into on the gun safety laws to essence go to Bob Virginia on line 1 hey Bob Bob Virginia Ron retired police officer in one of the things in Virginia we have this red flag law and what is disturbing is that denies your due process.

My question is do you think the laws will be challenged in court. Yes, the language some of the laws side Florida hatless people die by Florida's video. This super red very conservative state has a red flag loss is about.

So you have to look at. I think state-by-state you know what is Virginia's red flag law look like, what is the you say doesn't have to process and as no due process, it would've updated also must have some but doesn't have enough to to survive scrutiny in light of the fact we got yet another very clear opinion on the Supreme Court that I don't have the time to got to do it, but they sure did, but that's because there's that all of the anti-good got worms I try to cope with the new way to keep you from being a legal law-abiding citizen with a firearm and that their focus and every time they do that they are expanding the Supreme Court's interpretation. The second of it. You know it's interesting in this morning, but I do think there should be a lot of a lot of legal towers in it of new legislation doesn't have to be any legislation, including the plug laws and be very specific and narrowly tailored and what this report says exactly what the court is saying is giving up a very loud and clear warning 63 that when you draft these laws. You don't have to give a good reason or just cause. Why is that why you have to exercise a constitutional right. Who ever heard of that as a preface to the exercise of the Bill of Rights. You have to show just cause or a good reason. And then that's whether it is to carry a gun, whether it is to have a speedy trial, whether it is the right to speak on a street corner or sidewalk or the hand of leaflets you preface it by having to show what does cause and you give the public official discretion to determine whether with that of the causes just enough that's not the American way.

That's not what the framers said in the Supreme Court of the United States hammer down on that today are from your phone calls at one 800 684 31 to that question about the second case of US Supreme Court question of how to get this violence and receive with the pro-lifers. This is a threat of riots or comments. There really into little economy to the next segment of the broadcast, which you don't miss that as we talking about where Joe Biden is also where is the Fed because what Drupal saying is not in line with what provided by the ministry sure say surprise 01 800 684 31 to be part of the broadcast maker to support the work of ACLJ. Let me just remind you get be filed in the case filed in Chicago.

We stand up for your second rights be sealed calls about the protection of the violence or cigarette. The Supreme Court pro-lifers is all related to Dobbs case that we get into some of the economy and inflation. This insane statement by Pres. by the assailants were Whitney the first in Texas.

I like to he would counted Merrick Garland considering I think what You would expect that he would need to happen, but instead she had to. They were cute to protect them and it might appear and perhaps hearing like our great but with the ongoing inaction coupled with what's going on with the Christ pregnancy center at night.

It might be something more malicious thing. I can't read his mind like to meet his actions and his actions have been zero. There's a law specific law that prohibits these predatory protests in front of Justus's house to affect the outcome of an opinion is a federal law in place and he will not enforce there is federal laws that do not allow for writing in the streets instruction of property and is doing no action. So I think part of the problem here cc.

We talked about this before, is the inaction of the Department of Justice is being magnified each and every day so that role on pins and needles about what to Supreme Court decisions can come out is the country and explode, and that was because the opinion was leaked or similar would happen on that maybe the department needed Supreme Court marshals office does now but opinion leaked with the intent to cause harm harm is been caused department just does nothing right now is the intent all along what is happening is exactly the intent and then when you have Merrick Garland doing absolutely nothing. Even though there are laws in place that he should be enforcing. They go against everything they're doing a protesting at the justices in outhouses and, and, calling for riots.

He needs to be engaged, and the fact that he's not and the fact that the administration has not done anything to condemn these actions just encourages people like Jane's revenge to edema.

That's why they can write a letter, put it in writing that they are calling for escalating violence and declaring open season on pro-life health centers.

That's why they can put up pamphlets all over DC saying it's a call to action for a night of range and having calling people to write. She said you'd riots and nothing's been done so you can cheat. You can see that. I think the actions are going to actually escalate and that is very scary because people are going to be harmed and I think Lansing to be lost. I want to go associate economy later broadcast of this, this is Jerome how he's asked by good for diversity or Bill Haggerty to see about buying administration blaming all the inflation all the woes on Russia and Putin take a listen. By one would you say that the word Ukraine is the primary driver of inflation. America, no inflation was high before shortly before the war Kramer about Sago Fed chair directly says inflation hi well before the war. Ukraine broke out again to close a Jew, but when she was to this because Job I give the speech estate defendant you're saying about talking about the guest text and the holidays and should be on the federal level should be to the state level, but he also went on this weird line of attack about your supporting your grade and basically trying to demonize you if you say, if you question the inflation seriously thankless, knowing full well the cost.

