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Could Joe Biden pass a cognitive exam?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 1, 2022 3:28 pm

Could Joe Biden pass a cognitive exam?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 1, 2022 3:28 pm

Tony Pham, Jimmy Gagliano, and Tom Ziglar join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals.

There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from the snoring show and happy to be sitting for my dear friend I am wise for you and I gotta give you little effective as we examine these things, but are you familiar with phrase alerts and oriented does that mean anything to you know and all times for who knows what I'm talking right off the bat. If you are a first responder.

You are an EMT paramedic up law enforcement officer or firefighter. You know what I'm talking about alerts and orient if you are a nurse you are a social social worker who is involved with counseling or somebody was on a crisis intervention team alert and oriented is the first thing you do when you encounter a subject you your dispatched to a call of some sort. Jeff to go to such and such and address the lesson there's somebody there you have to figure out the main honest-to-goodness what's going on with them. We can't quite make heads or tails out of it person we think you might be suffering from some sort of ailments. Something's going on. They just don't seem to know what's going on. That's what's going on is they don't know what's going on and you get there. I would tell you right now. It does not matter. It does not matter which part of the first responder chain you are. You get there you see somebody sitting on the sidewalk. We see somebody standing maybe wandering around New York to pay hi am Jeff from with the local EMT service, EMT, and with the CMS service and it appears you need some help.

Let me just ask couple questions know who you are, what your name know where you are Jill at time of day is you know what's going on right is a lot of time to get calls like that.

Maybe it's that it is the county fair, the state fair. Joe is going on. So if the person can save you yeah you know Jeff Katz.

That's my name okay will you are alert and oriented times one you know where you are the place yes yes I am in beautiful Hanover County Virginia well laid out alert and oriented times to you know what time it is. Yes I do and you tell them the time you're alert and oriented times three. What about the event.

Well, I'm not at the county fair, but here I am broadcasting for my friend Todd Starnes from the liberty University Studios hey guess what I am alert and oriented times for now, we could move on.

My question for you, and I made a very sincerely you think Joe Biden could pass the same test because all I hear from this guy is rental unconnected disconnected jumbles of pseudo-syllables. He doesn't seem to have any idea where he is. What he's doing why he's there.

Not a bit.

Yet here he is, he is the president of the United States. Now I think he sorta like set direction, addressing today the truth I really do. I think they think I may pick him up like a potted plant may move them around a stand over there. Does that over there but look at the sky. Half the time it seems like you shaking hands with invisible people.

He's telling the stories that clearly make no sense for well let me rephrase it.

Make no sense to us because you cannot live here on terra firma that we speak English and were not delusional or deranged or demented, so they don't make any sense he is. Each troubled individual and you know what if he were just your weird uncle Joe. You and your family could have a conversation say look, you know uncle Joe's always been weird. Does that hold sniffing little girls hair thing you are is always been a little off right now it's getting worse. We think we ought to do anything. He just doesn't know where he is or why he's there. What the time of day is I don't know Dewey promised to get his drivers license taken away right yeah what house I think he needs help. That's what you and I would do is a decent human being. If you were just our own personal weird uncle Joe. We got here Samantha President of the United States this evening. He is supposed to deliver a primetime address to tell all of America.

The Republicans are evil terrorists is that's that's the line is you and I if we do not support him. You and I we don't support his ilk.

Somehow we are threats to the United States of America.

I do see some threats to America, but certainly not of the GOP side so were to talk a little bit about it as we head through the afternoon I remind you, you're always welcome to jump in 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. Do you think Joe Biden could actually pass an exam of some sort another all sorts of really involved cognitive exams and if you remember Pres. Trump when he was in office.

What he do he took one of these things and he aced it just to he thought make the left wing babbler's shut up no coarsely didn't because they are inherently bad people, you think Joe Biden could take something like that. If you're in Pennsylvania.

John Fetterman, who is running for the U.S. Senate is recovering from a stroke. Now I don't particularly like John Fetterman. He seems to me to be a bully, a loudmouth left-wing bully who lived off his parents until he was what, 40, 45 years old, but he's now chickened out of the debate with Dr.'s. He claims it's because he's recovering from the stroke and it just wouldn't be fair to Dr. Oz who happens to be a real doctor. Honest-to-goodness sin will shortly will make all sorts of allowances. It is going to run to the men's room or is going to do this is got to do that, you know we we going to be uncomfortable or anything else man. You do everything that's right Fetterman still chickened out and I don't how far left. Pennsylvania has gone since I grew up there many decades ago. But even those folks even if you're on the far left. The Pennsylvania don't have to be looking this going. He's just not up for the job and all of us have to be looking to Joe Biden thinking you know he's just not up for the job. Let me give you an example. Let me give you an example here Joe Biden. We got cut number seven. Please we took on the panorama to take them on again and we won and we will win again for not stopping here.

I'm determined to ban assault weapons in this country determine I did it once before. Now do it again from you. I want to be clear is not about taking away his guns. In fact, we should be treated responsible gun owners as examples how every gun owner should be a two shot guns at home. I catch a long story but I do not oppose a gun but I support the Second Amendment and I support the second number the Second Amendment is one of the most most conservative justice and history. Justice Scalia once wrote like quote. Like most rights, the rights granted by the Second Amendment are not on limited right now I can't go on by an automatic weapon you can combine a Canon and for those brave right wing Americans and say it's all about keeping America. Given America's independent and safe.

You want to fight against the country. You have 15 you need is some little more than a gun, joking. Think about this. Think about the rationale we use that's used to provide this and who they shooting June at these guys behind me.

Any idea what he saying at all. By I got to check that I was a guns and I love about about my getting in at 15. What the heck is he talking about he's babbling incoherently. He's not up for the job.

I'm here to tell you that it's will talk a little bit more about a make no mistake, the leftists have decided that the way they are going to contest the selection. The only way the is deterred every decent American into a criminal. That's where they're headed right, you're a bad person. You're at the you're a terrorist you're an opponent of democracy. How about telling us about what a great job you're doing. Just an idea what to remind you quickly that does you and I had to the gas stations go to the supermarket were were all feeling pain right market is in a bad situation day in day out. Americans frankly find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck tell you something.

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So if you are to make your plans to see life Mark C life mark in theaters nationwide beginning September 9 and learn more about life Mark and get your tickets that's life. Mark will question. I've got for you have asked people are certainly doodling around taking a look at the situation to Joe Biden even be in the ovals. I don't know. I don't think he's up to speed little and let me point you back in the direction of how he and the rest of his team are determined to win the election coming up in November and I guess actually that we think the rates will announce election season weeks upon weeks upon weeks mailing ballots put them on your Etch-a-Sketch, whatever you want to go look out everybody's boat at least once. Why not now that's craziness. Of course seem to be there for the longest time. We all we are able to figure out how election day such and such a day okay I'll be there. I may have to go early in the morning before work may have to go little bit later in the day after work. Maybe I get some time during the day to go. Maybe it's my lunch hour. Maybe I'm not working. Whatever it is, but everybody figured it out and then all of a sudden he said now it's just too difficult. Here you are, you are being asked to choose amongst other things, the leader of this nation.

I don't think it ought to be as simple as driving by a window.

I think you ought to show up. Anyway, take a listen. I've got another little snippet here again it it it is nothing more than a in its hack is vicious, nasty, ugly one coming from Joe Biden. Can we do a cut number four. Please we took on the panorama to take them on again and we won and we will win again for not stopping here.

I'm determined to ban assault weapons in this country determine I did it once before.

