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A COVID Treatment to Save Your Life and the Gospel to Save Your Soul

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 9, 2021 8:00 pm

A COVID Treatment to Save Your Life and the Gospel to Save Your Soul

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 9, 2021 8:00 pm

Do you sense the level of pressure and propaganda from all sectors—government, news agencies, corporations, celebrities—to get the COVID-19 vaccine? The message is “Get the vaccine while you can and you’ll be safe and life will go back to normal.”

In fact, the pressure to get the vaccine is becoming so strong that a “vaccine passport” is being suggested so that those who have received the vaccine will receive a card that will allow them to move freely in society while those who haven’t received the vaccine will be restricted.

So while the vaccine and masks and physical distancing and lockdowns—and fining and/or arresting pastors for holding church services—is the primary focus of government, actual treatment of those who get COVID-19 is hardly even mentioned...

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Treatment to save your life in the gospel to save your soul.

That is a topic we discussed today. Right here on the Christian Realty radio program mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news of Jesus Christ on David, we host inner website is the Christian worldview.thanks for joining us today in the program and thanks to all of you who support the ministry of the Christian worldview.

Do you sense the level of pressure and propaganda from all sectors of society, whether government or news agencies or corporations or even celebrities to get the COBIT 19 vaccine the messages this get the vaccine. While you can and you be safe in life will go back to normal. In fact, the pressure to get the vaccine is becoming so strong that his so-called vaccine passport is being suggested so that those who have received the vaccine will receive a card that will allow them to move freely in society, while those who haven't received the vaccine or don't want the vaccine will be restricted from doing certain things like flying in airplanes are going to events and innumerable other things he could probably not even imagine right now.

So while the vaccine and masks and physical distancing, and lockdowns is the primary focus of government with regards to covert, 19 actual treatment of those who get the virus is hardly even mentioned to me notice that so this weekend on the Christian worldview.

Dr. Peter McCullough, medical doctor, a practicing internist, cardiologist and professor of medicine and a national leader in the medical response to Cova 19 joins us to discuss critically important early treatment measures.

If you do get the virus also Twyla brace later in the program registered nurse and president of citizens Council for health freedom joins us to discuss this Orwellian vaccine passport that is being suggested by government and likely to be implemented by corporations. So let me start with the question, why do Christians proclaim the gospel and the answer is pretty clear because we all sinners are in danger of eternal damnation if we don't get right with God before we die on his terms, and we have this message of the gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ that can save souls is the most important message was reading in Romans four recently where it says starting in verse four now to the one who works works for their salvation or trust in their good works.

His wage is not credited as a favor, but as what is due, but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Blessed are those whose lawless deeds have been forgiven, and whose sins have been covered. Blessed is the man who sin the Lord will not take into account and there is the good news.

In other words we've sinned, we are at odds with God were alienated from him. We are under his judgment. If we don't get right with him on his terms. And so this is the biggest most important message in the world were sinners. God is going to judge us. How can we be right with God will here comes the good news of Jesus Christ.

Romans five. Therefore, having been justified by faith, not good works but by faith alone in Christ alone. We can have or we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand and we exults in the hope of the glory of God in this message of the gospel of salvation is the Christian's great hope and this is what we share because the best news to explain to someone how they can be rescued or saved from God's wrath on them. There is no more better or important news than that. And if you have not ever put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and your Lord confessed your sin to God and put your faith, your trust not in your own supposed good works to be right with God. But in Christ's work on the cross on your behalf that he died for your sins and then rose victoriously over it so that we serve a living Savior today do so today. Now that is the most important news spiritual notes and that's why we share it with others.

If you had other kinds of news news that could help people reduce their chance of dying not just spiritually but through dying physically from covert ones you want to tell others about that.

Of course you would.

So that is what the program is dedicated to today but let me just give a little back story and why were doing this program my parents whom some of you know personally but probably many of you know through listening to our annual interview with them around Mother's Day or Father's Day in the program got Cova 19 about how it's a 4 to 6 weeks ago and they were tested.

Fortin tested positive for for Cova 19 my dad is 89. My mom is 87.

