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WED HOUR 2 122921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 29, 2021 11:58 pm

WED HOUR 2 122921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 29, 2021 11:58 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR] and we had was Wendy Wilson from Chi is the apothecary girls would eventually smart and were good. Glad to have her here tonight and out because she's got this this booklet is catalogued that she has and the next will still have my picture in it for then I hear the you might put Joe's picture in it to us and on their local.

Maybe we could do a before and after picture before we took the orbs of them. After an end and you can if you put Joan Eisner and I won't say who will be all right there you go.

We bitterly with Malone there, but it this is a dynamite waxy you got some pictures of some pretty girls in their 010 young sweet young lady. I'm glad that the Joe Biden couldn't get a whole or the reason on her hair. Yeah then you got your picture in their and there you go Karen Meyer. You know I was in danger. I told you some years ago I chased him down the hallway of the Russell building but I didn't really know how we could've had the opportunity to sniff my hair before even seen it, but he did, but don't think I would want to little figurative start why more here than to but that I do not really hunker so yeah yeah I chased him down the hallway of the loan Russell building because he came out and we got talking about pro-life Lisa. We know not everybody is pro-life. I think God is that is that your pro-lifer your low life in them.

We got it started this agreement likely not know he took off running and I chased him but he outran me but anyhow he was a lot skinnier than me know.

We got let Wendy pick up what you left off. While I was reading on that fluently that the whole thing was started by the military being inoculated and then everything over three and it spread their and scared and then they started inoculating out at the garden.

Yeah you know what they want to do nothing about this woman just the other day, China unveiled three brand spanking new huge battleships. They have such a training program disciplinary same thing with Russia building of the military and was having fact we we did that article last night. Joe from the Chinese were talking about how they were that the military here. There are people there people here were helping to kill off our military to kill off our soldiers. We did that last night and they are there, they just laid there discharging soldiers who will not take the poison and they are helping the red Chinese kill off our soldiers by the boys and spoke and I've known a number of them already and you know what these young guys are so just and asked for they wanted the little paper that we been weakly set out the religious exemption paper and to go in and the ones that could not get that religious exemption.

They got the poisonous poke every one of them got to: everyone, but probably the white curtain director of Army Bernard airport flight surgeon or doctor was talking about all of the pilots were starting to have heart attacks after taking the vaccine. Having heart problems and she wanted underground all the pilots took vaccines and she got relieved of her position in shuffled off someplace else and told her to keep her mouth shut, but we got that story out for we know that there were worried about the ability of the pilots to be on flight 30 and think about that.

Our front line defense are the fighter pilots would get up there. The first line to attack the enemy forces and if they are in danger. These healthy super strict pilots are having heart problems. So what does that say for the rest of the military Navy airport in all Army, Coast Guard, be a long-term problem that will be years before we know how bad it how much damages been done yet. You are not telling you how many of the military pilots have died telling you they're only talking about the so we have no idea of keeping the client here now. I got dinner last night, we told you about the protest that they were having that they did have it well worldwide with here in Cleveland they had a protest and they protested the Lucca restaurants because they issued a mandate that you had to have fax ID showing that you had taken the poison to come into the restaurants will tonight there was a big protest out there at the corner of West sixth and St. Clair and here, here they I guess it will be just read what I did just text in the protest went very well at the restaurant. People think this would be in there and we got a lot of beeps. We had some that yelled at us as they walked into the restaurant showing the papers, just like in Nazi Germany have some like to say how good the food is it said was happening.

It will be at most it'll be at most art restaurants. Let me see. Okay, I think soon is a very weird feeling. Just to have people look at you as crash will hear the mindset of these idiots they don't understand they have to show this. This is tyranny is to know what it is it stupidity it is stupidity. You know it's unbelievable there given in. I would just well. Wendy and Joe Tommy, can you believe how quickly people bought this how quickly they fell for this no longer want to go. I used to have faith in the American people that there were smart enough to catch on. I've been on the radio giving warnings for so many greater part of our lives and only a very small handful people really could hear and understand and heeded the warning now, I'm not surprised anymore how easy easy.

They succumb to the lives they wanted totally local governments. This is what the government said they're going to save me and Megan brought up in the public pool system to believe the government and else will you yeah again they have been like they were saying they'll fill the fall for. Remember what remember what I just read yesterday, I had read this and when to get in here but let me let me just read this again and that is this and we talked about this with the templates.

