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TUE HR1 051022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 10, 2022 11:04 pm

TUE HR1 051022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 10, 2022 11:04 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Good evening and welcome to another edition was what was left on this day of May, Tuesday, 20, 22 tonight. Always, we do have a lot of information to your way and so tonight we have that the mighty Andrew is our producer tonight. Good evening Pastor way out yonder in Missouri, we have cohost Pastor Joe Larson my strength and power and are highly unpaid professional. He is ready to go to work and from California. We have our special guest is Christopher Rodriguez running for Congress. Hey Christopher how are you practice standard. Thank you so much for having me on over. Glad to have you here tonight and we always start off with 30 minutes of the Bible study and this is going to work good for you because this is the issues the most important issue that we have is the pro-life issue and a lot of people don't understand that when God gave us the five points of divine human government means real human government. Point number three was the entire purpose.

The entire purpose of divine human government was to preserve the image of God, that being fan and you find that in Genesis chapter 9 verse five through seven, and that was given during the weight covenant and that hasn't changed all because he tells you right in there that it won't change and so this is what were talking about the title of the message this week was mothers of the Bible, the good the glad the bad and the sad and we've already went through when we discussed the good which was the blessed woman oceanfront, and few of these do these were very very precious very wonderfully to who believed and trusted God and placed God before everything else, then you had also been he had of course Jaco bed Jaco bed was one of the most famous mother's own history. She was the mother of Moses. One of the greatest leaders in the history of the world. An error in the very first organic founder of the orienting priesthood and then Miriam her daughter was a poet and dent. She was a songwriter to and tonight we pick it up with the most blessed woman of all time, whose name is is known amongst women more popular best known woman in the entire world.

And of course that is Mary the mother of the Lord Jesus and so Joe would you pick it up and read in Luke chapter 126 to 28 and in the six month the angel Gabriel was sent from God under a city of Galilee named after the river mouth to a man named Joseph of the house of David and the virgin's name was Mary and the angel came into her and said, hail, thou art highly favored the Lord is directly blessed art thou among women okay Christopher no USMC's most elite Joe's post reads all the way down to 33 ballot factors that okay so nicely. He had actually 238 Chile was was read-only through 38 okay I thought you are stranded and corn. Saw him service troubled. That is saying and cast in her mind, what manner of salutation. This should be in the angel said under her parents not Mary. For thou hast found favor with God. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus.

He shall be great, and shall be called the son of the highest in the Lord God show given to him the throne of his father David, and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and every kingdom there shall be no end. Vincent Mary under the angel, how shall this be saying I know not a mass in the angel answered and said under her, the Holy Ghost shall come upon the in the power of the highest shall overshadow the therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of the shall be called the son of God, and behold thy cousin Elizabeth. She half also conceived a son in her old age and this is the sixth month with her who was called barren. For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said behold the handmaiden of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. Very good luck Christopher, anytime you want the comment to me just jump right in and do that and so here okay here we going to take a look at Gabriel's note. Gabriel appeared to Zachariah and to Mary but he also appeared to Daniel Gemini years prior, that he appeared to Daniel 500 years. This was his first first appearance of 500 years and so here now remember what they said about Jesus. What good thing could come from Nazareth that was Jesus Joseph Joseph and Mary's hometown to know what why that why they said that there Joe and Louis were in the 30 year veteran of the house running out a plan Nazareth for the city of David know that was Bethlehem necessity.

Yeah Nazareth. Nazareth the people. People would say what good thing could come from Nazareth on the Lord Jesus.

No other reason for all things about that for him. Yeah, no, I remember when you were in the military and there would be tells like Cortland will the cloner here. There Mexico is certain Dunmore is all of these tells in your note and the reason for that was that. You know they were towns where the military would come through that the reports and in the military I know who Linda the most, though, while towns of everything was there, Cologne, Panama.

