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WED HR 2 040622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 7, 2022 12:21 am

WED HR 2 040622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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DQ presents a picture that is done before the awe-inspiring new signature stat burger menu a DQ in your mouth wonders where my life that's five taste but tempting cheeseburgers with 100% real seasoned beef. The pig at the loaded a one stat burger with two premium sauces, then the flamethrower stockbroker with tongue tingling jalapeno bacon then you realize moments like these are exactly why we had the DQ signature stat burger menu DQ taste good. Get it delivered it donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back in general are going to this rule for wheel equipment when plebe. Let me just say this okay note you know your delivery was a runner in the seas will blow to Caesar render what belongs to God will bless the government sit.

I know very clearly because the Bible is very, very clear on that is says what belongs to God is the earth and the fullness thereof the earth and the photos there'll belong to God. So if you take the earth and everything else on the earth and everything is in no belongs to God.

What's left for Caesar well. Her government was ordained by God, or do you know what it was Roman girl. First grader chapter you read down there.

It was ordained to punish evildoers and reward those who do good out now live by what means was it to do that because it was something very specific. The guys were derived never to deal with spiritual matters. It would deal with earthly matters to control evil just say and that knowing God gave us the divine institution of government.

It was five very very clear points and that and then institution okay one the first one was to home.

He was giving this covenant. That's annoying covenant there in Genesis 9 run and he tells you that in verses 1012 22 all of living.

The four perpetual generations to all living creatures to mankind so that that covers all dispensations. The second point was the intent that that was meant was the governor forgot man was to cover for more God or God, for God, no. The third point was the most important point.

The third point was the entire purpose of divine human government.

The entire purpose and you find in Genesis 932-5527 was to preserve the image of God, that being man to preserve the image that the entire purpose of divine human government, but the fourth point was the means by which man was to govern the listen, the means by which man was the governor forgot man's laws because statutes God's covenants. God's promises God's commands. That was the means that man was to use did not because we're talking a legitimate government legitimate government decay and the idea was that if you were in compliance with the first four, then you would be a piece all nations and people are not at war with God so if if you go by that you talking about legitimate government.

Is there a difference between legitimate government and illegitimate government. Well, yeah.

Government is not in line with the word of God and illegitimate, and so our government is legitimate under God and it will be done every nation reaches the point where the only remedy is judgment. You know, and not directly on that one thing on that time away. I know we don't have to take time to and do a page for the rules and regulations, 501(c)(3) and family status and link down there church internal growth revenue code section 508318 tax-exempt that first article and then that one will explain to you why I First Amendment churches nontaxable okay First Amendment churches nontaxable a statutory church 501 C3 are probably when I church is tax-exempt.

There's a great difference because of five OIC when I church even though they didn't apply for tax-exempt status is health of the same rules and regulations that come with 501(c)(3) and explain that real quick but the details were in and those I guess I just would probably with the difference. I guess it's my opinion you're either a church in his city and live my opinion if if your Inc. you become a corporation and you can't be both at the living body of Christ.

The nonliving body creation stays the same times I think so. So I was only looking to First Amendment churches as real churches. I will write out exactly exactly.

And so that's that's that's where I met man that's when those two IRS agents of the program was referring to those. Those are real churches.

Okay and all real churches are tax-exempt but anyhow.

