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The Delusion Deepens over COVID

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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September 10, 2021 8:00 pm

The Delusion Deepens over COVID

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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September 10, 2021 8:00 pm

GUEST: PETER McCULLOUGH MD, editor, A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

Five months ago in April 2021, Dr. Peter McCullough, a high-profile medical doctor (internist and cardiologist), came on The Christian Worldview to discuss an early treatment protocol for COVID-19 that he and other doctors had innovated rather than get-the-vaccine-and-hope-for-the-best approach of the mainstream medical establishment and government leaders.

A lot has happened in the past five months.

Dr. McCullough, despite being one of the most renown doctors in his field and leader in COVID treatment, was essentially terminated where he practiced medicine in Texas and then sued. Meanwhile, COVID injection coercion and mandates have reached fever pitch, despite the “vaccine” having low efficacy against contracting or spreading COVID and having many adverse health events, including deaths.

No matter, just this week, the Biden Administration has mandated the “vaccine” for businesses with more than 100 workers which will affect as many as 100 million Americans.

Dr. McCullough joins us again this weekend on The Christian Worldview to discuss many issues surrounding the virus, treatment, “vaccine”, and and what is driving the delusion over a treatable virus with a very low lethality rate.

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Delusion deepens overcoat Dr. Peter McCullough joins us today right here on the Christian roof Graham mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview. Christians and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm David we host your website is the Christian worldview.for go there, be sure to find out more about our national sponsor Samaritan ministries provided solution healthcare five months ago in April, 20, 21 of this year. Dr. Peter McCullough, a high profile medical doctor who is an internist and cardiologist came on the Christian worldview to discuss an early treatment protocol for COBIT 19 that he and other doctors had innovated rather than the get the vaccine and hope for the best approach of the mainstream medical establishment and government leaders. A lot has happened over the past five months. Dr. McCullough, despite being one of the most renowned doctors in his field and leader in covert treatment was essentially terminated where he practice medicine in Texas and then sued.

Meanwhile, covert injection, coercion and mandates have reached a fever pitch. Despite the so-called vaccine having low efficacy against contracting or spreading the virus and having many adverse health events, including deaths, no matter just this week, the Biden administration has mandated the so-called vaccine for businesses.

This from Fox news Pres. Joe Biden announced Thursday that all employers with more than 100 workers will be forced to require coronavirus vaccinations or test employees weekly. The mandate is expected to affect as many as 100 million Americans.

The article goes on to say the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare Medicaid also will have to be vaccinated. There the strings of your task. The government here comes the coercion, Biden will have OSHA which is the occupational safety and of the federal government make a rule requiring employees of companies to be tested, companies will have to pay for the testing, but they can pass the cost on to employees. Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch, and contractors who do business with the federal government with no option to test instead that covers several million more workers according to Forbes businesses that refuse to comply governments favorite word comply with the mandate will open themselves up to hefty fines up to nearly $14,000 per violation in July. The article concludes White House press secretary Jen Saki told reporters that a federal vaccine mandate was quote not the role of the federal government unquote well I guess that was a lie.

This is why we are having Dr. Peter McCullough join us again this weekend on the Christian worldview to discuss many issues surrounding the virus treatment. The so-called vaccine and what is driving the delusion and really sinister wickedness over a treatable virus with a very low lethality rate, not just in advance of the interview is going to be lots of specific medical information given today so you might ask, what does this have to do with the Christian worldview.

Well the Christian worldview is about truth when there are lies being told and believed that affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically or that affect the church and pave the way for the antichrist which we believe this is where this is going to this globalized government which Revelation talks about. We want to bring out the truth.

There has always been a war on truth, but it has become even more intense right now in America. What you're going to hear today is diametrically opposed to the mainstream medical establishment and government, big business, the educational system and in the media. They are all drinking from the same contaminated well of lies coming from Dr. Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control, the CDC or the National Institutes of Health. All they say is get vaccinated, or else it doesn't work, it's dangerous. It's unscientific and it's evil so why is Dr. McCullough, to be trusted over them while his credentials are of the highest level but more important than that he's had success treating patients with COBIT. Many members of my own family have had covert and use the treatment protocol that she and the Association of American physicians and surgeons recommend. So what he advocates for aligns with reality which is just another word for the truth so would encourage you to take notes on the program today.