I mean it was going 24 hours a day and it had a bad reputation because of all the military would come through their and you know what with the guys were doing when I leave. They were looking for two things fun and women and so right and so here that it had kind of a bad reputation because a lot of the Roman soldiers went through their and that in on their morals weren't the best right right and so not help think that the colleges they did so here now we take a look at Mary. Mary was chosen of God for the highest honor that any woman could ever receive. She she knew the greatest joy. Mary received the greatest joy with the birth of Jesus, but she also suffered the greatest suffering the greatest pain with his crucifixion, didn't you back periodically (a couple of times there with his resurrection, I meant in a way that had to be the saddest joyous occasion in history, yet was no missed about this when it when he arose that the change things didn't know note sheet.

This child which are nourished and fed your quote near cared for all of the new CM actually turning into an old God and going to have another minute.

Must've been joy but also a heart ache because you would never again see your son in that sense at all, but you would have a personal relationship with God yourself. So be posted in a very confusing and difficult transition for merit. I want to jump over here for a minute here and to John chapter 8 now John C. In verse 41, Jesus is telling the Pharisees, you do the deeds of your father because he was referring to the devil right then they said to him, we be not born of fornication.

We have one father really God so they were when you think the implication was there with they were saying there were trying to say they were out and out very children of God of the covenant and the there were all children of God because they were curious and part of the covenant well is a little you had yet. I also think you know the rumor mill continued on and you know that you do.

Mary and Joseph were married and she she got married and and so are that yes you got no immaculately conceived with with God and you know my thought is if the rumor mill continued on in. They looked at. They look down upon Jesus as being born into fornication outside of wedlock. Jack's absolutely right that was what they were referring to when they said we not be born of fornication again of the woods. And so here nothing about this is the only one. Think about being Mary, first of all you have. You have Gabriel angel of the Lord, appearing to that had to be one heck of a site right and so Gabriel tells you that you have been chosen amongst all the women that Zimmerman born you. You're the one that has been chosen to usher in the Messiah to give birth to the Messiah. Now that was the dream of every Hebrew woman that they could be that one okay and so here now. Can you imagine what was going through Mary's mind about what why meet right. I mean, and so that was a lot honor. Now the next thing is she's got a teller. Her husband that she's pregnant and I'm I guess it not in then and this is just a guess. This is doesn't say this in the Bible, but you know women seem to be the first was to always know if another woman is pregnant. They did a spot that right away.

So my guess is probably before Jake told anyone that probably her mother or Joseph's mother or sister.

Whatever a realize she was pregnant and so now, not just picture this that you guys your wife comes to you and she's pregnant and you haven't been with her at all and so G7 don't worry about this because is not a man I'm pregnant by God led you know you might might have a tendency not to belabor wooden and I were I would rarely struggle with that. That would that would, I would have to write over a long walk. Yeah I could use it.

Will you don't believe her Lotta stories from these women that we caught but that's got to be the biggest of all offer God. What got you pregnant well in the for a lot of reasons, they would say that couldn't possibly be within so now Joseph he's got Mattie got a bird here because even though they were married. If you betroth, you still had to actually get a paper.

Of divorcement because it was like you were being Mary and so here now, Joseph had heat, he had to do one or two things so he decided he was going to go in and divorce are privately not make a public not humiliate her and actually in those days, he could've had her stone.

It was a common thing for getting pregnant out of wedlock. In case of remember how the mob of Jews was was chasing the woman taken in sin, adultery, and she ran to Jesus as though they were going to stone her remember what Jesus said, he that is without sin cast the parish elder. Her the kind condominiums after Stonington is so here now we see that all this happened. Now you know that the old saying when EF Hutton's makes people listen will forget EF outgoing Gatsby should be bitterly mad and so here now the angel of the Lord came to Joseph in dream now.

When the angel of the Lord is spoken is usually almost always, Chris, Stephanie and and it was done in the matter. Do you think I've got the ability to make you believe whatever he wants you to believe you.

