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TUE HR 2 051022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 11, 2022 12:00 am

TUE HR 2 051022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 11, 2022 12:00 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul

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No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions.

All businesses but with LifeLock it's easy to help protect yourself. Save up to 25% off your first donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are back and speak about coming back to church Sunday we are going to be showing therefore 30 hours for the 30 hour this coming Sunday afternoon. The film 2000 meals will be showing the film 2000 meals we been telling you all along folks remember we told you from day one effect we actually told you. November 3, 2016 the very day the president 12 won the election that the next election in 2020 would be the most corrupt election in the history of the country and you would see election fraud, like you never see we were exactly right.

That's what they did and he is all documented.

I will going to be showing you in that film doers of the word Baptist Church, 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH and that will be showing a film about 430, so this coming Sunday Lord's will and Lord's will and already until no longer prolong work that you're right on several things. One, you been talking about this lecture next election in November. Headline came out late today. White House warns of 100 million covert infections this fall down and they're talking about right. During one the myth terms will take place, will have 100 million covert infections. The guidance covered response coordinator is asking Congress for 22.50 in emergency aid to pay for 1/4 round of shots and treatments, and testing, and they're talking about this very much that could help to implement once again the universal mail-in ballots because of the terrible covert this section that's coming this Thursday. They already know it's coming in November and now it's in the news again will you know we totally knew that that was can have the Jill Fisher and finally, the news is catching up without their the Center for biological diversity. You know that group with a group that supports quote population control is one of the populate or have gotten together with seven environmental groups led by Greenpeace and the Center for biological diversity and there are arguing that the Supreme Court must be extended court packing because Roe V Wade is the rule in the world of the faithful want to depopulate and they cannot stand the idea of no abortions.

So, again, that some threat out there trying to what population control. Not only this country but the whole world so there again twice you been right and why it way ahead of the news. Well, that's because our job that's our job is to bring is to inform the people of the opposition jobs to keep them from it right. The key to true from you know it's an interesting thing because we warn people about the. The kill shots. The so-called vaccines and now Joe here. There's a big article that tells you that 97% of the people that had who had died after taking the vaccine. 97% of those that have died after taking the vaccine actually died of the vaccine. They actually died of the vaccine and visit article put out by life-size 9793 93 and the that that is the results of Burkhard pathology reports that here.

I just give you a summary quick. The vaccine is a very bad news. 15 bodies were examined and all died from seven days to six months after vaccination, aged 28 to 95.

The corner of the public prosecutor didn't associate the vaccine and the cause of death and then in any other case, however, further examination revealed the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 out of every 15 cases you'll hear the most attacked organ was the heart records American diet.

The 14th out of fifth every 15 people that died died from the vaccine and so not out there in California. Here the Democrats are single-handedly making the supply chain crisis worse than doing it worth their you still got still have a lot of Bigley's big cargo ship sitting out there waiting to be unloaded of people keep saying Chris that Joe Biden is incompetent. This is why he's not a companies that working for us is owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party United said that the Chinese Communist Party what you think while you sure are incompetent and I just from one area to the next. Anything is polished touch anything Democratic policies move toward me because it is you are more crime, more economic devastation or more embarrassment on the world stage and we have to take back the house in the Senate and in the midterms and and and eventually the presidency and we don't how much longer we can handle the Biden administration will again this is what I'm trying to tell people the selected UK. Every day this is going to be a red synonymy going to be Republicans to sweep but they have to understand that in the primaries what they're doing is the running Democrats in the primaries is Republican, so come November when you think that all of these house seats were picked up by Republicans.

They're not the Democrats rings Republicans this is a strategy they know that they cannot win in a fair and honest election. I don't have a chance of winning. And that's with and that's what you doing, whether announcing the agreement. Here, covert resurgence in November. It's amazing how they can pin it right down for the month. Yeah yeah you know another issue is that you know are your Congress under Nancy Pelosi as the speaker. They're pretty much shut down there not doing the work they gave been doing remote meetings. 90% of the time and they're not meeting in person and on in California at the same game you have Democrat majority, and they're doing all their public meetings be assumed there still still at declaration instilling emergency power under the government under the governor's executive order for coded and it's just their continuing this nonsense because they've taken power and they don't want to get it back to the people and they're going to leverage every inch they can to grow government and suppressed the people with nearly 1 of the big problems is that those people from California. Many of them that if it voted Democrat and is out with things went south for them, they would tell the tape states like Texas and Florida but plot the problem is that the brain those lack of values and morals with them.

