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May 11, 2022 11:37 pm

WED HR1 051122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 11, 2022 11:37 pm

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Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm Radio Pastor Ernie Sanders, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance on this eleventh day of May. But I gotta tell you, this is the eleventh day of May with a hay. That's the hay fever, that is. That's right, I'm battling hay fever. Badly. But I never give up.

Never, never, never. And tonight we have our producer, none other than the mighty Andrew. That's right, Pastor, I am here.

And here we have way out yonder, that country pastor, the parts and Joe Larson. Being the one that's told you the only way to cut that hay fever is to keep breathing. Hello? Yeah, okay.

Are you there? Yeah, can you hear me? I can hear you now. Okay, I don't know what's happening tonight.

That happened when I called you earlier. Anyway, I was just gonna say the only way to combat hay fever is to keep breathing. Yep, well that's what I'm doing.

And there's no choice, right? So we'll hope that you get better. And it's gonna be a long hay season, so folks just keep Pastor Ernie in prayer, hold him up. The rest of us have to deal with him.

I got a secret weapon. I got Miss Wendy Wilson, who just happens to be, well, like a rose amongst the thorns. Wendy, Wendy owns every bit of pretty on this radio program tonight, for sure. And so we have here, and by the way we're talking about Mothers of the Bible. We're talking about godly mothers. And Wendy fits right in that category. Right, Wendy? Oh, well, thank you, Pastor.

I hope so. You certainly do. I know, I talk to your son every now and then.

Alrighty. You were gonna, Joe likes to read the scripture because he wants everyone to know out there he can read. I've been doing this and they all know I can read. And then, so we're gonna let Joe do it. What did he say, Wendy? I know you're a woman, but we'll let you read. What do you think? Alright. I just, you think I'm pulling the feminist strings a little bit?

Alrighty. Joe, 50's... He's holding everybody's leg. Yeah. Luke, chapter 1, 56 through 58.

Oh, I thought we were in Samuel. No, we haven't done Luke yet. Okay.

Alright. What was that, Luke? What chapter in Luke?

Luke, chapter 1. Okay, 56 through 58. We did that. We did that?

Yes, we did that last night. Hmm. Well, you better give me some of that memory stuff, too, Wendy. Alright. Quick.

Yeah, let's... In 1 Samuel 1 tonight. Alright, 1 Samuel 1.

I know it very well. Let's go to 1 Samuel, chapter 1. Why don't we start with verse 21. If I remember, verse 21 through 28. And the man Elkanah and all his house went up to offer unto the Lord the yearly sacrifice and his vow. But Hannah went not up, for she said unto her husband, I will not go up until the child be weaned, and then will I bring him, that he may appear before the Lord and there abide forever. And Elkanah, her husband, said unto her, Do what seemeth be good, tarry until thou have weaned him.

Only the Lord established his word. So the woman aboard abode and gave her son suck until she weaned him. And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her three bullocks, one eptha, a flower, and a bottle of wine, and brought him unto the house of the Lord in Shiloh. And the child was young.

And they slew a bullock and brought the child to Eli. And she said, O my Lord, as thy soul liveth, my Lord, I am the woman that stood by thee here praying unto the Lord. For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath given me my petition, which I ask of him. Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord. As long as he liveth, he shall be lent to the Lord, and he worshiped the Lord there.

Very good. Well, you know what the name Hannah means in the Hebrew? It means gracious, gracious. She was a gracious woman. And so here now, but let me ask you this here, because she... She had been a very sad woman because she was childless, and her husband's other wife had many children, right? Well, this is why the title of the message was the Mother of the Mothers of the Bible, the Good, the Glad, the Bad, and the Sad.

Well, she's glad now. She's in the glad category here, because now God answered her prayer and gave her that child, and then she dedicated the child, she committed unto him, is what the word they used was lent to the Lord to be a prophet. They call it dedicated, right? Or we call it dedicated?

