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TUE HR2 040522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 5, 2022 11:58 pm

TUE HR2 040522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 5, 2022 11:58 pm

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I had my Facebook a lot of emails filled up. People want to have a shout out real quick so Chris Keith Sorrentino, Pastor Mark Valenti Pastor Parsons in the hospital, Kathleen Janet, Alexis, Bob, Adam, Pete, thank you for sharing your to be listening tonight. We love you we appreciate your radio were radio supported by you listeners and pastor Joe Larson pastor parses the guy talk a little bit today.

He is really really suffering with headaches and he's got a lot of test going on. Pastor Mark Valenti, my pastor, his wife, Carlo. She's got an incurable disease. My brother John's been Ballin wood shingles on and off. His stomach given him trouble and Kathleen up in Michigan with her vertigo. She's been fighting that left right and my boss Nick. Tacos is been off work for couple days she's been having some rough rough ghost. Would you like to lead us in prayer for all these above, please her work wary of earning more Lord. There is so much need right now and I can't even remember all the people that I should be praying for. If I don't know my list. There are so many wonderful things. Your father is. You know all these people you know what is wrong with each and every one and Lord I would lift always look all those coach mentioned Volvos we have on the prayer list of the ministry that you would just bless them in every conceivable way the Lord if it be thy will that you were just reach out to touch them with the power of your hand. This bring about miracle healing but Lord you may choose to use the doctors and nurses and you may choose to bring the feeling that way and sometimes you are calling the person home.

We are asking for their recovery and your bringing them home to your kingdom. So Lord, we always pray this if it be thy will, Lord, that you would have mercy that you would just pour out your blessings. There is so much need in the world and Lord, we just we repent of the sin that's destroying this land. Most these people that I know personally the coach nose ring. Are your children and have been born again and are true believers, Lord, that you would especially look after those are yours half-sister Jesus precious precious name on it and one final thing folks listen these prosperity preachers and these people come along and tell you all the stuff that you're not supposed to be sick and that if you give great amounts of money. You know God above all is will have all these blessings for you. Here's what the Bible says real quick and Psalms 3419. Please remember this okay this is coaches to but I get it right from God.

Many, many are the afflictions of the righteous do you get it. Many are the afflictions of the rights of rights assignment but the Lord delivers him of them all, and also one more Psalms 2714 when were sick. Hey man-I call out sometimes. And God doesn't heal me right off the bat. I might have to suffer for 510 days but you know what I did deliver not. Here's why.

Psalms 2714 wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thy heart weight I say on the Lord trust. Use your faith and Joe will tell you let go of your own understandings and Joe for the audience. Sometimes God allows us to suffer so we can turn around. Why were laying their goal through our garbage can in life and mold us and lead us to see sin and things the way we say the things way we think people we associate. He lets us look at that through his lands so we can draw closer and have a better walk when it isn't that the right right and more because his ways are always higher than ours and sometimes sales reasons that we do not understand inmate take away something because of our pride and make take away something and cause somebody to be crippled make of that other people can show their Christian love and have someone to care for Emily. Jesus said as you do to the least of these my children you doing to me. So sometimes the use of people in ways or something. Things that we don't think of her look for and Joe also the years, you and I prepare I've been with 15 years to June. You and I did all kinds shows together. I got 90% of everything I've ever done in the rate at which you guys we talked about before, when you see all our world going crazy and everything else. And people say to me there is no hope. Look at our government. Look at the get the what's going on with the homosexual community and abortion.

Always wait a minute, Pastor Joe and his wife can take time out by the table. They can bow their heads and they can thank God they can love one another we go sit outside to look at the sky at night time. Look at the beautiful sunrise we can still escape and find Joe our joy because were saved and we know Jesus isn't that the hopefully everything Joe is everything drive it that surpasses all of human understanding and most of those that are born again have not like that all of us that I know have joy in our heart because we are saved and when this world is over we will be spending eternity with our Lord and Savior, and what effect we have clipped only there were going to play that ties into some of this, we gotta think big Ganges that he's been doing a wonderful job spin on the dials and he bailed me out tonight as I left my two songs at home and he jumped right on and on the computer and found it and you does a lot good for us.