If you can't write fast enough to the program again that the Christian you can download the transcript of the program that will be up fairly soon. We also have literature is sad to say that you're largely on your own for covert treatment you have to do your own research about medications, dosages, timing of those medications because your local doctor probably won't help you here. She is going to conclude that you are some conspiracy theorists not following the CDC that is the terrible state. We are currently in in this country. That's what we are doing this program today to bring out the truth. Let's get to the first segment of interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. McCullough, it's been five months doesn't seem like too long of a time since you were last on the program but a whole lot has happened since then, both the with this covert virus in the mandate something surrounding that, but also with you personally. As a result of being very outspoken in bringing out the truth on on so much of what is going on look to start the virus and you can talk about happened you personally as well.

We've had new variance common affecting those who have gotten the covert injection of those who haven't gotten it. You have injection mandates for a noneffective people with with the so-called vaccine still get the virus. There's a lot of adverse risk, even death with getting this so-called vaccine had questionable FDA very quick approval.

You can talk about that is been a ridiculing of the treatment protocol that you brought out you are the one who were primarily responsible for the early treatment guide for covert with either Mac and other medications. Most doctors vast majority of doctors when he prescribed those medications and there's authoritarian mandates both in the US and abroad, so remind us about your medical background your experience with treating covert and how you would describe the situation with COBIT in the United States right now. Mention of me on the show and what you describe sounds pretty grim but it's true. Over the last five months things have dramatically changed and is introduced in internist and cardiologist in Dallas, Texas on an academic practice. I see patients every week. I also spent time editing the two major journals. Reviews in cardiovascular medicine and cardio renal medicine among the editor-in-chief. I'm the president of the cardio renal Society of America major multidisciplinary medical society and have recently taken on the role of chief medical advisor for the truth for health foundation, which is very much in line with what we talked about now in the last 18 months. I have read really throw myself into the COBIT 19 pandemic in terms of service to serve the United States and to serve the world both as a practicing doctor. Meaning I try to help as many patients as I possibly can, but also as an academic physician and an author and investigator I have is a backup.

I have over 650 publications in the national Library of medicine. I have over 25 now uncovered 19 including the two pivotal documents teaching doctors country COBIT 19 before the hospital. The first one in the American Journal medicine and the second one in reviews in cardiovascular medicine.

These protocols and flow diagrams of the most frequently used and relied upon in the world to treat COBIT 19 in our CDC had sketched out for us that we are on target to lose 1.70 2.1 million Americans. And despite our two big waves in the wintertime and now the Delta wave kept mortalities between 600 and 700,000 still too many. We know our methods if we treat patients early, with all the tools available including emergency use, authorization, monoclonal antibodies and the drugs in sequence know we can to reduce mortality and hospitalizations by about 85%. Sadly, those being hospitalized nearly every single one of them has received no early treatment recovered 19 yet that is this really tragic and as I mentioned earlier this year you.

My parents were when they got covert elderly in their late 80s got covert. You were very integral in their treatment and recovery from covert, 19 so we we thank you so much for that. That was early on when some of these early treatment protocols were just the last few months before that just coming out and now they become much more well-known since that time, in large part because of your early treatment guide with either Mac dinner hydroxychloroquine and Z Pak azithromycin prednisone different supplements and so forth are others that you can talk about.

Has anything changed with that early treatment protocol that you have found over the last five or six months and why is it being so suppressed and ridiculed the Iver Mac and for our listeners contact us. You're saying the America frontline doctors. Other places where they tried to get it. It's been very hard to get the treatment has against them. I can tell you that we have even more supportive data. So let's just start out with critical update about reducing the viral burden in the nose and the mouth and this is a new, we've added it to our recent guidance in the truth for health home treatment guide is been shown in studies in Singapore and all over the world are American dentists and supported in concept by the American dental Association that if we use dilute how I don't hide I know better. Dina Brown solution. We used to sterilize wounds just a few jobs in a juice glass of water turns water Brown swish and spit it, gargle with it and spit it out and Q-tip it up in the nose are sprayed up in the nose started out, that kills the virus on contact. It's almost like what what hand sanitizer would do for the hands and so this puppet on either end very effective. It can be done. Use twice a day to prevent the viral infection, especially ones out in contact with others. A Dennis personally in dental assistants been doing this all year that they been in the mouths of people all year long and haven't been any dental outbreaks. I've been in close medication with Paul Gossett in Chicago.

He's a leading anti-infective Dennis. He just let me know that he actually had direct contact with the COBIT patient just the other day and what he does is when he has direct contact and patients are very good they'll tell them later on that day they turn positive heat increases that povidone iodine oral and nasal program to four times a day deceptive virus. He actually did it in the patient themselves or the patient is acutely sick or just but has incipient COBIT 19.

In fact, that really truncated the infection. The patient never really developed much in the way symptoms and the dentist who came in contact.

