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MON HR 2 050922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 10, 2022 12:04 am

MON HR 2 050922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 10, 2022 12:04 am

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Donate and listen to podcasts WR authority were back really going to quit with food and he's going to expose what would you want here on any of the fake news media would they do not want you to hear it's it's about the corruption, the absolute corruption in the Biden cartel the Biden crime curtail so would be so go ahead and take it away.

Have one person that I never miss on social media's concept of judicial watch. He is just terrific and he's got a lot of stuff on his plate today. As always, in some victories that are going in his direction. Tom Fitton joins us on the Newsmax hotline, how you doing, sir. Good to be with you.

Thank you. It's great to have you on time. I there's a lot to get to and I just kind of touched on Biden family corruption. Right now we have the admission by the New York Times that the Biden laptop was was real. That was a course admitted by political year earlier and before that exposed by the New York Post, which I would assume will corroborate all of the corruption money not only between 100 Biden, but his father and really expose. I believe the most corrupt family in the history of the United States, but do you think we made any headway with regard to that and getting the message out to the American people in our American people finally getting it well. I mean, I often times on issues of public corruption that usually only one segment of the population that cares about it, which is the population is of the light Catholicism to begin with.

No, in this case is little doubt despite the partisanship that Joe Biden has a major corruption issue and the question is, is our Justice Department and legal system able to investigate that in a way that inspires confidence in the fair administration of justice, and I don't believe that to be the case that the demonstrated speedy case, the Wall Street Journal story out as we speak. The suggesting that the DOJ is focusing on monies paid by barrettes and places like China, 200 Biden you what I think is absent from these reports is the idea or or the follow-up on the evidence that the money for laws also benefited by Joe Biden which the laptop and other evidence seems the GST. And if that's the case with what is DOJ doing of the covering up for Joe. Well, there's been a lot of talk about 200 Biden being indicted Joe Biden that pardoning him there are some cues I think that the media are giving that to the Justice Department are giving that would point in that direction. What you think what your thoughts on the whole thing but I don't know you know why I just don't think we can have an investigation of Hunter Biden without special counsel investigation done without special counsel, taking it over with their these regulations and the jet's apartment. I'm not a fan of the institution special counsel, but that's what the rules are and the rules are there has to be a special counsel when there's a conflict of interest. The Justice Department to investigate a matter in this case the matter involves the son of the president and implicates the president himself and the idea there has been a special counsel is just one more chapter of the work corruption scandal, American history, yes, which is the abuse and targeting of file from God is just apartment and all these other agencies while people like Joe Biden and others when there is actual substantive and that materia subsidence evidence of criminal activity are protected. I saw this headline this morning, NBC, CBS, and ABC. This recording media research Center have not mentioned hundred Biden's name in 259 days.

I find that this this is Soviet Union kind of stuff to me that even after the admission by the New York Times which was very 22 paragraphs of the story that the three major players as far as network television or concern have not even mention his name which says to me, there is a cabal between a mainstream media big social media and the Democrat party.

What are your thoughts what we already knew that cabal would take place in terms of the order was in operation with that of Mathis depression. Your Africa discount the information about the Hunter Biden laptop in 2020. Just before the election and the suppression of experiences that commit it.

You know, it is confirmed that collusion would continue after Biden was elected and is continuing to this day be to start reporting on it is to have resulting questions like why is there a special counsel, one for Joe Biden know when and when.

What about Joe Biden's personal finances. Life there investigation going on there. You have to hundred Biden material, suggesting he was paying for a lot of Joe Biden's expenses with these ill-gotten money and that he was giving up because of Monica's money to to his father guessable how well what's going on there why there been an investigation and this media is more interested in text messages between Ginny Thomas and Mark Meadows than they are about whether Joe Biden's corruption.

For instance, in Ukraine or this family corruption in Ukraine may have implicated or caused the national security crisis in the offensive Penal Code and looking at what he needed to do what he wanted to do in Ukraine and Ceylon to do it because Biden corruption I know is correct because look what Hunter was up to you. I will ask about Ginny Thomas's text messages do you and then there's a lot of talk about that Clarence Thomas as to recuse himself or anything associated with January 6 what you think about those about those communications of the left is attacking the Supreme Court wants to intimidate Clarence Thomas.

