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WED HR 1 040622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 7, 2022 12:20 am

WED HR 1 040622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 7, 2022 12:20 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another additional once what was left on the sixth day of April 2022 and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance you were still here and were still resisting no we have a course he is at the controls. My mother know he hits the dials with a smile. None other than courageous Craig.

Good evening everybody good evening Greg, just Craig and we have that gentleman farmer and of the will of the Missouri person, none other than Joe Larson.

Highly unpaid professional of your yes I'm here ready to go to work already and then we have our esteemed wealth counselor and the biblical law Association. None other than attorney Gerald Finney, are you there Gerald, Eric, thank you. Okay fellows we got a whole lot to do this is good be lightning rounds tonight. I mean we got so much stuff to cover and we only have like two hours covered so we don't have to really fly through this so we left off in God's Word, the Bible and I am angry here is the reason why. And that was the title of the message is a will pick it up where we left off in second Corinthians 13, we generated five verses five through eight. Joe Roeder examine yourself whether ye be in the faith. Prove your own self marrying not your own self, how that Christ is in you and you accept you be reprobate, but I trust that you shall know that we are not reprobate now.

I pray to God that you do no evil. Not that we should appear approved, but that you should do that which is honest so we be as reprobate or we can do nothing against the true but for the truth. So now we have this word reprobation kinda seems a little bit confusing here because normally that word reprobate means one who has lost control has got no control. Don't know right from wrong anymore.

They've been given over to a reprobate mind mind right okay but in this case with these he is is got a different term in the definition of that word. There in the Greek means one who fails the test means one who will fail the test, over-the-counter yet will test lookout if it would would be the same thing you know, it would go yet so a failure. Basically what it is a failure.

So here let me review that he examine yourselves will you be in the faith yourselves know you not that you yourselves know the Jesus number.

What is a tell him he's he's telling them to do what you find out for sure if there what if there saved and and Gerald. You just jump in there when the customer so he's telling Joe this is the one thing that I preach over and over. I know some of the folks out there listening to me on the radio and those in the church. The cutting cutting attire to hear me saying you got it.

You gotta make sure make your salvation sure make your salvation. Sure, over and over what you think it is.

I say that well. Unlike you have trained for many people who have the profession but when you look there's no proof there is no progression. There is no desire to serve no desire to go out witness and you doubt that person is truly saved. Although they professed all over the place.

They have a process of the faith that what you write. The Bible says that faith without works is what okay so that means this is not there right right fit for the okay so he says of the wood door of the word, not a hearer only, deceiving, deceiving your own selves and in the vast majority of people you know I'm you know you watching out there. You know, many of them happy out Ibex their people Josť that you know they don't really like to get: to do anything they like to go to church. They want to go there and I had a friend who used to tell me years ago. All you have to do is get saved used to say to me you have to do all that stuff when you waste your time out there preaching in front of those bloodied abortion mills when you do that you're a good salesman you could be making money, and I try to explain to him, you know, in that any would tell me all you have to do is get saved I make a profession no. If there is really salvation there than there be proof of that one to be very correct order.

You will obey me and you and I have gone over that list of all those were those action words that he uses it all runs of the battle in all of fight fight expose the works of darkness. I could go all my okay listed as we Gerald Inc. is supposed to do this do this with Gerald because he's a pretty good lawyer or attorney when necessary and and so Gerald if you had somebody on the witness stand and I you wanted to either prove that they were there.

They weren't a Christian, how would you question what I've heard further testimony had a negative side, and I would have edited and anything changed since you were cited for getting the correct set testimony because we know the word of God, that if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away. Behold all behold all things become the and we also know from Ephesians to Romans, like various places that you might allow spiritually. Once you get born again and or your excited. You realize that Jesus Christ died on the cross rotten sin. You were a dirty rotten sinner bound for hell and that because he died for you and because you turn to God and put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave you eternal life and in your new creature you regenerate you. You're not the same. I know this from experience. I was excited about getting site and while leading up the word of God elicited all the preaching I could study the Bible, Alligood at that time I was working 16 hours a day with the business and working at the railroad, but I know I was excited and I started telling people about Jesus. You know, and I didn't even know hardly anymore. I didn't know where to find the verses but I note new that I believe the word of God and the people and show them in the word of God have beside that it started telling him about Jesus and really I was a better witness in this incident to begin with because of the Holy Spirit would just carry me man I was so excited that you're on fire was on fire.

