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FRI HR 2 031122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 12, 2022 12:14 am

FRI HR 2 031122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 12, 2022 12:14 am

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What's Right What's Left
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Your life is more flexible and efficient than ever and your energy is to see how union power Cooperative is building a brighter future for the rural communities we serve at union – donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are that got some quick things wanted to hit on Joe, let me just get you the article. Go in you and you asked me to comment on about the Bible, yes, do it your way are about the violin.

Tybalt wanted the American military, doing an BioLab in Ukraine and other countries. Apparently to another 25 countries 25 countries), 300 lab.

They even have one believe this and not even have one in Russia and China. Well, yeah.

But the military is not the militant, the military job to like double-click it.

When the drawing me ultimately that is a way of protecting the nation to kill and destroy. So is that why is a bio weapon in Ukraine for anything other than the military involved for anything other than weapons. Well remember what we were what we talked about last night.

We talked about the experimentation it was doing and Ukrainian soldiers and they were they were experimenting okay with the permission of the Ukrainian government remember what we talked about say we are not by any means. Pro potent and Prempro worship but actually you gotta tell the truth and and and I hear in this case potent actually got the higher ground. All right because Ukraine is is a nation that was just totally corrupted.

I mean all it was a place to hide dirty money to the longer money every Qaeda Cove crook will like the Biden crime family. The Biden crime family.

The Clinton crime family. All of these. These are hard-core criminal elements were doing their business through Ukraine right so the pitfall is the American military. Now why the military go to Ukraine to do it. Why didn't they do it here in the United States) well up in my way of thinking they would try to hide something because we have laws again bio weapon and there are there are treaties that we've made a treaty remade in 1972 with the Russians and others that there be no produce bio look so immediately. If the if the American military go without of the United States to try to hide something that is exactly what I think. Then they have an almost like 10 miles from the border from the Russian border and so the Russians are going to capture it and that you carefully, she called an BioLab. She didn't say bio weapon. She said BioLab and the Temple of his will is going to get enemy going to use it and then blame it on us. Well, it did nothing there that is dangerous. What did happen. So there was dangerous pathogens.

There they were making bio weapons and they were what they were blaming the get out or good evening you it wasn't. We didn't do what they captured and then they released it.

I don't like the rush I don't like the breath you know the guys a murderer. If you cure political opponent digital law securing of puréed bait and tackle side if your reporter and write about Limbaugh and then of course you tracking Iran. The bank I don't I don't support them but after Ernie we need a scorecard to tell who's the good guy right now. As far as the heat load would be the lesser of two evils. Okay. And here in, for example Russian in a recognizes the breakaway republics of Ukraine and I hear again. There are two of those. It has been widely reported.

Because the media Russian president Baltimore potent has signed on to Russia's recognition of the individual states of two breakaway regions wishing to leave the Ukraine Dansk and hence is a why do you say, why would they want to go back to Russia well they would want to go back to Russia when the Ukraine is become so corrupt. And when when the dark hands when the deep state is involved and if you're in there and you're not getting your your share of your being cut off, and I did just like you know it's it's just like here in America you got the blue states to corrupt cities with with the Biden crime cartel, and that in those those real corrupt Democratic run cities are going to get majority of taxpayers monies that are stolen from the taxpayer is in the corruption is complete. I mean there's there's nothing, nothing at all about the Democratic I'm his party that is not corrupt near so these in the tube to the two of states if you will Dansk and will Dansk they want to breakaway and of these regions will with literally centuries of history existed as part of Russia have signed a mutual defense treaty with wretched interest in Russia for assistance in defending themselves against Ukraine, which doesn't want the regions to separate from the Ukraine and so would you like to hear that on P, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, any of that what they call mainstream death. The credit card in his party propaganda machine that's all it is that the whole left wing is nothing but what they call mainstream propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. So there you go. So what we are you there was criminal but what we did with the lab of dangerous pathogens were being used in the development bio weapon which argument that they did that they did it there so we wouldn't be didn't have to show it here could use a near because of all, and I think they, however, I know I'm the thump it's impossible what I'm saying but they should be held criminally from Obama Obama to be had and everybody else involved be held criminally for what they've done with the bio explicate. Remember how remember how the Bill O'Reilly and these people were saying Obama is not up to the job Obama is totally incompetent and we kept telling you you don't get it all O'Reilly your clueless Bill O'Reilly you are not never forget when O'Reilly said that he believes that Obama is a Christian because Obama said it was a Christian and I could not believe O'Reilly said that the images that that was it that and that's it. I and I can listen to them anymore can do it anymore. Now here we were telling you this guy is the best present of the Communist Party in America ever had lit. Look what he's doing every day and we reported on it every time he would purge another high-ranking officer and replace him with a bootlegger when when you know every corrupt thing he was doing. We were telling people but they had Obama owned the death of Grant's own. The left wing of the Communist Party mediate what they call mainstream media okay and so you every time we we would expose her story. We would be accused of being racist in the vast majority of people out there are a lot younger Lala land are still walking around clueless. They don't have a clue. There they turn on channel 35, NBC, ABC, is a bit and they believe what they're hearing the clueless, like a zone I don't even believe the weather report that we because I know just how totally corrupt, they have become. But anyhow, I've got to shoot over here and let you know what speaking of that limit.