So he's got that ability, but people in the Old Testament book of 100 got to talk to. No computers and they knew they work out what was happening and what they had to do so is God tells you something like with Jonah, God tells you to get ready and go over here you go to, you can listen to that city. Jonah decided he wouldn't get to go God's way he was going in another direction, how that works out for not not well known, so we God tells you look, here's what I want you to do the lettuce will just do it because he's going to get you right where he wants you right when he wants you and you can do it your way, which could be very painful or his way and so here now. He tells Joseph the word Joseph the baby is somebody conceived of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, and so here now as we go through the Mary Ike I can just imagine of this woman just coming. Boy you would have to think wow then he tells her that her cousin Elizabeth who was elderly woman. Very old. She had conceived and she was really give birth to as so thereby here's what Mary did and there is the beholder hamming the Lord being into. According to the word and the angel departed from her.

Now Zacharias didn't actually do it the same way duty out the hard way. He said I want proof he got you got approval to is that morbid tendency you the Bible says that here that women are intact women are attacked in the area of discernment where men are attacked in the area of pride, pride, and so here.

Men have a tendency especially work comes to buying something. I know in the days when I used to have a furniture store. They we commend specially whenever they want to see how it was built and when they would take the drawers out and once it was built or they would they would like like to see a cutaway of a mattress and in those days we had in the mattress.

Mrs. we had something called see the suckers and the reason they were causing the suckers is because we had that we would have mattresses made for us, which were exactly the same mattress as is the the pasta. Whatever differences we had our label and we didn't have we advertised it and not see in disputes, advertising costs a lot of money, and so therefore what we need to commend you could tell them look here. These two beds there the same thing, but this one here is about $100 cheaper set because we we do our own advertising and the men would one look they wanted would want to compare them and that but the women all the women want to see that label as long as they saw that label on their yeah okay that that's what they wanted, so that that was just that. So here now their marriages goes hidden and and that's good. And one reason is better than the other women are quicker to get caught up and stuff like with Joe. It all staying in effect.

If you look about 80% of the people that are the go to his his so-called church services there there women okay but on the other hand, there also the very first was to believe in the Lord Jesus.

Remember when when Jesus his own brothers doubted him when when all four of his brothers doubted him with memories as well. When you go on into Jerusalem on some Palm Sunday going there and do something to show you you are okay and so they had to raise himself from the dead before they believed about them, but the women believed about quicker so the positivists are quicker to believe in the Lord. The negative is there quicker to be caught in any kind of a call to and you see that happening all the time and so here now we've covered so far.

Again, we what we covered shift from pure to wonderful ladies who risk their life to save babies we covered Jaco bed, who was a famous mother of mother famous people and tonight we just covered the most blessed woman in the entire world.

She was blessed amongst all women in the entire word not to master this, because what how do you think God chose her heat. He tells you throughout the Bible how he chooses people, how you judge people honey think he did that I looked at her heart, he looked upon her heart right and can anybody do that.

Besides, God help secure and even for our own heartfelt time. You know it was that thing was that Leslie Staller Weston. The fake news media when she was saying. Our job is to tell you what to think. That's our job and why you think that and that's the far left. They mean that they mean the stuff get these these people are of the reprobate when they have so here now when you take a look at this only has to this hear what you think the name Jesus means because Jesus is the Greek word for which the Hebrews.

The Hebrew word for Jesus, Yahoo shall Yep order in. Things drove over a famous orgy Savior.

You can look at it. Either way, well, the Hebrew word for Jesus is Joshua but they pronounce that Yehoshua the and it's a in both hidden in Greek and and in Hebrew. Both mean Savior, the Savior, the Messiah, the delivery of the Redeemer and so organist also mean Jehovah famous yeah that's what it does what it is. Jehovah overstated the Savior got him looking so all right were to go to break will be back right after this away. More to come once and then Mrs. Cason is fine and the bull's poverty was the moment when insisting all this getting the rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by God have been less than the pain. Once a man in his religion by anime the Constitution and a verbal now the law is December's daily briefing.