Joe, it keeps us out of a lot of trouble that's for sure. I forgot introducing the night I was with Ernie's calling them right at the cover rattled me so what hastens you got more clout than I do at the station wanted to make sure Andrew gets a raise house that's I am for that, or that God bless his heart and God bless all of you for tuning in and listen. I want to thank you for supporting this radio ministry all these years because-allowed to be a guest and I get to call it and Joe. Do you happen to have the address to where people can send some money to keep us on the air so you can still be on and I can sneak in every now and then I should go real quick because were reduced to a pledge week and we don't try and talk about money.

The rest the time, but our address is WRWL ministries 14781 Sperry Rd. at 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd. city of Newberry any WB you are why OH 44065 W RW element is. 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry any WB you are why OH 44065, and Andrew, you have a tape think it really needs an introduction doesn't necessarily right. Let's play the tape command that says he's a woman who says he's in handle the rest up on TV saying I want a relationship with your children because in all your children genetic history they've never run into a man saying that a woman in a clown outfit saying the Renamo slide radically storytime it. Ask crazy outfits and O'Hare and clown makeup and in no say in the parking lot I'm children.

I needed because it's a wind show is to manipulate the biological future of our children and connect that to the corporate is the new way for you and combine and now it's out in the open.

They didn't want us to warn people about it while they were building it, but because we expose it because you expose it because so many people expose that they are now launching at full power out of desperation. Tavistock Institute CIA, you name it. TV viewers look at this for radio listeners to listen to this fax chaplain here's a thought school elementary students being marched in to the sexual brainwashing is taking place inside the facility is not about love is not about tolerance, thought about creating a sexual relationship. It's about creating a definitional moment with these children imaginatively select 56 kids marching in their parents house or little to talk about sex, you know that's a weird place once and for him oh with the with the rainbow flag hanging above in a ritual you know what you're going into this is truly satanic to protect our children really getting to fire these teachers are following this call programming. This is again this is a call that's what this along with we see the signs up all over the country. Stop having stop having children, we can't kill a kid before it's boring well just make it sterilize and sell the transgender will be the same sex.

That's really the plan.

This is the West. One child policy through social engineering Hollywood town and how many times did I tell you this hundreds whether the social credit score. If you're gay or don't have children you get thousands of dollars a month from black rock and now for the city of West Hollywood all the subliminal images that are on screen right now is that a moment you get thousands of dollars monthly three euro sign up and identify what type of section that I mean the government now knows what type of sex you that this is so fascist… So evil. This is so sick they know Americans want to be open and free. So they lately push their whole revolution of coming after our children to screw them up and label them in and leave their lives out of this West Hollywood to get people basic income for free if they don't have children in the Cloquet world UK hospitals are now being encouraged. That's all men under 60 there pregnant before getting medical procedures. The good news is this the stock is going straight down. Ladies and gentlemen, as the world realizes that it's in their portfolio. MCG was getting criticize all we found a few thousand dollars of Disney stock in her portfolio. She said will write up taken out of there.

That was there, let us know.

Let us think about what's in the portfolio.

Let us get it out of there.

We will be part of Walt Peto, Peto, no longer Walt Disney Co. it's now Walt Baker children company.

How many of their executives about resurrecting children how many other workers held hundreds last month and later. This is a real Disney image their famous for the subliminal's where Mickey and Minnie are having a dance and many lower body is of course something else. 100% the penis that's real certified Disney life gentlemen, saltier children is another transgender man who gave birth to his son criticizes medical staff are calling him mother and claims is important to stop automatically linking pregnancy. They want to get some crazy woman with a beard that has a baby and then it's a woman it's all them training you all of this mother just had a baby. They had a surgeon at a baby, but they say all this man just gave birth. The subtitle as well ask you woman dead you got the genders overhearing a female and male. You got all mental illnesses over the this alien force is bringing down upon us when the autism in children and more in a moment but first a woman who's gone viral on Instagram and Twitter for letting her husband's father. No, this baby boy feels like a trophy. He's gonna BK you know my girls will probably gender a probably have his testicles, to understand, she just holding up the establishment economy hi Jay, I gay and notice he's getting all thrilled like it's sites are deceased, sexualizing a child is even two years old but she sat there like as a parent, told your gay even know what that means but it knows it's mommy told that's what it's what I saw this lightly aired on Friday as I've got €2.03 euros and take care of. They all want to be gay other teachers like you are literally the mother, the writer is telling a child this sexualizing are mentally ill, but only if the school it's like oh it's so cute. I mean these people are just demonic start over. It's hard to watch. As I gay you name your baby will straight down the time of the people and by you, the baby go blind you better lock and she turned think clearly. People want their children to be straight and gather like whales are straight and horses are butterflies biology.

