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WED HR 2 061522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 16, 2022 12:24 am

WED HR 2 061522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 16, 2022 12:24 am

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This Father's Day don't miss the movie is and is one of the greatest movies ever made a gun maverick donate and listen to the podcast WR right were back in the lives because of David in Illinois pledged 100 Lua new droid wedges 200 and Beverly in Manhattan wedges 200 right now we're still 4700 short report thousand 700 short of our goal to let folks we we have list we have 50 minutes to to make 4700 we we gotta do that only need five people to pledge a thousand or will there already. So no joy. One of the same. These what you're talking about where they're going to go after and start burning down the cities of the threat in this they're going to do it in the cities where you got, George Sorrels bought and paid for reports that this is what according to God's Word the Bible the word used to describe those reads well with Hosea chapter 4, so you've got these these prosecutors are attorney generals that are bought and paid for by Sorrels there installed there. They'll sell their souls. They have sold their souls like Sorrels them sold the very souls they would sell them their mother for dollar whatever these are. These are wicked and corrupt people and they will not prosecute you see them out Los Angeles you see them though they will not prosecute people for burning and looting. The only go after Christians conservative people and that's where you going to see them starting okay. I can tell you when they come out into other counties and more conservative counties people are fed up. There really fed up and and they're going to they're going to run into a lot of resistance. Resistance that is going to be far beyond what they want to hear. And so in these people that want to Civil War these people like Biden and that that are trying to start a civil war when that when comes is going to be a lot more than they want is an a lot more fathers ran January 6 to talk about an insurrection in the violence.

In all this. People are saying you know it's open season. We know where your operations are. You will not survive. We will never stop back down. Slow down or retreat and you know that the threats are very open season on any pro-life pregnancy center and now normally the place would look into it felt like that normally but where the corrupt time where Christ the corruption and that the police and the cities will be told by the persecutor not ignored little burned on those in pro-life let them burn them down them and the unfortunately a lot of the police departments have gone and gotten totally corrupted to now, we'll be taking a look at last year of a letter burn car dealerships in the church. Please spell it out. They destroyed all kinds of businesses building our part liquor stores and grooming shop 537 of those demonstrations with a burned and looted and killed and murdered and what happened.

Well you had camel hair Camilla Harris making sure that those did that work burning and looting that they got out of jail so they could go back and burn lose some more but right now Joe. We had a clip we've been telling people about what was taking place over the Ukraine. These bio labs and then again we are one of the few that it's telling the truth what what is it we believe in the truth and you not going to get you fake news media belongs. They their own by the collective there. They're not independent.

There is no journalist out there at NBC, ABC, CBS there paid the pay delights are contracted out there right now they're contracted to go with whatever the narrative the collective sends down so listen to this because we can bring is some truth.

After the Russians secured Pentagon run bio labs Ukraine US Embassy was caught deleting proof of this from their website. When the Russians share documents showing the Ukrainian Minister of health ordering employees of these bio labs to destroy all deadly pathogens US Sen. Marco Rubio asked the US State Department.

If there was any truth to this undersecretary Victoria Newland not only confirmed the presence of the labs confirmed that they contain weapon iced biological agents that they now fear the Russians indiscriminately use start of world war depending on calls them bio research labs and containment lamps and claim their clandestine operation is all somehow in self-defense but they are admittedly creating and storing weapon iced biological material and so these bio labs are in violation of article 1 of the prohibition on biological weapons during the past couple years, citizens of the world have been getting an advanced education on bio weapons in the very same crooks we see foisting the great reset medical tyranny are involved in the Ukrainian bio weapons labs. This is all being paid for with tax dollars for the Pentagon's defense threat reduction agency de TRA US company blackens each has been working closely with the de TRA building bio weapons labs since 2003 blackens each share an office in Kiev with meta-biota signed in $18.4 million contract with blackens each in 2014.