Now the snow will trying to see what happens on the sea when by my hands and knees is running smooth and lapsing ranging heaven is heard the sound morning back in 990 when they know you waiver just like me, you, when they stole the church in Waco, women and children. Now the ones served by the now. My hands of Jesus is running to the ranging heaven how voice cries and willingness as the moon pierces what is called and chosen sentence be found faithful on this pass the test of heaven is counting like Christian with our IE's own avenues and indices will now have an on my street rod and I said corruption rains in heaven's and see what you can tell heaven is under siege by looking at our government. Boy Kenya it out as well as give every now and then there's a small local business that gives exceptional service and we like to give him a heads up and it you know here big corporate America so much of it is going, woke, honest is just totally betrayed God and country in us and that's why won't shop at Amazon because Amazon that you know we talked about that last night they're willing to pay $4000 today.

Their female employees to go kill their babies the same thing with the jeans manufacturer. What is it that whatever those jeans.

I believe there called the Levi's Levi's around yeah and and other so anyhow but now and then the final mom-and-pop spotless local business, especially in this who we try to help out, and I wanted to see the Russell Sunoco residence with uncle in Russell Township provided to you for you folks in Ohio court is a rattled row 306 and 87, 306 and 87 as of the Russell Sunoco its own by Stephen Kristin Gage and get his gauge in him. Anyhow, I just want to let you know that would be a good place to go is Christian owned and operated and his family owned and we what were all for keeping the family because the up the opposition is definitely not know we have here to with Christopher Gonzalez is running for Congress Christopher Tellis about district. In fact, Christopher Rodriguez and nine mom California 49 restrict which is Reagan country San Diego County and parts of Orange County and reported Kenneth right in the heart of the district is a purple district so there's almost a breakeven Democrat and Republican registered voter IDs along the coast and I'm excited to find my my Marine Corps combat veteran attitude towards in Iraq and I'm a local city council member in the district married crowd father of seven. Well, we managed farm in the area and very thankful to step up and serve my country absolutely no for you got to Genesis 9 that we mentioned of the Lord said three times to be fruitful and dense building repopulate and it looks like you are being obedient to that and I'm I'm daily fake holiness in this married life and name him and so that is owed so that we can list first look topic to talk about is abortion this week Littles Chucky Schumer announces the set is going to vote on how to codify child killing how to codify count child killing in the hear what they want to do is they want to make a child killing the call abortion of you know they want to make it up to birth but make it a federal wall that you can and if they want to override the states they wanted. First of all this people say well I keep hearing is politician saying that that that should be up to the states know God says he's ruled on that God so you fools out there Chucky Schumer you fool God has rolled on that and here's what he says about people they kill little children. He said your reprobate and not only that, okay, but he makes it very very clear that he is brought the harshest punishment looks good on any people for killing their children and so wanted to your judgment is going to be very severe. Chucky Schumer Chucky Schumer unless you repent is a special place in hell. Now check it shortly crime is that Democratic I'm his party is encouraging people to go out and to intimidate the Supreme Court and going to churches and intimidated and note on Christopher. There is a law, but why is it that the laws only apply in this country at the conservatives.

They don't apply because there is a law against doing exactly that.

But we don't have a Justice Department we do not have a Justice Department, the guy that we have and that Justice Department Mary Garland is a dirty cop.

He's a really a real dirty cop. So what would you think why I think I you know from my perspective in Congress had failed to define when human life begins.

I think art our forefathers when he when offering our Constitution, which you eloquently alluded to yoga God gives us inalienable right created for us in the institution of government art.

