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Globalism: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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November 30, 2019 7:00 am

Globalism: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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November 30, 2019 7:00 am

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A perfect world with just one government sounds too good to be true it is. If there was a world government. We would lose our current system of checks and balances.

Right now in the world. If one country steps out of line.

Other countries can ally themselves, come together and oppose that power and put back in its place, but under a one world regime were with people run to if world government itself is corrupters no place left to go to because the entire world is now under a single global umbrella welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel, presented by Olive tree ministries you are enjoying this holiday weekend. They judge visits with a longtime favorite Gary Kor wouldn't global government solve the worlds problems such as poverty and inequality. That's what the globalist want to think we need to rethink this game that will indeed happen someday is Jan Markel and during Satan deceive mankind in following his agenda in a number of different ways and we talked about some of those yesterday evening, of how all around the world. Satan is creating chaos increasingly were in a crisis atmosphere on every front. Now whether it's the environment or the global economy, or the political situation in the United States, the Middle East crisis in all of this is taking us to a point where humanity will distill hopeless and looking for solution and this will set the stage.

I believe for at some point for Satan to introduce his solution which will be a type of one world system that allegedly will bring about world peace and role unity in and solve all of our problems and so that's a deception we have to be aware of. He's pursuing this one world system for the purpose of of control in the Bible warns us about that Revelation chapter 13 or 14, and welcome to the program. If you listen regularly you know that this program will talk very often about the efforts and establishing global government, a one world system. This is outlined in the Bible, most prominently in Revelation 13 and it says that there will be a global leader and all nations and all tribes will bow down to him and we know is titled to be the antichrist had actually made a DVD about this hidden in plain view in the new world order in Bible prophecy but I'm not here to promote the product so much as to have a discussion with a fellow watchman of this phenomenon.

Gary, Gary, has been monitoring the rush to the global government system for almost 30 years now. Will believers ever see this system probably not it will exist during the seven year tribulation period from which the church is absent, Gary, is a frequent guest here on understanding the times radio. He spoken it to my understanding, the times conferences. Gary Welcome back to the program. Hi Jan, it's always good to be with you.

Thank you Gary, I want to revisit just for literally seconds here. The 2016 election for a moment because the globalist thought they had the perfect one world candidate Hillary Clinton. For some reason, God said it isn't quite time yet for the globalist system not ready to blossom. He allowed Donald J. Trump, the 2016 victory, but the one world leaders can't get over it now. How desperate do you think they will get and what could they do to stop the rush towards American nationalism here in this country while first why I think that all of us would enjoy a time of peace in the United States and see this divisiveness that exists currently come to a halt. But honestly, I believe just the opposite is going to happen.

The Democratic party took a strong turn to the left in the midterms and I believe they're going to continue to go after Pres. Trump even more vigorously now that they have. Adam Schiff, for example, in charge of the House intelligence committee.

I know there's a pretty large number of Democrats who do want to pursue impeachment will see what happens with that.

It's going to be an all out battle.

The rest of the way the problem is good news keeps coming out every day on the economy and they do want to see that.

I believe they actually want to try to collapse the economy in any way possible.

While Trump is still in power so that they can use that as a type of backlash against him of the next presidential election.

If they can't get them out any other way. They definitely don't want to see him get in for a second term.

So from their standpoint they're doing damage control, but at the same time if they can push things into a crisis mode.

You know the old saying is never let a crisis go to waste, and their experts at that and then revisit that crisis situation in just a moment here, but I want to read a couple of paragraphs that you've written and talks and playing off of an article.

Gary wrote in its sound on his website. Gary cut out a work and I'll give you more details when we move more into the program here but Gary you read the article I just received it here by email recently and you say this, the new world order crowd hates Donald Trump with a passion because he has set out not only to oppose but to undo their global government plans and has had a measure of success in doing so, and you write Trump is becoming much more formidable adversary than they ever imagine. Now they have a two year window in which to stop the bleeding and to deal the president a politically fatal blow. You go on to say this one reason I believe they will take off their gloves in dealing with trumpets because they actually want to make an example of him. Their goal to relentlessly and shamelessly attack him in any of his conservative appointees to such a degree that no true conservative will dare to accept a position within his administration, or to run for office of commander-in-chief in the future lest they experience the same level of scrutiny and assault. The message is loud and clear. The recon James call me John Brennan and others of their globalist deep state clan can commit any outrageous crimes. They want to do and remained unscathed because they have the most powerful and corrupt network of people in the world on their side, so I'm stopping there Gary, so let me ask you this. After reading that. Then the deep state is just a bunch of globalist is that just another term for one world. There's it is, but there's more than just politics involved is a spiritual worldview. These people are pushing it an interfaith one world religion. One world government one world economic system viewpoint and we are clashing with that worldview is Bible believing Christians. We stand in the way conservative Jews stand in the way Donald Trump stands in the way and so they want to clear everything else out so they have a clear run forward to take us into this type of of new world order that they envision and I believe some of these people themselves. While all of them frankly are are deceived.