Again, you want to be clear is not about taking away his guns. In fact, we should be treated responsible gun owners as examples how every gun owner should be a part two shotguns at home. I catch a long story but I'm not opposed to God, but I support the Second Amendment and I support the second Second Amendment is one of the most the most conservative justices history. Justice Scalia once wrote like quote.

Like most rights, the rights granted by the Second Amendment are not unlimited.

They're not unlimited. Right now I can go on via an automatic weapon you can grab by Canon for those brave right-wing Americans and say it's all about keeping America. Given America's independent and safe. You want to fight against the countries of F-15 Unitas on little more than a gun, joking.

Think about this. Think about the rationale we use that's used to provide this and who they shooting Jeanette these guys behind me so I can overlaps with the cut number seven there but that's all right. The message is clear. Is it not by the way, does anybody want to tell Joe Biden you could by Canon if you wanted to you absolutely thoughts actively goodbye cat. I look on eBay yet.

Today I have a noodle around Craig's list. I'm not sure that it would lend itself to our yard but you could go out and buy a Canon this all gets back to my initial thesis is not up to the job you and I have some opportunities with this upcoming election. I like to preach about elections. I really don't think people just do hereby like I don't hear about that but you have to hear about this one because what were seeing now is this is this war that's been launched against anybody that doesn't agree with what's going on. We are going to get a primetime address from Joe by now. Here's what this means to me it means that he has been prepped. He's been rehearsing their been extra maps. Maybe some snacks say here's another dollop of putting to inspire you to get out there and give the performance of your lifetime.

Mr. Perez okay we'll see if it works, but we're already hearing already seen already getting me a heads up that it's going to be painted in a way that says if you don't support him and his team, then you are a against freedom and democracy. Now it is desperation. There is no question in my mind, you got the opportunity to sorta pump the brakes but this midterm election to be all about Mr. Magoo still to be in the Oval Office. Mr. Magoo was still going to be driving the car that is the United States of America. And he still would be driving it awfully close to the edge. We can pump the brakes just a little bit.

We can hopefully keep him from going over the side taken us down.

We'll see how that works out reminder you're always welcome to jump in 844-747-8868.

Always a thrill for me Jeff Katz to be sitting for my friend Todd right here from the liberty University student you're listening to start. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weights go back.

IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM and she'll be sitting for my friends from liberty University studios will talk about this priceless a few moments with Fred by Tony Pham, who served as ice director for Pres. Trump was good to join us. You know there's a development that has sort of flown under the radar. Unfortunately, the chief of the United states border patrol gave testimony said yeah we got a gigantic crisis on the border is uncontrolled. It's like a sieve. And it's all due to the policies of Joe Biden. I will point out that this is the current chief of the United States border patrol. I don't know how long he'll get to remain the chief of the United States border patrol. As I got a figure that the folks in the White House are not happy with this guy telling the truth about what's going on. They got the DHS secretary who seems more than willing to lie about anything left right and center pretend that what's happening is not happening. You've got be the minister of propaganda up there that Kareem Jean-Pierre saying you generally believe your lying eyes. You know, we don't have anybody walking across the board.

All the while you are watching video of you people walk across the border. But Tony's going to analyze that force dissect that force. Looking forward to catching up with him now the power of the big mommy government the nanny state right with Willie. We've all talked about that for years.

22 examples that are really really really coming to a head, not first appointed North I don't know if you've spent any time north of the border-I used to go to Montr�al all the time when I was working in Boston. Montr�al was a few hours away. We used two trips up there all the time and we thought you know what I something up here in Qu�bec by house. We were ready to do it and doing it. We've got kids are going to know what is really cool experience when we moved to another country and we each speak well I think she's fluent I II know enough French to say fundamentally I don't speak French but I know enough and the boys were both taking French in school. Let's do this will be wonderful. All I should point out is when Barack Obama was president and it recently it looked like the United States of America as we know it was really bad way your wife is really bad way so we actually started the process and I can't say the Canadians were so friendly and so helpful and so happy to chat with us in this horrible Mr. catching him to explain what again what is it that you do talk show host okay and there are no comedians that can do that job it is and I said I might be doing it for the listening audience can also be doing it for my audience in the United States and know the technology is wonderful and have a studio in the house and I will be taking a job away from any Canadians all okay that's great odds wonderful and you have the money to put a down payment on a home and biogas. We sure this is great this is wonderful and and you say your wife has a connection that's right, her grandfather came from a New Brunswick and she has been involved in traveling to New Brunswick over the years, as well as the other maritime profits. This is Barbara's other were so happy they really were there they were like this picture postcard of the Canadians you think about 10 I was a about handling our attic. Every once in a while you pull down the steps in the hallway and you walk up into the attic and go home and there's a bunch of cool stuff.

I totally forgot about all the cool stuff appear to put the door back and forget about it for another. Whatever I feel about Kelly is so cool just like being in America the cleaner. Everybody is painfully polite to be there in February, but okay so having these wonderful conversations with the Canadian immigration people. Everything is just looking wonderful and I are actually looking at properties online and come back so cool what what unique adventure for the boys and you may be thinking limit Jeff, you've visited here before Todd is asked to sit in a time or two you mentioned your daughter Julia yeah I should probably remind everybody but Julia Julia severely disabled that my oldest boy, get ready to head back to California who say that but I will be a junior at Stanford brilliant kid wicked smart, but he's headed back to California. My youngest guy. He's going to be a senior in high school this year.

It's amazing to me to think Betty's battle and then in the middle is Julie. Julie is 19 years old chronologically, but developmentally, Julie is out 18 months old she doesn't speak. Walking is difficult at times. Julia wears diapers doesn't have the ability to take care of her own needs. So Julie is going to be with us forever. Well, when it came time to have this chat with the immigration people in Canada, their tone changed and I'm telling you they were so nice and so happy and so polite and so bubbly, so wonderful. Mr. Katz tell us about your family. I did what I just did with you. I shared about Heidi Harry Joe is talking Julia and the guy acted as if a giant curtain had fallen down as if the big wall was theirs. It I'm sorry you'll never be able to come here why we have a great conversation today and last week and the week before my gosh were looking at properties with Mr. Katz your daughters disabled. Yeah that's true. Well she will be a drain on our medical system is well.

I'm not looking for citizenship.

I'm I'm not looking for the benefits of being a landed immigrant and I just Edgewood own a home here and you know whatever know not a chance. Even if you do purchase something here, sir.

You'll never get landed immigrant status, shall never be eligible for citizenship. Your children will be eligible and you will be able to stay because your daughters disabled that this is that wonderful, caring, loving, socialist healthcare system connectable. What if I just maintain my own health insurance. Now we know what you do that you can't but what if I say I'm to take Julia back to the United note so that was the end of its a while and bring it up because when you have the big socialist healthcare system you get reactions like that and you also get a reaction like this from Newfoundland and Labrador. The folks in Newfoundland and Labrador like their sodas. They got unique sodas. By the way, birch beer, which by the way, is actually a Pennsylvania Dutch thing and it is delicious.

Birch beer I believe is what Peter wants to be when it grows up, they got something called pineapple crush.

Maybe it is exactly what it sounds like it's it's a pineapple of soda and I got something called purity syrup which is essentially like a like a slow drip of the simple syrup but that's it. They like it and the people there are not stealing it. There there buying it in their drinking bots. The big nanny state people. The folks who were the government apparatchiks who run the socialized healthcare system in Newfoundland and Labrador said, well, this is not good. We don't think this is good for you then. These are adults are talking to living, breathing adults, core, buying the so it is that they want to drink and so with no fanfare. They simply imposed a tax on sweetened beverages could be soda could be an energy drink could be iced tea what my dear friend Todd Starnes to appease visiting Newfoundland and Labrador and is a giant tax. Now what iced tea. There's no embarrassment. By the way, one of the spokes flax for this system said and I quote, there's definitely an opportunity for population level interventions to shift the intake of beverages toward something that is more health promoting. In other words, your mom is telling you you're not allowed to have that and it does not matter that you're not stealing it. It does not matter that you are in adults.