These people are in occult ladies and gentlemen clown world.

Here is the transgender.

The creepy is never under Sec. of health declared a role model for trans kids, this is Rachel Levine, a dude with a penis. Now what looks like an admiral outfit.

He got a constant shot shop talking about how he's an admiral, so he's not just a woman he's an admiral now have a Jeannie how about Empire State building your everything. This is mass mental illness or to the public. As yourself. In some ways that melamine is a role model for transport.

Given that you are a high-ranking official government. Thank you so much. It is such an honor to serve in this position. It's an honor to have been nominated and confirmed as the Assistant Sec. for health and truly an honor to have taken the uniform of the United States Public health service commissioned Corps as a four-star admiral, so I am truly privileged and hi I am honored to serve as a transgender individuals. But what I want to do is get back, and what the two ways I can get back is one to be very vocal advocate for the LGBT QI plus community, specifically transgender individuals and to specific policies at HHS and throughout the administration that support diversity, equity and inclusion, so it wants a relationship with your children. Rub the lotion on the skin a creepy scary looking.

I mean, you want to harm of your some of the kidnapped kids basements you are casting admiral you heard admiral, I am a four-star admiral commanding Marine sailors in the field and it's it's it's it's a it's an admiral, it's all about delusion all about making you give up something hard-working give up on being the person the same old saying I give up. And then these people take over do it. This is a freak show behavioral psychology were renovated.

That's our side and heavy knowledge on you know it internally when she heard it because you want to hear what you want to hear your nose. You know why they dress up women like it.

The clown and men like it. The clown and dress up women like men, and men like women to target children because children and put genetically in their instincts know what's good and knows what's bad and they've never seen something on their entire genetic history that this life this body is only one manifestation of they've never seen anything like that and that's why they have a man that says he's a woman who says he's an admiral dressed up on TV saying I want a relationship with your children because in all your children genetic history they've never run into a man saying there a woman in a clown outfit thing or an admiral fly directly storytime it.

Ask crazy outfits and purple hair and clown makeup and in no say in the parking lot I'm children.

I need because it's a call I took over the Boy Scouts and took over Penn State and I to the Catholic Church and they took over everything see you go.

Why are they so brazen, why are they like you said in your nine-year-old daughter to a summer camp and then there's men singer women full grown men sleeping in the room with them. It's about power. It's about control of men's spaces and women spaces and children spaces and it's their entire agenda.

I got more of these clips but I just played your clip earlier in the mother saying all this babies grandfather says you can't tell a one-year-old. It's gay.

I am you understand folks there telling a child. Its identity is that it's going to have sex with the same sex.

You wouldn't tell a one-year-old you're going to have sex with women. I love the demonic look on her face. She thinks she's cool she think she's part of the club she think she's open she thinks is great but what it does is bring in the trans-humanism the child is nothing but a captured sacrifice for her to show it off. I she's capture the plan or the or the standard all really only one was gay marriage while didn't turn out that only one was our children is about gay or any of that. It's about not having children. If you do have children sterilizing him and screwing him up and using them as some trendy virtue signal you destroy. So here's clip 14.