Well, no real churches all churches are tax-exempt coming nontaxable not tell you why you contacted anybody you through a statute 50831 a is a statute that some people say gives automatic tax-exempt know you have to claim 508318 status you do that by giving Pirates acknowledgments for gifts and then if you see that faith statute. First Amendment said Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or preventing the free exercise thereof, no law five OIC one a is a law that makes you taxing them. She wanted me nontaxable. Because if you claim tax-exempt status under five OIC 18 you are held, and I explain this anything all the IRS into many IRS regulations and you can link to you can go straight to and they say churches that meet the required meet the requirements of 501(c)(3) are automatically are our tax exempt under five OIC when I see in order to be tax-exempt under five OIC when I you have to meet the requirements of 501(c)(3), which makes you tax-exempt, but if you claim you to First Amendment status and you don't become a legal entity, you are nontaxable your under the First Amendment protection. You're not under five OIC one AR 501(c)(3), which are our laws are laws made by man. First Amendment said Congress shall make no law. Well, if you put yourself under one of those laws you now tax-exempt and your held to the requirements that come with 501(c)(3) even if you cannot do that makes history well yeah I wanted I wanted to say thank you for straightening out Pastor Jill and all of that he was God in the aftermath of the other day in one we talked about about 30 minutes and read the article and everything I can't do anything to write, you know, I understand. I felt the same way for several years. When I first started this work in starting in 2005 until I really studied it out and some time and thought to study it all out and then I put what I learned in that article and I repented that I was wrong. You don't want to be tax-exempt you want to be nontaxable taxable First Amendment. What about according to Scripture, I believe we would tax immune according to God's will that were nontaxable were nontaxable work if we're still in you know as the church they can tax a nonlegal entity is no way that I contacted nonlegal entity unless it's a scam you know what I think it actually may be a business and is making money.

And of course many. Churches or businesses in their writing like businesses. I know that I got a lot of riding we need to start taxing churches and I wish they would.

And because the only churches they contact would be the churches that are legal entities like corporate 501(c)(3) five OIC what they would be doing the Lord a great service if they would start taxing churches because the only churches they contact would be those who are corporations 501(c)(3) of five OIC when I churches say they wanted they don't want to tax them up. I've heard that the politicians are talking about.

They do want to tax them.

The brightness, but with us with the First Amendment church they want to persecute us to change course here because we went and the clock is living on me. I went to play clip this clip as was Steve Bannon and Nora bin Laden, who is filing a human rights complaint with the United Nations over January 6 political prisoners what's happening with the death of Craddock, collective has done to the patriots that were arrested in and what it would that that deep state that deep state false flag operation by the criminal elements by the bite of the nasty Pelosi who was hiding all of the evidence and all the other hard-core criminals there. I mean really hard-core criminals there in DC, as a way to play this clip and a consular. You can comment so taken away more fundamental problem with the United Nations right through the case. With regards to the January 6 incident man, absolutely.

I am recently wrote a statement which was submitted through a UN accredited NGO called pace the planetary Association for clean energy.

Although the name doesn't reflect all the issues they tackle and it's a very special special process through which you are able to on appeal to the unit unit United Nations human rights Council on certain issues and they in turn publish the statements and they become official work documents in the US can answer this opportunity arose at the last minute there.

UN representative reached out and asked me if I wanted to appeal to the human rights Council about an issue and I immediately thought of the 16 and abuses the protesters are being subjected to by that US regime.

This rogue government and this is exactly what I day I rotate 1500 word documents which now sits on the desk of those special rapporteur is actually United Nations human rights Council and while it's a long shot because we very well know that that you completely compromised entity, its construction and vessel of the globalists I thought I might as well post them in the eye and called them out on their hypocrisy for not addressing this issue. Maybe there is a long shot. A special territory well take the song but even but but even more importantly walk through. Give us a couple minutes walk to your theory of the case and how do you go to that you had the opportunity because your internationally known figure and known as being fair and evenhanded and very smart to go to the unit United Nations human rights Council walkers to the two or three things that what you theory the case of why they been human rights violations of the 16 political prisoners, not seriously. The objectives that I wanted to reach with this statement was to have recorded the abuses of these political prisoners. The physical abuses of those that are being detained psychological abuse as well and also just the complete denial of their rights.

You know the right to a fair trial and the right to due process and the rights to the blind application of the law.

And I mean it's just so shocking to see that they are actually being presumed guilty and have to be proven innocent. And it's not the other way around and say it was important for me to have that recorded. Furthermore, I also wanted to have recorded the fact that this entire insurrection narrative is a hoax.