None of it matters because you are be old and whether you like it or not, to the nanny state to big mommy governments. How about you, I love my mom. I really did. I love my mom but I couldn't wait to leave her house how I wanted to get out in the real world I wanted to make decisions. I wanted to have cereal for breakfast. If I really wanted to Canada for all of its appeal. As I said, it's kinda like your attic, you go up there, go out some really cool stuff I forgot I needed was it's also like living with your mom. I think there's some wrong with that I say. The other thing I think of some wrong with towels have you dealt with towels recently. They just don't seem to dry anymore. You notice that right. You go to the stores in the kinda soft lately they have that no lotion he feel when you get home at a just don't absorb the water well Mike Lindell great guy. I love Mike.

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You've got the other White House spokes flax standing up there telling all of you walking across the board and were watching them walk across the border is not what you so what I say I don't know that's not what you saw, you believe me or lionize I'm going with my own personal vision on this when I really am Tony Pham, who was the president trumps ice director will be with us in a couple moments in Hill Hill kinda lay it out for is what is really going on now.

I mentioned to you couple moments visit a couple examples of this is big Steve is in the nanny state. The mommy statement everyone called like another one is little bit closer to home just in California.

A lot of people, myself included a wild as I California look there there it's all crazy out there that stuff just stays up it doesn't stay there anymore.

That's the problem. California's crazy ideas are no longer contain in the state of California. So let me give you the latest example of what's happening out there and I could almost guarantee certain other states will quickly adopt the same nonsense right like the craziness starts in California. Next thing you know it's in New York and then then it just gets pushed so the California state legislature their state assembly and their state Senate has passed a brand-new bill it's headed to the desk of Gavin Newsom who as you know is really running for president. That's what he's really doing it is going to his desk to be signed into the indications are. He's going to sign so what's a good it will punish doctors and other medical professionals if they provide quote false information about coping 19 vaccinations or treatments.

There doesn't seem to be a lot that settled in this arena. Is there. Are you old enough to remember way back when is it two years ago when we were told the vaccines would keep you from getting cold. 19 coronavirus the land coronavirus the Chinese coronavirus the novel coronavirus or the new improved politically correct coping 19 is overall the names we were told the vaccine would keep us from getting okay then we were told well you need to get a booster shot to keep from getting a whole bunch of people getting it's even after they got in the backseat. Even after they've gotten a booster shot you had a bit gotten to booster shots. Your doctor and you ought to be making these decisions right here there for years, my body, my choice is between you and your doctor okay I want the conversation to be with my doctor. I want my doctor be able to say to me. Hate Jeff listen. Here's why. This vaccine really is good for you and just be for you.

You think Jeff here is what I vaccine people.

Quite the contrary, I tell you right now I don't get any medical advice from Jenny McCarthy. End of story. I got the majority vaccine. I got the booster shot will I get the new booster shot will I know it's brand-new but you know what I am to do a talk with my doctor about it.

But the law in California if it Gavin Newsom passes it becomes law in will say that doctors and other healthcare professionals who are quote accused of spreading misinformation or disinformation could face disciplinary action from the medical Board of California for on professional conduct that could include suspending a license revoking a license now. I believe different people wind up with different points of view on a lot of things state assembly middle will point out is not a doctor, said during their specialized knowledge and training. Licensed positions possess a high degree of public trust and therefore must be held to account so another words if your doctor said you look, I don't think this is right for your I don't think is going to work this state assemblyman says they should be punished. Quote the spreading of misinformation contradicts the responsibility threatens to further erode the public trust in the medical profession and puts all patients at risk.

Au contraire mold for I think it inspires trust. I think it says to me that my doctor actually knows what's good for me. From a medical perspective that it might not be the same as is good for you. I got the vaccines. I got the booster. I'm happy with your mileage may vary. What's really going on all the border.

Well, we are going to find out you couple moments president trumps former ice director will be with us Jeff Katzen for Todd. This is Todd Stargell, the Kings College as part it's for students with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they learn a bachelors degree. The Kings College offers programs online in New York City. I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more. Start the journey will just go to college Kings the Kings College that's T to find out what the Kings College has to offer. Universities do you see starting show diversity Studios JFK happy is when asked to sit in for my friend and all sorts of very very important information that the we are dealing with. Then I gotta tell you, looking at a few of these developments is a I said couple moments ago that really bugs me the idea that that we can have people tell us what we are or are not seeing this and not disturb you take a look at the video you're actually seeing people walk across the border. II watched it and I watched it over and over and over and over and over again and then to have the's press secretary to present her press secretary get up at seven happening.

I just watched know you want to give me an explanation as to why he is happening. I'll listen to you, but please don't tell me that I need to get better classes because I just watched the chief of United States border patrol says oh yeah but reflexive, and this is all Joe Biden's doing. I don't know how long I guys when I get to keep his job, but at least he is up there saying what's really going on. That's somebody who looks at this. I think through a very unique prism is Tony Pham great friend of mine, but in addition to that much more portly for a for this discussion served as the ice director during our president trumps time in office he worked for president from Pete. He was responsible for all of this and I just wanted to get his reaction to some of the things were seeing in some of the things a border patrol chief said Tony. Welcome and thank you.

Always a pleasure coming on to show glad to be here any questions you have. Well, I appreciate that Tony joining his course on the patron mobile newsmaker lights at Sony I you read you examine, you saw what the chief of the border patrol had had to say are a little chuckle or lay it out for as well.

What'd he say it was really mean your listeners will know I did read all 299. The transcript that a lawyer but it we have to understand chief Ortiz may have thought that career 31 years and board. Also the unit all day with a little bit of perspective that when you get to schedule a political point you coming onto a show railing about the bike but here is a career official whose sole purpose is to force the law because that's what he signed up to do and when point-blank order in Christ.

The answer was yes and that is a complete contradiction to what this administration is trying to gaslight the American people and the belief and that goes terrible that we have an elected position and and and and his appointees trying to direct the American people and what's really happening at the border. Why is that important.

Jeff, because even chief Ortiz that it president Biden has taken office more migrant law, there live United States that at any other point in time in its history and that is just a tragedy of epic proportion involving the human condition that we as Americans cannot overlook policies or drawing people with a very dangerous situation.

That's what I got from what I read chief or cute old deposition transcript. So, as you point out. Chief Ortiz is a clear guy up through the ranks start size as a border patrol agent rises to the highest levels of the United States border patrol it's it's it's a well-regarded, highly esteemed law enforcement agency difficult job in the best of circumstances, and in his deposition that remind us that you said you're an attorney so counselor was he under oath and under oath had double break ordered to him through multiple objection to the attorney representing the United he was able collected and very clear that you would expect from a law is very crystal-clear and what is how we discern how the policy you were playing out of the southern border for him to call it a crisis to listen to political point you call it a crisis at a minimum we listen to the career pistols who see us coming go quite frankly right yeah yeah there there towing the line.

These are the people that we have political appointees should be listening to. As we try to implement the president our president for our ministration policy that we should always go to our career official and find out.

Hey, how do we make this work.