Just read this. This is an article from the alternative news analysis and commentary. In this paper, I just want to arrange a little bit what what it says about Obama. There are obviously many significant reasons why the the old and senile, demented and drug addicted our drug and Biden was specifically elected on election day 2020. He was elected, they stole the election all of them hinge on his life career mark is a by naked corruption marked by naked corruption and criminality, bracing malfeasance and misconduct is a as well as a sheer depravity of MR of immorality. All of these black available qualities made Biden a perfect pond of the warmongering gangsters in the ideal puppet for the New World order globalist Masters so did his proven career long crime career long crime spree of pedophilia in public places, as well as at home. You know how many times that we seek Biden's thinking about little children trying to smell their hair and who knows what else in and buttoned his hands on and point of fact, Biden was quite evident, evidently chosen years ago for a particular task.

Above all others, and his extremely fraught relationship with Ukraine in the case. The nature of the highest priority mission and that has allows the Biden documents hi cranes via one billion-dollar bribery, bribery course and scheme against Ukrainian government once Biden's hammers. I conned him into publicly admitting those high crimes, a government bribery course and during prime time.

The Zionist warmongers knew that they had knew had him exactly where they wanted him between eight rock and a hard place with only one way out war.

A retrospective analysis of the major wars that took place during the 20th century points directly to the following irrefutable historical facts. Democratic presidents were deliberately selected by the New World order about to start and declare American involvement and aggressively prosecute world wars and major regional wars that have occurred since World War I well all of that is in is absolutely right on the money. So when you think about all that well.

The word is the role of pain. I Biden I had no idea how big Biden crime family was told tenant program recently and I did try and I met, I did not enter me in one's guided know would be corrupt, but not the magnitude where they get like that billion $800 million from China. His son, honey.

I didn't know was that the yetis right up there. He's right up there corruption of the heat on the top.

The right lamella shift gears here for a little bit in the deep state is planning to cut off health coverage for people with wrong beliefs. This is what the Brighton crime cartels. Up to now with her that the credit kindness party there and that the city, a group called citizens Council for health freedom is calling on Congress to scrap a bill or a plan that would limit healthcare access only to people who believe in share government approved information that selects coming out of China now. It probably started in China, but here they have the same mentality of the communist Chinese. That's right will in them slowly, slowly being brought online here and we could have our eyes open burning oil rig and agreed with whatever's going on at communist China suppressing the people would be exactly the same. In a letter addressed to deep state swamp creature Sen. Chuckie Schumer and Representative nasty Pelosi the CCH if you give me is petitioning for bad on the scheme, which is actually been emotional for many decades now under the name of unique patient identifier is the unique patient identifier this with her calling this game. The letter explains that the use of these identified numbers will undermine the doctor-patient relationship and bring about a womb to tomb monitoring plan.

The scheme also aims to centralize patient data into a national medical record system. The letter goes on to say for, for one, the government would have a newfound ability to track, care and potentially excuse me if they've been denied treatment to individuals who lack the card. Now the government strategy would with the program is also to conduct research using the patient data without consent of the patient and become the only way to access medical care in America today in a jump.