Brother I can't understand anyone who says they get saved in there the same as they were before. Well, it's because what happens is they told you make a profession of faith, you got a lot of body count theologians out there. I've seen them there was a fellow that used to come out when I would be out of the street preaching the front of the bloodied abortion mills out there trying to we would witness these people, but he would he would go after people and and he would just keep No making try to witness until you know, I may need to even force them he wouldn't get off of him until he made the date they would say this in a square supposedly repeat and and they were just doing it to get rid of him.

They were just doing it to get him off of the nominee would approach people and then he would but he would widen down one more. I got one more done that I say would more today I got one more saved today but was body count theology wasn't. It wasn't real.

Okay now if and if someone is truly saved. For example, okay you know they took out the barn and took a number of poles in these polls when they would have the Billy Graham Crusades new have these people that they would make a profession of faith and they would go back and they would again talk to them three months, six months later and it was there was no change. They were they were not. They were not active they were met most of my men.

So my would imagine to get saved but there was no change in them now. If you get saved and you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

He tells you very quick clearly not to grieve the Holy Spirit.

So how does how does someone grieve the Holy Spirit. If there truly saved and they're not living for the Lord there and do not doing works good works and then they will grieve the Holy Spirit.

And if you grieve the Holy Spirit. He will grieve you back and he's better a grieving you.

You will not be a happy camper. But these people that are going through life say I got saved and there's no change got no absolutely no desire to do the Lord's work there living out there in the world, just like before. The only thing different.

Now they have a profession, but they still don't have a possession and Jesus said, many are called but few are chosen for many will come if you will enter and so it makes and and that's what we're seeing out there today with a manner that last night I was working about 3017 barn up and I was like 17% of the professed Christians have a Christian worldview this year have made repeated surveys and study and out of thousands of people. They found that about 3% of the professed Christians had a Christian worldview and that worldview really is nothing more than living the mind of Christ living the life Christ is called you to do to make it simple for the listeners and were losing that worldview which means there's a lot more people out there who are professing but have no possession and when you interview them like vetoes by the hundreds and by the thousands. You should use it quite clearly will absolutely unite when you're watching you seeing Joel stating his got these thousands of people that he self and you're looking at the he's he's not preaching anything from the Bible.

Nothing from the Bible and you know that their mind there is on one thing is how to how to obtain material goods to get mine mine and I look away P waves that by what route I just love that he waves it and all he says this is the word of God never reads a word from the but the idea was like the name of the claim and the grammar in the stab like he says you should live the good life now. It's now is when you live the good life now and so the good life is the material goods that a Jesus that would've a safe place up your treasures. Did he say do it here on the earth or that if they do it in glory.

The centripetal booklet her yet.

Place them up right crowns in heaven right and so and so that's what he's talking about here so and and so that they most important thing for people and I see this and I know people that have a profession and the hardest people in the world. The witness to are those that think they're saved when they're not.

Because somewhere long.

They were told all you have to do it's an easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is make the profession. It's all you have to do that if your partner have to have a repentant heart right word. Jesus said in his ministry, repentant, effective first word there must been in extreme attention paid to that first work for he says, verse eight for we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth now really go over to one of the most miss understood passages all description of the most popular verse in Scripture. The most popular but the most misunderstood. So let's go over to John chapter 3 and John chapter 3 Arabia verses 14 through 18 are and as the cloud lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so the Son of Man be lifted up, that whosoever believe it in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe it in him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved either believe upon him is not condemned but he that believe it or not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God delights in them you know we have that little story. Remember that Jesus died for everybody.

Well, you know, we, that is is is a sound it's a soundbite that you'll hear but Jesus didn't die for everybody.