Our purpose is to protect those God giving inalienable rights. And that's the foundation of our country and I don't got forefathers ever comprehended mankind not thinking that human like the one. However, they they obviously do. And it's going as far as I California where they have a Senate bill they're trying to pass right now that allows for the killing of an infant up to seven days after birth in a medical facility or 28 days after birth at home and be mom and be any medical professionals that participate will not be held liable for criminal charge so that Planned Parenthood was pushing this policy and are going beyond the wound. Now, now they're actually going into infant side and all about. This is murder the killing of innocent and I think Congress has failed to define when human life begins, and I think that needs to get top priority got up personal top priority for me. I advised by defining when human life begins, which is in the womb. It literally cuts to head off the state snake. You won't have the Supreme Court won't have federal courts ruling.

I am creating legislation. Anyone I like the idea being in the womb and therefore must be protected by our Constitution, the first of all let me just say this God is already ruled on and this is why in the Bill of Rights is that the very first thing that we are guaranteed is life. It says that right in the village life now here when these people and you've had liberals like that's what they do. Death grants life is not it's not with them elective to them. Lying is required.

It really is that they really have a hard time telling the truth about anything and so when they say well the child in the womb is not live because I know I've debated. I've debated these wicked evil people always ask you what if it's not alive, then why do you want to kill, and that Neil that they don't hunt. They can answer that and so is the child. It's a child and again remember the first mention of the first statue that we got of the death penalty was to avoid child killing that was a very first statue and you find that will eliminate go through the five points for will quickly so, because a lot of people don't know this two years ago I went to Lynchburg Virginia liberty University like spoke to 250 County Sheriff's and they wanted.

They wanted me to tell them what does God's Word the Bible say what does God, what is the law. According to God's Word, the Bible is what I'd want the niceties that biblical also here.

The five points and I want to say this over because enough people hear me say it over enough.

Maybe the pickup on that if you go through God's Word the Bible he gave you in the know a covenant.

The complete rundown on the divine institution healing government. What were talking about real divine legitimate.

Our government is not legitimate government that we have right here now today the Chris. God's word called a pastor government illegitimate. God's word because it illegitimate.

Everything that God has said, thou shall not, they say we can do it starting with child killing God's word, the Bible made them very very clear that killing a child is murder, and he said to be fruitful and prosper and fill the land. Everything in our wicked evil government tells you know, you eliminate that you have a hold to population program going out some the very first point that he gave Chris was delimit was given that he did tell you that in verses 10 through 15 to all mankind for perpetual for perpetual generations.

Okay, it's the only one of those covenants that God had made the covers all seven dispensation. And then he tells you this. The second point was the intent. The intent of divine healing government would talk about real legitimate man was the governor for God and the third point this is what we we just spoke of earlier. The entire purpose. The entire purpose of divine human government is to preserve the image of God, that being man and 1/4 point were the ways by which man was to govern for God. He gives you a whole list. There and that's God's laws got stitches. God's ordinances, guides, commands God's promises of God's testimony is God's judgment. God's precepts on and on. These are the things the ways will man was to use and then the fifth point was simple. It any and all people that were in compliance with the first four would be a piece and not where we God our country is in that desperate it is in a battle we God is not that I am here in this youngest part of the United States.

I have not been churches step up and get involved in dicing them in the last dock 24 month argument recoated where there they are now stepping up and getting more politically all and there that there's a saying that goes when the laws of the land are corrupt and the policies are corrupt and evil is because and in their failing because the pulpits have failed at first and I believe that the pulpits of America sat on the back burner for far too long and have failed to influence culture here in America and gone by the grace of God I hope is there stepping back up in getting back in the fight to help shape culture and not let the world you don't do its thing. Because this is what we end up with some years ago here back in the 1870s there was a fellow named Charles Finney he started a college and call Oberlin College in the heat. Today, he would roll his grave if he saw what it turned into it's it's turned into an abomination, but any help will. Here's what he said in 1873, he stated in the last paragraph of his sermon that he titled the decay of conscience and he said if there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for the if the public press lacks moral discernment. Boy does it void. Is it the pulpit is responsible for. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for. If the world loses his Internet or its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible forward.