He never developed it. Now there's iodine sensitivity of the next in line could be dilute hydrogen peroxide.

After that can be dilute sodium hypochlorite which is actually dilute bleach you can put a couple drops of bleach in a glass of water swish and spit it out. That works that doesn't go up the nose, however, and you can certainly don't swallow any fees and then third in line would be on the street or just a form of a of a mouthwash regular Listerine or any of the brands of Listerine works but again not up in the know so povidone iodine the best, so that's the first big addition. After that for patients acutely treated under age 50.

We don't recommend any treatment except for a nutraceutical bundle and zinc 50 mg vitamin D 5000 international units vitamin C 3000 mg and cursing 500 mg twice a day. I've worked with some doctors from Ireland that have actually used higher vitamin D protocols and acute treatment up to 20,000 international units a day and a young people they will get to the illness.

We have a very good our CDC has a return to work policy that 10 days from the onset of illness if they have a 48 hours without constitutional symptoms. They can return to work. No test needed. We know that early treatment for those of the high-risk and short short in the juvenile viral shedding those over age 50. Duty treatment lead with what recently Joe Rogan had received in governor Abbett and former president Tromp Ellicott this American she demanded high-risk senior she give monoclonal antibodies. We have the Regeneron compound is a combination of carrots if a map and intimate have and is wonderful when our infusion when our observation go home after that, and then start the sequence multidrug therapy. We can use hydroxychloroquine-based protocols 251 supportive studies given early very effective has three mechanisms of action to combat the virus or Iver Machen that has 61 supportive studies, 31 randomized trials to mechanisms of action that it has against the virus combined with doxycycline azithromycin. After that, inhale budesonide oral prednisone Oracle to seek aspirin 325 mg, and then for high risk individuals blood thinners, Lovenox, oral anticoagulants, it sounds like a lot, but we have to use a lot of drugs just like we went in the hospital but we do much earlier.

To avoid hospitalization and death, and as you point out your parents. Even very high risk seniors we've nailed to bring the illness. The doctor makes these decisions a lot of doctors on the sidelines because it takes really a terrific amount of medical skill to do this.

This is not for the junior doctors, mainly senior doctors doing this we need more to develop the skills and competence in treating COBIT 19 is now patient is fully supported by the Association of American position of surgeons frontline critical care consortium American frontline doctors into the health foundation with four major organizations supporting our early treatment supporting fully supporting monoclonal antibodies. Iver Machen hydroxychloroquine all the drugs in sequence, and we've heard chilling statements of use Eve applied as you implied from the American Medical Association from the CDC, NIH, FDA in the major media about these drugs in one of the things that we heard that was at this point I'm just a responsible is costing American lives we heard some negative words about Iver Machen and those negative words were reprehensible and are costing human lives. They call that a horse D warmer is that we are referring to.

I can imagine this. This is a drug. It's it's a drug used in humans.

Not a lot of drugs we use in animals use in humans as well as coding diuretics, Lasix steroids, other drugs, antibiotics, but in this case Iver Machen human Iver Machen comes to 3 mg tablets also can be put in larger capsules by confounding pharmacies to human grade product.

The drug itself is one of Nobel Prize, which is highly unusual and really amazing that a drug would be so effective its use were strong loyalties scabies, we treated little children with that those who have parasitic infections. It happens to work against COBIT 19 is perfectly safe. The only confusion or additional discussion about Iver Machen is that his weight base. We have to know the weight of the patient to one of the false story lines that we heard is that Poison Control Center's were being overwhelmed with calls regarding Iver Machen you basically implying that patients were overdosing or been harmed with Iver Machen. While trial site news of really brought this over, they got the data from the national Poison Control Center they found out the vast majority the calls were just clarification on the dose based on the weight of the patient. There were no it was nothing serious that happened. We heard false reports that hospitals were overflowing with Iver Machen overdoses, and the hospitals themselves had to come out and say no that's not true. There are people who are have bad intentions for the US public and are trying to harm individuals by confusing them and dissuading them from using Iver Machen, which is evidence-based of this really came to a head. The Association of American position surgeons fired a letter over to the American Medical Association basically said stop this, AMA, CDC, FDA, NIH if they don't address get out of the way to basically silent leftist organizations that have taken them all do their job. The Christian worldview returns in just a moment.