I've been writing about this since January 2021 first for revolver and as I say and I think saying it. This was an insurrection. This was an entrapment operation and now both these both of these elements regarding 16 have been put forward at the human rights Council in writing nor brick take work to do. We do we have the 1500 word document can we get that I want to put that over is that something you can actually share know you wrote it is I think on your subsegment is that something can or should be shared, because I think people need to think they need to see it because the media hears all sander insurrection is the criminals who go to prison forever and honestly the conservative media hears, past the date they don't want to touch it and you never hear about Fox News. They do so it touches on this a big deal for us and our audience is this something we can share with people.

Yes, absolutely. It's on my websites and Nora bin and this is the thing I think it's so ironic that it has to be no private citizen like myself that has to be going through this process and another aim with this document.

Aside from calling out the UN's hypocrisy and the abuses of the US government was also to callouts. The people that are supposed to be defending them. You know that the rhinos are as I called them unit because of the unit party. We can even really talk about rhinos anymore. I called them Taino Zeno Americans in the name only, that are not standing up for these defendants and large for the Americans in the patriots that are being smeared and that are being crushed by the media by the DOJ which is been completely captured as we know by the intelligence agencies you know the entire weaponization of all these institutions targeting outstanding American citizens simply because all form of dissent has to be crushed and all the people that are coming out in the misty of the regime have to be put down, and it's just this is traitor level in my opinion that those who are supposed to represent the citizens are failing and I mean we can be really grateful for representative Tina Margie Taylor Green gave Sen. Ron Johnson among the handful that are defending and standing up and speaking about these political prisoners, but that the vast majority I mean this is a huge litmus litmus test and and we know on which side real Americans are but you're in the side of angels were quickly how do people get your social media how to get your website and Nora bin and on Twitter at Nora bin Laden get her as well as the same so that's that's why publish my writings and takes thank you very much for joining us from Switzerland. They would greatly appreciate. Okay now were back now know where you make a decision here. I consular, and she says that instead of calling them rhinos we should be calling them Taino so what do you think do you think which name do you think represents the best will probably rhinos on a video local level many years. 20 years of the Republican Party.

Very active. There were always two fractions first in Tarrant County for about five or six years then moved to Travis County taxes were often is in both places, and in most places at least her that seeing you always have the what they called the fiscal resort conservative and the social conservatives. The fiscal conservatives would support rhinos the social conservatives would support you know true truly honest people who believe like you said another word, but so that war is been going on exactly. I think the latter term would be better for them to write know we got some fast lightning rounds okay speaking about that that whole thing had to do with the election that was stolen the election that was stolen and I say this right here and I've said this before that election was stolen and anyone that says it wasn't a lawyer named a bit of truth in.

I got so aggravated because you expect NBC, ABC, PMS and all that because you know they can write out a note to let you know the rhinos with those, and Fox News that say their fair and balanced and they not only were they in lockstep.

Not only did the echo chamber: but they they are contracted to lie there on under content they don't call it a lie. They called the narrative, but they signed a contract saying yes we will. I will get out there.

I will speak the narrative.

Whatever lies were told to tell and if you don't tell the lie that you told to tell then you get fired and if so, but when you say that your fair and balanced and you do that and this is why you know we outed Brett Blair. He made me so angry because not only not only did did they do that put Joe you remember every one of them before they do it. Susan Smith, Brett Blair little Chris female.

Matthew, no not Matthews Chris Wallace Wallace sorry Chris Wallace is going going down the line and I'm trying to think of the others right away.

The guy with a big Kabuto. All of these.

They didn't just they didn't just tell that lie, they didn't just say where's the evidence they did this first and what like that. They all got like that and then they said where's the evidence they use the same words, the echo chamber was in effect and they insulted the intelligence of people when we were watching on election night and we watched the numbers right there get inverted right in front of our eyes is like well you know you know who you gonna believe us or your lying eyes that was one of slick Willie favorite statements with the marriage of this Arizona State Senate.

