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WED HR 1 122921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 29, 2021 11:59 pm

WED HR 1 122921

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 29, 2021 11:59 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now of the Christian resistance. Will this is the 29th day of December, 20, 21 days left of this year and we have a whole lot to talk about tonight so we will start by saying on the board as the mighty Andrew, good evening, Pastor and everyone else already out there way out yonder in Missouri. Another than that parson Joe Larson back then we have Ms. nature. She spicy and feisty, none other than the herbalist. None other than Ms. Wendy Wilson, you never know was going to happen when you come here.

Do you with what anyhow I will always love having you you are a smart lady listen. We start out tonight though, I want to pray for doers of the word and especially the newest one to come down with the coven is my son and his wife.

So let's just start out by doing that going with me all you folks around the country. Will you pray and pray for those of you have friends of that are sick or just a prayer and so join with his heavenly father Lord God as we get going tonight's program. Lord I just want to hold up all of those from doers of the word. Those that are doers of the word. They are Lord, I know I'm I'm not fit to pastor a church is an activist church that I can truly say were inactive is church and so Laura just want to hold up those that of that are taken it. You know this this cold or this flows some of them have one.

Some of the other is especially my own son and daughter-in-law Lord God, who recently come down with that and just hold them up to you Lord and asked Lord that you touch and keep them strong. Keep them healthy, more than anything else. Lord I pray that you turn their desires toward you. More and more every day in every way all things as we look for your return. This we ask in Jesus precious name. Amen Herman already working to get started tonight and remember what the title was Joe where absolutely and here were going to pick it up where we left off and what what were talking about is today. You know the communist and the Pepcid the future will be the battles of the one with wars of words were going to change the language the terminology we will use terminology did make whatever crimes or sins or whatever evil we want to commit palatable will use terms like this. The killing of baby and abortion would they say they terminate a pregnancy or evacuate yeah and so anyhow. And you have all of these things that you for the sin of sodomy of the quality being gay now or gay-rights is just with the most vile. Whatever the most vile sins are they've got language of illusion confusion and delusion and so people need to be where we said this before that you folks out there. Listen to us. Now you know most most of you are the older folks are you either grandparents or your parents, and that we for years and years of almost 50 years now we've been telling morning you'll warning you, warning you about the public school system how it was becoming nothing but hotbeds of cultural Marxism and now you know what were talking about now you're seeing what we told you was coming in so it's up to you to be number one to be bold, you have the call.

We start out in second Timothy chapter 4, you have the charge you overcharged to refute to rebuke and to exhort and as as Christians.

You are to be bold and don't worry about you gotta tell the truth. If you love them, you tell the truth that I know many of you I hear from the ladies out there. Wendy telling me some of prying out their children has have no longer will talk to them because they won't take the poisonous poke these these ladies are have much better discernment than their children are have been around and understand much more. And yet it hurts them, but, but you ladies have to be bold you have to be. You have to stand there because, listen when you got right on your side and you do, you gotta tell a look thus saith the Lord God. This is God's Word the Bible, God has said and you make it very bold to them. Let them know that okay and then tell, don't ever forget that I'm the one that told you I want you to remember that and so you need to do that effect.

When we were out there do abortion mills, and these women would come and some of them would vile women would boast about. They've killed two or three babies and that the were here we have the right to do that and I preached to them that I said these words, you're going to hear these words while you're in that lake of fire. When you're in hell. Part of that that hell is going to be the words that I'm preaching to you right now from God's word will return to you over and over and return to. That's part of the BNL and the usually that took the smile of defacement. Anyhow anything Wendy a lot out there that we have to pray about.

So we got a start tonight Joe I want you to read from Romans chapter 9 verse 13 through 1713 through 17. For our great great work. Your introduction or about spending almost 50 years warning people your credit giving our age away but be that as it may 13 as it is written, Jacob have I love you thought that I hated what shall we say that is there unrighteousness with God. God for bid, for he has said to Moses, I will have mercy on through. I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have no license to 7007 abstract so then, is it not of him. That will, nor of him that runner, but of God that show mercy for the Scripture say about the Pharaoh. Even for the same purpose have I raised the that I might show my power in the and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth therefore had mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he harden the case of hear what you say when they say out there that God loves everybody. God loves everybody don't don't worry about your sins. Don't worry, there is no hell no. I had a father they say will I but I believe that there is this going to be held by don't believe is a lake of fire will you will is right in God's Word, the Bible. The Bible doesn't lie that it's it's been proven true or not true right right so here now so when people say these things still worry about that God loves everybody.

