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WED HR 2 020922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 10, 2022 12:00 am

WED HR 2 020922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 10, 2022 12:00 am

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, donate and listen to podcasts WR Riley were back at this is got interested this article very interesting title is down the chupacabra whole morticians discover horrifying anomalies. Well, involving the vaccinated while emboldening the vaccinated. With each passing week concerning information regarding: 19 vaccines continues to surface attorneys reveal the Department of Defense covered up massive spikes in cancer miscarriages, neurological damage post inoculation Center for disease control represented representatives log more than 21,000 fatalities directly attributed to do mRNA injections, European Union regulators issued a warning stating coronavirus shots destroy the immune system disturbingly individuals in the post immortal industry are no exceptions to sharing startling public commissions. The recently came forward and shared the horror horrific discoveries in the corpses of the vaccinated.

Richard Hirschman is a board-certified funeral director and in Baltimore with over 20 years of experience in the field since 2004. He has worked for hospitals throughout the United States after immunization became widely distributed is typically predictable. Job took Bazaar turn one day in mid 2021. The undertaker was preparing a body for up preservation is the begin making preliminary cuts in the flesh.

His tools were met with unusual resistance and unknown blockage was prohibiting the necessary fluid draining hope, hoping to remove his this obstruction.

He reached through the incision and pull out something on believable about extracting the internal barricade. Hirschman could barely believe his eyes in the morticians hand was a long sin away sinewy looking object one, and possessed a standard looking blood clot, but the rest appeared dense and compact when he rinsed off the perplexing space amended did not dissolve as expected. Rather, the extracted material stayed firmly intact. The gangly quickly. I'll call quote player cocoa colloquium was white, incredibly tough, and starchy at a time.

As time progressed, the mortuary scientists uncovered hundreds of these organic structures could divers of the different ages, genders, and death.

Click classifications were filled with dozens of mysterious fibroids of vaccine here. Your pandemic right there and yet they created this and in which we been telling people and telling people and people are dying left and right in the fake news media that fake news media folks don't you ever forget while we were telling you we were warning you about this out there remember they were keeping this from you they were keeping this revenue so millions of citizens worldwide are being increasingly pressured to take experimental coronavirus inoculations. Those who do not comply with government orders often find themselves ostracized from society unvaccinated individuals have been expelled from universities and night service at restaurants and banned from public establishments fired from jobs and removed from organ transplant list simultaneously. Reports of adverse reactions reached unprecedented levels. With each passing day. Some researchers are asking themselves why authorities continue to push in a product that is not only ineffective but downright detrimental to his recipients help one inquisitive investigator was determined to find answers and what she discovered. Let her completely horrified and gravely concerned for the immune immunized, there you go Dr. Stephanie us enough go-ahead do undertaker from there.

I read your done. Love, Dr. Stephanie, since enough highly respected scientists with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She holds a degree in biophysics, electrical engineering and computer programming throughout her career she has published over hundred and 70 referenced papers. The estate prevents his work has featured 30 peer-reviewed medical journals. Modern disease such as Alzheimer's or primary focus set off specializes in the impacts of environmental toxins that human and prescription drug side effects amid the pandemic area.

She is decided her time to study and go over 19. She has dedicated her time to study: 19 fax vaccines after meticulously analyzing data, case studies, and physiological responses. She predicts that inoculations will have the devastating future consequences will we know that already. And basically this goes on to talk about brain disorders and all of the other things is going to happen because of these vaccines put we already knew that didn't way running actually more than vaccine or the idea that they are trying to lower the population. People just don't want to believe that the elderly are trying to reduce her population through plague through disease through vaccine through as father allowing the murder of the children, and abortion, and what's going on in the inner cities of all the crime it's all about reducing the surplus population. It is, but you see people. I was so amazed how people fell for this whole scam them.

Remember we said two years ago, when do you remember I was and I can't believe how these people are buying into this. They've got rated their their wedding around there putting on their face diapers. There I mean is chicken Little's delusion. They know they've got you go ahead and watch our local Charlotte Mecklenburg.