The Senate will really unmonitored dropbox is revealed over 733,730 3000 unaccounted for ballots in Maricopa County alone in the 2020 election, the Gateway pundit previously reported on the investigation into the Maricopa County ballot.

Everything efforts which used public records request for a Bell box retrieval in the chain of custody forms utilized in Maricopa wasn't about two weeks ago Brett Blair hadn't said that there was no evidence at all in their phone. There was no evidence of any election fraud found in Arizona so there you go.

740,000 ballots. He said this, the report concluded that the Maricopa County officials violated Arizona's law and do not have the required chain of custody for at least 740,000 ballots so where's the evidence in rather I would.

I was there look like word down late. Later that night whenever they reopen now find out what the left leg hearing a lot of what I what the whole one part of the one in Arizona not In Wisconsin and Michigan.

I'm a lawyer, I know what you're exactly right that they can study. Think like that because they have a certain number of people. I quit watching the speculative media economies is the first live on in the night before life. When Barry Goldwater was and I took it out of the speech make them like he was playing the what he said in contact and he was and what they said but when I found that out after that happened on that I started watching in 1981 I thought Carter debate leg and then they came on about I just watch what happened. Now they tell me what happened and I found out it will are my get on you know might get a light source and I get the truth in those sources tell me a lot of the live unit given out and that sounds Fox News all you know got fairly we gotta get our sources and were not we now learn. I don't have sources so what we need to when only have the right rubberstamp media anything like take the option whether this is why our site is clean and there were opening up a lot of medium and now now the program yeah we believe that by God's grace we been on the as long as we have been in. And speaking of that, here is one you won't hear on any of the fake news media.

There note this article is is by BT.

The BT editors and it's a general posting managed by Jim Dean.

But this is according to the department of this happened yesterday morning and Moscow this this was in Moscow. The Moscow news and in the tasks.

A news agency.

They reported this so I'm going to go ahead and read it to you wanted a NATO Internet national security letter has been issued blocking the reporting of alleged capture of an American general and marrow Paul how to put out that Jill or marrow.

Paul Bloom is variable Mary Opal in the home. We were delivered earlier that in our sources. I think our sources on the ground report that the last two helicopters tried to evacuate from the VIPs from Mary Opal were shut down this morning. They were sent on a suicide mission to collect Lieut. Gen. Coulter, who was we are told at hiding in a huge industrial complex with some special forces staffers thou this this Lieut. Gen. Coulter is an American army officer okay American General and he was like Gen. Coulter, who was we are told, hiding in a huge industrial complex with some special forces staffers and about 30 Ukrainian Army not A's of soldiers. This this this hours old story from tasks below now he was there said there to lead the as of Nazis in the miracle became variable very little yet. So on the morning of April 5. Another attempt by the TV Jim to evacuate the leaders of the haze of nationalist Italian and others work thwarted near Mary Mary Apple to Ukrainian in 18 helicopters tried to break through to the city from the sea and were shut down from the man portable antiaircraft missile systems by Gore hello this is a good one: is con as Chin called spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said in a briefing which looked decent with S Russian news.

Listen, you can believe them every bit as much as you can. Our news media. Note this is the third attempt by the Kyiv to pull this more criminal from the crime were criminals from the crime scene, but it ended the same way as the previous Wednesday helicopters did not reach variable and then goes on to say reports from our friends at the Pentagon from the pet them from the Pentagon, summing up and panic is sitting at the White House minutes ago. The general showed up on his LinkedIn account that we are told that the ranks of the retirees in crisis now know, I think the latest thing they're saying is that this Roger this Lieut. Gen. Coulter where limits have written around here that there is saying he was.

He died a year ago is something but this. This report comes right out of the liquid in the Russian news and it comes right out of the editors a general reporting TV so all right will be coming up to break it will be back right after this. Don't go away.

Now you know the King James who was born of a virgin and above all things missing is any was in any count and how is it in the face and the father of lies.

As he was yelling.