Six starts God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change the earth is changing strong delusion has bewitched the leaders and peoples of this world. So what's a Christian to do focus on the most important thing God and his perfect and powerful attributes are new featured resources. Dr. Steven Lawson's book show me your glory. Understanding the majestic splendor of God, for a limited time we are offering. Show me your glory for a donation of any amount to the Christian really. You this hardcover book is 278 pages with the retail price of $19 to order go to the Christian world or call 1888 646-2233 or right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's in the Christian Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your worldview. The first is the Christian were weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming radio along with the need to read articles featured resources, special events, and audio of the previous program. The second is the Christian world annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox in November. It contains a year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our store items including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email an annual letter by visiting the Christian world you.: one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be sure you can unsubscribe at any time: one AAA 646-2230 or visit the Christian world.welcome back to the Christian world. Be sure to visit our website and the Christian we can subscribe to a free weekly email an annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton Dr. Peter McCullough with us today in the Christian Realty radio program in academic internist and cardiologist Texas you probably have seen him in media over the last many months he's been on the front line of of treating COBIT.

19. I like to talk before against more about the so-called vaccine and so forth. Dr. McCullough I like you to describe what has personally happen to you and your practice over the last five months since last time we talked for your courage in coming forward and in encouraging people to do this early treatment protocol for covert all the things you been you been advocating for you. I maintain my board certifications in internal medicine and cardiology by the American Board of internal medicine doctor just finished renewing my internal medicine boards, numbing my fourth decade of practice that's typically the peak of it doctors rear of basically there on the most published person in my field in the world in history.

I now had about 18 months of dedicated study in COBIT 19 have reviewed thousands of reports I've led workgroups, the frequent commentator for the hill last year. Now I have America allow talk radio the McCullough reportable window to America every week through the America allow platform, frequent contributor to Fox News.

I had US senators, as well as individuals across many branches of government in the private sector reach out to me for my opinions and in that's valid it doctors are available and should give second opinions. We should have second opinions. No two doctors agree on anything. And medical and clinical and scientific discourse is the lifeblood of medicine and as I was treating patients with COBIT 19 from the onset of the pandemic innovating and publishing my observations publishing the evidence refining and bringing American the world an approach to avoid hospitalization and death would basically shown that we can reduce hospitalization conduct by 85%. I received some chilling messages from the health system where I was employed and things moved along towards the end of January early February.

My contract was not renewed know I had a stellar performance as a winning grant gutter leading publisher thriving practice all the metrics were excellent and the explanation for the nonrenewal of my contract, which was Panama to the termination was no explanation.

None whatsoever. So I negotiated a separation agreement and of doctors like professional athletes.

Good once I can be picked up by another team. I got picked up by a private practice worked very hard over two months. Transfer all my insurance contracts all my patient contacts and then to a new practice.

Basically an office in the same building downtown, a complex tremendous amount of work and effort transferred to new practice got going and the day the prior health system that I work for announced their unwanted dreaded vaccine mandate that day they were mentioned in news article that came out actually for me before even there was any court documents that announced that they were suing me pursuing me the title of the that newspaper piece was a major health system sues vexing skeptic. The article is clearly defamatory and then court documents came through me. Similarly, what's the issue and as of the issue is, you violated terms your separation agreement, you are falsely representing yourself as an employee of the health system that you were included declaring titles that you no longer held up my opinions are always my own with this lawsuit implied that I was putting forward my opinions as those of the healthcare system and it just undone face value it look like a frivolous lawsuit and what it turned out is that when I looked on the Internet and there were 800,000 profiles professional profiles of me kept at other organizations. One of the most frequent once it came up in a Google search search was from Hartford and so it basically was keeping my old profile from when I lecture there to be two years ago so many in the media productions and postproduction would grab an old profile and put it on and it was unbeknownst to me and so I think that was a part of the reason why the lawsuit was generated was this idea. The other media was was playing a role in this lawsuit hasn't gone too far. I think the health system and various stakeholders are trying to silence me there trying to suppress our scientific interchange is what we're having now. This is of course illegal on the scientific interchange of songs. It's a topic of public health importance loans are not talking about someone's personal life or private details talking about COBIT. 19. This is what were doing today were talking about the pandemic response that is a topic of public health importance. All people have a right to interchange on this and no one can sue each other over subsequently, without any explanation I've been stripped of my professorship at Texas A&M as well as my professorship at Texas Christian University, University of North Texas. I held two professorships and those letters came in again no explanation. You know your basically stripped of these titles, so there is a wave against medical freedom academic freedom scientific excellence on this no doubt about it and I guess I am at the vanguard of that.

Thank you for sharing at that that is just Orwellian is what it is I may infer that there what are they afraid of me. What what are you doing that is so dangerous that they think they need to silence you at all costs. It really is.

I think indicative of all what's going on.

This is a big information war over covert people and we hear from listeners all the time you were where do we get truthful information on this.