There County commissioners being guided by medical professionals and there considering actually lifting the man mandate mayor and native people and out did you know every straight people covered applicant severe Mecklenburg County, here at night you have to a man and young people about in a way they think about that that meant next week. Then man mandate may be lifted and on a topic that while I plan to fill where mine yeah the very worst burglar convinced because they were told by quote very professional. The expert government people that that would be her protection so they believe that and even the others don't want to protect themselves. They want to be protected. Unbelievable. And I think I mentioned Katie off area that MIT in the other that they've been carrying with 14 planning, and he will yeah the monsters in the technique in the next scene production and they they can start material and 40 printing that can be programmed with protein and it's kind of a creepy little thing because the material can more into different K, depending on how they program them and I believe one client that was a foreigner foreign scientist.

I think his report it with translated in English.

I think he encountered one of the thing and when he was looking at that code said he described it as a and there is no word for it and and according to him he was examining the airmen under a microscope and it says whatever it was, with self-aware and tried to slither off the fly.

Yeah you with that limited Louis just so you know stupid is as stupid does his other urgent stuff. The FDA approval of Pfizer Sean for kids six months to four years old. That week we played time and time again. I played the head of the World Health Organization out there coming on, saying how he was chastising these governments.

This goes back about six weeks ago for giving children the shots and he was saying don't kill the children. You know, kill off use the shots the use which you have to kill the old and the sick Dennis that he was told don't give the don't give the vaccines to the children. Don't kill the children kill the old and the sick instead of the world help the World Health Organization and other people to lease it is usually not a bad guy.

Our electric bill for all not all of now. Yeah, I'm coming out this fall that you heard in the United States have very gotten at least two rounds of this coven. Airmen not in a booster. I don't know what the process is what I do know that there's been over with so far as it is been over 60,000 people that have died from that that they know of that percentage is around 60% of the American population nod, the one that had the idea. Yeah they they say that I don't believe that I don't I don't believe those numbers I know the I know I talk to a lot of people, and most people I talked to have not received the majority of people I run into are telling me the baby that's out here wearing a very conservative County, which is highly Republican, which is a lot smarter than the death of parents and so on. That would be but but yeah, you know, most of the people I run into and around 60% is pretty quiet like like one like 1.92 million people that are going to be here and will yeah yeah whether there if you think of all the different things that people are dying from you know and like you said, we've we've come to a point in this country where it is become been reduced to such reprobate minds to the fact I had heard that I mentioned this last week they had a news report and they were talking about how even though you have the epidemics and old and all this still there was a and still in the more the man because the number one cause of death in the world today.

Still, abortion, and they were talking about that like that's a good thing because it's legal but it's legal.

So this is how sick I mean how sick, and absolutely no sick that the world has become proactive affect on work interclub manager came off the Internet coroner's office in Northern California grappling with the backlog of body welders why they're having to do autopsies. Of course, because of the coronavirus, but an uptick in homicides and overdose overdose death amounts to what one official described as an explosion of people dying in a single day this month. Staff at the Alameda County coroner's Bureau California worked out with completing 21 autopsies they had over 100 bodies in the facility and are saying all over the area they are experiencing a huge surge in homicide and the region continues to grapple with an overdose crisis and think about it. They are having to put bodies in the freezers because it had so many people shot so many people overdose and somebody dying of the vent from all this goes along with everything that the left is doing is trying to what reduce the population what he thinks are letting all those drugs come over from across the border. All the diseases they don't check anybody anymore. Further health would cover across the border just is so clear to me. Everything they do from the abortion to the vaccine that they have never allowed a vaccine to be given out when more than five or 10 people died a few thousand have some kind of adverse reaction and now are having no tens of thousands – this vaccines and not one medical professional in the quote government or the agencies as anything about maybe Loretta stopped his vaccine because of the severe number of deaths.

This is unheard of in the history of this entire country and yet you hear nothing. Crickets nobody's talking about it if I call it accessible so 20 to 60,000 people died as vaccine. So what is anymore numbers don't mean anything. Well, here, here, here, one of the things you hearing here. No Joe and Wendy were really going to that that area, since I know it's not legal anymore, but… Yes were going to go there now listen, Joe and Wendy if you and I were to go and give some children are own children.

Some crack cocaine pipes and some crack.