If you remember back. It was back on my 2009 the same time as is the other one piece we were in here this is Kissinger and I reading right out of a newspaper article right. He says here. This is on February 25, 2009. Now he's speaking okay to the other. The people of the World Health Organization Council on eugenics as we speak into. Here's what he says once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations. It's game over. Dude you met mass grants out there agendas that listen to me what he saying here. Now he says they will accept anything for simple blood or origin donation.

That's right, there are people out there, especially the Democrats would be easily convinced that it would be all right to force to take away force people to do organ harvesting as long as the Christians or whatever they would revert back. No, not necessarily know that's not the right, the Chinese, the Chinese Joe have a science. They made a science on how to keep people alive why the removing organs right in line watch to get pressure okay now.

He said here is forcible blood organ donation for the greater good, we can genetically modify children and sterilize them for the greater good control sheet minds and you control the herd vaccine maker stamp to make billions, and I know many of you in this room are investors.

It's a big big win. We then within out the herd and the herd pays us for their extermination services that was Henry Kissinger in February 25, 2009. Now here's another one note here 19 city medical doctor, urgent care clinics in New York city had to close due to staffing shortages caused by medical workers be let laid off their data being fired because they wouldn't take the facts here. This is just a very short clip. Wendy, this is a nurse in here to switch at the sates only 24 seconds I think this is the technology will okay hang on I get message from staffing asking if I can work this weekend to Christmas in Australia till the new year so this is what's going to happen and I just wish the people would smarten up now. There like like you said Joe here. Antibiotics protest erupted worldwide admin plan for major DC events so you gotta be a one and a major one on January 23. You know why they pay January 23. You know what's going to happen on the 22nd is the March for life Mark for all.

Now I so you're going to have all of the pro-lifers there and so a lot of people that wouldn't go over that would go for the patriot movement and so here the marches and watched him. January 23 will begin at 11:30 AM at the Washington Monument and concluded the steps of the Lincoln Memorial about 1 mile away called defeat the mandate. DC is organized by the unity project children's health offense in the international alliance of physicians and medical scientists there you go right to life. Mark will stay over instead of during this 30 year of the memorials or something they won't during 2 March Strategy.

Yeah and so that's was going to happen. All right one story Arctic strategy told there in Vermont.

The emergency rooms, and Wendy.

Maybe you can help explain this are being overwhelmed with people who have tested positive for covert that have no symptoms, Vermont, about 77% of the population are vaccinated, the nation's highest rate, but these Vermonters were taking these tests and are testing positive that are clogging up the emergency rooms because their testing positive.

They run to the emergency room for treatment as both are not thick and and one more sentence, the Association, the Vermont Hospital Association is carrying of similar situations in other parts of new England now going to test positive or a flu that you come in contact with aunt that you have maybe natural immunity to it and you don't get the fact that you you would Positive as having come in contact with it.

No. There is not understanding how the immune system work and what neurologist Johan get the dead back early in 2020 when he looked at the fire.

Is it that it's a flip out at the temple and then my people have already encountered it to be a problem for a minority of people have under outlying health condition, and usually people with underlying health condition are on prescription drug plan like diabetic nurse heart patient and a lot of drug/mineral value and what they money, they were very low in minerals, including and we don't have to think your interest in struggle to protect you from pirated and often you lose your temper take now so it's all connected. There people are hearing that it is so much like you know medical comment and then people don't exercise that both Dr. no common sense died.

They even have a funeral, but be that as it may be.

We also know that this test is not a very good pastor a lot of golf positive readings and here is what is Biden going to do work at about more tests To scare more people instead of you looking at natural herbs are medicines that can create like a boxer for Quinn is up for myosin Iva McCarron their scripting everything and they're going to give her these tests, other than to scare the shape even more more more people test positive creates more and more for this really nothing but a way to create fear in the people way out.

That's exactly what is is all about people afraid keep them afraid he will announce that they're afraid they're not thinking logically and are going to turn to the government all help us focus on what the facts are going to get more back more vaccines more boosters enough to make it worse were going to affect more.

In other words, more people are going to die. The more vaccines that are given, the more booster shot more people get sick die or have severe health problems and the list so here's the again this is always been the strategy. This is the one announcement. Remember, again I want to go back to what Marx wrote on that and angles of the they said keep people confused up say one thing, do the other cakes.

Joe Biden says there will be no mandates there will be no mandates case, what is he do he puts his mandates right right immediately felt she remember what thoughts keep people confused him computers. You don't need a mask mask will do any good. Now you need to urinate.