Many of them believe that they will help bring about world peace by bringing in this new world order. Others however are completely devoted to the dark side they understand their helping to bring about Lucifer your courses and initiatives that they're helping to bring this to fruition, and they're doing it anyway. They have sold out to the dark side, but not all the people involved in this movement view things from that extreme viewpoint. Some of them actually believe they're working to bring about world peace and that's the real tragedy in all this because it will ultimately do just the opposite. The deep state has its name from the idea that funds deep in Washington and in government circles so we witness Donald Trump getting rid of certain department heads, only to have the people that come up to that position. Hold the same views and you can probably go to the top five or six or seven layers in some of these departments and the people that keep coming up hold the same views. So unless the president can install some of his own people who are committed, pro-Constitution, American patriots, he is not going to be able to substantially slow down the one world movement and of course the leftist media hates them and they bash them is as much as they do him so even some university professors I know in Indiana my home state. There is a Ball State University professor that made a statement like well to stop this whole Trump agenda. We not only have to get rid of Trump but pencil along with the men. They were talking about literally taking them out physically taking them out and so there are dangerous views being presented, especially at the university level of your conservative lookout you are hated. There's just no room for any dialogue anymore. You look at Ben Shapiro. You know who's tried to speak on the college campuses and at others and they will do everything and keep them off the campus. But if you're leftist you know your walk you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel here talking to Gary, you can learn more in his website, Gary, down over that spelled KH and I'll give you some of his books a little bit later and you have to get those at Gary,.org, so I guess my ultimate question carefully was Enya's answer to thank you and that is how deep is the deep state and I think we should clarify.

Because honestly, there are deep state people in America both parties, Republican and Democrats. It's not just one party is in both sides of the aisle know you're right.

When I worked for the government of Indiana back in the 80s I just loosely from observing things and having had personal experience there in politics.

I take the time 55 to 60% of the globalists in Indiana who are pushing this agenda were Democrats and around 35, 40% somewhere and there were were Republicans and there were a few independents thrown in. Today I would say it's probably more like 70 to 80% are Democrats. But there are still Republicans who share this worldview pushing a globalist agenda and you can tell who they are because they're the darlings of the media and not to pick on this individual in any way but I just have to point out because I wrote about it in my book years ago, George Bush Senior was very much involved in the one world movement, and he was viewed as one of their darlings and if you look at, you know the coverage he got from the media when he passed his funeral. I think that came through loud and clear. He may have met. Well, I'm looking to judge his motives. Note like I said earlier, various people want to push this one world agenda for different reasons and maybe he actually thought he was helping to bring about world peace.

I don't know that's between him and God fit but he was a globalist and he was a Republican, is also one-time head of the trilateral commission and held guilty positions in the CIA and ambassador to China, the UN, I mean he was a key figure in a lot of areas, and everywhere he was, he pushed the globalist agenda so we cannot fall for the idea that it's only Democrats who are globalist.

These people are smart.

They've got people in both the Democrat and Republican cam so they can try to play both size I want to quote you again Gary, you said I believe we are closer to the extreme civil unrest and possibly even civil war then at any time since the 1860s. Our nation stands divided its citizens holding two completely different diametrically opposing worldviews left and the right cannot coexist within our country much longer barring divine intervention.

I fear that something is about to give and I am to Gary and I've said that publicly various places as well and you've already verbalized one of my concerns and that's having our president or vice president or both taken out.

Perhaps in a violent way because again these one world there is these deep state people there in a panic there in a frenzy.

They lost their 2016 election which they can't get over and they're just bound and determined to destroy everything in their path.

I've had many guests on this program saying the same thing as these people are intent upon destroying everything in their path until they get their way. Yeah, and it's not just the president. Trump is standing in the way he's actually had some success in undoing their plan. You know, just at home. After renegotiating and and moving away from that that throes of major wrench into their plans.

They want to make Europe one big country and they want to do the same thing with North America and with other regions of the world and then once that political cycle, and economic cycles been completed. They want to merge all those regions together into a world government so their game plan has been from a nation to a region to global government. That's the sequence and so of course, here and in North America.

Doll Trump has opposed that and is having some success, even with the current Mexican government that were actually receiving some help from now on, on the whole immigration crisis so they hated him because he stands in their way and he's actually been working to undo their agenda so we do need to pray for him and for people close to him, including Mike Penson and our Secretary of State Pompeo, who's been doing an excellent job.