That's that's one of the soundbites you hear all the time. But that's not what the word of God says the word of God. Hated people he faded.

She stated nation's hated people so that the Triborough or group well how about those. How many of those people that committed the Queen's got eight all of them.

That's what it says rightness of right so here comfort covers a lot of people do not know the same time, Satan at the same time as were saying this we always had to be very very careful that we don't read anything in the Scripture.

This not there okay right because the God says don't add to or take away and he doesn't start right right now… One total so here he says here with you.

When he tells you as it is written, Jacob have I loved, but you so have I hated well here now again God is not just because he says he saw that I hated that I just say that Jacob of love and peace so I'm sending to hell no, no, you didn't say that that going to hell no I didn't say that you say God is merciful God is very very merciful right is the so because God hates something he will condemn it, but it doesn't mean that he sent Jacob to hell that will be reading hated Mike that I have committed but firstly I have been forgiven of those fans covered by the blood of the Lamb of Ahab forgot but he still hated docent right and he says I have hated no right so Esau may have repented, but getting again God for Isaac. Satan might've shown mercy so we don't know that so we don't want to say will see 90s that Jacob dealt with on to say that we don't want to say that all of those people that commit iniquity would help if they if they repent, they don't go to hell do they know it's so windy when you say artists forgiven them when you say to these people because I get this mostly from from women have tied to that the bid say that God loves every body and that God is tolerant. He is nonjudgmental and he doesn't demand repentance, except to the way you are what you say to those women through a creation cross Atlantic weight is it that you can't have it both white. Well, that's right, but when it comes to being judgmental is there any man that ever walked the face of this earth. And when it comes to tolerance of sin, that is been less tolerant than the Lord Jesus Christ of sin. If you read Revelation 19 he tells you how always get a deal with that okay and and that is not that he doesn't deal with it and it was a way okay so well we know the Lord is going to be called the supreme God of the universe are characters required of it right there helping judge. He will judge all of mankind and the gifts he loved mankind enough to send his only begotten son to the end of all that believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life forgot also knew there were many who would not accept that would not believe in him would not accept it would not accept his son and he knew before he created them closer would go to hell's well that that's the other argument that when you hear these people say God died for everybody know the Bible doesn't teach that all the infected very specifically Romans chapter 8 intelligent very specifically who he died for C Lemaster.

This joke does God accomplish what he says he do yeah okay does he ever fail know so if he were to die for everybody and not everybody would be saved would Lydia failed.

There were not due don't you know who says that he did fail, the Pope. The Pope said he failed that he said he said that God failed at Calvary because not everybody was saved. Well now he did not fail a Calvary. He did not die for everyone. He made a very clear for those that were covered by the blood. But those who came to him and asked for forgiveness of their fans repented of their fans that were forgiven. He died for every one of those who chose to accept his offer of mercy. Okay Wendy was his blood sufficient to cover the take away the sins of the whole world, so it was sufficient to take away. It was his will that none come short of the glory that all be saved but his blood was not applied to everyone had a been applied to everyone when he says why go to my father's house I would is a mansion and Kate and I will you and you can have a mansion for all of us. God has a mansion in heaven will you don't have mansion for everybody. Does he bring.

So right now let's go to two Psalm five and Joe read verses five and six I and five and six, the program will not stand in my excitement about hated all workers of iniquity shall destroy them. But speak what leasing the Lord will import the body and deceitful man. I still hear them.

Today the Democrats are so evil that they lie to God, they lie to God and eliminate support and embrace every kind of sin and then they say how much they love God and how strong your faith in God is know as I've heard Nancy Pelosi nasty who I lamented talking about more more abortions we gotta have more abortion. It's gotta be and then the next minute.

Tell me talk about how strong her faith is okay you heard her talk and arrive we will we watch when she was doing at that sodomite parade what it what an evil evil thing when she was telling Wendy to sodomite standing out in the middle of the street on a broad daylight, start naked, sodomizing each other and nasty. Pelosi is standing right next to these two naked men sodomizing each other and telling them that Jesus would be very pleased with how much of the weight that they're showing love for each other find out that that's a sick woman is a very very sick woman out there and Joe and I witnessed that. So here now.