Would we be doing that to for their own good in their own health or would we possibly be helping them kill themselves reread helping them kill you in the long run regular short term, there might be a couple little problems that we might be solving. But in the long term were assuring their continued addiction which means your eventual death.

Joe Joe Obama Biden and his regime using taxpayers money to fund the program that had some crack pipes and syringes to addicts to advance racial inequality. You see, now you're trying to kill more of the anarchy that a drug user that I talked about last night.

There were all these gangs in the inner cities of 16 major Damron cities order the director began to hear they felt drug run prospectors but mostly it's drug. What are the drugs do addicts people and their dying from what drug overdose and were allowing that to happen.

The government is the judge's orders. They want to kill people listen. Joe, you know, black and Hispanic should have every bit as much right to kill themselves as white Sydney. I mean, this is what this is what they're saying this is what the death of cancer saying that what equity means that the gastric or the minority. The air will continue to try and wipe them out. Yeah, three years ago. The Blacks made about eight vacant was 18% of the population. Another saying that Blacks only make about 16% of the population in a nation it's growing. That sounds like they're decreasing well, I've got a list of the hear of the of the world's 10 richest men.

And you know what they think Jim sick.

They think that in the world should be clean and and personal training program right foot, but we have too many parasites, which are those that are not billionaires.

Okay. And so the so the best thing you could do for I mean how look at the way those that are billionaires. I mean how can you and I possibly be happy you know if we can afford a jet airplane or whatever and I'm I mean even even jolting will tell you that how could you possibly be happy without all the material stuff so here so there it is saying that the best thing they can do for us. Remember what Margaret's likenesses. The best thing that a poor family can do for one of his children's kill it, right there incident. So here's what the death accredited doing with with the Joe Obama and the others in your right and Joe Obama listed the Biden crime family is up to their eyeballs in cahoots with a drug dealers. The drug cartels there assisting them in every way and they don't do anything without making a profit from it just asked Hunter McKay in Recoleta might well on our advertising and I'm just working on another story.)

PC about a couple miles from the White House. The 14-year-old girl charged with the shooting Monday of a boy there on Pennsylvania Ave., Southeast, and she's facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. Apparently she and another suspect approach this juvenile another juvenile round her age and she started firing near a bus stop and far quite a few times apparently did hurting too bad. Scared people and reviewed renown through your they're all kinds of juveniles been arrested in record numbers over the past year or two specially teenage girls and all that she remembers to him 13 or 15 charge and killing the Newburgh driver and on and on and on. Why do they get violent drugs fighting over drugs they get high on drugs and their killing each other over things that people may be used to write nasty letters or slap somebody now their killing you know that's an interesting thing on Fox News yesterday and Tucker Carlson.

They had this woman on their who was talking about cat fights why these these young girls lived and they showed all of these fights issued all of these different flights will it was what's his name. What is world Barbara Burke getting violent and more more killing night feedings beating or beating each other up girls. We talked about that before authorities during get together and beat up by research girls kick one that in light meter up horribly and in England. If you look at the foreign press. This kind of thing they were throwing acid. Remember we talked about throwing acid in people's faces and all over the world you have these young children. 19 beating beating each other up with rats and gangs of the whole world of our youth all over the world is gone very, very badly and staying very sick and violent.

I'm glad you're too old to do that stuff anymore now, but it's all tied an outfit about my farm on most of tied to the drug agent yet is it is is a drug culture and not wait when we call that when the we call that pharmacopeia deli winter here can witchcraft that you remember Kevin Eshelman, Joe and Wendy probably remember Kevin to know. I don't think so. Well, Kimmel needs to be he. He was with us in Missouri but anyhow all care and then well no not because you said that he probably will remember you either is not as my head scrambled up here thinking I don't remember listening. He wrote this article here and see if this might apply to what we're hearing today. This is just an update.

He said let's go back a couple thousand years and he says city of Jericho moves to make it illegal to blow or not. Does this sound like something is happening here he goes to recording your legal document.

There are righties writing this as it was a news article back in the days of Canaan.