The medical establishment has has taken a real major hidden credibility. I mean, they have really taken a hit and they've they've gone down the road with a gun going down there with the fake news media now in Congress were people just don't have anything of any trust him anymore and this is why you've got these front-line doctors. These real doctors that are trying to break away and establish their own medical Association away from the AMA and and again the brain back one is got some credibility and integrity. Amazing journeymen payment hospital. We need capital that are really not not the killing machines to make goals with the money from killing people. They claim have coded, and in the open protocols are in there for the make $100,000 per death equipment that Catherine Dino and and again is becoming the more the more they do it the easier it is for them to condition it and to start condoning justifying what they're doing yet exactly what happened in Nazi Germany with the beat. The Nazi did not really ever force one doctor or nurse to commit those atrocities. Devotional was an condition that after World War I, but the Nazi hard on so they want enforcement. None of none of them will click on the limits of this atrocity. Do that it can mold on the know they they will believe that in fact even if Germany surrendered those doctors and nurses were still killing people in the bike, the mentally retarded and effective in them in the concentration camps at all until they were finally roller coaster.

I played a clip from plus Schwab and his people in the meeting they had the world what he called in divorce. And that's exactly what they form the world economic forum yeah and Home Depot recruitment of a meat they meet the world economic or and they were talking about doing exactly that and of the fact that the they were saying there is no God that lives above the clouds that now we have replaced it and they came right out. Not the and they said this, that the what what the Nazis failed to do what the Russians failed to do. We now have the technology to do it.

We can start the populating the planet and we can we can control who lives, who dies and completely control we will become gods for the population earning what you're talking about that a video that I posted on my blog, actually several times and at the beginning of it. The guy accurately laid out with the next she's been and I could only going to condemn it. We said that they weren't like they didn't have the technology and the skill we can do now and he was using with the Nazis. The build on it and this is a speech there from the W ES world economic forum with cloud Schwab. They both afforded them that the kind of what it's cold out this guy was actually kind of like imploring what the Nazis did all eat atrocity delete the Nazi doctors that everything they did and he said now we can do that but they couldn't finish so they know what they're doing, thinking they know that they're following in the footsteps of the Nazis, and this is cloud Schwab and and and and the cabal around it well is because this a look delete we have. There is no force now here on earth is no milk there is no good country. There is no good country left there will be no war tribunals because there is none that can enforce it. There's there's not enough good men. There is not enough on her left, and integrity and decency and and any other countries to bring us to trial and so we can openly do it because we have the power that the power now belongs to those that are completely corrupt and when you look over here looking are militant, we don't have a Department of Justice marriage Garland.

This is corrupt, eases a crop to cop a dirty cop as you get. You've got Chris Ray. Look at our our Pentagon. We got abstinent and might Millie at their you know they far is that this is all these are all treasonous people got Fauci as a mass murderer and and everybody keeps saying no where as fudgy words Fauci where is Fauci now I have a builder to run this down you put that the chatter out there is the Fauci's been put in a witness protection program there.

I don't know that's what I'm trying to figure out right that the whole thing and know when evil can flourish like we like you describe what you earning I want to empathize once more what you what you said and I backed it up that that week. At the world economic forum laid out with the Nazis.

And that they going to go beyond but not additional, that is amazing and get away with it. It's nonpublic not not hidden in the 1020 people in the video was leaked out. This is done in a big open forum Berean and then they will spend time all you can get online if you know what you're looking for.

And when you finish up with the Nazi Nazis couldn't do it in a finish all right. After arming the Taliban terrorist with $80 billion in US arms. The Joe Biden and Obama regime lifts the bands on 112 top officials from the Iranian terrorist regime. So Joey's cut the deal. He's letting all the terrorists that come on out, come back to America, you know, do some more killing.

If you want you know it's always you know Joe Biden is known for never making the right decision yet.

Okay, so at some point you had to start asking. Are they this evil and radical, or they proposed proposing only purposely trying to destroy America and the West why I know what they're trying to do in September, the Biden regime abandon Afghanistan and surrendered $80 billion in US arms to the Taliban terrorist that nonmatching questions he advises binds incompetent binds incompetence by the competent I would bet it if I I have no doubts in my mind that Biden that there is that he found a way of having money being smuggled back to the Biden crime cartel through. Given that $80 billion again either put them at some bake offshore or simply they have to do in the entire Biden crime cartel is completely corrupted. It's his completely that everything they do has to be tested it with corruption. Everything okay in here so too bad for Ukraine. Joe Biden left 84 billion US out the Taliban terrorist in Afghanistan during surrender only a few million for Zielinski and so what you think.