So when when they when she talks about her and her faith, her strong faith.

And then she does that. That's line is it is with that word leasing means that speak a leasing destroy them that speak leasing. That's exactly what she was doing okay so here for the miracle evil well with great evil cannot dwell in the presence of the Lord of those that have not been forgiven by God work by the blood of the Lamb cannot dwell with him to not be near him right so this is the greatest all workers of iniquity. Thou shall destroy them that speak to leasing symptoms and revelations would Democrat party doesn't mean I'm in because of his statement that product here you know there actually no lying to them is nonelective. It's a requirement that me there required, according to Karl Marx's manifesto there required licenses is nonelective with them and they did and they do very well okay that there right now and remember how they used to say that Bill Clinton was the best lawyer they actually had those articles I think was what time are Newsweek he was not only a good lawyer. He was a great liar and he was there, liar, liar now than ripple effect that out it wasn't her assortment rethought and reverify read it. I read it right out of the magazine right here and so here know know they're saying Adam shift Adam shift is there liar. He's the best lawyer that everybody knows he's lying. Not good at it. Terrible out, and some turnover to Psalm 11 Psalm 11 are really verses five and six caloric cryo right, but the wicked and eminent level of violence is all hated upon the wicked, he shall reign stairs fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest. This shall be the portion of their crop, so there's that were hated again.

Okay, so here now if you read the entire sentencing God loves in the tests the righteous, but the wicked, those that are the woke those that are what we call the world today. Those that push the well those that are pushing this poisonous poke pushing this poison upon people killing people.

Okay, those that promote abortion kill children by abortion, sodomy, pedophilia, transgender that there that's that is the entire illness that that is the platform of the Democratic I'm his party. All all of these since that's their platform and so again here.

He says the Lord try. If the righteous. That means he tests us. And boy do we get we get tests in time, but the wicked and the low violence his soul hated so there you go and do you think I'm you think killing innocent little babies were torturing puppies with me more more stuff is coming out. I just found 300 something that puppies and that's another part of Anthony Futch's program torturing you know that this this man is a fiend he is. He's he's an animal. He's a beast he's he's ultimate evil by the way, do you know how much money your tax dollars. He receives every year.

Wendy development. I can tell you he receives every year 430,000 and 30,000 more than the president gets up to depopulate America Hill. Here's what here's what they're saying out there this thing we must bring in more illegal aliens with every kind of disease so that we can spread the disease will convince them that that were killing them for their own God. They think they're doing that these I was soaked I could not believe how easily people were deceived how easily people bought in and drink the Kool-Aid wood and you see all the met muskrats mass grants running around with her master on and the fear in the right how easily how easily they were duped how quickly they were duped not. I'd like to get in. I like to get a bunch of those dunce caps and I and I have no doubt in my mind that when I went across the. The mass grants out there those running around with mast on the face of fear in her eyes. I have no doubt my mind I could convince them to wear the dunce cap to tell them that it would it would help protect the more generic after death that at that behavior that reasoning that you now where you make it and beat Aaron good that you would that it's a narcissistic great they reward good with evil. That's what they do.

You so I know it's that they tell you is to hear the elite speaking and talking will actually tell you, you know that the people are shown themselves to be really stupid and solicit mask them up and kill them off and they laugh they think is funny and you know what I say put they played the so many other people have been so dumbed down the lease on coming in so we come to a break and then after the regular player short clip Wendy and this this goes back to something we did attend 12 years effect at Québec 2009.

Now this woman probably we had her on with this clip. One of the old clips of this I think is from Jesse Ventura's program, but in him will be back after this he is in pain and in you and in all right there you go and I will play this click close click here goes back well this is Dr. Reitman Reitman LeBeau like level of political back to September 2009 and just talk about vaccines in population and she was weird. This is exactly what we were talking about. We were telling you this and the fact that I'm pretty sure we had her on the program. Jonah we were telling the whip would actually go back to the 80s. We were talking about what they were going to do but let me play little cook for him. I hope I get the volume up, it's that okay and for some reason I'm having a problem getting the volume up on the statement Missy, try this again here okay I think it's looking, cooperate with me on the vibrator or near record of only a few million critical fertilizer dressing up yeah I don't know I just had this thing just a minute ago was working just fine in them is not collaborating with yet is not cooperating with me looks like is trying to load up, but it's not.