Okay Canaan, according to a source of suspicious group of nomadic religious fanatics was spotted marching around the city of Jericho while blowing trumpets made out of rams horns with citizens fleeing on edge over the constant ominous noise. The king of Jericho has moved to make all horn blowing illegal I don't want any horn blowing working or carrying a fancy looking gold boxes that contain stone tablets declared became of his royal throne. They who blow must go. Sources indicate that people pick up his decree as a mantra using it to mock the Israelites according to the source decay was initially pleased with the Israelites gave up and returned to the camp but the victory was very short-lived as they return the very next day to once more blow their horns that annoy everybody. The king consulted the devises would even business. The king asked. They're not listening to me okay live forever as the chief advising they are. They claim to be led by the one true God who cut off the waters of the Jordan. They say you're just a man and that that they will soon conquer the city after beheading. They horror the king told everyone he was sick and went off to hide in an undisclosed location until the delete that your lights gave up to leave the caddis sound familiar, ready quarterly and found altar right yet, it certainly does well but were going to do when the you ready to open the phone lines I arrived very good. No, let me see phone lines and I will open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 if you have a question or comment. Give us a call here here's here's a couple got a couple things just were quick before we take a call. Croatian politicians compare mandatory COBIT 19 vaccinations to the death penalty okay in response to Fred's president Emmanuel micron's recent declaration that the unvaccinated are irresponsible and no longer French citizens, Croatians, MEP, Ms. love Nicholas could warn that the mandatory injections are type of death penalty. There you go, boys write about Veterans Day a quarterly.

I've got one quickly is not an article from and I looked out there are 24 of the top Internet news pages new sites for people get their nerves and it's funny out of the 24, number three is Fox number 16 is Breitbart 19 zero and 22 Newsmax all the other are liberals so 20 of the 24 top news sites for people looking on the Internet are liberal only for another that only two are really staunch conservative. The others are wishy-washy. Silicon explains why we have so much ignorance why we have some of many people believing the yellow Joe talk radio. The conservatives got much, much, we run that because nobody wants to listen to liberals talk right let's take Jeff. Jeff you're near (a good story out there. We give you small pocket watch out for smallpox and hemorrhagic fever.

I believe that that's going to be the next shoe to drop either one of those two items number two at the dentist I went to call me that that people have to be back at 888.

It even with school you got exactly the baby going to be effective. Hygienic.well will have a shortage of them. Yeah, that my main white and also to hemorrhagic people for smallpox come to America.

I get what the people would take back will not have immunity to be able to fend off the fiery and you are going to feel the body pilot and I compile out.

I believe that the COBIT is a is a biological warfare attack is also abated worth become publicly but know about you, and I think you Bramley on it, but I think she's okay. I do know that the CDC says now that they are already in the process of preparing for the next epidemic dictates that the what is that tell you another one coming when it tells me tells me that the their plan on bringing it okay all right make a here here's here's one very quick Candace can hit this one numbers don't lie. British children are 52 times more likely to die after coven shot that's right, there's a massive difference in death rates among children vaccinated against the lie: coronavirus and the unvaccinated counterparts in England written solvers from national stats released and December rates, standardized data on mortality rates of the individuals in five year age sets indicating that those who receive the COBIT 19 vaccines have suffered a death rate 52, 54 times greater compared to the unvaccinated once boy there you go right. Let's go to Bob Bob you are near that I would get here and you're right. You're doing great work, given the New York Post, dated February 4 on Friday. Habitude big page thing about doc money operation and a full Supreme Court press on Biden read a small paragraph.

They said after Pres. Biden's election.

The man just to start a bowling. Justice Stephen Breyer into retirement and ran a great adman aggressive the ads and mobile billboard around the Supreme Court. That said, Brian retires time for black limit Supreme Court justice yeah I saw that I had beside the name of that group with demand justice and you and Jackie have your name and circle back circle circle back but I mean at my job and I cleaned my next pledge I was just going to send you a copy of the equipment and pulled out sorrel finale that is on the one that around the big donors and supplicant 1630, whatever you probably heard about it but on the defendant with the next with the next pledge rights. Thanks, Bob.