Do you think that that if at the Russians are over there that they're going to do a good job to destroy a bunch of of the evidence that could brought the Biden crime cartel in those down all of the money handling the money laundering, and all that corruption when you think John your right, no info to really think Biden sure okay now you know about these okay you know about this because go ahead no Biden made a speech before the Council on foreign relations, which is part of the New World order, and he bragged about it if it's online you can see we bragged about telling the road from other Ukrainian prosecutors if they don't stop the prosecution really indirectly, of the son that the United States does not hold back billion dollars from Ukraine and then he said well why do you know one hour later I got the call and the case was dropped.

The public publicly said that and nothing was that so it if he publicly says that the Russians know everything. Basically no say he was playing and he was playing to his party. He was playing to the his party because they're totally corrupt to them that kind of corruption is acceptable and even desirable. Okay there is the Democratic Communist Party is gone again like we want to just keep saying this totally is completely corrupt and unanswered questions. As you know about these things because you worked there is a special U.S. Treasury agent. If you're put, if they put you in witness protection program and you're in there, and Congress wants to call you to testify because you're going to be charged with genocide because it's the only evidence is there that you know what you were doing and all of the stuff that is come out which you are involved with okay and and now now Congress now. What's his name, the counselor for Kentucky Inland Revenue. Think of a, that kind of the senator Sen. home,, no, none of the goodwill from grandpa and Jill Saran. Paul wants to bless them call you before the Senate or Congress and fearing because they know he's got the goods. He knows you committed high treason against America.

If you're in a witness protection program and given a different name and then can the if you have a very corrupted, totally corrupted Justice Department can they keep Fauci from going and testifying against himself and others earning their way over my head.

I don't know, but it's complicated.

No good put them in the witness protection program that will as well. I mean he might have to why I can't tell you it's so complicated Pasternak would give you what I can only guess I can only go already very good. Well let's request I though it would be behind closed doors and name not legally what supposed to happen behind closed doors that the public and that he would name would be sent publicly with center that I could tell you the rest.

I don't know so that the corruption is so wide and deep that how could the so-called Justice Department, even if if if they just really decided to actually do what they were supposed to do.

How can they do it without having it come back on them and being also run a chocolate bathroom are all implicated on it and I think they do that on purpose so anyone wrapped them out. They know that.

In other words, that your right you can't recruit your implicated in the units crime already. Let's go with the Satan. They're going to do something I don't know what but they know they cannot have midterms think they got us find a way to stop and they know that there is no window will deliver when a fair and honest election they've gotta stop it if if they and they know what happens if they lose Congress and they lose the Senate and there's going to be hearing is going to be investigations and they cannot afford those hearings and those investigations okay and so do you think they'll let me ask because I don't know if you don't know, but do you think these 31 Democratic or death. The Craddick congresspeople art are announcing that they are not running and you think it deals been made between them and other sale of the fight if I don't run against again. You know I will note I want protection. I'm not going to be called in to testify for this thing of that thing you think that that's that's happening. Maybe. Well I know I am currently the only way I really thought about the only way I could see justice in America right now is by the state government is completely shot. Completely about it, like the state of Texas was going to prosecute will allocate for crimes against people in Texas know things can be really good.

Real good. After that moment of the government which I commanded. Maybe stop it. Somehow there right now the only way that not every state.

You couldn't do it in California or New York. There were just certain states, probably Texas and Florida. That's the only way we will be able to get at these criminals even congressmen and senators. The only way I noticed the only way that the Democrat will be prosecuted is one their bribes and extortions was so outrageous that they had to, or they are not following the party line to get something they did not follow the party line sold in the US attorney will agree to prosecute Congressman so-and-so because there they were outside the party wanted already think I will be back right after this more as he he were back boy that guy considering think think that's one of Turner's favorite songs. But anyhow we will.

I will work well come to the gods were right there you go anyhow I wrote this on you know Jill and and I wrote about 40 songs already.

Yeah you never say in him having I make a joyful noise in the Lord. Okay, let's go to Cliff and see what he can sink a cliff you're in the air we breathe this book on $0.20) and chapter is about the watchmen on the wall. But what's from County. This book was written in 1990 talking about how, for example, sins of the nation.

Like for example abortion could mess up individuals that are guilty of this analysis at any mansion like prices going up and and food prices going up in any says level Lord could increase your wealth.

The magic that, but you still getting paid by the fanciful Lord but I want to ask you about to stretch as we pointed out that are relatively obscure. You know from my previous studies. Ecclesiastes 915 and matching that with Proverbs 2122 so alright let's go to these Ecclesiastes 915 right soon and up where proper 22 now there was found in the poor wise man, and he by his wisdom, deliver the city yet no man remembered the same poor man that is that I wisdom is better than strength and nevertheless the poor man's wisdom is despite in his words and not heard.