In many cases on their from California. I mean this this fellow is doing everything he can your governor out there to totally destroy the stately Biden is doing everything to reduce us to Third World status that does what he is therefore to reduce us to Third World status right now tonight.

I know that the there's a lot of conservatives still left in California.

Many of moved up here in HERE where I live. It's hard to find a house in Houston used to be a house to go to market it be in the market for a couple months now when the house goes on the market around here is usually so the very same day and so so that took Teleflex again.

I did not you note there may be made. One of the status of those a lot of people don't notice with Joan. I do know this. There believe it or not.

In this day and age, there are a lot of people that don't have computers tonight on the Internet but most of them still have telephones and they would like to call and say look, I like to like to help you out here in our area that I'd like to put your signs out hard like the dog has a literature, but they don't have Internet so they need a phone number to call. Do you have a phone number to give the people are exclusively yeah please call, call my campaign headquarters right here in Oceanside, California campaign phone number is area code 760-4819 66 and give us a call and and not will answer any question can input your work to join the fight take back California nine know what I like to build again. Chris got that a lot of people by the time they grabbed find the paper one more time that your website absolutely so that the phone number is 760-468-1966 and the website is Rodriguez for Congress .us .us that's the that matters is it a little different. I didn't get that last time USI hey Chris, when you when you had mentioned before about the making, that they will in the past legislation like you did Marilyn.

That way you can kill the baby up to 20 days after the baby is born, but up with that with the that's not the goal of the goal is is you get a full delivered baby and they will, you can sell that my main note, you did get thousands of dollars for the parts. The their bodies whole babies and they remove their parts their organs when they don't give anything for pain of the guy capable and this is what the Planned Parenthood type of idiots do their they're totally wicked I mean the Bible calls him in their uncleanness in their uncleanness and their wickedness. Okay. And so what they do is they sell those baby but body parts out there in California. You had some of the most corrupt.

I mean, some especially Los Angeles Atty. Gen. to I menu has some of the most corrupt Kamala Harris one that that beast that monster that that Biden appointed to be that it was department health. What is the name you know of these former Atty. Gen. He is who pardoned proper care. Yeah yeah these people are wicked sin into the pastors don't understand their job is to tell them that there wicked their job and to repent the repent of that or burn and that's with, but the pastors don't want to offend these people because that doesn't put money in the offering plate, but praise God for those men. The dude that do have the ability here in Ohio and the November election. We have a fellow named Neil Peterson, Neil Peterson will will be having him on the program here in the very near future. Please up these running as an independent for governor, and when you hear this guy preach. Sounds like me and an amendment and so this is what we need. We need to go back to one nation under God, knowing review and let's do this.

You're out there in Oceanside right now.San Diego area okay so that what we do.

This folks out there if you can cut it. Just bear with us tonight. I'd like to open the phone lines for people in the San Diego area and just you have and have them call in, at least for the next 15 minutes and then it will open the phone lines on nationwide, but the let's do that. The phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 nationwide, but would like to have the people out there in the San Diego area. Call and as you can ask Chris any questions you want to give him a call at 888-677-9673 Joe, for we start taking calls go ahead and make another one of your articles all one I wanted to go now time to do the one I wanted, but they faintness are joining with the far right demanding that the euro court upholds Roe V Wade and they say they have a this, the Satanist would not to the far right does not want to help hold will be weighed is the far left or left is a big difference between the right and the left but the far left socialist communist. Anyways, the Satanists are coming out and they are joining with the Democrats and one of the same is right well they're claiming under the religious Freedom restoration act and they say that they are a religion and that abortion is part of their religious ritual and the outline abortion but regret they have to have a religious exemption to do their religious abortion rituals and they talk about killing an unborn baby and it abortion is a religious ritual similar to our Christian communion or baptism for Christians. So the Satanic temple is joining the Democrats and against the Supreme Court they want to pack the Supreme Court and tells you what side you ever wondered what side the Democratic Party was on. They are on the same side as the synthetic chemical goals are the same as that tell you.

Well, tells us what we don't go along.