Meta-biota got their start in 2015, with funding from Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca technology partners who gave meta-biota, $30 million to help protect the world from the spread of epidemics. This is the very same Rosemont Seneca that was mysteriously wired $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow in the very same meta-biota partnered with Peter Diaz asked eco-health alliance group that Dr. found she used him to funnel money to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research in 2014 and 2014 meta-biota eco-health alliance in the Wuhan Institute of virology were together researching infectious diseases deriving from Chinese bats. Meta-biota is working with known CIA front and can you tell it is funded by the US Department of Defense, the NIH, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation Google and the National Geographic Society meta-biota's founder, Nathan Wolf sits on the board of eco-health alliance and is a member of DARPA's defense science research Council in 2012. He wrote a book titled the viral storm the dawn of a new pandemic age, wearing he thinks his friends pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Biotech venture capitalist Boris Nicoli, Boris Kulik was named Jeffrey Epstein's successor executor upon his death. Wolf is also been seen hanging out with Elaine Maxwell on multiple occasions. He is also one of Clow Schwab's young global leaders trained on how to enact the great reset agenda being directed by the world economic forum Russia claims the Pentagon has over 30 bio labs in the Ukraine alone. China claims they are operating 336 bio labs in 30 different countries and now members of our corrupt US government are saying this is all a Russian conspiracy and that we should soon expect a false flag attack from Russia. If there is a biological or chemical weapon, incident, or our attack inside of Ukraine is any doubt in your mind that 100% would be a Russians that would be behind. There is no doubt in my mind center and it is classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy what they're planning to do themselves reporting for info wars. This is Gregory's that was Victoria Newland. Let me tell it would be note with Victoria Newland. She was leading the charge to do exactly what they did here with Pres. Krupp will lately removed him when they with the election fraud Che which he led the charge to remove the legitimate president of the Ukraine and replace them with with the guidance in there right now. She was a part in leading the charge, and that corruption and let me tell you when she just said that Bill always do this with the Russians do. That's exactly what the death of Kratz to that's with the Communists to the always charge you of doing with what corrupted their doing the Democratic Communist Party in which Victoria Newland is part of it is completely corrupted. There is no part of it. There's no part of it all. That is not corrupted a jolt here let me shade why one of the reasons that countries such troubled by the way Harold in Illinois pledges 150 thank you, Harold.

I got you the numbers of phones are not rain. 88828111108882811110. The phones are not rain we had agreed the funds got us that ring 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Joe Utah police launched an investigation. This is what I was talking about here about these prosecutors that are bought and paid for and to alleged ritualistic child sex abuse County Attorney demand Sheriff resign. Why do you think this county attorney is demanding the sheriff resign because he is under investigation. The Utah County Sheriff's Department is investing a series of reports alleging risk ritualistic child sex abuse the sex trafficking ring perpetrated by high profile individuals in the state for over two decades, the department announced that it launched in the investigation. Starting last April after speaking to victims from multiple counties and urging the public to provide tips and encourage victims with with knowledge of such crimes to step forward to receive assistance to date in April, 20, 21 investigation began into risk ritualistic child sex abuse in the child sex trafficking that occurred in Utah County. The department said in a press release and ensuing investigation discovered that other victims had previously reported similar forms a ritualistic sectional booth and trafficking that occurred in Utah County and while County and Sanpete County.

During the time between 1990 and 2010 abortions of these allegations were confirmed. These allegations were investigated by the Utah County Sheriff's office in cooperates with local fundraisers in Utah sheriff department contained were pleading with the public and encourage victims or individuals who have knowledge of these crimes to contact the Utah County Sheriff's office special victims unit so that they can be offered all the assistance possible.

We understand that there aren't individuals who have concern for the safety or well-being who have been silenced and we need your help. Well now the Utah County Sheriff's office to disclose the identity of suspect under investigation, but some of the subjects of the investigation are very very high profile the department's announcement of the investigation prompted Utah County attorney David letter to hold a press conference calling for the resignation of Sheriff Mike Smith for misuse of tax payer and county resources. Leva claimed he and his wife are named in the investigation. The DC was going on there gel and rich and famous and powerful are trying to get rid of the people that are investigating them for pedophilia. Now where did we see that before. Okay, let's see came up a couple times in the Democrat party. If I recall correctly, will absolutely what happens if one happens to the people that can speak out and the blow whistle on Hillary Clinton in the Clintons banned up the recorder dark inside. They end up dead and buried okay by the first five Victor McCarty's own head completely off right. Oh yeah, I would happily Jeffrey Epstein, Jeffrey MC could take a whole bunch of them down with a those in high places. What happened to Jeffrey Jeff. They said he hung himself right yeah I don't think anybody believes that regard didn't visit for what is six dollars and some other cameras didn't take pictures now is one of those things and the ideas you say look, we can do whatever we want. Yeah were corrupt were totally corrupt with the death of credit Communists collectively totally corrupt but what can you do. We've got all of the fake news media you what they're saying they're coming out will get you your crosses.