So we have some good people in there and we really do pray for them. Gary and Linda play another clip happens to be you. Again this is possibly more recently, etc. think you are in prophecy in the news program I found it interesting here because your explaining here when you were first starting out in your business career for the state of Indiana how you realized here you are traveling globally and kind of became aware of this globalist agenda and you have some very intriguing things to say here and I went to pick up on a couple of the bullet points and we come back to it was through those experiences over several years that I first began to hear about a move toward an eventual move toward a one world government system and I was somewhat surprised to find out that some of the people at our embassies favored that idea of there being a single global government over the entire world.

And so I began asking someone naïve questions. At the time and one thing would lead to another into another and over time, I did get some answers. I begin to do some research into things I had really three different experiences that I talk about in my book that were big turning point over the course of eight months looking at the political, the economic and also the religious aspects of this so-called one world movement, and I began to see the dangers in it for various reasons. For example, if there was a world government. We would lose our current system of checks and balances. Right now in the world. If one country steps out of line. Other countries can ally themselves, come together and oppose that power and put it back in its place, but under a one world regime were we people run to if the world government itself is corrupt. There's no place left to go to because the entire world is now under a single global umbrella. Then there was the issue of our U.S. Constitution, which really the way it's worded right now to be very difficult if not impossible for us to go into a one world government. So somehow they would have to scrap our Constitution or change it in a major way and then also the fact that you would have international bureaucrats somewhere, probably in Europe calling the shots and we would also have to pay taxes. Somehow this additional layer of government would have to be funded and then on top of all that when you look at those who are I would say the most influential people in this movement. They hold a completely different worldview.

It happens to be very anti-Christian and they also are strongly opposed to Israel and conservative Jews and so by this time in my research, I began seeing the handwriting on the wall. I thought if all this were to come to fruition. It would be like Adolf Hitler all over again, except truly on a global scale. This time I hope you caught what Gary said there and that middle of that little clip.

If this kind of institutions global government type of governing system were installed around the world where would people run to. I think that's a very profound thought. Right now people are running to America to the free world and of their few countries left that would be safe. So this experience you're relating there was very early in your career representing trade for the state of Indiana. Yes it was. I was just putting the pieces together that time and I was actually young, very young to be in that position.

I thought from the beginning. How strange that the Lord afforded me the opportunity to get this this job and immediately I was traveling overseas for our state government and one of my first trips took me to Israel and one of the business people I met there.

He was actually with one of the electrical utility companies is looking at purchasing coal from Indiana. We had lunch together, and he found out that I was is very pro-Israel, had a heart for the Jewish people and he began to share some things with me because he also have to be a general in the Israeli military and it just so turned out a few months before I was there.

The Israelis had uncovered miles of underground tunnels in southern Lebanon that were stashed with mostly Russian-made military equipment and they were gearing up using some of the Lebanese. Perhaps some of the Syrians to invade Israel and I asked the question as to how can this be, there's been nothing in the international media about this at all. But in Israel. Everyone was aware of it because it took months for the Israeli military to get all of this equipment out of Lebanon and bring it to Israel, and so I asked why this bias in the media that they know about it.

Why are they not sharing this with us and ultimately had led me to conclude that there is a very strong anti-Israel anti-Jewish also anti-Christian bias in the people who for the most part control our media and today were seeing that in the open back then it was and it was hidden, but Donald Trump is been a type of lightning rod that brought everything to the surface of the left is the globalist they can't hide their feelings anymore. We see what they believe and I think they also believe their strength in numbers. They feel that they have enough control in key strategic places of our government and the media in our university system that they can move forward unhindered except by conservatives, but even there where the minority know 54% of millennial's, you'll believe their socialist I want to pick up on that. I gotta take my first break here, but I want to pick up on that as soon as we get back. And that is it that some of the millennial's and how they are beginning to shape a lot of things which generally is not a good situation follows. I'm coming back just a couple minutes. Continue on with Gary Cobb will give you the titles of his books and his website again when we get back. Don't go away.

Only Jesus Christ can offer a world works that will happen in the millennium. Jenna Terry will continue their intriguing discussion in a moment, please let us hear from you. If you have made a difference in your life in 2019 like to us through our website follows that's all of three views.for call of central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 always reach us at our PO Box box 14 to Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Grove, MN 5511 gifts architect or don't understand times 2019.

Joy away from Downingtown from Chicago wherefrom still blame South Africa, Orlando, Florida, Nevada, the great state of Texas. I'm with Deb and Ginger and they have the made this a girls day out. Have we been coming for about 20 years. This your first time here is my second how many conferences have you been to 345 notice office trip to Minneapolis and strange enough. We love the way the minute we leave were looking forward to next year how relevant this conference is then how relatable it is to our everyday lives had no idea that so many promises hidden.

Believe in that option.