Because where the Bible is total so long. Sodomy is an abomination. The very first time that word was used in the Democrats embrace sodomy. If it is a sin if it is a sin. Even the most vile sin of the Democrats, embrace it, whether it's sodomy. Whether it's abortion, whether it is is pedophilia beast reality if it is a sin, the Democrats embrace it and so anyhow. Phone lines are open to any tell me when we get the colors: and he must be busy taking calls okay yes we want to go. I know what it is, we we give that phone lines all lineup may be other tables, San Diego headphones on thinkers yeah yeah if you're out there in San Diego and you have a phone that we want you to give us a call here if you're at 886-779-6731 888-677-9673 right we have Jack: he's got a phone jack people are familiar with Oceanside right next to the northern part of San Diego County and your your writing for Congress and going to include part of Orange County that's correctly. Although he died. Laguna Miguel so about 30% of the district is in Orange County. I remember you during the lockdown that there was a rally in the parking lot in front of the gym and you like the organizer that yes or yeah we are fighting back against the mandate right now I have a question that the local question, but I think it's coming nationwide. I first learned about it in the Coast news, which is a pretty newspaper hearing Oceanside and I never heard about it on the local news and I want to get your opinion on it. That is Oceanside water supply is gone from toilet to tap and that their reprocessing the wastewater and it's going to be recycled and were going to be using it for washing her clothes for showering and for drinking water and I wanted to know your opinion on that one thing if you think it's safe thank thank you for that. So Oceanside is where where little bit advanced when it comes to looking at water sources because our region has traditionally black water sources and dominant cause issues over the last 50, 60, 70 years, and so Oceanside we've moved on treating wastewater and it's it's a recycled water program so it's not can it go anywhere near your home knocking to go to your to your your kitchen sink is knocking to go to your shower, but it will be for sale for our agricultural customers that we have a you over 3300 acres of agricultural land and it'll go toward landscaping maintenance for a lot of our golf courses larger HOA and also city property is treated, it is faith that is tested but it it will not be for drinking consumption and it it is more for a lower cost way of you don't managing our our landscaping in agriculture and annexed with useful well I want to thank you and will let you know would take this opportunity that my wife and I will be voting for you back with two fingers on my email today. What a blessing.

Thank you so much.

There so that this is this is your primary gait and so you do a little different than we do it up here your primary so we have leave for the primary. If you elect either the Republicans or the Democrats than whoever wins the Republican and Democrat runoff and in the fall but you say you already have your opponent right now how many people are ready for the same signature ready for selling California jungle primary so Democrats and Republicans all run together. However, there is that Democrat incumbent Mike Leavitt and because you can comment. You can it get you know, 40 to 45% of the vote minimum through the primary so there is five Republicans running to face him and so the top loader on the Republican side will be that second you talk to advance. November and so it's not an open primary, where the concern would be to maybe I'll get a string Republicans running about, that's not what can happen because we only have the Democrat boy did that happen in Ohio. Alright, so the right we have Linda Linda's and they are cohead, question for you. If the question but something in the back of our mind.

I like people when they have fear that their voting for because the guy down good party theory here when he is running to them willingly exposed to the lobby and all that, and anything that they are exposed to.

Maybe even black male when they get them to facilitate a certain way outstanding and discussed at a little bit regarding their own situation. Absolutely yeah now I am very thankful for you bringing that up because the swamp is alive and well and gone.

You know there's many that have come before me that their heart any inmate paid in the past, but they change because of compromising because it their priorities go go astray, and so designated you number my heart is in is on running because I want to serve my country again and fight for this district and bring you significant relief on issues like inflation and education, homelessness and and crime that were experiencing and so you know I am married, I have seven kids that I have to look at every day and and I want the world to grow in I take to be equal to what I had an omelette group. The American dream is real and so I have a grassroots campaign.

I'm not funded by lobbyists national interest.

I was speaking earlier that we raised $1.2 million and not an average donation of $80 or less from just under 9000 individual donors on literally funded by the people.

I think were compromised comes into play in especially federal politics could it's so offensive to run compromised comes in when you start accepting money from special interest lobby groups to help craft fair policies like that big Pharma or Planned Parenthood.

Or, you know, union unionized special-interest groups and because I'm so heavily funded by the people that temptation so to speak is not fair. Not that it won't come in the future, but I always plan on on relying on the people to find my campaign and not taking money from the special-interest groups are not going to be my standard and it's not an easy standard because United credits very expensive to run for federal office and Don will be spending close to $1.4 million just to get primary and I'm I'm just an ordinary American wanting to serve you know but you know that my message my story. My heart really resonates with only want to get behind me and I have emails all the time where the fag never given to political candidate in my entire life, but I'm giving to you enough in the $25 check and I'm just so appreciative for those individuals because I wouldn't be standing here without yeah thank you Frank that I think you are trying. A lot of congressional Bible study group and prayer group in a rented running to that will help hold you in prayer and the notion of adherence to protection around you that only the Lord can provide an immense. I'm so glad you said that I was in DC my last release, Jan met with Congressman Mark Green, who is a faithful brother in Christ, and Don got to know him very well English hostname every Wednesday Bible study at his home in DC invited me to it and I will definitely be regularly participating in Marion, you iron sharpens iron needed me to stay strong and together with with fellow Christians in and wash demanded that I let I love being in the Lord. And continue thank you so much right save. Do you young lady.