See God when God does something he never fails. Had he died for everybody. Everybody would be saved but his blood was sufficient to cover the take away the sins but but this the blood had to be applied, not who did the blood have to be applied to. Let's go back to verse 1814 as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must Son of Man be lifted up, that whosoever whosoever whosoever whosoever believe with him should not perish but have eternal life. No here Lord and Savior, right right now. So now were going to go to the smallest word and this and this is one that said even though it's only two letters. It is very big and that is this when it says for God so so loved so loved the world so now that word.

So, in the Greek is Plato Cueto and you know what that word in the Greek means Joe I think you told me but I do not remember that word means in the way or in this fashion or in this manner.

So when he says that so for God in this manner. In this way okay in this fashion and what was that fashion will he did it in the fact that it was in the sacrifice of Christ in the sacrifice of Christ that the world could be saved. In other words but now he's not talking about the whole world. If he was talking about the whole world. If Christ died for the whole world. The whole world will be saved.

So how do we know that God did not love the whole world how tiny hot let's go over Raymond James 44 Joe RX James 44 behold three adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God.

Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. So now Gerald you are a lawyer in this case, if you're the enemy of God. Are you his friend living on so if God did thank God so loved his enemies. That's a tough one incident I tell you what will I I don't agree with the wicked every day.

I agree with Sen., not his children there alienated program so yeah and motivation for sending us with love.

That's what my butt only those what you personally against we never really get that one out. That's Joe as Pastor Joe yeah you have to recently got Christ when you receive Christ you're receiving God because Christ love personified, but if you don't receive them. You're not receiving God's love and you will. God would not send his children are his friends that help he will send those who do not accept cries to the lake of fire and for eternity. The Bible is very clear about. Let me ask you this. Is there a difference between love and hate me love Scripture says God hates all of those that commit iniquity. Those that you iniquity God hates those that would whose hand shed innocent blood, whose feet are swift to run the mischief who have a lying tongue with the Benedetto goes on to say he hates all of those and commit iniquity, but then again, we know that we don't read anything in the Scripture, Joe, would you go over to Romans chapter 9 and read me in Romans chapter 9.

Let me see it in Romans that I remember right, it's a versus verse 13 I believe it is 13 to 14 okay.

Also, I noticed verse eight 13 and 14 outfitters written Jacob have I love but Esau have I hated what shall Rivera say that is there unrighteousness with God. God forbid now cannot see them what it just says is Jacob available Esau have I had enough wheat we are never to read anything in there that it's not there now because I've heard people say we you see, he sent that he saw the hell Bible doesn't say that God is the God is a merciful, merciful God just said, have you ever hated somebody that you didn't hurt. You okay I mean. Believe me there. There are a lot of them out there today. Those that are trying to destroy all of our children the entire death or credit Communist Party. They want to destroy our children. They wanted they want to make pedophiles on people and child porn this. This woman, this could Tangie Brown. She she's really into child porn. She let these guys who molested children to promote child porn. I made terrible crimes against children. One of them was on the radio bragging about it and got away with it. I got away with it.

He was laughing because and and you had people like the rhino Romney rhino Romney. I don't know what a God would he clean up because the rhino Romney before which he was running for court for a lower court to come across all these things these reasons why she was not fit, all of a sudden now for the Supreme Court, the same woman who embraces child pornography.

Now she's fit to be a Supreme Court justice when you think that cost her and then here also you have another rhino Susan Collins is another one who who in arts are you, let me ask you guys are you tired are you just absolutely fed up with being no stabbed in the back by rhinos betrayed by Ryan, are you really tired of being betrayed by Reynolds long time ago long and it hears what they're doing and in their hurting the children. This woman is wicked from day from morning to night. She's wicked is wicked gets and and and that's what they were in the good and they betrayed as he respected them in the Democrats to but here, so no go over drought and read first John chapter 215 through 17. John chapter 2 what 15 to when sitting.

Okay love not the world.