They are in a very high risk group for death from Cova 19 my older brother Mark who is a medical doctor specializing in chronic pain here in the Twin Cities area went to the Association of American physicians and surgeons website where they put him in touch with Dr. Peter McCullough, my brother knew that we can't just sit around and wait to see how this virus is going to take hold of our elderly parents and they were struggling. We were praying for them, but through the counsel of our guest today, Dr. Peter McCullough to my brother. They were given and followed this early treatment protocol for COBIT which is a combination of of some drugs and supplements and I'm very thankful and happy to report to you that by God's grace. My parents were able to overcome Cova 19 are now doing very well today so that's what were doing the program. What worked for my elderly parents can also work for you or your elderly parents are not giving guaranteed medical advice. Please know that I'm sharing with you what helped us the government and media aren't making this known. But we will today in the program. So let's get straight to the interview, Dr. McCullough, thank you for coming on the Christian worldview radio program today. Let's get into that guide that you are the editor for its and tell the guide to home-based Cova treatment step-by-step. Doctors plan that could save your life for the consulting editor for that.

This is an educational research and the Association of American physicians and surgeons. Their website is a APS and we also have a link on our website the Christian as well on this going to read a paragraph or two from that and asked him questions, follow-up questions, it says in the God that the vast majority of deaths from this covert virus occur in those 75 years old and older, with most of those already sick with other illnesses. A large percentage or nursing care facilities.

Over 80 years old and with an average of 2.5 other medical condition such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, lung and/or kidney disease.

The chances of someone under 50 years old with symptoms dying from Cova 19 is .05%. To put it another way, approximately 99.9% of individuals who contract covert will have mild to moderate symptoms and recover it just like with the flu. The majority of deaths are coming from the .62% of the population who are nursing home facilities.

Dr. McCullough, could you explain those numbers a bit further and what they mean for the person listening to me on the show in my own opinion, not both of my institutions, great illness, survivable, and obviously the vast majority of individuals, not there are two bad outcomes.

One is hospitalization.

On the other one is death, and most patients are mostly black of her talkative when applied to hospital as well that majority of debt incurred in the hospital so the hospital doesn't save all the patient so there's some important concept.

The first one is patients over age 50 start to have rates of death and hospitalization more than 1% once with less than 1%, it becomes an imperceptible impact so patient. Below age 50, without medical problems. Most experts agree they don't need any treatment but one individual over age 54 with medical problems or who prevent present with severe symptomsyou should get outpatient treatment to avoid too bad outcomes, hospitalization, and Dr. Peter McCullough joins us today on the Christian worldview radio program is a practicing intern's cardiologist and the professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of medicine at their Dallas campus.

You say in the guide. This virus looks and acts very much like the flu, but with one caveat. Unlike the usual seasonal influenza Cova 19 illness can become profoundly serious and unpredictable ways. Cova 19 can very rapidly become critical illness for two primary reasons this virus triggers to responses in the body much worse than seasonal flu and exaggerated inflammatory response, causing damage to critical organs and an exaggerated blood clotting response link to multiple blood clots in the lungs, brain and other organs. Talk more Dr. McCullough about the stages in why early treatment.

Home treatment. As you write you write about your guide is critical. It way more contained in the quote and headed home. Had a great week before the second after coming to the hospital way different than flu and M1 patient are hospitalized that they received no treatment at home. They have no chance of preventing hospitalization once they're hospitalized with what happens is there's a ton of the immune system called cytokine storm, it causes very high fevers. It causes changes in the lungs that we can see on CT scan because changes in the bloodstream and its tightly linked to the development of blood clotting so Indian when patients die of coveted virus is long gone actually and and there's no secondary infection. There's no staphylococcal pneumonia or no superimposed infection, they die straight up of an internal blood clotting problem microblog cut the lungs, make your blood cuts going to the brainstem blood caulking.

The major change in the body.

So it's very much a blood clotting death that happens with Cova 19 and given that situation. Our treatment is way different than the flu so we could cover 19 early on with drugs to reduce the file replication use steroids and coaches seem to handle the immune system values blood thinners takes all three dimensions to be treated for a patient to be saved from Cova. 19. And that's true whether there outpatient or inpatient, and that's I want to get into now. Dr. Peter McCullough with us today here on the Christian worldview radio program I says in the guide that you edited. Consult your primary physician with the first onset of Cova 19 symptoms flu like symptoms of fever shortness of breath difficulty breathing pressure in your chest and severe cough of the most important reason to contact your physician right away is that studies show early treatment is the key to success with covert early treatment is especially critical for people at high risk would you say the older population and you also say to keep a journal of your symptoms. This early treatment protocol that you and the consortium of doctors recommend which is from the guide of the summarize it. Good hygiene, getting sunlight, getting fresh air.