This is a transgender Army soldier being celebrated as a hero, then let's go to the next clip clip 20 is sake saying pregnant people, not women and 23 is the real agenda behind trans-humanism, there are all these counties a full clip of a world general trend, trans-humanism of the biblical in Plato's first gloves. You are patient and any right now you are breaking barriers and fries. I think I want understand right. What keeps you what inspires you and keep you know what really keeps me motivated the people that are to come after us. Some people have called me a trailblazer in some of the things that I do and that's something I really embrace because what that means is that it's not about me it's about the fact that the road behind me is now paved in the generation coming after us as an easier chance to make to where I've made it to make it where so many others have made it and got the time and the energy to go further so we can set the conditions for the folks after us get to do even greater things. I'm thrilled absolutely.

Beginning today as many as 720,000 pregnant and postpartum people across United States could be guaranteed Medicaid and children's health insurance program coverage beginning today as many as 720,000 pregnant and postpartum people across United States could be guaranteed Medicaid and children's health insurance program coverage go back to that last. I can tell you're looking at a societal officer, globalist running serious option because they know their be populating us and I know they put chemicals in the water, sterilizing almost everybody also emasculating people to tell men hey, just because you got emasculated. Don't get gene therapies don't take hormones you're really a woman that's just a sign out that God is an officer in silence.

The space for services on a recycler basements against demoralizing human force ring in the robots because they won't play all these games I mean attacking our biology men and women is the very core of taking us down to show some more of these in any of clown world transgender Undersecretary hell declares a role model trans-kids the main mission is get to your children.

That is a pervert vessel and grooming missile right Adam. I'm sick of all the jokes I work my balls off and become a woman of the year.

This outline not a joke. Mother and son are becoming father and daughter. The mom is becoming a man. The girls becoming mothers becoming mother and son are becoming father and mother mothers becoming father sons becoming the daughter is doing what's trendy, what's cool and who taught the daughter how to do it all look Tony Blair with the gathering sex dungeons and murdered children incident rituals on record record to me so they'll what a nice group of people that came up with all of this 50,000 sign petition for dizzy to rehire James Gunn regarding the galaxy part three every three pedophile parties is the Disney Pinot stack sugar subliminal images earlier, but for adult signaling to self yourself. This is what Disney has been up to for a long long time about the hidden sexual messages and Disney's movies mainstream Australian news and the reason I do it is that's stealing the future of someone you can do that you a lot of power Weinstein scale exposes dizzy, forgiving convicted pedophile axes. The kids film director who would write little boys asked.

They are for dizzy employees retired judge among 108 arrested human trafficking stings several Florida including filming footage of young children running right Disney hard convicted child molester dizzy employees amount again. It just goes on and on and on and on and on and so is God blessed calls for boycott of the fall dizzy yeah were in a war against a pervert called the Catholic Church everything else we let them take us over answers now our children are too much of their poison shots and all your crap you know your we say no to you stones about the garbage. There was April 2022 just kicked off it's already been incredible. Clouse Schwab, Bill Gates, Joe Biden.

They, along with many other or operatives have gone national television and announced that we are now under a world government. They have a Summit taking place right now. Dubai titled world government Summit and they are announcing incredible tyranny. Everything we talked about is now coming true in the global take a software gentleman, we are running the biggest sale in the history of enforce right now 28 years all info wars apparel is being sold at cost Torrey is gone.

Never going to print these T-shirts and ball caps enforce flags again. You may have T-shirts and apparel the future. I don't even know you're blowing out of everything to get emergency funds in right now firing the bat signal you get your T-shirt for right now at cost group.

Well here we are. Joe I got a small article read and then a song and then it's back to you. All right, folks.

You just heard this now what I'm about to read you real quick. This was given to me by Pastor Ernie Sanders, this is the August 2011 edition by Noah Hutchings. It's called Obama's plan to sodomize America but I'm in a region. The two biggest paragraphs. Now you know what's going on let this sink in what they had planned some years ago back in the 80s and 90s, and they kicked it.

When Barack Obama got in office is mission was to go through all the schools of America and push this crap LGB two demon possessed perverted mental ill lifestyles. Here's what they said they're going to do to us folks we shall sodomize your sons emblems of your feeble masculinity of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools and your dormitories in your gymnasiums in your locker rooms in your sports arenas in your seminaries in your youth groups in your movie theater bathrooms in your army, bunkhouses in your truck stops and all your mail clubs in your houses of Congress wherever men are with Mindy gathered together. Your son shall become our minions and do our bidding.