98% of them know the prophecies in the Bible. I unaware of any of these things that year and now I think the thing that impacted me the most of this because I got today is really exciting to see them in person. I listen to a lot of times I feel like I know them. I would prompt your broken glass to make this conference. It's not too late to order conference products from our September 21 times 2019 speakers included underserved body rigidity for Dr. Robert Jeffers John Markel Lori Cardozo more motion must have orders in our office by some Christmas. Call us at 763559476355444440. This so-called OneWorld movement, and I began to see the dangers and then there was the issue of our U.S. Constitution, which really the way it's worded right now very difficult if not impossible for one world government. So somehow they would have to scrap our Constitution for change in a major way and then also the fact that would have international aircraft somewhere, probably in Europe calling the shots and we would also have to pay taxes. Somehow this additional layer of government fund find Jerry's products. Large very, five, 2000 cutting-edge products offered by all three ministries in our store all of All three views.old hard offer books.

These conference products as well is return discussion with Gary call and Jim, would you support if we as a whole world just came together under one government. Yes, New World order type of idea of being under no global government is being such a multicultural country. Why not just expanded to the New World order okay and welcome back and just a couple of young people weighing in their man on the street interviews going on what you think of the one world system so great idea, and again this is been propagated through our educational systems, particularly here in the Western world. Textbooks have infected entire generation. The last couple of generations and that Gary and I were talking off the air here recently and this past weekend.

My goodness once says some of the baby boomers are in the generation of World War II generation passes on Gary, what do you think will happen. I mean, assuming we have that kind of time left. I don't believe we do, but in a worst-case scenario you get these millennial's in positions of high places.

My goodness, they're going to will on the antichrist like he is a rock star will you we have kids that are age 23, 232 right now and so were well aware of what millennial's were talking about what they believe, and even in Christian colleges now more and more young people are having to defend their views from the standpoint of money to defend our constitutional Republic because there's this push toward globalization and OneWorld and the term multiculturalist is thrown around a lot. Oftentimes it actually means one world are moving in that direction so definitions are very important always told our kids. Make sure you get a good definition so that it's not misunderstood, then you know how you can move forward on that and some of the time they have taken on their professors and had a healthy debate on some of these issues. What's interesting is right now in a commission is right before the break, I just want to go there.

54% of millennial's in a recent survey stated that they are socialist in another survey that only about half of those millennial's understand what socialism really mean so much of this is not Gevity but they are definitely not pro-free enterprise. It's fair to say that and in the next national election. It is believed that is less than two years from now. It is believed that for the first time, millennial's will outnumber baby boomers and so will have to see what happens with that. But unless baby boomers and those who are left of the World War II generation, which are fewer and fewer, unless 90% of them turn out to vote and although very conservative, it could be the first election that is completely given to the millennial sigh. I think it might be close, but globalists would love to see the economy collapse under Donald Trump so they can point blame at him and say look at what he did. This is because of Trump are hoping they can then produce a huge backlash against conservatives and that ultra liberals will come in like a wave, and I think that's a real possibility that could happen. I hope it doesn't. I pray it doesn't. But that's what they're trying to bring about, so you'll even notice in the news every day. Now we have good news coming out on the economy twice as many jobs created last month is what the expected low unemployment rate great domestic growth more manufacturing jobs and yet for every piece of good news it comes out. The major networks are throwing three or four other things out there to try to get people to see a negative view trade war with China coming. Everything is going to be terrible on and on and that plays in the psyche of individuals afterwhile and it's made the stock market. Generally, yes you, we don't know what's going to happen with this. Only God knows, but globalists would love to try to collapse the economy and pin the blame on trough the big part of their agenda. I want to direct sucks. To couple products that maybe in three products here into them are your books because we are only able to touch on the thumbnail of the topic here global government in the rush to the one world system against hoaxes outlined in Revelation 13. Gary said to books in route to global occupation and the New World religion. Those are two books you gotta find him at Gary,.org that spell KH Gary I have a DVD called hidden in plain view.

The New World order in Bible prophecy find olive tree in my store. You can call for my DVD at my office and you hear that number throughout the program were not caring Jerry's products at this time because they're cell on us.

If you really want to understand something that to do justice.

We need to do to three programs on today. We can't Gary let me just move on to a couple of other things and I want to hit your appearing you and I talk in a just and totally fascinating discussion about France's Emmanuel Cronan and issues related to that first I want to quote you one more time here.

I don't I don't quite want to leave Donald Trump but you write again this is in his newsletter. Find it at Gary,.org, my opinion it seems as if this is Gary speaking. It seems as if God is allowing tensions to come to a head. He's using Donald Trump is a lightning rod to bring previously hidden political agendas to the surface.