He said I am waiting in life, so they hung a reading Barry diminish in three days and three nights alone and with great elemental looking inside Jesus, he was gone and now you know know and send me the way in and church fire in the Roman Empire and I multiply and no and send the D and radio compact's account only and will say only is the way kind manner with their oldest see me as I know, and Jesus closet designed DVD and in and you can take that Carl claim old buddy and I sure do miss that fellow here's a real patron and what intelligent, talented artist, but anyhow, by purposely purging Christians from the military. Biden is purposefully purging Christians for the military. This is an article by Bob Unruh and that with world news daily new center using vaccine mandates to target and eliminate the faithful and that Joe Biden is using Chinese virus, 19, and medical communities assistance of vaccination for everyone living to be willfully and purposely purging Christians from the military, comes from mats they were the founder of the organization, Liberty Counsel, which is been involved in the legal war over the Biden regimes unrewarded campaign. The issue is that a lot of Christians across America raise objections to the cover 19 vaccines because of their links to abortion is not that they contain aborted fetuses, but medical authorities, even those who advocate for the use have to limit the drugs today are tested using fetal cell lines started years ago but focus on what I wanted to stop there because, listen, let me tell you that killing people that is designed to kill people is not a vaccine. It is not a vaccine. Okay consular Nuremberg the Nuremberg trials of the Nuremberg code what you did not United States sign onto the Nuremberg code earlier.

Well what's going on here because of these. These are these are not vaccines and their experimental and doesn't that Nuremberg called said that you cannot force anyone to take that boy you know any code any laws only good is the those in power that are given the responsibility to carry it out in a court. Biden in the whole communist regime article. Josť can increasing their way and I've got a paper that I downloaded early on, you know the election. The Democrats room made it very clear that this is more of God and in God's people is very clear and so the only way that you know hopefully if it indeed the Republicans gain control of the Senate and the House bill start hearing on a lot of these things, and of course I believe in, and I heard Rush Limbaugh. They played a moment somehow listen to yesterday ability and he predicted back in 2020, that if they've got enough and we know about all the stuff 100, Biden, and all that for the election. We knew they covered it. The media covered it. You know when everything there was all the evidence was there, but hopefully it is the if they get in control and start hearing on a lot of this stuff and I think there you know it's possible what rush rush said I hurting. They played he said they've got all this evidence if they need to get rid of Biden numbering is now then and Biden are so unpopular that maybe what's happening the media beginning the report of about the laptop in and of course they try to protect bad reporting. From what I've heard, but they may be to get rid of Biden you know where that leaves with Kamala Harris but that's an interesting thing I heard it ended and maybe because why else would the secular media even be using now.

This is because abomination he likes to speak in esoteric little terms and remember what he was saying before the election. If if I could run 1/3 term when I would like to do is is be operated from a basement.

I would like to have my candidate out there with earphones and I we give them commands from the basement.

I would be really know he came out and said this now. In other words, it's like they have a tendency to tell you what you're going to do they do in movies and all kinds of things now here when he comes out just here, just couple days ago with Joe Biden.

They and Obama shows up. He refers to the Biden as VP and then he made a statement about Pres. Pres. Harris, and everybody was laughing but yet he will so he's making the statement and that and Joe's got his hand on on Obama's shoulder and Obama is not paying attention to Monroe walks away in there there's old Joe standing there by himself and nobody's even looking at okay were you think that they work that was done on purpose to tell their their faithful out there, what's coming out or would not know that you know when the court Russian.

Some of the others said of course we know about. Even if Obama won this talent given the you know his conduit. Biden instructed Obama himself and then and with the deep state even trained by the world economic forum and others you know they've all been trained by the deep. You know the out and really people may think I'm crazy. You may think I'm crazy, but I believe at the top of this. Power over there is Satan himself will absolutely crazy.

You think you're absolutely right. In fact, we told people in March 2020 March 2020 we tell people everything you just said that what was going on here that they're going to to do everything they can to keep the attention off off of the you know Biden you know if we can we get started. What was there were whatever it is at that point until they want to use that until they want to remove him and we also told him back.