When is because when the Bible say about touching God's people do not touch God entered the mixer quite clear that things will happen if you touch is anointed already. So here let me ask you this throughout history when the bold and the brave. The founding fathers.

They were up against his nightwear up against.

I mean you tremendous odds against you.

Remember George Washington. He had, he started out with 300 men and by the time he was at war with the British. He had 500 men and they were fighting against 50,000 but to who won that war through quality of most patriots were fought for God, family, country. They won the war. Is God watching Emin in a unit God says he is the one that invented the ice, is he not see what's happening invented the ears does not hear was going on with me and said he knows every thought. Let alone things. Spoke the word so everybody out there is listening right now to us guys were the Bible tells us to be doers of the word not hearers only because of where here is only if we don't we don't respond that we don't run to this delete. We want to be the kind of people whose names are written in Hebrews chapter 11 the heroes of the faith, that would be that in the book of life of the two places I want to be sure, my name is already in some folks at the list and believe me, trust me on this one. You can indict you not going to be able to avoid that when you die. Okay folks, those that are saved in the good haven't got his is already ruled on this. Those that are not rejected. When Christ at a Calvary unit one hell. Okay, but when you get to heaven. You can have treasures give me a beam as a judgment new guy got his ruling on this and and the treasures you bring in that it depends solely on what you've done for the cause of Christ while you are on this planet. Now only if you look he never told you is going to be easy, which can tuck and run you what you'll regret it for all of eternity. If you run to the battle. The worst they can do is kill you. They can only do that once and then that citizenship all add to retirement earlier right. Amen. Terrible labor you're going home rose in Long Island pledges 100 Celestine Terry in Michigan pledge 100 and subject her to get the phone numbers that were quick 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. Glad you were in California. They're talking about turgor have probably blacked out because the water, the grout is so bad. One of their hydroelectric power is going to be cut in half.

We see this horrible drought going.

And yet Yellowstone is Chad 00 thousand year flood that supports the state of emergency, destroyed roads and bridges homes change the rivers and Grenadier have the park closed indefinitely and they figure that the northern entrances may not open at all this summer. They wanted and get them repaired until next year, and as I look at what's happening all over the country's strange things happen in different places God has been trying to tell us that these horrible fires with the pledge we've had with the droughts we've had all the different things going on eight years or is nature to do things we thought all throughout Old Testament and where being told. California is being punished for its horrible fans out there, and everywhere else and I think of five people realized it not global warming God giving us warnings about the coming judgment because of this nation's great great sin in Scripture mixer quite clear what happened when the children of Israel turned from God and turned into wicked family know what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. I just think people.

I don't think people are aware all the strange thing political things are going after the children were losing our children that was scriptural video children of Israel were punished. Benaiah ended up having to eat their children lost their children are murdered for a lot of similarities but would you do you concur that faster will remember we started out with the book of the wall and he told what he told us over in Deuteronomy 31. I've set before you life and death, death, life and blessing and cursing.

Okay. And so would have been those that have chosen life.

Those are the chosen life, he said, you'll receive a blessing insurrection day in DC left this march to Supreme Court to threaten and intimidate the justices overrode the weight. These are evil people there wicked their selfish. These are the most selfish kind of people all about themselves.

These are the people that are so evil and so wicked that they they want to see the deaths of innocent children of the most innocent children.

These people are serving Satan they are, and what these people and that March you see these people out there these greedy selfish people remember their they're the enemies of God okay and focus. Don't take it light would meet when you hear these people. I will keep Whoopi Goldberg brag about how many babies she killed. That's an evil, evil, evil person that's an able person that you have to build a stand up and say it now here most of the preachers out there. Now you know were not like Apollo are not like Peter of the Lord Jesus. He called it the way it was right. Paul called it the way it was. Peter: two. It was in and so in an here one of the reasons that there that way is because of the men who were supposed to be calling that art did not call. They're not condemning that sin in Esther job. It's a horrible thing. Killing babies is a horrible horrible offense against Almighty God and so there you go in and go ahead. Everything is so corrupted. Joe exactly where we've been giving warnings like this for so many years. I can't remember but there is a North Korean young lady you know me park she defected from North Korea trying to get to freedom and she has been through. I guess you could say she'd been through hell and back of service captured and enslaved in China eventually got free to make a very long story short and she has written an article that was put out on Fox news the night thought a night just before the show. She was even on one of the shows giving a warning and she she says she is scared she can see what's happening here in this country is what she thought happening over in North Korea are doing the same kind of things.