Yeah, it's dedicated to be the Lord, but here in this case, if you look there in verse 26, it says, and I have lent him to the Lord. And so, anyhow, so let me ask, Wendy, tell me, what is going on? It says here, I will not go up until the child is weaned. When I was young growing up, just about every woman nursed their babies. They nursed their babies. Back in those days, they knew that that's what breasts were for. Breasts were for nursing babies.

They weren't silicone containers back then. But what is going on? What is going on? Why are we having so many women now that have their children on formula, and they can't get the formula, instead of nursing, instead of nursing their babies?

What's going on? Well, there's several things that can go on. Some women aren't able to produce enough milk or milk at all. Like, I knew of one person who, she had too much fibrinic tissue in her breast, and so her milk glands weren't producing any milk, so she had to use formula. And then some women aren't manufacturing enough milk to nurse their babies, and they're having to supplement with formula. And then, you know, then on the other end of the spectrum, which I fell into, I made enough formula for triplets, you know.

So, and you know, back then in biblical times, you would nurse to the age of two years old. Yeah, you're right. You're right. Have you ever heard of an organization called L'Elite Society? Some years ago, they asked me to come speak to them on the on the pro-life issue, you know, abortion issue, rather, the killing of the children. And I did.

I didn't, I had never heard of L'Elite Society. And when I went there, you had a whole group of women all sitting there nursing their babies. And they, they're, they're 100% dedicated to nursing their babies. And not only that, but I noticed too that we would get a lot of calls from women, and listen to this, the one profession more than any other profession that wanted to have their babies born at home were what? Were nurses. They were nurses.

And so that is, what does that tell you? Nursing has a lot to do metabolically for the female body, okay. And women aren't told this by their doctors. When I had my second and third child, I smartened up and I got a lactitionist. Because when you, when, when you're a new mother, your pediatrician nurses don't know anything about nursing.

And they'll tell you all kinds of nonsense. So I got a lactitionist to help me with second and third baby, and I did much better managing my milk flow. But anyway, basically metabolically when a woman nurses, it shrinks the uterus down to normal size. And a normal size of a uterus after birth would be the size of a walnut, okay. So nursing helps the uterus go back to normal size. They've also done scientific studies where women who have breastfed have far less problems with things like breast cancer later in life.

So women who have nursed and don't get mammograms don't usually get breast cancer. Well, you know something, Wendy? Pastor Joe didn't even know any of that you just said. Can you believe that? Well, all right. I hate to tell you, but I didn't know all of that.

You did? My wife used to, you know, I was a counselor. We had a crisis pregnancy center and ladies came and we were trying to teach the young mothers, and that was one of the things they taught them was not only how to get a job and read and write, but how to take care of their child and how to breastfeed. And it was amazing how many young women were terrified of the thought of feeding a baby.

Wow, that's an amazing thing. Well, Pastor, do you know what the Amish do with regards to childbirth and nursing? Do you know what they do?

No, and I know a lot of Amish, but I never asked them what do they do. Okay, so when an Amish woman gives birth, there's a group of Amish women that move into her home and help her, okay, because childbirth is fatiguing, especially the first week after childbirth, and then the body is shifting. After three days, the breast milk comes in.

So the first three days, the body is producing antibodies for the newborn to have. And then after three days, the breast milk comes in. When the breast milk comes in, the breasts will swell up and can be very difficult to manage.

They can be very painful. So these Amish women come in and help the mother. The mother does not get out of bed except to go use the bathroom and to shower and to change. For the first 30 days, all the Amish women come in, they clean, they cook, they help the family, they help the mother, they help the newborn, and so she gets to get a grip on dealing with this baby and resting. Mothers in America don't get that.

They go to the hospital, have a baby, and within one to three days, depending on their insurance, they're kicked, and they're going back home. And if the husband doesn't have maternity leave, she's left to deal with all that herself. And that's where we came up with postpartum depression, right?