Sure you if the body ministration came to keep working today I want to make this policy work to pull people over to jump up and out into your year to date we have over 1,946,780 migrant encounter done quicker. Yet last year we were was still a record breaker but was 1,000,730 Lookout already at 200,000 of migrant encounter increase in Jeff July Van breaking July numbers were down last July. Chief Ortiz said in his deposition to go to the apprehension Jeff or God's ways are the one that should scare the American people that walk over are apprehended and allow me to say this about the press secretary take her part down to the border and see for herself to get you and I have talked about.

I went to Yuma, not even in my civilian capacity. I went to Yuma and right in front of my face in April migrant popped up.

PDP was was was moving on the profit no no agent was there. Migrant popped up and right across the Mexico US border in Yuma and disappear onto US soil. And it happened and for the press secretary to push you talking point who's pushing talking yeah this is what you should be to remind everybody on the patron open newsmaker lines, only cramps. Tony was the ice director for president trumps. I have to ask about chief Ortiz, you said 30+ years in which means he's he's probably okay if he has to pull the pin and an entire how much pressure is he now. Getting from Mayor kissing the other folks inside the administration. I mean he's blown the littleness is a look. The Biden team has created this. This is what's going on.

Are they gonna force this guy out.

Oh come on, you know what a lot of probate need to leave alone quite frank with you. You Artie got mud on their faith or jumping the gun on that horse right and got you got turned around I was wrong. They had with income at violations that I think it would do it "cared about America. They cared about the safety of the interior and cared about. Then they would appreciate listen listen to what the career official essay listen and work with the grippers of the figure out hey maybe we can omit different policies and procedures. I always tell people elected Jeff how you implement your policies can have steady impact on on the well-being of the American public and what I don't enjoy your have to accept that they are implemented a policy you had to eat year right, but when you rollback everything at one time. You don't have a plan in place that the disservice to the people that elected you work that you have a duty to protect. And that's what frustrates me the most because one left when Pres. Trump and his team were in office and in the fiscal year 2020. We only have 33,239 unaccompanied minor minor account pull factor when the gate people were as it's not coming aboard date to date.

Your July 128,845 single minor unaccompanied children were were were apprehended at the border policy is like a dinner bell right if it creating an environment where people are willing to take the risk of the treacherous journey yet put their lives on the line and they should be going to the port of entry. Jeff turned and fell venting and they claim you, but instead they're rushing in there trying to cross over the river and order, and hope not to be detected and that frustrate because they they should be doing that we shouldn't be policies that absolutely absolutely Tony, I'm over time. But in 30 seconds.

Can you as the former director of vices join us in the put patriot mobile newsmaker like can you give me 30 seconds your your gut check response to DC Miss Mayor, New York's Mayor and now Chicago's mayor being treated to busloads of uninvited guests walking to the dad that all I have to say when I deal with them. Thank you, worried.

I made my head hurt. Now I can tell the new a welcome to the dance.

Now you know that the fitted and deal during the border state. So for me on that part I got you. I appreciate you being here my friend that is Tony Pham.

Tony was ice director for Pres. Trump.

He has a thoroughly unique perspective and as he said the sworn testimony of the career border patrol chief makes very clear the crisis on the border is real.

It has been created by Joe Biden and his team, and it is an absolute tragedy that it's happening, I mentioned to you that Tony was joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. I got her mind now more than ever important to support companies and organizations that share our values patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. Not only do they share our beliefs. They actually do something about it.

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That's 972 patriot Jeff Katze for my friend Todd. This is Todd Starr, Joe remembered to eat your fruit and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child.

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I from my friend Tony Pham. Tony is really and his his family the enemy of the American dream. So Tony's got a real personal story that comes in play and every time he's talking about the, the immigration process, legal or illegal.

This that and in you heard what he had to say about Karine Jean-Pierre Karine Jean-Pierre as you know is the current press secretary it for some reason you didn't hear you were able to skillfully avoid her comments, Peter Ducey, who actually engages in the practice of journalism. There inside the White House press room asked her a question or two about covariate in vaccines and illegal immigration. Take a listen to cut number nine protocols either. To them, they have their own specific protocols as well. So they're two different things to different things. So our house are two different things in comes over lost their lives. That line, we actually know is and how we thousands of people.

One day some of them turn themselves over, tens of thousands a week are not so let me just lay out under this in ministration and install new technology and set up joint protocols with Mexico and Guatemala to catch more human traffickers already made over thousand arrests in the first three months of launching an unprecedented anti-smuggling campaign with regional partners security record levels of funding for the Department of Homeland Security 3000 arrests versus as Tony Pham pointed out 1.7 million encounters with illegal aliens. How's that working out for you think you've seen the video. You've seen the images you've seen it and it's it's it's not part of the vast right-wing conspiracy gang there folks to stand on the border with their their cell phones. You've got ranchers on the border who every single day have to deal with people that come trampling through their yards in their fields and destroy crops and animal leaves human waste behind but there she is.

She's the press secretary for our president saying it's that what's happening is what's happening.

It's exactly what's happening.

Decent men and women in this country are worried about the economy right now right all sorts of talk right now about layoffs. We are seeing unprecedented inflation.

Inflation that quite frankly has not been seen in a couple of generations purchasing power is disappearing, but she's telling us everything is fine. People who wanted nothing more than to go to work to keep their own businesses open during the cold. Times were told their awful people, terrible people to be drummed out of the military. They won't be allowed to be firefighters or police officers. If you don't do exactly what we tell you to do all and by the way, we've got a million folks entering the country illegally and they just walked away some wrong with this. Don't think now we've got the entire Department of Justice scenario playing out and yeah I want to talk a little bit about that that my dear friend Jimmy Galliano, a retired supervisory Special Agent from the FBI is going to join us in a few moments about a half-hour so as I'm just curious to know for for those men and women. The bulk of the 12,000 FBI agents go out there every single day and actually do the job. What are they thinking right now it's one thing to say, Christopher Ray, the director, the FBI needs to go. Boy I'm here that from so many active and retired FBI agents. I get that but for that man and woman whose part of the Bureau who really is doing the right thing. Who's really out there put their lives on the line every single day. How are they feeling and how on earth do we as good American stand and support those good agents. Anyway, will talk a little bit about that and the how would you like to have the government sector salary hello yeah another example of overreach. We will address that in a moment you don't mind follow the Jeff Show overrun getter. Would you please leave Jeff catch on getting her only following Todd. I know it is Jeff Katze again for my dear friend Todd and this is Todd start show nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house. I really like your product you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good cook.

I don't always eat fruit so I know about her work, energy and feeling overall the work of going back more energy to work with people I didn't want to do so. I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health, 100, 246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance my friends they 747-8688 477-8868 you're right, you're always welcome to want to jump aboard be part of this reminder as well. Social media great place to stay in touch. I have fundamentally just given up on twitter. I gave up on them a while ago when I watched the shadow banning the suppression and the rest of his Leica. I just can't be bothered not as good as I woke up one day I forget what the exact numbers were absurd about ballpark units but quality here but had 25 30,000 people following next like got up and I went on twitter's were for really nice sale yesterday when I tweet yesterday that offended 29,996 people and then I started reading about the other great conservative purging. Here we go, and then they came back with something we lost seven back so anyway I look at Twitter now and I'm I'm I'm I mean I think that's what it is they just for whatever reason Is a 5800.

That's it never gets above Anita when he gets above it and it comes right back below itself. What are you going to do. I am joining you.

And I remind you about this NewsRadio WR VA Central Virginia's redefined me on a regular basis so we are so proud so happy to be the central Virginia affiliate for tide. You will find him at NewsRadio WR VA with your listening on the FM here 96.1 a.m. 1140 or on your Odyssey app or online and it's every it's great stuff II just to have had the the utmost in respect Todd is a human being and for his his talents as a reporter. As a as a commentator is a writer for a long time. We go back a long way and I am just very happy.