The speech code and in controlling language and she said I'm for killers who want to seize power from the people they always mobilize the youth and that is the truth. That worries me that as a parent myself I cannot protect my child right now in America.

She wants to home school, but she's a single mom has to work and can homeschool to see the work doesn't have any family, but she said I'm willing to move anywhere protect my child from this brainwashing and that I do not want to end up like North Korea, but she stated so clearly she was told as a child sex life when she tried to escape in the China from North Korea. So she said I've had to fight for freedom had to suffer to get it and now she said this indoctrination.

This white privilege and white guilt. She said they did that in North Korea. Only they used it in the name of equity and she said this victimhood in run-on phenomenon and she is warning because she is terrified. She came here with through all kinds of horrible things to get your free country and she's watching us lose it yeah Joe you don't work for a mother like her. They have co-ops out there for homeschooling and otherwise there are other other mothers that will take in and they will homeschooling the co-ops, your child, it doesn't cost. Did you know they will do that and and you pay them to do them for you and it's very inexpensive and bright. Believe me, you need to get you kids your children out of the public.

You really need to get them out of the pole influences now is some areas in the country sent especially out in the countryside where the parents of taken over the school board where the parents of taken back to school board. There'd they're installing God back into the school and some of them are going back and said he would prayer in the school and of course at the Biden regime finds out about that to try to crack down on them or the ungodly communistic that teachers unions, but to anyhow there are people capable Main point we've had people from countries all over the world come here and tell about how they had to fight how they like they went through to get to be free and they have warned the country and worn this country and we are not listening to people of the lived under communist depression who have lived under in a socialist hellhole and we have people like this that I'm taking over the years, you know, Joe.

What we would we would really like to stay on the stations we would really like to stay in the stations out there but would it doesn't look good here for us tonight. Work we were nowhere near what we should be and we've got right now approximately 24 minutes left in tonight's radio program and so here folks. We really got here from it. Where Reddit really running behind tonight again and I mention those three stations that were in danger it's summertime it's hard for us.

We Nate were fighting with everything we have, we don't want to go off and I know all of you call me Thane, please, please, the glove try to explain to you we we want to stay out as much as you want us to, but we can't do it without you, and so another another station it's in danger.

Joe is Denver Denver is very close were very close to having to pull the plug on Denver to and so what we we got to hear from people out there to continue to stand near the phone lines are open at 888-281-1110 is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673. All right we we have coming up Joe to a quick little soundbites and go ahead with that clip 2010 Tony G flew out to Seattle, Washington, and Annie. At this meeting, this very strange meeting at and on Bill Gates. It is $85 million mansion on the banks of Lake Washington and Gates brought him into his library and he said I want to propose a partnership with and the partnership is to try to vaccinate all of humanity, and they ended up calling out into thousand nine they rechristened the program that I can have vaccines, Gates went to the UN and gave this speech in which he promised to vaccinate essentially all of humanity with multiple battery vaccines by 2020 and he began asserting using his will and a to create a series of other paraquat is not governmental agencies. On SAPI Gavi on and I and a number of others and then to gain control of the WH out and what he what he calls what he dies for lateral capitalism. It's not about philanthropy it's about enriching the S alike he dies. Is he behind, and any number of areas I shown in the bucket as it was food. He did it with a core curriculum. He occupies large stakes in companies that could benefit from a change in governmental policy is a worldwide change in government policies only on stakes very, very large stakes almost all the big pharmaceutical companies and he gives essentially $5 billion to WHO every year through Rotary and rat national through Gavi through SAPI and through the Gates foundation, but they are strictly cumulative is even larger than the US, which the second item gives him control over WHO's policies out there that the analysis of WHO say there is nothing that echoes the root WHO that is vetted, first by the Gates foundation. Maisie already we are were back in the will. We've got 20 minutes left in tonight's radio program right now and we are right now were $4400 short of our goal for thousand 400 folks. We really need to hear from you if we need some $7000 pledges and we need to people to match those thousand dollar pledges. Well, here you go.