Yeah. Because it's one of the things being left alone and overwhelmed. It's a lot. It's a lot because guys don't realize this, but when you have your first baby, you feel like the bottom has fallen out of your body. You have such fatigue and discomfort. You just don't understand that.

It's like someone went in and just gutted you. So without it, you know, and you're having to get up, you're having to deal with the baby, you're having to cook meals, and you know, the Amish people are doing it right. And with people in America, with family being spread out so far apart, a lot of times you don't have any help at all.

Wow. And that's the problem. The Christian churches have not really talked about this kind of thing. Even the church could be a big help. Well, we do that in our church. We've had several situations where, in our church, where we've had ladies that have been, you know, they've had, they have young ones and they get sick, and our people go over there and help them. The ladies in the church go over and help them.

But we talked about that last night. We should be in Pua, the midwives, and that's what they were to do. And just like if you read those verses, starting back with verse 26, with Mary and Elizabeth, Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months and helped her now.

With Elizabeth, she was way up in her 70s when she gave birth. And so that has to be a lot harder. Three months probably wasn't enough. Yeah. Yeah, but so let me ask you this then, because what is it that they can do? Is it a lack of nutrition? Is why they don't have enough milk?

Well, it can be a lot of things. The milk lands can be blocked. It could be, yes, it could be that they're not hydrating enough with water. You're supposed to drink a lot of water when you breastfeed.

But, and then, you know, there's all these problems that can crop up, Pastor. You can get what is called mastitis, where the milk lands get clogged up. Here's the thing, when people turn to their pediatrician and their nurses for advice on breastfeeding, they're not given the right advice. They're told, only nurse 10 minutes on each breast and no more.

Okay, that's not enough. That's just for the milk that doesn't have any cream in it yet. You have to nurse 20 minutes on a breast to download the rich cream. And this is what helps the baby to sleep. If you don't, if the baby doesn't get the cream, they're up every two hours to eat.

And you don't, and mom doesn't get out of her bathrobe for like four months. So, so you have to nurse 20 minutes on the breast. You rotate breasts, so you nurse 20 minutes on the breast this time. And if the baby's still hungry, you nurse a little bit on the other one, but then he falls, or she falls asleep. And then the next time you nurse, you start on that breast, they fell asleep on it, rotate back and forth.

They have to get the cream. And mastitis, if you, if you, if you're making a lot of milk and you're not emptying the breast, the breast can get clogged with, think of cottage cheese. Okay, the milk gets kind of clumped up and then it plugs up the milk death. And then the breast gets inflamed, sore, and tender. And it's really hard to nurse on a breast like that. I had a lactitionist, believe this or not, she told me, when you get mastitis, go get cabbage, head of cabbage, and take a leaf and put it in your broth. And it reduces the inflammation so you can nurse. And sure enough, that worked. I never, I wonder how people find these things out. I mean, I mean, what would ever make you think, if you have a, if you're a woman and you've got that problem, what in the world would make you think, I wonder if, wonder if, if I bought a leaf of a head of cabbage in my bra, did that will help me?

I just, yeah. Well, I mean, think about it, in the old days, they had stuff like that in a root cellar and it was cooler there. And anything cool on inflamed tissue felt more comfortable. So yeah, so there's some herbs that can help you make more milk, and there's some herbs that can help you make less milk. I can remember hearing about a lady who wanted to not breastfeed after delivery, and so she took a drug that the doctor prescribed for her so her breast wouldn't make milk in it, and she went into a coma and died.

Oh boy. So a lot of these drugs you have to really research carefully before you take anything like that. So one thing you didn't mention was stress. A lot of these young women, we found out when we were doing the counseling work, stress was a horrible, it had a horrible effect on nursing and the emotional state, and a nervous emotional woman cannot, like you said, didn't breastfeed long enough to produce the cream, and had hungry, colicky babies that were getting too much air and no cream and wouldn't sleep, and then the problems just exacerbated.