God bless Wright who was the third when you had John you're in the air. General. So-called Democratic Party is absolutely not leftist and I book on many things you've been saying about vaccines and and others on a true leftist, which is practically nonexistent United States remeasured the faster networks of right-wing talk shows over a thousand outlet dominate every inch of the United States, Canada and the Congregational escape from those right-wing talk but there is no platform or like this one source on the Internet has been attacked by Baker son is within the deep state constantly and not God practically wiped out. Got global research, you can still get it if you go to submitting alternative global at one of the most important blockbusters that even ABC elect slips and 2001 and was never mentioned again. Apparently the badness to chat fired. Everybody is entitled US military wanted global war with Cuba and ached and points out that in that one loan ABC news cast entitled US military wanted to global Cuba in the early 1950s at America's top military leaders of the Joint Chiefs of Staff correct the client to kill innocent people to commit acts of violent terrorist carries in the newest cities to create public support for war against Cuba and Castro.

It was codenamed operation notes, which look at operation Northwestern operation gliding meal glad I that I they include the possible assassination could Cuban émigrés sinking boats of the Cuban refugees on high-speed hijacking claims blowing up the usually ship and orchestrated by a little run out. Okay John, thanks thanks okay now there John if you still listing that they looked you and I we have a different definition of what's left what's right what's left distillates right now, here is Lars communism known you have a different definition. Our definition comes from Matthew chapter 25 okay the name of this radio program is what's quite what's left what's right what's left now Matthew chapter 25 notice it whenever you have an argument with God dilutes you cannot. No one has ever won an argument with God. Nobody ever will. And so this is where we take our definition of what is right what is left is from Matthew chapter 25 okay so you will have to lose that argument, and I go and read Matthew 25. Now he tells you that those that stand for the things that he caused. On the left. Those are on the left.

Okay. And other words the art everything today that the left stands for.

If it's a sin than its then they stand for.

I'm talking about abortion of the Masada man talking about transgender is mom talked about of these killing people murdering people. That's all on the left. That's why the Lord Jesus, that they will be bound and cast into the lake of fire. There you go my right Joe you are absolutely right. Okay there you go. And so here we wanted to we have neck since Eric click okay. We have Cliff in their cliff. You're in there yet. I think you were talking before about that. Yeah, that was Sir Bette Midler that's it.

I was trying to think of right, yeah, could you turn your radio down and get on the radio on. Now it's probably just a bad thought, okay, yeah, my question would be for one, the 50 Cox golf on my site but not only that, for other things they list and the E and I think for MPE and I have not that familiar with that and made okay and also that the book that is on audible. Let might've just came out on woke incorporated by Yale University lawyer and pretty hot headache but but it's worth listening to.

With about 10 hours a guy refill himself and gone for about three quarters and it's definitely worth listening to, and is another book that's available on audible called solving allusions on vaccines that I started to listen to, written by Dr. from the woman doctor from New Hampshire was a nephrologist but one, the son wanted to get out those two items I heard about audible book in the first one while the first one is woke incorporated W okay Inc. it's written by Guy Spencer from India by AA.

It is an interesting analysis of 14 chapters of the woke movement and he said he classified himself as a conservative, some of the information he has is pretty astounding.

As far as the graph that's out there in the payoff. That's good news. Wendy relayed allowing that I have read the book that I can comment on that yet, but am asking her about not open a late coke you may send an EE and ask those two items get out time from what they do. You know what NATO can days in MPE and esses. I have not read any reports on that okay very good. I got a move on but thinks there okay religious thing was that John John you're in there. Hello hello you are there. Go ahead.

Everybody there. God bless all of you like this one. Question I'm 65 years old.

I didn't take back to me vaccination.

I won't vaccination I battle COBIT three time I recovered on my own home hypnotically and naturally and Wendy. Now I'm suffering both of my bursar's active my elbows have blown up like tennis ball out of nowhere. I'm in good health.

Take care myself. I eat right and it's unbelievable. On each elbow I have like a tennis ball of inflammation. Is there anything I just meant while on earth. I can't get medical advice I can tell you what I would do that I like.

I live in heaven and claimant mentoring inflammation. You can often elicit discomfort or pain so I like it now have talent, and in no talent what drug companies have made answer and went to Gavin and analogy may not be able to use them. Okay, use what I didn't hear what you sent them little bark and meadow delete that to our help with inflammation. Willow bark and meadow suite right okay is that all I can do is that all you know love well I would start there on yeah you know why watch anything that can contribute to your cathode and join click to make well on people there along the County side or arthritic side. They can lie here Within the joint irritated doing well, contrite and bragging vinegar.

