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September 2, 2021 8:38 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 2, 2021 8:38 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his research, which he will soon compile and share on CARM, related to Covid19 and masks and vaccines.--2- Are the vaccines the mark of the beast---3- How do we know that the Trinity is true---4- Can someone who believes in Oneness theology be saved---5- Is it legal for jobs to require the vaccine---6- What is demonic oppression---7- My job is forcing me to take the vaccine to continue working there. What should I do---8- Are there degrees of punishment-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is it apologetic to research what is found online for you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and August 30, 2021. One more day in this month's millennium flying by. Would you recall all you do is dial 877-207-2276 the last four digits spell see ARM on your dial so 877207 car CAR around the car toward Christian apologetics research ministry okay so I have been doing a lot of research on coated on masks because people are calling me and asking questions and emails and things like that. And so what good document that in word is 14 pages and some tables and I got some stuff and not ready to release yet but I will be probably releasing a single page in the cut-and-paste section on car is full of of some stuff on finding and that give you guys a heads up on what I'm finding and 95 masks work against viruses, they do and 95 masks work with a cloth mask the surgical masks that people wear are basically ineffective. They reduce certain issues but they don't prevent the Lycan and 95 and 95 ready to be if you really want to have prevention serious work.

Also found out, read something which I think is interesting and necessary" is this mythical bit little bit long to administer this from the site and the documentation, the shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe cold with 19 cases by limiting contact with individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease and the general population. High risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to save or green zones established at the household neighborhood camp sector work on community level depending on the context and setting the shielding approach is an ambitious undertaking which may prove effective in preventing covert, 19 infection among high-risk pocket populations. If well-managed, while the premises based on mitigation strategies using united kingdom. There is no empirical evidence whether this approach will increase or decrease, or have no effect on morbidity or mortality during the coven.

I cannot ask what you're talking about is this is what I find. I found a lot of research. I just looked so much.

I finally had the CDC contradicts itself and other who at various groups contradict themselves and each other and when you go to CDC expect to have some good information, we are talking about here is is actually putting people in camps the household isolation, neighborhood isolation or camps of their target moved to the careful, because when people are allowed to be moved to camps, then they become the ones in control of your lives and they decide what's good for you and was good for society as a totalitarianism. And yet at the same time. From the very same article I was reading on CDC site it says that this approach there's no empirical evidence works but yet it's what they want to do it it's it's really interesting and so I'm I'm doing research on on masks and one thing to be hours on Saturday, I will.

I works six days a week and I'm doing research on the different coat of different vaccines with documentation okay and will conduct from original sources and all this kind of stuff and I beg was doing some recoated over here this. I do some research and on sizes of of particles descendent putting them into a table making them making them easily understandable how big things are and how small things in the covert vaccine is .5 to .14 m and a micron is very very small micron socket thousandth of a millimeter.

And so it's extremely small and other things in that range of size are red blood cells, which are about 10 to 40 times bigger than a covert coat. Bacteria slightly smaller than covert and tobacco smoke smoke is smaller than that of Paul and his 7 to 10 m Cal compact powder talcum powder is 10 m, etc. a grain of table salt is 100 m and so the masks the surgical masks in the cloth mask in a cloth mask.

It's pretty much useless for stopping. This is not much protection the end 99 removed 99% of all particles .3 m in diameter and 95. That's the one that's a standard of of of comparison removed 95% of all particles .3 m surgical mask is just moderate protection does not provide much protection against small virus particles. Their site say cloth masks are very low in efficiency does not meet that in 95 qualifications.

Not much protection should be cleaned daily and enters procedures for using extinct.

Did you know that cloth masks there. Finding out the more you handle them without washing them, the dirtier they get in the more harmful if you become and the I also felt stumbled on something that even thought about before. It's called immunities immunity. A deficiency, it turns out, it turns out that you need to be exposed to various germs in order to have a healthy immune system. It's just a normal thing for people. And yes, we know that people dying in and bell curve.

Some never affected. Some are easily affected.