Lots of fluids, healthy food, immune boosting vitamins and minerals, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and others, and then you imagine some of the medications as well. You can explain those to how much of those things should people be taking to boost their immune system and what if their primary physician doesn't think along the same lines has more of the regular NIH way of thinking about this virus. You just wait till gets bad then you go to the hospital. We knew early on from Mooneyhan and we knew from Milan, Italy and New York.

We learn from those three cities by the way, which are very similar in their very vertical cities that lots of skyscrapers lots of high-rise apartments and condominiums that the virus loves to have nice closed in small spaces and it's known that the virus is transmitted largely by the air that is not really transmitted by touching people's hands even know there's been a huge emphasis on hand sanitizers it that that's been fairly misguided transmitted to the air and if you could, if someone has the virus and if you could actually make a virus be dyed green. You have an entire room full of green smoke, you would be like smoky green air in your room with the virus and so what happens is when patients go to the small closed in rooms and high-rise apartments in elevators. All they do is we believe that air over and over again. There were some early studies showing that the room fills up with the virus to make that little.

The air is holding the virus up for several hours and so that explains why people walk into a public restroom. They breathe in some of the air boom they get killed your little small spaces that are poorly ventilated. So what we tell patients and say listen instead of breathing that virus scan and keep loading yourself with the virus open the windows get outside front porch, back porch was on her way from people let the wind kind of block that virus so your breathing less contaminated air left when someone gets sick with Cova. 19.

The last thing you want to do is have them stay in the house and then put on a mask and then just keep reading the virus back into the lungs. I published an op-ed early on in the hill last year trying to explain that to the public for some fresh air.

Is your friend. We've used it for all viral infections in the past, including mom's and chickenpox. I get fresh air. Now it's been shown that deficiencies in the whole variety of vitamins lead to worse outcomes and Cova Nike and so it makes sense to be fully fortified with vitamins and micronutrients of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc cursing, which is a polyphenol substance. Those are in what's called the nutraceutical bundle do they care Cova 19 no do they prevent public 19. Probably not, but if you get it make you more likely to hopefully ride to the elements without having serious complications. The best resource to go is to go to a APS that is the go to websites got the home patient. Patient treatment guide that's been used over 500,000 times has a list of treating doctors in every state and also has the telemedicine services so a patient ahead of time to call the primary care doctor and asked them you are you treating covert patients and if they say no say. Do you have a local referral so I can know if I could cover 19 what to do and hopefully look at the local referral almost every major city has several of Frank treating centers and doctors to refer to. If the answer is no, I don't tree covered 19 and I don't have any place to refer you and the patient should be ready to go to one of the telemedicine services out there and there listed in the back of the Cova guide and again that that website is a APS or you can read this guide to home-based treatment that our guest today, Dr. Peter: I was the editor for we also have the guide linked at our home page of the Christian worldview.the Christian worldview returns in just a moment. I struggled with my identity all the way through my life. Eight years is Laura Jensen, until I found the Lord Jesus Christ is our model for the legislation now in our school's queen story, even into our churches. Nations were talking about people the proceeding is from in his image. 103 minute documentary film that biblically and compassionately addresses the issue of transgender is you can order the DVD for a donation of any amount to the Christian world, 888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 Christian worldview.that's 1888 646-2233.

The Christian David we hear host of the Christian worldview for over 15 years. Our mission has been to sharpen the biblical worldview.