She's our San Diego contributor. There is Linda, the blessed site about Linda already here. Love miss this because I've always wondered how these people like Nancy Pelosi could start out being she was never poor but like some of the others that were started out and I know that those salaries of the Congressman is somewhere around what 200,000 a year. Yet, one 7175 out the gate and it goes up over time or Different leadership position. The how does them.

How does Nancy become worth $300 million on on a salary like that what you think it there there lining their pockets.

They are the epitome of why politicians are entrusted and why American values in our compromises because of money. All you that the old saying all the money is a circular route. How do you go to Congress and ordinary American living paycheck to paycheck, barely paying your bill but still thankful to the multimillionaires because of you will you you compromise yourself and gave in and who knows what laws and compromise path for you to know, to achieve where you are today and how many like that America can affect along the way because of that compromise. The neck I can comprehend that love you, Harry Truman answered that he said that when they when people get involved in Congress or the government, and they get rich while in office, you can bet their crook and so you had to the 10 wealthiest US senators, all 10 of them just happen to be Democrats. What is Italian origin very clear you absolutely there you go.

I've got a quality reader quote no electric comment on. I wrote a college course for Phyllis Schlafly for Eagle forum long ago on the foundation of our republic in house based on God and faith in the 10 Commandments. Thomas Jefferson said this taking from the state. The moral rule of their citizens and subverting supporting that to the general authority of the federal government would break up the very foundation of the union. If you get to Washington.

We have this thing called the Department of this informational education or distant. I noticed that it's been 40 or 50 years since people really had any education about the founding fathers. Our form of government thousand eight, talked about how it was based on the 10 Commandments of God the teaching of the New Testament were to receive the gospel and follow our laws and institutions law and government were all based on that and maybe see about getting some real knowledge put back in the public school system where they actually teach the Constitution, the creation of our government and the real quotes in the real Founders. Actually, I agree with you more on sale the next generation. I think it intentional a the last flight left progressive Democrat Blake Marxist ideology want government, and if you have think for themselves and not look at yourself as a victim threat there waiting world. So I think I I fully support we expect our schools. They took out and fail no you know any element of our Constitution. Five God given right out very little about left at the barracks at the American why were the greatest country in the world just experienced so I know I'm the father work that we we teach our children the founding of our country, our constitutional right.

Our biblical foundation and how guided fat government today and I think the Department of Education has really failed the American people and we really have to question the purpose of the flight special-interest and as Congress. We have the power of the part the power to fight the power to keep things accountable. I will do everything in my power. I hope the next Congress agreed to get financial and note you rebuild and eliminate the Department of Education greatly failed. Amen to that absolutely believed could be more, it will be back right after this we will be back right after this, you look like as long as you will you want.

I you I wouldn't go so long God as you as is is all right there you go. That's our warning.

It's a warning out the few photos of his primary we have logo from California hello there.

Here I agree on the pot.

Letter care and cramped together and were praying in her hand and any campaign and not want to support many people as I can. I am kind, as also and community and so I'm I'm pretty excited entering into China in around me around with my friends and everybody were thinking about turning and also getting prime time.

Christopher and felt that work like with anything that you are here and mine is not so much a question if it's more than encouragement with her cute and in the Lord and he thinks 33 first the kingdom of God is right you can't get Mike hooked up with the Bible and all that and leverage rally around you and pray for you and stand on the word of God and God will guide and direct and out with your military area and that by the way, because some right no encouragement for you to know that unit is alive and well here in County and was planning on amendment guy and were in the word of God.

Catherine getting informed and I'm getting people that have no idea about a lot of stuff going on and he got around here in California and way Yourself might encourage you allow me you yet.

Catherine needed team and inquired all that collared people that know I'm a little shy about calling and find out how and I'll continue but I'm kinda more cyanotic vocal on the phone that I'm becoming more local health not getting the mark.