The great majority of people to survive stuff this is just how it is in life and so I thought I saw word here is looking at on my notes. Some of the other issues with masks and things like that. But even so, if you have with them the masks you immunodeficiency so what that is is you don't get exposed to the germs so your body actually stops fighting a lot of germs and so it technically can become weaker and if is a new variant that comes out you be more likely to be affected by it in a more profound way is called immunity deficiency due to all the procedures that are being taken care of that this is a really kinda tough thing to balance because of course you want to know is not People get sick.

I totally agree with but how far you go and where is the balance because it causes immunodeficiency and so I was reading and this is on the site. It's a medical site and in Belgium they didn't experiments and edited analysis of people wearing masks about Southwest for one week, 16% skin problem 7% sinusitis and headaches, fatigue, increase in stress hormones with a negative impact on the immune resilience other systems, they prevented the mirroring of facial expressions potential of leading to significant increase in social psychological stress and behavioral prop problems. They actually had a weakened immune system with an increase in anxiety and depression. This is what they found. So this is why we been forced to wear masks is a question I have if you were mask and 95 is a way to go if you were mask and then it has to be fitted properly and you can only use it once otherwise is contaminated and you get rid of. Why is it the CDC is a wear masks when there is something likely I think cloth mask only 3% effective the 3% effectiveness of the cloth mask and everything forced to wear anyway this is just some of the research that I've discovered and I'm I'm producing it in such a way that it's in outline form. You can go down you can see the areas read the quotes is not superlight, lengthy, each area, but you can read the basics and there are quotes to go back to the original sources and there you go. So I'm I'm doing all kinds of research.

The reason this is because people are asking a lot. Just so you know I'm not against faxing. I think they're great they are. They have helped save countless thousands and thousands of millions of lives. I just have a problem with being forced to take one and having a passport of vaccine passport saying that if you don't have the proper papers you can travel or by itself. This kind of stuff become scary.

This becomes oppressive this become totalitarian authoritarian and it always means the loss of our rights. When the state gains more power. It's always how it is. And so there you go. And right now this is being broadcast on Facebook and on Facebook and is being broadcast on YouTube and about two or three weeks ago, YouTube penalized me for mentioning covert stuff They do that here again and when I do release this article ominous. Spend some time on YouTube going through and quoting showing people the actual quotes in the videos they can see everything with figure 5.

The sensors in the private sector would do the government's job because government is not possible to censor the private sector can censor you if it's not politically correct information. Even if you quote the CDC who you quote official sites arc GIS quotes our world called all of them to get in trouble because now you have to pull the party line you have to go along with it. Folks, we're not talking about this a little bit is because you got understand your Christians. Vaccines are very useful, very good, and it's up to you to decide to undo or not that's between you and got no problem. But the issue becomes when the government starts mandating and telling you what you do with your body. One cents and the hypocrisy when they say we want you to wear masks and will open the borders let people and without mask spreading the cut and look, the country will transport them in the country and that's okay but you citizens you got where there's an inconsistency there's a problem here and his authoritarian control and we need to resist this kind of thing not because we want to like vaccines now, but because we have to resist authoritarianism and it's coming and if you don't agree with me that you're not paying attention to what's happening in our world. It's happening everywhere.

In fact, in Australia they just forced 24,000 children under 18 had the vaccine in at least three of them died on the spot here, but that news too much snapping there forcing people what is going on where our rights to build a site I'll do with my body as I there's a break. The Lord bless you back after I called 07. How are you doing today brother by God's grace is best for sure that great. I appreciate a man I love watching your videos on YouTube and things like that you and I about Trinitarian than and strong Christian by love. In the gospel to people bring it out to them. I have a couple questions or if I may have quickly if I can. First off with the COBIT vaccines I've been at this while preaching the COBIT vaccines are they the mark of the beast. Vaccines are not the mark of the beast is agreements with the antichrist and subject to subjugation subjugation to his system when he takes over. And that's not all that while I was a both that it's spiritual subjugation but also physical and the mark had the right hand there's some debate about who he will be here a month on Carmen's. He seems to be homosexual might be Muslim. Something I'm excited that one that's addressing. And he will probably soon suffer a severe head wound that will be so to speak, resurrected something miraculous can happen with the joint to believe in him right in my second question was beside the night being created. When I do preach the gospel and if it is Christ himself. God and the flashing that the Trinity and all the people told me that it pagan it from the Nicene Creed. You can't trust because the Catholic Church said it was that way. How do we know that Thiede from the Nicene Creed and the Bible that the Trinity, the Trinity, that you and I preach is true that we know that the hottest is when when I debates oneness.

