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October 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is it right to apply for a religious exemption to not have to take the vaccine---2- Matt explains why he will not take the covid vaccine.--3- Is it harmful to keep getting tested for Covid---4- A caller shared her relative's side affects from the vaccine.--5- A caller wanted to further discuss Covid, the vaccines and the role of women in the Bible and the place of women in the church.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research was found alive at the board you have questions of our Bible doctrines as a Matt slick why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick run when welcome to the Matt slick call was dialing 772-072-2760.

Please give me a call. One of the lines right now. If you're new to the show Netflix my real name and enema Christian apologist to defend the Christian faith. This shows bel canto topics in the Lord Jesus Christ expands everywhere in every topic means government medicines theology churches family and everything works with Jesus Christ to promote and hopefully it's what you affirm as well a lot of theology out there. Everything is theological for the atheists.

That's not a topic that a lot of Christians who think they know stuff and a lot of them do a lot of don't. And so, in their ignorance those who don't know much. They listen to false teachers and they join things like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses and the joint Roman Catholic Church. They put tradition in man's ideals above the word of God. This happens a lot is why Jesus says if you find salvation.

Matthew seven he talks about himself. There you go. We have the lines give me a call 877-207-2276 is a jump on the line get the cliff from Florida to Cliff welcome your on your Google right now and hang in there. We got buddy, grab the directive of a vaccine mandate in a couple months so I was wondering, I think, are you talking about that letter written out like related.

I'm working on. That's next just released today an article called aborted human cells, biblical ethics, the Nuremberg code and code and vaccines and what I do document that the vehicle would vaccines have used human aborted fetal cells, and this is it is a violation of of my Christian conscience if I ever had a job I had to apply for religious exemption. I can prove it to me. I guess I will hundred 47 million visitors. You know, radio decades, apologetics so this is a legitimate thing for me but a lot of people don't have that history. But here's the thing is if you apply for religious exemption.

They have to want to demonstrate that your you have a sincerely held belief. This is what's problematic is because the secularists then become the one to judge your spirituality and this is that's a lot of problems I've been reading through some of the stuff that I need a release and the Roxy warnings against companies by governmental officials and legal officials and you be careful how you judge someone's religious belief because they can.

Can we catch up and so this this is part of the issue and I was also just looking for the radio show document how legal it was or what is reading through about that you can give it to a known employer and they had to sign that they recognize that there are risks to the code vaccine and that at their urging that if you take it because of what they want that they then will foot the bill for any deleterious effects occur.

So this is what I'm working on. Limit tell you that you know, I know that a lot of people out there are in bad situations and that they have a family to take care of and he can lose her job if you don't get the jab and I can sit here and say hey you know you do enjoy doing and do or don't. And I will take it because of of religious conviction's trust. I'm literally doing research study on the deleterious effects the hidden harmful effects putting links up putting everything up and interact. So if wells have very very silly stuff stuff in my head yes I'll be working on it and I do want to release under debate on Friday night. I have to be in a good teacher Bible study tomorrow night to prep for both while I'm researching the covert stuff so it is a serious issue and the young one on one on Marlin yes it is Marlin he's awesome.

I love Alan and he is special really good taste and friends especially when it comes to being on punishment. That's all he's good guy. That way that's not debating a Unitarian and seaboard exchanged opening statements were just primitive done that with any opponent. But then I got a debate with the severely debate with letter guy I just got stuff going on sweetly back this. I know that a lot of yeah he's a Muslim. I know that a lot of people are. You might think think that I don't have to take any risks because I work at home and supported by donations well tell you over the years I have taken risks. I have done things that have cost me a great deal.

I got stories stories of of losing losing my employment because of it. Of the ethical decision I had to make and it cost me for years so I know what it is and we all have to make those decisions on her own but is for Christians read this I wrote this article and released it today is in preparation for the articles, the biblical ethics are there, the documentation for the medical testing and development of the vaccines used human aborted cells and I'm trying to send to the Nuremberg trials because Nazi Germany's Nazis in Germany during World War II, which when they were socialists logical don't know that the NAFTA party was a socialist party. They were socialist.