Other things that are in the world. If any man love the world love the father is not in him for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father is of the world and the world passes away and the lust thereof, either the will of God abides forever. So so Gerald if if the Lord love the whole world would we be instructed not to love the world would he be like aiding and abetting a senescent unit. Okay if negative question question is if you see if that first because there be screeches and appreciated the verse means that that God loved the entire world.

He loved the entire world just like the others of that are teaching that Christ died for every body.

But the Bible doesn't teach that. But this is a common teaching out there because people aren't really looking into what the Bible actually teaches because God doesn't fail. The Pope said the God failed in Calvary.

The Pope said that the God the Christ family Calvary okay and he said, humanly speaking, in other words, humanly speaking, he failed in Calvary well know, I don't think so. I think was the apostle Paul human, yet they Peter was a human.

What about Jon, I think they were all did they tell you all that the Christ family Calvary not one, not one Gospel, the Christ of Christ ever say he felt a Calvary graph or not. I am like the resurrection of life, and I would play with the first, second, third teachers that were were not to love the world are those in the world. Word of love the brother, and I don't know of anywhere in the Bible were told to love those who were lost one of those soundbites Gerald that your hearers as the Bible is the Bible says where to hate the sin but love the sinner of the Bible doesn't say that the Bible says about with the word to love what God loves and hate with God's okay that's what scribblers were to go in and preach the gospel to the going all hell world and preach the gospel but that were not love them in a way were to love them in the sense that we have compassion if we find someone hurting or thirsty for the word or need. All you love them enough to care for them, but not that love like we have for the brother knows where it gets. I went anytime we gotta switch it on to a quick break will be right back is child centered response received some one of the things we've tried to do and I've invested thousands of dollars and elsewhere obtained with the group in Sweden.

It's about to come up with a book on the world economic forum is currently in Dutch, so we gotta get translated into English and available in the United States.

But what we've done is compiled a massive spreadsheet of world economic forum training because they are everywhere there all over in American industry, government and big media Okay starting point is, people need to know who they're dealing we need to out in the term is used boxing as far as I'm concerned with these folks. Boxing is good, let's go get.

Let's find out who they are and make sure they're not in our government because the loyalty they have is not to the American Constitution is not to the nationstate. They are coming from a belief system that says that nationstate is an obsolete idea and we have to have a one world government.

That is basically a fusion of the interests of corporations and politics global politics and gotta start by finding out who they are voting them out of office, making sure they are not part of our governments to notable characters here in the United States are governors instantly in this case. We've got to out these people, we gotta force them to account for whether not there. Americans are they globalists, globalists, I got a get out.

Gotta get rid of.

We gotta take back ownership of our country. You believe in the Constitution. If you believe in the princess of free speech and personal autonomy, medical autonomy and autonomy at every level. Other level. It's time to fight or your children are going to live in basically a techno fascism for the rest of their natural lives as serfs Charles that was Dr. Robert Malone and you know what he's famous for no Charles you there. Your REI Gerald L Larry all of you have a lot about programmatically supported if they invented the mRNA he invented how their ego. I think you did this with the call. The facts now when he invented it. He said I invented it and I invented it for the military. It's a bio weapon. It is not a vaccine.

It is a bio weapon. Okay. And it is meant to pick make people sick and that okay there's the guided veteran right out of how he still alive because many others that have come out are not alive, who was spoken out against is now.

But anyhow, as though he says don't take it is not a vaccine is a weapon.

Now he's out in Andy's he's concerned now because what this what he invented on is killing people there using that to kill people. I send the meetings of said this a million times and I listen to the globalists.

The World Health Organization, the out Sierra Club plan predator.

All of these left-wing and how they talked about openly discussing how to depopulate the planet. They want to depopulate the plant and that's what they're doing.

And right now people are dropping dead all over the country, with its with these these bio weapons.

These kill shots and yet people. This bed covered up being covered up by the fake news media there are part of this and so anyhow is in order. I will not vaccine either before or heard of Dr. Malone that all along I would not vaccine producing a clear public fallacy from Mark 15 years ago or something where he says it and I've seen it twice. I watched Newsmax although I find some problems with the they do give you a lot of facts and I deflated him say that I had human back the girl who had the flu and she's actually had the flu. The best vaccine of all is is having the, the, the virus and you do not need the flute if you had virus.