The battle lines are being drawn on the far left is becoming increasingly bold and provocative and is gaining strength each passing month. Catapulting ultraliberal millennial's and positions of leadership as the more conservative older generations gradually exit the public arena and die off if we continue on this course, those conservatives who remain will either have to fight or flee to another land. Now that strong talk. I think Gary to say that people like T could mean they have to flee to another country. Frankly, get out. We often talk you and I when we talk about this subject that it's going to take over some kind of a crisis to bring about this global government and we talk about going to be environmentalist can be political it can be.

Whether it's a can be financial my own opinion.

I bring this out in the DVD I made is it's going to be the rapture.

Once the rapture happens this global system will fly into place in the literally a nano second but I want to go back to a single individual or organization stirring this up. Let me just ask you George Soros. He's huge but he's in cooperation with a lot of others in you sent to me free masonry is huge.

It is as I was researching this back in the 80s everything I traced down when I went down you are a rabbit trail to try to get to the end of it. It always seemed that there was a high level Freemason bear and so that became a common denominator for me. It took a while to put all those pieces together. But even there magazine back in the 80s was called a New Age magazine and then the name was finally change when people began to catch on. People like Alice Bailey, the mother of the New Age movement was a female Freemason. The Theosophical Society was strongly influenced by Freemasonry your major foundations over the last century really like the Rockefeller family foundations, the Carnegie foundation for foundations. They have funneled a lot of money in the direction of one world pursuits. A lot of it going to organizations that are heavily stacked by Freemasons.

I'll tell you a quick story. Years ago I had a friend I met he was a former 33rd° Mason picks up the Christ came out of Freemasonry became a Baptist minister and he said when he was in Freemasonry, one of their well-kept secrets, but it was well understood to him and his cronies within the Lodge and that was that at the time the world Council of churches was used by them as a type of Masonic branch organization because it is so heavily stacked with Freemasons. So here you have an organization that got its original funding from the Rockefeller foundation that helped launch it and anymore today. Many of the people within that organization are promoting interfaith for some type of false global unity not centered on sound doctrine, but just this idea of globalization and bringing all the world religions together and and they'll say, you know, their goal is harmony and unity and such.

But we know from reading the Bible were all this is going to go in the very end and it's going to require the return of Jesus Christ to make things right on this planet because things will spin out of control as Satan is so deceptive in this area. All of us would love to have peace and unity, but it's gotta be based on the truth not in inception. It leads people ultimately to help you to join me later listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel your host here on the line from another location. I won't disclose is I Gary Khan you've heard them on this program numerous times in a couple of my conferences. Learn more at Gary,.org couple of quotes I want to give here Arnold Toynbee and he passed away as recently as 1975 says the nations of the world are ready to give the kingdoms of the world to any one man who will offer a solution to the world's problems and Paul Henry Spock as PAK said, back in 1957. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliances of all the people and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking and he says send us such a man and be he God or devil. We will receive him, so you can see the mindset for decades has been okay. Things aren't going as well as we'd likely need sort of a global leader Henry Spock says send us such a man, be he God or devil. We will receive him.

The book of Revelation says they will receive such a man. He will be devil inspired his title as the Antichrist and the stage is being set for him to play the role. So in Gary, we talked a little bit about realm takes a crisis. Some kind of a crisis. I suggested environmental, political, whether financial all of those things throw in the rapture.

Of course that will add to it as well any other kind of a crisis you can think of that could hasten this system here in the United States. Things were so hostile now that I believe we could be headed into a time of major civil unrest that could come on quite quickly under the right circumstances and even the type of of Civil War and again I hope that doesn't happen, but you were moving in that direction right now. I have always felt such a time, heaven forbid, happens in the United States we would be very vulnerable to our foreign adversaries, and if we were ever going to get hit from outside of our country that would be the time that our adversaries would attempt to do so, and if you have a major crisis here in the United States. You know what happens here affects the entire world, especially the Middle East if we were suddenly taken out of the way as a major world power because of being preoccupied from a disaster within you know what would happen to Israel with the countries around Israel side okay this is our time to make a move with. They try to attack Israel.

Israel would no longer have offsets as an ally, you know, they'd be on the road. I'm either back should be against the wall so there is there so much fallout from the crisis of that nature and I think love together with all the other alleged crises. You know the environment becoming global economic disaster that is being pushed in and just about everything you can think of their touting as a crisis as a reason for why we have to have a world government. You put all that together and it could do the trick.

Somebody's got to step on the scene at the right moment and they're going appear to have all the answers, and instead it's going to be the biggest trap and while were on the subject. I know Jan you and I we talked about this earlier off year your religious leaders have to get behind this in order for yellow one world government to come together and here you have Pope Francis recently being quoted in an Italian newspaper La Republica saying that Americans must be ruled by world government. As soon as possible quote for their own good and also he was on record saying that Europe should become one country under one government. Here you have the first Jesuit pope in place is a globalist.