That's what socialism will get there anyway all below the cargo.

That's okay.

And so the the Nazis were saying that they were just doing what they were told and that they were trying to benefit other people to the experimentation of a few, and so what right did anybody have, to try them.

The Nuremberg code is what was developed and I have listed the thing out in the latest article will put a ring on it anyway you to tough what. So I'm just telling you about going out there. I'm not negative regarding and I make really good money really really good money but I'll walk away from it. If they're going to force me to figure vaccine are not my related exemption wanted to guy got me to doubt anywhere that I don't have a habitable unit is what it is by me another guy. But maybe, maybe I'll be on this.

I'm okay with it. That's their that's a lot of face and sometimes it does cost us a great deal. I've done it has caused a great deal to about 20 years to fully recover from seriously and we can do before the Lord, so that your decision to praise God you go through it prayerfully and witness on the way out and I will be working on the risks of the vaccines and the religious exemption issues so that if you don't have a religious exemption you can say these are the risks that are that of reported what that and do you want to to be responsible for the green house of it, where we be liable.

That's right word course I don't want to be liable and I don't want to go because I don't want to take to coming as was aborted baby cells for my benefit. I don't want to Agri Mayor 100. Right.

Well, you let me know what happens. Cliff and I admire you and respect you for that decision and the it may cost you and I've been there decisions that we stick with the cutting want to honor God can cost us.

That's as part of what my figures in Great American letter so about another thing we're going to give out. Boy, he must not listen much and try to gather if I have any wisdom or knowledge is only by the grace of God. That's all.

So he gets all glory is accurate right I may have a good day about Laura Miller, Douglas all right I was Cliff from Florida.

We have nobody waiting right now if you want him to call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 if any of you are out there and you have information legal information whatever information might be about religious exemption and or liability that the employers can must undertake. If you get forced to take a vaccine then send it to me at and I have in my emails I've been emailing people who have been sending it to me as I get in I look at your material. I to say thank you. I just emailed back and what I'm doing under the covens section on my my email. I have folders, subfolders, cultlike control's Ouchi masks mRNA oppression religious exemption resources and info testing methods vaccine alternatives vaccine dangers and effects vaccine passports and vaccines in aborted fetal cells and so I'm I take what people have given me and I put them into other areas, and then I go through those areas. As I write articles and I write people back and say hey thanks thanks for send me the information so this is a team effort folks and putting information up on car network CRM.RG/coded and stuffed out to tell you I am not against vaccines. I have no problem with them. My children and been vaccinated.

I've been vaccinated, not for the covert stuff but I don't trust my opinion, this is me don't use my opinion as legal advice or make your decisions. I've a disclaimer on car about this.

This is my own own opinion is that I don't trust the vaccine I've seen too many stories and too many accounts of serious problems happening to people and I just don't trust and I don't trust and I don't want to take vaccines that have been developed through abortive work.

I've written a lot against abortion, and psych.

These two reasons I do not want to take a vaccine that will be forced to take it and the next back to the third reason is really simple. The government doesn't have the right to tell me what I have to put in my body and punish me if I don't. This is mostly a free country and with the rise of the idiocy of socialism and political correctness and the woke wacko crud that's going on in the lack of clear thought. Then I just don't trust what's going on and I don't and it is one of the primary reasons I don't trust this issue about covert. Our government is trying to force people to get vaccinated for their own protection. Protection of others, and the same government opens the borders of on the south, having tons thousands thousands of thousands of thousands of illegal aliens come in unvaccinated in a distributive country if it's really health issue.

Why are they so would consist of why the hypocrisy judgment.

I don't all right for lines 87776 max Y call 77077 back to the show 20. McCall, Inc. 772072276 I believe it or not it worked. We got the vaccine issues waiting to talk about but I'm a theologian and answer questions on theology. The Bible calls all kinds of stocks as we really do. For those of you might do listening and we could of those things as well. All right doing rated for 17 years.