You are likely to be intimidated so by targeting Thomas and Ginny. They intimidate other justices on the court, on the very nervous about the court and upset about the court being largely controlled by conservatives and what they can't control they will destroy what about tetra Taj Brown Jackson the hearings and have all been postponed. I guess the decisions been postponed at what are your thoughts on the judge or performance. And in her being a Supreme Court justice. I knew she was a left-wing activist.

I was surprised an unpleasant way by her to learn of her activism for more lenient sentences for certain pedophiles with that's pretty extraordinary.

I was shocked that she refused to define the word woman pretended that she couldn't define it, and her and I didn't now. For instance, about the fact that she was running a school that embraced as CRT and other racially divisive approaches to learning and their school in the school curriculum and and of course her curve selection is the result of race and sex discrimination by Joe Biden new refused to consider other candidates based on race and sex alone and all those reasons combine to my view require defendant to reject her nomination of the problem is Republicans of them planning to lose.

So there are behind the eight ball.

Even despite her disastrous Senate confirmation hearings which which can raise issues that I don't think the American people were aware of before and put her back politically, at least in terms of her confirmation, but will see what happens. Focusing a lot on my show. With regard to the 2020 election and that massive fraud everything from Wisconsin to Arizona to Georgia. I know that you been looking in the Georgia we got Dinesh to Susie's got a new film out where he was actually of the track 2000 vote mules in the state of Georgia. I wanted you discovered about and what if you uncovered in the state of Georgia and where is that the election fraud to expose maybe turning things around for Donald Trump. What are you saying we as a litigation in Georgia to try to figure out why different since the play leaders down there find a consent decree with the leftists to change the rules in a way that undermine confidence in the elections and those of the basic questions that need to be answered and those of the basic questions are the changing of the rules in the way that undermine confidence in the election systems may been contrary to law. And if that's the case that I further confer you know further raises questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election with the left wants to do is they want to outlaw any questions about 2020 election year Malad dispute elections that the left where the result of the left like and what I can stop asking questions you have. The severe here you're pointing out some more information coming out of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and a court decision Pennsylvania, for instance, it suggests that the necessarily suggest that the 2020 election was illegally wrong in those votes that were counted. The methodology that resulted in Biden winning was was not what listed under state law. There now whether it's too late to do anything about it probably is. But you know you know this is one of the reasons this president is so popular because half the country thinks is moral claim on the presidency is is week, I gotta tell you, and I said from the get go that anytime the mainstream media big social media and the Democrat party say that something is misinformation or disinformation, a term that was coined by Joseph Stalin in 1923 he needs it. You know the truth and I like to do all these fires were talking about a Biden corruption and that the the 2020 election as a twister board where the circles are on fire and that the mainstream media is trying to put out each one of these fires. Do you suppose that these are dominoes that are beginning to fall. You had the Russia collusion Oaks fall. You had the to some degree, the ugly cow origins of Kobe virus.

All you had the hundred Biden laptop fall. Do you suppose the next thing is going to be 2020 election you suppose after that there will be others, well I don't know either the media and the left and the Democrats are so intent on threatening and punishing anyone ask questions. I think the election if she was a candidate at least 2020 is a different matter amid their right now China jail. People who raise questions about the 2020 election and that hasn't happened in those other topics you're asking about half enough to be much more difficult road road of how and and it raises disturbing questions about how the next two elections are to be handled. If there are disputes about the way there been conducted and how about the big counted and things like that in the danger is for one half of the country other than the pretend is an exact letter that would be disastrous for our Republic. I will click you had a lawsuit in the state of Maryland with regard to gerrymandering. Where is that and what if you are not what was happening with regard to that we want yes unit Maryland Democrats imposed a radical extreme unconstitutional plan extreme by the way, that's the language. The court used the Democrat judged by the way policy and out coming up with this partisan gerrymander and for those of your listeners in order gerrymander as they redraw congressional maps mapping of the district in which you win the picture condo you which you live. To take your congressman and those maps were an abomination, they they made no sense in terms of local jurisdictions that were compactly you know they look like the Rorschach test right and the court looked at that that that is not appropriate because they were in. It's one thing to be partisan in your gerrymander's.

Another thing to be abusive and they set up the system or map in which virtually no Republican could wind in any congressional district across the state of Maryland.