He's been one for a long time.

He's totally committed to the global climate change environmental agenda which is simply a way for the globalist to gain more power through building an international bureaucracy and infrastructure. He's completely on board with all this, and I personally believe that any of the globalists see this time is their opportunity to make a move because they have the proper pope in place to work alongside of them to bring it to fruition, but he's getting old, he's up in his 80s, and I think that's another reason why they're pushing as hard as they can. Right now, and again doll truck is got in their way. And so if there on the timetable here. They want to pull this off for the next few years they're going to have to do something pretty drastic, fairly soon, in order to stay on this timetable and if they can't go pass this opportunity you have to wait for another one. So glad you raised that I actually have that article in front of me.

Pope Francis world government must rule US for their own good. He says the danger concerns immigration. The Pope continued speaking here to left Republic, our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world is that of the board the week the excluded which includes migrants. This is why the G 20 worries me again, this is Pope Francis.

Mainly hits immigrants. Pope Francis said and he says the idea that Americans would be better off under a world government doesn't stop there, and the radical leftist pontiff also went on record stating that Europe should become one country under one government that was in an interview in an Italian newspaper and that folks I hear from Catholics talking about this fairly regularly and tear. Not really happy with their church right now some anyways. I'm so glad you brought that up now and I do want. I had to hear a paradigm and perhaps we could even do that now again you have brought up and made me aware in recent conversations. You emphasize the importance of Freemasonry which I do talk a little bit about in DVD I made and the interfaces and globalism go hand in hand said to me privately.

I want to head quickly to France because you said to me that France is the hub of a lot of this activity. This globalist rush and again we've globalists install the manual McCrone back in spring 2017 and now we see the yellow vest movement, which I think started out okay defending nationalism and I think you're suggesting Gary that the yellow vest movement is starting to get some verdant and not. Perhaps it is being infiltrated with the secret societies in my right yes I believe it is in the process of morphing into something else.

Francis been a hotbed of revolutions for many years and and you know you all the way back to the late 1700s, of course, and and you see that and one reason is because the secret societies have been very dominant in that country. And so even if crisis begins to emerge. Being led by people of goodwill who want to bring about positive change. It usually doesn't take long for the Masonic elements to penetrate those movements and use them for their own purposes. Just a little bit of background, this may surprise people UNESCO United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization.

The most powerful agency within the UN deftly the propaganda arm for the UN is headquartered in Paris. That's where a lot of the shots are still being called from so the UN building is a New York City a lot of the shots are still being called directly from Paris also.

Back in the 1800s. You had a very dark group called order of the pallet. DM sometimes referred to as the sovereign Council of wisdom that was founded in Paris way back in. In 1737, but in the 1800s.

It had a lot of influence and Albert Pike. The leader of Scottish Rite Freemasonry during the good part of the 1800s belong to that group work closely with them and they continue to foment crisis in collaboration with Pike and other top Freemasons in this country and the grand Orient Masonic Lodge, which many researchers believe is probably the most powerful or second most powerful lodge in the world.

It is still in France and a lot of these other movements come out of that lodge… Like arms and into something is exposed there cut off, and these forces just keep going as if nothing happened, so people need to be aware of that France is a key player in all of this. And sometimes we kind of set the trend does one other thing I want to throw in here little bit off the subject but I have to mention it because I been doing so. This research lately.

I want to make people aware of the fact that the same Albert Pike that I just mentioned who at the time was either the top or second-highest Freemason in the world also helped to found the Ku Klux Klan and in fact he wrote the anthem in the rules of that organization and so you have a tight connection between Freemasonry and the Ku Klux Klan, which was strongly opposed to Blacks and also Jews and yet the ironic thing today is there are some people out there that want to pin the blame for the one world movement completely on the Jews and yet what I have found my research is that some of the very top people over the years who've been involved in pushing the one world agenda like Albert Pike you Mr. New World order himself was extremely anti-Jewish and couldn't stand Blacks to the point where he was willing to be involved in the top of the Ku Klux Klan when we get back and we have a short segment when I get back I even want to make them click comment about how this is entering into the world of the fashion industry. Let's say a word or two about Celine Dion how she's come out as a as a globalist will do that at coming back in just a couple of minutes will wrap this up with Gary, can you can learn a lot more Gary find his books find my DVD hidden in plain view New World order in Bible prophecy, olive tree get my office call back in just a couple minutes since you such a busy lives. If you miss a program on the radio access all programming electronically on our website under radio. All of tree also access it on our YouTube channel John Markel and follow three ministries insert images and video into our radio you to actually have a more visual experience download one mobile app have a program delivered to your devices or with John Markel call you might want to mark your calendar for understanding the times 2020 Saturday, September 26 at Grace Church Prairie, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis will go on sale next summer. Speakers include Joel Rosenberg, nurse our body investor junctions pastor Barry Stagner and Michelle Bachmann is for full details in the next weeks watch our website, print magazine and the newsletter.