Almost 17 years and don't love and all that. All right, let's get to Greg Greg North Carolina.

Luckily on your well active question about that picture maybe take the back pain.

There saying that we are. If you don't have anything you want to wait.

I've heard that the cause damages asked about how we use their work.

They don't know yet exactly what I do lastly thought about this not know what you heard on the bars that go will actually just gave me an idea and then note you one thing for an article that said testing requirements. Next, check this out because some 13 times better natural immunity in the vaccine so it would make sense that if you can demonstrate that you have the the antibodies then you are already immune and you have a better thing than the vaccine. All auditing think about the antibodies that I want to forget do that I would be a good idea to go. I don't think they would work like a baby get abated.

Antibodies they got not that the inmate becomes an exposed covert. I've been fairly loud and I haven't got it though.

I don't know what the deal with that name… I've got it or what the deal, sure, I'm with you and this is used.

Use keeping a different article.

Somebody write this down and writing an article you know something that can be presented to the employers if you get to make sense to get tested and you have the antibodies you don't need to vaccine because your 13 times more immune than the vaccine would give you why get to get the vaccine and is proof that your immune and United transmitter so that claim is absolutely it's almost like it.I want to get people to give you and I like it like there's some kind of thought of people on the vaccine are Damon or something will seat me tell you this is I did work on this article as well and has to do with control and I've seen a relationship between what they're doing with the covert thing in the cults because the Colts have died but by been calling masks on control markers of the calling them that for year-over-year.

Okay and am there's a I also have to do research. Read some articles and while back when people get empower their brain actually physiologically changes the brain state changes and so this causes them to become a little bit well in love with power and they don't think clearly and so I think listening to all this because I've seen Colts not been doing cult work for over 40 years and I have seen people in cultlike Mormons. Job's witnesses, Islam Catholicism, it's never an issue of truth. It's always an issue of the power or the thing above them, to which they submit. It's always the case. They never look at facts, they never look at the real truth, the ultimate standard being God. They always look to their church there something there leader and they submit that because it's it's easier and is less responsibility on your own. They trust others.

This is where the danger comes out in the same kind of things occurring here with the covert stuff people are doing her homework and I am in the more I do the less I want that vaccine and I have vaccine. I've been vaccinated, but I'm not against him. I just don't trust this so anyway I are going to try to get vaccinated. First, this guy that works on me up or because we were early, early vaccinated people of high risk area but and and I went to the drugstore to get your not with the though I'm a good that it had to drive like mouth about what a lot of people did.

But then, then their jobs and jobs… Back to only one shot and then the day before I was going to get vaccine that you get all that this committee and that I wanted and I do not want to get vaccinated, but I was get back in the galaxy is also finding out. I just found out today that that's third medically speaking, the third most ranked killer is Dr. error and less than 1% of the proper coping deleterious effects side effects are reported, and with the covert vaccines less than 1% of the documentation assesses and were here and more more stories and it's if it's less than 100%.

That means all kinds of people having problems and I should Bible study week and I talked some people and they were telling me some of the stories that they've heard of the France they seen they they want nothing to do with it why we think to take this when when it's just not working and I got information on the 1976 the flu effort was when it was when the vaccine was was introduced. There were 25 deaths.

They took it off the market. This depth were done. And yet we have set out hundreds and hundreds of thousands of deaths related to this and keep it going and they say you have to take it or you lose your job. What I heck is going on. Well, it's in control with the leftists to the Democrat model in the rhino model of socialism and Marxism to be in control of population that they can get you to wear masks and be forced vaccinated. Keep your livelihood they can get to do most anything like Marty speculated that the prelude to the beast one world government be the strongest beat yet. I can try to get people out program to be see how it goes and finds.