We put in our time. We put in our own money and last night using what I pledged thousand dollars and so I'm in the lead by example.

I'll do it again tonight will pledge another thousand two of the word church will pledge another thousand, but I'm asking people out there to match me. I need five of you out there to match me to match that thousand dollars right now. Can I get five and a look with. Who else do you know that's gonna bring you the truth that were bringing okay so there you go. I need I need five people five people out there listing and I know there's a lot of you out there that could well Joe put it this way if if everyone Joe if everyone they think receives our newsletter. If everyone received our newsletter place $50. Guess what, we would have to ask for a dime for a couple years if everybody out there felt wonderful listeners register about all those a gift letter to Victor like I do I get the newsletter make copies and amount to pass around and tell others that are handed out to your other friends and family are taken to working don't pass the truth on the right. Can we get somebody, can we get some people out there that will again pledge match match my pledge of 1000 match them pledge okay on doctors give kids drugs. By the way, that was Robert Kennedy Junior, who really has done a wonderful job where it comes to fighting for the children against these vaccines. He has spent his lifetime and he's exposed a lot because of these these vaccines they were giving that were causing autism in children and he come out and and praising the Lord for the work he's done so all right. We've got well it looks like John in Texas pledges 100 Carla and Dallas pledges 300 Robert in New Jersey pledges 100. That's a good start.

I wanted all week and thank you but God is a wonder complex can we get anyone to match John's 100 can we get anyone the man's kindness $300 pledges. Can we get anyone to match my $1000 pledge folks 888281, we've got about let me see right now 17 minutes left.

888-281-1110 all right or 888-677-9673. Anyhow, doctors give kids drugs that can chemically castrate them just like pedophiles. Okay, this is an article by Douglas Goldin.

Should children be given the same medical treatment for of often used for sex offenders and pedophiles. As a part of their release. The left says yes yes at least with identify as a different Joe Yap if they identified as a different gender Lupron. His mom is the tradename of loopholes lied facilitate a good note code no doubt cope in releasing hormone against agonist. It's one of the numerous drugs that can be given to chemically castrate an individual. It's also so-called puberty blocker given to gender confused children as an off label usage went away.

Joe, you know, those children are more than twice as likely to commit suicide. The ones that they've done that to her side right there on the cutting. You name the problem with one or the donate they regurgitate their food.

All these different problems. These young people have are multiplied anytime they're going through any Vista transformation training.

There are ritual or magic, but called brainwashing and suicide courses the worst and mental illness. The trouble is there having a mental problem to start with and instead of dealing with that they are aggravating making it worse and we been stories about doctors who had so many patients come back and undo what you did to me undo it died. This is a lot I really wanted word where instead of waiting till people are adults letting them make good choices. Hate you have to be a certain age to you now drive to vote to drink alcohol but at 10, 12 years old. You can decide that your to change your body for the rest your life you get a take it puberty blocker would allow children to make that kind of decision when it is even in high school you have to go to school nurse to get an aspirin permission from the nurse to take an aspirin but you cannot change your sex without parental approval in your child meant something's wrong folks think about it, desperately wrong. Yeah, let me just get this hereto just in FDA advisers recommend emergency authorization for modernity: 19 shot in young kids of six months to five years of age, but it's unbelievable.

The FDA's is gone.

Totally corrupt folks. Believe me, tried to elicit the move and try to tell you about this.

This is all part of the depopulation program.

This is a very concerted organized effort to kill people to depopulate the planet that's that's what this is about. This is what we been telling you for long time and I can hear this and NBC, ABC, CBS, because there there in on it there in on it and and so anyhow big they take their orders big Pharma by the way again. I just want to remind you that Pharma Kia means wizardry or witchcraft and that is what you have out there and again, the US food and drug advisory committee on Wednesday voted in favor of authorizing the use of modernity. Experimental: 19 vaccine. Wonder when or how much they got it.

Well, they got paid for that.

I mean, they had to get paid very well to be to justify name blaming and killing these children. Children six months HIV are not merely anything that gives them pleasure having more young people for sex objects be left is always one of the lower the age of consent thought of me is always been about younger and younger boys. The illusion of the end.