My math classes Tuesday need to mass and to the right objects are in all, if you take two posters were three masks. All this in only say what he he you know he he doesn't. He's incompetent now, he's not. He's done exactly according to the manual and it's working people out there again. You see, the mass grants running around out there. We have some people here today. He came out and the date they live in another part.

No, we were out all day. We didn't see anybody wearing masks. We do see anybody out here in our county were minimal. It was wearing masks but where they come from. They were all wearing masks out there because they were and we have out here are Sheriff's as though these is the mandate. This is not a law is not constitutional or not is not going to be enforced in this County and it's not.

But now people are starting little by little to figure things out in the start to think when a minute. Maybe these people don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah they do now folks let me tell you I hate to have to tell you I hate to have to tell you this is what we told you about for years. That's a depopulation. The whole point of it is for you to get sick and die. It's for you to get sick and listen. This planet they feel should be kept clean.

Okay for for the elite and you know they feel that they are the elite and I'm I'm not can you now a lot of those that you see these talking heads and that the Hollywood types.

To think that they're a part of the elite.

They're really not the real elite will save you will you will use those usability is for now. They think that there they're going to be allowed to be a part of us they're not okay and that's what you have and do most of your media. Most of your media.

These adjusted talking heads are useful idiots again and them so I mean they're playing it back you up before you get too far ahead.

Back in April. April 1, 2021, the CEO of Pfizer Albert or Bordelon said this analysis from our phase 3 study with biotech shows that the covered 19 Vac vaccination was 100% effective in preventing covert 19 cases in south Africa 101st."

Now idiot of the world's biggest liar or her. There is no translation from English and English well again in and keep them afraid. Keep a lot of bells say this say that go this way go that way. We played that clip of Fauci and the others from the World Health Organization saying we have to scare a week in order to get them to take. We got us here we've we've got a make a much more afraid we've gotta make him afraid and so that's what they're doing is working out there and you know I wanted some Internet nasty but no place in the but in the Beatitudes doesn't say Blessed are the stupid it's not there that's what you're getting from NBC, ABC, CBS and and what's happening out there. People are falling for this and you know it's it's pitiful to see see them fall for this look Wendy, how many more people are dying in this country every year I mean 10 times as many from the drugs that the Democrats are bringing into this country and I and I mean the death of crass those that are working look the death of Craddock.

I'm his party work hand in and foot with with the drug cartels and human smugglers start their working hand-in-hand with them. You can take that away allowing them to be totally unfettered and non-harassment I'm controlled and on about point yeah there accidentally flying in plain loads of them and nighttime in and taken them to cities and turning them loose out there and saying go on spread that spread the disease and in whose what was happening to the children. Remember, pedophilia is rampant within the death of Greta Communist Party is rampant within the Democratic Imus party and so you don't know what's happening till those children that they're bringing in here and so anyhow that's what's happening in it we keep hearing these Republicans licking their chops income come November when we where we're going to take back the house I heard Newt Gingrich say we expect to get more than 70 you know what, there may not be a country there. They're destroying things so fast and they will do whatever they can.

If it scolded whatever kind of a crisis. They will have to event to stop the election and at like they're already saying that there's going to be election can be by mail imbalance with the with they can control their already gone that way and unless we get better as you know and and and less the military stands up and does its job in the military needs to stand up.

You know and and we we need to get rid of :-) Miley Austin knows later I'm putting my faith more state legislatures are waking up there starting to understand they were about the election was fraudulent but I went to Dr. Malone, Robert Malone, who invented that mRNA technology is used in the Pfizer and the maternal vaccine they believe is quote that more than 500,000 American lives could have been saved if the White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony found, and the government health establishment did not undermine the effective covert, 19 early treatments like director for Quentin and Isaac Iver Becton, so you've got the man who invented this technology thing these people allowed out a million people to die on purpose because if it came up with these treatments were effective and bayonet without to withdraw their vaccine because the vaccines are in the music emergency use and if there is a treatment than they can have the emergency use. They would have to call the vaccines off the market quit using them and all those rich people would lose a fortune.

Dr. Malone unanswered. Dr. Malone's been banned by Twitter is no longer allowed on Twitter, and so he stood there trying to stop him from getting his message out. Same thing with the with Dr. McCullough Wednesday what were going to do were going to open the phone lines and since we have Wendy here and let all those folks out there: they have a question or comment. They always will was get a big response and folks remember I'm telling about this catalog.