So just couldn't leave it there and with elementary marinara by Dr. not not actually lemon the remote studio time very soon facing compulsory vaccination term of voluntary vaccination to get that bad. First of all, let's out of the fact there you go to get them like Ronald Reagan used to say lines. His words there are. Where from the government worker to help you when you think about that Wendy, while Gary already so but but now what we have now today is much worse than what she was talking about.

People are dying. Her name it was Dr. Road.

It really is Raymond.

I was RMA LeBeau by Bo Raymo LeBeau now so they have it's it's much worse with them today. Let's were that I just had a clip I just watched one and they said they were from sporting events, sporting event, the sporting event sporting event showing you basketball players dying in the court soccer players dine and feel football players diagnosed field and you're not seeing any of this at all. None of this at all, but, but those people in the sports are starting to figure this out. Aren't they.

Joe there.

Here are our backed one of their big scar left.

Cat out of the bag bag. Okay Glenn tell him telling Aaron Rogers came out with a bombshell. He said the NFL secretly administrating these derided covert drugs said I do know this is a quote I do not behind-the-scenes. This is 100% true. There are many teams out there who are recommending a lot of the same treatments that I got for their players. This is from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on an interview with Beth at McAfee service shall and he said that he came out and said if science can't be questioned. It's not science anymore propaganda that the truth be set along with Iva McTiernan Carozza Clark one. He was treated with monoclonal antibodies think vitamin C and the and this was the treatment recommended by podcast, and his friend Joe Rogan quickly recovered from his own bout with covert and Aaron said hey all people come laugh this theatrical horse to warm or anything you want through but I got better in 48 hours. All right, one of the state) as we go through a unit talk to Wendy she has a catalog it's dynamite. She gets to live very best natural medicine to the bike natural medicine right what God gave us God gave us the herbs the natural herbs. The roots of those things God gave him to us what the big Pharma is given to us by no means people are the well there Pharma Kia their pharmacopeia and that is witchcraft. So you better ask yourself what should you take what God has given you. Who knows the best big Pharma books.

Anyhow, you can get this catalog by calling 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 and that go to page 25. Look at the pandemic.

It is very very important.

The pandemic kit. She has depth to Wendy tell us about the well tell us what you gonna tell us well about our proctored bread a lot of greed that journal article report on how bad the corruption is within the scientific research wanted to know why they were not more scientists coming out to the office right right you know so I went to the eternal search engine. Then I typed in our daily came up and lo and behold there is daddy why whistleblowers are few and far between these state and find telling us that they know why you are not hearing about their dark lead and actually get everyone on it.

I thought I'd share with you.

Please do okay.

The reason why plaintiff may not want to blow the whistle on their colleague or the drug company you know it they are a threat and intimidation all talk about situation like that their careers you have written 2017 report by the Florida Atlantic University in a town that financial reward are very in order to know the idea of becoming went about you hang with me. That gets interests. This is a quote from the report at Florida Atlantic University pay financial reward and encourage a little flour from reporting pride in a timely manner. Financial gain can appear person off their moral course in dealing the right thing and and find a way they don't hit her financial reward of as a bribe. Okay according to their record anything someone with financial reward to keep their mouth shut, is not called upon. According to James Wayne Burke, PhD at Florida Atlantic University College of business.

They call it now cost benefit analysis did you know that boy I did I hear the term all the time especially if you watch the multichannel okay so here is that a quote from even turn out that PhD Providence College school of as a result, when you need to read of reporting and are greater than the potential reward people will be my less likely to report fraud. Had they not been told about the existence evident program to begin with so affect the way the option and it's interesting how the intellectual look at the things because twisting words and relabeling bad behavior as being something less offensive and using positive perception on what they're doing. I think you called the words of illusion illusion, confusion and delusion.

Write all this research to get published in the October to 17 auditing Journal of practice and theory. Here is how it gets really interesting.

Might be a political plan and that here when there is a problem of having a moral problem. Having a moral feeling with regard to whistleblowing. They have decided well to play off-line positively encourage little blowing but at the same time encourage it altogether different error companies and regulating agencies that offer financial scented whistleblower but only it only apply if the allegations are proven to be true and they can recover a minimum of $1 million for the internal revenue service, how they work. That there is there that restrictive element to it.