Even though 35% of Republicans 35% of registered voters or Republican like root out so now whether or not to come up with something new. I expect that with the legal fight about what they come up with but we'll see what all but I do know enough of the first on American history congressional redistricting map was thrown out loud.

Thanks. The judicial watch litigation with extra work you do and and continued success-I feel optimistic despite the headlines that I feel optimistic that things really start to fall, and they are beginning to fall. Something to find you identity to find you on twitter. Also would like to imagine the other sites and also how we can help out judicial watch were on YouTube and Facebook and of course judicial watchdog or judicial watch one all the lawsuits and documents that we've uncovered about Hunter a lawsuit about Marilyn all that there already. We are back in the Joe here. Shop at Amazon and murder a child, your basals Empire will pay expenses for you to kill your baby if you're an employee that great post boards employees live in red states where baby killing could sue become illegal predatory retrial behaved with Amazon will no foot the bill for well that they use the word female enough you can use that word female, no employees.

Are they good birthing employees to had to travel to a blue state to kill their baby to kill her child to these are just basals is wicked and evil, he's ungodly, he's unclean. He's a very evil man boards and cost $4000 including travel will be covered by Amazon folks I would buy Menino I've had. I know I've had people on here that have their books and Amazon. I'm sorry I won't spend a dime on Amazon, not $0.10.

I'm better than that. No, if you're not better than that. Maybe you know you don't mind standing in a little sewer now and then you go ahead and that you buy from Amazon but the Amazon's new baby murder program which is is a response to the late news that the court plans to overturn Roe V Wade, and so hearing not only absent these is one of the will.

Corporations bypass the men of these other companies, including yelp, Citigroup, Apple which of all gone, woke, and they will hopefully soon be broken as result yelp 102 play plates play for that. Would you at would you pray a prayer that the folks I did listen to us. Let's do that. This is imprecatory prayers.

We have many them in the Bible and you you are to be a doer of the word not just a hearer only it's a sin to remain silent when you should speak up. So would you pray Natalie that Joe the Levi Strauss is another one.

Levi Strauss is is there another one in and they're saying pretty much will you know the young people are not smart enough. They're not smart enough to boycott us that they want their genes and build the buying from us anyhow.

They're just not smart enough to boycott us in their young people don't really have any integrity nowadays. Anyhow, that's the mindset that they have so add Levi Strauss to that and that the good Lord would them would put wood would break these people you know we say Q Zuckerberg. He lost half of his billions they went right down the drain because there was a lot of people praying against him for doing what he did so, would you go ahead and folks out there all over the country.

If you believe in prayer seat you're supposed to be a doer of the word, not a hearer only use both Ludwig God loves. It was God hates you supposed to stand against the wickedness standing is the evil stand against this uncleanness. This antichrist system and basals pretty much think you know I got enough money I could do whatever I want and as far as I'm concerned I'm getting of money.

I don't really care what God wants and that's basals mindset. But now here, God's got a message for Basu Joe and that message you'll find over and James and James chapter 5 and in here it is you really ready will go to it. James chapter 5 and this is your message, Mr. basil from God, go to now, you rich men weep and howl for your miseries shall come upon you.

Your riches are corrupt and your garments are moth-eaten and your gold and silver is canker and the rest of them should be a witness against you, and you shall and shall eat your flesh as it were, fire, elite treasure together for the last days. Behold the hire of the laborers who have raped down the fields, which is of you get back by fraud, quiet, and the cries of them which have raped entered into the ears of the Lord of the Sabbath is not good news for you basals no. You can laugh and snigger with you will be left alone. Basals is if God says tonight's the night basals of God says to light the night your soul is required of you.

It will be all the money if you had a million times more money than you have. You cannot buy one more one minute on a hill 12 verse five says that you have lived in pleasure on the earth, but punishment won't be on their little BNL right and so by a pair of Levi's and help murder and unborn child hearing and think you're referring to. Gov. Newsom wants to make. Remember we talked about this California the abortion magnet of the country. Capital of the nation that there cannot have opening abortions and everybody can come to California to get there abortion. Roe V Wade is stopped, so we've got to the quick connect California goals the government of the state of California to this list to learn were going to have Lord's will in men and women from guilt for you.