People have lost complete trust in media. They've lost trust in CDC, NIH cheerleading medical authorities there than there even their local doctor. They asked her doctor but I Vermette they look up the NH site now at that's never proven drilling is no good. You need that another words or is all complete lack of trust is like people are on their own who aren't doctors trying to figure out what to do what they should do if they get covert, 19 Dr. Peter McCullough joins us today.

I just want to ask one more question about treatment. The hospital treatment that that's being given. We've had some listeners contact us who couldn't get the early treatment protocol medication that you recommended and we've we've try to tell them, get them in advance because once you get sick.

It's hard to get them quickly, then after going to the hospital and I believe they're getting things like REM, death, severe dexamethasone and anticoagulant so forth. Speak specifically about REM debt severe. I've I've heard some things that are very negative about that medication that antiviral medication is that a safe medication to take when we many of covert your right when patients are outpatients. It's possible for us to give very very comprehensive multi-drug therapy as outpatients affect we can use oxygen concentrator's nebulizers and turn the half of the house into an ICU unit and there's a very high quality care in. It takes many drugs to cope. 19.

We do that, all at home and when patients go into the hospital.

There is a giant step down in care. The hospitals basically follow the National Institutes of Health and other faded federal agency guidelines which are very minimalistic while they are offered REM debt, severe which is a polymerize inhibitor. The data are very mixed on it.

Many leading organizations think it has no fundamental effect because is given too late by the time someone comes in the hospital what he had the infection for 2 to 4 weeks.

The viral replication pace is long gone. When does it. Here is a failed Ebola drug. It's of patents and revenue ties back to China and is highly toxic. It's toxic to the liver and kidneys were supposed to give five days of infusion around as a bear hardly any patients can get to five days of infusion because of its toxicity. Another drug that's very odd is dexamethasone, but the doses given is 6 mg and it comes from one trial which showed a signal of benefit, but the mortality was very high in the dexamethasone group in that clinical trial from England and believes dexamethasone for anti-inflammatory purposes, we use 10 mg four times a day per COBIT 19 at the doses 6 mg a day and is not a very balanced steroids is more of a glucocorticoid raises blood sugar which is less than wanted to so I can tell you clinically in practice. Now we that she never used dexamethasone as an outpatient. Such an odd dose of pharmacy stoning. We use prednisone. Everybody here knows what prednisone is visa for as mine for poison ivy of music for a variety of kitchen conditions. It works great. So patients get from Desmond dexamethasone in the hospital which offers very little help what they should be getting if they have low oxygen saturation is full dose aspirin three and 25 mg in full dose low Mike weight heparin Lovenox or intravenous heparin and many times they're not adequately anticoagulated when the oxygen saturation goes down, it means the lungs are filling up with blood clots when autopsies are done. The lungs are filled with microblog cuts in time and time again we do not see patients adequately anticoagulated so we don't see adequate use of any type of antivirals that work we don't see comprehensive anti-inflammatories of you we would use inhale budesonide oral prednisone oral culture seen as an outpatient. We can use oral want to look cast or singular none of those things are done as an inpatient and then for outpatient anticoagulation. We do every bit as good as the hospital so for many reasons.

The only purpose of hospitalization would be mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Peter McCullough with us today in the Christian world you want to just transition quickly over to the the injection or the so-called vaccine with what you know now if someone has not had covert do you recommend they get this injection. I don't think anybody had any problems with the vaccines back in December, January, February, we had great hope for them with the older variance they had about 90% vaccine efficacy. Even though there was very little challenged anybody in the trials of with COBIT so the rates of covert were way below 1% for active treatment and placebo number.

They look pretty good coming out registration trials with a lot of questions regarding the mechanism of action and things really blew wide open by January 22. We Artie had hundred 86 deaths that exceeded the 150 we would see typically for all 270 million shot 70 vaccines. We are already past the limit of concern that was only 27 million people getting the COBIT 19 vaccines and went from there. There was no stopping of this there was no data safety monitoring board. No safety reviews no report card on the vaccines. It's near here we are. September Americans is still yet to see a press briefing on vaccine safety and efficacy from the CDC and NIH were leading the company.

Imagine that, while nine months. We have three products. There must be a winner. There must be a loser must be somebody between no mention of any data on the vaccines that see the CDC tells us go to the heirs go to the vaccine adverse event reporting system.

If we go there, were alarmed with obesity.

Over 13,000 as two separate reports Rose McLachlan showed that 50% of these deaths, which is astronomical.

Again, the 150 would be the line read 13,000 deaths after people have taken these vaccines.