I had to debate recently and I would have a debate on oneness on the second on the October 1 plus Wednesday night as I'm going to be at 9 PM Eastern time in two days, Wednesday, to be the first on October coming out first to be having an open dialogue with much of oneness so just let you know from my calendar on Carmen's Trinity is true and this is what I've been saying to people is the first thing you have to do is define your terms and so what is a Trinity you ask them what it is with this with the Trinity is if they say three goddesses who will I agree with you that's not is not biblical. I'm with you I agree that's not biblical. Three. God is not biblical. And I don't know that because I thought Trinity as I said, I agree with you and are confused but when you mean I agree with you if that's not biblical. We are Trinitarian.

Yes, I am what you said wasn't Trinitarian years was a triad and so you get a correct item politely and one other thing on this is an important point. The doctrine of the Trinity is not arrived at by a single verse is not refuted by stripers.

It's arrived at systematically and I'll say this in the oneness people who can debate me this is what I meant to ask you was a what is that system and it's the system is either valid or invalid. You have to demonstrate that the system the approach is invalid in order for the Trinity not to stand.

The system is very, very, some type is monotheism yeah which is out of Isaiah 43, 44, 45, the father is called God is called God the Holy Spirit called God.

Each has a will each loves each speaks they speak to each other.

These are the exact attributes we would expect of personhood and since they speak to each other. The designation is separate persons. That's it. That's what the Trinity is screaming that told her it's arrived at they have to build a save know all of those points aren't correct, but they are correct right so that's they are correct that I appreciate your time and God bless you brother may God bless you listen and God bless. Okay, give right this get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome is the recording is from the field where where corn corn from their the band corn the band. I'm not sure I set up a little better about that. It could be okay but okay okay you about that okay for them. I love that call before I and the order be what you give the youth I recorded you said it bother you that that one people that believe in the one Dr. they will enter the kingdom of God.

No, so I know I know but I know that you did because the fact that because they believe that their ticket to go to let me make this official and so this is an official statement. I'm going to make this is August 30, 2021 4:26 PM mountain time. If you hold to oneness theology regarding the trip of the denial of the Trinity and you hold to the oneness doctrine of the true denial of the incarnation of the word permanently in flesh and if you require baptism for salvation. And if you require it."" In the name of Jesus.

You cannot be a true Christian and when you die will go to hell because there believing the false God ultimately falls Christ and ultimately from that a false gospel and repent, you will go back to quick of a friend that she worked a woman in Christ.

She works at Walmart and she was told that in October 4, there required everyone to have the vaccination that they will be defended between a day and then anything else will be will be terminated with you suggest for her to do just that. Right of the First Amendment. Have a good habits. I have some notes to find those notes let me see if I can find them here. See see see where soap collecting everything but it's illegal for them to require it, and yeah and there's documentations of federal law that you can can't do that. Let's see the people looking for it. Fascism's Supreme Court. Okay, let's see if I got this okay that's on free speech we have the constitutional right of free speech and I got that and you know what hold on the break. They look for. We have four of them.

I called 8772072577077 talk about theology, Colts, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, salvation Bible verses that recently, so forgive the call 87720726 he still there Nelson alright so let's see I would do is suck. I found articles and I got one specifically buried someplace selected what I just went and searched and I found stuff right away can can you be forced to government or air is force you to take a vaccine just type in can can you be forced to take a vaccine and you will see a government with a start in your website, correct. Not yet. I don't release the information y'all just go to the web and type that in because I still have a lot of information that's been I've gathered from other places. So right now I don't can employers.