Even with the lesbians, younger girls authorities something they want, whether power, whether it's your children, whether dental it's your money to them.

It's always about using you. You're the victim and you are stupid enough to allow these people to rip you off at a multitude of ways in this time the world woke up and we get off on the right. Quit being victims and understood. These are not the loyal opposition. These are the enemy of this nation. They are out to get you your money, your vote, your children. Now I know this is Linda Texas pledges 100 and Hector Illinois pledges 50 thank you, delete a pardon hobo in Cleveland a pledges 100 can we get some people to match can can we get some people to match Carla Carla indexes her 300. Can we get people to match my 1000 tonight.

All we need.

We need a few people I need like five people to match my 1000 I can you do that.

I know that there out there and I know that the listing folks again that fit her perfectly better because like I said you can lay up crowns and treasures in heaven people donate large amounts of money to political campaigns, and we reach as many people in this ministry as you would spending your money on a political campaign, and we are presenting work trying to get God-fearing men and women who work God and God's family, country, Constitution, and that we promote that them on this program constantly absolutely right. We have Richelle in Oregon pledges 77 all right can we get it we get against the sin donate some matches okay let me see what we have. Okay, I just heard that.

Let me NBC would bring in here let me take a look and they'll tell you what we need. Okay so right now we need approximately let me see how any 2600 we need 2600 all right, all I need now that I get three people to match before thousand can I get three people to match me 4001 about six people. The metric for 500 500. Now that might be. That would do it.

Outward wonderfully dark absolutely.

Can we get that or can we get one person. The mastery for 3000 there out there already. There are some people that God has blessed that you will have a professional practice of business or have a talent for making music and all things like that writing books got given people all kinds of wonderful talent here. Jill, you know they did not want you know I keep hearing of the will or that they talk about gun legislation thereto. Gun control legislation that they did not want gun control legislation they want gun confiscation. They wanted to start listening that they want to disarm the American people they want to change the Constitution they want to do away with the Second Amendment. These are communist there is no longer a Democratic Party it's gone. It is the death or credit Communist Party.

It is gone totally communist now filibuster this is an article from at epic times for the ebbing times from Judge Ellis of Lord filibuster proof Democratic bill would place 1000% was in jail.

1000% tax on many semi automatic firearms 1000% tax representative John Bayer Akai minutes from Virginia to death. A grant from Virginia has unveiled a bill that if picked up by the Democratic leaders would place a thousand percent tax and certain types of firearms and would be immune to GOP filibusters in the Senate, a buyers bill comes in the wake of a deadly shooting and you've all the taxes and, boy, there's yeah let me tell you that that doesn't stink to high heaven like template you may try and follow everybody's upset, crying, angry over the school shooting. When people Think logically, like they don't understand.

We had yellow hardened schools that we had done all kinds of things based shooting always occur in gun free zones of its gun free zones where they do the surety but they get everybody on an emotional high when their suffering and pain and the easiest thing to do is blame the gun blame the gun Jo Jo Jo Jo that look that whole things stunk to high heaven. If that wasn't a false flag operation to jump when the police show up in a sit outside for about 70 minutes while gun fire going and in the killing children. Joe is something wrong yet is something very wrong and why were why were why was the FBI their first why was it. Why was there and the military and Army intelligence helicopter.

Why did did it are plain. Why didn't land just a few minutes right there before it started and why did it take off and go right back afterwards when what what was going on there.

Was it possible that they wanted to take a look from the air. What was taking place them below, and because they have the equipment they can focus in.

I mean really see everything is going on. That was a false flag operation. I completely at you again and then but of course like like the others, is always hushed up by the fake news media that I will never forget that one turning them back to the radio theater and the young man that did the shooting past what for five repairs that all the Nevis binary came to one theater that had no concealed carry out of the farthest away from him.

That's the one he picked to go in and shoot up, and if you do look almost all the shootings on a college, university, anywhere it happened again free zone. Well it's the same thing with these people, these these guys in the coming out and say look these criminals that is shooting people he shouldn't say look, we got in the cities like Los Angeles and New York and that they say we gotta keep these prosecutors in office as long as we keep the men that were not going to get prosecuted. We can we can get away with pride. We can literally get away with murder.