The CDC is certified as a percent of occur within 48 hours. 80% within a week tightly related to the mistress of the vaccine.

86% of the cases no other explanation why they died. They walked into a vaccine center. They died a few days later we have a couple hundred thousand hospitalizations, ER visits, office visits, 545,000 vaccine injuries and climbing. We have FDA warnings the FDA is trying to tell us these vaccines have safety issues, myocarditis or inflammation with Pfizer and modernity. We have over 5000 cases of that that's not not a small number at all that huge number and now Johnson & Johnson warnings were paralysis Guillain-Barr syndrome, and blood clots in the brain of women across the broad age range, so we have a situation where the vaccines have a safety profile is alarming American stop taking the vaccine mid April. The rates of vaccination United States have been flatlined for months now because the word is out. There's an Internet survey on officials on twitter but 12% of Americans knew somebody in their circle died after the vaccine rate is nothing that can cause more vaccine hesitancy that I have to the vaccine. The Christian worldview returns in just a moment.

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Now back to today's program with host David. We, Dr. Peter McCullough with us today in the Christian world you there is a idea out there or notion out there is being asserted that those who have received this covert injection that this is the reason that there are actually more dangerous with so-called shedding. This is causing the variance of accident. People were causing the variance though though though C was going on in Israel or it's been a highly vaccinated population.

Could you bring some clarity to those particular issues.

I think the big news after the safety story has evolved and did Americans know there's giant issues with respect to safety. There's nobody in America that thinks these vaccines are safe, but what surprised us is what happened. So during the registration trials we heard 90% vaccine efficacy, absolute risk reduction is less than 1%, meaning the vaccines work and have a population impact, but suggesting they did do something beneficial.

What we've seen is once we get to about 25% of the population vaccinated, as shown by Neeson and colleagues in the paper Mayo Clinic in Boston was we had 25% vaccinated. We actually allow a variant or mutant strain to move forward and be dominant so we always have the strains of virus replicates. It makes mistakes so we always at Alpha Beta Gamma in go through the Greek alphabet. We always have about 12 to 14 different strains only vaccinated once we have more than 25% of the population vaccinated here we go US with 48%. We allow it dominant strain to move forward in this case it's Delta Delta went from one or 2% early in the spring 1099.1% not. We've never had a super dominant strain of virus Israel spent three months ahead of us. Israel now same issue with the Delta pandemic outbreak. They have over 80% of their population who has COBIT 1930 fully vaccinated. They have no data to keep doubling down on this the exclusively use Pfizer and in a report from by Levine Titan Brown from Haifa and Tel Aviv in Israel. They have a report of people in COBIT 19 listen to this. They have over 11,000 people in the sample.

The unvaccinated are only 1920 the fully vaccinated are 9734 and 245 now are people who received a booster. So what we know. We know that the Israelis, it must be individuals are contracting COBIT 19 the Delta variant there vaccinated.

They must be spreading into each other because they're all vaccinated, who are eligible to get it and they are getting sick so the majority people in the hospital of XA. The majority people dying vaccinated same thing is true in Iceland and Gibraltar Singapore in the UK anywhere we look where the Delta variant is dominant. It looks like now. The vaccinated are fully participated in the Delta outbreak so couple important papers one by Chow and colleagues from a unit of Oxford Ho Chi Minh City had fully vaccinated healthcare workers they received AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine that an outbreak in June. They locked on the hospital they would let the workers leave their quarters there in the hospital and then they actually study the workers who were passing Delta to one another 69 workers in an outbreak in what they showed is that the viral load in the nose and mouth was 251 times that of patients in the unvaccinated era with prior variant strains another paper by Louis and colleagues from Guangzhou, China. Same thing Delta 1000 fold carry edge in the mouth and nose, compared to an unvaccinated era with prior mutant strain. So we have a situation where were nearly certain now in our CADC directors come on TV and basically told America that those vaccinated can acquire and carry Delta and in fact it looks like the vaccinated are super spreaders that they probably contract Delta they pass it and spread it to younger people and the younger unvaccinated.

People are bearing the brunt of the Delta outbreak but it is a crisis of the vaccinated and there is some fraudulent reporting going on I just made a drive from Dallas down to Austin I saw a billboard that said, over 90% of those in the hospital are unvaccinated know why would a hospital blow money on a billboard to to make that announcement that could be true for that hospital or health system, but I can tell you nationwide CDC from the COBIT net data.

Data representative data in June, 23.4% of those in the hospital are fully or partially vaccinated papers and colleagues published a paper that was June so I can tell you in July and August.