They will be recast in our image, they will come to crave and adore us all laws banning homosexually activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed with and genders love between men, all homosexuals must stand together as brothers we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially.

We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemies if you dare cry fag. It fairy queried us we will stand you in your cowardly hearts and to file your puny bodies.

There will be no compromises.

We are not middle-class weaklings, highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race and steely minded aristocrats never settle for less. Those who oppose us will be exiled. We shall raise vast private armies as Mishna did to defeat you.

We shall conquer the world because warriors and smiled by the band together of homosexual love and honor are invincible, as were the ancient Greek soldiers. The family unit spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence will be up polished the family unit which only dampens imaginations and curves free will must be eliminated. All churches who can't damn us will be closed are only gods are handsome young men, I will close with this and then I got a song for you user all demon possessed. Hey man, it's like this male female mother, father, man, woman, boy, girl, masculinity now for all you women who have a husband and you love your husband and you women that are about to get married. I honor you got honors you. This is one song I remember you homosexual you LGBT Q you LGBT QI you LGBT Q are ETA.

RDS has declared war on the God of the Bible pastors evangelist and anyone who speaks out against us. You guys are sick, twisted, reprobate of perverted lifestyles and here's one song that none of you lesbians can ever ever seen it in this your listen to what's right what's left radio broadcasts Joe Larson sitting in for Pastor Ernie Sanders, my name is Duane Briscoe as a special guest and Joe. They declared war on the God of the Bible, the LGBT Q whatever the hell they want to put into guys are going to hell, unless they repent God a motor reprobate mind and Joe. They declared war on us. They hate the God of the Bible. They hate preachers, pastors, anyone who speaks out and tries to tell their own children listen, don't become a homosexual God made you male and female. Now the pass allows it want to put us in prison if we go against this this replay or conversion therapy. If you try Joe.

He was a pastor. If you set down and someone's home and the date the parents college over to take my son wants to become a female and you try to convert that they want to arrest you for that well for simple answers. We must obey God rather than men and only played the song coach.

I cook thinking we should rewrite that song should be called stand by your God, yeah, absolutely.

That's one third that's one for the great Ernie Sanders to sing back I was saying you know for almost 50 years you Pastor. Ernie has been warning people get your children out of the public school system a as I was trying to show the whole history of the education in the world is been for government control to get away from morality to get away from God and to foment the New World order and type of communist socialist world and I was just thinking the humanist manifesto, John Dewey, quote father, modern education was a co-author and hid. Basically about 10 planks in there, but I want to read one number 512 41 of the things I'm paraphrasing there are no absolute rules to live by some absolute rules.

God is absolute right amen K number five all men, that means man, woman, children should be exposed to diverse realistic viewpoints, including profanity, immoralities for versions as acceptable modes of self-expression. Now you know where they got the idea of diversity, perversity.

This was the father modern education. All these things, immorality, profanity, perversion are acceptable modes of self-expression, all forms of sexual expression are acceptable. That's all forms, and he means all folks there demon possessed out and the that's why they want this, by the teach diversity. We must be tolerant of others. There what you're saying is we must be tolerant of sin. God tells us what we are to hate sin really God loves hate what God hates and God hates sin. He called sodomy an abomination and but I was thinking what we haven't understood is how devious these people are, how come they're not intolerant of us. Well, that's because it's all antichrist antichrist. No, there was back in 65 there was a special elementary and secondary school education act and they put out what was called the behavioral science teacher education program, a 584 page catalog called pacesetters and innovation I get this 584 pages of modification behavior modification programs, not education, behavior modification, the intent was to create the new child of the future who would going with the one world government, then no big government now some people thought this was a very good so Congress came along and there was a education provisions act called to prohibit prohibit patient against federal control of education and it forbade the federal government from exercising direction, supervision and control over curriculum programs of instruction. Administration of personnel of school school system over the selection of textbooks and on anon anon. In other words, federal government had to stay out of education. It was supposed to be private. Now this was still valid, coach for each state independently. This was for the nation and it was in 1970 Congress realized that the government is very limited in education so pass this cohabitation against federal control and this law still on the books, but yet government controls Department of Education.