Okay now Proverbs you said 21 two, chapter 21 okay. Proverbs 21 verse 22.

Okay let me see. Okay let me see. I think I live man skillet with city of the mighty think The ground rent of the compound complement their okay so will immediately rededicate a wise man skillet. The city of the mining the cast is down the street of the confidence through well yeah they they were there saying the same thing right right so so what would you what would be the application conflict you see anything that you hear again we do have wise men out there. We have people that are there coming that there's this fielders men in the pulpits. There are people out there that are bringing you the word of God like this radio program.

For example, you heard some from Alex Jones that here's here's the problem. Just imagine that you can get people go out randomly and pull people in off the street.

Cinnamon a chair in front of you and ask him. Do you understand that the sins of this nation that abortion killing babies that this nation has become a very violent corrupt nation and that the killing and the shedding of innocent blood. God's Word, the Bible says will bring judgment and God's wrath against America. Do you understand that that you being here that when God's wrath will come against this country, you're going to feel now you sent people in a chair and it had looking not. I think you get a lot of very confused looks, because the vast majority of people out there clueless. The vast majority of people don't go to churches.

They go to entertainment centers. These mega institutions where their preaching prosperity what God wants to do for you and I'll hate all of this here just all of the things that God wants to do.

It's all about you. Remember what Joel's Dean's wife said she said right out. You came out and said it season.

It's not about God, it's about us less that what God sets right and so the people don't understand God is a holy God. God is a just God that's all-purpose the watchmen on the walls to try to explain to people which we which we been doing every 50 years that there is consequences to sin's consequences.

Okay and this is what second-grade John second-grade things.

Second Chronicles 714, was that mean second Chronicles of boarding on you to prepare for the II know it's what I expected about a masonry and repentance from judgment okay 13 first yeah go ahead and shut up heaven and the venal rain I command the locus to devour the land or by send pestilence upon my people by people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from the weekly then will I hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land's let me ask you a question and this is this is actually a serious question because were at a point in this country today where you've got the snowflakes you got these woke people. The kinda mindless and if you were to take, especially a lot of these young college kids and at and read that passage to them and then ask them this. Do you think the courts will overrule God. Do you think the Supreme Court will overrule God that I would be willing to bet that half of was that will maybe that there that clueless what you think.

John Ernie. They are out there moaning and I think you will know but cannot. Very dangerous so many people and young in particular that are unable to to see things going from there I and not be able to think already very fine print: you know like these people still that should be Don and Ali don't make people idle let you remember the days when people would be judged on their qualifications. In other words, they would be nominated for the position on their qualifications not on the color of their skin to remember that the way used to be while woke movement basically okay so here's a guy with Joe Obama Biden referring to everybody's being racist and then he says he'll only appoint a black woman is is that racist or is that not racist, while eliminating everybody, not a woman and not considered a blank slate. So now if you're expressing that kind of typography openly, openly embracing that kind of high hypocrisy.

What does it say about the the mindset of the death of Craddick party. They don't have any iPad for any of the pre-parole. You are just backing up from what you said will one of how to manage people feel well what were going to appoint a black woman all right, but what's wrong with a highly tremendous qualified Spanish or Chinese Oriental of lobbing ranges saying stuff like that.

It's really that there there there like roots in their minds think they can think that Ernie for their really going by brute force. That's related yeah that's with that okay with things cliffs. All right, who do we have next day Linda you're in the air after I thank you churches and pastors are in church and are teaching the content of the little prayer and God in a Christian and often, they don't all repentance is all I'm not teaching the congregation the true Greek definition of the word hope that you are out and you Know everybody thinks that the word count wire definition and the possibility of something happening at the New Testament Greek and in the expectation an unknown coming back to give me promises people don't know an account in the congregation don't know the true mission which is the Greek Election of the Bible and the pastors don't teach the phone and drink all night there Christian and they go to church and your pastor cannot you think Greek word hope in the New Testament and make out what countdown means, confidence that word is the same word used for the word confidence, not counting so when I countdown.nation on the comparison. What happened we think of promise in our mind. We got possibility of something happening and I explained our subconscious creates out and opened up a window display tank can start giving up problems and believing what Jesus Chronicles and so when I counting the death to definition a golf change in thinking about people tell me that when I get the real deck to start kicking their memberships technician. I got a good move on things. Linda Hood, we have next year and their related and waiting to say that Ezekiel 2571 I was reading today that it's pretty strong and pretty straight to the point sovereignty in the Providence of our Lord God is going to commit and in the holy Trinity is going to prevail. We know that's how this all ends as of this stuff is a folder of the Democrats and any other SSA so here you think that to both in heaven and hell. Everybody's oblivious nonbelievers in heaven and hell right now. Both there with her will never be a time where there be belief now on earth that we know we see all around. Every tongue will confess every knee will bow stomach. So when I tell people when people tell me well you know Pastor, I'm sorry but I don't believe what you believe and I said that's okay you will.