The proportion of patients in the hospital that are partially and fully vaccinated will continue to grow. This is a crisis clearly contributed by the vaccinated well. So the short answer to your question is you do not recommend someone has not had covert 19. I have had Gover, 19, of course, for sure that you do not recommend they get this covert injection is. Is it the answer is no, you don't recommend it enough. Never the recommended or not, you know, it's a voluntary program. People and they can choose whether or not they want to get the vaccine. One thing I can tell people is that the program has always excluded COBIT recovered patients suspected covert recovered patients those of positive antibodies, pregnant women and women of childbearing age. It always has. Because the FDA excluded them because they know the vaccine either wouldn't work or cause harm they now pay as things have of fully involved, it looks like the vaccines. Clearly, Pfizer does not cover Delta been caught a Christian and all have shown that theirs was called antigenic escape of the vaccines don't cover Delta of Pfizer Israeli health minister has Pfizer 39% protection PR neck and colleagues Mayo Clinic in Boston have Pfizer at 42% protection to react database from the UK has Pfizer in less than 40% protection so I can tell you vaccine is less than 50% protection can't last a year of Israel United States basically said we have to give boosters now unit in a time interval shorter than a year of Pfizer at this point time is commercially a dead vaccine. It's not is not commercially viable. What we saw on August 23 was one of the greatest examples of regulatory malfeasance.

I think they're good on a medical history know they met, the FDA met they did not approve Pfizer.

They looked at legacy data didn't even look at the failing Delta data. They just looked at legacy data. Pfizer was not approved to God. It can and continuation of the emergency use authorizations bio and type German company legally state may be medicinally distinct product doesn't existing eye states that got a conditional approval, but a lot of postmarketing obligations, including studies on myocarditis and a lot of disclosures about no data and confidence in use in pregnancy, etc. so by the entire package insert is not very proud document and what came out of that meeting was a false talking point of Pfizer was approved. Pfizer wasn't approved. There is no approved vaccine in the United States. It went even up to the present United States with a false talking points. This got so bad that two of the FDA officials one who signed the letter to bio and tack right in the middle of this big regulatory season for vaccines. The head of the vaccine and biologic products division of the FDA, she resigns. Dr. Gruber resigns so American should look at this when we have a big public program on vaccines.

Our stakeholders have not given America a single report or press briefing on vaccine safety and efficacy.

We have a fraudulent August 23 meeting with a false talking point that there is Pfizer approved and it's not. He triggers a wave of ill-advised unnecessary vaccine mandates and then a week later our FDA officials resign. I tell you we have a major problem on our hands. We have a crisis in confidence on the COBIT 19 vaccines. Americans don't want them, we have bought half of America taken the vaccine early before we really knew all this. The vaccine uptake is come to a screeching halt in mid spring. And now nobody wants these vaccines. The mandates on none of them are welcome and they are ill advised and were coming to a great American showdown are people going to be forced into these vaccines, which are don't work well enough for everyone. For sure which vaccine or they can choose what they're going to force into it. Nobody knows and then on what we can do about those who will continue to be harmed or died.

After the vaccine once they're forced into it by their employers, which is an overage.

The CDC says the program is voluntary.

So anybody mandating the vaccine is mandating something is voluntary's oddest thing to be forced to take a vaccine. But then a consent form says you're recognizing that this you're doing this on your own volition that does that apply to companies mandating as well because that's been a big question we've been receiving is what we do, we do want take the so-called vaccine I work for accompaniment to lose my job. What do you recommend that person does what no job know a student's dad is no social status is worth risking one's life right so who's a listen. You gotta jump out of an airplane without a parachute to keep your job know is going to do that over 13,000 Americans you know there is a federal lawsuit based on CMS data and extrapolation. I think the real number a month ago was 45,000 Americans lost her life to the vaccine that Sica that that is likely some total casualties for a war you know job is worth losing one's life and the injuries the cardiac neurologic, immunologic and hematologic injury.

Some of them are permanent and there's no permanent health injury that's worth it worth trying to retain a job over so what were seen as a great showdown.

Americans are stainless when I can take the vaccine that are applying for medical religious exemptions. If they're not honored, then they are filing disputes they are seeking legal action to showing up to work anyway and I will have to see if employers wrongfully terminate employees and what the fallout of this you're one of the concerns is that with the legal justice system. There is no fairness that the courts are equally as corrupted as the Board of Directors of these various employers that there's a widespread corruption towards of forcing an unsafe and ineffective vaccine on the population, so it may gonna come down to what's happening outside the United States. A show of force. The mass will of the population to break the back of this vaccine cabal final question for you Dr. McCall and thank you so much for coming on the Christian real view today, taking it all together what you have described. Today there is a either a widespread delusion amongst those in leadership in this country, both political, medical and otherwise, or there is a purposeful disinformation campaign to have people take this so-called vaccine that can harm them did not tell them about drugs medication protocol that can help them get over it, you can go to nefarious ends here pretty quickly as it is.