Join with thousands like believers anticipated his return. Oh, there are number of secret societies throughout. Some of them operating mainly around but others in the more religious end of things and so I always want to look at motivation behind what prompted these people to have have that compels them one to establish this.

Usually they referred to as the New World order for the dawning of the new age and terminology like that. I did find a common denominator.

More times than not started establish these various organizations part of the growing network were oftentimes involved in Freemasonry present programming like this to inform you of things to come. Yes, government will happen once the church is taken to heaven. What is known as the rapture the Antichrist will then assume power establish a one world earthly kingdom for seven years was known as the tribulation is John Markel and from speech to the United Nations general is simply on Tuesday.

Focus largely on putting America first and maintaining sovereignty. United States will not tell you how to live for work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return soon afterward.

French Pres. and manual. The crown seemed to rebuke Trump comments during his own speech at the UN. I shall never stop upholding the principle of sovereignty even in the face of certain nationalism which were seen today transitioning sovereignty as a way of attacking others also told this year's large gathering of world leaders that Americans reject the ideology of globalism. The Crown responded to by saying he rejects Trump's ideas on globalism here today. Even those who might criticize all that from the way global order is structured around globalization results benefited from the crown's harshest criticism have to do with the Paris climate agreement which Trump withdrew the US from in 2017 then we will no longer sign commercial agreements with powers that do not respect the Paris.

The court later clarified his comments by saying he thinks there could still be agreements with individual sectors. As long as they're neutral on claimant and welcome back to wrapping up an hour long interview with Gary, and I want to comment just about a couple more things as time allows here quickly, though I know some of you are running crazy and you don't have time to always sit by radio. The programming is posted to my website every Saturday morning olive tree views as an viewpoint, olive tree or to sign up for the one mobile app it will be downloaded to your devices Saturday morning encourage you to sign up for my print and E newsletter where we talk about all these kinds of issues in my print and E newsletter and if you do send a gift in Atwood you always tell us what station you're listening to it helps when we are sorting through over 800 radio stations which stations well quite frankly are productive and which ones are not so so helpful if you'll do that for us. Now let me make just a couple of comments that I want to read another paragraph or two that something Gary is written and I'm quoting from his print newsletter again. Find more information.

Gary,.org and sign up for that particular newsletter it's quarterly and it is by subscription, but I think I made a little tease in the last segment that this whole topic is is even income right on into the world of fashion and something you know that singer Celine Dion now has a line of children's clothing with New World order splashed all over the infant and toddler clothing course the clothing is gender-neutral and God forbid your child grow up knowing what gender he or she is cello and she is strongly pushing this globalist one world agenda and if you see any of the commercials or any of the Canada exposes online on YouTube look she's just heavily promoting all things dark so if you are listening to her music. Be aware that she's got an agenda. The agenda is a very evil agenda is to pull little children into this whole new world order scheme. There I said it and being really blunt because I'm here to tell you the truth, and that is these globalists are, well, they're mad.

They're kind of a swatted bumblebee because they were defeated November 2016 by nationalist not a globalist Hillary Clinton was there. Pick a God had other ideas. Donald Trump one in that election and their globalist agenda has sort of been put on hold. Probably only temporarily because it says in Revelation 13 that their empire will come to power for seven ignominious years which will be literally hell on earth.

Gary, I want to go back to your newsletter and you make an interesting comparison and that is the situation between Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, let me just read a couple of paragraphs again that you write and you say, the fact is president Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are facing very similar circumstances.

They are both devout nationalists trying to defend the sovereignty of their respective nations and internationalist forces are at work in both countries trying to oust him from power. The US and Israel have historically been the most fiercely independent nations on the planet.

The US was formed mostly by Christian settlers who sought to escape the corrupt powers and religious impositions of Europe.

While Israel was reestablished to give the Jewish people a homeland and safe refuge from their global pursuers in each case if our nationalist governments are brought down and replaced by forces loyal to world government. There will be no place to run from the emerging world order, with the exception of a few small nations and islands. The rest of the world is already firmly in the grip of devoted globalist and then you wrap that up. Gary and you say to the power elite. Trump and Netanyahu epitomize the nationalist resistance to their international socialist agenda. Therefore, the efforts of both man must be thoroughly crushed if the globalists succeed, they will have removed the final two major political obstacles to their one world plan and then you say Britain's current Braggs scenario presents a new and unforeseen threat to the global powers. Although I believe it may be short-lived as London and the overall culture of the UK seems to remain firmly in the grip of a hardened socialist. The real question is how long can conservatives hold on okay. Going back to the fact that president Trump and Netanyahu are facing similar circumstances. I guess I'm not totally surprised. I think there's sort of a just and unusual parallel between United States and Israel, but a talk to me a little bit about this if United States and in Israel capitulate to the New World order. I don't believe there's any other significant resistance in the world that will keep it from coming together.