How could government control everything. If there is a congressional law passed that account still on the books is because we been sold out by traders and government did not at the ideal J Intel agencies. He sold us out, sort of dirty little secret in this put a loophole how that works. Yeah, yeah, okay. The loophole allows for federal funding of research and development clever. The time when I wrote this.

There were 790 federally mandated programs and that the school systems had to comply with so think about it. 790 R and D would say couldn't teach phonics because phonics is a proven thing since the research right so you could only give money for R&D something that is an experiment, so ever since 1970. Every bit of education goes to some new R&D experiment. In other words, America's children's have been guinea pigs since 1970 because the government can't spend a lot money teaching real math right phonics anything that was tried-and-true proven. Some had to be some new research and development program in your children will. How about if we wanted to know why frogs blink their eyes in biology. We had that to get federally funded this decision say this recently lost her mind. Even back in 2004 I found that there were 10,000 over 10,000 openly Marxist professors, thousands of humanist professors controlling the universities and colleges that produces the teachers and other professionals.

So here we have been sending our most precious possession are most precious gift, our children and we have been sending them to these marks of humanist professors to be well indoctrinated and as I have said before, we had been letting the devil control education. Yeah, absolutely. And I thought that I wanted to do that history because that might help people understand it is been used all through history the school to control children and if you control the children you control what coaching society and the future. Yet just this is just as another you talked about this before in the years you and Ernie on them. Many a night. You talked about their destroying America from within without firing a shot because member Ronald Reagan you guys is stated over and over were one generation from collapsing.

Write only one generation away from losing our freedom.

There was especially been in the military son Kyle had a book called the art from theater Roberts pronounce different ways.

The art of war and he was a Chinese general in this book is quite famous at the world-famous Booker start a war and one of the things he said was supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemies resistance without fighting. What are they done to the American people all my God there and the reason yes without a fight.

Then he says not. We've heard this phrase. Politics is war by other means. Right right well the general says all warfare is based on deception. That's not true. There is based on deception. So politics is war by other means. That means politics is war by deception and Joe you been in the military I always wanted know this business is really boiled my water when United States was the one the most powerful is nations militarily wise when we get into wars. Why do our leaders put rules of engagement, energizing the combat field. Why are there work well there rules of engagement are good point.

They keep soldiers there are certain rules that protect the innocent things, but like over the last world talking to some soldiers are over in the Middle East and they said there were more attorneys running around work out that soldiers had to go through attorneys had approved this issue does rocket. This was crazy, but the last thing I want to read the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting supreme art of war to subdue the enemy. The Christians are the enemy. Yes, the supreme art of war, politics is war by other means is to subdue us without our fighting are getting in or when blonde because we have been trained take, I will finally yeah and we've come to believe. It looks like self-help treat your catalyst into the science clearly the site, not God. No data believe the science without questioning how to believe the elite educational system. The teachers union right yeah not God and I remember back your member of John Dewey was a humanist wrote the humanist manifesto. One of his lackeys said in 1983 the battle for mankind's future must be waged and one in the public school classroom classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new, the rotting corpse of Christianity and the new faith of humanism. Humanism is antichrist and it is very different morals and whatever. And we are your own God. Where children of God we are to what fear God and obey homes where are to run to the battle. We are to fight the good fight of faith and people they've made the public school system. The heart and soul and center of the community, but that school system is taking your children away from you. Destroying your children destroying their faith, turning them into hell. You heard some of this with the sexual transformation. The all the new LGBT QI a oldies different forms or whatever our ETA ID and whatever I can keep most of what we do know the children were made. God tells us what they were made in his image in the image of God he made them male and female in God's image and when we go messing with what God created God his perfectionism to coach absolutely doesn't make no mistake, never made a mistake in his life and his examinations in his total existence. God has never ever ever ever ever ever made a mistake, or you can't because whatever he will happens. He spoke the creation into existence. He spoke to heaven the earth to the moon the start. He spoke and he had such power.