It is about you, but if you have a college presented by the remnant God bless all right is good to Rose Rosie from Iowa Rosie welcome gondolier Gregory is right.

Unfortunately, non-Dr. Gilliam break from back pain. I would love to get a break break hold on get back you'll hear we have a say they fellowship to a blind one to give me a call 77207276 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg look back aboard 772-0776. Back I may enter. He laughed at the January when it first started out Gilliam Barre and quickly ended up with what Barre Brady Ranch work is down, and when you were looking to find neurological problem that happened we don't know why some people are more prone to a basically start with some paralysis going beat usually goes from light up our complete paralysis and some people I'm likely to went live and even told her I think I might have to be integrated A Lot More Trouble Breathing and Ending the Situation Re-Small Children and Was in Today Convert It into the 50 You Put into Your Throat Locality Brain Because She Was Completely Paralyzed.

She Couldn't Bring Couldn't Talk Could Move in at All Because of It Happened When You Were Talking about Doing Some Research on the Plane Flew underneath, and with That, like When We Talk Pretty Commonly Were Not, but It Is More Common Than People Know about and Read Another Article about It Who Had and Didn't Realize but What Actually Went to the Foot Doctor Because He Hundred Eight Were Tingling from from Some Reason He Said You Had Galaxy Andre and You Should Have Gotten No Good for That One Big Problem with Effecting It for One Think You Are Going to the Drugstore and Get Who Knows Nothing about You Know People Going to Their Own Vision.

For One Thing in Tradable Cognitive Treatment.

We Can Treat Their Communal Improvement Clerk.

Anything That Can Help. It Also Doesn't Have the Death Rate at All. Dr. You Know Any Other Kind of Click Reading and She Was Injured by the Vaccine. With Three Kids, Family, Take Care Of the Children and Everything Thinking with Hospital or Not Lock Talk Everything I Can See Jeff Now Back at Work after Almost October and Will Never Again like Early and Things like That and It Me It's Just like They Don't about the Risk When You Hear Me People Arguing Greatly White on the Radio and You Will Speak for People Who Who Need to Hear.

There Are Great Acting and Talking People Are Getting Angry and Saying You Know I Am Everybody Came Vaccinated. You Know You're Going to Take the Vaccine and You Shouldn't Blindly Trust the Thing Reported Financially, Politically, That Made into Feta.

I'm about to Let That There Is A Lot Of Other Information and I Will. We Are Having an Informed Choice Conference November 13, Which People like Delta Entry Hurt Him That He Get A Lot Of Research on That Because It Not Disrespecting.

For Example, I Have Two Grandchildren That Had Been Idling Back after Them I Have Is What I Suspect Is for You Vaccines and behind Vespers and I Think It Probably Is Because I'm Not the Thing That They Put in the Vaccine for Cause Them to React like Mercury and Aluminum That They Are Putting in Banking That They Can't Make One Hour or Less Old Because They Give Them Baby When Their Appetite Is As Vaccines Well A Lot Of Are from Poor Family and They May Never Get Medical Care, but I Feel like I Think Will to Think about the Current Mayor of the Eight Possibly Even Be Impacted If Not Working or Not. They Don't Have Unity and You're Not Sure I Trust You Very Working to Help the More Likely, Though It Is Not. I Just Don't Know at All. I Think Don't Even Know That Their Baby Back No Getting out.

Brandon Newborn, or Even a Three-month-old Starting without Affecting How You Know What Their Mental Become a Baseline Online from Called the Most Dangerous Affecting You Should Look at That. I Think It's about the Small and Why They Gave It Some Big News Anchor Article about Anyways Yeah I'm Pretty Passionate about about the Idea That We They Can Say What They Want to Specifically Come. You Can Buy the and the Coded Online for about $10 Bill Forever. If I'm I Was Called, or Something.