Everything got worse, lack of knowledge. That's a good point, Pastor Joe, because certain foods you eat go into the breast milk and can irritate the baby, like make them colicky. So things like chocolate, never have chocolate because your baby will be cranky and colicky. Cabbage, certain types of beans that produce a lot of gas will give the baby gas, so then your baby's going to be crying and upset.

Certain foods, just like it would make somebody, an adult constipated, can make the baby constipated. So yeah, there's all kinds of things that come into play here. So let me ask you this, what about these women that have twins or triplets, and does it naturally, does nature provide, in most cases, enough milk for two or three babies? You would think so.

You would think so. I believe it depends on the health of the mother and what she's eating and drinking. So man, with the twins, what you would be doing is feeding them one on each breast for 20 minutes, and then let them take a nap, and then within two to four hours you'd be nursing again. So yeah, you'd be nursing all the time with twins. I don't know what you do with the triplets or, you know, quadruplets. I just, I don't even want to think about it. Go find another nursing mother.

Alrighty, here. Yeah, you would have to, I think, do something because nursing takes a lot out of you, a lot of energy, and when you get, like I said, the mastitis, the inflamed milk duct, all of a sudden it's like someone pulled a plug on your energy, and you're so fatigued, it's like you can't even move. So I don't know how mom would do it with large, you know, baby births like that. You would most likely have to supplement with something. Well, when they start, when you say these women, oh yeah, they used to.

I know the Hebrew. In fact, when I was young, there was a woman that used to come over to our house, and she was nursing her four-year-old boy. She would bring him over there with him, and he was four years old, going around five, but I mean, you know, when they start getting teeth.

Yeah, when they start teething, that's the real thing. That's where a wet nurse came in. You know the term wet nurse? Yeah. Yeah, that's a woman who would come and nurse the baby for you, you know. So yeah, and teething, you know, that's the other thing.

A kid has teeth that want to clamp down, and they can clamp down while they're nursing and cause a lot of discomfort to mom. I would guess so. Alrighty, let's go back, and I'm gonna finish this off, because Hannah was a wonderful lady. She was a lady that was known to be chaste, and she was known to be clean. You know, it refers to, over in Romans, one, to the wicked women that we have today, people like Elizabeth, what's her name out there, Warren, and that. Pocahontas.

Yeah, if you've been listening, but that Talib, she's been out there. These women have the most vulgar mouths, and here, Romans one says they're unclean. These are unclean, promoting child killing. They just tried to pass the worst child killing bill, little Chucky Schumer.

Chucky Schumer would be a part of that unclean. But here, the Bible refers to Hannah as a woman who was gracious, she was chaste, she was clean, she was shame-faced. Do you know what it means to be shame-faced?

No, what does that mean? It means decent. That's the word for decent in the Greek, a decent woman. And she was sobriety and propriety, and so she was proper and sober. And so there you go. That was her. Now, as we go through here, tomorrow we're going to take a look at another lady that was glad, and that is Rahab, Rahab the harlot.

She's another lady, and she turned out, she repented of her sin, and well, we'll tell you the story tomorrow, because the good Lord really blessed her in a huge way. So with that, we're going to a break, and we'll be back right after this. Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order.

The new world order does not mean surrendering our national sovereignty or forfeiting our interests. How can I convince you when your ears refuse to hear? You turn your heart away from me each time when I draw near. Your eyes refuse to meet with mine, they glance away in fear, as if you should not look at your reflection in the mirror. How can I explain to you when you won't understand? You scoff me, and you mock me, and reject the truth at hand. You spread your vicious rumors all across this troubled land.

You hold fully, and knowing transgress from his command. Your might has been made up of you by people you don't know, whose thought machines control the scene so well it doesn't show. How can I contain this anguish and this pain knowing that your eyes are blinded by the lies? Have your eyes been blinded by the lies? Have your eyes been blinded by the lies? Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lies. Yes your eyes are blinded by the lies. I'm blinded by the lies Every time I think about the damage that's been done The anger wails inside me till I'm almost overcome I want to tear the moon out of the sky and drop the sun Why do I feel so all alone like I'm the only one?