Christians claim the good news of Jesus Christ pursue that mission on their radio programs in person. Hosting events online through A/V imprint resources. We are an all volunteer ministry have monthly operating expenses. The most significant being the cost of airtime on the station website or at what you hear the radio program looking for monthly partners so that each station website is supported by its own listeners. The level of financials for a given out as a key decision point whether we continue paying the broadcaster to become a monthly any amount one AAA 646-2233. The Christian Thank you for listening to and supporting the Christian worldview. Welcome back to the Christian worldview sure to visit our website the Christian we can subscribe to our free weekly email an annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry. Now back to today's program with host David. We read one more short paragraph from the guy you say the unique kinds of damage from the covert virus mean that we must use a combination of prescription medicines never go beyond supplements but prescription medicine medicines rapidly to block these dangerous affects the use of prescription medications discussed in this guide should be considered clinically indicated medically necessary and appropriate off label use of these products and you just have a few bullets here combination antiviral medic medicine. Starting as soon as symptoms occur. Number two medicines to decrease inflammation you mentioned earlier. Number three anticoagulant therapy to prevent blood clots that can cause strokes and heart attacks, and more. Number four nonprescription supportive treatments with zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, mention that in the fifth one is home-based even oxygen support, such as with an oxygen concentrator so educators a little more on some of those bullet points of actually using medications early on in treatment of COBIT. The action plan age over all with medical problems or preventing presenting with severe symptoms. Those patients need treatment to the nutraceutical bundle we covered the next thing the patient should ask for is to be referred for an antibody infusion so there are FDA UA approved not FDA medically accrued but emergency approved antibody infusion so one is still remaining on the market by Regeneron. It's a combination of two antibodies. They are available at emergency rooms all of the United States, and it simply takes a doctor's phone call. The cost of this is covered by the US government. So the first thing patient should ask for is an antibody infusion. This is like the present. Compat Woody Giuliani, use it every day in my practice. It's a simple phone call. Patients will typically get a time slot. They go into the emergency room and they get an antibody infusion so that's a great start. Then after that we move into the oral drugs now a lot of times patient can't get the antibody infusion are that just don't have access to it begin to rely on the oral drugs heavily here. But even those with antibody infusion to have severe symptoms like we go ahead and use oral drugs. They include hydroxychloroquine or I come back then as to of our intracellular and time factors combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline. Those are antibiotics and also work in psychology and together these drugs work in combination to reduce the replication of the virus. They also work to reduce some bacterial a component of infection in the sinuses and in the throat so it would be common to have be structured in a pair prescribed now in day five are pulmonary symptoms, we can use the steroid prednisone is finding is that, as not all the time.

Mothers now in inhaled steroid called budesonide that we use from the start called Pulmicort and doctors.

That's an easy prescription covered by insurance and then we had a medicine called colchicine I got medicine that we start we run that through for 30 days each one of these components reduces the risk of hospitalization and death or blood thinning all the patient should receive aspirin, not a baby but a full dose, 325 mg, then patients were heart or lung disease.

Prior cancer all those patients I go ahead put on either Lovenox injections or an oral blood thinning drug called Effexor banner. One of its relatives. So take about 4 to 6 drugs. The package in general, cost less than $40 generic, or they can even use a free coupon to get some of these for limited supply. We go as short as five days in easy cases in seniors people and senior homes.

We may need to go 30 days of treatment and that's what brings patients through the illness of this combination approach reduces hospitalization and death by 85%, and shortens the duration of symptoms and shortens the how contagious someone is so this is really important to get treatment started early. Patients are much like the less likely to spread it to others. Dr. Peter McCullough with us today on the Christian religion. By the way, I know you she just gave a lot of things to do their medications and so forth. If you missed any of that just order a website we have the recording or the audio of this program there right now is the Christian if you need to hear again what he just said in that last answer about treatment protocol. Now what you just said Dr. McCullough doesn't appear to me to be the mainstream recommendations like from the National Institutes of Health you taking things a guy from Acton and so forth.

Why doesn't the mainstream medical community and my doctor found she in the NH and so forth. World Health Organization not mistaken they're not advocating for that treatment protocol.

You just mention why not the National Institutes of Health, CDC and the World Health Organization had two major initiatives one is to reduce the spread of illness by wearing masks and social distance again and locked down and the other has done mass vaccination. So one of those organizations has had much effort at all. Put on treatment notice Jacob Alexie update on the news unit here about any treatments in the hospital or before the hospital since treatment is is really not on the radar screen and makes a lot of sense because these organizations don't treat patients that organizations are treat patients or doctors organizations like APS for instance APS become the leading treatment organization. Having said that, there are treatment guidelines one by the National Institutes of Health, and one by the infectious disease Society of America, and they focus on inpatients so they haven't really started to approach outpatients yet, so the treatment guide you mentioned by APS and based on the manuscripts that we published in the American Journal medicine that really stands to fill the void on how outpatients are treated. I think at some point in time when things settle down the NIH and IDSA will address treatment about patients, but right now is just avoid in their elegant in their public offering and again we have the guide link to our website the Christian, along with other resources on the cover 19 you mention two things in your last answer Dr. McCullough regarding masks and regarding the vaccine are massed in your opinion effective at protecting someone or protecting others from contracting the virus that may be of the vaccine deserves a question of selfless to start with masks well. Keep in mind that despite all the efforts on math hand sanitizer and a viral epidemic looks like it has a mind of its own and so almost paradoxically, in the places that had the most severe lockdowns in the most severe restrictions had the worst overall brunt of coded 19th masks could play a role.