Rodriguez is running for Congress easily joining us and them. He wants to he needs is in the fight there and so again what we have here in Ohio. The conservatives didn't win the Republicans when you got you got the parties. He get the death ready party that the Republican Party and the tea party and the tea parties, conservatives, and we saw what happened where the Republicans join in with the Delta grants to vote for. Well he ran Democrats. They ran Democrats is is Republicans in women talk more about that as we go. And as we go closer to November. But anyhow we had a prayer dear heavenly father you Curtis dear here what is on our hearts.

Here, the pain, the agony of those of us that love you and love life, love babies, we see what is going on all across this country that hate the evil of the wickedness and now days. Corporations in these companies that are promoting the child killing the murder of the shedding murder the innocent children. The shedding of innocent blood. Lord we lift these people, these organizations there there corporations but there people buying them, pushing this evil and we were just as the Lord that these people would repent or be removed or like Scripture says repent or perish because they will perish if they do not repent and Lord, we ask you to turn their hearts toward you to turn them around, turn them from this path of wickedness of destruction of destroying these beautiful children. Children in the image of God and that the Lord is they will not repent and turn from their ways that you would remove them that you would take away the money, the power or that the as they were trying to remove light from this earth that you remove their life is far better that they leave this earth and the children that they wish to murder and destroy the we asked Lord that you put a halt to this horrible wicked evilness that these people be stopped in whatever way you deem possible and lower digestive system with all my heart. Jesus precious name. Amen, amen. We continue to play you folks out there they will not repent then pray that God will blot them out. The book of the living them out. The book of the living original vision when I do get in an article here that I wanted to open the phone lines will open the phone lines get one. I like screens and already with this when is this cardiologist estimates 30% of US pilots. 30% of US pilots have coated jab introduce heart conditions home and jabbed into the snow and make you want to fly doesn't that is horrible. We are already short, there's a massive shortage of pilots already. Both in the military and civilian aviation commercial airline pilots. This is not good news folks, this does not bode well, along with some of the other stuff I have stuff laying around here about how depression is coming recession. No stagflation report projecting all kinds of horrible things we see right now were of baby formula is short after their having trouble getting baby formula and guess who was told way back months ago that there was going to be a problem with baby formula and the guests who did absolutely nothing about it. Would you believe the Biden administration. No, no damn That the Congress and was warned months and months ago Leno from just the news because of what is happening used to be Joe used to be women nurse the babies. It was when I was a kid growing up and be hard to find a woman who had a baby would nurse and they nurse their babies and say that's that's what their breasts were for they knew it back today that these young girls.

They did their silicone container with a word for that they were for nursing babies okay and but now it's happening because of well that the health reasons and so many of these women think they can produce milk when there's other things, his so they need baby formula and unfortunately is getting hard to find the thing out of the blower last fall came to the Biden administration and said that there is probably contamination problems that the Abbott nutritional nutrition baby formula factory in Michigan and it was a rose D Laurel I Democrats from Connecticut liberal and who release these documents to confirm that the Biden food and drug was warned and ignored the warning did not do anything at all didn't check it out and finally AV started getting sick and dying.

And even then the plant wasn't inspected until quite a few children that died until the end of January and then they waited another two weeks to do a recall and shut down the factory. This this is evil in Biden D say Biden official puts positive spin on food shortages. Never let a crisis go to waste folks displayed in the contest of the airline pilots fears for Kelly safety says US pilots are unable to talk about Jasmine jab related health problems. Joshua Yoder is an airline pilot and cofounder of the US freedom flyers and Embassy group formed to help transportation industry employees maintain their medical autonomy and oppose federal tax statutes noted by the website American greatness unit recently disclosed an interview with vaccine safety research foundation founder Steve Kirsch and the USF if I have already received hundreds of reports of violets experiencing chest pains and other adverse side effects. Thank you. Mr. Fauci already said that's against the law for them to talk about it. Her it's what he said that if that is against the live incentive right really go to the phone lines and no open phone was an open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 and was go to Cliff Cliff your near yeah I wanted some, but briefly to the Chinese in the office this thing. I recommend a podcast I was listening to just before tinfoil hat with Sam Tripoli zone 553 as a guide on it. It's less than its chart that's making a presentation at a lot of clips, but apparently the biggest group there actually drawing from Nancy's following Don which is not a nationality people at practice the likes of spirituality that involves a lot of meditation, exercise, and I don't shrink smoking and they had a little clip and they had a doctor from the hospital saying yeah when we got the phone in unannounced monthly district along almost like you know how someone books a tour and I get the bathrooms and other pregnant that the Lord himself. Since this alarming but but it's a really in the Granite State prison. Talks he has a very good speaking voice. I recommend that then on the imprecatory prayer I want to ask your opinion at Psalm 147 first six and seven where it's I believe this is imprecatory not averse to before the first for a great power of the Lord, which is a good way to preference and may be an imprecatory prayer referred to the once great power, but it's what says that he will cast them down to the ground. Telephone what 147. First, in section 7 on board and that's what I believe he did with another that right yeah he did.