They so the research that this type of incentive is really at the current reporting crime fraud so they want to give you a financial incentive and encourage you to be a whistleblower. But the same time have to meet this criteria in order for it to be real now in a criminal works really know Florida Atlantic that this research shows that potential with the blowers would report fraud whistleblower hotline when independents were available.

However, neither the fraud is less than the required minimum threshold. It was less likely that Freud would be reported in a timely manner so they going to say what is really happening is the hijacking of the moral decision frame by financial and the Senate. Once that happened, whether or not to report the fraud will largely become a function of an individual's perception of real adequacy in light of the perceived risk of reporting on how criminals think they provide an illusion of doing the right thing with an incentive, but they installed billing block you from doing the right thing, a following me with this.

After Solomon said this way is that a money answer with all things right right about that company in these regulatory body.

No, that when plan called with a golden plate with regard whistleblowing pay no fraud reporting, drop it less likely that this compression the early detection of the fraud and that's really critical here is a quote from the Florida Atlantic. They say this is particularly problematic in the early detection of fraud is a critical factor in minimizing potential damages in securing access to evidence" though the intent of program with the goal encourage them with the bar to hold off to delay the reporting until the Friday don't that it would increase the likelihood of meeting that million dollar threshold mark before they reported it. However, how likely will waiting to stop that right because by then they pack their bags and destroyed all the evidence that you can liken that people are same. Why hasn't our military.

Why has our military mood wise in our military done their job.

Okay, what we have we been invaded by five foreign countries. Cyber warfare we bidden from with in treason, high treason from within.

We have the dark the deep state they dirty cops. The Justice Department are all absolutely corrupt, totally corrupt, and why hasn't the militant will the answers that we get is will there waiting for the gets so bad so bad that they'll have absolute support from the entire people of their why think it's past that mark by know what you think you were looking for anything better to take action on that we looking at legislators are looking at looking at the brain part and they all came to care what they do care.

It's about money. Answer with all things there is there's big dollars out there for those that will betray the country got a controlling. Mary Garland was a dirty, very Garvin was a dirty cop. Mary Carlin is a dirty cop. He goes in there. The Department of Justice and he just took over for some others. In other, and here what is he doing you saw two summers. She's all burned out and murder yourself at the file burning buildings down killing people, destroying property, attacking people, not one bit. The money was coming George sorrows and the big money with the boys and we were talking about Mark Zuckerberg and others they were putting the money they knew where to place the money is so that you didn't see any prosecutions in any of this absolute corruption, absolute corruption, what you got Fauci. This guy is killed in this in this country.

I would say he's responsible for about 600,000 people that have died because of its poison. Have you heard have you seen now I have ran Paul Jim Jordan loudly. These politicians say he needs to be this guy needs to go to prison. He's guilty, skis guilty of killing people and that's true. But we don't have an Department of Justice. We do not have a department it's a part of the death or credit Communist Party. And so problem when people there is no when you can go to to get the jet and a salamander that the problem more people perceive that the irony of this report on whistleblower busters after Wednesday quote from Gerald Martin Prof. of finance at the American University school of business. He said US attorney general, Eric Holder called on Congress doing increase reward for whistleblowers to prove the Department of Justice the ability to conduct investigation and stop misconduct though what he was really doing is installing these two do the opposite you will always do the opposite of what they say the comes right out of Carl Marx's manual comes right out and has been hard listening audience out there like this. You're probably shaking head LOL I hear that but you have buried it and disappointed to hear it on for the average person to think like a criminal mind and really it is exhausting to even go there and it kind of got to try to be in them is where godly people don't think like that and think people can think the fellow you would think they couldn't go lower thank you and I had to think.think even try to wrap your brain around how they operate. What they did. Well I'm right here. Let me use one of these people you talking about right here.

Facebook Zuckerberg literally bought the 2020 election for by now, we told you this, we told you back when this was going to affect we actually told you back in 2015, even before the 2016, Zuckerberg was saying that they're going to, but he was he was promoting the remember Joey was saying he could he could flip 15 million votes through the door of the right product and Payton really involved a lot of "well, they weren't able to pull off a 2016 and they were angered and they said were not this time.