It's pretty clear that rates of influence are way down so that they're doing something doctors and hospitals wearing masks and dental offices, I think it makes center has that we haven't had any major outbreaks among doctors. No major outbreaks in dental offices, no major outbreaks in physical therapy centers and what have you. The major outbreaks of occurred in factories or for some of these other settings, but fortunately the schools have had no major outbreaks as well as the physician offices so I think masks of playable people of properly wear them. I think in medicine.

I know I wear a mask every day thinking medicine will probably gonna be wearing these the rest of our careers are masks the same as treatment.

No and we should never have emphasized masks and deemphasize treatment every time we have a TV segment on masks. I think we should replace that by information on treatment because we have even at our low-level right now.

Still at 45 to 60,000 patients getting sick every day and masks don't help those people. What helps understood knowledge about going to the vaccine's last couple questions for you is the vaccine actually a vaccine or is it as I've heard, a gene therapy technologies make me explain that and then whether you actually recommend people get this vaccine published an op-ed in the hell last summer in the title of a paper was called the great gamble of the coded 19 vaccine and so this is before these were released and before we knew the results of the vaccine trial but it became very clear that in the United States and even worldwide. We put all of our resources into vaccine development and weekly took away resources from treatment so that we have not focused on treating sick patients at all and so there hasn't been really any effort on research and development of oral drugs or other products to help people. This is Bennett a gamble. We took, and in my view, the public health officials in our country and the national tooth out gambled away hundreds of thousands of lives for this vaccine to what we have is we have the messenger RNA vaccines, you will know them by their manufacturers. Pfizer and by an attack make one and then modernity makes the other. The first thing to know about this is that these were developed with government support large amounts of government dollars in the US government through the National Institutes of Health co-owns the patent for the magenta vaccine.

So, US government stakeholders, FDA, NIH, CDC, they have an investment in the vaccine may have an effect to conflict of interest in the vaccine. So I think the public should be aware that the messenger RNA vaccines are manufactured so they are manufactured RNA nucleotide genetic material that is in a liposome development particle surrounded by polyethylene glycol to polyethylene glycol, which used in radiator fluid. So anybody who has a sensitivity to polyethylene glycol those of head, cosmetic injections, etc. they should be wary of the messenger RNA vaccines that these vaccines called for just the spike protein on the virus in the spike proteins a little spiky plastic you'll find the surface of the virus in the virus like a big beach ball. The just culture. The spike protein only the messenger RNA gets injected under your skin and that goes into the cells of your body and then the cells of the body produce the spike protein so your cells are actually trick into producing the spike protein and then your body reacts against the spike protein to produce the immune response both the antibody and cellular immune response. Those that how the messenger RNA vaccines work we've never had messenger RNA vaccines after before in the history of medicine so they are brand-new. The other vaccines on the market. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine that's considered adenoviral vector vaccine so that is a recombinant piece of DNA that put into a known virus that is grown up from human cells and that virus cannot create illness, but it effectively get into your body and then that delivers that DNA that goes into your cells, then your cells transcribed the RNA for the spike protein and again, your bodies temporarily produces by quoting those of vaccines available in the United States so they all work by producing the same spike protein and everybody for a few days and then your body responds to it.

So the first thing you think others will ointment that does not give everybody the exact same immunity. The magistrate is true. Everybody get the vaccine United States and the senses and immune clone of one another and it's different than the natural merely because nationally we've always had a blend of 68 different strains of the virus. So from person-to-person immunity is different and it has heterogeneity. The second thing is natural merely as immunity not only against the spike protein with the nickel of the enzymes that with that envelope so the natural merely is both complete and durable.

There's never been a legitimate second case of covered deck pizza once patients Cover 19 a recovery. They literally can't get it again.

It doesn't matter where masks are not using it.

Nothing else matters. You're completely immune with the vaccine. What we know in the clinical trials is the rates of getting cultivated with placebo or with the vaccine were less than 1% for all the vaccine trials over two months. So that means that you know coded 19 is pretty rare in people who choose the vaccine and has a less than 1% impact. So whether somebody chooses the vaccine are not.

It can have an interest check perceptible impact with very low attack rates less than 1%. That's what we know about the vaccine. Right now, so I make on the beneficial side it's a less than 1% benefit to anybody to begin.

This is not a big deal if you get it or you don't get it on the safety side that the separate issue. Safety there's been many safety concerns that have been raised with the vaccines.