Two things I want to tell you but you really need to get winded catalog and to get our newsletter. You really need both of those you know Wendy, we sent out over over 2100 of those religious exemption forms over 2100 of and we got people today. We just set on another 16 today people are calling every day wanting the religious exemption forms and we got a really good feedback on that that Joe a lot of scholars said that they work very well to the men and that's all he needed to do so.

Domestic with folks if you get here you will the things we send you a very very interesting article. Things that you hear us talk about here in the radio program because we just hit on a little bit of the articles was the articles, but will send those to you in the newsletter is free. Don't cost anything but how to get it here.

Don't call us to this right WRWL ministries at 14781 Sperry Rd., and that's Newberry and will give this out again little while Newberry, OH 44065 and get a pen and paper. If you haven't will give it out again because you write it and you very clearly you write your address and you know you won't believe that we will have people that will write us and then they will only put like the state there from other and that they won't give us a return address, but the last of the newsletter. J we need your name and your address for the newsletter don't hurt for a phone number general Wendy every now and then someone will write a nice letter and the leave the phone number and then I read that letter and I'll call him to thank him for that letter and they seem to get not carry with redo nests to the government. Sleeveless spamming is no way of hero have a return address is going to get the wrong hands like what what would I do I send all of that stuff to Pastor Joe so the FBI if you're listing you want to write him by the middle of night okay but work is working to open the phone lines up at 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 nationwide. If you have a question or comment, especially for Ms. Wendy because we have her here when he had to say about all that Ms. Wendy bring it on April and and now I say what Benjamin Franklin claimed in 1/2. All I event thing down. That's exactly why we're here ice we are the watchmen on the wall. That's why we're here six nights a week.

We tell people what they don't want them to know in the reason we get the response that we do it.

I pray the good Lord because it is so encouraging and we read every single letter tomorrow morning Joe, Wendy, tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock will be sitting there with a stack a stack of letters, probably a foot high from people will be reading them and praying will have will be meeting the praying. And sometimes we go on and tomorrow in our prayer breakfast. It's starts at 9 o'clock at the church were going to be a little shorthanded because a lot of people are normally there won't be there and so folks here is the address of the church for both the newsletter and for prayer meeting tomorrow morning at 9 AM.

It's itself W art that you just WR the 14781. That's 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry, and a WBURY any WBUR white 44065440659 that's for both doers of the word Baptist Church and was right with love ministries everything is in the same building or an alternative Ohio right I didn't say Ohio, OH 44065 and the prayer meeting starts at 9 o'clock tomorrow.

No, we have noted you say we have Fred during their okay how are you out one of the scrapbook). It and launch all their the only way to make an listening to you only.

410 100.7 and nine, not God. Without that, I'm retired and I working at night and I am able to listen to the young Christian information on the whole, phone, and how this information that had been that you all are putting out. It is so much-needed that I especially here went everywhere but Frederick technically got there, telling us about no hot thing wrapping up the question exactly all of this stuff yeah and I just got a letter from Abhisit Andy on what God because they have no wishing that we need to get back to OSHA. Thanks and I'll bet right you. You will not support you mention it because I believe that what I gathered for an II mean they, I'm a faithful 75% you have not made the captain of the people don't get it.

So I hibernate. Only thing I wanted. Wendy will also you know we can get some information graphically collected from what's going on but I appreciate you, but now I'm tired of typing.

Sharon, thank you encouragement thank you very much and have have a happy new year Fred yet very good thank you just say was it was next ACA see your knee. I haven't heard from him in a while.

Okay hello I see yet quick comment. Quick question for Wendy was what reference for the statement about the back in the 19 something I could read about the matter. Yeah, you could you go to the Ethan half even Hope wrote that article. It's a natural blues couldn't go up to natural news's website and look for an article by Ethan half and that article was put out today. It's a today's article okay are I don't comment.

I wanted to make it three. Recently I was reading a magazine that that the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the statement in the magazine made by a famous leader. During that time and I want to read that statement it for how fortunate for government that the people they administer. Don't think it will make that statement probably FDR who made Adolf Hitler so you yeah well that's that would be what we have today as you heard what I just read from a what's his name.

The older yeah to Joe didn't where I right now is faith, there is a void that I Henry Henry Kissinger yet silly you heard the article I just yeah yeah the problem people don't think and God gave us the mind, but if we don't want to use it. We have to accept the consequences.

Well, you're right. It is also given is the charge to warn the wicked to be did to speak the truth to refute to rebuke and to exhort and that's what were doing here work in a we have to something to us older people because the other people been so dumbed down, but you have to speak with authority. You really do, and you refute these people. You will not find out there that of the talking heads and the fake media would dare come on this radio program and discuss these articles. They would not discuss the election fraud.