He cast them down to the ground. This is the Lord lifted up the meek, the gas is the wicked, the wicked, down to the ground around the civilians along with thanksgiving and praise upon the harp unto our God and so basically that's what he's talking when he says aware when you get where you buried when you die. I guess Leslie is referring to the daisies eat the wicked he can end up dead unless they repent, and that's what is referring to their lives and it would be another type thing how much you want. Yeah, I can be both.

Either of those sucks so he could go either route, but it's either that can have their position while etc. taken away. Solomon said it's your better off to be a live dog to the deadline and in the reason he said that was that as long as you still love you can still repent.

He can still repent and not go to hell. But once she would to guiding you soon. It's too late. It's all over for you. The question what they saw. 25. We got a hurry because the whole entire board is very briefly one of the very last, says the Lord will you from all your troubles now went from troubled want your opinion on that and on any given trouble redemption from a trouble like this interesting. The last word you say 25, the last three deem we deem is real gun out of all of our trouble thinking what is referring to like if we're well let me see here we deem Israel or gone from all of our troubles will all of the troubles that their main troubles. Rebelliousness in their main fellow that Israel Israel was in a lot of trouble and he was asking them the good Lord to redeem him from all the troubles, meaning bring us to repentance. And so that's what is referring to the world of troubles was just a work just rebellion against God. The rebellion was the number one problem in like today in America think I will be back right after this with a lot more. Don't go away way is 54 and a meeting in the rain and in and in and in and in and in and in and in a already.

I'll remember in November. You can count on that and will be reminding you quote Lord's will and you as though they voted already so no, let's go to Linda Linda your near care. I now for the doers of the word and I'm beginning phone number so he can get ready to take him. Michelle Bachmann went on the war room fan in the morning and made a shocking announcement, world leader are voting yes to the World Health Organization to give total medical control to their citizen and that include the United State stated that Joe Biden is underwriting. There to the WHO and other words down like our power of medical attorney we have. We will have no more medical power. They will take over all of our medical record and everything to do with our medicine so they're going to be voting in Geneva. Click Carolyn on their May the end of this month and it would go into effect in November. So what Michelle Bachmann is doing is urging you to call Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell and asked them to shut down the government and kill, we are allowed to debate in Congress and come up with a public opinion on the public vote, rather than having it done underhanded the way in done for the phone number of Kevin McCarthy directly to eating often is too low to 225915 Mitch McConnell 202-224-2541 I called today.

I got right through to both of the nation to get the message. Is there there leader. Then again I don't trust those guys as far as he does room there.

Well Bachmann of Colorado again.

I don't know well you know we can do lighted invoice are opinion with the highest leaders in the line. Now you know were supposed to.

We have a job to let them know how we feel about it right. Unfortunately, what happens is in that song that we just say I'll remember November and I many times of this week on Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy only times they betrayed us here in the what he did with trumpet out that it tried the I'll try then look at, where layout wheat we can complain that we don't we don't: I don't know what is going to do any good at all but them you need to let them know they going to need to know located we will remember November we will remember.

November they don't going on. Already folks out there. You need to do is first thing in the morning first thing I want to call little no one on no uncertain terms.

We are tired of being betrayed by those who we voted for said there we are tired of being betrayed. We are tired, absolutely tired and we we don't have much much faith in an many of the politicians out there today but really call little note 202-225-2915 202-225-2915 for this McCarthy McConnell is 202-224-2541 and Linda is our San Diego correspondence impactor Toward world government, and if we let it.

The first step so they'll just slide it into the rest of it all.