The next time comes on word were not going to fail this time. And so here let me read you the article if there was a good reason. The bus Facebook and the little tiny pieces like Ma Bell, the one-time telephone monopoly is time. It's this Mark Zuckerberg social media creation has become so big and so rich and so powerful it allowed them to literally by the 2020 election for Joe Biden and his band of left-wing psychopaths that this is not hyperbole. That is, according to documents filed by the Zuckerberg funded center for technology in civic life with the internal revenue services. Remember Zuckerberg come right out and said it was good. He knows with his money, they can be the saving by who we have to buy these documents show the nonprofit org spent 332 million in grants and other assistance to domestic organizations in them is the government during the 2020 election to increase civic participation by modernizing engagement between local government and and the people they serve. Well about the articles very long, but then he goes on to look critically to mail all of the Biden order Biden voters have everything revamped by crop of crowbar sums up all night well know that the what he did was they use voter fraud and voter fraud.

It was the most amount of election fraud that you ever seen ever.

Help make sure the Democrats got registered Republicans didn't make sure look pretty melancholic Program and just everything was totally one-sided and like in Michigan. Just recently they found another $25,000 of that, the people that were that were dead when they cast their ballots okay.

The voter fraud was unbelievable. Note in the menu nine is that in Pennsylvania there will also found gets more evidence of a lot more which we knew the voter fraud. The election fraud was unbelievable. Donald Trump legally won that election, I mean it, but we he was betrayed and he was betrayed light by from within. Mike pence.

Not only did he betray trumpet betrayed us to the entire country in the relative power affecting the Democrats. Always give a certain euro brings to the minority certain money, benefits, whatever.

But what I couldn't figure out what that they give to the dead voters to get them to vote with their time debating what was her promise to the dead voters there… Note in all all Democrat 2 that's to go back to research that model already.

Now here's one windy the most vaccinated. This is from the new American.

This is the new American come out today, the most vaccinated died because of the vacs induced autoimmune attacks on their own organs.

This is just came out today. In recent published studies suggest that nearly every coven vaccine recipient who died within seven days to six months after inoculation died because of vaccine induced autoimmune damage a paper entitled uncoated vaccines why they cannot work and irrefutable evidence of their positive role in the deaths after vaccination was published by sacred bag DMD and Arnie Burkart, MD both German-based and widely publicized this in their fields.

The findings were presented during a entered disciplinary symposium on covert shots, safety and efficacy on December 10 and if they receive the attention and regard they deserve from health authorities, the vaccination campaign would be arguably stopped today, but the.

The money is going to the fake news you can folks out there you can trust the fake news media to betray you.

I mean completely betray you, NBC, ABC, CBS unit, they will do what they're paid to do. They will betray you, Joe.

I have no doubt in my mind.

I have no doubts in my mind of those that that even at the local stations were to look right here in Cleveland I would doubt my mind if they were told, look were going to Cleveland is going to get note is to get milked on Tuesday. You have three days to pack up your stuff and get out of there. But don't say anything. I believe that they would do that that they would keep a quiet pack up and leave if they were told to do that. What you think are wrong. America get their own mother.

There are close family members felt like I prayed after career here and I hate to say that that be the only exception that they can get their family members out well that's what you would do this, not necessarily what they would do. The point I can't think like greater okay there you go. So when you think about all that I thought that even last night with the Danish researchers finding out about yes or vaccines you get, the more likely you are to get infected from omicron Adams talking about how their the antibody -dependent enhancement returns around and increases the ability of the current sector cells making the disease worse. So we started talking about that probably the first report radio to talk about you know when you talked about this revelation only. The vaccinated died during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. Everything you thought you knew about the infamous Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, is probably wrong but you talked about this. It turns out that one of the most well-known pandemics from recent history was actually caused by the vaccines that were supposedly introduced to stop it, much like the little hunk of coral virus vaccines of today that is spreading more coven also was the facemask they were wearing to Dr. Sal Martin taken no explains that the mass vaccination during the Spanish flu is what actually caused people to that effect.

The only people who ended up dying during the ordeal were those who got jabbed one cat get it okay ain't what it why I recall the research 21 experimenting with vaccines.

Now you'll have to hold it as well because the heartbreak be right back. More don't go away. Be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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