They were not discussed this, they would not do it because they know that they hear. They could not get away with it okay but out there you know and and the people don't know any better, like like you're saying know what many do antler antler was welcomed into power.

He didn't get imputed way into power. They wanted yeah and we talked his way into power and then he took control and you know bad but in the end, Hitler was a type of the antichrist and we have which we have a government filled with them right now we don't know God always worn before greater judgment and no and even like Pearl Harbor, there were warnings about Pearl Harbor and we ignore the warning and I know that you that's true even on the very day of the attack.

A radar unit 90 radar unit had spotted the squadron and they warned the naval and air base in the mirror eight they were ignored. They had all out quadrant on the radar you remember 9/11 910, nine, 10, the day before on C-SPAN, the fellow that just recently died. Bob Dole and Gary Hart to former Senators Bob Dylan, Gary Hart. They were on C-SPAN and they were talking about and and I thought how weary this was that that that there is a very good possibility that we could be attacked using commercial aircraft to attack us. That was the day before. Okay and feel it was almost like they were using C-SPAN to put the message out. It's on I don't know I'm just I don't know if that's the case or not, by methane, it is but but but I got an error filled it was like like they're using the snow on top of that in June that hip-hop when you call not rap rap music.

Group came out and on their picture album. They had the picture of the two twin buildings. There would grade building with planes flying into them and that was in June and we send that out.

We set that up active so there was a warning knowing that we think about this.

What was the Israeli news team doing up on top of the roof buildings across the ways whether cameras fixed upon the world trade building World Trade Center the day before. After earning you're not supposed to say things like that white people might think that they had a heads up near something might happen. You dare tell people the truth.

The other not ready for girly know you're not already there you go.

So Wendy, you better say something while online I cannot hear the caller all you okay hello and him that I wanted put up another plug-in for your catalog.

They really should get your catalog and them plug. It doesn't matter if my pitch is not in their products and what matters okay and so here it's it's called WW W. The power

The power 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 and on page 25 of the one I have here.

He taught you talk about the pandemic kit and them. A lot of people would be much better off today if they had taken Whitney. I yeah I think so too.

So you got the diabetic formula. The you've got the diabetic fenugreek tech teacher you got the relaxation formula you got the billet valerian root formula. The emotional stress formula you got the male hormone formula here that Joe you got the kit uses cheese got the power herbs kit the snake and spider bite kit and ammonia kit, the pandemic kit. The marshmallow root. This is the kidneys and bladder kit you got all that stuff when having the just goes on around so close it's real medicine.

This is the medicine that God gave his right wind and encouraging all out here.

You think God knows what is talking about what hell property you need it he created the body so do you think that people are dying by the millions. With God's herbs or by big Pharma and therefore McKee had drugs all I will say I don't believe I've ever heard of a coronary listing death might supplement on that.

There you go with the dropping left and right by these poisons pulled 79 sorry through the people aren't supposed to know there because they're supposed to be dumb down the noun it had a metal so there you go. Can you give us an example, what heavy metals are in their layout. You have any idea solid planetary.

They are listed is recreated with his thermos all so another words they use the word, and have the same meaning better work than most people aren't familiar with.

Everybody knows what Mercury is. But hardly anybody other than a chemist with no but that other word.

What you say thermos all well thermos but even in scientist and virologist don't even know it thermos solid and I expect to virologist you with the virologist neurologist studies, viruses and pathogens and made them work for a company designing vaccine that the one who said that they were virologist in their career for 30 years before they realized three weight doctors and nurses.

They never look at the ingredients in any of these here there put in Outlook at the interpretive quit now. The answer is blank on coded so that you know what either Wendy don't let them fool you. He didn't know it either.

I said I didn't know what I like legal metals are neurotoxin looking there you go, let's go to Jack Jack here and there. So what we been witnessing multiple lack of treason by their leaders may think the most dangerous precedent that is been that are these emergency orders which effectively suspend the Constitution. Even though there is no emergency exception in the Constitution, but I easy for me to say that in the coming new year. Things are only going get worse. I wouldn't be surprised to see a variance that has a high percentage kill rate I wouldn't be surprised if we saw other types of emergency were they used emergency orders.

I wouldn't be surprised if the election with suspended and I think the most devastating blow that could happen to us that they take away our electricity that would become quickly a nightmare world and I know in the end times in Revelation. It says you will be afraid of falling leaf. I think were almost there it is using fear and 366 times in God's Word, the Bible says fear not three and 66 times and it doesn't do you any good to fear just what it does.