If Satan rules in our halls of legislation. Boy does he, the pulpit is responsible for. If our political of our politics become so corrupt the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for and you know where he got that message away from God's Word, the Bible tells you exactly what he says. Robinson yeah so there there's intelligentsia begins in the house of God and begins in a pulpit that we have what we call black robe Regiment. There is a number of post pastors who actually believe the word of God. We actually believe the word of God and we stood up against the sin with those pastors when it came to telling you, you had to shut down the church where the mask we didn't we obey God we obey God.

Natalie did not and I know what our church. I had to learn the radio said there's no way were going if it were not going to do that now and so the very first guy that we came to our church that Sunday morning early before you went when they had pastors was the County Constable and will think of it I sitting on your ear off orally. He said He said I know you are and couldn't listen to them. So I just stop by her information about was given any trouble out. Out here they were different cities looking all electric three shut down pop for showing up loud in Oceanside.

I we went stand for.

So I was encouraging pastors you know you know it worst-case if you have that and burnishing fellow believers like the one side parking lot, thou art Oceanside Police Department responded to call plaintiff and not by the great God. Oceanside was kind of a peak season where we refuse we refuse to shut down hold those those ridiculous mandates you don't orient for some because it was a total filing of God giving and constitutional right to worship you know before we go any further. You really need to tell the folks at their list in the California how they can support you. You folks at their list into a praising of the stations out there in California. Here's a man who is the kind of person I would vote for.

And so you need you folks out there. You need to to get the information to go out. How would you of how would folks be able to sign up and help you for the primary. Thank you so much.

So our website is Rodriguez. Congress got you at my race is the nation's top pickup for Republican nation that my opponent Mike Levin at the far left progressive Democrat one 2018 and working to get back next cycle on the head that were that were that you this but with much help as possible to get through that, by the grace of God, and rate of 1.2 billion collapse icon at special-interest. I corporate money that over a little over $8800 with the abstraction Epoque, funded by the people and not really a date close out the district 35 account. I'm a Hispanic conservative proud father seven Marine Corps combat veteran heart recipient is wanting to serve my country this get this community back on track on the one-party rule deck project instruction. I and my district and the rest United States all right will very very good.

There let me ask you this.

Know your opponent was your opponent, Democrat running as a Republican on the Republican ballot now moderate Democrat. I like the Chamber of Commerce type Democrat after he got elected. It was an open rate open seat IEP turned immediately to the far left progressive cosponsor. The Greek guilt voted on with Pelosi at 94% with in reality and everything about 100% line dividing open borders are abortion, I yell unrestricted abortion, you name it and it's just it's caused so much instruction on the ground. We have the highest electricity cost indication on top of the high height gap typography great. It is just yeah it's crazy on the ground, smashing grants three document years from liberal policies that allow individuals to get released for little or no cash bail, including pedophile immediately really and causing such a structure and/or try to sell Pollock spread them your neck of the woods and that's why running, running, fighter, and we need patriots to step up and fight back against this craziness. So thank you so much and never have me on today and Jill if we were to delete somebody out in the restaurant is ablaze with talking and this person would identify himself as a staunch Democrat if he told us that, what would we, what would we probably know or perceive of this individual.

If you're saying you're a staunch Democrat. I know that that person is not my friend of my neighbor that person is my staunch anomie that person would have to be antichrist. Is against everything that I believe in, and this is my opponent writes about Christopher mention pedophilia of the. The Democratic Imus party is ripe with pedophilia and is right they got one in the White House remember his own daughter.

His own daughter wrote in her journal that that that Obama, Joe Biden would make her make her shower with him getting when she was a teenager.