So for all those Republicans in Congress criticize me today for high gas prices in America are you now saying we are wrong to support Ukraine.

Are you saying we were wrong to stand up to Putin. Are you saying we would rather have lower gas prices in America, and Putin's iron fist in your I don't believe that Make it clear right now.

If we were if let's say that word Ukraine happened at the present would've elicited. We were still in export net exporter of energy. Guess what the world would've needed more of from us more energy because they probably would've cut off Russian oil and gas guess you could have benefited from that extra benefit from cutting off Russian oil and gas to Western Europe, the United States, because we have that we have the resources, were we could have been making money and building a better economy. If, unfortunately, that war broke out. He shut it down. He declared war on the, the, the oil and gas industry in America, then try to embarrass them with a letter that he wrote last week, demonizing the gas industry doing gas industry and telling them to pump more and get these refineries going but also saying on the other hand but I'm closing it down a couple years and how much money do you make the last year worded it got me this is the way they're doing it but here's the irony of all this Col. Smith is the Putin factor that you had the Fed chair Sadie inflation was on its way before before Putin invaded Ukraine and yet Pres. Biden's got this narrative is in his thoughts that it is all Putin yeah, he continually dodges any responsibility for this, which is so unbecoming to a leader when he took office on January 20, 2021. Inflation was 1.4%. It is now 8.6%. The day he took office. Gasoline was $2.33 a gallon.

It is now five dollars a gallon and higher in some places it would be so refreshing. J if you would simply at some point and in a moment of utter honesty say you know I may be partly responsible.

I'm going to take a look at my policies and see what I need to do to adjust yesterday.

He was accusing mom and pop service station owners jacking up the prices and hurting the American. We figure out. Yesterday we had our meeting that did gas tax rebate, which Pres. Obama called the joke a long time ago was 1/2 a cup I have that's what gets people have a cuppa guess he was this been picked up by the late-night folks, it would still usually love picking on Democrat President James Gordon.

He made this joke about the present. Biden's speech about the gas tax holiday tankless. Sorry, was that the American people. I may like standing on a 132 distills you. This tells you where it's going and it's if the policy doesn't work. It's affecting the economy. When school is a big research study of the Bloomberg publishing.

It actually costs in some places gas prices to go up but actually execute backfire and it doesn't require. It's very the way they try to sell this the American people that it is the tech is unicellular to see the benefit of that that's really up to the company itself so that it has to trickle down through the corporate world and they have to make the decision to lower the gas was in there talking about. By the time he goes into effect if inflation continues on the path that is it's it's enough immediately. Even the tiny savings. It's not a plant because it doesn't increase supply.

So if you don't increase the supply and the demand is still there.

Guess what happens. Inflation keeps going up to. Here's what would be waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday morning at more Supreme Court decisions. The two that were looking for net on the three Thursday Mexico policy. There is the prayer at the football game policy and then of course of the Dobbs case, which is on abortion so it could be tomorrow. The PAK was going to next week right yeah and then said I get there's enough cases to where goes into next week and they scheduled another day yet so not yet on the calendar, it would be like the most cases and one day I don't know if they've ever done in modern history died in one day. Freedom yet stiff and not in courts of the just releasing him a peep. They're done they could be the likely by this after they would put up with day you were dancing.

I guess the morning or next in the morning you will leader over audit you know if ACLJ and it's deftly want to stay with us in the broadcast that tomorrow because anymore cases are going to come out and it could be Dobbs cases that is to become a very soon we are ready to respond if the court affect those over to her weight ACL traffic there was a great example for over the work we did protect secular second rights at the American's are flawed just because always get the most attention on our broadcast over there fighting court using our legal expertise for you and another victory today for the second of it at the Supreme Court go to our work

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