Even though your eyes are open, they may never ever see Your mind may never comprehend this sinful subtlety Your heart may never hunger for the truth that sets you free Your soul may know the darkness of divine eternity Like petty thieves who plunder in the shadows of the night They break inside and enter through the windows of your mind How can I control this poisoning of the soul? These lies that blind your eyes I'm blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies? Have your eyes been blinded by the lies? Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lies Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lights Your mind has been made up for you by people you don't know Whose thought machine controls the scene so well it doesn't show How can I contain this anguish and this pain Knowing that your eyes are blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lies Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies Yes, your eyes are blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies Have your eyes been blinded by the lies Here, a lot of us people, we have two people in the church right now that are out That have both had the COVID, but now they're out with some kind of a new strain And so myself, I was hit with that new strain And so along with several other people that I'm close to But anyhow, Jeff is not doing very well, so his mother has asked us if we would please pray for him So all of you folks out there listening to us Remember what we always say about power and prayer Power and prayer, every time you go and you pray for somebody else Much prayer, much power Right, and every time they pray for somebody else, God knows that And that goes in your account, because one of these days you're going to need prayer And you're going to want people praying for you Join with me, join with me as we hold Jeff up Heavenly Father, Lord God, I want to hold Jeff up and just ask Father God, Lord That you would touch him, Father God That you might touch him, you might heal him, you'd be a comfort to his mother And Father God, that you would cause him to turn his desires towards you In all things, at all times, more and more, every day, in every way Lord, all to your glory, so touch him, heal him, and use him Use him in a mighty way, Lord In Jesus' precious name we pray, amen Amen, amen Already, Wendy, guess what?

What? Analysis of federal data shows increase in COVID-19 deaths Occurred among the vaccinated Experts warn more breakthrough deaths to be expected With more Americans reaching fully vax status Now let me ask you this, here Analysis of federal data conducted by ABC News Showed that more COVID deaths occurred among the vaccinated And more breakthrough deaths expected And more Americans reaching full vaccination status Experts warn Now, look We knew this back in March of 20 Wendy, you know it, I knew it, everybody out there listening to us knew that Now do you really think that ABC didn't know that? But why do you think it is now Why do you think it is now they're coming out And they're acting like this is something brand new that they just found out Why do you think that is? I think because the majority of people are starting to question now And think that maybe this isn't what it was projected to be, you know It means they've lost more credibility so they know that they've got to spin it And like, geez, this is new information that wasn't there before Right, like the word is out to Portugal There was a story out that there was no one left in Portugal to vaccinate They had a complete vax rate It right now has probably the highest COVID-19 case rate in the world So the facts are out, they can't be hidden anymore That's what's happened over and over and over The stories are coming out, people are dying Like you said, airline pilots are having heart attacks, military pilots There's too many things happening, they can't cover it up So now they have to act like it's brand new breaking news Well, here, listen to this According to the new analysis, about 18.9% of COVID-19 deaths recorded were among vaccinated in August of 2021 And now here, and just comparatively in September of 2021 Just 1.1 of COVID-19 deaths occurred among Americans who had been fully vaccinated But then it goes up, the percentage was increased to 25% And it looks like they're not giving you the numbers of those that were not vaccinated here No, they're not Well, they leave that out Anyhow, the numbers were We just had an article I just talked about last night And that was 93% of the people that died after being vaxxed 93% This is out of a pathology report 93% of the people that died after getting the vaxxed died from the vaxxed They died from the vaxxed And that's an independent pathology So, it's kind of what we've been telling people, huh?