Then at 20 20 March 2020. These are not vaccines. These are not vaccines. We can't try to tell people and again we people are drop and left the right look at the military and their destroying. Joe is out there. We cannot, I don't think that we can that America can can take one more year of him. I think he will have completely destroyed if we don't get rid of the death grant what you think you know very clear what he's talking about warriors talking about going to be famine you know every may want to use those to the vaccine itself when like you mentioned earlier with the depopulation depopulation of the copied articles are an article on that started big time in the 60s.

You know that depopulation is been on the top of their agenda get Derek down to 500 million people. The masses in the elite control so their talented we know what they wanted to kill us. They want to war. They want all the all these illegals coming in they want to create want to destroy this nation and then rebuild it as part of the New World order with the new man they wanted what I want to create a new man is David, just imagine you know John didn't imagine that they want to reimagine what is God saying at the Tower of Babel when he confused the languages we don't visit. Now there anything according to their imagination and and is also satanic and if you can catch granted and you can only follow so much of it but you get the basics of the believer.

You can see exactly what they're trying to do. You know, brother, and pretend that this whole thing underneath.

Everything is a spiritual war between the antichrist system and the church. The true church and to go down the list of all the isms in the world.

I commented that last night all the isms are really what I think that antichrist may man is a whole is Satan rising up wanting to be as God and he's going to try and be the ruler of this world brings it into spiritual warfare. People just don't want to see the underpinning.

That's what it really is. That's the real war is the spiritual battle in the manger. Most people are just carrying on as long as I get through it is not too bad for the average American, yet you know they are consumed with both if they are married, you know it it's a man and woman, which is coming. There consumed with living in the big house sin in their their children off to the state indoctrination centers to babysit for them instead of bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord in all that many nonelderly tests we just played I played itself. Although Harare and that he's the second in command over their east from his real this at them under cloud Schwab and here he was talking about useless eaters the useless people the useless leaders over and over. Another words of the Omega statement that there is no God above the clouds. Okay there is no God that man now man that through technology.

He's making the same statement that Nietzsche did remember what Nietzsche had said that God had created man in his image, and now through technology and will return the favor yet and so returning the favor. This is what this Harare said he's coming out now date.

They feel that they're safe enough that they can actually come out and do it to their powerful and there's not going to be enough resistance from the world as it as one of the things you Russia. What matter what you think Rush is one of the countries that's fighting against them against that were nearly communist in our country or are you blinds all in with him and remind me know remind me of Psalms to know what happened you know I hear you, good news tonight.

I think God is intervening in a 100 Biden's laptop got dropped off at a repair shop at night.

I don't think that was FBI trick or anything, but Jack Maxey replied equipped the other couple nights ago about him. He is provided a copy of the computer drive to the London daily Mail to members of Congress. Now he's in Switzerland he's investigating the hard drive and he is just confirmed today that they felt 450 GB of material that Hunter Biden apparently thought were deleted and they have been able to recover them and the world going to be really surprised because he's talking about on their these they found images 80,000 images hundred 20,000 emails, videos, and the daily explain this laptop is brimming with evidence of criminal activity by him and his associates, including drug trafficking and prostitution and so all this was hidden and coming out. There was enough that stuff that was readily found and even the liberal media is having to turn in Biden and they finally realized it and out it was more correct.

I think than they thought and they're going to have to take you your time with that earlier but I think that's a reason there, in fact, one of the people in the grand jury was asking when they were looking at the grand jury convened on hundred Biden any business dealings. A big guy we want to know who the big guy is when they were doing evidence so here's a grand jury bringing things out in the open in the news and there's no way to put the genie back in the bottle close as Napa whenever whenever the fake news media with endlessly went when they no longer can keep something covered up. That's why that's why they hate us so much because we would let you know we really make it difficult for him at times and so try yeah and so what happens and went not just those that I praise a good Lord for all of the independent those that do what we're doing out there that the Free Press all of them need. I praise a good Lord for that. Alex Jones and the us store best in all of those that are out there doing what they're doing but then once they can't cover it up anymore.