Let's see, employee's enforce or force you to take the cold and vaccine right Anders there. It's near some gray areas involved with it and it's so so so. Federal law allows employers to mandate vaccines and some do not exist. There's some gray area in here after work through them to say. Here's how it works but there are laws on the books of Satan know you can't and if there's a thing if the employer forces you to get a vaccine in order to work and then you have an adverse effect are your adversely affected hospitalization. Because of that been there a responsible and reliable, and reliable right and so if they're being forced to take it to work. This is a difficulty what you do. I've only had come coven and fat. In fact, natural communities are 13 times minimum 13 times better than getting a vaccine. That's what the statistics show either documented 13 minimum 13 times better yet they want to force you to get a vaccine which can actually hinder and reduce your overall effectiveness against COBIT and experience of explaining that going to have been learning a lot and learning how to understand it in such a way to put it all into easy understandable stuff finding the right quote takes a lot of time and so this is one of the errors will be getting into is the legality of all of this is what I do and I researched all kind of stuff so far to be one long article of 20 pages of people can just print up, but I may do it in seconds releasing it on a car and then have a downloadable Word document every consist of the list is downloaded and you can also run out right now so there are substances on the can require and submit It is legal ramifications. So I have to balance that out, and all other working on okay okay so give her a couple of days until the damage and associate approved that the root religion Islam really religious life. Why should not hear hear. I got innovation for that because Michelle who she want you can email me or call me and send her the information because this is on my table. I got a lot of information here, and this is on the vaccines. Okay, so did they use abortive cells that the use of boarded cells from abortions to develop the vaccine. The merged IRNA did not.

Pfizer did not and a Johnson & Johnson did so Johnson & Johnson directly used abortive cells towards produce their vaccine.

That to me, that is, Inc. that is horrible if you still want to show something else.

However, modernity and Pfizer used abortive cells in some other lab tests on their vaccines so that it wanted to develop it, but they used it to to test the viability of it in various areas so that's that's horrible. Furthermore furthermore I see the Nuremberg Nuremberg code. People need to read up on the Nuremberg code, Nuremberg, Germany.

Okay. And there are the rules that they came up with about not about the issue of using how to say this, medical research and stuff because the Nazis did a lot of coat a lot of of experimentation on on the Jews and with no anesthesia do surgeries they would inject him with my various things and so they came up in 1947. Not that this is still spiritually authoritative but there are at least 10 things that are there that were used by the different countries that they came up with the safe. This is a standard Reagan use when it comes to this kind of thing. And when you read through it you find out that our own country is violating some of the Nuremberg code.

It's in all the experiment should be so conducted so as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering an injury while experiment should all absolutely no experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori that was beforehand existing reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur, except perhaps in those experiments with the experimental physician also serves as the subject. You can't do anything if you think it might hurt them. The degree of risk taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be thought of as a tough one because there are certain risks that ratio.

Where is acceptable because if you vaccinate 100,000 people in 10 die because of the vaccination, but without it hundred would die. Then the risk is worth it. You see, it's this is a tough one. This wife then all kinds of research to see what what is the benefit. What is this and are finding out that your miss classifying the deaths they been doing misclassification because if they that hospitals were to classify certain things COBIT death to get more money and have the document that I don't have information at the ready before now do my calculation, but he has that send it to if you have any documentation about stuff like this and if you send me a video say you don't take this three-hour video will help you. I just watch it you have to say.

This video will go to one hour 23 minutes to start watching us on this topic. That's where I have to go because I just can't and you and so Here, look at this during the course of the experiment, the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end. If he has reached the physical or mental state were continuing experiment seems to him to be impossible.

You can't harm the patient and yet we have experimental drugs in these vaccines that are being forced on people. That's what Nazis did you how this is serious. Again, I'm not against vaccines. I'm against totalitarianism and how the left you are using it as a means of control of the population because I know that if we can get, but we submit to that control, then we will lose more and more of our rights and with that with. They will then begin to oppress the Christians because the Christians of the one true to say no, our Lordship, the Lord is not the government.