Dr. Peter McCullough's with us today in the Christian worldview. Just the last 60 seconds. What would be your parting thoughts summary thoughts on our conversation today, your your advice to to those listening trying to wade through all the different messaging are constantly hearing from all the different sources.

My main message is that the top priority in this crisis is basic patient. If we focus on sick patients.

That's what the healthcare industry does doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers focus on the sick patient don't get distracted on lockdowns and other social issues and don't get distracted on the taxi focus on sick patients focus on sick patient that will be saved lives and we avoid hospitalization and we do that we able to treat patients at home that we don't spread the infection anymore.

We reduce the infectivity and then patients are delivered to natural merely natural immunity is both complete and durable. We could be filling up football stadiums and basketball stadiums and baseball parks with covert immune people. The clothing recovered patients cannot give it nor receive it are the safest people you can be around discovered recovered patients. Patients who choose the vaccine and the vaccine is fine for those who who wanted take the vaccine is going to have less than a 1% public health impact the vaccine is not 100% protective so patients to get the infection after the vaccine and if they get the infection after vaccine, they have to again.

Think about early treatment to reduce hospitalization will thank you so much, just will have the listeners go read this guide the veterans after doing so.

So thank you again for coming on the Christian worldview and all the best in your practice the Christian worldview returns in just a moment. I struggled with my identity all the way through my life.

Eight years is Laura Jensen, until I found the Lord Jesus Christ is unavoidable legislation. The Texas bathroom now in our school's queen story, even into our churches. Nations were talking about people the proceeding is from in his image. 103 minute documentary film that biblically and compassionately addresses the issue of transgender is in order the DVD for a donation of any amount to the Christian world, 888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 Christian worldview.for one AAA eight 646-2233. The Christian Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world. The first is the Christian worldview, weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday contains of the upcoming radio program along with the need to read articles teacher resources special events in the previous program. Second is the Christian worldview, annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox in November. It contains a year-end letter from host, David.

We had a listing of our store, including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual letter by visiting the Christian worldview.calling one 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be sure. Unsubscribe at any time. Call one AAA 646-2230 or visit the Christian world.thanks for joining us on the Christian worldview. Just a reminder that today's program and pass programs are archived at our website. Christian are also available and be sure to share with others. Now back to today's program with host David. We know again if you missed any of the interview with Dr. Peter McCullough today or you were trying to take some notes with his recommendations for early treatment of covert just got her a website the Christian The interview in its entirety. Is there and now I want to transition over to our conversation with Twyla Bray's who is a registered nurse and the president and founder of citizens, counsel for health freedom. Twyla, thank you for coming on the Christian worldview today. We've watched a really I think it's an important video by a doctor name Ryan Cole out of Idaho. We have this link that the Christian I like to play some of the salient soundbites from this presentation he made in the state of Idaho and then get your follow-up comments. Here's Dr. Cole. Is there a treatment for outpatient hope that is there a treatment you know unfortunately the three letter letter federal government agencies have practiced therapeutic nihilism, apathy, complete apathy. Note if you get sick, go home with her lips turn blue, then go to the hospital. He can't breathe, go to the hospital when in the history of medicine. If we send someone to have pneumonia you're sick enough to be hospitalized in the nice you will give you an antibiotic.

Pneumonia insanity insanity.