If you had the flu. You may have it in the future you may but it will be far less severe. And that's the best you say no yeah I was about 17 years ago. In the course of story got caught and paid for and have all kinds of patents in these different medicines and treatments and therapies told about lies within the first two or three months after they started. Once you see a liar you don't believe anything I have the site and there's an outline as to let me know that anything he said I should disbelieve the opposite.

But I've got a whole whole bunch of articles I have archived the deal with all this in most Americans you know are not like you we are and can't think anymore it's yeah I hear you, but that's the way here tonight you are here tonight for especially working to be talking about what is the church now some years ago I had a fellow who was a friend of mine and he was a deacon in the church and he said tells me all churches are corporations and I told him no charges are not corporations. You can't beat corporation and a church. I said because corporations corpus means nonliving creation of the state and the church of the living body of Christ. You can't be both of those at the same time you can't do that and that he said well you know you have to obey what the government tells you, and I said no you have to obey what God tells you. We must obey God rather than man.

Okay, so Gerald Finney attorney and head of the biblical law Association.

You tell us what is the church and what is a core Corporation well incurred spiritual, eternal heavenly body, the court right and temporal, earthly body, creation of the study decreed the creature studied is evident one a real short nap and is evident by charters of incorporation issued by the state under the law that was incorporate the creator of the Corporation state, the creator of a true church under Christ is the Lord Jesus Christ. The sovereign of the Corporation state of incorporation. No Corporation can exist without the consent or our grant of the sovereign.

Since Corporation is a creature of the stated graduates powered by legislative grant.

The rat pack incorporation of special privilege conferred conferred by the sovereign power and incorporated church is obligated and agree because it entered into a contract and agreement with the state when it applied to incorporate it obligated and have elected officer find that the word of God to conduct business meetings, meet statutory requirement and I could go on and on. I got let me ask you some questions, let me answer some questions, because according to the Bible again.

The church is the bride of Christ.

The church that's got one hit got one head and that that had a Jesus Christ of that right one pointing to life and wanting to clear okay now if you're incorporated if it's a corporation who is the head of the Corporation under the articles of incorporation the day. The sovereign over the Corporation for many purposes. Now I will not take jurisdiction over every matter and it comes to them concerning the study are a first amendment church and let me say this, the First Amendment religion clause in the statement of the biblical principle of separation of church and state. So if you are a First Amendment church. You are a church under Christ alone. You have submitted to know about the First Amendment protects churches wanted to thank God like that and so does corresponding state constitutional provisions in their Bill of Rights. They call them different things.

Declaration of rights and social that the only way a church can become a creature of the study is by choosing to do so and in America we churches can do that without persecution are bad or father. Did you know very well brother face dearly when they said were not going were not going to bow down to this church state establishment were not going to bow down civil law through the through the Catholic Church and then in the dark ages. We've all heard the acquisition, but before the acquisition millions and already that it would not bow down to this church state establishment through the Protestant establishment Lutheran Germany. John Noxon and Scotland date Church of England under Zwingli under Calvin.

They all instituted persecution and then it came to the colonies and we know that spiritual warfare that went on in the colonies.

They gave us our First Amendment so they they hide churches in America can do things God's way without persecution and yet they choose to become creatures of the study because they want some perceived benefit, not spiritual, eternal heavenly benefits, but temporal, earthly benefits and are not benefited all because they started church on the road to heresy and well toward apostasy and now most churches you mentioned Joel Oakley there nothing but businesses.

They find out what you won't and give it to you that I was in business. Many years ago and I learned that Randolph and I majored in business administration.

What is a business, then let it find out what you want and then gives it to you and if you don't agree you need it. Then you try to persuade him that you needed and on a Southerner businesses you know and and and yeah you use the word that the church becomes a creature of the state by choice is more by capitulating on God's word. Well yeah but I don't know that many of them don't know God's word. Many of them.