The Lord is Jesus and there's good your problem you so this is what ultimately goes to, I'm just giving people early heads-up.

Okay, okay I will thank you very much appreciate all mixture I'll never know. Horrible day off to call you. You can explain to her all is well and maybe she could give you, you know you can send that information to repeat their about possible you could do they really want appreciate is if they want I can release an early version of it. Just keep modifying the dates have modified it up if they want is if you want to do that just this email me at info with combinatorics, a gift, please route early release the covert information to them to continue to work on and continue to expand okay. They do not have negative outlook, but my with her to get them elected lawyer help in the event that we have the amendment and so they know what the elephant uploaded video that I did get all your uses field materials, human tissue death of the building order to benefit someone else that you and why call 77077) last week are really quite understand the caller called and said that they had been. That way a non-I think I'm getting is like a non-Eric. Or maybe like a not a Bible believing correct my thinking hand that he couldn't go back there and back at and found no analysis and or to a thing that I could cure don't remember that I can elaborate on that specifically. But the idea of going to a false church. They teach false things like for example Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism. If you go to a place that teaches a false gospel false Christ and false god, or any combination of those things or advocates praying to dead people are doing big things of God. These are all occult practices and false doctrines and ultimately they can open up to demonic oppression because the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but his powers and principalities of darkness. Ephesians 612, so good. Be very aware that everything that were doing a special consequence to be freight autonomous no greater see this in you than he is and is in the world. But the thing is that these kind of things can be adores for for demonic oppression you give me like an example Blake and Monica would look like sure are what they like. Sure, there are different forms of with it that manifests a different kind of people. Irritability, the, the desire for things of darkness like symbols of the Colts satanic symbols desiring to work with Ouija boards, New Age movement sances, meditation on objects. These are the kind of things that open doors and the people who are exposed to them, often become hostile to the things of the Lord Jesus.

This is one of the things to watch for ability though what about like like like an overwhelming fear that don't you with that being shredded Over demonic upright manner could be the that none of Cindy. It could be could not be used depends giving honestly have had food or in whatever but sometimes it can be a bully had to be careful not look for deals behind every tree so of the sink so many things it can be in and takes work and practice discernment in the list wasn't really in all spiritual, not the people talking about things like for the first ado was able to get enough sleep. Are you eating right now on any medications.

Have you had an injury or sickness recently. I asked the things not natural causes first and if the natural causes don't seem to be the reason for whatever they're experiencing. Then we look at spiritual causes look for doors. Doors are art like you have a neighbor whose prayer who's a witch praying against you color you have somebody who's given you an instrument or an object that they have specifically prayed over to bring stuff in your house people if she don't, and sometimes people might inadvertently go to a museum, a place to store whatever it is the country and by objects that are made for the purpose of pagan worship and they look pretty. So people buy them and bring them home and so these are potentials for opening doors. Okay and beaming that had been found to believing in Christ, that we see attachments what it means to attach but I know what you're saying and can they focus on the on certain individuals. Of course, take and the more Christian opens himself or herself up to bad things.

The bigger the door opens up for oppression within sometimes you can be oppressed because you're moving towards God. Do not do anything wrong.

It is becoming stronger in the Lord and the demonic forces don't want this. And so they attack and you I never once, never forget this had several expressions my life demonic things in this way. I don't know if it was or wasn't what I did a lot of research on Wicca and I ordered some books on Wicca, which is a form of witchcraft occult and I got the books and is a box full of books do a lot of research and I prayed over them and bind any demonic forces associated with them as written by demonic inspired authors.

And so that night I had one of the worst nightmares I'd ever had in my entire life and then two days later I'm driving on the freeway. My right rear tire. My car explodes and I dictated on the freeway is up in two days after that is out in the river. I'm a very good swimmer and on the Boise Idaho Boise River. I got ejected from the raft and landed in the middle of the river on the only place with the rocks in the middle River just underneath the surface, broke a lot of stock up.