I really am to see the great success that Todd is achieved because it's warranted. I don't know anybody works harder than Todd start so when I get the call.

Every once a while to say, would you mind kidding me so I am thrilled to be here social media though Todd far eclipses me as he shut right national international phenomenon. Just your humble localhost didn't know central Virginia.

But if you don't mind could you make me feel better.

Could you give the Jeff catch Joe alike overrun Facebook and given to follow the Jeff catch show overrun getter and anything that I'm talking about. As we head through today. Well I got all posted. So if you miss something or or I miss something in terms of clarity, I am here to tell you that you can always always always find it at either getter the Jeff catch show on getter or on Facebook at the Jeff catch is why I asked a question couple moments.

Garay how would you feel about the government setting yourself. Sounds crazy right we we in the United States of America, at least up until now have engaged in the free market right that the private sector, supply and demand God I don't have to be Dave Brad, the Dean of the Liberty University business school to figure out that supply and demand has an impact on wages. What is it that you do that's going to determine what your your worth is in a financial sense, not a humanitarian sense, not, not whether you are or are not right with God, or what your your personal beliefs are how you're living.

11 talk about it. I'm just talking about cold dollars and cents.

So I got a friend of mine who is a world-class ophthalmologist and I don't mean like your run-of-the-mill ophthalmologist honest-to-goodness world-class ophthalmologist there only a handful of people in the world that can do with my friend us news for you is worth a lot of money. Why is there only a handful of people in the world that can do what he does, talkshow host broadcaster. I do some other things as well but what am I worth. Well, like everybody and not not get paid what I'm worth. I know anybody who thinks getting paid with so as we all have that relationship right but but I understand their X number of jobs for a talk radio personalities and so many stations to do it so so this is the relative worth and what is the size of the market. How many people listing with the advertising that's generated all those into the equation and I've been doing this long enough that I can examine those books and figure out okay to go hereunder, go here. This will get free market, fast food workers fast food worker's are good people, for the most part it's hard work, I get it.

It's dirty work can be dangerous work right.

You stick your hand in the fryer later. That's not a good day, but how much is it worth because I'm here to tell you as someone who has never actually worked in a fast food joints. I'd be willing to bet that I could learn what I needed to learn to work at the fast food joint, pretty fast. My youngest son works at a golf club golf course and his job is taking care of the golf cart so he makes what he makes. He's not a brain surgeon was 17 years old so I'm expecting to be a brain surgeon. He gets paid what he gets paid because quite frankly washing and cleaning the golf carts while a difficult job, a nasty job, messy job is not all that complicated job and he in the last. I guess it's two years of his work. There he started. I think we was 15, 16 LB eight so he's figured out man I don't know you don't so he wants to be a school guidance counselor or psychologist in a kind of flow together but he learned the value right because he gets wet, dirty, and people don't tip them even though when he took the job rely on your latitude like now been there two years. I think he's made $14 in tips but he figured out.

Hey, I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.

I had some health good. That's the lesson.

Now let's say you're working fast food joint working there and I don't know what the minimum wage is where you are, maybe it's $8.10 dollars 12 does whatever it is, fast food work is a minimum wage profession.

Why is just about everybody can do it.

That doesn't mean that if you are working at a fast food joint. You're a bad person may just be in your job and all that complicated except in California, here we go again. The Democrats in both houses of the California state legislature. The state assembly in the state Senate have now passed a bill that would make the state of California responsible for setting wages for half a million fast food workers in the state. It's not a law you they send it over to Gavin Newsom for his signature. Remember now Gavin Newsom is the governor of California is really doing is running for president. This particular bill creates a 10 member panel called the fast food Council and the members.

The fast food Council would serve for 10 years. It will govern and I quote here restaurants, consisting of 100 or more establishments nationally that share a common brand or that are characterized by standardized options for decor packaging products and services. Some people buy a franchise of the fast food joint. That's kind of their retirement right some people that I've known over the years of Saddam to buy another home somehow and have a rental property, and that's kind go to be with my retirement as I don't really have a good retirement worker. My 401(k) is this my IRA so so I know people to do that and I've known people over the years and said well say what I'm doing. I am to buy a McDonald's franchise or a Burger King franchise and Arby's franchise and they do it so you just turn on. Is it right 100 or more establishments. People think well so what you hundred restaurants man you're making big money, it's 100 establishments nationally. So let's say you're the guy in California who says I want to buy a franchise as a retirement vehicle or as a supplementary income vehicle is my main job that you don't own 100 establishments you will want to fat just for giggles, let's pick something that maybe is not in California. Brenneman, In-N-Out Burger obviously is all over California. What about Culver City but no culvers from the Midwest culvers has the other butter burger and frozen custard. It's a thing of beauty. I love cold, but culvers is fundamentally a Midwest operation. So let's say you're the lucky guy who goes to them and says hey I want to open a culvers franchise in California. Okay you know it but they got 99 job somewhere else your under this rule now because there are 100 of those establishments in the country you want to know how much the salaries going to be our will. Hang on a second. I will share with you just a moment what the fast food Council. If in fact governor Newsom signs it into law will do the bill was called the fast act and you will not believe.

Well, maybe you will exactly who it is that's going to be on this board.

Setting wages for fast food workers goodness. My hair is going to hurt by the end of this 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 I remind you that the Jimmy Galliano retired supervisory Special Agent for the FBI's going to be with us and not just couple moments I get the lay of the land. What happened tomorrow. Lago does anybody still support Christopher Ray, the director of the FBI. What's next for those brick agents as men and women actually go out and do the job because those folks I believe deserve our support it. Since these upper levels manner: a lot of stuff into question social media.

If you don't mind a go to a Facebook and get a like to be Jeff Katz. If you're over on Geter, the Jeff cat show on Facebook the Jeff Katcher of course multiple times that you want to be headed to Todd you get the very latest in terms of information and news and commentary, but in addition to that task. At some really cool stuff that you can get over there, including his latest book via the devotional the daily biscuit great great read. Just something to give you a little chart each and every day.

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The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't got along very well. Not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature. Right now Colletti hundred 246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is to be sitting for my friends go to see you last book I was headed to Leonard Skinner is slightly different by going to see a Broadway show Broadway. It's a here in central Virginia NewsRadio WR BA in central Virginia and a regular basis. We have a great theater called the Tria and Broadway enrichment series going to see that tonight nothing about all these good things.

Have a great time I come across the store that's crazy people in California battle never happen anywhere else but the listeners was actually covered in the Wall Street Journal you know that that terrible terrible publication that actually many times engages in a term used to be all real report yes yes and do some reporting anyway so this measure in California that would create the fast food Council what is known as the fast that it has passed both the California State assembly and the California State Senate is sitting on governor Gavin Newsom's desk if he signed it into law. It sets up the fast food Council. They will serve the members. The fast food Council for 10 years. The Council will have members appointed by the governor and the Democrats who lead the legislature. They will appoint workers, union representatives and apparently some actual employers.

The Council will sets hourly wages for fast food workers starting next year if it signed into law of 22 bucks an hour while they would set hourly wages up to $22 for fast food workers starting next year.