When this is brought to their attention because I never heard of this before because I never studied the doctrine of the inner Bible college and seminary are if they should've been traded church which very few are more of the church was already sold out, so they were taught.

If you're a church. The first thing you do it if you're planning a new church is incorporate good 501(c)(3) that I don't understand the doctrine of the church.

Most of and if you bring it to their attention that I do not want to hear what the Bible have to say about Gino Branson: three principles. I don't know the principles in order to apply the principle you got a note and so you got the Bible principles they don't want to know because man they would be. I think I know that they would be held more responsible about our Lord. So they want to remain in ignorance. You know when they come up with all kinds of excuses got pages on the website and the deal was always one of them is analysis of false reasons impressions and liars for church corporate 501(c)(3) status or legal status of any kind. I've heard all well.

Everyone smiled here and there when that's not why don't why don't you give your website how some people can tingle up to that sin and see what you're talking about. Okay, if you feel this but in your browser. There Gerald and spell jaded and Jack E are a reality. Finney spell FIN and go there and just browse around and listen if you go to the contact tablet very limited tab at the top there and give my phone number, email address and everything else. If you got something you will look at the you you you want to know where it's at on the website. Just call me for any other reason to talk with not be the Joe sixpack because I go to church down.

I sit there and and certainly guys please because I spent a whole hour on Sunday morning. The church now and and and our church. They teach this they tasted Romans 13 I teach is that you can have two heads that that you can have Jesus as the head of the church, but in obeying Jesus you have to obey the government and you can have the government is the head of the church so you could have two heads. Kate, there's only one thing that has two heads. We call it a monster right exactly.

So exactly library thing brother on that one page. If you go the first am going bottom analysis of fault reason.

If you go down there is a link to render unto God the things that are here. The systematic study of Romans 13 and related versus and give you a contextual understanding of Romans 13, you know, in some detail and I know you preach on it right now, but you don't have an hour, you don't have through three hours and that you already understand it, but anybody who wants to look at that disco). I mean if you want to talk to you or me about give me a call. I know you're so busy you may not have time but I sit here and take calls all day long on all kinds of things and I'll be glad to discuss it with them but see 11 on that Romans 13 I called the pastor. When I came to Amarillo I had already chosen maturity for even moved. And it's not incorporated not 501(c)(3). But anyway, I am got a flyer on my door that had combined that I wasn't home I guess and they left a flyer so it was a fundamental Baptist church. So I called the pastor and I added a number of questions and just moved here. I got number quick but I went down one negative question concerning the separation of church and state. So we we believe in obeying every law, the government and we believe in Romans 13 we we might want what about the First Amendment. First of all, Romans 13. The teach that I get about a five minute lecture on that and then said that what about the First Amendment United States Constitution it says you do not have to incorporated church. You don't have to give 501(c)(3) in your protected by the First Amendment because left that argument and he said well back in the 80s. We were talking about getting out of our corporate status and in getting out of the 501(c)(3), but you never heard of David gives 20 asked me all yeah that all yeah yeah Natalie have said what we called him and he advised that we definitely needed to get getting study Inc. to provide limited liability to our members. And that's another argument I answer your you have less liability as the church. If you're incorporated, you have less liability if you're a First Amendment church, not a legal entity, not a corporation, not a 501(c)(3), then you have that as an Inc. and are 501(c)(3), church, and I don't have time.

And of course to explain that.

But that argument is readily discounted and again and take five or 10 minutes to distillate give you a nutshell explanation of that. So all these things, people, with our unsound biblically and there unsound, even rational way. You know the magic question Gerald if you go ahead and you sign a contract with someone in the agreement you they pose a contract out there, he's just sign right there when the accident and you signed and I know you don't read it. You know going there. You don't read it but you eat, but it's all decidedly assigned right now. If you've done that are are you responsible to be in compliance with the contract you signed, even though you didn't read what kind of thing is, the government is not putting that contract in front of you.

If you want to incorporate you've got it. Contact your Secretary of State apply for corporate status. If you want 501(c)(3) status.