It just simply the money for big pharmaceutical companies for their investors. For those pushing them in government like Dr. Fauci or his or something even worse, something like a depopulation scheme in terms of saving the planet from climate change have too many people mean these things seem crazy but everything we've discussed today.

Where does it take if you add all these things together. What is your conclusion to this delusion. This disinformation campaign to cam what is behind it know when I went on with Tucker Carlson and Tucker Carlson today is in the studio and I started to explain what was going on back in May. This is before the mandates and a somewhat one-time use through his hands up in the air looked at the camera he goes what is going on what is behind this and isotope grass and I'm just a doctor. I'm just trying to explain to what I'm seeing and what I'm facing here and I'm not making this up at the seams very real and now it is advancing forward no as a menace. The vaccine program is actually menace the suppression of early treatment is immoral is unethical from a civil perspective it's illegal receiving malfeasance by multiple officials and agencies in positions of authority receiving willful misconduct going on, overseeing and quite honestly, fraud and fraudulent reporting media and intentional misinformation. Those in position of authority, and then you see the counter weight of people like myself trying to bring truth. All I'm doing is citing the date on your CM pinpoint. I know that fact checkers.

Follow me around the Internet and they're checking to see a refund in a miss a single citation or single data and they can never find it. But in terms of what's behind it. I point your listeners to a book that's coming out affected by it. Now you can get the full transcript electronically, which is wonderful.

They get the print book which is at the printers right now is called COBIT. 19 of the global predators we are to pray, the first author is Peter Bragg and he's done it with his wife Ginger Breggin, I've written one of the introductions of the forwards to the book and it has 2000 references 2000 references on the complicated relationships between what went on how the pandemic was planned where the virus came from the response. How all this is coordinated why the vaccine program is taken on the hospices that it has a netbook explains a lot. The short answer is it's enormously complicated and there are 800 of stakeholders that are profiting from us.

Dr. McCall, thank you so much for coming on the Christian real view in all God's best in grace to you and thank you and God bless you and all your listeners. We are very thankful for Dr. McCullough coming on the program again. If you missed any of it or couldn't get all the information down. Listen to the program or download the transcript at her website. I also followed up with Dr. McCullough after the program, to ask him about someone who has had covert already.

Are they immune from getting covert in the future, and including the variance in his response was yes, they are immune from the variance and probably for a lifetime. No we are not advising you to not get the vaccine. Let me be clear about that. That's your choice, is not a sin if you get the vaccine. Our point is this. The vaccine is actually not a vaccine, and quite ineffective. It's potentially dangerous. It should be your choice, not the governments are your employers coercing you to get it that there is an evil worldview, pushing it, that is our big point. So why why is there this evil worldview, pushing it while it is only three reasons that I can think of number one profit as Dr. McCullough mentioned in the interview he said covert is enormously profitable, with lots of stakeholders profiting from this if your big pharmaceutical company producing a vaccine or an investor in that company or have any sort of financial stake in giving a a medicine a vaccine so-called vaccine to literally hundreds of millions or billions of people around the world. This is enormously profitable.

Number two was pushing this evil worldview is control. This is what God rejecting man always wants control authority. He wants to impose his godless utopia on the world. That's where man always wants to go and as we see in Revelation, that's where things will go with the globalized government and leader.

The third reason this is being pushed they think the earth is overpopulated. There's too many people they would say there ruining the environment is climate change. More people means oh a worse earth. So if you keep people from getting treatment that'll save them.

People die or if the vaccine you give them ruins their ability to have children while your slowly de-populating the world. So I think these are some of the reasons that this evil sinister worldview was being pushed forced on us and I think it's going to get worse. Wait till they start advocating for internment centers for those who are unvaccinated or taking the children away from parents who were unvaccinated because you're endangering them.

Let's remember what the apostle Paul said to the Ephesians in chapter 6. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers vested in world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. This is Satan, inspiring, wicked men and women to impose his godless designs on this world.

Paul goes on to say take up the full armor of God so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm to stand firm in the Lord, you must first be in a right relationship with him and find out how by going to our website. The Christian were and clicking on what must I do to be saved, thank you for listening to and supporting the Christian review radio ministry. Until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm. The mission of the Christian were you is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that and to hear replay of today's program or to sign up for the weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved to your website.

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