If it is signed into law. Once again I don't be nastier. I really don't. I don't be rude. I don't recruit him a southern gentleman by choice. Born and raised in Philadelphia but I came south of the Mason-Dixon line as quickly as I could with $22 an hour for the fast food workers and Shari's little excessive. Why is just about anybody just about every body can do that job. The fast food Council. The government entities setting wages for fast food workers would also be able to increase them annually, as the same rates as at the same rate. Rather, as the customer the consumer price index. While that it was a previous version of the bill that was passed back in January. I'm not quite sure where that is at this points. It allowed the Council again comprised of appointees from workers, union reps, etc. to oversee workplace condition such as scheduling. Can you imagine it.

You're the guy who's hired to work at the fast food joint in your your job is to go ahead somebody a bag with the burger and fries and get the other right size soda cup available and fill it with soda and you don't like the fact you go to work on Saturday you'd be able to take it all through the fast food Council and have some state agency decide if you should or should. It's a little out of whack right. It also in the previous build made restaurant chains joint employers of their franchises. Employees while now those provisions were taken else but these other provisions remain. This is not how it's supposed to work. Certainly not in the United States of America. Certainly not with the free market certainly not with our dreaded private enterprise practices, free enterprise supply and demand Econ 101. Government setting wages, starting with fast workers. Oh, let me ask you this question. Those fast food workers who would be bumped up to $22 an hour because of the fast food Council appointed by liberal left-wing Democrats in California. How do you think those folks are gonna wind up voting. The next time there's an election anybody vote against their own self interest.

The only people that do that are talkshow hosts see as a talkshow host, the easiest thing to do is to talk about somebody was doing something wrong, like Joe Biden or Barack Obama. But I voted against my own self-interest. I voted for Pres. Trump and I even voted for the guy ran against Barack Obama. There were interchangeable Republicans one person who was part of that member Sarah Palin.

She lost in Alaska document the details of what really happened there in a couple moments. It is bizarre and twisted to say the least.

And who knows maybe will be able to fix this as they had closer to the real election.

I don't know.

Check us out online Todd Todd it is Jeff nature changing the world one life at a time. It all felt that the doctor called all my and I all supplements but taking throughout the years, there were good there on the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years I can tell you because it's the same path years that Myla and I'm really start your journey: 100 246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is universities do you see is starting to show you what I had to rest all moral team. I believe that the current attorney general is good to say this to go whichever way you like. I think the current attorney general is the most political Atty. Gen. I've ever seen.

I thought Eric Holder had that distinction, but I think I was wrong.

I think that Merrick Garland is rather similar rather similar to John Mitchell and all of his creep activities for then Pres. Nixon that that's my perspective here. I'm troubled as I look at all this activity as I look at all of these filings and there's there's these written did pieces of the affidavit and then the photos that were leaks not too long ago of allegedly top-secret information found in this room at Mara Lago. I'm troubled by all of which you know what is really disturbing to me.

And I mean painfully disturbing to me is that there are 12,000 FBI agents who go out every single day and they do the right thing and they're not guided by political ideology.

They're the ones were being attacked. I just curious to know the sense of some folks who have served with the FBI and I'm happy to say have a dear friend who served with distinction. He is a West Point grad you have seen him on television, whether it's CBS or Fox you read him in a variety of places including the New York Post, he is a retired supervisory Special Agent from the FBI in my go to guy on matters like this, Jimmy Galliano, Jimmy. Thanks for being here.

Always great to join you and I know we got a lot to get into the short year and let's get into all right, let's get into it. You saw the DD leaked photo the other day.

Top-secret documents recovered from this room at Mara Lago, easier sense of what's pictured there, but also your sense of having that leaked that word that would fear and I hate to say this because my week was back in her and I know at the top Yacht despite staying. We both love and respect the 12,000 sworn agent. The men and women to do the hard work and in their taking direction from the top and all your listeners your yard and Todd's listeners are certainly going to know that the FBI's lead by political point.

The way that it is the president has the right to appoint the FBI director search for 10 years and then Atty. Gen. is another political appointee, and obviously everything that happens in those agencies is directed there. I saw that he kinda made me cringe. I get it. I remember there were times were defense attorneys, especially in public corruption cases we get out for the cameras and when I was a young FBI agent making cake I bought today. Shut up and do your job. You know when I can weigh in on this and you get battered in the press like gosh if I could just put this out there, you would be the margin of victory, but we're not trying to make public opinion following the law director for your favor.

When I saw that picture reposted Jeff it will literally turned my stomach. That was political opportunism. There was no need for that. He didn't prove anything. We knew that there were some documents that were considered to be classified top-secret secret or confidential and this should have been litigated in court, whether or not the president with the former president had the right to have those were not. It shouldn't of been litigated in the media and unfortunately Jeff, it is, it absolutely is a mutual friend of ours. I was referred to him as the smartest lawyer on gods green earth that Joe Marino, who was the legal counsel to the FBI was it was good prosecutor with the US attorney's office. I was chatting with him is a listen present United States can take anything and say it's declassified. There's no form such and such that he has to fill out.

He doesn't have to turn around twice counterclockwise. He just says this is no longer classified and it's no longer classify know. Maybe it's messy maybe there should be a procedure but it's just the way it is so have to ask you as somebody who spent 25 years inside the world's greatest law enforcement agency.

The greatest investigative body. I think that we've ever seen anywhere. What are those brick agents. Those 12,000 go out every single day to do the job.

What are they thinking right now we do share a friendship with our our friend Joe Marino any right that we write present has right there is the prospect involved in that meeting and I know you're probably made that point roll out of bed one morning take the nuclear document and say this is unclassified.

There is a process, but the ultimate authority he or she is the ultimate authority in those kind of thing. What are the brick agents think well Jeff, we know that it is you know your folks of their listing near been following the news and the audience so I know they are. We know that there are whistleblowers that have come to Sen. Grassley may come to Sen. Johnson inmate, Congressman Jordan and they have basically pushed back on the notion that this is being done above workbook. I'm not here to defend the president of the 44 45th president present present truck got a bevy of lawyers that can do that on their own and you chemically qualified to do that. What I'm suggesting and what I think a number of former FBI agent retired yet. I and I think the number if I heard correctly last night and Fox news is about 20 onboard FBI agents were acting as whistleblowers are concerned disparate treatment under the law of meaning that the laws not being applied evenly. We can allow former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to bleach. 33,000 email. She is the governing authority could what needs to be reviewed by investigators when those emails were under subpoena and what gets turned over and what doesn't. No one kicked in her door in Chappaqua, New York, and the way that they're treating this, Pres. and more Lago where we know that since back in January or February and a our national archives and records administration with an active conversation in negotiations with the president.

The president lawyers to turn over items that they felt that he should not be in possession of why turned to this I had to believe, and I know people like Annie McCarthy were much smarter than me suggested maybe there was something else that has to be Lord there. There, as I read more and I've looked at the start sworn I've looked at the redacted affidavit and that the underlying backscatter just I don't see what I see is a case of missing handling of classified documents into go this route, unless they can prove that he was actively dining their request for them to be turned back over destroying them or giving them to Hanoi. Pyongyang asked out like that which we all know Jack, I don't get well I'm glad to hear my good company then because I don't get it either. I do see it strictly as is the scorched earth political policy when Messerli get in the politics of my politics are such that II think it's administration. The frankly has done a terrible job so far, and continues to do a terrible job and likes to distract here and I might ask you to weigh in on that. But that's that's my perspective. Let me ask you about this guy who was apparently either retired or resigned or just up and left. The guy was in the Washington field office who, if I understand it correctly was kind of guiding agents away from investigating the Hunter Biden situation. My am I reading that right so you're talking about the name of the ULT. I did not know him personally. I know everything and almost the degrees of separation really all know each other out some way to connect with other people. I did not know it did not work with. I know that he was the stage and on the William Jackson case.