We as physicians at collectively lost her medical minds to single can you have an illness that we know stilling people around the world. Why just the homes you do insanity earlier you treat the more complications you can decrease down the road and you know what, there's a treatment. Unfortunately, if there's a treatment for disease. The federal government cannot approve the vaccine by law, by rule, so the NIH who is involved in approving medications that could hold the patent on the vaccine with Madera. If the fox is not guarding the hen house there. I don't know who is not also is insanity to have the government with a private company sending the product that they want to give to everybody what your thoughts on that soundbite. I think it's so important for the public to understand how the color combination works because it's a really clear and it was shown in the U.S. Senate hearing this one diagram said it really simply there's like this early stage where the virus is replicating, or where the virus is vulnerable and where the virus hasn't been a whole lot yet to the body and where there is an opportunity to take action and stop it from getting to the other two stages because the second stage is called the cytokine storm and that's when the body essentially overreacts with their with antibodies and in response to this this overwhelming amount of code 19 and then if you don't catch it then. Then it goes into the into the part where he moved to blood clots, little blood clot all over the body. And of course that just gets in the way of everything that's very dangerous and so this idea of just treating people. This is how it's always been that you know you I think it's a crime against humanity that early treatment has been denied that medications have been banned that doctors tell people just go home and then if you start having trouble breathing compatible. You can start you could not ever gotten to that point where you had trouble breathing and that's what we have to remember this is a very treatable condition, but government has helped to make it very scary. By taking away the actions of early treatment for many, many people that have already died. Let's get to Dr. Ryan Coles back to his presentation where he talks about the importance of having a boosted immune system so you don't get sick in the first place biggest loss message on this entire pandemic is vitamin D. There is no such thing and if I can give one message to all of you for every winter and autumn for the rest of your life. There is no such thing as flu and cold season. There is only low vitamin D season. If one has a level in mid range you cannot develop cytokine storm data shows what kills people, cytokine storm, if you are in middle level range, you will not die from covert because you cannot get a cytokine storm. How do we get the sunshine it was synthesizing through our skin above the 35th parallel in the world or below the 35th parallel for for five months of the year. You cannot synthesize vitamin D through your skin. The older you get, the harder it becomes as well. Vitamin D is critical. Every Idaho and if you do not supplement your vitamin D deficient. Your immune suppressed in the fall and winter. Okay, so he really went into great emphasis about the importance of vitamin D and there are others. I think it's vitamin C, zinc, and a couple other ones of a basic supplements and anyone can get to try to boost your immune system because were so suppressed. If you live in the northern climates were your thoughts on that. Twyla well because I listen to this. What I learned is that he told about the fact that up in the Scandinavian countries.

They actually have about 30 different foods that they increase the vitamin D content just to keep their people's immune response higher and on and so that that shows that there have certainly been other countries that have recognized the value of vitamin D. You know for a long time and it's so inexpensive and it's so easy to do that everybody should be looking at this and we are right now I don't care where we are. I don't care where we are in that call that endemic as he's calling it rather than a pandemic we should all be taking vitamin D and I keeping that in mind for email passed pandemic Twyla brace with us today in the Christian worldview. Talking with the virus in the response. She is the president and founder of citizens, counsel for health freedom CCH is an excellent resource for you sign up for their email alerts there really good. Twyla creates videos and so forth.

Highly recommended you do that. She's also a registered nurse To go from the supplements.

Dr. Ryan Cole was recommending to now something that Dr. McCullough told us earlier in the interview about a drug that's very widespread across the world called Iver Maxton and how it is very helpful if used early on in the treatment of covert years. His message on that answer. An effective prevention and treatment. Iver Maxton, so a lot of you may now or in farm country horse country you give to your dogs or cats here.

Horses and antiparasitic, but it's a molecule. It doesn't read the textbook and secondly kill parasites is a molecule and fascinatingly it works against viruses to not discharge prone virus but a bunch of other viruses as well.

So in August of last year we found out that it killed coronavirus 99.9% in petri dish studies the NIH.

What did they do for reasons already explained the recommended against and they did it on monthly sales instead of human lung cells that overdose would have to be too high for the data. Unfortunately it works it works. So what of the rest of the world do what we said everybody go home. Let your lips turn blue and come to the hospital the rest the world that will try and sort of the rest the world to a lot of trials, billion people on the planet of taking this medication since the 1980s. This medication won the Nobel rise for the discover is that safe it is on the safest and most essential drugs list for billion people have taken it with only one or two deaths out of 4 billion of those people had a genetic disorder super super super safe okay just thinking as I was listening to that Twyla. How often have you heard that message what he just said Dr. Ryan Cole from Idaho about alternate off label treatment center is a drug is designed for something else but still has efficacy against coronavirus and a Dr. McCullough, mentioned earlier, but Iver Maxton. He also mentioned about using it in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory. It's a couple other things. Why isn't that helpful bit of information right there being broadcast far and wide that Iver met in other drugs can help the treatment of covert you have to ask that question because you know you just say that it generates help and it generates help because you realize Megan's 99.9% that it just kills just kills COBIT and as well, even if it killed 95%. You know, you know, there's so much hope in that and somehow the government decided that they had to deprive us all hope. Megan has been considered a miracle drug and the reasons it's a miracle drug is that nobody gets immune to it.

All these things that it does and nobody gets immune to it so you know, there are definitely early treatments and people need to hear about them and and have hope and be cheered. That's what the government wants to happen here is really hard to imagine why they wouldn't want to do that.

There has to be some ulterior motive behind either power control financial something not want to be clear that when we talk when Iver Maxton's other drugs you should definitely check with your own physician. As you might be taking your other medications or might conflict with, and so forth.