Joshua when I'm gone courageous. Do not be afraid to interact in a manner that spiritual attitude and I'm trying to trying to walking more.

So much for all that you're doing and remind you and thinking after earning for informing at Andy and Feldstein infiltrated my my friends are blown away to get on there and there is never hurt you very very much and God correctly when we will be praying about and on the word of God that you live, you made my day. I just like the guy was powerful. Thank you so much and that you suck by and I'm just so thankful to be on here in participating in Pastor Ernie's ministry and kingdom work and my I shop to meet and greet and I'm often asked to take. We pray over you and on, despite all my thoughts get and so right in the middle of the breach in our policy. I'll have a group of Christians in the whole group will pray over me and and it I just seek God in every every area of this and I'm just taking it slow.

III look at myself as the biggest sinner I know and I'm II stand before him just like all of that and it's one data time in the Lord in we need our brothers and sisters that the body of Christ surround us, much as possible, not, not only for encouragement but for accountability.

You know when when a better mine is going to greater does something wrong, bring them aside and they come on the back on track and I need that for myself and so so important to have have the body of believers around us is much as possible. Well, you know little you. You and Christopher. You would love our church. I mean, you would really love the church that I pastored there was a weird Baptist you you guys would fit in there. I mean really good.

Listen when you going to have these we shall be have the zone talks where you come out in together and you have maybe a restaurant or whatever. Where were you doing that. Let me know when you're going to do it will announce it 100 times people show up so very good. Let's go to Barbara Barbara here and there and all you can drink and you really think we really need you think that we can hardly more liberal candidate are my wonderful Larry Elder very conservative brand of money in their investment, and though I think it Pres. Donald Trump in hearing any hope for conservative California near future or not. I'm just wondering yes 100% in the pathway to that is winning over one of the largest voting bloc in California. Mexican Americans that are culturally conservative. These are God hearing hard-working Americans that have for the last three decades voted Democrat and they are turning their back on Democrats not willing to go down the path of the crime. Wreaking havoc in our communities that the gender studies in critical race theory being taught in schools that a lot of management beyond. They were even aware of. You know they had no idea what their children were being taught and just some statistics for you when it comes to minorities in California public schools and just how failed you know the policies are is only 10 black students, and 15% of Hispanic students are proficient in math, California so required requirements to enter this the stem fields of higher education first to be an engineer or anything and so their failing our children, and basic education. Yet they want your children things that are best discussed at the kitchen table with your family and and you know Hispanics are waking up to this and they are not willing to go down that path, and so when you have the largest voting bloc in California vote Republican.

What you'll have happened, at least initially, and this is the next 3 to 4 to 6 years later, in a flip a lot of legislative state legislators testate assembly state Senate and is to send a message and Republican. Hopefully all on the ground will spend more time calling, mailing knocking on doors of of Democrat Hispanic train hey I see you we we align we look at the world the same. Let's work together and help change our community and one that tipping point happens. That's when were going to win Wednesday state that offices again and I I think I think it's within the next decade for sure tell you real quick, I'm actually going to church here in Claremont and Pablo, I think a lot of them in the past many wonderful and talking to him and if my people had given him a lot of content turning, but you know that I find working on now. I'm hoping that 2000 people in the church that is often Congress and make it probable that all you God bless you to Barbara which he was referring to is I say our newsletter and our newsletter we send you our articles and the date that the opposition does not want you to know they do not want you to know the information we send you because we we break through that and that just like you know they're trying to boycott and try to shut down the 2000 meals for Phil and they pull it off there but but the anyhow the newsletter is free for photo to the wanton newsletters freely go to do just send your name and address to WR WL ministries 14781 Sperry this is PRR why road Newberry any WBUR why OH 44065 just requested newsletter and I will listen to free and so any hello Mr. this current Christian yeah Joe, you go into something that touched on.

I had some information from the 2021 census. The non-Hispanic white population fell below 60% in the 2020 census Hispanic Americans accounted for 51% of the population growth in the last 10 years, and it grew by 10.6 million.

That's way over anything else and the thinking when you brought that up. This is something the Republican Party needs to wake up out there in California. All the people listening and calling them. We need this definitely start working with the Spanish population of the Hispanic population because this is going to be probably the largest voting bloc in the country.

The whites lost among over 605, 620,000 people and you guys grew by 10.6 million, and that tells me there is a change taking place in this country and we need to be in the middle of it. And on top of it, don't you think absolutely you said it perfectly and in the more we talk about it the more you know from a leadership perspective in my backyard.