I Just Bought It for Example My Own Experience I Had Coded. I Don't Know If I Have and I Might Neighbor Also Had She Went Henry and I Checked, the Friend I Father Went with Her yet Fully Vaccinated Body and Mary Were Hearing over and over Night in Preventing What It Get Cold. Were Going to Get Were Going to Get the There Are There That Will I've Had in My Life Had Recently with the Community Debt Community Debt That so Wanted to Write about This. More Research on but There's Mathematical Models That Have Been Used To Expect You to Deal with It, but He Would Limit Get This Illustration for Those People out There. You Have 100 German Units You Got Asked Me to Get Exposed to Every Year to Say 100 Units Normal Society Normal Everything You Put Masks on and He Starts a Social Distance and You'll Get Exposed to 90 of Those Units That Means Retail Units out There Not Exposed to Will to Do This Another Year Answering Other Attend Unit. So Theoretically You You're Only Exposed to 80%.

There's a 20% Deficit Now That's in the Community That When Something Comes along That Might Be Just a Little Bit Stronger in That 20% Range of Infections Can Come through and Devastate a Population It's Called Immunity I Now Tell Where Were You When You Yeah Because I Mean If You Could Slip Spray Paint and Have a Pretty Big Molecule Pirate Clock Is Generally Three Class Masterly 3% Effective the Surgical Master the Best 47% Effective and You Have To Have Certain Feet Sitting If You Touch the Surgical Mask out with Your Hands. It's Compromising to Get Rid of. It's Just Ridiculous. I Just Would Have a Little You Know Thinking 95 It Right on the Will Not Prevent Viral Infection When You're in a Situation Where You Know You Got like Ebola, Whatever They May Think We Had Were like Poppers and You Know Complete Dark All the Way down to Our Feet Help You Find That's Right I'm Very Glad You're Right in That Year, You Know That You're Putting Together Some Information That People Can Go to and down and See the Lame, They Are Being Told like Not Doing As Much Documentation As He Possibly Could Find It's Not Just Me, As Others Were Fine A.M. Working Well with Medical Rose Guidelines. They Voted Right Back out His Messages That I Call 770727 Well, That Was Dave from Selleck City Was Waiting There. Talk about Jeremiah 2911, Which Is Open Get to and a Well-Known Verse.

A Lot Of People Have Misused This, and I Really Quickly.

It Says, for I Know the Plans I Have for You Declares the Lord, Plans for Welfare and Offer Calamity Give You a Future and Hope. A Lot Of People Take This Verse Out Of Context Apply to Themselves Right Now and Say This Week I Was Saying to Me. Nope, It Was What He Was Saying to the Exiles of Israel in a Certain Context or That's What It Was Not Doesn't Apply to Us through the Contact to Find out That Your Own Homework to Do. Jeremiah 2911. Okay, Let's See, Let's Get to All of Me Oliver for Listening Called Back All Right We Can Talk about People Who Struggle with Her Faith Because Is a Serious Issue and I Would Love to Be Able to Discuss It. Let's Fourth and Wants You to Call 87720722764, to Be Called by the Way, If You Have Anecdotal Stories about Some Failures That Vaccinated Paralysis.

Whatever This Send Them to Me at and you can please include you give permission for me to reproduce it and whether or not it can use your name and if not just you don't, I won't make me not to get out anybody animal to keep the stuff under a secure vaulted password area so that the only way to get to it will be through touch password. I have a volt system.

I just don't want anybody. You know, been compromised well all right give me call lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to and from North Carolina and welcome your earlier hi Mike, know that that check and write about it. The long held 2008 had a lot but I had a green know the everyday that has every man I viral uses a juicer to use a juicer or Oreo okay and I put everything properly. I got like and and a lot you not getting that bad and it felt great. They lay I don't trust the government five. Second, throw them, you know, I just think they could get at the bottom finish deal… My humble opinion, but it you know that I had neck pain. You know century the years that I I agree with you I think that is that that yeah I do the best I can but I know I you and that way and let it like I got like when I met Bennett, but also simple things. I was told by family member that her pulmonologist like that Blair, I don't not part of the company or anything but nasal and health very very helpful is the nasal system is a filter when I go to a dusty area whenever I close my mouth and I read through my nose (because it's a filter was supposed to be now you like I better check your network.