This guy is a pedophile. I have pictures of him with his hands over little children, and everybody knows it but there are very, very few people and the ones that should be bold enough to should come out and just shouted out are like you said Chris are the pulpits, but there so they're afraid to let me ask you this to really quickly on the Supreme Court justices that what they did. The before when they stole the election when they stole the election they intimidated these courts all around the country where the courts were afraid to take the cases they were told that if you take that case you could have burned load murder and antiphon your doorstep and so you better tuck your tail about Ellington and Lee. That's what they did most of these and when they did that when those courts did that of those those courts those judges became black robe horse. They just sold themselves when they did that they sold out us and so now let me ask you this. II believe there's only one person. The night that I believe were real that I can would not bow down to this on the Supreme Court. And that's Clarence Thomas. I don't.

I'm sure he would not bow down. You think there are others is going to say well know were not when I can tell tail run Morgan Stanley standard ground when you think I I I honestly do you know as much of the politics yelling, screaming, approach Front of their home is the law that bans on so we can eat out again that you can't reiterate God is already ruled on God has already ruled on that is so important that we say out loud and declare but when it comes to matters of the American government.

There are some gray areas that are elected officials pass up till now has failed to address and make need to be addressed to come in at back in alignment where they should.

And that's where the debate of the next 12 to 24 months to get me. What should that look like from a legislative perspective with guys like outer space or dedicate initiative and go there direction and you will have the far left California to the extreme of murder and will have states like you help me 50 in Florida. I other conservative states that will realign or where we should come from a federal perspective the opportunity have blanket our country is to define life being declared in the wall and job and I hope and pray that the direct those terms huge part of doubting at 2024 article, I was one of those along with Jim Porter who was really the also the heartbeat bill that fought to get the heartbeat bill passed in the below we need we need to have a life of conception.

Bill God already has God's Word, the Bible is there. It already has a life of conception of the past. No with but here's the thing. There is already a law has been there for a while that states you cannot go out to the homes of these government officials and intimidate them as a federal law, but but now we have we have a so-called Justice Department is dirty. Chris, I called the Justice Department when John returned and I had our battle with the war College and I call the Justice Department and I asked them know they have like seven did that, but was like 1700 attorneys there and I asked them, are there any questions. Are there any questions at all, and they told me well we don't know. I don't know any guy talk to. He said let me ask around, so there were two or three in one around. They were asking to see if they can find any Christians they come back and so we couldn't find Bisno Kristin zero what is that tell you, you know it it it's it's heartbreaking but God, God will write that at the appointed time, the late dialect that we start to have hope. Without the document and an interview. I hope and pray for the comment about start start Democrat unique opportunity. I think you have it that when I'm on the ground is not a lot a Hispanic across our nation.

In particular, Mexican-American, who had always voted Democrat or not. Staunch Democrat is always voted Democrat. That's it. With the.Google who are culturally conservative. They believe in God, artwork like an every day is out other panic that I am done with the Democrat party have been a lifelong Democrat. I know I'm reregistering as a Republican I think that a huge opportunity for small political standpoint with the Hispanic in our nation who are throat coming over to the Republican side where they fit most a lot conservative will here's what's been happening though many places around the country. Here in Ohio, especially the lead Democrats are running candidates as Republicans running candidates in their telling them to go and and register as a Republican to get a Republican ballot. Now that the reason for this is most most people don't don't keep up.

They really don't know that much about who they're voting for.

And if they see they see insert name or something.

Maybe you heard or signs of their of the pull the lever for that person.

Now, for example, in the county in the county where I'm at right now you have virtually answered not a very highly populated county about 13,000 register repeat Republicans and 6000 registered Democrats the posters the flyers without the all too and they ran candidates as Republicans that were really Democrats and so the they went out and when the vote came in with 16,000 Republicans in only 3530 500 Democrats voted so this shows you that over 3000 Democrats crossed over and voted for four Democrats that rent is Republican so were coming up to a hard-core break and so will we come back from the break we got a whole lot more to go. So folks don't go away. There is a lot more to go will be talking to you soon, but I thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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