We gotta keep the sorrows of prostitutes in office. There and not that's actually was happening out there today. I'm in people. What is that you believe this 20 years ago that America would ever become this corrupt that this nation would be become so corrupt and know again everybody saying way to halt weight to this to the November week we gotta get. We gotta get those clerks out of their they got a little present. We gotta get Donica back in office and with the Democrats. The Communist Party have no intention of letting us have election pretty girl like you. There are open for the next play again.maybe not hope in all their working to create. When I opened it I would think in you and I have talked so many times about back when we were children.

The world was so different it was. Kindly, I mean it wasn't perfect.

Don't get me wrong, but it was safer. It was kinder. It was gentler. There were more manors tomorrow and have dinner with him to Llanelli get three minutes left. Okay, we have to we gotta get some matches. 88828111108882811110 that's that's credit card that's even now with her even going to take a big coin or whatever and also 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. I need a couple of matches I need a couple people out to the masses. $1000 gift look. I did it last night I'm showing you where were leading here by example, when leading by example, is there not a cause.

So here I got a thousand. But I'll add another hundred dollars to my plants already there you go, and I can is there not a cause. Folks, is your country is you countries it worth it. Listen we going to be there if we ever ever ever have we ever, ever, in 50 years compromised one time. No, not once, and so on can getting the latest update okay all right right now I need $1100 and 1100 to make a go for tonight 1100 left. What we need to make a goal all right. We have Teresa Gill avoid pledges 20 Philip Michelle in Florida pledges 35 anonymous in Texas pledges 200 Susan in Illinois pledges 100 Greg in Illinois pledges 120 and work with looks like were heading towards that way with her network.

There are more people to join and help out over the Mary pledges outline Mary pledges 300 and Justin in California pledges 500 and Diane pledges 100 and liniment Jesus in Texas pledges 51 are that's what I think is that pledges 50 okay Jesus yeah I'd spell JES US with his fidelity is electric okay 50 all right how many minutes do we have their okay Joe within that gave it last night you were me, I think. Okay will getting ready to renew out on it. Okay so go ahead tonight and you have four minutes in focus while Joe is there keep us keep: and you have four minutes we need. We can hear from you will even be here a few minutes after we go off their week got to hear from you all right is a country with the goal for Joe. I remember we all know John 317 for God sent not his son to the war in the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be faced. But just because you think you're Christian doesn't mean you're saved and weak. Also in Luke nine and verse 56.

For the Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives but to save them.

Jesus himself, verily, verily, I say to you, he that hear my word believe it's on him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation that is passed from death unto life and we know that Jesus said what I am the way, the truth of the life and no man can come to the father except by me. He also said he was the resurrection and the life that whoever believe it him, though he were dead, dead to stand, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believe if in me shall never die.

The latest thou this is to believe Jesus. He also said he must be born again to be saved to enter the kingdom of the heavens. You must be born again and that is your spiritual birth and it is so simple, you pray to the father and what you do is with a repentant heart, you confess your sins that your offender a horrible center that you need a Savior that you're sorry that your sins placed his son upon the cross because Jesus took your place my place past Ernie's place and he died in our place for the wages of sin is death. Here he can't ask for forgiveness from the father.

You will be forgiven and then you asked Jesus to come into your life to be Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservation. And here you accept him then as Lord and Savior.

You ask him to send you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which is your down payment on everlasting life, it's your spiritual rebirth with that indwelling of the spirit you become a born-again believer, a child of the kingdom of son or daughter of the living God in a joint heir with Jesus in everlasting life that the greatest decision. Any person can ever ever make and it determines where you will spend eternity and also changes you forever will bring you peace that you never felt joy, happiness, understanding it is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I know it's the greatest thing that ever happened to Pastor Ernie and most of the people I know will tell you the same thing and I Jesus said go and do [say praising the Lord you because Beverly pledges 100 Barbara pledges 100 and Earl Michigan pledges three. Thank you.

With clinicians and underwater and always make payment that we are rated tonight, but we are out of time for tonight in the again that it's been where where in this fight to the very end.

As we look for the Lord's return.

I want to thank all of you from for helping us in this battle. It is there not a cause until tomorrow as well. We say every night.

We want to say good night God… God bless. And always, always be ready to do a 5K.

I thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on a student next time for meditation, what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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