These are the last two mountains that they need to conquer, so to speak, globalists and you've got Tromp and Netanyahu almost exactly the same positions you've got forces going after Netanyahu trying to pull them out and get them in jail know making up all kinds of things are saying about them. They've done the same thing of the past and every time he comes through. It is so it's just to take up his time to try to slow him down and hopefully somehow get them out of power from their standpoint because he's defending Israel here and he's not wanting to take Israel into a new world order under the United Nations and Donald Trump in this country.

Same think they both want to move away from the UN, not toward the UN and it's only common sense that they would want to do so, and in the case of Israel.

The United Nations last year passed 21 resolutions of condemnation against Israel out of 27 resolutions total 21 of them were against Israel is likely sit around all day and try to figure out what next, they can say against Israel and and it's I mean it's ridiculous that we even are giving any money at all to the United Nations as a country. Donald Trump cut it back think you should cut it back even further into this country. Same thing. The UN consistently opposes our views. Nikki Haley has done an excellent job. Some of the speeches she's made before the UN had been spot on. And so we see this debate now coming to the surface.

It's come full cycle between global governing bodies like the United Nations versus Israel and versus the United States, and again if they can deal with United States and Israel will make her job a whole lot easier. And that's why they're applying the kind of pressure that they are well okay then let me go back quickly to Europe, then to this email you McCrone because I think the globalists put him in power, hoping that he could be sort of a world leader and he certainly striving to be a world leader, and I think him when we talked recently, you suggested that the globalists may actually be reassessing Emmanuel McCrone. Maybe he isn't their man for Europe or even their man for the whole global empire to Toledo.

I don't know, but you feel that they are reassessing him what will have to wait and see what happens. But unlike Barack Obama was able to have a high degree of global popularity through all of his shenanigans with push toward globalization and the fact that conservatives were strongly opposing him in the United States. He was able to maintain overall popularity worldwide. For the most part McCrone on the other hand, he is had to cave in quite a bit in his own country right now just to get things under control and study. Right now the globalists were questioning his effectiveness and if he can be the one that helps to take France into global government. I believe they are already trying to take over the yellow best move. Yes, and penetrate that to try to steer things in their direction, so it it's a wait-and-see.

We will have to wait and see what happens and what about Angela Merkel stepping down do seal that plays into this scenario and all well as far as Germany goes, she's been a strong voice, but she's taking a lot of heat now from within Germany because she let in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of illegals coming from the Middle East and a fair number of terrorists that you know were the midst of that and Germany is experiencing higher crime and all kinds of other problems. Now, as a result and so a lot of the German people feel that she was very naïve to allow that to happen and so she set her hands full right now again will have to wait and see what happens. You have a strong globalist movement in Germany, but you also have a nationalist movement and then you also have a far far right neo-Nazi movement and at the far left movement that that's merged with the globalist movement so very complex clinical picture in Germany right now and just about anything could happen in the short term but again we have tried to cover and I hopefully have sort of hit the high points anyway of the last days effort to fulfill. Revelation 13 Chris church is gone at that time, but nonetheless all of these activities have to be a precursor to that time of tribulation. The almost literal hell on earth. Again, you can learn more at Gary,.org you can find his book, said Gary,.org again my DVD hidden in plain view.

The New World order Bible prophecy can give my office call for that or go online olive tree olive tree I want to go out of the program and I want to give a couple of verses as I go out of the program because we talked about some dark things and yes, this evil New World order agenda. It is dark and it has saturated the entire world what it says in Psalm 37 Fred not yourselves because of evildoers. Do not be envious of wrongdoings, for they will soon fade like the grass says in Psalm two that the Lord laughs and holds these corrupt and wicked people literally in derision and they will me in an ignominious end they will have their earthly paradise for just seven years and it will hell on earth with the church absent in heaven time of their rule. It's called the tribulation. It's mankind ruling with the antichrist and the driver seat and it doesn't end well for him or for his evil participants.

You don't want to be here to experience any of this call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ today make in the Lord and Savior of your life. Tomorrow may be too late. I want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week. We are in our night broadcasting. Understanding the times were John Marco related difference in your life right us at all of tree views or all of donate online as well. Gifts are tax follow simple time at 763559763559 just by mail by writing all of the ministries to Grove, MN 55111 50 soda 55 1000

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