We got to play with every every breath we have right with God demands that we do them in their Linda the demands that we do that. That was after you've been a watchman on the wall and I think that all these years you will find it coming to fruition, and people are realizing that you know you are are really one of the forerunners of information this country for and we really appreciate it. We were out there 50 years ago and we have some very good people like Kelly shows some of the others, but we were out there way before all the rest of their telling you and every single thing we told you what happened is come the past is not because where were brilliant or anything like that could be no is because what we do it sweet. We can read we can understand we can look at the sides and we can do research and see who is behind the curtain and that's what we been doing and so the Lord you hear Ali here. He has and I can tell you what one thing we have not had one boring day that one in 50 years. No.

And so for now it's good to have you out there. I still wish you here in Ohio to visit yeah we do that and come up for a visit so it's it's summertime is getting warmer and it would be a great thing to do and I believe a lot of the headnote there and visit the new you guys don't come up well that it be great that you know we we appreciate your time and everything that you're doing out there already will. God bless you I got a move on the entire board is lit and that I hope you had a great Mother's Day list go to Jack Jack. Your near you know, I'm out here in San Diego and I think you guys would enjoy it if you came out this way, especially Oceanside coastal city at the prices are reasonable, we have the best weather in the United States. So yeah, you're welcome to come down here. We've been down there before and it's been very infected the last of it was done for the entire 10 days. It was sunny in the day that we the day that we got there and it rained today before it stopped in the day we left to pour down rain. But in between and it was all sunny and also talk about the controlled demolition of the stock market. I think it said another thing on our list that we have to keep her eye on the key factors right now on the value of the stock market at the rate of inflation and the value of our currency and the both related and the both controlled by the Federal Reserve so a couple of things for people. I don't think realizes that when the Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913. It's a government-sponsored enterprise which means that the private institution, but it reports twice a year to Congress and other than that we in 1913 we stopped using U.S. Treasury notes and we started using Federal Reserve note for your currency is not related to the federal government controlled by the Federal Reserve, essentially a private currency and over 99% of all US dollars in circulation only existing fiber space over basically already at the digital currency. In fact, most of the cash is stored at the 12 Federal Reserve district banks around the United States.

Most people don't use that much cash, if any, today. Thanks Gary very very little cash and the rate the rate of inflation. If you compared to how they calculated it in the early 80s would be over 15% if they change the formula we want you to believe that inflation is running about 8 1/2%. Right now, I know Jack had time limiting this a number of counties, especially unlike in Utah on those places. They have their own currency. More and more of are doing their own currency because it because it was coming and also you can see the price of silver and gold is being manipulated. It is being kept artificially low and the reason for that is when the economy is so bad.

A lot of people have been dumped in silver and gold just to try to stay alive to eat and once that happens once enough of it is done dumped you'll see the price will go out of this.

It will skyrocket, and this was take. Basically what I want people to know tonight that the federal government doesn't have occurred. It raises money by selling treasuries on the right filling the debt and the Federal Reserve really had no interest in raising interest rate and has no interest in reducing the balance sheet so don't expect much of a change to inflation to the downside. It probably inflation is going to increase and is just part of the destruction of the United States of America destroying our currency and banking system in the stock market you write and I get a move on with things. Jack and Andy do have this song. Federal Reserve is a federal all will will do it tomorrow okay let's go to Bob Bob your near journey about how to quickly. I don't. I need to cook things. The only other person I ever talked about those mysterious warehouse food processing plant etc. etc. is the one person@W a lot.

But besides that, I know time is short. I told you a few weeks ago I was going to send you a book.

I'm wondering why did God because I sent it priority mail with my hundred $50 money order I tracked it down and thinking what a was received like two weeks ago was the name of the book is not live not by lies of the book right now to manually send manual of the Christian finances real quickly.

The survivors of the Soviet Potala that went how you stayed at.

They came to America their grandmothers or whatever else like that. There was a waiting thing that they are seeing this totalitarianism communist marches a slowly taken step-by-step and advice often means that, and then they say. All of a sudden one they got their keys and cues in order. The next day it will be so on slot. Yeah, I believe I got your book.

I get books every single day and night leaving songs and I believe I got your book I think is got like a is a hardback, it is got a groundcover month my right, they mean a brownie barn now little red and him yeah the word lady got a croissant cabin you see that Mike and I got it night and I did glanced through it already. I haven't had time to really put that gun when I thank you for sending that. But I gotta move on and we got to go to George and George, your last call for today so your near Glen hello here and there would have the George. He just wanted to get into the air.