Yeah So, Wendy But here is something else that we've been telling people We've been telling people, Fauci and others in the NIH and different doctors These people are getting rich And I had some people say, oh come on, they can't be making that much money Published yesterday, World News Daily Fauci NIH scientists got over $350 million from third-party payers Over a 10-year period, the NIH agency scientists and executives Such as Dr. Fauci, received $350 million in royalty payments from third parties Such as pharmaceutical companies This is according to information through a lawsuit And this probe was by And in addition, NIH granted $30 billion to different 56,000 recipients And they went on that the largest of the taxpayer money buys a lot of favor and clout With the scientific research and healthcare industries And went on about Fauci Back in 2021, his salary was about $456,000 Highest in the nation for government employee He got 23 payments This third-party payments, we don't know exactly how much But that was just in his 2021 tax return So these people had been sharing huge amounts of money And the more you work with the government, the more you agree with them The more, according to this, to make a long story short You are getting paid And the agencies held back 30,000 pages of documents That they still haven't been able to look at and see And they don't want people to know some of the figures But Fauci, even back in 2004 He got a patent license on an AIDS drug And he was funded by the NIH And they put out about $36 million And then Fauci in 2021 received a million dollar prize For a foundation in Israel So going back and forth to make, like I said, a long article short Fauci has received millions in grants and payments and rewards And I'll tell you what, he's very rich He's a bloody little man and I'm going to be preaching That's what I'm going to be preaching on this Sunday Woe unto you rich men And Wendy, you were going to be talking about our immune system tonight What's up with it, Wendy? Well, actually, I have good news It's really, the topic is about plagues But I have good news in such a grim topic Because anyone who's read the Bible, pastor, should understand That plagues are part of the tribulation period And what scripture really doesn't reveal to us, I don't think Is that plagues may be man-made, okay So scripture didn't really mention that But plague reports are really more frequent than in the last 50 years Fear, panic, these are common reactions people have to a diseased report Which, if the disease is new, deadly, and modern medicine doesn't have any treatment for it So certainly there are plagues that are quite devastating and they need to be taken seriously But today it's really difficult to determine if the plague reports are genuine or fabricated And the Bible did state in the last days that deception would be great, correct? Absolutely So if we look at scripture for wisdom in dealing with plagues We find God provides herbs for the service of man and the healing of the nations And we know God can't lie And even Moses had a warning for us in Deuteronomy 28 Where he was talking to Israel saying, you know, if you obey God, you'll be blessed If you disobey, you'll be cursed And he was telling them, you know, you're afraid of the plagues of Egypt And you'll have that plus the plagues not written of in this book Book, correct? Yeah, so God, I think, can look down the ages of time And we can see the plagues that would be man-made in our time And they're not written of in the Bible So, and keep in mind, plagues, you know, naturally are random And science, if they want to proclaim we're going to have a serious global pandemic within a certain timeframe Well, science actually is telling you we've planned the plague and we're unleashing it Because plagues are random, okay? Yeah And bubonic plague, people have been talking about that lately There's cases of bubonic plague in America every year The CDC's website will mention it There's usually about eight to ten cases And it's usually in the Midwest area of the United States You know, where you have rodents coming in contact with agricultural folks You know, rodents have the fleas that get infected and that's what carries the plague But let's just take a little walk down the last 46 years for just a second Because we'll see a little pattern here You know, pattern does prove intent legally, does it not?

It sure is That's why they do it in court step by step by step Okay, so the MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Virus, remember that one? Oh yeah This is a virus that normally infects camels But science may genetically modify it to infect humans Now health authorities have been tracking the development of a lot of deadly pathogens in the last several decades And many of them tend to be rare or exotic and some of them quite deadly And so virologists are on usually the hunt to find the next deadly pathogen So they've gone to caves and they've harvested viruses off of bats and so forth Now your Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, is really the first place to look As kind of an animal kingdom flip-flop Where they were able to find the protein link, or switch if you will, that could make the virus jump from animal to human And we look closely at this established trail or pattern of these plagues So when science was able to genetically modify living things, whether it be wheat or pathogens We suddenly see a whole slew of diseases that have now threatened mankind, which before were relegated only to the animal kingdom Here's the list. Remember the swine flu? Oh yeah Okay, then there was the hantavirus, which is from rodents Then there's the SARS, or coronavirus The NIFA virus from bats Hendra virus from horses Ebola And obviously your COVID is the most recent one And you've got the bird flu?