It's a waste of time because being afraid is not can help you but can always hurt you.

Well, think it important that people be prepared for the worst. How long I'll throw this out to everybody.

How long can you exist without electricity. If you really think about all the ramifications. Everything we do from pumping gasoline to accepting our money and your radio show all depends on electricity so how long would you last without gasoline without being able to go to the market you trash wouldn't be picked up. They haven't done anything to protect electrical grid and it definitely susceptible to a cyber attack in one of the things that we've learned that they cannot stop a cyber attack if it happened, we would consider it an act of war, but with the people that are in power right now. I think it just be another excuse to surrender. Yeah, that's exactly what would be would be an excuse today would they would surrender. We don't that that's the whole point is with that therefore we this is why, again, let me just say that because you have heard you have heard people say well we would last a year whether it depends on your individual night I went for 18 months without electricity out and living out in July learned how to do that okay and if you're young and your help that you can do things like that okay and and you don't. But a lot of people people Joe's age could never do that is so yeah and it would be and what would be tough but you can survive. I don't believe that you within the first two years. Half the population would die don't I don't think so. I think the people would learn like they did years ago before they have electricity they can live without it, that it wouldn't affect the Amish community very much.

I can tell you that I think it would be very difficult to survive in the city and most people today are the people that are not trained in survival tactics well you know what you live in Chicago, electricity is it's hard to survive.

There they have 800 shot dead this year was that I got to move on with listen. Thanks for calling and have a happy new year. All right. How much time do I have their anti-okay this is the last call is go to John.

John your near or Jim. Jim here and there after hey Jim, after yeah calling talk about the death of Harry Reid. I mean sometimes the only answer is when God hand on people like Gary Reed, always a great senator and that everything he did up in Denver with terrible evil wicked now worked out with Jean anymore. We got great bruises all over his face is workout machine so I'm tired sometime I would lay in bed when I heard the news when I heard it. I would like there is a God, there is a God program.

Good program and I thank all right. He was involved with that whole Bundy ranch thing. When they went after the Bundy family and I trying to take their trying to take your property away from the bladder to Limbaugh and said take this guy off the year Limbaugh given the letter and equipment on the Arrington grabber. You know the offer to take that money wired and a woman. I think you will pay $1 million letter. We take a good side by bye-bye thanks for calling. All right you know what time it is Joe of time.

Tell people the most important decision I'll ever make time to tell them that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and that you're not going to get to the heavenly father unless you go through his son Jesus. That is true, and we know that the way of all sin and come short of the glory of God. We know the wages of sin is death, but we know that the gift of God. We talked earlier is eternal life through Jesus Christ and the decision we have to make is where we will spend eternity where we spend eternity with the saints in heaven and with our brothers and sisters in Christ or are we going to be spending eternity in the lake of fire. We know that the Romans 10 verse 910 says, if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and thou shall believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved. For with the heart man believe open to righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. But we know along with that. Jesus said the first word, today's ministry was revamped The kingdom of God is at hand repent and be converted, if you truly believe that your sins put Jesus on the cross. But he went there and died for you and future except his substitutionary death in your place if you call upon God the father and massacred him to be forgiven that you want his son Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation without any problems at all. I want Jesus to be my Lord forever, but you want Jesus to give you the down payment on eternal life, that the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit in you and you will become a child of the kingdom. A born-again believer, a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life, son or daughter of the living God. That is called salvation how the road to salvation the way to salvation and eternal life, and the decision you have to make a loan. Nobody can give you salvation can make up for you and the key is you really have to repent of your sand turn from your sins, turn to Jesus Christ except his mercy, his love and his offer of salvation, and that something the sooner you do the better because, well, tomorrow may not come for a lot of you out there hearing the sound of my voice and that happens it's too late. Then now is the best time to call upon the name of the Lord. Amen and no shirt. You would be of that 100% right already. Want to give you folks a phone number two to order the apothecary services. The apothecary or 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 with the best natural medicines, the kind that God gave us a Wendy has him and here also. One let you know that to with Joe just told you folks. There's nothing more. Sure, no one has ever ever regretted receiving eternal life, but I can tell you right now for a fact is a whole lot of people out there that wish they had and you see there's no unbelievers in heaven or hell. I guarantee if everyone either in heaven or hell.

There believers you will be a believer so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless, always, always, let's do it, okay. Friday night or during the flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right once my my Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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