I was in limbs for two months and to me weeks to recover the missing things happen you try and and roach demonic issues like I do all the time and so is if you see me in all in real life. That's why look way you can tell that the so this would have yeah well that like pretty well for me and thought then and it kinda wanted more.

More details on last week when a caller called in and I did a really quite Everything on but that really help. Thank you, when you're welcome. Will got blessings thing okay alright let's get to Michael from Utah hi Michael, welcome your dear they think everything Michael met the man you by where the government contractor got an email today that we have yeah either back fully vaccinated or bring in the negative COBIT test twice a week.

Continue working to get a class-action lawsuit against various groups of do this is my opinion and forcing you to take an experimental medicine in order to work in one of things I would entertain doing is contacting a lawyer in which some lawyer listening who knows about stuff would help out and in and say that if I take the vaccine at your demand. In order for me to work, which was not required when I've signed up here to work that if I do take it there's any side effects you pay all the medical bills because they're the ones forcing.

I think this needs to be something that is yet to do. I'm in a better state than most in the sense that I just living on the Internet. I want to be vaccinated. If I were in that position. I thought, I think a call a lawyer me just means it will connect you know or I'd say on the phone that her job or whatever, they're here in Idaho. Nurses are art signal and Dr. Singh. A lot of things note were not events. They didn't trust and there's so much information out there, and yet why are corporations forcing employers to do this.

Here's the thing I used to work at a hospital emergency room room registering people and also to transport and they required that I get a tetanus shot things to this and something else in order to work there. I agreed okay no problem because I was to work there because of fear of exposure to a lot of germs and so that's fine and that was in order to work there is fine and so I did. But even if it is you have to get a shot in a flu shot here. This is been tried and tested it go okay problem with the idea of taking something that's experimental that has deleterious effects that makes me nervous and I will be forced so they know it, but what about been approved by the FDA got through the whole process is what I write. I would be researching that in the procedures for arriving and emergency declaration. So one of the vaccines has been approved, but the approval was rushed through and there's some violations of households would been done is done is a TB test. I did take for tuberculosis and I was exposed to Michael's spinal meningitis also loves her work in the hospital to translate and spent English to Spanish first patient but one of my finally exposes stuff on the IK all things take stuff is going to stop me from from the fact that the problem with that. I just will take an experimental of the doctors." You take this knowledge been some problems reported and people have died from it and people had heart problems from it wont take this, but no, we can't work your okay see by the filer for the SA graph. No, I don't have that you don't. Here's the thing is that I need to talk to lawyers about this and I put in the idea of 10 hours of research from one page of writing is about how it works. After read and read lots I can. I can understand you can't break it down very easily without it it's a lot of work sometimes. Sometimes the quotes are huge and if you don't read the context beyond it. You can't make sense of it.

I have to bill to provide stuff for people like all quick and slick. They had to build to see it. It has to be accurate.

The documentation is going to be provided as a balanced and organized. And this is a very difficult thing to do.

What I'm working on it so I'm trying I just want people to give informed us what I do with the with the website you know on theological issues, secular issues and things like that so there's blood clots.

Your blessing okay alright let's get to general from North Carolina. Gerald welcome so and I will start printing out now this a couple times in Revelation 14 and 15 that talks about those that are washed by the blood flow to get into the new Jerusalem access to the tree of life. As soon as a good thing.

Dogs and sorcerers and their moral persons and murderers and idolaters, and everyone loves a product line or camp without. I was always under the impression it does. The ones that were committed to the like our and the new heavens and new earth would leave without centers. With all of its true and you have is will do without centers and those who are rejected will end up in the lake of fire is cast out into outer darkness and they aren't mutually exclusive.

Those are the things that will happen to the unbelievers. I wondered if this was something that there were a degree as a punishment. Where maybe is a playfully came out of the tribulation and survived because, well not count Revelation you call to sorry but that started on a call back tomorrow and pay out my phone was another program powered by the Truth Network

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