There is no chance at all. Not any chance at all that you won't God has said this, you will believe every word the procedure for because in heaven and hell, all believers so and glory in some and torment and so am I right when I say that there you go. That way we have his word. The most perfect book ever created.

Okay so then right you're talking about.

Is there any other source of information that ever existed that first of all, is actually a living breathing document because it is people referring to the Constitution is a living breathing is not the Bible is and it is in this sense that there are things in Scripture that are time sensitive things that nobody would hundred could understand until that prophecy was fulfilled and then they looked in the silt we see now we understand what that was a this is opening up his wheat we go now. Also one of the things about profit, about the Bible it says that it's heaven and earth.

The past but it will stand in other words, even the entire wicked wicked world. Even the Democrats will not be able to destroy the Bible that it will stand okay and it is done that for all of these years and centuries. They try to destroy the word of God. Is there any source of information and speaks with absolute complete positive authority, starting with Genesis telling us who made is how creation came into being.

Hope who brought it into being where it's at right now.

Today and and and extremely accurate record of what the future holds.

Is there any other source of information that can can tell you that with absolute positive affect and speak with nothing but pure authority. There never was there, never, never will be in the future. And when you sent about the living word every time I look into the pages of my black King James Bible. It is the Lord speaking to me in the were talking alive and I tell people this is what is the living where he said I am the work and the light and I think very seriously that went that when I'm reading that word. It's not just pages with the words on the Lord himself in that book speaking to me directly. Okay, you're absolutely right next to me if he was, which eat which is omnipresent on the potent on the particle saw inside he is with me and so I'm traveling I'm trying to explain it to others that can comprehend that. I tell them that the all you do in your life the most authority things is to walk circumspectly pack heavily and carry your King James Bible. Would you know that you know that the Bible it's speaks expressively to the reason they can't understand what you're saying here. Let me read it to you. Therefore seeing we have this ministry, we have received mercy, we faint not. But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God but if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost and whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, less the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. There you go. That's the answer isn't absolutely, and I what I want to call in the last few days, but still a lot of people calling it auto on and know that you and your cohost. The kitchen is airline. I tell you what to me. I know you have been able to get Saturday will get to you got three minutes work on label people get it.

We don't have time we we have no time. We have three minutes for you and you can give an invitation to all those out there. She realized what a blessed form of what it is to have a radio show such as this began the air line that has an May God speed a lot. Continue on for as many years as he would have picked Pastor Joe and other times and everyone else involved be around for this.

That being said, that the whole purpose of this show is to bring listeners to the knowledge of truth and to salvation and every person that's ever been born a slave was born into sin. And when we leave this life.

We can take action with us because if we endeavor to be in heaven. You have a choice between heaven or hell they're going to place you can go and I tell everyone that day going. When I read you want to choose heaven. The only way you're gonna get.

Your sin can come with you. Like Pastor Elsa, then you must find except the Lord's sacrifice on Calvary and the cost for our propitiation of action that you took the place of action stated that he did know that we couldn't take it and if you go to the Bible and read in the first three chapters of John and in Romans 89 10.

Specifically, Romans 10 and you read those over and over and it didn't do as it says and not acknowledge her scent asked for forgiveness for your sin, pray to the father through his son and read repentance which means the turnabout and the believe that sinful nature endeavor to not continue and that in that way and not start the process of sanctification. In Jesus name and tell others what you know what he did for you. All right, that's called the big the great commission notes. Thank you. Negative net worth.

God bless and thank you John. Thank you. I think we did a goodwill program tonight you done good. My friend and that the president and Sophie have Internet yeah hi I'm on the mend. You have yourself a good day all you folks out there, it's that time we say good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right, left, hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WNL not on next time for meditation of what's right what's left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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