I would brag vinegar it to Caleb and that finances and you can catalytically let the apple cider printing program and help strengthen your cathode at a joint okay and I thank you very much affect everybody okay thank you for: okay, good to have next West here in the air and turning US Communist state of Oregon. I'm so grateful for your program. I wanted to say that I've been recently with a lot of the bills etc. and as I was making out my checks last week.

I was trying to pinch pennies, but I wrote my monthly check out your ministry and I gotta tell you it's a godsend. As far as I know, it's the only ministry this reporting of truth each day relating to Bible Scripture. And I'm just so grateful for that. I'm sure many people are, I just wanted to quickly save up, I believe the tyrants truly that if demanding is that these mandates the last couple years knew what they were doing their creating Hitler and Stalin knew fear and they're using a technique that used to drive some of the prisoners in the California prison system greatly. As they passed a rule years ago would call the indeterminate sentence one your life and I've had a prisoner of 23 years and it did 23 years, maybe it would drive some of the guys suicide because it whimpered 18 months and seven, eight, 10, 15 years later due to variation fractions. They were still there. I finally had a resend it. But it has the same effect. And I think this is one of the reasons the money people are going crazy and so many violent things are happening. Well that could be here in Ohio. Do Andrew we II have an echo I don't know if you guys can hear but what I really have a big echo here.

She could you look at that. Okay you got it. He got it. Now here here in Ohio you have inmates that were sentenced back before I believe is 93.

The old which was the old love those were sentenced at that time were under the old law and they fall under the jurisdiction of the parole board. After that, you know what I think that might've been 95.

After that the new those at Mesa were sentenced they were were giving predetermined amounts.

In other words, the for each crime. It was predetermined since you would do so many years for this crime so many years of this crime and so they they were under the parole board where you get to come back and forth they would do their predetermined time in the be out and so was happening. The parole board knows that and so those people that were giving say 1 to 25 or whatever they are at their maximum all out because they're in there keeping guys that should've been out of prison years and years ago.

It's a wicked thing if I were King. If I were King right now. Today in this country. I would put first. I put the abortionists in prison. I put them in prison. First okay and then I would put that up the parole board in prison for what they've done. The Ohio parole board for what they've done to these old law inmates and what they're doing is to keep them in their and and let them die just so that they can stay in their cushy $70,000 a year jobs not have to do anything for and that's what's happening here in Ohio. I agree hundred percent but it is having the same effect on civilian population of the mandate never seem to go away. For example, art are going to hear this proud LB GT to governor is told the health department here were going to lift the mask mandate on March 31, because that is made clear was under a new that makes the vaccine mandate permanent so it's all a bunch of nonsense and our local media has an all blue cities is basically the communications arm of the Democratic Party. I just wanted to reiterate again that data one for your ministry. A lot of us would really be lost. Thanks again and God bless all of thank you. Thanks very much for those kind words with the right absolutely what he says absolutely spot on. Let's go all about power and control and keeping nerve among the people and that here is the things you here's the problem. The problem is, the Bible says that we must obey God rather than man. The Bible says we must obey God rather than man. The Bible says we must obey God rather than man. I want to repeat that because you see that's what we've done now, it doesn't admin make well there but not us. Not a doers of the word Baptist Church. We never wore the mask suite we didn't do that. We never close our doors down because we knew the God's Word, the Bible makes it very clear when not to do that were told they the word of God. Now a lot of times Joe, you know you'll end up going to prison are being killed, but you you better to die and your feet to live in your knees under tyranny and God's Word, the Bible tells very clearly that we are not to accept tyranny, and the problem with people out there today.

Is there did not believe in the word of God, they're not listening. And the reason you have that in Oregon the reason you have that in the blue states is because the people are far they they don't understand the word of God. The biblically illiterate and if they do if they understood the word of God, they would understand if they would keep their integrity today I listened to several several police officers are out there on the Internet now in Canada you have Canadian police officers. The going open the websites in their telling their their fellow officers do not arrest these patriots do not do that you are breaking the law is not them. They have the right to demonstrate and they have the responsibility and you you please you that are resting them. You're the one since breaking the law, you're not dignified officers. You don't have credibility you don't have honor what you are you and what you might like I said last night, if you're going to do that if you're not going to obey the law if you're going to obey a tyrant, then you're not a cop you got no honor. You got no integrity go put on a miniskirt stand in the corner because your horror. That's what you're if that's what you're doing and sister Mary Grace what you think about all that I got will they mail minor again, remember that look calm. And now looking for deep trainers.