Then they put their own twist on it may put their own spin on it. Okay, in the right and eight. They try to pretend like in the that it's it's always different than what were telling but anyhow wanted to never bring that I covered it up when it came out, and when there was a lot you know it was that they met. They never bring me another most people will never know that it will even happen. I you have heard about it before the election. It was coming out on the sources we listen to and that and and in your sources you you knew all about hundred Biden in the speech that Joe Biden gave it to CFR and how he told him you know if you know find that prosecutor you won't get the billion dollars and then you know the rest of that week that all yeah we thought we direct their own video it with an and in the laptop is making credit.

Look how powerful I am. I told them they will have to cope like God is so wicked people. A lot of people just couldn't see it now even have 30% or 40% approval because you got a bunch of wicked people in this totally wicked people that will not listen to reason and facts that let you catch those polls, no more than the way you can get people to say whatever he wants what you were to pull that's with something out but there is a percentage out there doesn't matter what you and only crop and what we stand for so that antichrist system.

We are the ones you keep saying the wages of sin or death. And you know you must repent of your sin and they hate us because of what God said they hated me there again I hate you and the more we preach and the more we speak the truth of my work-related.

I got to see this book as well.

Most of the time you got to remember the entire Biden crime cartel when you have time to get into Hillary tonight. But anyhow, remember, you know, used to be bold Biden member Bowie was the Delaware Atty. Gen. and they had the Biden foundation and they were supposed to focus on the listen to this abuse children. But you know what what took place there that only the handlers involved in that were making money and the money wasn't going to help in W Cheryl children. You know why the rows of horrible horrible child abuse cases were results with very lenient sentences for the pedophiles. Does that kind of sound like a contingent brown no good little one you want to get them and what you say about those who offend those children, you won't let you know what I got I got a break and I near here because it's your turn tonight constant to get the invitation. You have three minutes to tell the folks out there how they can avoid hell and how they can get to heaven because that's where the Bible is clear so give that invitation your brother. You let me do limit, you must know who you are and you must know who God is. You must understand that you're a dirty rotten no good center that deserve sale. That's what I had realized that I needed a Savior that I couldn't do enough good works on my own earn my way to heaven.

I had to know that I had to know that God was know who Jesus was the son of God, born of a virgin and lived a life without sin died on the cross we buried was resurrected the third day now sits at the right hand of the father. He did that you did that. So you could turn to God and put your butt faith in him to save you from your sentences save you for all eternity. Need any and when I came to got on that basis and I turned and I trusted Jesus Christ and him alone.

Nothing I could do was absolutely nothing I can do that the Bible what he did it all. He paid the price for your saying. He said he will save you and give you and give you life eternal and you will be a new creature in an and you will have hope and everything will change and all that's all I can say come to him, trust Jesus Christ as your Savior Jesus Christ of the Bible, not the Jesus Christ of the Mormons and Islam Hussein's a great prophet. He was the son of God who came for one purpose of this earth to die for my sins and your sins but you got it turned to him and you got a man anything you want to add to that brother tells you how to do it's not hard. Jesus did all the heavy lifting the Lord Jesus said pray to the father in the name of the son, asked forgiveness. That's the first thing you know they they tell you the word of faith moments as you don't have to repent now. Jesus said repent asked for forgiveness and then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus call upon his name asked him to be the Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservations.

If you will do that you will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

You will become a new creature, a born-again believer in air. The kingdom and you'll be on the road to eternal life. You got God's word on it doesn't get any better than God's word no way is anyone ever has anyone ever regretted receiving eternal life now is there a whole bunch of people that wish they had. Remember that so heaven or hell. Amen. This amount of returns that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The problem is don't do it when it's too late. Amen. Where are the time for tonight so we come to this point in the program every night where we say good night was ready folks getting up. Good night God bless and always, always, always ready, keep fighting, fighting the fight out. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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