Yeah, you have the bird flu And they've included that in your standard flu shot now And that's typically what you see is a lot of it gets worked into your flu vaccine Let me ask you this, Pastor. Do you trust the vaccines? Yeah, I trust them to kill you Well, so the FDA doesn't have any vaccines for Ebola and Marburg virus Now, do you know anything about the Marburg virus? No, the only thing I know is I understand it attacks your respiratory system Okay, so Marburg was made in a lab in Germany It has almost the identical protein makeup as Ebola Okay, so it's kind of speculated that the Germans kind of copied Ebola And made this Marburg virus And then they also launched it on several areas of the world all at once So that people could experience the Marburg So it was in the Netherlands, it was in Africa But here's the thing, you've got like half a dozen different viral species, if you will, of Ebola Which came from bats And Marburg, which is similar, and of course your average medical physician doesn't know the difference And also, by the way, your average medical physician can't tell the difference between Ebola, Marburg and the standard influenza So in a lot of cases you would be misdiagnosed on the early stages And so if you'll recall, Ebola and Marburg are hemorrhagic fever types of viruses where you bleed Okay, sort of like scurvy Did you know the later stages of scurvy you bleed?

Did you know that? Yeah, I did, yeah Yeah, so basically you've got scientists kind of running unchecked in the lab There's policies, there's ethics, and of course they're all stomped on every day There's no laws that keep these folks in check There's no really legal punishment, nobody's taken them to task on this And there's no international governing laws either Where scientists trade information back and forth on stuff So there's a real problem here And look at the money, Wendy, I was talking about NIH gave out $30 billion And Fauci and those $350 million to a small handful of scientists So you follow the money, it corrupts, right? Right, but you know, they are working on vaccines for Ebola and Marburg They have been testing them on animals, they want to go to clinical trials on them So they use hemorrhagic-like particles called VLPs in the serum And we're told the Marburg virus is acutely infectious but not contagious How does that happen? Infectious but not contagious? Right, so in other words Marburg is not transmitted, they say, by air droplets like Ebola According to a Canadian study, but I beg to differ Here's a quote from Dr. Philip K. Russell, he's a virologist with the Army's Medical Research and Development Command And they study Ebola there He said this I see the reasons to dampen down public fears But scientifically, we're in the middle of the first experiment of multiple serial passages of Ebola virus in man God knows what this virus is going to look like I personally don't He said being dogmatic is, I think, ill-advised because there are too many unknowns here And I find epidemiological data unconvincing So we've got a serious problem We've got Pandora's box, is what we have in the scientific community And by the way, just like scurvy has that vitamin C issue you've heard about Oh yeah, oh yeah Okay, so there's some sort of link between scurvy and Ebola in some ways with the hemorrhagic area So you want to keep your vitamin C in your system You don't want to flush it out of your system when it comes to plagues Vitamin C is real important And as you know, people have found it's been real important with COVID So there are some over-the-counter and prescription drugs that will just remove your vitamin C in a skinny minute So for instance, aspirin and your non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they interfere with the absorption of vitamin C So if you're using that and taking a supplement, you can just forget it Also, tetracycline, they usually prescribe that for skin infections and acne That actually breaks down your vitamin C in your system Oral contraceptives will increase the excretion of vitamin C through the urine as well as anacinaminophen, your Tylenol products Your aluminum and acids will block the absorption of your vitamin C Barbiturates decrease the effectiveness of vitamin C Chemotherapy disrupts levels of vitamin C Nitrate heart drugs, along with a combination of nitroglycerin These reduce the body's ability to store vitamin C Protase inhibitors also lowers the level of vitamin C in your system And where fin or cumin in your blood thinners will interfere with the... Well, your vitamin C interferes with those drugs, so those two don't go together at all So