Here, I'll help at all times. I will repeat equally counted how even put right now. Rainer, look her up.

Prepare I'm telling you it is selling evil. I been praying all night all day and calling out to an art and won't stop. I won't now eat it claiming as last year you to marry Grace keep in there hanging in there okay is not over until we win, and let's go to Timothy Timothy here and there and late evening was a blessing.all of you and all your travels, day-to-day and all you do for the Lord that he liked your path and protect your way. I also wanted to say that the stuff is going on in Canada which you can watch live on YouTube every single day on a real-time people are showing their Tonya that the sole purpose for them doing that is to dispel all of the false media that is claiming 180° of what is actually going on it trying to tell us all these falsehoods and it could be anything further from that up there in person. I wish I was up there with her so vicariously and with my brothers and sisters in Canada that are standing up. People always thought of them is this always the nice kinds of people in a very clean environment up in Canada.

Another finding out what that really made up when push comes to shove those that know their rights are making others respect the rights if you don't make the respect the rights of you get what you get when you know I hope I hope that people here in this country will realize that if they don't likewise do like our Canadian brothers are doing the were supporting we are supporting our Canadian brothers. I'm I'm 110% behind them. This is why Cuba should have everything all night and I can remember. I delay in the people in this country. If they don't, likewise, do the same were going to have what's going on their bleed. We got a dictator in their right now Joe Obama Obama is he's is evil and wicked as anyone that's ever been in that White House water, let's all live and stand up for a long time man put them in a convalescent home and get them in the proper medication and haven't watched carefully that he won't hurt himself.

Anybody else, and then not then you need to hold the other ones Obama and Clinton both Clinton's and not even know you know the distorted.

Their daughter and all her offspring and it just died multiplying at a very rapid rate. All of the decadence and sheet you tell me you Timothy thank you so much.

When I'm out of time so thanks again for all that Jimmy you have three minutes Joe to tell us how we can get to heaven and avoid hell I'll the Scripture tells us in Ephesians. For by grace are ye saved through faith by God's grace.

You are all saved through your faith and it's not of yourselves, it is a gift of God not of works, so that the most any man should boast what he saying is by faith and pastor or you're just saying that's what's wrong in places like Oregon, Seattle. There is a lack of faith because there is a lack of truth and knowledge of God and we do not have enough born-again believers. Scripture also tells us very simply, Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life is a believer than me, though he were dead, yet shall he live forever live a believer than me shall never die believer spell this out yes I do, Lord, that Jesus is the way he is the resurrection. The biggest decision in your life is where is whether or not you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior because that decision determines where you spend eternity whether it be heaven or hell. And we know that took from the book of Romans, God tells us if we confessed with our mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart, fine art, the goddess raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believe in the righteousness. We believe that other heart and with the mouth confession is made to salvation, confession, we have to call upon the father we confess our sins, retell the Lord we repent of confession of our sins that we are sorry that he had to send his son to go to the cross of Calvary to take my place. Jesus went there voluntarily.

He took my place, died for my sins, paid the price for my sin that I if I accept his offer of grace and salvation could live the forgiven of those sins could have everlasting life. So with a contrite heart with a repentant heart you call upon the father asked for forgiveness and then US Jesus Christ is Lord of your life becomes your Lord without any reservation without any doubt, and that you asked you sense that Jesus send you the Holy Spirit dwell within you that is your down payment on salvation on everlasting life. Now Jesus that I am in the father. The father in me and I am in you. That way, God himself is man Joe Joe we are out of time because I wanted to say this very quickly.

You know Wendy, we forgot to tell you about your Valentine's Day Sylvia Valentine's Day. So when he's having folks you can find out about the Valentine's Day; 866-229-3663 866-229-3663.Ms. Wendy's Valentine's Day until tomorrow. I want to say good night God bless and always, always cape fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left my pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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