He's gone, he's gone. He was the last caller.

George, you were the last caller already. He may become all something just happened. Joe Willow still to Joe, are you there all Joe got dumped to the generalities dumped okay to well it must because you not hear anybody know so maybe yeah I think I think Junko gone back. I think this is will be up there… Lighten up there all I know got cut off. It happened did you dump George, did you dump George. This may be George okay all we got you okay George you got about two minutes.

Now go ahead where you got to get rid of our governor in Oregon yeah well there are several really good strong Republican. How could you do that, I mean she's the one Katie Brown did she put all the Tampax machines in the boys bathrooms in the public schools of those guys will confuse her.

Yeah, they were looking for a boyfriend with protect night and night shield was by her mentor the previous so-called governor John Canton which who disappeared with his girlfriend right in front of the sheriff there just about to be a root arrested for various forms of corruption. Anyway, when several heard of the Toppers that is John. They were married.

John Robert, There's No One's Ever Heard of Them. Number Two Got a Hurry.

Go Ahead and I Hear That the More That in Multnomah County.

The Sheriff Says That the Crime Rate Is Out Of Sight. All Capital Crimes Are into the Stratosphere. In It You Short on Personnel and Are Being Overwhelmed by It. So Portland Is Literally If Portland Stretches over like Five Counties Labeled Lonely Counties of Vegas County and Oregon and It's Just Out Of Sight. It's Every Every Kind Crime You Can Think of.

All I Know That I Hear from People There All the Time, but I'm Out Of Time and Thanks for Calling and Already in Joe, You Got Two Minutes to Get to Ms. King.

Can You Give That Invitation to Minute) Scripture Tells Us so Many Wonderful Things Picked up Jesus Said, except a Man Be Born Again He Cannot See the Kingdom of God Pretty Point Unless You Are Born Again Now Being Born Again. Jesus Said I Am the Way the Truth and the Life No Man Cometh to the Father except by Me. That's in John 14 Six so If You Want to Be Able to See the Kingdom of God. If You Want to Be Able to Go to Heaven.

You Must Be Born Again, and the Key Is Jesus Who Is the Way the Truth and the Life and Scripture Tells Us Very Plainly That If You Confess with Your Mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in Line Heart That God Has Raised Him from the Dead Shall Be Saved.

For with the Heart Man Believe This under Righteousness with the Mouth Confession Is Made to Salvation. Romans 10 Romans 10, Nine and 10 What You Have To Do Is Call upon the Father and Confess That Your Center and Need a Savior That You Are Sorry and You Have To Truly Be Repenting the Church since Put Jesus on the Cross He Went and Took Your Place My Place Pastor Ernie's Places Substitutionary Death, He Paid the Price for Sin for Us, and We Ask God to Forgive Us of Those Sins but Jesus There. Then We Asked Jesus to Become Lord, Our Lord, Lord of Our Life. All of Our Life without Reservation, and We Asked Jesus to Give a Step down Payment on the Col. Life.

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God Jesus That I'm in the Father. The Father in Me and I Am in You by the Power of the Holy Spirit and You Become Then That Your Spiritual Baptism You Become a Child of the Kingdom, a Joint Heir with Jesus and Everlasting Life.

You Become This New Creation. This Is What We Call a Born-Again Believer of Son and Daughter of the Living God. And If You Do That You Will Be Changed for Ever and It Is the Biggest Decision You Will Ever Ever Make in Your Life, but It Has To Be from the Heart of True Repentance of Sin and a Call to the Lord That You Take Him up on His Offer of Salvation Right and No One, No One Is Ever Regretted. Not That We've Met A Lot Of People in All Our Years Will You You You You Won't Meet Anyone Who's Ever Regretted It Received Eternal Life in Heaven and Hell. There Are No Unbelievers That Will Help Everybody There Believes 24 Seven Flows.

Believe Me, and yet I Can End up Anywhere but One of Those God Has Said That Guises Either to Go to Heaven or You Can Go to Hell. So.

Curses Right Right Strong but Right Now We Are Out Of Time so We Want to Say Good Night God Bless and Always, Always Came Friday. The Flight Fight Bob, Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right.

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