I unite and edit the protected and maybe an earlier date that might help at all and in her email arena. You have people that had stroke literally died inside the thing happening now and that dropping like a high enough. I again named NetWare and suddenly we I think that the part of that that have been shielded from a Dane then fell on but I combination I hate judgment and you know you find bodily insanity and oppression. Well, it's not like the other thing that Lisa Neil Beitler that I don't trust what they have. You now anyway, I released yesterday I released two days ago of vaccine development stages and it's really easy article, but a preclinical stage of excellent vaccination takes 18 to 30 months but in emergency zero months in phase 1 takes more than 30 months in classical development with covert it took six months in phase 2 of the classical 32 months in phase 2 with the covert stuff was six months and get this thousands of clinical trials with rerun over 30 month. And yet thousand clinical trials over zero months. How do you do that.

It goes on like this. This is how you can't trust. I trust Al a lot of like you're getting as well you're doing well and that but we have to get the word out. Stop looking at it motivated failure year. You know you not you. It's gotten so well.

They had me now that they really need late, but government you now allowing thousand of the legal in the country with that either.

Nothing against immigrants, you know, I know you know that. But now, but that no boundaries are.

I know that doing it get better right terrible danger every every which way. So I'm my know they're fairly new communicate and I waive any and I chat with all family. I love it here. I am determined I got great and doing all the right stuff and taking that pain can be Elderberry easy and I'm determined to be one who has not to take the vaccine managed by the thought I had now just so I again I applied you a one and turned the women I'm not not allow the nation but God and why one man of God and being the man at the church tonight, but I would bet that women in the church. It occurred to me that Jesus, he sent Mary tell the disciples had been you know which. I love that as a woman I well email evangelist because after you know everything down and they all came back, I think there is a play and all that I think is late women and the Lord that II know you are trying to understand that I did not know this, with the women in the Bible.

Once you caught on Jesus was first and there is soon out did things first two men are kind of slow starters in some areas, but once they get going get out of the way and that's yeah I'm good at breaking things moving forward. Thank you liberation God, pray for me because I'm getting more more worried of what I'm I'm doing is getting caused some negative things already. People said to do videos about me about it now and stuff and enters their yes you call me dangerous misinformation and yet provide as much absolute documentation as I can. And yet I'm being attacked, not just what it is not how desperate our and other stuff. Salsa support was going on where God I pray not having with the blood of the right now is that not not not only that I believe that no bond again. No weapon at any local or actual weapon napping. You will survive and thrive in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus right God bless. Okay folks, you know, she reminded me of something illegal because we got about a minute and 1/2 left. This is not anybody's paying me for this or anything. One of things I will do as so I take your vitamin C every now for little run down my body's fighting something. This is just me. I found it works for me and the guy who turned me onto it said take equal amounts of pure vitamin C and baking soda, 20 were to get the stuff you suck and just mixing together with the physical what is intricate and every time except for once, I would list for 10 years now every time I feel better within two hours notice a significant improvement in I did it recently in any rate you my wife and I both use this and you can go to herb stored and is called vitamin C as ascorbic acid did not pay for me for this are not doing you not get nothing out of it. I just believe in using vitamin C and stuff like that. It's really helped me a lot. Herb store GRP store Check it out and again all of them were saying, but covert. You know, this is just information entertainments, and you were to make decisions about things. More research I've done, the more information I release and trying to get as much as I can out there that's documented so that people can resist. Ultimately, I suspect that this is something that that the enemy, the gospel is using to control people. I'm not against vaccines at all get vaccinated. That's what you want to do between you and God in your own decision and I don't want take it and I resist for being forced to and that's what's going on and if the government is really concerned about the welfare of its members. Why is it opening up the borders illegally against the law's letter is as they say why go by his grace back on her tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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