You have to you have to fill out forms and 23 and end and form 1023. For example, explains the basics of what 501(c)(3) so if you did, you gotta fill it out in order to answer the question you gotta you know you gotta do some writing itself, yes and and and of course you know a lot of pastor say well what we want, they were not going to go back your break in your word to the Lord feel about that. Your break if you say will Emily take advantage demo enter into that agreement. They're going to give me this and and and return I'm expected to do this and give them that, but you just may give you your status but then you say out. So what so know how anyone can live with themselves taken that attitude because it is a Christian I'm expected to keep my word from the Lord expects me to keep my word. My agreement my contract so the weight of that. So guess what you just said so let me ask you this. This ignorance of the law excuse you from the responsibility of obeying another words if the if I'm driving down the road speed limit 35 vinyl single sinuses 35 Sy 185 mice because I didn't seal 35% of my still in my still accountable for the speed limit, you have an ignorance of the word of God excuse you before God for violating his his word know it doesn't excuse you and and in your health to a higher degree of responsibility.

If you read the Bible and all you know if you get in church a good church like your church or a good church you know that Christians should become knowledgeable, they should exercise wisdom and how do they do that through the word of God. Plus you know brother Ernie we have a conscious we know a lot of there are some things that we know are right and wrong, you know. And even when were lost.

We know you know when we could get in Romans 118 through 32. But you know when the contest is there.

We were given over to a reprobate mind and so forth. But exactly brother year you hear him a lot and I held on the hand, brother, see if I asked you this them. If I sign the agreement stating that I am an agent. I am an agent and then they come back to and they say will not hear our age and I said no, not a pastor is a no no you signed an agreement urination and is no, no, I'm a pastor you see the Bible tell ptosis that would church polity church government, the Christ, and Christ alone is the head of the church and then the local congregation.

The under shepherd is the pastor of that local congregation and he's the shepherd of the pastor, but when you get into that 501(c)(3). You. You agree that your an agent, so I went and I like that where the agent units got two definitions one is intercessor between state and the assembly and the other is a spy for the state against the assembly, so can you be, can you be the shepherd and the pastor of the assembly and ended same time it is spy against it. But you know that a lot of my Gartner Gartner 501(c)(3) status and they just forget about it you know him and they know they can get away with it because the IRS does not have the resources I've talking with CPI here in Amarillo and the subject came up and you know I mentioned the fact that a lot of these churches aren't even honoring their 501(c)(3) status and so last minute anything will they don't in this area they need 15 items they got to so they do not have the resources to monitor churches but you know Biden I think just putting billions more for the RF centers come in a day in America unless things change go the other direction which I don't see when they're going to come all out against churches and those true churches enterprise are going to have to go underground likely to enchanting North Korean soap work because they will not allow you to me like they did in the former Soviet Union. They will not allow you to me without usually they get the pastor if you can meet in a building will tear the building down you know, and so forth and if you don't get out now you you can make these contracts and agreements you can become an agent of the state and I don't like it monitor you see any taxes.

Many churches are incorporating out some follow the rules, but a lot of them just forget it dealt with numerous churches in Texas. They haven't anything they agreed to do for 20 years and see in Texas churches do not have to submit a yearly report. They don't have to pay a yearly fee as nonprofit corporations seek, but I thought while these are churches.

These are Christians.

They sign an agreement they're gonna keep their word. See what I mean hello, let me just say his work went up to the club to things I had said that years ago I had to forward IRS agents and program and they told me they said you know what what do you still it we could never figure out why in the world with these pastors. What a place to congregation under our authority when they don't when they don't have to all churches, even under the IRS called our tax exempt all churches are tax exempt under the IRS code but more than that, under God's Word, the Bible churches are God's brother is very very important. I have an article that clearly explained all churches are not technically only those who choose to become tax-exempt are churches are not automatically tax-exempt second Bible I see when I have the IRS code doesn't say all churches are automatically tax-exempt and their whole that were up against the heartbreak will pick this up on the other side is a type will be right at right after this would more don't go away. More to come. You'll see a lot more direct betterment.

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