I'm working with County Republican parties and in local elected officials that are running and I'm just telling about spend money on outreach to Hispanic Democrats doing it happen because yesterday digit in the past. They don't knock on Democrat doors. They don't mail to Hispanic Democrats think they just focus on on individuals that they think will will vote for them and that's that's the issue and in the more we break those barriers are the more inroads recreate and and start start kicking back territory for the know the Hispanic population is a very religious very family oriented, hard-working, I mean absolutely perfect. The word to the new Republican Party popular BS you guys is because both of your farmers you both farm, so here you do realize that they're creating this food shortage. This is been done on purpose. Whoever controls and so their approach to either one of you guys did and I asked you not to grow. I haven't been II have a smaller farm on Uighur avocado, passionfruit coffee and and I haven't personally been approached but I know larger farmers in the area have been approached to designate their land as mitigated for purposes of the environment and not grow anymore and and beget a federal if they do not leave their land fallow and so you know conversations like that lead me to believe that they're not not wanting that the supply chain to be as big as we need to switch her to facilitate healthy coaching they want to control the food. Whoever controls the food closer people and that we got time for one more quick call one more quick call. Could we have Audrey here and there hello crack Mike, I am not and you're just like outback well (big church that will catching them around the military. On the less I think you are in backing me.alleycat rally cry for that we can do it this program and a blessing to Caliban and definitely we have found that content about a report on some folks have really been a blessing those to the letters that we get, I made a really really encouraging. You don't believe how bad they let me off the air and we knew really what males clear in the bud so in the liturgy get very very encouraging to us guys of God bless you and thank you for that. I'm the prayers are really welcome every per week. You okay Chris were getting willing to give you an opportunity to give an invitation every every human limitation before that may still tell you folks heading go ahead God is right on how to get in contact those limitation how to get saved about how to teach how to go to heaven or not hell.

More important invitation very good yeah II cannot how much time do we have their money under four minutes to go.

Four minutes to do it so go ahead and I'll let you know when you've done to a minute. Go ahead, coming out there. The Lord and in his words that are more than one gathering his name using the present. If you felt touched tonight and now you want a new beginning to turn from from your current life and seeing and and destruction to a perfect God that will accept you and and that loves you and who sent his only son to die on the cross for your sin, his word promises that you will be saved and all you have to do is I receive them in your heart you ask God to forgive you of your sins in the name of Jesus and ask for help and not in your future endeavors. Whatever the decisions are using on God and not ask God for help to point you in right direction for a great local church to get a part of so that you can meet other believers get a Bible if you don't have one can download one on your phone and start reading and before you reach for God, help me understand your work. God is the author and finisher of our faith.

And there's no man that can take that from from you. I am not I ask I pray all of this in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen.

There is very good. So there you go with. Sometimes, we kinda surprise the people we asked him to do that put you know there's a lot of folks out there that have a profession of faith don't have the possession of salvation, and so we want to praise the good Lord you know for that forgiving that limitation out there know what what we will do when it what is your primary is coming up when June is seven with will try to get you back on here before then.

Right there, it will get you back. I do keep in touch with us before the end of let people know is we want.

We want people like you to get elected. So thank you so much (I appreciate what you got what you got.

God bless you and five I make it out there to San Diego, which I may do will make sure we look you up if there already folks we are out of time tonight like we normally do this, I want to remind the people out there that we do have that newsletter. It's free. There's a lot of information you can get out of that. I wanted to also remind the folks there in Northeast Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania will be showing that film, Lord willing.

Lord willing to thousand meals and doers of the word Baptist Church this coming Sunday. No, we will have these films Lord's will and available to a dirt during pledge week for folks other than one pledge week oh we will have to figure out what were will will do but to when you get the fill, you need to show it is shown as often as you can take it to your library shown in your church people need to know you. We have to be salt and light. Remember God gave us three missions mission number one. First and foremost, the great commission mission to from Genesis to Revelation. God's word teaches resistance to charities obedience to God and .3 missions tree was steadfast, told the ground not give up and hold to the tradition of the apostles. No so you gotta get it done know we are out of time to get things from either Chris and Pastor Joe so until tomorrow.

Good night God bless. And always, always, always, let's do it cape fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right.

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Talk to you too can see it's my sense of anything.

I'm not a miracle worker Sheila Hyman researching trade to save the lives of large, injured, recreational vehicles, which is definitely a real profession when you're really an exciting progressive has you covered. See if you could save the leader in RV insurance storms

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