When Jefferson was the Congressman the number years ago that was arrested for taking cold cash is and in the feds busted him. I believe Mr. Tribble with key stage and on that, back, and with the Democrats so I look at things in and I wonder when I hear what I'm hearing. Again, this is this is true with the whistleblowers are saying that he had attempted to use the term depressed but you know what the FBI director was asked about this when he appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and I believe the FBI director's exact terms in regard to this Jeff was deeply troubling.

So you know I don't have all the details on that.

I know that this person makes partisan social media post about the former president and you know about some stumps impact that were very anti-prompt and look I say all the time.

You know, FBI agents, you know people at work. The Department of Justice people that work in the branch they have to be careful about you know political supporting political efforts while on the job, but they have a right to make donations to the habit. What I always say just because you do something doesn't mean you should back now that you find all the immediately hardest and comment from a guy who made prior to the 2020 election to not further pursue the Hunter Biden laptop Jeff I'll echo Chris Perez words deeply Jimmy Galliano is joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line retired supervisory Special Agent Jimmy I am I'm over time, but I want to give you about 30 seconds or so.

If you don't mind to remind us about the law enforcement legal defense fund you're on the Board of Directors is an amazing organization. I want people to know about it if you can do it in a in a brief period of really quickly here go to that we where an organization that supports and provide funding support litigation supporting police officers that have been unjustly used of a crime. We don't take on every case, you can go on there and you can read up on the cases. There are number of police officers that need our support and I hope that your listeners will take a look and do what they can to help. I appreciate it so much.

Thank you, sir, that is Jimmy Galliano in our public patriot mobile newsmaker line retired supervisory Special Agent from the FBI, Jeff Katz happen to be sitting in for Todd. It is the Todd start show nature changing the world one life at a time when something like that I stay away from drugs and all the stuff that the doctor, so the goal like this all my and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years, there were good there on the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years something I know how I is the same path years Myla and I'm really balance is start your journey, when he hundred 246-8751 or go down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance start show Jim Gantz and BBC joining you from the University's couple moments now Tomczyk was with us and that name sounds I'm sure sounds but zig, you almost assured are familiar with Tom's dad, zig Ziglar, and Isaac passed away a couple years back but zig was one of those guys that the inspired millions of people and II I'm always amazed at how many people studied. Would zig Ziglar taught to taken at the hard I like to think I'm a relatively good student and then I meet other people who go Stamp Act. Please let me show you how it's done, but time to join is because I want to talk a little bit about this changing situation across America in business we came through coven and remember what happens. I know it's a long time ago.

Conscience two years ago to half years ago. Everything was changing right well everybody will always work from home while that's not the case there any number of businesses that are said hey were open for business again and you need to come back to the office. Some people have not done my situation is unique because right along with Cove. I tripped and fell in and fall as a charitable description went flying across the hallway. As I tripped over this loose flooring at the radio factory.

I hit the wall and put it mildly. I will be going out with with it the rest of my life. I've learned like every 90 days. I will get to go to the dock some other sort of procedure done, but I won't be going back anywhere. I guy got now, this remote location. I called the plaque shack because it's like all this cool stuff on the walls that really if you think about it. It's kind of a tribute to my insecurity and low self-esteem and Heidi won't let me hang any of the school stuff up in the real house were our guests could see but I hear it's all mine.

So is where I work.

Okay, this is now my work location again. That's the exception.

There are people who are going back to traditional settings. Then there was this thing that we heard about called the great resignation was a great resignation, a whole bunch hey listen I just had figured out there's a lot more important stuff going on.

I was happy to see the first part of that because I really do think there's a lot more to life than work and I don't care what it is that you do. There has to be more to your life than just work. It could be a tedious difficult job you have it made.

Might be no easy cool job like talkshow host or whatever this guy be more to it is gotta be yet. I'll be preaching here, but I think there's gotta be a faith component. I think there's gotta be a family component and you should be aware of the things are really, really, really important, but you know what used to gotta get groceries, you still got put overpriced gasoline in your car. I guess you could plug it in to charge right because Everett was driving electric vehicle accepted, you know, California which has now moved further down the path to outlaw gasoline vehicles. They just came out with another one of these directives you're not allowed to charge her electric vehicle anywhere in the state of California during certain hours because it will crash your power grid sounds are not actually ready to do away with all the gasoline powered cars, but it's just a detail so that you had a great resignation and then it was like a recalibration sign but I do want more time with family or what have you now were hearing with the economy, such as it is hate to be the one who breaks his two-year college I'll do one of those Joe Biden creepy whispers, right but it's not good inflation at 40 year highs when our hearing talk all over the place about layoffs.

So how do you wrap your head around all is well. As I mentioned to you, Tomczyk was to be with us in a few moments, Tom has looked at all of this is calibrated all of this disease just somebody who has I think a very, very unique, insightful, intelligent way to address it and chat with them. I'm really looking forward to doing that. I will remind you quickly about all of the social media options that are available to you. Obviously you should be checking out Todd start' every single day multiple times each and every day. In addition to that, if you don't mind liking VHF catch over on Facebook, I'd appreciate it. And if you don't mind the following the Jeff cat show on getter. I would appreciate that as well. Todd does an amazing job. Each and every day and not just on the air.

Todd start' you can find his writing unified's commentary. You are going to find a show of course Todd plus your to find some great books including the latest the daily devotional daily. This is a great read happy to be here. Jeff cat sitting for my friend Todd this is Todd start show natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, position not been practiced for 40 years. When I started I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my 60 and over not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would used to heal itself.

Don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to dans to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance*show shift. Canned salmon is for my friends joining student what has happened to the Great American work. You know that's an article today what has happened to the Great American work, the, the epic times. No really epic times. I think it's great that publication really do what has happened to the Great American worker will I know we've seen this reevaluation of priorities we have seen some people step up and say okay I'm a real leader. I'm not not a Quisling I'm not a mid-level manager not a paper pusher of a real leader and so I've heard the concerns over here. I understand the challenges over there. Let's let's get this all together and let's keep moving forward. But we heard about the great resignation member that Jeff things far more important to me than work okay well I agree with you and is kinda bizarre because I love what I do.

I really do. But my family my faith far more important to me then my job and that's someone who loves what they do, don't love with and that's gonna be a slog. So we go to this great resignation and that we have a recalibration of how the workplace is going to be. It's knocking to be at should be, and now all this buzz about layoffs coming from various and sundry companies in various and sundry sectors of the economy. While I don't know how to make heads or tails of any of it really so I look to somebody who has spent a career. I made a lifetime looking at this finding via the kernel of truth, the that the piece of hope over there get everybody on the same page getting stuff working.

Tom Ziglar is just a brilliant guy and a wonderful author and I'm just thrilled that he's joining us right now in the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Tom, thank you for being here. The pleasure is mine.

Believe me, so I just push it into the deep end of the pool.

But let me ask you what the heck's going on in the world of business today in America. I call it, you know, I believe that were highly pandemic motion and now it only you and Company infrequently fight every day we wake up at the disrupted and people value of all this changed in the way we do business is changed and feathers all this uncertainty go about so we talk about the uncertainty but I have to ask you because again, this is this is what you do but let's not kid ourselves. You also come from this amazing lineage where you know your dad who millions of people loved and knew he was leaving people through challenging times. Then what is it that you can provide to somebody that says okay here's how you're gonna lead your team through these sort of choppy waters where I get really I think until recently, many people have their priorities out of order started with work at their number one focus of the night oriented everything else around that and then suddenly the pandemic that might affect that life is uncertain how anybody people we love and went out of business and are out of business and then people start working from home and all of a sudden there are more jobs than there are people to go get those job and people know what I really want my life the matter you know what I want to make it different. I want to tell. That's really great nation really started people like you know what I don't know exactly what I should be doing but I know not what I want, but then asked the question okay so you work it a good that you really believe in the mission of that organization and you have leadership that values you and helps you to grow every day. They care about your own purpose or goal and protect your quality of life which you would you like the problem all of a sudden leaders are having to understand not just the paycheck but keep somebody on board. They have to stay in purpose and what they do they have to buy into it. They have to have some sort of flexibility or economy and may have to believe that leadership cares about caring much more than just a kind word sky doing that's right.