Such authority that we can't wrap our minds around people he spoke and things came right out of the air and it happened exactly how and when and where he commanded to go back in history little bit you think the enemy is always told us what they're going to do the Fabian Socialists warned of the cultural Marxist warned us all these groups even we you read part of the homosexual guy that wrote the humans, the homosexual manifesto. Yeah, Michael Smith and the first point of the sodomite manifesto is free and unfettered abortions. Well, sodomites don't really have to worry but they made that the first plank of their manifesto and we go back God has been telling us warning this over and over and over. In fact, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania back in 1815 to find something the battleground of America. Morality is defined as a condition of conforming with the right principles for godly principles.

That's right against wrong to legislate means to make law imposes rules of conduct and enforces them with authority. What law has ever been neck enacted by any government in the history of man. That is not named something wrong and its opposite right so every law establishes and legislates morality and our whole system along was based on the 10 Commandments of God and the teaching of the New Testament correcting now is what they said this by just read part of it.

But today's critics are saying this is 1815 1815, we don't want God to have anything to do with today's morality we want to determine what is right and wrong without God, America, the court said is become the battleground between the world's two oldest religions. The first religions appear in the history of mankind worships God.

The second worships man in America. The first religion is expressed by Christianity, second by humanism, it is not a question of whether morality can or should be legislated. It is only a question of which religious guidelines will undergird the legislation religious guidelines that deify God are religious guidelines that deify man. We had some people back in 1815, who understood the cultural war who understood Satan, the enemy and knew this was going to be a battle over morality and the court made it clear as possible. Our laws will be based on one of these two religions. It will be the religion of God or it will be the religion of man which is Satan.

The religion of Satan. We have three minutes left. You do you would you like to give an invitation tonight. Yes I would thank you so much it invitation folks every one of us don't care what color your skin is I don't care where you were born. I don't care if you can read right. It makes no difference. I don't care how you look for it.

If you're dying right now. What ever condition in word and think it written about this. We were created. God created us were going to stand before our Creator one day and working to give account for every sin that we ever committed. Now there's no way we could stand before a holy God and and and plead our case, but God the father sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, in the form of of God inside a body, and his name was Jesus. He came to earth guy left his throne. He lived a perfect life on this earth without ever sending.

He willingly came to die so that we could have eternal life through him and is forgiving his sins and he accomplish that by never sitting in his 33 years. Then when the time came, he willfully let the women soldiers whip and what a cat of nine tails for the blood splattered all over his bone show, but not one was broken. He willingly will laid his hands down on across and took spikes in his hands in his ankles. He shed his blood. The Bible said without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. It was God's own blood, that he shed to wash our sins away and the death penalty are sin calls for a death penalty and Jesus went to that cross willingly in your place in my place and he died upon that cross to pay for our sin and death and three days later he bodily arose from the grave. That's the gospel according to Paul in first Corinthians chapter 15 one through six. If you I don't care who you are can say Lord I'm a sinner. God forgive me, save me. I don't want to die in my sins and what else would you say meet the Bible meet a person clear the Holy Spirit comes in he seals you until the day of redemption.

Your name is written in the Lamb's book of life. Get you King James Bible get a good Bible believing church and from this day forward, your sins are passed, past, present, future gone, never to be remembered again. You will have to eat all life Joe that's for everybody.

We got less than a minute take it away.

Thank you. People for listening and Joe, thanks for having me tonight is your about to do this again sometime will send Ernie out on some more readers when thank you for listening and tonight and just remember we are here to be watchmen on the wall to give you warning out of total love and respect for our boss the Lord Jesus Christ and is read get ready to close each and every night with always finish with the call to repentance are called to salvation, and we end with these words, we want to say good night. We want to believe that God may God bless you and truly truly bless you. Yes and remember keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Posted by Pastor Ernie send their learning more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and please tune in next time edition what's right what's left by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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