you want to keep your vitamin C in your system Because when you see a lot of metabolic issues where the system is not doing well Like what they saw with COVID is really chronically low in mineral called zinc People lost their sense of taste and smell So minerals, by far, is your first thing to look at for metabolic issues that aren't going well But here's the thing about some research out of the University of Iowa Health Care They found a key protein, a key protein in Ebola and Marburg virus And it's real important, this research, because it discovered a human antibody, pastor Which is so efficient at protecting you from both of these viruses They confirmed your immune system knows what it's doing They confirmed God's glory here, okay Here is a quote from the Proceedings of National Academy of Science This was May 2011, they said The results suggest that a human antibody binds to the receptor protein on the virus And is able to block infection of the virus So if you remember, viruses are not living organisms like bacteria They have to have a living host or a cell to enter a cell and then replicate it And they need the energy of the cell to do that But you have antibodies that prevent that So people that are not doing well have immune systems that are so low they're not protecting them Okay, so what all this report is saying is that science knows how the virus has entered the human cells To make you sick, and a healthy immune system is capable of nipping this in the bud With an antibody they have now labeled ARD number 5 Okay, so mortality rates on Ebola and Marburg are in the 50 to 60 percent Which is telling us that half of the patients have immune systems unable to fight the virus Wendy, I was just thinking, you notice we've heard nothing from CDC, NIH About what to do to build up your immune system or anything And before you get too far, I know a lot of people that are older That the doctors tell everybody take that 81 milligrams low dose aspirin Prevent heart problems, how much vitamin C would all those people have to take to counter that? Well, I wouldn't take an aspirin product every day for anything It will encourage macular degeneration of the eye, and science knows that Oh, so it doesn't help by Really, aspirin is acyclic acid, and it interferes with your immune system It lowers immunity, and the reason you notice is it will turn off a fever And a fever is a natural immune system response to fight an infection And your antibodies are temperature specific So when you have a fever of 101, it has launched antibodies And when you take an aspirin, it shuts all that off So it's better to have the fever suffer with the fever for a day or two And that helps kill off the infection Right, it's sort of like the self-cleaning oven feature When you lock the door and you turn the self-cleaning oven feature on It cooks all that crud out in your oven, you just wipe it out as ash That's kind of like what a fever does It launches the antibodies and they kill all the infections The secret to a fever is to keep hydrating, keep drinking People are scared into lowering the fever by medicine Because they scare you saying you'll have a seizure if your fever gets too high That's rare, febrile seizures are rare Usually doesn't happen in children, but it does happen in adults For a vaccine or a head trauma Alright, yeah, I had a very, very high one What is it, 105.3? Which is a very high one But, and I was told back then that it could have fried my brain Right, that's what I remember No, that's what they told us I had a jungle fever And I remember they were doing everything to bring the fever down Including rubbing alcohol and ice in your body to bring the fever down And that's what they said, they were worried it would do brain damage Do you think it did, Joe? In my case, probably Alright, we're coming up to I know you're coming up to a break, but on the other side we can talk about A journal article that shows you some of the herbs that help you with Ebola They have natural inhibitors in them Alrighty, and then I want you to stay with us Because we're going to play a clip and I want you to listen to So we'll be back right after this with a whole lot more So don't go away More to come, much more to come Mail your donations to What's Right, What's Left Ministries 14781 Spearee Road, Newberry, Ohio, 44065 If you missed part of tonight's program You can check out the podcast at Once again, thank you for listening and supporting What's Right, What's Left Ministries The voice of the Christian resistance Stay tuned, the second hour is coming up next
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