Now do you think is you look at this. Do you think that the majority of companies are doing that are the majority of the managers and I want to be nasty, but I always try and separate managers and leaders because because there's a world of difference, right right out in the book and later I talked about the type of leader categories are called direct manager and the coach leader okay the hierarchy will do it because I so top-down manager but I called direct manager they got sharp teeth and forearm sharply to delete out of fear because I said so in short arms because I like to control and in that type of leader. It doesn't work over over camera start working remotely you're being told what did nobody likes to be told what competent people like to be asked hey what you think of the best way to court. I need to be led in that process will coach leader comes at her from a totally different perspective which is a what you think we should do what how do you solving this problem. Your situation and then the coach leader through effective questioning starts to guide and direct the outcome and create a plan with that team member that the team member create create something out ownership and totally different level by absolutely as Tom Ziglar is joining us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is where you will find not just Tom's writings like a 10 leadership virtues for disruptive times, which is great read but of course the entire zig Ziglar collection so so let me ask you this time.

I know it's totally unfair, but your good guy you can handle it.

I'm sure Ziglar Ziglar says board to win. Tom Ziglar says choose to win 2022 and beyond, which is right right would one) title no we may not be border later or we may not be born a loser.

But World War II that's I really do believe that we are born when we have every ingredient died of it already be recognized. Claim developed and you rights already there. But guess what we got to and so foundational you're bored with.

Which means you have all the ingredients everything necessary that you got in that what we teach you the choice is yours. And really what were talking about today is people lost hope and where they are in the situation there and after father lead leaving wire. The wire they get engaged when somebody brings hope in the course. My dad never give a problem so very true hope is not a strategy but you have action know what the right leadership to create plan.

The action that leads to that dart out and we've all got achieved by that's where we are. Our country desperate need of a leader not only hope but a plan to get there well from your lips to God's ears. That's exactly correct.

I would I would love to add to get some of the publications like 10 leadership virtues for disruptive times into the hands of everybody. Everybody both sides of the aisle top to bottom side to side in DC and say you can't make any more decisions until you have read this book that would be my plan. Tom I don't I don't others go to work but I just tell you what I would do fine on providing hope you got a provide the action plan on that one though, we gotta figure out the steps to do that. Let me ask you Tom as as we sort of wrap this up again.

I appreciate you joining us in your travel back and forth in time zones and in the fact you could make some time for us to join us of the patriot mobile newsmaker line means the world to me.

For folks who have heard us talk a little bit about your latest 10 leadership virtues for disruptive times. Maybe they want to get it for themselves. Maybe they want to buy it anonymously put it in plain black brown wrapper slip it under the bosses door. You know whatever they want to do what is the best way for them to do that you will get it anywhere you audible, but if you wanted in order to become through their autograph and in the book is the polar remaining on what the mindset we gotta have the leader and once we have the right people are going to follow. How we love our people in Berkeley. Everybody love your people nobody tells you how the book.

And finally, how do you have a conversation with somebody on your team that helps them to grow and become the person they were created to become and that we talk, where you get it if you wanted autographed well I think everybody that's just my own personal beliefs Tom is always a pleasure to chat with you. I appreciate everything that you do it and like I said, I really do appreciate you make it a couple of moments for us to like to chat about all of this may certainly thank you sir, that is Tom Ziglar CIG L a R virtues in the business world virtues for leadership.

These are the important things you and I have to deal with should be dealing with every single day. You know my friend Todd is a big is big teeth and you've heard them talk about what his favorite's life changed in their having a big summer sale you buy three get one free, why not make a commitment to feel your very best life changed is an amazing natural gentle cleanser you can use it daily for optimum got health. Todd is drinking it every single day. It is the right combination of 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate light changed. He's been around since 2007 made right here in the USA easy to brew to keep it in your fridge you drink it every single day it's summertime and Todd always wants big.

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This is the Todd start Joe natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for four years. When I started I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much unnatural element. There's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my 60 and over not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that.

I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself. Don't get so it's amazing what I did two years. Start your journey to better health. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance show shift dance happy to be sitting in for my friends from the Liberty University studios. Great stuff, hold. I really am hopeful that we kind of and on on an up note with with Tom Ziglar really a fascinating guy and there are a lot of good people. As you probably know that in that space to me yet it is one of those situations where he finds working for you and it could be zig Ziglar could be Tom Ziglar. It could be John Maxwell could be any of those folks it could be somebody I don't even know about this thing about people that I read on a regular basis and you gotta figure out what works for you, but I wanted to involve some faith some family. I want you to take a look at all of this.

What whatever is going on in the White House. Whatever's going on in Congress.

You gotta put it all in perspective, every single last bit of it has to be placed in perspective. You and I chatted.

The last time that I said in frittata snow. If someone were to come up to me it's okay describe yourself you like, let's go down the hierarchy. Do you start by saying I'm a Republican. I don't know anybody who starts that when a Democrat I don't know anybody who starts that way I look at my own personal list. My personal list starts as child of God rhyme to tell you how my personal list goes child of God number one husband and father. Number two prowled patriotic lover of the United States of America up with that number three and really far down the list is going to be party politics, but it's going to all relate back to numbers 1213 I got a look out for you. Now I don't mean look out for in the way that the left is to take care of this by now.

I will look out for you because as a human being as member number one child of God is what was supposed to do.

We are supposed to offer help. We are supposed to help others.

Doesn't mean that you are establishing a socialist system by a long shot. The ideas that I share with you some of the craziness coming out to California and I repeat myself craziness, not California but think about it that crap craziness coming out to California State Board to set wages for fast food workers were looking at a number of $22 an hour to start. How's that work out for you will work out very well for anybody. In fact, if you had a time machine today go and talk to those fast food workers who are excited and thrilled her start 22 bucks an hour with his brand-new government bullet euro fast food commission is a great $22 an hour. Yes, and then go back to that same place in the year or two years and and asked to speak to the same people know some of them will have left right because that's generally what happens with minimum wage jobs. People are not getting into the men's careers. But the good of the other people who are left there to tell you where three of those people that you spoke to with your time machine two years ago.

They're not here anymore.

Why is that I thought they were getting bumped up to $22 an hour while they were but the thing is, see the owner of this particular franchise couldn't really afford that even though the California fast food politburo told him that he could and you know what happened. He had to let it lay those people off. Were they doing now nothing will. That certainly worked out well. Hasn't just bear this in mind, keep the priorities straight.

Think about a real hierarchy, honest-to-goodness hierarchy, and every once in a while.

What if you fact sort of filtering you will get that all the time. You know, over a Todd start' Please make sure you are checking that out on a regular basis. If you know my love for you to like the Jeff Show on Facebook at love for you to follow the Jeff Show on gender. It is Jeff Katze always always always happy to sit in for my friend Todd. This is nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house like your product you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet. Regular very good, I don't always do.

So I know about energy and feeling wrong thing to work more energy to work with people I didn't want to do stuff around. I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 100-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance

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