So just not taking medical recommendations off the Christian worldview. What is giving you ideas and options that there is treatment out there beyond just waiting at home with you. Get covert to get really sick and then having to go in the house. What you don't want to end up in the hospital. That's the worst place you can end up because that means you've gotten to a point where they may not be able to turn things around for you. Twyla brace with us today on the Christian worldview talking about this presentation by Dr. Ryan Cole in Idaho as a follow-up to our conversation earlier with Dr. Peter McCullough okay now this next soundbite is the one I've been waiting for just about the vaccine because everything you hear. Now Twyla's about the vaccine need to get the vaccine at been vaccinated. It's it's a convert you cicada vaccinated, so therefore I'm safe or I'll never get coronavirus and even home free and this is that the public service announcements that the president administration say everyone saying this, so here's what Dr. Ryan Cole says about the vaccine, by definition, a vaccine historically is giving a protein or an antigen or a part of the pathogen and oral whole kill pathogens injecting a sequence of mRNA into a human being is a medical device. Historically, what were doing right now does not fall under the definition of the vaccine. They shifted the verbiage in some of the Federal Register back in October so they could approve this, so it was us sleight-of-hand to change the verbiage we have right now is an experimental biological gene therapy, immune module with Tory injection we are injecting people with a synthetic sequence of nucleic acid.

We have never done this on a large scale in human history. MRNA trials in mammals have led to on cancers mRNA trials on mammals have led to autoimmune diseases not right away, six, nine, 12 months later so this is what we're doing right now are not approved vaccines and so everybody how you create demand you create scarcity thinking that a shop can get a shot.

Well, it's a beautiful marketing ploy to be able to cash there. There's a low supply said. Everybody wants it now, will everybody may want to but the long-term safety data is not there.

50% of healthcare providers are absolutely not getting this injection and that's the reason we don't trust the date of the Fox part henhouse.

The companies that their own data. There were no independent observer groups looking at the data do the shots decrease the severity of disease and hospitalization will they seem to be, but they don't fall under the definition of creating pure immunity and prevent transmission.

Your immune after injection. Why would you still have to mask and social distance that is an admission that the don't know that it's a vaccine.

And that's an absurdity.

Okay, that was Dr. Ryan Cole talking about the covert vaccine now again before I toss of the Twyla, and I just want to see if you had the vaccine does mean you're going to die is been given to millions of people. It's just there's a question about whether this is a cortical actual vaccine where the long-term effects of it in Twyla, your comment to that vaccine with the company do as they are they the American people are prohibited from selling so they have gotten protection from liability even though it isn't a vaccine and the reason you know it's not a vaccine is because you just have to look at the CDC's definition of a vaccine. So a vaccine provides immunity and have to look at the definition of community mother and 19 means that you prevents you from getting that disease in just prevent symptoms and prevents you from getting the disease and we all know that that is not what this so-called vaccine does what this biologic does, apparently, is to decrease symptoms when you get the disease and so that's why Dr. Fauci said it you know it prevents clinically recognizable disease that would be symptoms clinically recognizable disease and so it's not a vaccine, but the company have been protected because it's being called the vaccine and of course yes, nobody is home free. I just read something recently where it said you not hoping that you you don't have to wear a mask, you still have to wear a mask you have to go will widen what one thing I get because you know if you have a vaccine for You don't get tetanus like you get mild SR my lunch hour meeting like yeah you so get vaccine.

It stops you from getting the condition there's lots of news now about a vaccine passport being required. Like you, you've had the vaccine you get a card and now you can go on airlines, you can go to sporting events or concerts.

Whatever you can kind cortical buy and sell. If you have this this vaccine passport. What is your thoughts. That is not going to happen. This seems to me to be a severe restriction of civil liberty, something that your organization citizens Council for health freedom stands completely against just about the idea of a passport where you can't buy and sell. You can't freely engage in American life, unless you have taken this biologic that that the clinical trials aren't even going to be done until 2023 is also the fact that that is something that could harm so like to think one thing that you can't do and one the things that might happen if you if you decide to do dictate what is necessary so that you can do those things that we would all have to have a passport saying that we had taken the vaccine before we can do anything, go anywhere you like free American is will have to do like that Wisconsin legislators didn't have to take it to court, but hopefully what will happen is that the more bands like in Florida and Texas and hopefully in other states will follow with follow-up with commands against that vaccine passport. We are out of time today in the Christian world view. Thank you for joining us. Until next time, remember Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever. Think biblically live accordingly and stand firm.

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